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peecey - A piece of bread

e.g., I want a peecey, please.

submitted by mary stone

peechi - The feeling or suspicion that the world, your troubles, and other situations beyond your control are raining on your parade.

e.g., With all these terrorist attacks, and that jerk for a boss that I have, and the arguments I've been having with my wife lately, I'm feeling very peechi.

submitted by Saint714 - (www)

peedeeque - Pretty Dumb Question. Sometimes Pretty Damn Quick.

e.g., He asks more peedeeques than any man I ever heard. You better make up your bed PDQ.

submitted by marilyn bibb - (www)

peedy gonzales - 1. People, especially women, who do not travel to the bathroom in a group but instead pee quickly, wash their hands, and return ruining everyone’s chance to talk behind their backs.

e.g., I am the original Peddy Gonzales and amaze other women with my power to pee quickly and not check my makeup after. What the hell are they doing in the bathroom that requires a face check?

submitted by nitag - (www)

peefood - Any type of liquidy food that doesn't seem particularly engaging to people who haven't been preparing it or for whom it wasn't meant.

e.g., Jailbreak Pimp: Wotcha eating? Some soup? Looks like peefood. Tom: No, my mummy made this. Jailbreak Pimp: Tell your mommy it looks like peefood. Mummy: Your mom looks like peefood.

submitted by Fabrice

peek experience - n - An especially joyous and exciting moment, involving sudden feelings of intense happiness and well-being, wonder and awe, that results from "sneaking a look" at something. e

e.g., Voyeurism can be a peek experience.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

peek season - Swimming season.

e.g., During peek season the beach is covered with hundreds of bikini-clad beauties.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

peekasso - A dog that is half Pekingnese and half Lhasa Apso. It is an abstract dog, very artistic. Specialty is cubism. Origin: Spain.

e.g., I named my peekasso Picasso.

submitted by Amanda - (www)

peeler - Stripper.

e.g., Yeah, she used to be a peeler in college.

submitted by Magda Wojtyra - (www)

peelie-wallie - Scots slang, sick or drunk.

e.g., I didn't come to school yesterday because I was feeling all peelie-wallie.

submitted by Adam Leslie

peely wally - Scot's word meaning pasty and pale.

e.g., Och! Young Angus' face is all peely wally. He must be ill.

submitted by Alice Malice

peenskonz - The feeling you get in your throat and the top of your chest when you eat ice cream too fast.

e.g., OOOO! Peenskonz! Can't talk!

submitted by Diana - (www)

peep - Can be used in a variety of ways. 1. As a way to address someone. 2. As people in general.

e.g., You peep. OR Anyhow, the peeps were completely overreacting to the situation.

submitted by Jaily

peepage - An unreservedly cool person, one who is not snobby or self-absorbed. Most likely a teenager.

e.g., Chloe is a peepage. She's cool.

submitted by Erin - (www)

peeps - To share, as in little birds peeping to their parents to be fed. | As recently as five or six years ago, "peeps" was used to refer to "your crew, your friends, your homies, your posse" and not just to people in general. I wonder if that use is still current?

e.g., Do you want your own bowl or do you just want peeps? | No, silly I'm not talking about the peeps you eat. Wait, maybe I am, huh? Michelle is one of your peeps, right? From what I gather, she's edible. Otherwise, why would she have told she went wild after her divorce? Said she wouldn't go into any details, but it made me wonder.

submitted by Indrani | beelzebub - (www)

peepsophilia - An extreme love of or addiction to Marshmallow Chicks.

e.g., My peepsophilia was revealed when my secret stash of stale chicks was discovered months after Easter.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski

peepticles - Eyes (typically but not necessarily) with glasses on.

e.g., So, Tammy said, "I couldn't believe my peepticles!"

submitted by steve zihlavsky

peer speculation - Unlike sheer speculation -- which anyone can do -- peer speculation is permitted only to one's peers. But one of the many, many examples of misspellings by a notorious forum poster.

e.g., "This is peer speculation, but did you ever consider he may have threatened her life if she screamed, or maybe he had a weapon?"

submitted by Miss Speller for RetiredSailor1

peervert - One who wishes to engage in immoral behavior within his or her own age group.

e.g., You're some sick puppy, Wilbur. You're 65 years old and instead of checking out the cute young chicks, you stand there ogling a gray-haired granny in a house dress. What are you, some kind of weird peervert?

submitted by Charlie Lesko

peet - To drink. From _A Clockwork Orange_, teen slang.

e.g., We went to the bar to peet some moloko with knives.

submitted by Nik

peetcie - Affectionate, disparaging or disdainful nickname for a PT Cruiser, from slurring "PTC."

e.g., She drives that Peetcie like it was a Peterbilt.

submitted by Pittsburgh Vince

peeve - An annoyance, to be annoyed.

e.g., Stop peeving me, I'm trying to study.

submitted by Cassie

peeveblog - A "weblog ... devoted to particular points of grammar, punctuation, or usage."

e.g., A bit of googling will show that there are peeveblogs about literally all sorts of usage errors -- such as misuse of the word "literally." You won't have to go far to find an example.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

peever - Not original. Someone who has pet peeves and makes no bones about expressing them.

e.g., Weaver is a peever -- and he definitely knows it. May even take pride in being one. He said recently, regarding his son and daughter, "It's not as if Dina and Scott don't know I'm cranky."

submitted by HD Fowler

peevert - A guy who leaves the toilet seat up after peeing. This is especially annoying when there are women sharing the same toilet facilities. | Any mammal that urinates in an upright or vertical stance.

e.g., Phil, knowing all too well that his girlfriends really detested inconsiderate peeverts, was always mindful to restore the toilet seat to its original position whenever he used the restroom.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

peeweephobia - An intense fear of Pee Wee Herman.

e.g., Peeweephobia kept me away from the television for years.

submitted by flinch0

peezle - Like a computer "newbie," but can pertain to anyone who doesn't know how to do something most others know.

e.g., She's a peezle she doesn't even know how to "copy and paste." OR I should have seen it, it's sooo obvious. Sheesh, what a peezle I am. (Usually accompanied by slapping yourself in the forehead.)

submitted by Valerie

pegboy - Historically, a pegboy was a young male kept onboard a pirate ship whose sole duty was to allow the crew to sodomize him as they desired. Modern-day usage associates the term to someone who is on the receiving end of a particularly distasteful situation, or someone assuming an unfair share of a burden.

e.g., Chris served as pegboy this time, having to take Bertha out and allowing her to sleep over, just so his buddies could share in the fruits of her associates.

submitted by natenichols - (www)

pekpek - Exotic perfume.

e.g., You're pekpek smells good.

submitted by ringo

peldhwerdeuk - Pushing a pull door or vise versa.

e.g., The door seemed very heavy until I realized I was peldhwerdeuking it.

submitted by dr. marjorie bailey - (www)

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