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patheticity - Condition of being pathetic. Measure of how pathetic something is.

e.g., She grinned wryly at the patheticity of his situation.

submitted by MDC

pathetidork - Pathetic dork. Someone whose only friends are online. She's played Dungeons and Dragons every day for at least seven years. Can also be used as pathetisad. Made popular by the Drew Carey Show.

e.g., Ryan hasn't left his house in two years; he's never kissed a girl. Ergo, he's a pathetidork. I was one, too, but I grew out of it.

submitted by Ryan

pathetisad - Pathetic and sad put together, but more so.

e.g., You are beyond pathetisad. You have been home all day and not got off that couch.

submitted by Billy/Jenny - (www)

pathetisad - To be overly wretched or useless; to be beyond hope; to be completely and utterly pathetic

e.g., We felt that Jon's decision to drop out of college and return to the tree farm was pathetisad.

submitted by Dan

pathology - The scientific study of paths and walkways in forests, both those made by humans and those made by wild animals. Trained practitioners of this science usually use the title 'pathologist,' while amateurs are called pathfinders.

e.g., You'll need to talk to John Henry about that; he's is our local expert on pathology.

submitted by Robin Nilsson

patooey - You say this word when something doesn't work out the way you wanted or when you receive bad news. Ptui.

e.g., Friend: I can't go snowboarding this weekend cuz I'm grounded. Me: Patooey.

submitted by elena

patricia - A slang name for a wire stripper, named after the song "Patricia the Stripper."

e.g., The tech asked, "Anyone seen Patricia?"

submitted by Steve

patridiot - A person who rabidly patriotic to the point of idiocy. Any body whose sole reaction to 9/11/01 was buying and displaying an american flag on their SUV

e.g., W's speech at ground zero really frothed-up all those patridiots.

submitted by Chris Marshall

patrifex - 1. A fecund woman. 2. A faulty condom.

e.g., "Chris is a patrifex; Michael's the fifth one to have dropped out of her in six years." "Yeah. She and Dave really ought to invest in some decent rubber johnnies instead of those bargain basement patrifices they usually buy."

submitted by Tama Boyle - (www)

patriotic barnacles - All the cute little stickers and decals soccer moms and trophy wives (among others) fashionably threw on their SUV's after 9/11, which have since lost all meaning to them.

e.g., Man, you can't even see who's driving that Lexus, what with all the patriotic barnacles encrusted on the windows.

submitted by Giovanni Dania - (www)

patriotically correct - A variation of "politically correct" in which one displays sloganeering, nationalism, blind obedience to authority, and suspicion of Arab-looking people or any criticism of foreign policy.

e.g., Since September 11th, it's patriotically correct to shout down those who question the government.

submitted by Danny Middleton

patroscending - Extremely patronizing and condescending.

e.g., Please don't be so patroscending. I'm not that much of an idiot.

submitted by moink

patrotize/patrotizing - Attempt to sell products by patronizing target audience with crass generalizations concerning how they should be living their lives. Mobile phone companies frequently adopt this angle utilizing tag lines such as, "Make the most of Now".

e.g., "I didn't realize how life is short and I should make the most of it and should also value my friends an family and furthermore be aware that now I can work whenever and wherever I want to increase my productivity whilst also bearing in mind that's it's important to sometimes just switch my mobile off and enjoy the moment I'm in, until I saw that marvelous piece of patrotizing".

submitted by Ewan Thomson - (www)

pattearning - Use of the patterning process while self-learning a sport. When LEARNING sports such as skiing and golf, the most effective way is to use one single PATTERN all the way through the progression. Then instead of being called PATTERN, it is called "Pattearning" because of its efficient contribution to fast and lasting results when learning.

e.g., Just pattearn your submittals after mine, and your words are a lot more likely to get accepted. Oh, and follow the guidelines, too.

submitted by Gaston St-Pierre

pauce - Poor, of absent worth. Back formation from "paucity": "an insufficient quantity or number." From the link.

e.g., Despair the oxygen depleted by these pauce and worthless souls.

submitted by Rex Regia - (www)

paul - the guy who created the site

e.g., paul sure did create!

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

paul & ratchet - A device for inhibiting the runaway progress of wordsmiths.

e.g., The paul & ratchet served admirably to curb my verbal diarrhea.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

paul edic - ########## Editor Paul's on-line derivative of the PD, the E. Dic. (e-Dictionary).

e.g., "Thee Allah ji had" is a word cribbed directly from the Paul Edic.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

paulin garret - An attic where one makes tarps.

e.g., The paulin garret was choc-a-bloc full of canvas and tar.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pausatron - Used imperatively, this is a command one gives when those playing computer games are required to pause the game, in order to allow a non-gamer to walk past the TV screen.

e.g., Fool! You forgot to call pausatron and the bumberklurt went and scored the winner.

submitted by Liam

pav-bhaji - A delicious dish mainly from Bombay. Made from potatoes, tomatoes, onion, and lots of other vegetables and typical spice.

e.g., Mary prefers to eat the yummy pav-bhaji at lunch break than to have the high calorie pizza.

submitted by supriya

paw licker - Derived from the fact that when a cat makes a fool of itself (e.g., rolls over and falls off a chair), it will always lick its paws to cover embarrassment and imply nonchalance.

e.g., "I was just saying what a sexist pig my boss is when she tells me he's her husband." "Wow, that was a paw licker."

submitted by annelise dunn

paw paw - An extremely slow shot in foosball that makes it into a goal without anyone touching the ball.

e.g., Here comes the paw paw.

submitted by Stefan Anion

pawnery - (Rhymes with Connery (Sean Connery); n.) 1. The act or practice of using people as pawns: useful in, but hardly critical to, obtaining whatever outcome you are seeking; 2. The process of losing pawns during a chess game; 3. Any strategy for employing, using, or deleting a pawn or pawns in a chess (or any other sort of) game; 4. The loss by a human being (or anything else, metaphorically) of ALL status, ultimately being reduced to nothing but a worthless cog, if they are ever even noticed by those of higher status; 5. Enlisted personnel, especially used by the enlisted themselves when questioning the "wisdom" of their commanders; 6. (derogatory) Recruiting; 7. Looking through the want ads online or in a paper; 8. (comic) Hunting for "minions"; 9. (conspiracy theory) All of us as drones of the military-industrial complex that controls the US and other nations; also 10a. A pawn shop, 10b. The act of pawning something, or 10c. trolling through pawnshops, hunting for good deals.

e.g., Could a really good chess players defeat an opponent with pawns alone? | "Jan started on cocaine and now she's on skid row." "Nope: it's worse than that: she's a hooker." "Oh, the pawnery will kill her." "Always does." | "Sir: the pawnery are with you all the way, Sir. But we aren't certain what your orders mean: 'Charge from the trenches with your phasers set to kill, but don't fire until you see yellow brick road.'?" "You are insubordinate, Private!" "But, Sir: no, Sir ... I only---" "Sergeant major! Throw this man into the Nile; we'll see how he likes an evening with the Borgias!" "... ... What? uh, Sir? Excuse me?" "You are relieved, Captain Silver! Siding with the mutineers! ... Remember: it's just like blasting Womp Rats from a T-16! Sgt. Major Silver and Private Pawn: you will arrest one another and await my return from the Pelennor!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

paws mode - What my cat puts my video recorder into when she walks on the remote control.

e.g., That darned cat! Right in the middle of the most exciting scene and she put the DVR into paws mode.

submitted by Steve McDonald

pax - To pax bully clumsily. From TV. To hound an interviewee with vague, undirected agression, thus reducing the discussion to a pantomime argument that elicits unwarranted sympathy for even the most corrupt and small-minded of politicians. Nothing to do with Tupac.

e.g., Did you see the Foreign Secretary getting paxed last night?

submitted by Cerveau Radioactif

paxwax - To go loopy, as in having too much wax in your pack.

e.g., After 47 sleepless hours, the road-trip members became paxwax and tried to burp the tune to Kum-Ba-Yah.

submitted by captainminus

pay attention, dawg: this is not urban dictionary. - Pay attention, dawg: This is not urban dictionary.

e.g., Pay attention, dawg: This is not urban dictionary.

submitted by Jeff

pay to play - If you want to be "in the game," you have to "pay to play."

e.g., Whatever else it may be, the pseudodictionary is definitely not pay to play.

submitted by HD Fowler

pay-thet-eek - Very sad, while being very rude.

e.g., Bob is sooo sad, he's pay-thet-eek.

submitted by bob

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