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pussover - The day a kitten becomes a cat.

e.g., Prassery isn't a kitten anymore, he had his Pussover two months ago.

submitted by stormyhawn - (www)

pussterior - A cat's tail.

e.g., When I pet my cat I like to pet it frontierior to pussterior.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pusswinkle - A humiliating term, used as a reason for everything if it is not to your advantage. The word can be broken apart and literally interpreted. That is, a pusswinkle is one who winkles the puss.

e.g., He wouldn't donate his kidneys to my biology class because he's a pusswinkle. Stop winkling my puss, you pusswinkle.

submitted by chris

pussycatalyst - Alcoholic beverages.

e.g., Your luck hooking up on the Jersey Shore seems to correlate with how much pussycatalyst the ladies you encounter have consumed. No different from anywhere else.

submitted by beelzebub

pussyfoot - A real word, as you surely know. "pusɪfut v. 1 sneak, creep, slink, prowl, steal, tiptoe: I wish she'd stop pussyfooting about the house. 2 beat about the bush, hem or hum and haw, equivocate, hesitate, be evasive, evade the issue, prevaricate, tergiversate, be noncommittal, be or sit on the fence, blow hot and cold: Don't pussyfoot with me -- just come out and say what you really think."

e.g., No matter what the circumstances, I've never been one to pussyfoot around. Has it ever caused me any problems? Damned right it has. But I doubt that I'd change a thing if I had it to do over -- other than, perhaps, try not to get myself in the circumstances where my not pussyfooting around got me in trouble.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pussyfooting - To delicately and carefully (like a stalking cat) talk your way around a subject that may be controversial or difficult to discuss.

e.g., Sally pussyfooted around the issue of asking her boss for a raise.

submitted by Mandi

pussyfootnote - Footnotes whose only purpose is to satisfy your teacher's pedantry.

e.g., You'll get all kinds of points deducted no matter how well-written your report is unless you use some pussyfootnotes. Here. Here's some boilerplate you can use. Mr. Graham'll never notice they're fake.

submitted by HD Fowler

pussyfootpath - A catwalk used by cats showing off their new duds.

e.g., Hey, Marian, get that tuna off the pussyfootpath. The cats will be here any minute. Don't wanna distract 'em and mess up their fancy pussyfootwork.

submitted by HD Fowler

pussywillie - The sex organ of a hermaphrodite.

e.g., The older boys went to the carnival tent and saw a pussywillie, but they said I was too young to go.

submitted by beelzebub

pustacious - To be filled with pus.

e.g., My big toe is infected, now it's all pustacious.

submitted by Fiona McKenney

pustacular - Spectacular occurence of pimples.

e.g., Your face is pustacular, Chris.

submitted by Rose

put away the shotgun - To get over something which is emotionally important to you and have it replaced by something new.

e.g., "So, are you still going out with Jen?" "Nah, I put away the shotgun and got me Jane."

submitted by Kerem

put my name in - Used by a guy to alert his buddies of his interest in a given female.

e.g., Mary is quite attractive. I may just have to put my name in.

submitted by slam-p

put paid - Bonafide, real idiom, put paid to: "To deal with effectively; to finish something off." I usually think of it as bringing something to an end: put paid to the notion that.…" I'm almost certain I frequently see the phrase without the trailing "to," hence this entry. The Phrase Finder: "To deal with effectively; to finish something off." "Put paid to" has the sense of disabusing people of any notion that they will be able to continue doing what they have been doing.

e.g., Of Dick Fuld: "Along the way, he made his staff both wealthy and happy: until yesterday, morale at Lehman Brothers was high – even though the immaculately groomed Mr Fuld’s withering looks put paid to the bank’s dress-down Friday tradition. " | He put paid to the notion that anyone would get a pay increase until profits improved. |    Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote the 1958 opinion in Trop v. Dulles that put paid the notion that citizens, natural-born or naturalized, could be penalized by stripping them of their citizenship involuntarily.    Even after Trop v. Dulles, citizens could be stripped of their citizenship involuntarily -- but not as a penalty. I guess it must have depended on what the meaning of "penalty" was. (I'm not sure if such involuntary stripping remains in effect; however, I'm sure naturalized citizens can be denaturalized if they are found to have gained their citizenship through fraudulent means. It may not happen often, but it's legal to do so.)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

put the boot in - What Australians call "kicking a man when he's down." Sometimes literal, sometimes figurative. Literal in the example.

e.g., When Shawn started putting the boot in, the guy tried to crawl under a pool table for protection.   Fellow sued me for almost $15,000 for his medical expenses, including some rebuilding of his face from the kicking he took. My lawyer got rid of him in a hurry. He had volunteered to be in the fight, coming all the way across the bar (about 100 feet) to get into a fight -- because he wanted to make an impression on me so I would hire him as bouncer. Idiot. He didn't realize who he was messing with. The meanest bunch of thugs in town.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

put the pipe down - Stop being ridiculous; resolve to set aside a bad habit.

e.g., I think it's time for him to put the pipe down and leave those bikers to play their pool game in peace.

submitted by Tavia

putent - Describes something that is not only has an extremely unpleasant smell, but the smell is also very potent and quite often far carrying. Most often used in extreme cases.

e.g., Man alive. That garbage can is putent.

submitted by Penguin Boy

puter - Short for computer.

e.g., My puter crashed three times this week.

submitted by Samantha

putergeist - A ghost that haunts your computer, disrupting your work and your day.

e.g., A putergeist keeps closing down my computer. All Windows software is inhabited by puter geists.

submitted by Mary Kelley - (www)

putie - 1. Another name for a computer. 2. A woman's nickname.

e.g., Please turn off the putie when you are done.

submitted by Carolyn Loomis

putitonmytabmom - Penny less teenager wanting to borrow funds for multiple emergency reasons and promising repayment.

e.g., Could you lend me $20 and putitonmytabmom.

submitted by Olivia - (www)

putrank - Putrid and rank. Something that is awfully smelly and disgusting to look at, at the same time.

e.g., As I walked closer to the creek and realized it was full of raw sewage, it became clear how putrank it was.

submitted by matt

putrest - Putridly honest. Being excessively honest or honest to a fault. {ED (Lillith). This editor can't agree that there's such a thing as being too honest. Unfortunately, her family and friends can.}

e.g., You didn't have to be that honest about it. That's being putrest.

submitted by Michael Katz

putron - An illegibly written word. Variations: putronic, putronically. Etymology: A friend of mine once thought some now-forgotten word written on a chalkboard was "putron." She even asked the teacher what "putron" meant.

e.g., I cannot read the notes on the board. It's covered in putrons. Doctors' handwriting is notoriously putronic.

submitted by Heather Fuller

putschka - An affectionate tap on the rear end, usually by a parent to a child, not to be confused with a sexual advance or corporal punishment.

e.g., After his comment about the watery omelet, she surprised him with a putschka.

submitted by Dan

putt-putt - A vehicle in bad condition but which still gets you there.

e.g., My putt-putt has bad shocks and a bad paint job, but it still gets you down the road in one piece.

submitted by Josh

putting perfume on a pig - A futile effort; a waste of time. From the movie They Live" starring Rowdy Roddy Piper and Lou Gossett, Jr.

e.g., Putting a screen door on a submarine would be like putting perfume on a pig.

submitted by Jerdog - (www)

puttinin - Contributing to the cause.

e.g., The zit cream costs $12.00. Let's split the cost. How much you puttinin?

submitted by HazySky

puvvo - A dog or infant so funny looking or downright ugly it's actually cute.

e.g., Did you see Chris' baby? That poor child is some kind of puvvo -- 'course some babies outgrow it.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

puz - A lazy way to say the word "because." My friend Jody Ross is the originator.

e.g., We're goin' there tonight puz Ross said to.

submitted by Scott G.

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