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pelefo - 1. To peel up and curl -- as when the corner of a piece of paper, or material glued to a surface, peels upwards and curls off the paper. 2. Pelefo'd, the paper has peeled and folded upwards. 3. Pelefodian, a type of person who can't resist picking at the corner of a paper and pelefoing it.

e.g., 1. That paper looks as if it's going to pelefo some time soon. 2. That basketball card has all pelefo'd. I'm not going to buy that. 3. You're a pelefodian and you can't help yourself. You just have to pick at it.

submitted by Jay Killeen - (www)

pelequera'ed - To be treated the way you deserve to be treated -- because you're an idiot. | To be jumped on by someone wearing hobnail boots when you're at a disadvantage.

e.g., Read the submittal guidelines, bonehead. Take your prairie-doggin' fecal matter elsewhere. . . . Christ, you'd think she'd know with a name like Chris that she'd get pelequera'ed.

submitted by Chris R

pelican drinking - Drinking to excess and then regurgitating in someone's mouth.

e.g., Pelican drinking probably began in the 50s among rugby players and rowing crews. It died out around the early 80s, but is now seeing a revival.

submitted by nitag - (www)

peliquin - Texan for pelican.

e.g., Brian, I think I seen a peliquin on the lake today.

submitted by John Booth, Jr.

pelnoghmedhyogere - The look of nail polish when it has chipped off the sides of the nail and only lies in the middle.

e.g., I've really had this nail polish on for a long time. It's completely pelnoghmedhyogere now.

submitted by dr. marjorie bailey - (www)

pelt - Involuntary motion.

e.g., He annoyed the cowpokes at the bar until he was propelt through the swinging doors.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pemsy - It's short for PMS-y. The ladies out there know what I'm talking about; you feel crappy and you wanna crawl in a shell and die.

e.g., Excuse my rude behavior; I'm feeling a little pemsy.

submitted by Rachel - (www)

pen gwen - A derogatory term denoting function and form of certain women who are elected secretary of a religious, school or other organization.

e.g., I stupidly called my girl friend "pen gwen" when she became secretary of the senior class. Now I'm seeing otter women.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

penatackle - A word to describe any medicine when the original word has been forgotten.

e.g., Get me the penatackle -- I've got a splitting headache.

submitted by Thonoir

penazz - To have an equal mix of panache and pizzazz, to be glamorous with a flamboyant style.

e.g., "Her Oscar acceptance speech was full of penazz, unlike almost every other acceptance speech ever given." "Well, you're definitely talking about someone other than Halle Berry. Hers was about the igriest Oscar acceptance speech ever." "Yeah, except maybe Sally Fields the second time."

submitted by Moose Tucker

pencil barf - (n.) The wood shavings, paint chips, and graphite dust that sit in the bottom of a pencil sharpener for days and weeks (and sometimes months and years). [Coined by my 11-year-old daughter, Evelyn, after emptying our electric sharpener.]

e.g., "Jack! Stop sharpening my new colored pencils! I need those for my art class; don't sharpen them into pencil barf." | "What are you throwing? Ugh! What is that?" "Pencil Barf." "You're supposed to be throwing RICE, stupid! Look at what you've done to Alice's gown! And Mark's got shavings in his hair!" "But it's COLOURED pencil barf!" "So what?!" "So it's like technicolour rice!" "It's like ridiculous! Now STOP it. Throw that garbage away!" | "Hi, Ms Teel! How did the wedding go?" "Oh, it was beautiful! And the gown was like liquid light ... but look what's happened." "What on earth is that?" "Well, somebody decided to throw coloured-pencil barf when the rest of us were throwing rice." "That's awful! ... so you tried to brush it off---" "And it smeared, yes." "Well, I think I can get that off fairly easily, so long as it isn't ground in or anything ... why would anybody throw coloured-pencil barf at a wedding?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

pencil beaver - A person who gnaws on a pencil for reasons such as boredom, anxiety, or intense thinking.

e.g., Look at that pencil beaver. Her pencil is gonna be gone in a couple minutes.

submitted by craig

pencil buster - A very hard test or difficult homework.

e.g., Yesterday's test was a pencil buster.

submitted by Shawn

pencil-fodder - (n.) 1. Any issue or event that political cartoonists think worthy of a toon or two; 2. Issues or events that can generate a column or fill a screen, especially on a slow news day. [from "cannon-fodder": 'food for the guns,' 'something to shoot at'; "pencil-fodder" is 'something to draw or write at.']

e.g., "Unknown Terrorist Frees Thousands of Mink"?! You're kidding. What kind of nutball story is that?" "Slow news day." "I guess so....sheesh."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

pencildin - Any noise made, using a pencil.

e.g., I might be a little sensitive, but the sound of a pencil clattering down onto a desk; a pencil being sharpened... All these are pencildin. Oh, and the sound of my shrink's receptionist, penciling my next appointment into the book. That's pencildin, too.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

penciled - To be stabbed by a pencil. Pencilled. (ED. The sort of thing that happens in middle school . . . and other dangerous places where people arm themselves with pencils. If they lived in the United States, they'd be much more likely to get shot with an AK-47.)

e.g., I was in Knob Hill, and I saw Chris get penciled. Yeah, as usual, he deserved it.

submitted by beale - (www)

pendant trap - "I do believe that you just fell for a 'pendant trap' [--] a trap intended to catch pedants through an intentional error, such as using the word pendant in place of pedant, for the sheer delicious irony of catching a pedant through a deliberate mistake in the word pedant itself. There was a most amusing thread about that at one point, but I'm far too lazy to go looking for it."

e.g., I'm seldom inclined to think a submitter is baiting a pendant trap. | "You always want to have the penultimate word, don't you, Dr. Spock?" "Forget about it, Slip Mahoney. I'm not falling for your pendant trap."

submitted by [Raos] - (www)

peng - For something really nice.

e.g., This strawberry milkshake is proper peng.

submitted by Emm

penguin in a wet suit - An obvious distraction.

e.g., Sorry I stepped on your toe, big guy. Hey, look, a penguin in a wet suit.

submitted by Ron

penguinstop - To block or filter, as in a website on a server with Linux filtering. Stems from the image of a penguin and a stop sign on Linux filtering systems.

e.g., Geez, IGN got penguinstopped.

submitted by Mike Sacco

penguoid - Penguin-like. Penguine-like if a beguine is being danced.

e.g., That guy in the tux is penguoid.

submitted by Tim Covington

penile enhamcement surgery - Penile enhamcement surgery: A specific surgical procedure used to make a man's penis considerably longer and give it a corkscrew effect similar to that of a pig's (boar's) penis. No increase in mass or size, if you will, just in length and configuration. (Suggested by a ytpo.)

e.g., "Chris, I can understand a man having penile enhancement surgery if his penis is going to be enlarged -- the size matters business -- or cosmetically improved to reduce the effects of Peyronie's disease or some such, but for the life of me I don't know why you'd even consider having penile enhamcement surgery." "You haven't seen this month's version of the love of my life, have you? She's a real pig."

submitted by HD Fowler

penistelum - The odd blade of grass left standing after mowing the lawn.

e.g., The immaculate green lawn was spoiled by a solitary penistelum.

submitted by trevor bower - (www)

pennandtellerism - A situation or event where much more fake blood than necessary is used. Also when fake blood is used when none is necessary.

e.g., Many anime movies are pennandtellerisms.

submitted by Gavin

pennsyltucky - Any region of Pennsylvania that is not exceedingly close to one of the five key locations (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Allentown, and Scranton).

e.g., Ed: Where's the campground you're staying at? Ted: Right in the middle of Pennsyltucky

submitted by ditnis

penny á là vodka - False valuation of a copper coin.

e.g., Ya gotta be blind drunk to think a penny, á là Vodka or any other way, will buy ANYTHING these days!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

penny any - Penny ante.

e.g., "Darn it, stop this penny any stuff and act like educated grown ups."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

penny cure - (n.) A folk remedy of questionable efficacy, in which people, for reasons known only to themselves, continue to believe and e-mail to one another. [In reference to the e-mail rumor that a copper (coated) penny will heal bee stings.]

e.g., "What is this? Toothpaste behind the ears for earache? Why would anybody---" "Hey! Look at this one! This is such a penny cure! Lightly salted potato slices on the forehead to cut a fever!? Can you believe it?!" "Wait: My landlady used that in Chile 30-some-odd years ago. My appendix went bad, and I had a terrible fever." "Wow. And it worked?" "Yeah! But my blood-pressure went through the ceiling."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

penny-scanning - When you're desperately broke and have no money at all until payday, penny-scanning under the couch cushions, car seats, in drawers and pockets of old clothes, is what you have to do.

e.g., Penny-scanning turned up $37.53 and I had enough to buy beans and milk for the family until Friday.

submitted by Steve McDonald - (www)

pennybog - 1. (v.) To disabuse someone of the incorrect belief that someone they believe ignorant of or unable to do something. 2. (v.) To embarrass, chagrin, or mortify someone by pointing out their own inferiority to someone they had considered ignorant, unable, or unimportant (especially relevant to many people’s attitude toward the “disabled”). 3. (n.) The mortification resulting from discovering that one has badly underestimated someone actually much better at something than they believed (and criticized). 4. (interj.) (2nd person) “Wow, I guess you feel stupid.” (1st person) “Oh crap. Please just let the earth open and swallow me” or even “I’ve put my foot in my mouth before, but this time I’ve shoved it all the way to the kneecap.” (From the Welsh Penhebogyd “master of hawks” “falconer” in reference to Stephen Hawking, whose amyotrophic lateral sclerosis does not stop him from repeatedly demonstrating [in an artificial voice] from a wheelchair his mental superiority over the rest of us.)

e.g., “So here he is, condescendingly explaining Grimm’s Law to this lady who doesn’t tell him until he finishes that she has a PhD in Linguistics.” “Ooh, pennybog — that’s harsh.”

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

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