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party panties - Clothes worn when going out on the town

e.g., Looks like Washington is getting out the party panties for the big inauguration this week.

submitted by Underpaid Kept Woman - (www)

parvenu - a person of obscure origin who has gained wealth or position . An upstart

e.g., The man didn't seem at ease with the other guests and seemed intimidated by the opulent surroundings . I began to suspect that he may be a parvenu .

submitted by simon

pas-de-jon - A switch in the type of beverage being consumed, usually alcoholic. I.e., the drinker changes from red to white wine or from tequila shots to Jager.

e.g., We shouldn't have had that last pas-de-jon. Champagne, vodka, and scotch just don't sit well together.

submitted by jonathan berger

pasapalabraphobia - The nagging, usually unreasonable fear that the network is going to require you to change your password.

e.g., My pasapalabraphobia always comes on the day before I go on vacation; I'll have to change my password, but won't use it enough to remember it.

submitted by David G Ott

pash - Kiss passionately. Pash rash = chapped lips caused by incessant kissing. Possibly an Australian colloquialism.

e.g., Once drunk, Brendan's inhibititions utterly escaped him, and the last thing he remembered was pashing Amanda in the rain.

submitted by comaquasi - (www)

pash rash - The skin irritation left on a girl's sensitive chin skin after pashing a man with stubble.

e.g., No, I dont have a skin disease. It's just pash rash.

submitted by ash

pash-n-dash - Like "knock and run," only with kissing. Usually the kissing of a stranger while drunk, and for no reason.

e.g., Tracey: "So, who was that guy I saw you with on the dancefloor?" Emma: "No one, just a pash-n-dash."

submitted by Stella

pashion - A fad: a passing fashion.

e.g., Yes, my dear, I'm madly in love with him today; but he is, no doubt, no more than an August pashion.

submitted by current usage

pashnary - Pashnary is the involuntary noise you make when it's not quite a hiccup--but it's also neither a sneeze nor a gasp for air.

e.g., 1. "*hic-eeeeerrrr*" 2. "Was that a hiccup?" 1. "No, haven't you heard that before? It's called a pashnary." (Best done in a proud, bragging tone.)

submitted by Meg

pashtastic - When you kiss someone and it's really good or when someone is really good looking and sexually desirable.

e.g., I cracked on to Britney Spears on the weekend. It was pashtastic.

submitted by

pasketi - A word used by small children meaning spaghetti. Sometimes "sketi" or "skettios."

e.g., My sister asked Mrs. West if she was having pasketi for dinner.

submitted by Cory

paskuma - (n.) 1. The days before computing(i.e., pre-1980); also 2. (by extension) the long ago era of atl-atls and horse cavalry. (from the language of the Ainu (the original inhabitants of Japan): the word for "storytelling" (as in tales of long ago).

e.g., "I remember glass thermometers sticking under your tongue for five minutes to get a temperature; I recall dialing phones, stove-top popcorn, two-lane highways, and 36-cent-per-gallon gasoline ... I just kinda live back there in Paskuma, don't I?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

pasnop - The nose.

e.g., Somebody punched me right in the pasnop and broke my finger.

submitted by John S. Duckering - (www)

pasquier - A multi-lingual and extremely intelligent secret service agent.

e.g., Pasquiers could be watching you while secretly manipulating your environment for their purposes--anywhere, anytime.

submitted by Jeff

pass a donut - Pasadena, CA.

e.g., If traffic isn't too bad on the 110, we're gonna head up to Pass a Donut, maybe take in Old Town.

submitted by Paul

pass away - Die or died. A euphemism that has troubled me since I was child. As I see it, people do not "pass away" or "pass," they die.

e.g., "And the prosecution was also unable to say 'how did Caylee actually pass away.'"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pass me an oar - Used to indicate you are "in the same boat" with someone.

e.g., Heather: I didn't get any sleep last night. Kim: Pass me an oar.

submitted by Kimberly

pass the bone - Knowledge transfer.

e.g., The boss is fixing to pass the bone.

submitted by Michael - (www)

pass time - A method of measuring a work day by the length of time one's work pass remains attached to one's shirt.

e.g., I worked at least 11 hours in pass time today without even realizing it.

submitted by Nancy

passé - Known to mean "no longer fashionable, in wide use, etc.; out-of-date; outmoded," the word also means "past the prime of one's life."

e.g., While I've known for more years than I care to divulge that I'm passé, it still annoys me to have it impolitely called to my attention. Oh, it's not being passé that bothers me, just having some much younger woman make it clear to me that she thinks I'm passé -- for instance, by saying something such as "Pardon me, grandpa, could you speed it up." My usual lame response is "I may be a grandfather, but I'm not your grandfather. Once they got past the toddler stage, my grandkids were taught to be polite and not say something like that."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pass-a - Passé. Spelled this way, you'll have a much better chance of having the word pronounced correctly.

e.g., Sure, it was the bee's knees when it came out two weeks ago, but it's pass-a now.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

passed away - One of several touchy-feely euphemisms for dead, often used in the most ridiculous ways. While I might find "passed away" as almost acceptable to refer to the "passing" (i.e., death) of an elderly person who had gradually succumbed to a terminal illness, the term is unsuitable to sudden and violent deaths -- especially homicides involving children.

e.g., "'Regardless, whether she’s alive or passed away, we need to find Caylee,' Beary said." Sheriff Beary is an ignoramus. No way is "passed away" suitable in that context. The only acceptable or tolerable choice is "dead."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

passengassen - In the habit of passing up one station after another in hopes of finding even cheaper gas someplace else.

e.g., Tommy is a regular passengassen, sometimes it works out, sometimes not -- you never know from one day to the next what the price is gonna be.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

passenger's arm - A person (more likely male) who has a more tan right arm than left. This is a sign that the person is often the passenger in a car. May well indicate a lack of independence and a bummer of rides.

e.g., Judy: I think Mike is kind of cute. Beth: Oh, no way. He's got passenger's arm. If he had a car, I'd agree -- he'd be really cute then.

submitted by alec

passerbu - "Passerbu" is an amalgamation of the English word "passerby" and the Hokkien word "chiobu" for good-looking female.

e.g., Did you catch a glimpse of that passerbu? Nice.

submitted by Wen

passhole - A driver who fails to read any signs while approaching a toll plaza, and, in an effort to avoid the lengthy lines in the cash lanes, enters an EZ Pass only lane, without EZ Pass tags, thereby resulting in a traffic snag akin to a cash lane.

e.g., Why are we stopped? This is an EZ Pass lane. Crap, I see now. Look at that passhole. Jerk.

submitted by Michele

passimsy - Mixture of passion and whimsy. Something that excites and delights. Also, a deep tickle.

e.g., That movie is full of passimsy.

submitted by Karah Pino - (www)

passiphany - The sudden awareness of a driver that she must increase her speed, brought about by your attempt to pass.

e.g., Growing tired of tailgating a slow driver who was occupying the fast lane, I tried to pass her to the right. Unfortunately, at that moment she had a passiphany and blocked me from doing so.

submitted by Matt Horan

passport - To gloss over an unimportant detail, to leave out a boring part of a story.

e.g., While telling his mother about his school day, Mike decided to passport the fact that he ate lunch. She could figure that out on her own.

submitted by Ira Madison - (www)

passwerve - To turn your head to look away while someone types her password

e.g., Standing behind someone at a computer: "Do I need to passwerve?" "No need. You've got root."

submitted by loydpeanut - (www)

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