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pectothermagile - The contents of any home-canned jam, jelly, or preserve which either got too little or too much pectin, or else was cooked either too little or too long. The outcome being either a semi-solid or mostly runny disappointment.

e.g., I went to make a p,b & j but my crabapple jelly all came out together in a single lump on the end of my knife.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

peculian - (peck-YOU-lee-un; n.) 1. Someone peculiar, esp. 2. a member of a peculiar group or society. [From "peculiar" + member/agent suffix "-an."]

e.g., The Bible names the righteous "a peculiar people." Good folks are thus peculians by Biblical definition.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

pecunelet, pecuneletive - A little money, specifically earned; the quality of yielding little profit.

e.g., Google ads are really quite pecuneletive.

submitted by Arie Uittenbogaard - (www)

pecunicyrpt - Someone who hides away money.

e.g., My brother is always in the mind of a pecunicyrpt as he takes money out of my piggy bank.

submitted by Nick Johnson

pecunicyrpt - Someone who hides away money.

e.g., "My brother is a pecunicyrp for taking money out of my piggy bank." "You mean you're the pecunicyrp, don't you? You're the one hiding money." "Really? It's hardly hidden in my piggy bank, is it? After all, putting money in them is what piggy banks are for."

submitted by Nick Johnson

ped-x - Pedestrian crossing. Can be used as a noun or a verb.

e.g., Hey, jaywalker, use the ped-x.

submitted by moonwalker

pedal extremunication - The involuntary gestures and acrobatic movements made by your toes towards each other when you are barefoot.

e.g., Nothing gives me more relief from stress than pedal extremunication.

submitted by Yafesi Nsubuga

pedalphile - A lover of pedaled vehicles--such as bicycles. An avid bicyclist or bicycle collector.


submitted by ZNGG

pedanxiety - Fear of a long walk.

e.g., I want to walk to the bar, but I'm feeling a bit pedanxious. I think the cop who ran over the old guy the other night is the cause of my pedanxiety.

submitted by Oli

peddling ya'lls - Selling people something they don't want or don't need.

e.g., Theodore shut the door firmly, leaving the salesman on the other side to slump down the stairs in dejection. Ted's wife entered from the kitchen with a questioning look, to which he said, "No one, honey. Just a salesman, peddling ya'lls."

submitted by Jered Schue

peddy - Short for petrol. Often used when trying to sound badass in front of mates.

e.g., Yeah, I better stop off and get some peddy, or we'll all be pushing the Datsun up the hill again.

submitted by Sean P

pedentary - to live a lifestyle that requires walking.

e.g., She lives a pedentary life.

submitted by Miriam

pedestals - A wonderful way to swear without using an obscene or offensive word

e.g., Getting up from the table, he stubbed his toe on the chair leg. "Pedestals!" he screamed.

submitted by Colin Taffel

pedestool - A figurative pedestal someone puts herself on to artificially boost her self esteem.

e.g., He really puts himself up on a pedestool.

submitted by Christopher Kenton - (www)

pedianym - Names that people call children, usually the child's name added with a sugary dessert.

e.g., When I was younger, my aunt called me pedianyms, such as Mandycakes.

submitted by Amanda Romo

pediddle - A car with one front headlight that has blown out or been smashed or does not work for some other reason.

e.g., I got a ticket on my way over here because my car is a pediddle. The cops didn't believe me when I said I didn't know already.

submitted by ditnis

pedifact - (PED-ee-fact; n.) Something made by a foot (or feet). [From the Latin ped "foot" + factus (pp of facere "to make").]

e.g., Essentially, footprints are the only pedifacts. My favorite pedifacture is squishing wet beachsand between my toes. The prints don't last very long though.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

pedifile - A manicure tool for the feet. A file for the feet.

e.g., When you go to the beauty supply store, please pick up a package of eight disposable pedifiles for me. $10 should cover it. Keep the change for your time. Thanks.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

pedigenial - Shoe friendly.

e.g., It was so inviting to enter the pedigenial mansion. No worry about bare feet on cold porcelain tile

submitted by Susanne Strickland

pedigraphy - The art of writing with your feet.

e.g., I have used my pedigraphy skills in film and tv. Pedigraphy is listed on my resume as a special skill.

submitted by Ginger - (www)

pedigree - Certifiably good looking.

e.g., Woof! That guy has pedigree written all over him.

submitted by nitag - (www)

pediophilia - A fetish for sex dolls.

e.g., That man suffers from a pediophilia addiction.

submitted by emma - (www)

pedipulate - Kick around.

e.g., Now that I moved out, he won't have me around to pedipulate any more.

submitted by Knom

pedist - A person who makes judgments, or unfounded statements, of people on the basis of their feet.

e.g., Little Bobby would not go out with Tina because she had ugly feet; Tina called him a pedist.

submitted by Michael Garza

pedistrate - To walk. From the word pedestrian.

e.g., Steve did not have a car or bike, so he decided to pedistrate to class intstead.

submitted by Joe

pedophobe - A person who fears children.

e.g., The pedophobe shivered when he saw children playing outside.

submitted by tim - (www)

pedro mendelbaum - Pedro Mendelbaum is a worldwide creative collective. A group of filmmakers, pranksters, and lovers who have passions for chickens in cowboy hats. The legend has it that Pedro Mendelbaum was an exiled Mexican Yeshiva student living in the forests of Canada who received enlightenment from a glowing beaver.

e.g., Oh, that insane thing I saw the other day that changed the creative landscape and blew my mind? It had to be from those Pedro Mendelbaum guys.

submitted by Hanson Balzac

peduncle - A car with a taillight that has blown out or been smashed or doesn't work for some other reason.

e.g., There were four peduncles on the road between my house and yours. I guess nobody checks those things out.

submitted by ditnis

pee chill - The chill or shiver you get before or after you urinate.

e.g., Dan had a pee chill right after he had urinated. | A pee chill goes with being a pea brain.

submitted by Dan Evans

pee-waddlin' soup - I think most English speakers are likely to have a general understanding of what is meant by "pee-waddling." I saw a little boy at Jason's Deli a couple of days ago who was in obvious need of micturating -- as he clutched his genital region and pressed his thighs together to his knees, feet splayed, "waddling" as he walked.   It was my mother's favorite expression. She might threaten us by saying, "If you don't stop that, I'll slap the pee-waddlin' soup out of you." Or, on being startled, "That scared the pee-waddlin' soup out of me." When used as an adjective, it seems to be used more as an intensifier of indeterminate meaning than anything else. I've found "peewaddling" without the hyphen used mostly without a following noun: "Got the peewaddling scared out of me last night." "It irritates the peewaddling out of me." In those uses, the term appears to me to have a more literal meaning.   If you look around, you're going to find these variants: peewadden(s), pee wadden, pee-wadden, peewaddin, pee waddin', pee wadding, and pee-wadding -- even variations with "pea" rather than "pee." Most of those appearances use the word as a noun, but sometimes as an adjective. For the noun uses, I found "the peewadden" or "the pewaddens" following these verbals: aggravates, annoys, beat, bend, bomb, bore, bug, clamp, confuse, cut, drive, dug, flame, insulate, knock, know what, pixelate, pound, ride, scare, shock, shoot, slap, sue, tax, tickled to. "Scare" was used many more times than the rest put together.   If I were Evan Morris of The Word Detective or Michael Quinion of WorldWide Words, I'd do some actual research before reaching a conclusion. But … me being me, I'm going to cut to the chase. Somewhere no longer remembered I ran across a claim that old women have trouble holding their water -- straightforwardly, without bowdlerization, that they are prone to lose control of their bladders when they cough, laugh, or sneeze and urinate on themselves. To spare themselves the embarrassment of having someone know when that happens, some, ahem, older women use wadding to stop the urine flow. Thus, if they get the "pee wadding" scared out of them -- knocked out of them, whatever -- they're likely to experience the unwanted embarrassment. Do you buy that? Or do you think someone just misunderstood "pee waddling" and came up with an explanation for her misunderstanding? Maybe Evan or Mike will run across this and rescue me.   Some think the "pea wadden" version has something to do with muskets, but I haven't found much for that notion. [ED. Coming back to this, I looked again. I found "The Explosives Complete Tutorial." "Pack about [two] inches of wadding on top of the powder. .... A volume the size of a small pea is about right." The wadding is part of the instructions for making a pipe bomb. The mention of a pea is in a section on spantaneous combustion.

e.g., "I'm not here to scare the peewadden out of you, but get some Depends just in case." | As I reached the top of the stairs, Sis jumped out of the dark and scared the peewadden outta me. | I think the reason the left hates Sarah Palin so much is that she scares the peewadden out of them. I wonder if it's ever going to occur to them that one of the reasons Adlai Stevenson lost to Eisenhower twice was that hoi polloi couldn't relate to him -- that he came across as too smart. Even to Democrats. Who thinks you have to be "smart" to be POTUS? Some of our worst Presidents were some ot the "smartest." "Be Proud of Your Heritage" I had gone through a mad moment when I imagined his reaction if I had said, "Your [sic] talkin' 'bout my mama" and slapped the peewaddlin' out of him and fled, but I never really considered it because I was on a mission from God or, at least, my friends in law enforcement who were worried about how Christian Identity adherents might be going to react to the fast approaching new millennium. Having now read the description of the blog, I find that it's not a racist blog as I first thought, but an anti-racist blog -- written by a woman who claims to have gone undercover to expose racism.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

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