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parking nazi - Parking meter enforcement officer.

e.g., Damn parking nazi gave me a ticket this morning.

submitted by kwyjibo

parking spots - A rare skin condition, usually resulting from parking in an underground facility, out of direct sunlight.

e.g., Because I would drive directly from home to work, parking in the subterranean levels, I developed parking spots.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

parking-son's disease - A disease, usually afflicting a teenage son or daughter who has received a permit to learn to drive. The primary symptom of Parking-son's Disease is that the youth eagerly, enthusiastically, and altruistically volunteers to move your car into and out of your driveway -- to help make things "easier" for you.

e.g., When my 16-year-old stepson started volunteering to warm up my car and move it to the end of the driveway for me, I rushed him to the doctor. An extensive battery of tests confirmed my suspicions. He had Parking-son's Disease.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

parkitecture - Landscape architecture, a design made from natural elements: bushes, flowerbeds, stone paths, etc., which form a pleasing pattern to surround a building.

e.g., While taking a class about Fredrick Law Olmsted, I really enjoyed seeing all his parkitecture throughout Central Park in Manhattan.

submitted by Katherine Metzler

parkma - Parking karma -- the ability to find a parking space in the busiest parking lot or city street.

e.g., He's got parkma. Can you believe he found a parking spot right in front of the store during the Christmas holidays?

submitted by joe - (www)

parkolepsy - The condition of people who barely manage to stay awake while driving, but fall asleep while parking and put an expensive dent in your car. This condition (plus a dose of criminal apathy) also accounts for their oversight in not leaving a note of apology with their contact information. (ED. Sorry about the delay on the approval. I've hit «add» several times before but the word didn't get added because I'm also trying to fight hundreds of "spam" entries made by some jerk's robot.")

e.g., Ay, more parkolepsy - -the second time this month! Why are these geniuses allowed to have cars and drive!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

parlay - To chill and relax

e.g., "I'm going to parlay and listen to some screw tapes."

submitted by erika

parmeslexia - The profound tendency to turn the lid the wrong way when attempting to close a container of parmesan cheese.

e.g., Even though I stare directly at the lid, my parmeslexia makes me turn it the wrong way.

submitted by BK

parmonger - The worst golfer amongst the whole group for the day.

e.g., Well, I've been parmonger the last 5 times. I'm sick of this game.

submitted by Carl

parnis - To accidentally damage something, just because you forgot it was there, even though it is where it is supposed to be and has always been. This word came about when my high school best friend had his hard worked for new car totaled when his Dad backed the family Buick into it three days after it was purchased.

e.g., I was so tired this morning when I pulled the Cadillac out of the driveway, I parnised the Lexus. | Remember your brother? He's home for the weekend. Don't parnis his car on your way out.

submitted by Anne Christensen

parodiacal - An adjective formed from "parody."

e.g., "An amusingly parodiacal (we made that up!) look at English and related matters." (From our description of a website, on our Links page:

submitted by Mike - (www)

paronomasia - Meaning: Word play based on sound similarities, punning. Notes: Paronomasia usually means "pun", but it actually covers other forms of wordplay, too. Using two different words in the same phrase also counts as paronomasia, e.g. 'pour out corruption from every pore'. Careful that you do not substitute A for the first O in this word: paranomasia. The adjective for this word is paronomastic or, if you need an extra syllable, paronomastical. However, for the adverb you must include the meaningless suffix -al: paronomastically. AlphaDictionary word for 2015-09-23.

e.g., Several entries in the pd are paronomasia, submitted by Charlie Lesko.

submitted by [HD for Robert Beard aka Dr. Goodword] - (www)

parpy - For drink or food that makes your face pucker a little bit and surprises you in a delightful way, especially alcoholic drinks. Used to compliment a bartender.

e.g., Johnny leaned back and exclaimed, "Whoo, that's one parpy martini, Anton.

submitted by droo

parrot head - A Jimmy Buffet fan.

e.g., Look at that guy with his Hawaiian shirt and his margarita. He has to be a Parrot Head.

submitted by Erich

parrotcide - The killing of a parrot. Not to be confused with parricide: the killing of a parent.

e.g., "Lillith, do you remember Monty Python's dead parrot routine? Do you know what killed the parrot?" "No, HD, I don't. I'm normal -- I never liked the show the least little bit, so I never watched it." "Oh ... well, anyway — it was parrotcide that killed it."

submitted by HD Fowler

parrotphrase - To repeat something word for word, unlike paraphrasing.

e.g., In a court of law they would probably prefer that you parrotphrase exactly what the guilty prisoner said.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

parrots - Those who repeat things they hear other people say, often without understanding what they're saying. They often misuse terminology or expressions, or try to use someone's own arguments against them even in circumstances where the argument loses validity.

e.g., She's nothing but a parrot. She kept saying everything I did was passive-aggressive, such as offering her vitamins. It was ridiculous. I don't think she even knows what that term means.

submitted by George Edward Purdy

parsibs - Your aunt and uncle: contraction of "parent's siblings."

e.g., I don't get to see me parsips but at picnics and funerals.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

parsipetroambulist - A person who walks in order to save gasoline.

e.g., No, I didn't walk when I was a kid to save gas. I was no parsipetroambulist. I walked because we didn't have a car. Gas was less than 20 cents a gallon in those days, kiddo. . . . No, dinosaurs weren't still roaming the earth, you smart-ass jerkosaurus.

submitted by [Bill Sherk] - (www)

parsley gambit, the - (n.) a rhetorical strategy wherein one includes in a set of premises one meant for one's adversary (or a mediator or arbiter) to win so as to allow him or her (or them) to save face or retain credibility. (From The Flintstones episode "The Drive-In," (airdate 23 Dec 1960) in which Fred & Barney (whose business acumen rivaled that of dirt ... perhaps) purchase a drive-in restaurant. Among their many ill-advised purchases is several tons of parsley to include with the food "so the customers can throw it away.")

e.g., "You had them with the two arguments about subdivision law and equity, why'd you add that last bit about plat amendment? You can't possibly win that." "the parsley gambit, young'un -- watch and learn. My learned opponent can now trash my last argument with a blaze of brilliant legal legerdemain (for which the City Council will applaud him) and then offer me the 'consolation prize' of victory on my other two points." [30 minutes later:] "Wow! It was just exactly like you said! It's like you're psychic!" "Nonsense, son, I'm just an aficionado of vintage cartoons." "...What?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

parson - Lincolnshire dialect for a sign post.

e.g., Wheer are we now? Ah doan't know, lad, what does yon parson say?

submitted by The Great Rangdoor

parson - Olde time way to say "person."

e.g., Hello there young parson.

submitted by Tomfoolery

parson's law - Something which does not function obeys the law discovered by Physicist Nick Parsons: Parsons' Law.

e.g., This apparatus doesn't work, emonstrating Parsons' Law.

submitted by Rob Wooley - (www)

parsonym - From, an online slang dictionary: "An acronym contained within an acronym." Added primarily to draw attention to

e.g.,   Example 1: USB is an acronym for 'Universal Serial Bus.' Bus is an acronym for "Bidirectional universal switch." Bus is a parsonym of USB. (Computer and Information Science)    Example 2: THIS is an acronym for 'Tanzania HIV Indicator Survey.' HIV is an acronym for 'Human Immunodeficiency Virus.' HIV is a parsonym of THIS. (Science and Medicine)    Example 3: TAPS is an acronym for 'TERCOM Aircraft Positioning System.' TERCOM is an acronym for 'Terrain Comparison.' TERCOM is a parsonym of TAPS. (Military and Government)    'Yeah, and then he says to me, 'Did you notice that 'Bus' is a parsonym of USB?'' 'Like I give a f***.' 'What a flake.'

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

partial - Word used to describe a small accident to show they are a little crazy.

e.g., Adam: Your baseball team can't even hit the ball. Matt: We're undefeated. Are you partial?

submitted by G-Dogg

partialistic medicine - The oppositite of "holistic medicine," e.g., the treatment of medical issues with narrow, specific therapies, such as pills, splints, or surgeries.

e.g., I get my pain medication from Dr. Willis, my partialistic medicine practitioner. I'm so happy that he doesn't touch me or ask me too many questions.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

participartational - Participative.

e.g., You guys aren't very participartational today.

submitted by Erin

particlized - (part-tic-a-liz-ed) verb - to become or turn into particles.

e.g., The rocks particlezed after they were crushed.

submitted by Miss McCann

partridge - 1. Money. 2. Expensive.

e.g., 1. Yo my man is pushin mad partridge lately. he must have a job or something. 2. Ten dollars for a movie is way too partridged out for me.

submitted by Russell Heller

party head - A girl that you would get head from, if you could claim you were drunk.

e.g., Bob: Steve, did you talk to the new girl? Steve: "Yeah, she's party head.

submitted by Sam - (www)

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