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packratism - The affliction of people who packrat. Sort of an addiction to clutter.

e.g., Jacque suffers from packratism.

submitted by Mark Vande Brake

packy - An alcohol distributor--package store.

e.g., I went to the packy and picked up some vodka.

submitted by dave

padack - Cool, great, good.

e.g., Some of the words are not like the others. Some are actually pretty padack.

submitted by afroman

padapers - Kids' slippers that look boot-like. Made of corduroy with flannel lining.

e.g., I am going to wear my padapers so my feet won't get cold!

submitted by Trisha

padeep - The sound a frog makes.

e.g., The padeep of the bullfrog kept me up all night.

submitted by Heidi Orris

padiddle - Exactly the same definition as "stalebo." It is well known and accepted here in the Ohio valley.

e.g., That's not a cop behind us because that car is a padiddle.

submitted by Jason Sauer

pagesix - named after famous nyc gossip column from the New York Post. to mean: drunk, out of control party night. Completly out of the ordinary drunk/wasted. Column always discusses the crazy exploits of Celebs. If you were a celeb, and had one of those nights, you would be in PageSix.

e.g., What a night last night, I had a pagesix.

submitted by Marc

pagliaccic - Laughing like a clown.

e.g., Stop being so pagliaccic. This is serious.

submitted by Wallace White

pagonged - To reduce in count or get rid of one by one, as the Tagi tribe did to the Pagong in the first season of Survivor. A "Survivor" fan's word.

e.g., Looks like Rodger'll be next to get pagonged.

submitted by Ray

pah - A word of disgust, or discontent expressed to someone who has recently offended you.

e.g., Sally: You want to go to the movies? Joe: Nope, I've got better things to do. Sally: Pah. That's the last time I ask you.

submitted by Tim Bastedo

pahoehoe - Wonderful, smooth, well-done or well-organized, without a hitch. The opposite of "aa" q.v. From a hawaiian word, meaning "rope," used to describe a lava flow resulting in smooth, glassy terrain.

e.g., "How did the presentation go this morning?" "Pahoehoe: everything went perfectly." | "Are our gymnasts any good?" "Any good? Just watch, it's pahoehoe."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

paid - Not original. Apparently a term of venery for a bunch of teleprompters.

e.g., "Trump's speech, scrolling across a paid of teleprompters, lurched from the technical to the dramatic, touching on the mechanics of post-Haiti-earthquake Clinton Foundation relief efforts one minute, and lapsing into sweeping patriotic prose in the next."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

painality - The reality that pain becomes a companion as one ages and the injuries of youth rise up to get you again, but worse, at a later age.

e.g., The painality of his life was becoming more pronounced every day.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

painball - What paintball should be called.

e.g., No thank you. I tried painball once. That was enough for me.

submitted by HD Fowler

painfoil - The feeling of silver foil on a filling.

e.g., Ow! That was painfoil.

submitted by Brave Sir Robin

painple - A zit that hurts but doesn't show yet.

e.g., Gotta buy some Clearasil for my painple or I'm going to have a crater on my forehead in a couple of days.

submitted by Vincent

paint the town red - Definition: To have a wild time; to enjoy oneself immensely. Etymology: The origin of this phrase is unclear. Some scholars trace it back to ancient Rome, where soldiers would celebrate a victory by painting the walls of a town with blood from its defeated soldiers. Other scholars believe the phrase comes from the American frontier, where "paint" referred to liquor and "red" referred to pleasurable but illegal activities.

e.g., We graduated. Let's paint the town red!.| Lara and I painted the town red last night. I've never had so much fun before.

submitted by Malena

paint watcher - One who just sit there and stares at the wall with no concern.

e.g., Chris is a paint watcher.

submitted by derrick - (www)

paintergeist - A mischievous spirit that loves to paint -- especially where you don't want it to.

e.g., I went into the living room, and the walls were painted over with purple splotches. I think we may have a paintergeist on our hands.

submitted by ico

painus - Pain in the posterior.

e.g., Gary is being a painus. I wish he would just leave me alone.

submitted by Wild Jill - (www)

pair o' three - Occasional success, two out of three will sometimes match (like socks).

e.g., If you really check out your situation you might find that you have a pair o' three.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pairagon - Unusual but ideal solution to losing one sock in the wash.

e.g., When matching sox from the drier, I never noticed a pairagon.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

pairanoia - Two people are following me.

e.g., Having one "noia" is anoiaing enough, but watch out -- pairanoia can be more than doubly disturbing.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

pairing knife - Orchidectomy tool.

e.g., He fell under the pairing knife and got spade (q.v.).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

paisagem - It can be one place, one forest, one city.

e.g., I long to return to my paisagem.

submitted by Rita

paisting - Playing a fake word in Scrabble; bluffing. Etymology: I once won a game of Scrabble by playing "paistings," claiming it came from the word "paiste" meaning "to make white." Both are fictitious. Among my friends it has become the term for such a move.

e.g., He tried to play "xaqual" on a triple word score, but I knew he was paisting, so I challenged it.

submitted by IMG

pajam - When two things, similar or not, join together, or infuse -- similar to "ta-daa."

e.g., I had a peanut butter sandwich, and applesauce for lunch, but when I mixed them together, it was pajam in my mouth.

submitted by Colleen O'Connor - (www)

pajamaficate - Putting pajamas on kids when it's bedtime. Pajamafy, pajamafication.

e.g., OK, kids, time to pajamaficate.

submitted by Lesah

pajangle - When you wake up and realize your pajamas are turned completely around from tossing and turning.

e.g., I decided to stop wearing pajamas to bed because I was tired of waking up every morning in a pajangle.

submitted by Peckle

pajunderwear - Under garments when worn to bed for sleeping.

e.g., Tonight I'll sleep in my pajundrwear.

submitted by Billy cook

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