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password - A secret code of sorts used to gain entry or to gain passage.

e.g., "What's the password?" "Password? We don' need no password." Bang

submitted by Lillith

password alzheimer's - The inability to recall a password for an e-mail address or message board, caused by having too many accounts to keep up with.

e.g., I can't log onto the Browncoats' board 'cause of my password alzheimer's setting in again.

submitted by Brandee A.

past life reader - This is someone who can accurately describe who you were in a past life. What you did, what happened to you. This is fascinating and could cost a bit. But the tales they spin are marvelous and almost believable in some cases.

e.g., I once paid three different past life readers to tell me something about my previous lives. One was in ancient times and was pretty far-fetched, a gifted priestess murdered by other priests. The other two "lives" were more "reasonable," but they overlapped and were totally unprovable in any case. I don't care to "come back," if you don't mind. One time around is more than enough. (-:

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pasta-cooker - (Also spagetti-burner) An Italian-made, Ducati motorcycle.

e.g., That red pasta-cooker of his is one of the most expensive motorcycles made.

submitted by Stephen Mize

pasta-life regression - When a hypnotized subject is helped to remember a trauma experienced in an Italian restaurant.

e.g., I couldn't understand my illogical fear of linguini -- until, under pasta-life regression -- I remembered a waitress, spilling a tray of assorted pasta dishes all over me during a visit to a local Italian bistro.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

pastafarian - A zealous overeater.

e.g., Check out the line of pastafarians at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

submitted by peewee

pastafied - The state at which pasta is ready to eat. Not too hard not too soft.

e.g., The pasta was very close to being pastafied, so Sue began to make the sauce.

submitted by Krista

pastapaunch - A food-induced beer belly.

e.g., Carlo's pastapaunch prevented him from squeezing behind the table to get to his seat.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

paste - To be unnecessarily delicate with something. Best said with additional "s" sounds. (From Seneca College, Toronto, in the graphic design class.)

e.g., Now paste it, carefully passssste it.

submitted by i_monk

pastebarf - To paste unintentionally some (usually lengthy) text from clipboard into a chat session (IRC, instant messenger, etc.) instead of some other intended text.

e.g., Steve apologized for his pastebarf which flooded the IRC channel with twenty lines of source code.

submitted by Pistos - (www)

pasteburp - The inadvertent pasting of current clipboard contents, usually into a chat session (IRC, instant messenger, etc.), and usually in addition to intentionally typed text.

e.g., Joe chuckled at Mike's pasteburp which revealed a website with provocative content.

submitted by Pistos - (www)

pastellic - Metallic and pastel at the same time.

e.g., Tiffany's new nail polish is, like, totally pastellic.

submitted by Allison Harris

pasties - When your mouth and throat are really dry and the white stuff forms at the sides of your mouth, usually happens in the morning or after breathing hard.

e.g., I woke up today and had massive pasties!

submitted by Kevin Student

pastry scale - a scale used to indicate the difficulty of a given task via comparison to the difficulty of preparing certain pastries. Known pastry values are "piece of cake" and "easy as pie", but the scale ranges from quiche (most difficult) to Pop-Tart (easiest).

e.g., "Man, what a rip! Ont he pastry scale, beating this game wasn't even a piece of cake - it was a damn Pop-Tart!"

submitted by Shaduan

pasture raised milk - All natural cow squeezins, no bull.

e.g., We like pasture raised milk for the flavor, the nutrition, and complete lack of any hideous chemicals.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pat boone - An answer to a trivia question, when you don't know the answer.

e.g., Question: Who won the MVP in the 1972 Super Bowl? Answer: Pat Boone.

submitted by souzos

pat malone - Alone.

e.g., I'm be at home pat malone tonight.

submitted by anna

patage - Patio-type sitting area created inside of a garage.

e.g., Honey, we can set up the furniture for the pa'tage next to your tool bench.

submitted by Josie

patagonish - Religion of those who wear only Patagonia clothing and are only willing to be with same.

e.g., "Excuse me. Would you like a delicious hamburger with fries." "No, thanks. We don't believe in eating things like that. Wr're Patagonish."

submitted by Jay Aronow

patagucci - Clothing bought from Patagonia for style not function.

e.g., Hey, I bought some cool Patagucci threads on-line last night.

submitted by Richard Kelty

patch one ten - 1. Something which will never happen. 2. Something which has been delayed for a very long time.

e.g., 1. Ted: Your winning the lottery is a patch one ten; the odds are astronomical against you. You're more likely to get hit by lightning. Ed. Yeah, but who wants to get hit by lightning? 2. We handed in those essays last month and we still don't have them back. Looks like they're patch one ten now.

submitted by PPM

patcha - A word to use when you arn't really annoyed but are sarcastic annoyed. it's an exaggeration of the annoyed sound 'pt-ch'

e.g., "You can't come" then you say "Well, PATCHA"

submitted by Chels - (www)

patchist - A person who, due to character trait, choice, or disease, decides to hunker down, or try to hide, in a “briar patch” (= place of isolation) in hopes the corrupt and crazy world will leave him alone.

e.g., The patchist had watch geese to warn him of intruders.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

patchoulizone - The aromatic area surrounding someone wearing the perfume Patchouli. Can also refer to a store or boutique where Patchouli is sold.

e.g., 1. When the "Dead" used to tour, the whole arena would be one big Patchoulizone 2. There's a Patchoulizone just down the street where you can buy incense, perfume, beads, and other hippy-dippy stuff.

submitted by Paul

paternoland - A place where football-crazy folks suffer from "what [David Israel, The Washington Star] calls 'the delusion that the ability to win football games indicates anything at all about your character or intelligence other than that you can win football games.'" Pennsylvania State University and environs, in particular.

e.g., Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, the heart of Paternoland was referred to as Happy Valley, but Paternoland surely extends far beyond Happy Valley. | Did those in power in Paternoland really think it was acceptable for a pederast to rape a child as long as he didn't do so on the university campus? From the board of trustees down through the university president, a vice president, athletic director, head football coach, assistant football coach, to the janitorial staff? Well, admittedly, janitors can be easily intimidated precisely because they're so lacking in power.    A ytpo now corrected (down trustees) makes me wonder if the PSU Board of Trustees may someday be known as the "board of clown trustees"? Perhaps, rather than "trustees," some of them will soon be known as "trystees." Whatever, only if you're still riding the turnip truck should you believe that no one on the PSU BOT knew or suspected Sandusky's behavior. Such naïveté rarely exists in the world of big money. Never forget that PSU football has represented big money during Paterno's reign. PSU's endowment has grown from a handful of $ millions when Paterno became head coach to >$1.25 billion in 2009. A football program that brings in $70 million a year could have a lot to do with that.

submitted by [Maureen Dowd] - (www)

pathete - Someone who has raised pathetic to an artform.

e.g., The French are a bunch of pathetes. (My original example was too restrictive.)

submitted by enos

patheticalarious - Describes an event that is sad and painful to watch, but somehow funny at the same time.

e.g., The fat, sweaty guy's attempts to get that girl's digits were patheticalarious.

submitted by Gary S.

pathetically crack't - Describes the pitiful opposition: "the other" political party, the other "candidates."

e.g., We are the only ones with a real plan; all the rest are pathetically crack't.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pathetically cracked - Nuts, warped, brainwashed, sad to say.

e.g., Progressives may regard voters for the opposition as being pathetically cracked. Shows you how much progressives know.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

patheticism - The state of being pathetic.

e.g., That plant has even fewer leaves than before and seems to have reached new heights of patheticism.

submitted by Rachel

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