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punstrocitices - Monstrous puns.

e.g., The Boston Times of April 9, 1838, criticized a public bulletin board by saying: "Briggs' Bulletin Board is getting too acid by half. We can stand its awful punstrocitices, but it had better crawl into a hornet's nest than attempt to show off its wit upon the editors."

submitted by [Allen Walker Read] - (www)

punt - (1) To put off work. (2) To avoid or abandon a situation.

e.g., (1) I have a paper due tomorrow, but I'm punting it. (2) The meeting was getting boring, so I punted.

submitted by mitnyrd

puntastic - Of a fantastic pun, one that is just right for the situation. Of someone who is great with puns.

e.g., Of all my friends growing up, Albert was probably the most puntastic. . . . Well, next to Jim and me. But no one understood that what we said was funny. Everyone was expecting us to be serious, so our jokes sailed right over their heads.

submitted by Matt Midson

pup - Potentially Unwanted Program. Have been seeing this for years knowing only that it referred to trash I didn't want on my computer. Finally saw it defined just a couple of minutes ago, at

e.g., "Junkware Removal Tool is a security utility that searches for and removes common adware, toolbars, and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) from your computer. A common tactics among freeware publishers is to offer their products for free, but bundle them with PUPs in order to earn revenue. This tool will help you remove these types of programs."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pupcrus - The residue that your puppy leaves on the window when she presses her nose on it.

e.g., I have to clean the window now--it's covered in Bob's pupcrus.

submitted by K8

pupcus - The slimy residue left by the touch of a dog's wet nose.

e.g., The window that Spot looked out of while awaiting his master's return was covered with pupcus.

submitted by bertthebigyellowdog

puperflect - To reflect or meditate upon something in a whimsical mannner, or to briefly think about a matter.

e.g., What my mother said about my hair did not stir me to puperflect about my bad hair cut.

submitted by amanda - (www)

pupkiss - The small wet spot a dog leaves after pressing it's nose against a window. | Crush, infatuation, puppy love, not the real thing. Cf. bupkis.

e.g., I just cleaned that window and already it's got a pupkiss. | I knew that I was really in love, but adults insisted that it was only pupkiss.

submitted by Ben | Paul Edic - (www)

pupkus - The moist residue left on a glass window after a dog has had his nose pressed against it.

e.g., Can you let the dog in before he gets pupkus all over the door again?

submitted by Kim

pupo - Pack Up and Piss Off.

e.g., It's starting to rain on our picnic -- time to PUPO.

submitted by Ollie

pupposition - Lying prone with the lips on a nipple. Really fresh milk for strong bones and teeth and a glossy smooth coat. Your brothers and sisters also often assume the same position, time for dindin.

e.g., My favorite position as a pup was undoubtedly the pupposition, the milk of canine kindness. Between meals we always had a lot of fun, playing, running, barking, and numerous other miscellaneous things concurrent with being a pup!

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

puppy - Besides describing a young dog, used to point out a specific physical thing.

e.g., Bert: I'm not sure which one of these valves I need to turn. Ernie: (pointing) That's the puppy right there. Hey Matt, take a look at this puppy. Matt: That's a wicked nice guitar man.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

pupsicle - A big ice cube for the puppy on a hot day, may contain chicken stock..

e.g., It's 120 degrees; does the puppy want a pupsicle?

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

pupticular device - A dog.

e.g., I just feed my pupticular device the dry food, but she gets quite a few scraps too.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

purassic jerk - This word is an epithet which is used to smear someone as unadulterated moron; a phrase suitable to apply with scorn by rejected lovers. The phrase conjures up uncanny similarity to T-Rex -- a control freak with small brain and zero compassion.

e.g., "It's unbelievable, Phoebe! Alex strung me along for 10 years with sweet talk and empty promises. Now he dumps me for that bimbo! The Purassic Jerk!!!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

purchaseburger - A fatty furlong ahead of all those making holiday squanderings. The first five or ten people in line the night before Black Friday.

e.g., Can you believe how the number of purchaseburgers has grown since the '70s? There must be hundreds of thousands standing in mobs around the country with bats and pepper spray the day after Thanksgiving.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

purell - To apply hand sanitizer.

e.g., I had to purell after I handled the money.

submitted by Brad Allison

purellatic - Someone who often uses or persuades others to use Purell or other hand sanitizer.

e.g., Chris was being a purellatic today; he persuaded all of us to use his hand sanatizer at the restaurant.

submitted by Aly Silverberg

purgamentorexia - A junk food diet, from Latin "purgament" => garbage and "rexia" => diet.

e.g., My teen refuses to eat broccoli, preferring gummy worms and potato chips. He's a purgamentorexic.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

purgatorious - A word used to describe something that isn't good, or bad, something that's just kind of "meh."

e.g., "How was your day today, Kasey?" "Pretty purgatorious, really."

submitted by Holley Robinson - (www)

purgery - Perjury committed by bulimics.

e.g., No, it's not true that Karen Carpenter was a purgerer. She was a purger, a bulimic. But she wasn't a liar. | Martha Stewart didn't commit purgery, but she was convicted of lying.

submitted by Miss Speller

puritan bitch - Ignorant bigots of either sex who are aggressively puritanical and bitchy about their prudish views on clothing, dance moves, women, and sexuality, to the point where they engage in the act of slut-shaming.

e.g., Just because she's waiting to have sex and prefers conservative clothes doesn't mean she has to go around slut-shaming others like some puritan bitch.

submitted by Dahlia Ivory - (www)

purp - Purple bruise.

e.g., The last time he saw her she had many love bites and love purps.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

purpendicular - Opposite mellow yellow on the groovo-graph.

e.g., Man,... that was pretty mindblowing on the purpendicular side.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

purple monkey dishwasher - 1. A word originated by The Simpsons when used in a "grapevine." 2. A dishwasher yet to be created, but blueprints have been made somewhere. Bananas are its detergent. The monkey gives daily insight six days a week, except on its day off.

e.g., He wants you to see him at four, by the purple monkey dishwasher.

submitted by Ben

purple peanut butter - Used when feeling overly corny or emotional about something, usually used sarcastically.

e.g., I'm bleeding purple peanut butter over that old 70s movie you're watching. Can you please change the channel?

submitted by Desiree

purpleh - Purple in its evil form.

e.g., Look at those purpleh sweatpants. No, cover your eyes.

submitted by Colleen Thompson

purplestorm - A bike that can't be started no matter how many times it has been repaired.

e.g., Are you riding a purplestorm? Time to change to a new bike.

submitted by jason

purplier - For stating that something is more purple than something else. "Purpliest" can be used as the superlative, for the most extreme amount of purple ever known to man.

e.g., The outfit she is wearing is much purplier than the one she wore yesterday. My friend has the purpliest room; even her microwave is purple!

submitted by HannaH

purpling - To flirt with someone. Used by 12-14 year-olds to tease people they know.

e.g., "Oohh, Geneva, you're purpling with Nick," exclaimed Ashley.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

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