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problemsome - Problematic, troublesome. Essentially the same as problematic.

From a 1979 court report according to Fred Shapiro of Yale Law School. Until Mr. Shapiro advised him of an earlier use, Michael Quinion thought the word had been coined by Senator Arlen Specter. Mr. Quinion said it wasn't in any dictionary he knew of. Well, now it is. Sort of. (Yes, he knows of the PseudoDictionary.)

e.g., From The Washington News, February 1982: Senator Arlen Specter: "I think it has a very problemsome potential for Republicans."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

problet - A minor problem.

e.g., "Will that be a problem?" "Oh, I wouldn't say so, just a problet really."

submitted by Snag

probly - Probably--but without that annoying third syllable.

e.g., Amy: "You goin' to that party tonite?" Dana:"Probly."

submitted by dana

probnicate - Probing adjustment, usually precedes frobbing, finding a way to manipulate. Variant of "frobnicate."

e.g., We need to add some probnicating knobs for tweaking. WE can charge at least 50% more if we do.

submitted by Bjørn Magnhildøen - (www)

probvious - Probable, obvious or some combination of the two.

e.g., Ed. Hmmm, I guess she's not gonna show up. Red. Probviously.

submitted by John -SilverTab- Bailey

probyan - P.J.Proby fan (P.J.Proby singer from the 60s, also known as "The men with the golden voice)

e.g., Probyans look out for the new CD

submitted by Joep Kilkens - (www)

proceedure - A procedure in which every step repeats the dictum: Proceed to the next step.

e.g., Step 1. Go to the locker room. Proceed to Step 2. Step 2. Find your locker. Proceed to Step 3. Step 3. Take your key from your pocket. Proceed to Step 4. Step 4....

submitted by Miss Speller

procraftinator - Someone who postpones work and instead spends time on craft projects. A craft-loving procrastinator.

e.g., Instead of working on her chemistry homework packet that was due at the end of the week, Emma, the ultimate procraftinator, spent her study time designing a new t-shirt.

submitted by Arie Katz

procrapstination - Procrastination while relocating -- specifically, avoiding packing when you realize how much crap you have and try to figure out how much of it you can leave behind.

e.g., After much procrapstination, Sid decided it would not be necessary to take along his entire scrap metal collection.

submitted by Su - (www)

procrasstinator - An individual who not only delays completion of tasks and projects, but who acts uncivilly when admonished for it.

e.g., Listen! I've reminded you five times in a row that you are way over due to finish the report, but the fact that you have a "Professional Procrasstinator" sign on your desk doesn't allow you to shout, swear, throw your coffee mug against the wall, and run out the room each time we remind you that the project's overdue!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

procrastemplate - A way to procrastinate by contemplating what it is you could be doing to procrastinate.

e.g., Sarah spent her time procrastemplating instead of completing her assignment.

submitted by Rebecca Calgaro

procrastibate - To procrastinate exceedingly, in hopes that someone else will do whatever task you have before you.

e.g., Dan procrastibated so much on his part of the presentation, we finally ended up doing it for him.

submitted by Paul

procrastichoring - To procrastinate by doing your chores

e.g., I had tons of homework to do that I didn't felt like doing, so I spent all day procrastichoring. I changed the sheets, did the washing-up, did the laundry. ... At least I left the flat all cleaned.

submitted by Lidia Fernández Cristóbal

procrastinaceous - Active, continuous, and seemingly unending procrastination that affects productive work in detrimental ways. | Doing everything else except your work despite impending deadlines.

e.g., How are you feeling right now? I'm feeling so procrastinaceous. | I'm busy writing a term paper while watching basketball, surfing FaceBook and checking e-mail.

submitted by byron

procrastinacious - For one who excessively procrastinates.

e.g., Johnny had been very procrastinacious--he waited to start his big project until the night before it was due.

submitted by Lindsey H. - (www)

procrastination - Being in favor of acting promptly.

e.g., He thinks crastination is an admirable trait; thus he is into procrastination.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

procrastinatoria - An object used for the express purpose of procrastination.

e.g., Johnny should have written that report hours ago, but as usual he's fallen prey to his favorite item of procrastinatoria, the Web, and has put the report off until tomorrow.

submitted by redbeard - (www)

procrastinatornessship - The art of being a procrastinator, to the point where your mastery of putting things off becomes its own reverent level.

e.g., She put things off for so long that the others were envious of her procrastinatornessship.

submitted by Briget

procrastinatrix - A person (typically a teenage girl) who does everything at the last minute and then verbally abuses anyone who has the audacity to point out the obvious, request that she hurry up, suggest that Rome was built in the time it's taking to apply makeup, etc.

e.g., We are late, yet again, because we were being held hostage by the procrastinatrix, Chris. And, it wasn't even fun.

submitted by Carol

procrastinitis - Condition in which employees or students are absent the day before an important project is due, inherently due to them putting the work off until the last possible minute.

e.g., Chris, stricken with procrastinitis again, remained home the day before it was due to finish her essay.

submitted by Margie

procrasturbater - One who gets her kicks from putting things off.

e.g., I am a master at procrasturbating. I'll tell you all about it later.

submitted by elissa

procratalyst - The thing that you should be doing instead of procrastinating, or the thing that you are trying to avoid doing by procrastinating. Suggested by "catalyst -- the person or thing that precipitates an event."

e.g., Homework was a huge procratalyst for John; He would avoid it my any means necessary.

submitted by Ben Peters - (www)

procripitate - The stuff that you do while procrastinating, instead of what you should be doing, or the end result of your procrastination. Suggested by "precipitate -- a substance created by an action."

e.g., John made origami fish instead of doing his homework; they were the procripitate.

submitted by Ben Peters - (www)

procrustinate - To delay a task or project to the point where it develops a thin, hard veneer of inactivity.

e.g., Puck: Is the Murphy plan done? Chuck: No; I've procrustinated so long that the whole darn thing is frozen and I can't get it into gear.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

proctagony - The painful result of varicose veins in the posterior nether region. | A situation involving proctalgia fugax, figurative or literal.

e.g., This proctagony keeps up, I'm gonna' have to think seriously about a haemorrhoidectomy.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

proctological introspection - An all-too-common means of coming to a decision or researching a "fact." Pulling it out of your rearend.

e.g., Chris appears to get his statistics by extensive proctological introspection.

submitted by Evan

proctotype - An ideal example of an asshole; the quintessence of assholism; an archetype of the world-class asshole.

e.g., If you're looking for a proctotype, that would be Chris. That's why his name is used in the examples to replace the other names submitters use.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

procuranium - Similar to obtainium, procuranium is a material not bought, but gotten in other ways -- such as stealing -- but with more of an air of danger.

e.g., This procuranium was heavily gaurded by barb wire and a mean dog, but it's going to complete my new living room.

submitted by Justin Simoni - (www)

prodantism - A literature currency impregnated with strong impressionist elements with accent on visions concerning the future.

e.g., Ulrich in his writtings is an adept of the prodantism.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius

prodiginiferous - Extremely cool. More cool than prodiginous.

e.g., Wow, your monkey servant is so prodiginiferous!

submitted by Monkhoas

prodiginous - Very cool.

e.g., Wow, your fro looks prodiginous!

submitted by Monkhoas

producability - The ability to reproduce a manufactured item.

e.g., All items were scrapped due to producability issues.

submitted by Keith Toney

production - Refers to a person acting more dramtic than they would in a "show," making the situation epic.

e.g., After Tasha got up, she caused even more of a scene by throwing her purse on the ground, punching her boyfriend, and stomping into a store. What she did was a production.

submitted by Michael Newson

productnym - When product names replace the whole category that the product is in. Ziploc, Hoover, Saran Wrap, Ford - -brand names that are so familiar they've become productnyms.

e.g., You should end up pretty rich if you can manage to come up with a productnym.

submitted by Alexander Parisky - (www)

profanisaurus - Online dictionary of words that would never be admitted here. Compiled by Roger Mellie (The Man On The Telly) from Viz Magazine.

e.g., If your word is too rude for this site, you might find it on Profanisaurus.

submitted by Purple Martin - (www)

profanithon - A website that has, or deals with, swear words.

e.g., There's this really cool profanithon that has words that you can say instead of the bad word.

submitted by star651 - (www)

profanitize - To alter or disguise profanity so it can be used publicly. To sanitize profanity.

e.g., I was not, in any way, attempting to profanitize. I merely said "effem" bars.

submitted by Tom Gentles

profanity -

Occurrences of George Carlin's seven words & a few others
word pseudodictionary urbandictionary google
to 149,000 23,800,000 6,280,000,000
damn 1,100 2,340,000 463,000,000
cock 82 2,050,000 750,000,000
bitch 558 4,600,000 486,000,000
asshole 277 1,610,000 160,000,000
cunt 2 1,490,000 152,000,000
motherfucker 4 478,000 22,000,000
cocksucker 1 199,000 14,000,000
goddamned 4 28,000 2,800,000
tits 9 1,250,000 579,000,000
teabagger 9 252,000 12,200,000
shit 92 5,850,000 563,000,000
piss 187 1,190,000 125,000,000
corruption 348 192,000 175,000,000
snot 201 166,000 13,200,000
red 1,430 1,700,000 5,540,000,000
raw 181 364,000 736,000,000
livershit 1 93 16,500
fuck 145 5,140,000 1,290,000

submitted by

profesh - Abbreviation of professional--meaning "cool" the way I use it.

e.g., That goal I just scored was profesh.

submitted by sam

professionality - To give the appearance of professionalism without any actual professionalism involved: more style than substance.

e.g., The CEO is asking everyone to show a little professionality around the office while the client visits.

submitted by Damien Thorn

professor smarty-pockets - One who always finds it necessary to correct everything someone says. Coined by Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka.

e.g., John: Toronto is a great city, no wonder it's the capital of Canada. Jack: Actually, Ottawa is the capital of Canada. John: Thank you, Professor Smarty-Pockets.

submitted by nincompoop

profile - To focus attention on those most likely to commit crimes . . . or terrorist attacks.

e.g., "Hey, don't you realize SCOTUS said no profiling?" "Sure, but I prefer to stay alive. Just goes to show you can be an Associate Justice and still do something stupid -- or politically motivated."

submitted by HD Fowler

profile doctor - Doctor of online personality.

e.g., The Profile Doctor has the cure for online personality deficiencies.

submitted by aneta - (www)

profit - Prophet.

e.g., "We have free speech no matter what your profit of evil and the devil Muhammed says."

submitted by [Drummie]

profit - Prophet. Misspelling example comes from a published movie review by Mr deKinder.

e.g., "Moses goes from non-believer to full-blown profit and yet his motivations are vague at best. Moses argues with God (portrayed as a petulant little boy), but their discussions are more tactical than theological. Moses isn’t filled with awe and wonder in the presence of the Lord, but seems to see him as just another pharaoh with a better arsenal."

submitted by [Matthew deKinder]

profuciency - A lot of; many.

e.g., There is a profuciency of "As Seen on TV" stores in the United States.

submitted by Matthew MacDonald - (www)

profulgent - I use it to mean "in profuse quantity or quality, beautiful, in full bloom, coming along nicely -- coming to fruition."

e.g., Our garden is looking very profulgent ... and it isn't even officially Spring.

submitted by Dave Adams - (www)

profundies - A contraction of profundawear, undergarments that take on greater significance as their presence is felt by an individual at the time of powerful metaphysical discovery or dramatic event.

e.g., Sorscha adjusted her underwear at the very moment a small charter plane struck a billboard advertising a high-hair product. Her underwear took on the greater significance of profundies (which she later had framed) as she gazed upon the awful spectacle of a 20ft beautifically grinning high-hair model punctured by the fuselage of a small burning plane.

submitted by Samara

prog - Progressive.

e.g., When it comes to rude behavior, we can count on progs to be at the head of the class. Curious that, since so many progs have no class at all. | "If the progs have their way, every law on the books that affects a designated victim class will soon be a 'hate crime.'" | "I say we quit pouncing on all this ridiculous crap the progs throw out."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

prog dog - Unkindly: a progressive son-of-a-bitch. More kindly: someone on the left end of the political spectrum -- who could aptly be referred to as barking mad or barking at the moon.

e.g., "A lot of this can be reversed, of course, but, for now, the Trump Caravan moves on even as the assorted prog dogs grow hoarse from barking."

submitted by [W. Lewis Amselem] - (www)

progcrastinator - Someone who comes up to you after an accident and tells you “I could have told you that was going to happen.”

e.g., While he was never any good at actually working, he was an excellent progcrastinator.

submitted by Paul Ketchum

proglodyte - A progressive who is also a troglodyte. "Agnew's conservative posture, and his snide and alliterative phrases attacking the protesters -- 'effete snobs,' 'radiclibs,' 'troglodyte leftists,' and 'nattering nabobs of negativism' produced a plethora of pique."

e.g., "Pamela has done well, by luring the goat humpers to their demise and exposing the proglodytes masquerading as conservatives."

submitted by Lillith - (www)

progmatic - Naturally well-behaved, as in Prog (slang for proctor -- one who enforces regulations) and matic (as in automatic).

e.g., The group of people were progmatic and causing no problems for anyone.

submitted by Chris Hawkridge

prognosterdominus - A prognosis of the highest order by a Rev. Doctor or High Priest.

e.g., High Doctor delivered his considered prognosterdominus to the people and they nodded solemnly in respectful agreement.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

progradic - Antonym for "prolific," producing at a gradual or slow rate.

e.g., While Joyce Carol Oates is a prolific novelist, Thomas Pynchon is a progradic novelist.

submitted by Kenneth C. Collins

program - Nightlife routine.

e.g., Dave had an excellent progam last night with the Salty Dogs and those two brunettes.

submitted by Nick

programmababble - For the chaos when two computer languages are not able to communicate.

e.g., With the changeover from HTML to XML, everything is programmababble to me.

submitted by Mark

programmer's hunch - A slight curvature of the back, caused by excessive hours spent coding.

e.g., Sophie spent so much of her time coding for ACME Security that she began to develop a programmer's hunch.

submitted by brient - (www)

programmist - A programmist is a programmer for whom programming is his art. A programmer may do his work and leave it at the end of the day, but a programmist obsesses about her work, and feels extremely proprietary towards it. Having other programmers revise her code feels like a violation. Programmists rapidly find themselves becoming the "go-to" person at their workplaces, because they don't wait to be told to make things work better; they *need* to make things work better.

e.g., When Tom hired Janet, he thought he was just bringing in another programmer. By the time he realized that she was a programmist and couldn't stand to have anyone else touch her code, she was already so indispensible that there wasn't much he could do about it.

submitted by Lisa - (www)

progress music - The music heard in a movie where a characters become more developed or stronger.

e.g., In the movie Jascha became a stellar violin player during the progress music.

submitted by Patrick

progressive - Willingly accepting of what used to be considered bad taste. It's plain to see that the word has come to mean not only liberal, but, for all practical purposes, loose when it comes to modesty. | To make life simple, let's just give it the meaning libertine when it comes to morals and morality, too. Besides, that will allow me to make a Michael Jackson reference to make the entry au courant. It will also make it dated some day. Antonym: aprogressive.

e.g., I'll bet we'd have more visitors to the PseudoDictionary if we were as progressive as UrbanDictionary. | One of my wife's nurses was puzzled that I always left when she had to use a chamber pot in the middle of her hospital room. "I don't understand that," the nurse said. [I'm paraphrasing her, but am true to her impression that I was being overly squeamish.] "I don't mind defecating and urinating in front of my stepfather." When my wife told me about the exchange, she remarked on how progressive nursey was -- nursey with her two out-of-wedlock children and a third on the way. In our hayday, we barely hesitated to call such children bastards or illegitimate. Now it's not politically correct to do so -- which consterns me no end, given that bastard and illegitimate still mean what they always did: born out of wedlock. | It's become fashionably progressive to literally show your ass, breasts, and genitalia in public these days. Sacha Baron Cohen earns a fortune doing it. God help us. | I guess I'm just not progressive enough when it comes to Michael Jackson's sleeping with children not his own. |

My wife was teasing Sandbox Jim and me, wondering when we were going to get out of fifth grade. Then she left me a voicemail, asking me if I was out with him chasing fifth-grade girls. I told her someone listening to that might think I'm a pedophile or otherwise a pervert. I'm no pervert -- I might use feathers, but never the whole chicken. |

“We all want progress. But progress means getting nearer to the place you want to be. And if you have taken a wrong turn, then to go forward does not get you any nearer. If you are on the wrong road, progress means doing an about turn and walking back to the right road; and in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive man.” ~ C. S. Lewis

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

prohatpo - Abbreviation for "proper hat position." Only two proper hat positions are available, both involve the "standard ball cap with bill." The first and most proper hat position is when the cap rests on the very back of the head with the bill pointing straight up. (Difficult to achieve on windy days or when you're walking briskly or running.) The alternative or, less proper, is with cap placed angle-wise on the skull from side to side and bill pointing at a lowered angle backwards (left or right) in the roughly four-to-five or seven-to-eight o'clock position.

e.g., It's imperative to have prohatpo anywhere outside your own home and yard. I prefer the proper method.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

proinactive - Being generally in favor of not being proactive. (You should also be proinactive about using constructions such as "proactive.")

e.g., Schlackel has good ideas--he just chooses not to act on them because he is proinactive.

submitted by Redbendad - (www)

proincidence - (n.) The sequential occurrence of two events, suggesting some outside force, control, or purpose (especially where the first may well be the cause or at least a harbinger of the second). (Analogy from "coincidence.") See sequincidence.

e.g., "Have heard of the 1898 story _Futility_? It's about a ship called the Titan which hits an iceberg and sinks ... on a night in April and on its way to New York---wow: spooky." "Hmph: or just proincidence."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

prole grub - Food for the masses. The example is quoted from "Hold the French fries" by John Sutherland, The Guardian, Monday April 12, 2004.

e.g., "Given its origins, the french fry has always had a classy aura in the US — a kind of 'How are you gonna keep them down on the farm, after they’ve seen Paree' chic. In England it’s different. For us the potato is identified with prole grub. Like oats in Scotland, spuds were what cattle and foreign peasants ate."

submitted by HD Fowler

prolefeed - The deliberate and outright dumping of false, inaccurate or otherwise misleading news and information to especially the weak-minded and the vulnerable. (Via "1984" by George Orwell.)

e.g., It's probably just me ... but it may be safe to assume that the supermarket tabloids are obviously prolefeed, pure and simple.

submitted by Larry Ellis Reed - (www)

proletariatism - It is a non-socialist or communist political system. It is the concept of a principled statesman driven system of government which is overseen exclusively by elected members of the common working class citizenry. Proletariatism is unique in comparison with traditional political systems in that its core principle is neither party politics driven, nor economically driven as in capitalist|socialist systems. Proletariatism is a system of government which aims to foster and forward the joint activism of the working class majority allowing them the ability to become more involved in matters of state.

e.g., Proletariatism is a system to be adapted in to any free government state, which can be either a democracy or a republic.

submitted by Darius Radmanesh - (www)

proliferati - A whole lot of scholars everywhere.

e.g., When I visited the campus I found proliferati in every department.

submitted by Earl Egdall - (www)

proliferation - The spread of pro-life legislation.

e.g., Proliferation limits women's choices.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

prolly - Probably.

e.g., I'll prolly use this word again today.

submitted by Mike Jump

prolly bees - A mangling of "probably because."

e.g., A. Why did you do that? B. Prolly bees I was bored.

submitted by caroline

prollycos - "Probably" + "because."

e.g., Kent wasn't at Susan's party last night, prollycos he had to study for next week's finals.

submitted by Paul

proly - Parolee.

e.g., Q. Did Chris finish serving his time? A. No, he's a proly.

submitted by Thanks, Mike Jump.

promatic - Acting in an aggressive nature without regard for any repercussions.

e.g., His promatic play on the court caught the eye of the scout.

submitted by Chris Hughes

promdi - From the outskirts. Out-of-towner from a countryside, person with provincial accent in the city.

e.g., Chris must be promdi. He speaks like a redneck.

submitted by Scott R.

promethean - An event that, which is done for a brief amount of time, reverts back to normal, and is repeated

e.g., You are just letting him steal your money like that, get some more, and it repeats? How promethean.

submitted by Renji

promiscuate - Euphemism for one who is promiscuous.

e.g., To enhance its public image, the Swingers Club on Third Avenue changed its name to the Third Avenue Society of Promiscuates.

submitted by Tony Le

promisculicious - A man or woman who is very attractive and gets around.

e.g., To the casual observer Sean Young would appear to be promisculicious.

submitted by Lee Bourke

promisorry note - A financial document committing to future payments of money, that you co-signed for a friend or relative, and, in a short while, makes you very, very sorry you trusted that person to make payments.

e.g., If ever a close friend, or a relative, is in financial trouble, and begs you to help by co-signing a promisorry note, assuring you that he or she will pay every due penny, "come Hell or high water," run, don't walk away. Go home, lock the door, close the shades, and hide in the closet. Don'!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

promissuseous - Issuing tickets, pink slips, etc. far more often than is justified by the circumstances. A mangling of "promiscuous," "issue," and "misuse."

e.g., I can't believe it. Over a hundred cars got ticketed during the festival. Apparently, some traffic cop was feeling particularly promisuseous.

submitted by Garret Thomson - (www)

promoscuous - 1. Being famous and knowing it. 2. Having the ability to make everything that you see, touch, and think of famous.

e.g., You're so promoscuous that you made your show a hit.

submitted by Gerauld Rivera - (www)

promote - Euphemism for acquiring something, usually by nefarious means; take possesion of by dubious ingenuity. Established slang variant of the more common definition of promote -- i.e., "to advance in station, rank, or honor."

e.g., I just might have to promote your new girlfriend.

submitted by needfortweed

promotize - To promote something by advertising it, to promote ad nauseum.

e.g., Why are they so actively promotizing this upcoming concert?

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

prong - When a prawn is wrong. (aka shrimp-correct)

e.g., One prawn swam away from the fisherman's net. The other swam toward it. The latter shrimp was prong.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

pronghead - A person who has little prongs sticking out of the side of her head that prevent her from ever extricating her head from between her buttocks.

e.g., She always hacks me off. What a pronghead!

submitted by Gregory Bloom

pronoblem - Mangling of "no problem."

e.g., Hey, I can pick you up at the airport, pronoblem.

submitted by Julia

pronoun-phobia - A condition whereby one involuntarily eliminates all pronouns from one's speech.

e.g., Am so tired; must stop walking everywhere. Wonder if there's a cafe nearby where can stop for drink.

submitted by Lisa Cirèlle Hansson - (www)

pronounce - A unit of measure used to describe how much I, you, he, she, it, we, you and they weigh.

e.g., "All together, we weigh more than 30,000 pronounces." "Jesus!" "No. Together, they weigh only about 8,000."

submitted by Joe Kreiter - (www)

pronounciate - To announce, pronounce, enunciate and proclaim with accularity. (which see)

e.g., If'n I pronounciate my verbage with a grate degree of intensitea, surely Isle make the better statement in this debait.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

pronumciate - Verb related to the way a person speaks when under the influence of Novocaine.

e.g., Once the Novocaine had taken full effect, the patient couldn't even pronumciate his own name.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

pronuncability - The general staggeredness of a word expressing the inverted frequency with which it will likely be malpronounced. A word like "and" has a very high pronuncability, since it is easy to pronounce, while "hyperenteronously explicafragilitous epiphraseophagility" has a very low pronuncability.

e.g., The doctress (wife of a doctor, or female doctor) has a pronounced preference of words with a low pronuncability.

submitted by Lord Evil

pronunciate - To pronounce and enunciate your words correctly.

e.g., Would you please pronunciate your words, Billy? I can't understand you.

submitted by Madalyn

pronuncification - When you are making fun of someone who mis-pronounces a word and then you botch the pronunciation yourself.

e.g., Elizabeth: You need to pronuncificate that word. Carl: What?

submitted by Elizabeth B

proof battleships - What you have when two sub-editors or designers mark things as a mistakes or bad style on each other's proof pages purely as retaliation for marking something reasonable earlier. Also known as "proof jousting." Partly derived from "calendar battleships" -- two people exchanging salvos of dates in an attempt to agree on a meeting, either business or social.

e.g., I was playing proof battleships with Tom all day yesterday. What a waste of time.

submitted by Alan Morrison - (www)

proofiness - "Proofiness is the use of misleading statistics to confirm what you already believe." Proofer.

e.g., The linked article claims proofiness is often used to show that women earn less than men in comparable jobs. | "I assume, in this case, that the clerk is a woman and the lawyer a man for the simple reason that — and here is an average that proofers rarely mention — full-time men work more hours than full-time women do. . . . Since FTYR [full-time, year-round] men work more than FTYR women do, it shouldn’t be surprising that the men, on average, earn more. . . . The way proofers finesse 'full-time' can be a wonder to behold."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

prooked and frooked - Preened and primped and prepared, and frolicking and fresh and full of fun.

e.g., Every weekend and even more often when possible, my buddies and I like to make the scene, thoroughly prooked and frooked.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

prop - To behave in a fashion suitable to a really cool gangster.

e.g., Yo, dawg, I'll teach your peeps how to prop.

submitted by Andrew Troupis (and Genti)

propable - Use when something is likely to go well.

e.g., Don't worry darling, it's propable.

submitted by Helen

propagate - To wedge something in an outside doorway, to keep it from closing.

e.g., My wife and I were working in the backyard, and I had to go to the front of the house. To be sure that I could get back to the garden, my wife made me propagate

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

propagucci - Any expensive campaign, promotional stunt, or advertisement designed to encourage the acceptance of a message or political agenda.

e.g., Those commercials are a bunch of artless propagucci.

submitted by Ike

propallor - Aviator's skin condition.

e.g., He flew old open-cockpit planes in a wide-brim hat, resulting in propallor.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

proper gander - (Get) A decent look at someone or something, a good look, or, for the moral crowd, a look at someone which is entirely quite proper, no impropriety involved or allowed; or, a male duck (or human) that is really quite the duck (or human).

e.g., You'll note that many human males will frequently take a proper gander at many human females wherever they are and wherever they go: this is usually within the parameters of acceptability and predictability.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

proper gig - I'm not entirely sure, but I've run across it several times, and it seems as if it might refer to a regular band gig (where the band gets paid?) or to a regular band night -- meaning a concert of some sort? Help me, kids.

e.g., From "Odd, that": "The last one will be the best, bringing over some people from the mainland which'll be fun, a proper gig feel to it, not that the others don't really have that."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

proper vinegar - The right stuff.

e.g., Been searching high and low, but I can't find a woman I'd be willing to settle down with. You know how it is -- no one I meet has the proper vinegar.

submitted by HD Fowler

properganda - Anti-propaganda, anti-spin -- facts, information as opposed to disinformation, the truth as opposed to lies, etc. | Britannica Online Encyclopedia -- "Ganda: people inhabiting the area north and northwest of Lake Victoria in south-central Uganda."

e.g., You've been poisoned with propaganda from visiting too many leftist websites like MediaMatters. This e-mail will give you some properganda sites to use as an antidote. . . . No, they're not right wing websites -- those are every bit as bad as the ones on the other end of the political spectrum. You need to stay away from both the loony left and the rabid right.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

propery - A collective and alternative term for "props." Used frequently in Dude Studios UK film-making.

e.g., Please pass me that box of propery.

submitted by Mark Page - (www)

prophelie - To make up your own prophecy, one that was not from God.

e.g., A true prophet speaks as the voice of God; a false prophet speaks from his flesh, he can only prophelie.

submitted by Mary Morgan

prophespy - 1. To prophesy while conducting extensive surveillance on users for profit. 2. A prophecy endorsed by a search engine.

e.g., Google prophespied that the Third Temple would open in January 2, 2020, on its knowledge panel for the Temple Mount.

submitted by 222 - (www)

propheteer - One who falsely claims "Divine Knowledge," using the claim to acquire exorbitant wealth, popularity, or power.

e.g., Jim Baaker was a masterful propheteer.

submitted by R. Maggio

prophylactater - A woman with a young child. Some men see her as being un-datable because of the child.

e.g., John thought Martha was gorgeous, but he wouldn't ask her out because she was a prophylactater.

submitted by Scott Marchus

prophylactivist - A person, who actively promotes the use of condoms for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.

e.g., Ms. Jones, the president of Planned Parenthood, was an ardent prophylactivist.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

propose a bread - (v.) 1. To propose a toast out of duty rather than respect or affection; 2. To propose a toast with ordinary drink (i.e., water, milk, etc.) rather than alcohol, especially when toasting a child or a teetotaler.

e.g., "I'd like to propose a toast--well, a bread--to your new daughter!" | "Here's to our two advertising geniuses: A toast to Amy and Aisha! ... wait, Aisha's Muslim, and Amy's a Mormon...Okay, a bread! to Amy and Aisha!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

propostrophe - The proposterous use of the apostrophe.

e.g., A number of official township signs affixed to pilings across the New Jersey portion of the inland waterway advising: "No Wake Area-This includes Jet Ski's." Jet Ski's *what*? (The plural, of course, would be Jet Skis. The phrase Jet Ski's would, um, be the possessive which screams for a word or words to modify it.) Sadly more than a few Americans in charge of official signage seem to have failed that most important portion of the English language.

submitted by John C. Fuhr - (www)

proprieterritorial - The origin is obviously a combination of proprietary and territorial and can be used to describe the attitude, actions, words, and behavior of one party (person, dog, corporation, group, government, etc.) in relation to another person, place, or thing in a posessive way . . . kind of like "acts like she, it, or they own the place or person or thing." Defending ownership that isn't really legit.

e.g., The religious right can often be considered by some to be proprieterritorial about the word "marriage" as though it belongs to them and them only. | This of course won't stop me from being a tad proprieterritorial if this gets into the pseudodictionary . . . but I will stop after I am momentarily proud and show all my friends saying look look that's my word! But we all know that no one can really own words . . . without paying a lawyer somewhere to help and trademark or protect it and besides . . . words -- like love -- are meant to be shared and enjoyed by all.

submitted by Susan Wolfe

propriety - Intuition about behavior.

e.g., Propriety tells one not to wear one's old propellor beanie to a dinner party.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

propropriate - Prop PROAP ree it, compare proper + appropriate. Refers to that which is correct, right, exemplary, approved of, in speech or behavior.

e.g., To please the girl and her lovely parents, Butch had to be cognizant that absolutely everything must be propropriate to a T -- and then some.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

proproprofilefilephile - A person who is in favor of being in favor of filing profiles, of course!

e.g., What's a proproprofilefilephile? Fuhgedaboudit!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

propryitary interest - An owner's excessive interest in a renter's behavior.

e.g., I have to move. Every time I'm out, my landlord comes into my apartment to see if I'm keeping the place neat and clean, if I've snuck in a dog or cat, or damaged any of the appliances. He's got too much of a propryitary interest!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

props - Respect, recognition, congratulations, praise.

e.g., Gotta give that girl props for her web site.

submitted by Mike C - (www)

propys - Pronouced "pro - pees": Lots of little small bubbles, e.g., created from a bubble bath. Small children often pretend they are little creatures that are their friends.

e.g., Wow, this bubble bath is sure foamy! Look at all the propys!

submitted by john r seal

prosciutto-tute - A person who will perform sexual acts, and will accept Italian ham as payment.

e.g., It wasn't me that Angelina liked as much as my Italian ham. She was a real prosciutto-tute.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

prosetry - Prose that has many elements of poetry in it.

e.g., Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote prosetry.

submitted by virgio

prospects - Word describing the amount or quality of the opposite sex at the party.

e.g., There sure are a lot of good prospects here.

submitted by Quigs

prosthelyze - To harangue passersby in an effort to raise funds for prosthetics.

e.g., When you go to the pissoir at Le Crazy Horse Saloon, keep your eye on the grubby little metrognome working the room. If you don't tip him, he'll start prosthelyzing you without letup.

submitted by Miss Speller

prostitot - A young girl dressed in hooker wear, a la Britney, Christina, etc.

e.g., Look at that little girl's hoochy diva ensemble. Oooh, prostitot.

submitted by lavelle

prostitube - Vehicle accessory that allows a "john" to surreptitiously pass money to a streetwalker.

e.g., Due to the crackdown on vice, more men are using the prostitube as way to avoid detection when contacting a hooker for an illegal liaison.

submitted by Jerry Bires - (www)

prostrate gland - Mispronunciation of "prostate gland." (Prostrate means "lying down.")

e.g., Sippowicz: The doctor says I gotta get my prostrate gland removed.

submitted by jim barclay

prostrosity - One that is shockingly hideous or frightful for a living. A professional monstrosity.

e.g., Marilyn Manson is a prostrosity.

submitted by Stoffle

proteen - Someone who is in favor of teenagers.

e.g., He was the most proteen man on the block. He just loved 13 year-olds.

submitted by Earl Egdall

protegenda - (pro-teh-GEN-da (with a hard g); n.) 1. People (or things) that need to be protected; 2. in superhero stories, heroes tend to adopt secret identities, and develop this morose loner mentality because of a desire to protect those they care about---their protegenda. [From Latin protegere "to protect" + Latin suffix -enda "which must be ___-ed" (it's then future passive participle inflection).]

e.g., Do you have a list of which of your protegenda you save from a house-fire? People, journals, treasures, etc. You should. || Peter Parker, the mild-mannered student identity of Spiderman, didn't tell anybody his secret, because he wanted to ensure the safety of his protegenda, his Aunt May and his girl, Mary Jane. || Superman invented Clark Kent to keep protect his protegenda, the Kents and his lady Lois, safe from his enemies.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

protestitution - Rights of protest as conducted by prostitutes.

e.g., We have a protestitutinal right to be here.

submitted by Miss Speller

proteus - A polymorph; a creature with the ability to change shape to suit the circumstances.

e.g., Though it appears to be a puddle of goo, in fact it is a proteus, waiting for prey.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

protoad - (PRO-toe-AD; n.) 1. The first advertisement; 2. a. the source advertisement of a series of similar ads; b. the "pilot" advertisement of an advertising campaign. (PRO-toad; n.) 3. The first of all toads (aka "Toad One" or "Ur-Toad"). (adj.) 4. In favor of toads; the opposite of "pro-frog."

e.g., 1. "Look! There on the wall of the cave! 'Gug make best soup'---it's THE proto-ad." 2. I remember the Benson & Hedges proto-ad: all the long cigarettes getting mashed or cut by doors or windows too close to the smoker. 3. "Look! There on the wall of that deposit! It's the protoad!: the first of all toads!" "Are you crying?" "It's a great moment." 4. Are you protoad? or profrog?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

protodiorthonolatry - (n.) Invoking the first amendment's free-speech clause to justify saying, playing, or spraying anything however insulting, inciting, insensitive, improper or inappropriate, spiteful, slanderous, cruel, hurtful, unnecessary, or ridiculous it may be. (From Greek proto 'first' + diorthoun 'amend' + latria (from eidolatria 'idolatry')).

e.g., "Hey! You watch your mouth: I won't put up with racial slurs in my house." "First Amendment, dude: I can say whatever I like." "Ah, protodiorthonolatry. . . . You are misinformed: I can forbid whatever I like on my own land; and I'm revoking your permission to be here. You are now not only a protodiorthonolater, you are a trespassing protodiorthonolater. Get out."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

protologism - Greek protos, first + Greek logos, word; cf. prototype, neologism. A newly created word which has not yet gained any wide acceptance. It is a prototype or a hypothetical projection of a new lexical unit before it may become current in writing or speech. The word "protologism" proposed here and now is itself an example of protologism.

e.g., Many words here are protologisms. In contrast to protologisms, neologisms are words that have already been in public usage by authors other than their inventors. As soon as the word "protologism" finds its way into newspapers and websites, journals and books, it becomes a neologism.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

protologism - Greek protos, first, original + Greek logos, word; cf. prototype, neologism- - a newly created word which has not yet gained any wide acceptance. It is a prototype or a hypothetical projection of a new lexical unit before it may become current in writing or speech. In contrast to protologisms, neologisms are words that have already been in public usage by authors other than their inventors. As soon as a protologism finds its way into newspapers and websites, journals and books, it becomes a neologism.

e.g., The word "protologism" proposed here and now is itself an example of protologism.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

protomullet - 1. A hairdo with the distinct potential to evolve into a full-fledged mullet. 2. A child with a mullet.

e.g., Bob and I went to Wal-Mart and laughed at all of the little protomullets running around.

submitted by sergeantbaker

protroudles - Dimples that go out instead of going in.

e.g., When Anne smiles you can see her protroudles.

submitted by Sarah

prounds - (n.) Weight lost with pride (as a result of a hard diet or a great deal of training). ["Proud" + "Pound."]

e.g., "Wow! You look fantastic! You must have lost like ..." "Forty-five prounds." "Good for you! Perhaps we could discuss your regimen over dinner?" "You want to talk about weight loss over ... dinner?" "Yeah! You know:...uh...potato skins, apples, ... walnuts ... juice?" "Nice save." "Is that a 'yes'?" "hm...why not?---and I'll explain about the difference between eating right and diet stereotypes."

submitted by evie embers

proverbial - Polite word for a part of the human anatomy which is quite often afflicted by pain.

e.g., He is such a pain in the proverbial.

submitted by Robin Nilsson

proximate - You are called this when your best friend gives you the "go" to date his ex-girlfriend.

e.g., To be my proximate, brave Lancelot, thou shalt have to search for the holy mascara.

submitted by idlir - (www)

proxy-versary - When my son and his wife were both stationed in Iraq last year, they got married by double proxy. Montana makes the service available, more than likely aimed at those serving in the military. They were married "for real" later in the year. They celebrate their proxy-versary in April and their anniversary in October, having had a full-blown wedding performed 10/10/10 at 10 o'clock in the morning.

e.g., My son and his bride celebrated their proxy-versary with a proxy-moon in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. Seeing them pictured together, a friend commented on his Facebook page, "Speaking of proxy, were you both in San Fransisco at the same time or is that Photoshop?"

submitted by [Scott]

proxymoron - The unfortunate secretary given the ignoble task of advancing hopeless causes for her moronic boss.

e.g., A: Didn't he know the CEO was refusing all his calls? J: Yes, but, being the proxymoron, I had to continue to call and ask for an answer.

submitted by Jazzbel - (www)

proxymoron - If you can't do it yourself, let somebody do it for you. Perhaps someone else can do it as well as you can. It helps to be bright, educated, aware, but if necessary one might employ the proxymoron. A simple yes will do, uncomplicated but perhaps adequate and effective -- try it, you might even get to like it, guaranteed. A substitute, a stand in, maybe even better than the average, bear with me. {Duplicate.}

e.g., Please give us a chance, the proxymoron is a worthy person too, able to set the table, pick up sticks, feed the dead fishes, water the windows, tug it and hug it, what's more, and smile all the while. Proxymoron lives matter. too, to be sure, sir ... ?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

prozactive - Preventive action taken to alleviate future stress or depression.

e.g., I have taken prozactive measures for dealing with my ex-boyfriend.

submitted by Oz Trad - (www)

prozactive - The state of mind brought about by not caring if you achieve anything you set out to do on any given day. {Duplicate.}

e.g., "He knew he was going to have to be Prozactive about his to do list if he was going to enjoy his night on the town!"

submitted by Baby Hughey - (www)

prozactly - For the condition of not giving a rat's ass about an unacceptable outcome or situation.

e.g., Frozen dinners again tonight? That's prozactly what I wanted.

submitted by olgeezer

prozaqui - 1. An individual who belongs to the large demographic of Prozac takers. 2.Tthe language used by Prozaquis, distinguished by an over-reliance of self-help terminology.

e.g., Before she became a Prozaqui, Sherilyn never referred to herself as an codependency enabler.

submitted by Michael Mason

prozookinookie - An especialy good time.

e.g., Sara and I shared a prozookinookie last night.

submitted by flinch0

prube - non-macho

e.g., Chris, ray, Sam and kerem are all prubes

submitted by Ashley

prufrockery - an annoying propensity for indecision and lameness

e.g., Carol's prufrockery over what slacks to pack caused her to miss her flight.

submitted by Richard McKee - (www)

prundy - The large variety of smells that comes out of the heater of your car when you first turn it on.

e.g., After turning on the heater to take the edge off the pre-winter chill, my nose was assaulted by the prundy of a hundred forgotten takeaways.

submitted by Brenton

prune-picker - Someone from California. A slang term that lasted only from 1918 to 1929.

e.g., Yes, I called her a prune-picker -- but I didn't intend it as an insult.

submitted by HD Fowler

prunetang - A Tang-like drink made from prunes. Dried plums never tasted so good.

e.g., Cooked prunes and lemon juice in a blender--that's prunetang. Serve with athletes' food for a fun feast.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

prunk - exclamation when mispronouncing or messing up the speaking of a word

e.g., We need spaghubbub... oohh... prunk! speghetti!

submitted by bennnnnn

prutz - Preppy klutz.

e.g., You fall too much, which would probably make you a prutz.

submitted by yomoma

pry - "Probably" or "pretty."

e.g., That girl is pry cute. I'll pry see you in a few hours. That car is pry cool looking!

submitted by Dave - (www)

pry mary source - The nosy old lady who lives down the block.

e.g., I had no idea what caused the ruckus next door last night that brought the police at 2:30 a.m. So I called, Mrs. Whittaker, my pry mary source, and got the full details.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

ps & qs - As in "Watch your Ps & Qs." Thought to have originated in Merry old England's pubs, where your name was above your record of drinks. Marks on a chalkboard were an easy way for the barkeep to keep a count of your bar tab. Up to four vertical lines then a slash mark through them for the fifth, after which a new series of lines would be started. Or was it in elementary school when children were being taught the alphabet they were told to watch their Ps & Qs so that the student didn't mistakenly put the line on the wrong side of the "o"?

e.g., Ps and Qs, Andy. Tristan was in line before you were.

submitted by Aurel R. Dikin - (www)

psalm pilot - Hand-held computer for religious.

e.g., Ministers, priests, nuns, and rabbis rely surreptitiously on Psalm Pilots when they lose track of their references.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

psargonaulicious - To describe excellent use of large or difficult words, usually in a pleasing manner.

e.g., When he gave his speech, it was psargonaulicious.

submitted by Justin

psed - A short-hand version of pseudodictionary.

e.g., Did you see my latest word in Psed?

submitted by FPM2K - (www)

psephogram - A diagram illustrating compactly the results of a ballot, particularly a very complex ballot (such as a ballot for rooms in a college) Directly from the Greek.

e.g., The results of the room ballot appear in the form of a psephogram in Appendix 1.

submitted by Tom White

psephologist - Wikipedia: "Psephology /sɨˈfɒlədʒi/ (from Greek psephos ψῆφος, 'pebble', which the Greeks used as ballots) is a branch of political science which deals with the study and scientific analysis of elections. Psephology uses historical precinct voting data, public opinion polls, campaign finance information and similar statistical data. The term was coined in the United Kingdom in 1952 by the historian R. B. McCallum to describe the scientific analysis of past elections."

e.g., "Psephologists used to have a rule that incumbents running below [fifty per cent] against lesser known challengers would inevitably lose. Everyone knows them, the logic went, and half aren’t voting for them."

submitted by [psephologist] - (www)

psephology - "The study of elections and election polling, usually a subfield of sociology."

e.g., The psephologists were accurate within reason this time around. Could it possibly be because they tried their best to be accurate rather than push their polling to favor their favored parties and candidates? … Nah, just kidding.

submitted by [psephologist]

pseubmit - To add an entry to the PseudoDictionary input queue.

e.g., Those one-hundred-thirty-nine words must be the longest single sentence yet pseubmitted to the pseudodictionary.

submitted by s - (www)

pseud - "Person who pretends to know much more than he/she does, in order to impress an audience"

e.g., Those philosophy majors are all such pseuds about Wittgenstein and such.

submitted by MSS

pseud'oh - The term used when you think of a word to submit, but soon discover that it actually *is* a word.

e.g., I just thought of a good word we could send in. Oops, pseud'oh.

submitted by Ben

pseudaside - Unintended outburst.

e.g., After the applause died out abruptly, his snide pseudaside about the soloist was heard all through the opera house.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseude - Faux suede.

e.g., As near as I can tell, pseude costs about the same as suede.

submitted by Miss Speller

pseudentry - Lexical fraud.

e.g., Putting real words* and definitions in the PD.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseudepigrapha - False later writings. Real word. Often used to refer to non-canonical works related to the Old Testament and New Testament.

e.g., I've developed an interest lately in the old-fashioned pseudepigrapha. It's a welcome respite from the new-fangled version being churned out by today's yellow journalists.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudicide - Partially killing one's self. Also misspelled as pseudocide, which has a different meaning.

e.g., Aimless in a heartsick blight,
a slickened leash of longing
tethered him to a pole of fear.
He kept this pain so ever near
that half-hoped thoughts each morning
fell to pseudicide come night.

submitted by steven jones

pseudict - Past tense of "pseudick."

e.g., Having been pseudict means not having really been screwed but only sort of screwed.

submitted by S. Berlner, III - (www)

pseudiction - The state of being addicted to submitting entries. | Lying.

e.g., Xaphod: I was up until 3am last night submitting words Kelly: Wow, talk about Pseudiction. | The prevaricator was guilty of pseudiction.

submitted by Sam G | S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseudictionaria - A disease that doesn't let you stop entering words.

e.g., I'm sorry, Mrs.Vukasovich, your son has pseudictionaria.

submitted by twinko

pseudictionary - Pseudodictionary, PseudoDictionary, PseuDictionary.

e.g., He shares our love for words. He knows about the pseudictionary, of course, and I gave him a Microsoft Encarta Dictionary as a gift a couple of years ago.

submitted by Miss Speller

pseudo - Common abbreviation of a much used phrased today "Sue their pants off!" | (verb) To pseudo is to add an entry to the PseudoDictionary lexicon.

e.g., After tripping and falling in front of a store, Marilyn made one quick called to her lawyer and simply said "Pseudo!" Her lawyer was immediately on the case. | Marty, I pseudoed the following just a few minutes ago as an example for Twit, capitalized: "Diverted by a signal from her new Android smartphone of a new tweet, Twit Michelle checked her phone and crashed into a herd of goats crossing the road. She was driving 85 mph on a very crooked road at the time. Fortunately, Michelle survived. Her Mercury and many of the goats weren't so lucky."

submitted by Wells Martin | HD Fowler - (www)

pseudo - Noun: PseudoDictionary entry. An entry in the pd, whether a word or phrase or essay . . . whatever.

e.g., Hey, you should make a pseudo out of that.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudo pluto - A robotic artificial black dog which can serve as your eyes in deep space.

e.g., If a star pilot can't see where he's going, just plug into Pseudo Pluto for true bearings.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pseudo reich, the - The site's editing team here, the people who choose which words get in and which words do not get in. Could also be called pseudo-nazis.

e.g., Man, I just sent in a good word, and they rejected it. Asshole editors. You have to give way to the pseudo reich.

submitted by Colin Nicolle - (www)

pseudo-comfort - Something used in order to make someone feel better during an awkward moment.

e.g., When I broke one of the dishes, I filled myself with a pseudo-comfort that my mom wouldn't know it was gone.

submitted by Ray

pseudo-dictionary -

Not a dictionary.

I’ll use an excerpt from The Chicago Manual of Style Online (CMOS) to tell you why I have little use for Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. I know full well the nature of descriptivist dictionaries as opposed to prescriptivist dictionaries; however, not everyone is going to buy or refer to a usage guide to find out what’s good usage and what’s not.
5.202 Good usage versus common usage Although this book recommends Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (see bibliog. 3.1), one must use care and judgment in consulting any dictionary. The mere presence of a word in the dictionary’s pages does not mean that the word is in all respects fit for print. The dictionary merely describes how speakers of English use the language; despite occasional usage notes, lexicographers generally disclaim any intent to guide writers and editors on the thorny points of English usage — apart from collecting evidence of what others do. So infer is recorded as meaning, in one of its senses, imply; irregardless may mean regardless; restauranteur may mean restaurateur, and on and on. That is why, in the publishing world, it is generally necessary to consult a usage guide in addition to a dictionary. The standards of good usage make demands on writers and editors, whereas common usage can excuse any number of slipshod expressions. Even so, good usage should make reasonable demands — not set outlandishly high standards. The following glossary sets out the reasonable demands of good usage as it stands today. It focuses on how the terms are commonly misused and is not intended as an exhaustive list of the terms’ definitions and uses.
When I was taught English, I learned to use a dictionary both to find out what a word meant and how to use it correctly. Since I learned to use a dictionary for both purposes, I still want dictionaries that I can use the same way. Any dictionary that tells me irregardless is a word that has the same meaning as regardless will not hold a place of distinction on my bookshelf. Except in dire circumstances, it will be kept out of sight and out of mind. I’ll keep MWCD within walking distance in case I might want to look up a “word” in a descriptive dictionary, but not where I can see it. Am I an old fuddy duddy? Absolutely. A stubborn one at that.

In an idiosyncratic and inconsistent way, I use CMOS to answer my questions about good usage. I take exception to this, from above: “[C]ommon usage can excuse any number of slipshod expressions.” I rarely correct adults in conversations, but they’ll get genuine slack from me only if they’re learning English as a second language. I’m far less generous when it comes to writing. Excusing slipshod expression invites more slipshod expression. Excuse enough slipshod expressions and you’ll eventually find yourself more or less inviting a lowering of standards — if not actually encouraging a lowering of standards.

Language Arts? Criminently, what’s up with that? Are we now afraid to teach English? Afraid of hurting someone’s widdle feelings if she comes from a home where a language other than English is used? Is that what’s going on? If it is, if — it might be related to one of my pet peeves with multiculturism: Why am I suspicious that someone is telling immigrants who don’t speak English that they needn’t be bothered with learning it? If immigrants don’t learn English, how are they going to assimilate into our great melting pot and realize The American Dream?

Elsewhere, I’ve offered Machiavellean’s Second Dictum of Writing: If you write anything non-trivial, you will be misunderstood. Although I make no claim that anything I’ve ever written is non-trivial, I nonetheless want to make myself clear. Thus,
  • I’ll take an old-fashioned prescriptivist dictionary over a modern-day descriptivist dictionary every time; and
  • I’ll take an old-fashioned two-spaces-after-a-period girl over a modern-day if-it-feels-good-do-it girl every time.
This outpouring might seem très strange to anyone who knows I run the PseudoDictionary, a ‘dictionary’ for made-up words.However, the name itself tells you it’s not really a dictionary — at best it’s a false dictionary, a pseudo-dictionary. Got that? It is not a real dictionary. Understand? Sheesh. The PseudoDictionary is not real life — and nobody should risk her future by using it as if it’s a legitimate reference source. Because of the way we’ve invested time and money in it, the PseudoDictionary is more than a trivial pursuit for Marty D’Mello and me, but it shouldn’t be more than that for anyone else.

Take anything you find in the PseudoDictonary cum grano salis. Better yet, take anything I say or write under any of my Internet personas cum grano salis. (All I’m doing is killing some time and trying to enjoy myself doing it.) Even better, unless you can be absolutely certain that what you’re reading was written by someone you can trust all the time, take anything you read cum grano salis. As David Poole of the Charlotte Observer wrote, “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.”

e.g., Wow. Dude's right, this pseudo-dictionary isn't a dictionary at all. I don't know what it is, but it's most assuredly not a dictionary.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudo-email - Also pseudoemail, pseudoe-mail, and pseudo-e-mail. E-mails sent to a mobile device via MMS or SMS gateways appear to be an e-mail to the sender and a text message to the receiver. Replies appear to be text messages to the mobile device user and e-mails on the other end. Some people are e-mailers while others are texters. Texters typically use so-called smartphones, while e-mailers use "computer" and … say, flip phones. Luddites use corded landlines

e.g., Please reply to confirm receipt. If you save, a future reply sends pseudo-email. Text to you; e-mail to me. Lets me save texts with images.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudo-jacking - What you call it when someone steals your name on this website.

e.g., My nickname's been pseudo-jacked.

submitted by pseudojacking

pseudo-kin - Pdeudo-kin. Persons with whom you feel a relationship of kinship although they are not members of your family. The example given is about as far as I would stretch the use of the word myself. I think it's not incorrect to extend the use to Charles Manson and his "family."

e.g., "The development of states and empires marked a culmination of the shift away from a small-group animal with a kin-centered social structure. People today have social contacts with thousands of others and relatively little connection with kin beyond the nuclear family. Modern states also feature upper classes that dominate and profit from lower classes. Pseudokin (sports figures, movie stars) in public view often substitute for actual kin, and kinship terms are commonly applied to government leaders, social and religious groups, and the state itself. While the rise of states was long viewed as simply an inevitable consequence of increasing population and occupation specialization, “circumscription” also may have played a role by preventing dissenting groups from dispersing from the centralizing entity." | Were Charles Manson and his pseudokin eligible for capital punishment when they were tried? If not, why not?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudo-latin - An agglomeration of real and fake Latin words purportedly stating some well-known aphorism.

e.g., Perhaps the most famous pseudo-Latin is that Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa supposedly displayed in his office: Illegitimus non carborundum. Don't let the bastards grind you down.

submitted by HD Fowler

pseudo-link - A link to the pseudodictionary, especially a link to a word in the lexicon.

e.g., The link given for this entry is a pseudo-link.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudo-nap - A nap where you don't actually fall asleep. Instead, you lie in your bed with your eyes closed for an indefinite amount of time, never getting a single minute of sleep.

e.g., I was really tired after school, so I took a five hour pseudo-nap. I was still tired after that.

submitted by Aurora

pseudoaddress - A bogus e-mail address. Can be provided by an anonymizer or by a service such as Mail sent to your Spammotel address gets forwarded to an addres you provide -- the senders know only your Spammotel address. If you start getting nuisance e-mail, just close that particular Spammotel account. Any future e-mail gets returned to the sender.

e.g., With Spammotel, it's like checking into a motel room and using it for your snail mail address. If you start getting junk mail at your pseudoaddress, you just check out -- and leave no forwarding address.

submitted by HD Fowler

pseudoantonym - Removing a natural prefix of a word so it becomes its opposite.

e.g., After receiving the new car, I was very gruntled. Ha, I just pseudoantonymed "disgruntled."

submitted by captainminus

pseudobama - Someone who looks just like but is not, a certain president. This president's double, who may stand in for him from time to time, from place to place.

e.g., With the right coaching and the right suit (or perhaps the left suit, depending on how they "dress," or prefer), the proper pseudobama can take the place of, fill in for, the real thing when he can't be two places at the same time, actually.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pseudobatch - Submitting a whole lot of entries in the hope that some of them will be accepted.

e.g., Terry: Ooh, Safrlte, that sounds like a good one... How about terlska and trofns?... Yes, this will make a fine pseudobatch.

submitted by Sam G

pseudobiblioholic - One who has caught pseudobiblioitis, a disease that causes folks to glorify their ability to create faux-words.

e.g., Hi, my name is Dylon and I'm a pseudobiblioholic.

submitted by Dylon Whyte

pseudobooktionary - A book made by a Pseudodictionary fan made in the following way: They log onto, they start alphabetically at the beginning, and print each page of the Pseudodictionary, but they cut out the menu bar before printing, and then send it to a printer. They do it to the next page, and the next, the next, and the next, until they got the whole Pseudodictionary.

e.g., I think that Paul should make a pseudobooktionary (in a more professional way then I described), and send it to publishers, and see if it becomes commercially available. (ED. FYI, Paul is no longer involved with the site, but he's given a credit on the About page because he started it -- and because we remain friendly after the buyout.)

submitted by star651

pseudobsessive - A person who spends a ridiculous amount of time making up and submitting words.

e.g., Tom's a pseudobsessive.

submitted by Tom

pseudocide - To commit pseudocide is to have yourself declared legally dead, often to overcome problems caused by identity theft. From citation: "The situation in the United States has become so bad that some victims, whose identities have become completely compromised, have resorted to declaring themselves legally dead and starting again with a new name -- a practice known as 'pseudocide.'" Psuedocide.

e.g., Damn identity theft. If I get one more phone call from a creditor I've never heard of -- calling me a deadbeat -- I may commit pseudocide.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudocide - Pretending to submit too many PD submittals.

e.g., With over 300 entries, pseudocide is when I threaten to commit pseudicide.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseudocide - An agent or command capable of deleting accepted words from the PD.

e.g., Slightly overconfident in her new found powers, Judy confided to her mother, "Mum, when I grow up I want to remove words from the PD." "Do you mean to say, dear, that you're planning to commit pseudocide?" the parental unit replied cautiously.

submitted by steven jones

pseudocompetocracy - n.; Rule by those whose primary skill consists of feigning competence.

e.g., The Obama Administration constitutes a straight-up pseudocompetocracy.

submitted by P. R. Kabella - (www)

pseudocracy - Human governments. False, fake and counterfeit; as they never have and never will be able to solve humanity's basic problems.

e.g., Seems like every few days if not every day there's something in the news about some pseudocratic ploy, election, or propaganda. Don't they know most thinking people realize human government is a hoax.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

pseudocryptocode - A code or puzzle whose solution is hidden in plain sight.

e.g., The pseudocryptocode had a solution which was seemingly obvious, but difficult to detect.

submitted by Josh Faulk

pseudoctrinate - Revising descriptions and examples to meet ever-changing and somewhat arbitrary submittal guidelines. The result may be better in the eyes of the editor, but worse in the eyes of the submitter. That is, the submitter may see his post as being thoroughly Americanised, and thus losing most of its appeal.

e.g., Thought my post was amusing -- until it got pseudoctrinated. Asshole editor.

submitted by Isolation Tank & Ochre Orientis

pseudocyberverbomania - False or illusory internet chatter. A person who is full of crap, who doesn't think sensibly.

e.g., Oh, I dunno for sure, but I'd estimate about two-thirds of the PD's visitors come here for refuge from pseudocyberverbomaniacs -- only to realize they've boarded the mother ship.

submitted by eugene

pseudodate - A maybe date. Could be considered a real date or just hanging out together, depending on how it goes.

e.g., I'd have talked to him, if I hadn't been on a pseudodate with that loser Chris.

submitted by Shane Bailey

pseudodentin - False teeth.

e.g., Do you have dentures? Yea, they're pseudodentin.

submitted by Liam - (www)

pseudodicditive - To be addicted to looking up words here, particularly using the randomizer feature.

e.g., I have IM'd like 300 words. I never knew this would be so pseudodicditive.

submitted by Sean - (www)

pseudodick - Not a detective by trade but instead a pseudodictionary contributor looking for a lost submitted word.

e.g., I know submitted Fragrant but now can't find it. I guess it is no longer politically correct.

submitted by Norm De Pleum

pseudodict - To submit a word to

e.g., I performed a pseudodiction by pseudodicting the word "pseudodict."

submitted by Andrew Troupis

pseudodict-a-phone - When Steve calls someone, at all hours of the night, to talk to them about an internet site.

e.g., I would have got to sleep, but I got a pseudodict-a-phone.

submitted by Muffin

pseudodictates - The rules of engagement of the PD.

e.g., The PD's pseudodictates really bug some devotées (not I, of course).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseudodicterrorist - One who spends way too much time browsing here (often a pseudodork) and e-mails words to friends and colleagues with the sole purpose being to annoy them.

e.g., Sandor: Look, Duke, if you don't stop these wanton acts of pseudodicterrorism, I am goin' to open up a serious can of whup-ass on your head. The Duke: So, block me.

submitted by The Duke

pseudodictinquiry - An inquiry sent to this site.

e.g., Naomi realized she had forgotten to give credit where it was due for a word she submitted. To avoid getting barbecued, she sent a pseudodictinquiry asking that her entry be edited.

submitted by naomi - (www)

pseudodiction - The use of words from this site in your writing to enhance the composition.

e.g., Nice pseudodiction -- it made your report very colloquial.

submitted by Arcane Lazuruz - (www)

pseudodictionaried - Added to the lexicon here.

e.g., I always thought that word was fake, but knew it must be real when I saw it had been pseudodictionaried.

submitted by Sean - (www)

pseudodictionarier - Frequent, perhaps even occasional, contributors to the PseudoDictionary. It's an earned appellation, not suited to someone who merely happens upon the pd and visits no more than a handful of times. However, someone who visits often enough, even without submitting anything, could reasonably be honored with the term.

e.g., "Having fewer words to use to express ourselves rather than more goes against what pseudodictionariers want to do. Most of us try to be sensitive about how we use our ever-expanding vocabularies, but we won't go overboard about being politically correct."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudodictionary - A place to discover new words or to bring new words into being. | "False dictionary." Although it may not be accepted as real, it is still the best dictionary out there, because it allows creativity, not the boring, stiffy (look up stiffy in pseudodictionary) normal words in dictionaries. | The canonical forms will henceforth be pd and pseudodictionary. By order of HD, because he tired of messing with the shift key to spell PseudoDictionary.

Slim. What the heck's a moofie?
Bob. Search for it at pseudodictionary. |

Feeling the need to enter "amakaphobionica" (a false word of course) into a dictionary, Erica went to and submitted her word. | You're looking at the pseudodictionary … dawg.

submitted by Guttius | Jordan | Lillith

pseudodictionary - The prefix tells the story: false; deceptive; sham. Except that we're not being deceptive at all. You're reminded on every page -- "remember: pseudodictionary is not a real dictionary."

e.g., Not only do you have have carte blanche to roll your own words and use them in sentences, we encourage entries that tell a story. This is not your average dictionary, limited to definitions and pronunciations, etc. It's the PseudoDictionary, a fake dictionary -- and thus not a dictionary at all. The similarity to a real dictionary pretty much ends with the entries being in abecedarian order.

submitted by HD Fowler

pseudodictionary.comist - One obsessed with making up words for the pseudodictionary.

e.g., To be a successful pseudodictionary.comist, one should learn to use the shift key.

submitted by Philip Meehan

pseudodictionist - Somebody who spends her whole life making up silly words to enter, only to find someone has already entered them.

e.g., Look at him ... keyboarding away. What's he doing? He's a pseudodictionist.

submitted by william anderson

pseudodictracy - Not a real detective, but a wannabe private eye, digging up dirt both legitimate and not so legitimate.

e.g., Some might call me a pseudodictracy. I'm certainly no professional, but to uncover interesting and sometimes hidden personal and private information can be very satisfying and sometimes useful, can't it?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pseudodingdong - It's not the real thing, but it's made of plastic and used for display in the grocery store window.

e.g., That pseudodingdong looks good enough to eat; and what's more, it's extremely low in calories.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pseudodoctionary - Psuedodictionary, because it's so often mistyped as "pseudodoctionary." Psuededictionary is another common misspelling.

e.g., I have an excellent record of getting words and phrases I submit to the pseudodoctionary accepted. Wonder why that is?

submitted by HD Fowler

pseudodontry - Unlicensed toothcare.

e.g., He lost all his teeth after a quack practiced pseudodontry on him.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseudodork - Actually pretty much the same as "dork," but specifically reserved for a person who goes around abusing words he got off this site. Mistakenly has high self-esteem, due only to his awareness of this site and its tripe words.

e.g., Quit trying to baffelgab me with that pseudodork talk of yours.

submitted by james

pseudodupe - To lie about having already submitted a specific word to pseudodictionary for approval.

e.g., Suz told Mary a new word she had created and Mary immediately asked if it had been submitted yet. Realizing that it had not and that Mary would steal it, Suz had no choice but to pseudodupe her.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

pseudodynasty - A fake or false family tree or ancestry.

e.g., Chris showed everyone how he was related to Abraham Lincoln, when in fact it was a pseudodynasty.

submitted by Lara

pseudoeros - A fake love, not real.

e.g., His mother showed her ex-husband pseudoeros in front of him.

submitted by Danica Green

pseudoerudition - What an uneducated person displays when he incorrectly quotes a book or poem.

e.g., Closely related to his pseudoerudition is his tendency to punctuate with double question marks and double exclamation marks ... or with one of each..

submitted by Xnoybis

pseudoevent - An event in memory which is not known to be either an actual event or a dreamed or imagined event.

e.g., I don't recall whether misplacing my keys last month was an actual event or a pseudoevent.

submitted by Michael J. Strickland - (www)

pseudofree - When something is advertised to be free, but there are serious strings attached.

e.g., If a deal or contest on the web looks too good to be true, it's almost always pseudofree.

submitted by paul

pseudogirlfriend - A girl who may think she's your girlfriend but, to her chagrin, isn't. She hasn't quite made it to that status yet, but she doesn't know it.

e.g., My pseudogirlfriend called me tonight wanting me to come over. I wish she'd stop that.

submitted by Jason Brown - (www)

pseudoglot - One whose entire vocabulary is based on this site.

e.g., You need to stop spending so much time on the web. It's turning you into a pseudoglot.

submitted by Tony Gies

pseudointellect - Someone who either pretends to be intellectually deep or who is really intellectually deep and attempts to cover it up by acting stupid.

e.g., When Candice, at the top of her class, lied about her SAT score, saying that it was 400 points lower than she actually received, I realized that she was a true pseudointellect.

submitted by L.E.G.O.

pseudojection - Rejecting a submittal to this website

e.g., I don't think "crocksaljiggum" should have been subject to pseudojection.

submitted by O Turner

pseudojesus band - A band that says it doesn't play Christian music when it most obviously does.

e.g., Creed is a pseudojesus band.

submitted by Zanny - (www)

pseudojudo - The art of creating new words.

e.g., I fried my brain with pseudojudo thinking up new words.

submitted by Tim Ward

pseudokingdom - A kingdom that isn't real or ever heard of.

e.g., The foreigner told us he was from a pseudokingdom.

submitted by John Polchin

pseudoklepto - Someone who "steals" things with the intention of returning them later.

e.g., Brian stole my pencil, then gave it back an hour later. He's a pseudoklepto.

submitted by Lee

pseudold-school - A new design, like the VW New Beetle, that is a modern take on something that was made "back in the day."

e.g., I just love your Powerpuff Girls pseudold-school ringer t-shirt.

submitted by James T. Huening

pseudolebrity - Someone who only "thinks" she is famous.

e.g., The Corner Bar band's lead singer acted like a pseudolebrity, waving to her fans -- all two of them.

submitted by katlady

pseudolexicographer - This is a person who has tried his hand, times without number, creating words that he hoped would find their way into a real dictionary. Finally, in despair, just before defining himself as a loser and blasting himself to smithereens, he discovers the pseudodictionary and hits paydirt, as it were -- although the pay is about as much as dirt, but still...No longer styling himself a loser, he defines himself instead as a pseudoloser, a status which shows hopeful signs of transmogrifying into a pseudowinner!

e.g., Lex the wanna-be lexicographer exclaims: "Who wants to be a stuffy lexicographer when you can be a pseudolexicographer in good standing in the pseudictionary family!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

pseudolivian - A show meant to sound like a live show, even though its a studio album.

e.g., You should look up the Family Guy Live in Vegas CD via the Family Guy wiki.

submitted by star651 - (www)

pseudologophile - A lover and creator of "pseudo" words.

e.g., In coining new words, or creating "sniglets," Suz clearly personified a veritable pseudologophile.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

pseudolosophy - The paradigm of philosophy in which the practicioner actually knows nothing of the sujbect. The pretense that one knows or actually understands one or more important questions about life.

e.g., He's not much of an intellectual, but at 6:00 he's all about some pseudolosophy.

submitted by Ronald E. Reed

pseudolure - Psuedolure, too. Specifically, a word (or name) taken from the PseudoDictonary and placed as searchable content on a "vice site" -- in an attempt to lure visitors who have searched for said word. More generally, pseudoluring is accomplished by adding to vice sites words that are likely to be searched for.

The past tense of "pseudolure" is either "pseudolured" or "pseuolurid." The latter word, of course, can be used as an adjective for would-be lurid but actually pretty tame content. "Pseudolurid" can certainly be used for some of the entries in the PseudoDictionary.

e.g., You can be sure "Boomitsdabomb" appears at ug-central only as a pseudolure. | "I ended up at that sex chat site because I was pseudolured there. No way was I lookin' for that kinda stuff. No way." "Right. Did you use your mom's credit card?" "Well, anyways, the material they had at the site really wasn't that bad. It was only pseudolurid." | You can see the pseudolures for vice sites by doing a View Source. Don't be surprised to find your very own, very unusual name being used for pseudoluring. When you've egosurfed for your name and found that googling resulted in a hit at a porn site, it's hard to resist taking a looksee -- to see what context it's used in. More than likely, you will see no context at all unless you view the source for the page. Note: As indicated, your name could even have been "scraped" from this site to be added to vice sites. Another reason it's not a good idea to use your real name on the internet. If you have malicious "friends," though, they could easily use your name to register at vice sites. I've considered doing that for a couple of my own enemies. . . . Hmm, now that I think of it, maybe I should do that for some of the more egregious submitters who are trying to spam the PseudoDictionary.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudolyceum - A virtual lyceum.

e.g., Although The Institute lacks bricks and mortar, it serves as a virtual lyceum -- it's a pseudolyceum, I suppose.

submitted by mac

pseudoman - A false boyfriend.

e.g., Chris was so desperate to find a boyfriend that she decided to make up a pseudoman.

submitted by Alicia Pollard

pseudomize - 1. To create a "pseudonym" for an existing word. 2. To create a false identity based on an existing identity. 3. To create a new word for

e.g., Many people have pseudomized the name Microsoft, usually to connote displeasure, as was done in the best selling novel Microserfs.

submitted by Marcos Campos - (www)

pseudomoania - A place occupied by one or more persons making melancholic, mewling sounds.

e.g., In a last act of defiance, Little Mouse cast a pall of pseudomoania over the craggy refuge of his raptor captors.

submitted by steven jones

pseudoneologists - People who do not put much effort into their construction of new words. | Those who make submittals to the pseudodictionary. The amount of effort varies from virtually none to a substantial amount.

e.g., Virgio submitted the word "pseudoneologist" and is thus a pseudoneologist -- no, not really. | The seventh graders (a presumption) who visited the site 10-31-2005 included several pseudoneologists, in both of the senses given above.

submitted by virgio | Lillith

pseudonomenclature - The property possesed by a person whose name matches with a "description" of her or her personality.

e.g., I know a person I don't like -- Paul Blackhead, which is also his pseudonomenclature. Phillip Anchors has a pseudonomenclature, too.

submitted by Arron Clague - (www)

pseudonumb - How your brain feels after looking through this site for more than three hours at a time.

e.g., "Hey, Bill, what's another name for a pseudonym?" "Dunno, Ben, I've been looking at this site for so long my mind's gone pseudonumb."

submitted by Purple Martin

pseudonympho - That girl who's always very reserved, yet seems to have a secret extroverted life outside of her natural environment.

e.g., I met Ariel's pseudonympho at the Elephant & Castle on Friday night.

submitted by ashsimmonds

pseudopetroleo - Not real petroleo, but an inferior imitation, cheap, but deadly. Petroleo is made from oleo, no artificial colors.

e.g., If you breathe the fumes of pseudopetroleo for just a few years you will likely die before your 100th birthday

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pseudophobia - The fear of PseudoDictionary.

e.g., I've overcome pseudophobia, and that's why you see me submitting like never before.

submitted by Star651

pseudophrase - As a noun, a paraphrase is a rewording meant to clarify what someone has said or written. As a verb, to paraphrase is to "express the same message in different words." A pseudophrase (pseudo-phrase) is farther removed from the original than a paraphrase is, expressing a similar idea, but not identically the same idea.

e.g., As a noun, a paraphrase is a rewording meant to clarify what someone has said or written. As a verb, to paraphrase is to "express the same message in different words." A pseudophrase (pseudo-phrase) is farther removed from the original than a paraphrase is, expressing a similar message, but not the same message.

Clicking on the link below will take you to an article that was posted recently at Breitbart's Big Government. The key sentence of the article is this: "Only two weeks after Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg made a show of support for freedom of speech following a terror attack by radical Muslims in France, Facebook began censoring images of Muhammad in Turkey -- including the very Charlie Hebdo images Zuckerberg claimed to support."

I read some of the comments in the thread following the article, many of them accusing Zuckerberg of exhibiting cowardice and hypocrisy because he was intimidated by the terrorist acts. Here's a comment that that caught my grammar nazi eye:

phil donghue

This guy is a two bit conman with a vagina, who steels people's lives from his POS web site anyone stupid enough to be on Flushbook deserve there info tracked and censored.

Decided to reply, but didn't want to be too hard on the guy -- not given that I tend to agree with some of what he had to say. I posted as Chauncey Gardiner, the character Peter Sellers played in his last role. Being There is one of my all-time favorite movies. I started with a pseudo-phrase of probably the best-known line from The Princess Bride.

"You keep using [the six-letter v-word]. I do not think it means what you think it means." What is called for is the five-letter v-word, not the six-letter one. The latter is a sort of subset of the former. When that anatomical region is referred to by the more or less all-encompassing p-word, it's used for someone who is cowardly in some way. As in, "Mark Zuckerberg is a p-word." No, the p-word is not "posse."

submitted by HD Fowler

pseudoplasma - Fake blood.

e.g., When he went to the hospital they gave him pseudoplasma instead of the real juice.

submitted by scott - (www)

pseudopneumonia - To have the symptons of pneumonia without actually having pneumonia.

e.g., Although the young boy had all the symptons of pneumonia, in fact he was suffering from pseudopneumonia.

submitted by Trevor Chaco

pseudopodophobia - Start with "pseudopod," from the Greek "pseudes" (false) "pod" (foot). Add to it "phobia ' -- an intense, irrational, unrealistic fear of an object, an event, or a feeling. The result is a fear of false feet . . . in my case, fear of overly large feet -- platform shoes. :-)

e.g., Those shoes are causing my pseudopodophobia to act up again. Keep her away from me.

submitted by Brad Grier

pseudopolis - A fake or imaginary city. Examples: Atlantis, Neverland, Far Far Away. Pseudo = Latin for fake, false. Polis = Latin for city.

e.g., The Spanish soon found out that the city of gold called El Dorado was a pseudopolis.

submitted by Christopher Sproull

pseudopproved - When your word gets the thumbs up here, it's been pseudopproved.

e.g., Yes, I've been pseudopproved -- tentatively.

submitted by Ryan Greenzweig

pseudopsychology - Popular or common psychology, such as that found in many television shows, etc.

e.g., My senior thesis was entitled "Constructs of Pseudopsychology in the Mass Media: Social and Emotional Implications of Oprah."

submitted by Daniel Spaulding

pseudopurgatory - Where rejected pseudowords go after they're removed from the pseudorecyclebin.

e.g., I feel bad for emptying the pseudobin. Who knows what goes on in pseudopurgatory? Those poor words. Too bad their submitters weren't willing to work a little harder ... or follow the guidelines.

submitted by Bob Boarker

pseudorecyclebin - Where rejected pseudowords go. May be shortened to pseudobin.

e.g., These words are crap. Not worth wasting time fixing. No e-mail address, either, so the submitter is just entertaining herself. Send them all to the pseudobin.

submitted by Bob Boarker

pseudorequestdictionary - An object the resembles the RequestDictionary as used in Active Server Pages on Internet Information Service.

e.g., The PseudoRequestDictionary is a VBScript class that can be used for fileupload. It is created to behave similar to the standard IIS Request and similar to several fileupload components that can be found.

submitted by Taka - (www)

pseudorigami - A term used in hindsight to rationalize a failed origami experiment as anything but worthless crap.

e.g., Kevin refused to admit failure as he presented his pseudorigami to his unimpressed friends.

submitted by Pseudoryx - (www)

pseudoroom - Of or pertaining to a virtual enclosure, usually designated as a space for presenting digital media works.

e.g., I downloaded numerous icons and fonts during my brief tenure in the pseudoroom, and now I'm sorry to be leaving for the night.

submitted by pseudo - (www)

pseudortmanteau - A combination of two words that make a word that is not part of the English language. Pseudortmanteau is autological (applicable to itself) because it combines two words to make a fake word.

e.g., Many of the words on this website are either original and used in pop culture, or pseudortmanteaus.

submitted by andy - (www)

pseudoselfpromotion - What's being done when somebody uses a website she created (called pseudodictionary) to try and get people to vote for a t-shirt she designed. Often followed by boring articles that attack President Bush and mentions [sic] there [sic] site.

e.g., See right column, main page.  

{ED. Beau failed to use his word in his example. Despite that shortcoming, the word was added to the pseudodictionary. We're way too cool to reject a word because it's critical of us. Besides, we might see endless complaints about censorship if we rejected them. C'mon, Beau. Take another whack at us, if you dare. We can take it.  
Supposably, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President he got into an argument with publisher William Randolph Hearst. When their war of words was finally over, he was asked if he had learned anything. He responded that he had learned not to argue with people who buy their ink by the barrel. Also attributed variously to H.L. Mencken, Mark Twain, and other in forms such as "I never argue with people who buy their ink by the barrel" and "Never pick fights with people who buy their ink by the barrel."  
Added by Alan C. Page in a 1998 keynote address, "or their paper by the ton." That final sequence of words can be found on the Internet only in a reproduction of Page's speech, the PseudoDictionary, or copies of the pd. Almost no copies of the pd are authorized. Tweak the paper by the ton and you'll find a claim that a Civil War Union general said, "Never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel and paper by the ton." A couple of variations appear in another pd entry, at inkfight. By searching for the exact works in the example, no fewer than a dozen other sites can be found using the exact same words. Some have been permission to copy pd content; most haven't.  
Given as Greener's Law at Some worthwhile quotes.  
Never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel. 
--William I. Greener Jr. (b. 1925) 
American publicist. 
Quoted in Wall Street Journal 28 September 1978.  
The saying may well be a relic of a bygone era, given the Internet and a plethora of blogs and bloggers. Rhyme of the Day counters: 
The power of ink 
Started to sink 
When words took flight 
On screens of light.  
See this about lamebrains picking fights.

submitted by [Beau] - (www)

pseudosenility - Loss of cognitive capability or memory loss or accessibility due to stress rather than being due to age-related senility.

e.g., She was only 40, but as a result of her challenging job, she suffered a great deal of stress and, consequently, exhibited pseudosenility.

submitted by Ted Schroeder

pseudosex - A type of cyber sex in which a girl tries to e-mail hot comments to a Pseudodictionary editor that she saw a picture of.

e.g., If my cat knew how to talk and type, she'd try to have pseudosex with editors of this site, so I would hide the cat outside so you never get offensive comments from her. (Isn't this hilarious about cats typing?)

submitted by star651

pseudosicle - (soo-doe-sickle) It looks like a sicle, performs like a sicle, is convincingly very much like a sicle . . . but it's something else again.

e.g., I wouldn't invest in pseudosicles if I were you. People want the real thing, the genuine article, for nothing less will do.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pseudoside - False aspect.

e.g., Her pseudoside was showing; she couldn't get away with anything.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseudosillyass - A carefree attitude or world view.

e.g., After a hard day in the office examining the impact of consumer electronics rebates on subcontinental pro-poverty and global smarming, Frydman spent the evening in pseudosillyass activities like mock Sponge Bob tupperware parties.

submitted by steven jones - (www)

pseudosite - Where the PD resides.

e.g., The PD's pseudosite is

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseudosquircletritrapapentaromagon - Obviously a fake shape. (Good luck pronouncing it.)

e.g., For a challenge, my teacher told me to draw a pseudosquircletritrapapentaromagon on the white board.

submitted by Elizabeth

pseudostat - The fake thermometers found in office buildings designed to make you feel like you're in control of the temperature in your area.

e.g., We turned the pseudostat all the way down to 60 degrees, but it's still broiling in here.

submitted by Mark Scheuer lein

pseudoughnuts - Something special for the dieter, they look like doughnuts, they taste like donuts, but, 0 calories.

e.g., The marvels of modern science have now produced a tasty treat. Eat and lose weight anyweigh [sic?]! Pseudoughnuts are great, even for snacks.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pseudovicar - Like a regular vicar, but one perfectly entitled to tell damaging lies.

e.g., The old woman chased us off her property halfway through the funeral. It wasn't 'til Tuesday we found out that it had been conducted by a pseudovicar. That explains everything.

submitted by Adam Leslie

pseudowatch - To pseudowatch is to not watch that which is directly in front of you. It's there, but you're not paying attention to it.

e.g., Do you remember my July 2009 joke about you getting a tattoo? Just heard a drum tattoo on a Bones episode and it reminded me of you. I'm up to the fourth season of pseudowatching the series. | By pseudowatching, I mean that I have the TV turned on but rarely look at it or listen to it. What I've found is that the series provides excellent white noise sleep by.

submitted by pseudowatcher

pseudowoordenboek - Dutch for pseudodictionary. "Sommige Engelse woorden halen nooit het woordenboek en toch worden ze veel gebruikt. Het gaat om slang, webtaal of informeel taalgebruik. Liefst 17761 zulke woorden staan nu verzameld op"

e.g., Pseudowoordenboek. "Some English words never the dictionary and nevertheless obtain them much are used. It concerns snake, web language or informal language use. Kindest 17761 such words stand now collected on" 23 March 2004.

submitted by [Erik Dams] - (www)

pseudoword, psuedeword - A combination of letters that you would never find in a real dictionary. These are not real words at all, but can be a lot of fun. (See also: verbizing and languaphobia.)

e.g., Because of weak English language skills, Damon often resorts to using a pseudoword that he found in the pseudodictionary.

submitted by Rick Feldkamp - (www)

pseudoworld - A false reality.

e.g., In her pseudoworld Sally sees the window as not broken, but everybody else sees that it is.

submitted by Jullian Ambrosio

pseudribute - To give recognition or credit to someone for a desirable outcome he or she did not purposely cause, or did not cause at all.

e.g., I really hate it when Scrappy-Doo always pseudributes his Uncle Scooby for getting a monster pinned down, especially if all that Scooby did was just sit there and eat.

submitted by MD Caruso

pseuf - A Pseudodictionary definition that contains some bad language, but not in the explicit manner in which they are rejected.

e.g., I think they should make a Pseudodictionary with all the pseufs rejected.

submitted by star651

pseuiee - Bad imitation of a pig.

e.g., He was trampled to death in the pigpen after calling out "pseuiee"!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseushi - Grocery-store "sushi" in plastic packages.

e.g., The sushi bars were all closed, so I had to settle for pseushi from the 24-hour food mart.

submitted by Dan Garvin

pshaw - P-shaw. "Yeah, right" or "Whatever."

e.g., Ned: That new chick Chris is so, so hot. Jed: Pshaw. She's downright ugly . . . but you're welcome to hook up with her if you want to.

submitted by Vince - (www)

pshyah! - Used as a exclamation: "Of course." Pronounced: psh YA.

e.g., The teacher asked Sally, "Would you like a candy bar?" Sally repiled, "Pshyah."

submitted by mere

psi clone - A virtually exact copy of my mind, consciousness, memories, feelings, spirit, soul.

e.g., I will provide you with a psi clone if you promise not to abuse it.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

psipher - Psi = mind and cipher = unimportant person or sytem of code. Psipher = somebody who believes herself to be unimportant. Also psipher = band that writes good music

e.g., Nick N is a world-class psipher. He really should have more self-esteem.

submitted by Nick N - (www)

psketti - Children's phonetic spelling of spaghetti.

e.g., More psketti, mum?

submitted by bianca

pskew - An onomatopoeia used to illustrate the sound of unimaginably painful death by laser. The size and intensity of the pskew are measured by the number of exclamation marks.

e.g., Pskew!! "Wow, that's a big laser."

submitted by Greg

psoriasis - An imflammation of the conjunctival sac which causes pain in the eye.

e.g., Jason had to see his opthamologist because his eyes were in such pain from a bad case of psoriasis.

submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

psqueer right - An expression of indifference -- nonsense to confuse the enemy.

e.g., "It's the end of the world. Repent now you mortal sinner." "Psqueer right."

submitted by Eloy

psshhh - Used as a response to a statement that is either derogatory or doesn't have to be said. Similar to 'Whatever'

e.g., "Statement: "Hey, you girlfriend thinks that your not buying her enough presents." response: "psshhh""

submitted by DJ niJ - (www)

pssshhgnkk - This is a word to say when you can't beat someone else's alliterative masterpiece.

e.g., "A positive plethora of paddling possibilities." "Oh, pssshhgnkk."

submitted by Pete

pssst - This word has come up with the advent of Instant Messaging. "Pssst" is the sound people make when they disagree with something someone said, and want to express their disapproval with one easily said syllable. This is the text version of that sound and has become a very useful word among my friends.

e.g., Guy1: You know, the Detroit Lions aren' that bad. Me: Pssst.

submitted by Byron

psudmo - Someone pretending to be a japanese wrestler.

e.g., At only 18 stone in weight Joe would never make it past the ranks of psudmo.

submitted by Jonty Reason

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