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purplosity - The measure of an object's or person's degree of being purple.

e.g., The purplosity of Karen's fuzzy slippers was extremely high.

submitted by Delilah

purposeful aggravator - Any stoopid punk.

e.g., So I got this assault charge I gotta go to court for, 'cause of that purposeful aggravator I hadta give a good clout to the mouth.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

purposelessness - Having no intent; being in a state without intention, no purpose.

e.g., Having no ideas for the science fair, Bob had a feeling of purposelessness.

submitted by Heather Flynn

purr-cheese - "Purrchase" is a not uncommon spelling of "purchase" and is often seen hyphenated in conjunction with sales of products for cats. Since cats love cheese, I've started selling cat treats locally under the trademarked name Purr-Cheese™ Cat Treats. Caution: Cats are lactose-intolerant, so don't be feeding your cat a lot of cheese. A cheeseburger can be particularly bad for upsetting a cat's stomach, but it may be as much the grease in the burger as it is the high fat content and sodium in the cheese. As the Greeks said, all things in moderation. Small amounts of unprocessed cheese as a treat is unlikely to do Pussy or Tom much damage. The worst that's likely to happen if you feed your cat a small amount of cheese is diarrhea and an upset stomach. Too much and ye might end up swinging a dead cat, matey. By the way, if you haven't had the experience of a cat with diarrhea, consider yourself fortunate. It can get quite unpleasant. (In case you're thinking of ripping off my trademark, don't bother. I've sold small quantities by registered snail mail across four state lines where I have family and friends living. That will cover me until I decide whether or not the trademark is worth more than it would cost to register it.)

e.g., "I love my cat Horatio and Horatio loves cheese. Is it all right for me to feed him cheese?" "Horatio's a typical cat. Many love cheese. As long as he consumes it only in small amounts as a treat, he should be all right eating cheese. Make sure it's unprocessed cheese. Give me your snail mail address and I'll send you a free sample of my Purr-Cheese™ Cat Treats. Horatio will love you more than ever."

submitted by HD Fowler

purrage - The kind of attitude cats show to life when they're purring and *really* happy. It's not just about the purring -- it's the general "I'm a cat and life doesn't get any better than this."

e.g., That cat is so relaxed -- there is just so much purrage there..

submitted by Brett Looney - (www)

purreow - A meow that begins with a slight purr.

e.g., Socks gave out a big purreow as she was in a catnip trance.

submitted by Ian Faynik

purrfect - Super perfect.

e.g., Looks like she finally found her purrfect man; he supplies everything and she has all the fun.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

purrform - Feline action, seeking approbation, affection, or food.

e.g., Cats butter you up by purrforming tricks like rubbing against your ankles.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

purrific - A terrific thing that feels so good you can purr about it.

e.g., Landing her millionaire was the most purrific event of her life.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

purrty - Another word for something pretty or beautiful.

e.g., Wow, your shirt is so purrty, Sara.

submitted by Sara S

pursenality - The quality that renders boring or obnoxious persons tolerable if they are wealthy.

e.g., They invited Chris (uncouth fellow that he is) to the party because he has pursenality.

submitted by Nonesuch

purson - A woman who carries her personal belongings in a purse as opposed to a pocketbook.

e.g., She the eptiome epitome of a purson -- keys, cell phone, and a lipstick pretty much sum up her life.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski

purty - pleasant, beautiful

e.g., Your perfume sure smells purty.

submitted by Todd Whitten

puse - Also spelled poose. A man's purse.

e.g., Can you hand me Frank's puse, please?

submitted by Misty Waters

push back - Negative response, rejection or reverse advocacy of something.

e.g., The manager wanted me to work overtime, but I said "No!" and gave it right back to him with a lot of push back.

submitted by Joel Parker

push gift - The gift a "PW" husband gives to his wife immediately upon the birth of a baby. The baby is whisked away by the nurse to be wiped down and hubby thrusts the little jewel box toward the post-partum wifey.

e.g., Push gifts are always major jewelry, starting at 10K and preferably at least 20K. After all, the poor dear had to do all that work and suffer through nine months of hell so she might as well hint for, nay demand, a push gift for her troubles. After all, her girlfriends will all ask what she got, before they inquire about the afterthought, er, baby.

submitted by Lorenzo

push the salmon - In the workplace, to subtlely lead customers to one product or service over another at the behest of management. As when a restaurant manager informs his staff, "I've got a buttload of Chinook tonight, so push the salmon."

e.g., Ever since we made the Banyon Clinic our only preferred provider, I've had to make our referral reps push the salmon on every call.

submitted by David Hanson

pusherinner - Someone who "pushes" into an already formed line to be closer to the front.

e.g., Hey, pusherinner, get to the back.

submitted by kerry - (www)

pushing tin - Drinking a lot of beer.

e.g., He went out and got a case of beer last night and pushed tin all night by himself.

submitted by Sam Rosenberg - (www)

pushnah - An interjection used to express frustration, confusion, or anger, each of which is expressed depending on the tone of voice used to say the word.

e.g., What?! I don't understand. Pushnah!

submitted by jenn wild - (www)

puss 'n boots - Noun: one who shows shameful cowardice, an alarmist, a pessimist. Adjective: cowardly, timid, submissive.

e.g., Chris was puss 'n boots when asked if he'd like to sing in the school musical.

submitted by Anchor J. Waterjuice

puss-pup - A cheese-filled hotdog.

e.g., If you microwave a puss-pup, you're bound to burn your tongue on the cheese.

submitted by Stephen Mize

pussant - An inconsequential person, as in a pissant filled with pus. Cleary lower on the evolutionary scale than a pissant. Puissant as an alternative spelling doesn't work. Puissant means "having great power or influence." Pissants and pussants have neither. Created for use on the Internet, pussant is much more likely to get past robotic censors than pissant. Even live censors might give it a pass when they wouldn't give one to pissant. The effect can be increased by using alliteration: e.g, pussified pussant. There are tons of adjectives that start with the letter p that can be combined with pussant to emphasize various pussant characteristics.

e.g., Given that the only time I get any flack on the Internet is when I step on a pussant, you must be a pussant. Go have some Ben and Jerry's and get a pedicure. You'll feel better. {ED. Credit the last two sentences to the Internet poster who aimed his shot at the insufferable "PeterCorless."}

submitted by Lillith

pusscalating - Sound of contentment similar to purring but more choppy--sounding like coffee being percolated.

e.g., My calico was so happy she was pusscalating.

submitted by nitag - (www)

pusseller - Prostitute.

e.g., A lot of Tulsa's pussellers can be found along 11th Street.

submitted by beelzebub

pussia - An eastern European and Asian country home to the biggest cats in the world.

e.g., Who was Pussia's most famous actress? Catherine the Actopussy.

submitted by beelzebub

pussified - Terrified by women.

e.g., Men are pussified by women's lib.

submitted by Jón G

pussimist - A guy who thinks he's going to get lucky (sexwise, of course) with the ladies.

e.g., Jim's almost 70 years old, but he's still a pussimist. Some things you never outgrow -- and don't want to.

submitted by HD Fowler

pussociate - A female co-worker, possibly a friend.

e.g., Marlene's been one of my pussociates for about seven years now.

submitted by beelzebub

pussoir - A toilet facility for the exclusive use of females.

e.g., Earline, will you go to the pussoir with me? I hate to go alone.

submitted by beelzebub

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