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portugeezer - An elderly resident of Portugal.

e.g., The Portugeezers from Lisbon were the last ones to get off the tour bus.

submitted by Deacon

pos - Parents Over Shoulder. When you are instant messaging someone and you are talking about something that you don't want your parents to know about and they walk in the room.

e.g., Don't talk about how I shaved the cat anymore. POS.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme - (www)

poser - 1. Someone who goes to great lengths to appear to be something she is not, especially one who pretends to be a skater. 2. Something inadequate or inferior. (Second use coined by the mighty poser Brandon Bingham of Sacramento, CA.)

e.g., She can't even stand on skates! Get the poser! OR Good, you didn't get the weak poser corn dogs.

submitted by Zippy Von Zippy

posh - Port Out Starboard Home. "Allegedly written on early 20th century steamer tickets from England to India, specifying that the passenger wanted a cabin on the shady side of the ship; OED disagrees."

e.g., I definitely want my tickets marked POSH.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

poshed - 1. Something that was at one time popular, fashionable or posh, but is now old or overdone. 2. An old fad whose time has passed and is now out-of-style.

e.g., Nobody wears those pants anymore. They're poshed. | As soon as word spread that someone got sick, the new restaurant quickly went from posh to poshed.

submitted by Andre D - (www)

poshie - Poshie = porridge, specifically "proper Scottish Porridge"-- made with oatmeal boiled for at least 2 hours, only salt added. This is a NE Scotland (Aberdeenshire) term, invented by my grandfather.

e.g., Yon poshie's affa het, ken! Awa' an pit sae mik onnit, min.

submitted by Karen

poshterior - A female's large, yet extremely well-shaped, rear end. A plushterior would be a well-padded posterior.

e.g., Jane may be "plain" but her poshterior is "superior."

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

poshuesel - An irritation on the skin that hurts when you touch it.

e.g., Ouch, I have a posheusel on my thumb.

submitted by adam j. sontag - (www)

posinegative - Indifferent

e.g., I dont care. I feel posinegative

submitted by Bob Engelbert

positions of powder - Top level jobs held by ... the weaker sex. (Wonder if that will get me in trouble. I saw it used recently, so I thought I'd give it a try. By Camille Paglia, well-known feminist?)

e.g., "Looks like there are some people in positions of powder that still value America and the Rule of Law. I plan to reach out to his office with a message of gratitude and support. I urge others to do the same. Judge Sullivan Chambers: (202) 354-xxxx, or Courtroom Deputy: Mark Coates (202) 354-xxxx."

submitted by Miss Speller

posmind - means a good feeling!

e.g., That person gives me a severe posmind!

submitted by George

posolutely - Positively and absolutely.

e.g., "Are you REALLY SURE Jane just married a narcoleptic midget?" "I'm posolutely sure."

submitted by Justin Wilder

posse - One's group of extremely close friends.

e.g., Instead of having a huge party, I think we're just going to invite the posse.

submitted by Sarah

possebility - When you're trying to put together your posse, you have to consider all the possebilities. Occasssionally posssibility, although the meaning is a bit different.

e.g., When Will Kane was trying to put together a posse at high noon, he found that his possebilities were very limited. Zero, in fact.

submitted by Miss Speller

possibilitist - A unique person or entrepreneur who sees the impossible and makes it possible (or at least attempts to make it possible).

e.g., Only a possibilitist would take tumbleweed and market it as exlusive furniture in the U.K.

submitted by Justin McCullough - (www)

possum jockey - A small-minded man with little vision or motivation.

e.g., That possum jockey has cost me another client.

submitted by blair

possumbilities - The range of options available from a type of opponent, who is steely reticent, bland of face and expressionless, while playing games of skill involving cards.

e.g., Poker night, well into the wee hours. The pot's pretty good sized, all of the other guys have folded, and it's just Walt and me. I have two pair, ten high, Walt's raised me twenty, and it's my call. Across the table, Walt stares smugly at me, with his patented "dead" look, tired brown eyes over sagging heavy bags, brow furrowed, looking like a modern day Wallace Berry, not saying a word, but I can almost hear him sarcastically questioning, "Okay, what are YOU going to do?" Is he bluffing? Or is his remarkably lucky streak, strong this evening, going to continue? I have mere seconds to assess the possumbilities.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

possuming - "Playing possum", as in pretending to be asleep, when in fact, you are faking it.

e.g., "Is he really asleep, or just possuming so he doesnt have to listen to you?"

submitted by Janet Lampe

post apoc-old-yptic period - The condition of life following the onset of old age.

e.g., Having endured the loss of hearing, health, hair, eyesight, continence, memory, mobility,vitality, dignity, respect, and good looks . . . and, gaining warts, lesions, wrinkles, papery skin, bad digestion, hemorrhroids ,arthritis, asthma, varicose veins, cataracts, ugly weight, stooped shoulders, baggy eyes, and unruly ear, nose and mole hairs . . . the post apoc-old-yptic period is every Monday through Sunday.

submitted by charlie lesko

post post post - A picture of a post that was posted for posting.

e.g., A friend posted two pictures for one of my Long Island Motor Parkway pages, "", which I posted there; they were of old Motor Parkway posts. One was on Old Searingtown Road and the other was behind a VFW Post. That makes the first an Old Searingtown Road post post post and the second a VFW Post post post post. :·)

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

post turtle -
Something that is out of place.
California Confederate | December 12th, 2008 1:55 pm: He is a post turtle. When you look at a turtle on a post, you wonder how it got there. Then, knowing turtles can't climb posts, you have to ask, "Who put it there?" which in turn leads to the question of "Why?"

e.g., Admittedly, soon-to-be President Barack Obama is an impressive orator. (He's eloquent in his prepared remarks but much less so when he speaks extemporaneously -- or, as some might say for the latter, "from the heart.") However, when I look at his record of achievement compared to the position he's about to assume, I can't help but wonder if he's a post turtle. | Post turtle or not, Barack Obama has put a target on his back as much as any man in history. On his home ground in the United States he has the armed white supremacist element to contend with; and, worldwide, armed Islamist jihadists who see him as an apostate -- with the penalty for apostasy being death. I wonder if he'll be a popular choice in next year's dead pools? ("But wait -- didn't the Ku Klux Klan endorse Obama?" "No, my little chickadee, that was put out by "the Daily Squib, which describes itself as 'a satirical publication [that] should therefore not be taken too fu**ing seriously.'")

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

post whore - Person who makes a habit of posting generally useless comments to online forums simply to get attention, pass time, or build post count.

e.g., Have you been to the forums lately? The post whores have taken over.

submitted by wookiee

post-emption - The feeling after an event that one had known all along that it was going to happen.

e.g., As soon as he had accidentally sent the sensitive e-mail to every member of the company, he was overcome by a sickening feeling of post-emption.

submitted by Gerard

post-humorus - Something that's funny, but only after the fact. Post-humerous. (ED. There has to be some definition for post-humerus that has to do with something being leg-slapping funny.)

e.g., At the time, it was embarrassing. I knew that later it would be post-humorus.

submitted by Garrick Van Buren - (www)

post-hypnotic stress disorder - Mental condition brought about by shoddy hypnotism and usually marked by fits of turrets, wild gestures, and feelings of wanderlust. PHSD

e.g., Rob's just not been himself ever since he went to see that hypnotherapist he found on the back page of the _Vegetarian Times_. It looks like a classic case of Post-Hypnotic Stress Disorder.

submitted by mike schutz

post-itch - The sudden failure for one's brain to process a singular idea leading to the burning need to locate a pad of stickies.

e.g., Amy's got so much post-itch, I can't find the switch on her monitor.

submitted by Don Chong

post-mailbox - Staying in your parked car when you get home just to listen to the radio.

e.g., I went post-mailbox today; my favorite song was playing.

submitted by Chelly

post-natal drip - A friend who, after having a child (giving birth or fathering), becomes less social because of it.

e.g., Ever since Francine had her kid, she's been a post-natal drip.

submitted by Sam

postacridiction - The highly overrated practice of saying "I told you so."

e.g., You and I both know that it was a bad idea, OK? One more postacridiction out of you and you can walk home.

submitted by adam thorsell

postagize - The act of putting postage on a letter or package.

e.g., John, please postagize this letter for me.

submitted by Dave

postal - To have a lapse in sanity that may involve violence or firearms at a workplace. Derived from "postal worker" -- someone who takes a semi-automatic machinegun to work after a bad week. (For a bit more on origins, see "zip plus four." In nearby Tulsa, OK, Magoo's Billiards used the phrase "go postal" in a radio commercial. A result: A postal worker almost went postal -- he called Magoo's ranting and raving about his objections to the use of the phrase "go postal." Yes, ranting and raving. Almost going postal himself.)

e.g., Don’t give any more work to David. He’s about to go postal. | I wouldn’t be surprised if Barry goes postal tomorrow.

submitted by Fallen (Aus)

postally challenged - Being unwilling, unable, or unmotivated to get mail to the post office or mail box to be delivered.

e.g., He was so postally challenged it took three notices due and a threat to send his account to collection before he was motivated to mail a cheque.

submitted by Barb Strachan

postcaution - (n.) 1. a remedial act taken after the harm has already happened (e.g., closing the barn door after the cows have already run off); 2. a remedial act, such as a repair or a restoration, undertaken to avert or prevent the recurrence of past harm or accident. [An analogy from 'precaution.']

e.g., Under United-States law, postcautions taken to avert harm or accident (such as repairing broken stairs) cannot be considered evidence of prior negligence or recklessness.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

postcognition - Knowledge of an event after it occurs.

e.g., I know I didn't make it to the party yesterday. I have postcognition.

submitted by Steve Tasko

postdict - adj. To foretell the past. n. Postdiction.

e.g., His postdictions of history turned out to be less accurate than he had hoped. In short, he was wrong.

submitted by Hal Colombo

postdiction - A guess or prediction of an outcome of an event that has already happened.

e.g., What's your postdiction for the hockey game we missed yesterday?

submitted by SARFreer

posted on a pub wall - A futile effort; something bound to fail.

e.g., He's going to try out for the basketball team, but he's really just posting it on a pub wall.

submitted by Mandi - (www)

poster - To dunk on an opposing team's player as to be worthy of a wall poster. | (PA-stir; v.) 1. to secure the continuation of one's line in the gene pool by having many children or grandchildren (or great-grandchildren and so forth and so on); 2. Generally, to have children (i.e., beget, conceive, bear). [Analogy with "prosper."] Derived forms: Posterity (one's children or grand-children); Posterous (of or pertaining to the continuation of one's line through the begetting, conceiving, bearing, and rearing of children).

e.g., Jon really postered the other team's center last night. | If having children is "postering," and one who has had children (and is caring for them) is "posterous," then doesn't it follow, in this paradigm, that not yet having children is "preposterous"?

submitted by Fajeau | Scott M. Ellsworth

poster factor - A way to describe the size of a room, in terms of how many posters can be placed around the walls comfortably after furniture is in place.

e.g., Laura's room is tiny -- it's poster factor is six.

submitted by Amphibea

posteriority - This word describes the descendants of those who, in days gone by, were the brigands, highway robbers, and pirates of their era -- or, extending into the future, the evil progeny of the no-good-niks of the current day. | Posterity -- using a half-assed spelling. The example, replete with errors, is taken from the unedited entry at nanatechnology. Ran across it not in the PseudoDictionary, but at an illegal copy of the site. In Iran, of all places. I hope we're not inadvertently giving aid and comfort to terrorists.

e.g., "Look at this scam artist, Cedric! He hacks into my wife's friend's Facebook account and then sends emergency appeals for money to everybody in the friend's Facebook friends list! Why don't these geniuses just get a job? Here's why? Because probably they are the posteriority of Bluebeard the Pirate or some such scum-bag!" Cedric: "The what?" "The posteriority . . . you know, the posterity of an . . . uh, a posterior!" | *** note - this is cut 'n' pasted from my 'Healing Drawers' submission to halfbakery. jutta suggested I stick it here for posteriority. ***

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley | Miss Speller - (www)

posthumpous - After thumping -- or, alternatively, after sex. Not surprisingly, the word can be found several times on the Internet.

e.g., I used to smoke occasionally, but never posthumpously. | "We must thank him (posthumpously) for this, and to all the other great actors in this series." | "She was nominated for the Oscar in 1929 (posthumpously) but did not win."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

postiche - A literary or artistic work that emulates something not yet created.

e.g., The medium helps you to visualize the work others will be doing so you can create postiches without fear of being caught imitating. The beauty of this is that when the real thing comes along, YOU can sue for plagiarism.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

postlapsaria - The state of numbness you are in after the death of a loved one.

e.g., After she died, he slipped into postlapsaria.

submitted by sheppo - (www)

postpoon - A typo for postpone, but it needs a definition of its own: after sex.

e.g., "While we hear that most husbands just want to fall asleep immediately postpoon, I'm happy to report that my Jim wants to cuddle and talk for hours." "Yeah, right . . . and I've got this nice bridge for sale. It's a real bargain."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

postportable - Can only be done after another thing has been done.

e.g., High school is a postportable because first you must go to elementary school.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

postspancinerate - To burn a bridge behind oneself.

e.g., Looking back, I realize now that was a dream job. But the way I was postspancinerating at the end, they'd never take me back.

submitted by adam thorsell

postulate - What happens when the fellow deliveing the posts gets to the fence building site too late.

e.g., Luke, we done filled in the holes, cause you got here with the postulate.

submitted by Larry Senter

pot - Australian. Southern states: a 9-fluid-ounce glass of beer. Northern states call it a middie.

e.g., Couple of pots, thanks.

submitted by mick

potamopoly - (n.) 1. control of all (or the lion's share) of the water in a river (and, by extension, in a lake, sea, ocean, vel cet.); 2. military control over any particular body of water; 3. a water city (e.g., Venice); or 4. a water plant for refining, cleaning, polishing, or distributing water.

e.g., After old man Grick had purchased the remaining 300 shares of irrigation stock, he pretty much had a potamopoly on irrigation in the valley. | In Tolkien's Hobbit, Laketown is a Potamopoly.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

potate - This is what "couch potatoes" do. (Pronounced PO'tate, as described at: ). This one almost made it to NPR.

e.g., I don't want to help, I'm just going to turn on the teevee, grab some chips, and potate for the rest of the evening.

submitted by Richard Factor - (www)

potato chip - (v.) 1. To be very picky, to split hairs; 2. To overreact to criticism by taking the thing complained of to an absurd extreme. (From the story of the invention of the potato chip by a chef who was so upset when a customer complained that her fried potatoes were too thick that he sliced them to near transparency and fried them til they were hard -- ironically instead of offending the customer, all he accomplished was to make everyone want the same dish.)

e.g., I just sold him my car, but he's looking at every word in the title and the agreement like it's the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. I wish he wouldn't potato chip everything he does.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

potato thinking - Thought patterns that have no innovation or creativity

e.g., We need to stop this endless potato thinking and start trying to find real solutions.

submitted by jj

potatoe - A tuber that causes foot-in-mouth disease.

e.g., Vice President Quayle ate a potatoe, thus contracting foot-in-mouth disease.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

potatoey - Tasting, looking, smelling like a potato. Same principle should apply to words like rollercoastery, as "Our relationship was really rollercoastery, up one day down the next."

e.g., The casserole you made last night was really potatoey. Could we have something tomatoey tonight?

submitted by Denise

potemkin village - A facade depicting false prosperity. From the name of Russian Empress Catherine the Great's prime minister, who erected these facades complete with singing festive peasants along the Volga River from her Summer Palace so that she could see from her barge that rumors of her disgruntled starving people were unfounded.

e.g., Venture capitalists looking for bargain tech company investments wopld be advised to be wary of the potemkin villages.

submitted by Joel Parker

potestatemology - The comprehensive study of all forms of power.

e.g., If we are to fully grasp the powers that are influencing the need to resort to terror we should seek the advice of a well known potestatemology.

submitted by Paul F. Kisak - (www)

pothathadidder - An old reprehensible potholder made of those nylon knit loops woven by children on the small square metal "loom." Pronounce the first "tha" as in "that," and the second "tha" as in "thud."

e.g., Chances are that most mothers and grandmothers have at least one pothathadidder of indeterminate color with slick brown and black shiny spots.

submitted by SassyLee - (www)

potlicker - 1. An animal, usually a household pet, which will eat from a dinner plate when you discard it after a meal. 2. A person who asks for your leftovers, or who is generally hanging around like a hungry puppy.

e.g., Chris: Can I have the rest of your chips? Matt : Of, course . . . potlicker.

submitted by Kora

potnent - Much stronger than plain old potent ... to infinity and beyond.

e.g., That dumpster is just potnent.

submitted by Sharla

poto - Pointing Out The Obvious.

e.g., I'm POTOing here, but your hair is on fire.

submitted by Jeremiah - (www)

potoshop - Fake, pirated version Adobe Photoshop.

e.g., I think I downloaded Potoshop.

submitted by Fox Woodlander

pots - Stupid. For someone who would swap pots for rags, usually shortened to just "pots."

e.g., Just ignore him, he's pots.

submitted by peter

potterific - When something has some correlation with the popular Harry Potter book series and is very exciting to a Harry Potter fan.

e.g., The party at Borders on the 21st is going to be Potterific.

submitted by Rachel K - (www)

pottering - 1. To discuss at length the Harry Potter phenomena -- books, movies, or related paraphernalia. 2. To role-play or otherwise act in the spirit of said books.

e.g., Q. Why were you up so late last night? A. Oh, I was just Pottering around with my sister. She thinks Hagrid will die in the next book, but she's so wrong -- it'll be Ginny for sure.

submitted by whippleswig

potterotica - This word may have been coined by Neva Chonin, who wrote about the trend of writing erotic stories based on the characters in the Harry Potter books in The San Francisco Chronicle: "Pieces of Potter erotica (or is it Potterotica?) limning the sex lives of Hogwarts wizards and witches -- straight, gay or a bit of both -- are proliferating like mushrooms in a dungeon, most of them creatively fast-forwarded to a time when all parties are safely over the age of consent."

e.g., Among the legion of Harry Potter fan sites is a growing number containing what can only be described as Potterotica.

submitted by Stefan - (www)

potty - A New England celebration; also a political organization.

e.g., Mary Jo would probably be alive today if she and Teddy hadn't gone to the potty; both belonged to the Democratic Potty.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

potty line - The line of people, sometimes quite long, queued up at the toilet door as at a sports stadium, waiting anxiously to get in.

e.g., No one cares about your politics as a rule when you've joined the potty line with all the other fans taking a break from the game.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

potwalloper - Someone who whales the tar out of hemp.

e.g., The potwalloper was noted for his smooth-smokin', asphalt-free Mary Jane. (Betcha never suspected there were petroleum products in your weed, eh?)

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

potzer - An amateur chess player who vastly over estimates their own talents. Also, a city-park chess hustler.

e.g., All of the chess players in New York's Washington Square are potzers.

submitted by Stephen Mize

pouch potato - A young kangaroo that spends too much time watching TV.

e.g., Instead of hopping around and getting his exercise, he'd turned into a real pouch potato.

submitted by Steve McDonald

poultritarian - A person whose main source of meat consists of poultry.

e.g., A poultritarian consumes chicken with those dang vegetables.

submitted by Brenda Dennison

poultroscopy - The science of looking up poultry.

e.g., He may be versed in the art of poultroscopy, but a doctor he ain't.

submitted by Chris Duddle

pounce - To jump on playfully, forcefully hug in an excited manner

e.g., Bryan pounced on Zannah!

submitted by Bryan - (www)

pound - When two people make a fist turned on its side and each person taps the other person's fist, one on top of the other. Used when someone does something good -- her friend would give her a pound.

e.g., I heard you got an A on that test. Give me a pound.

submitted by groovy

pounder - A 16-ounce can of beer (there are 16 ounces in a pound)

e.g., Stop sipping on that strawberry daiquiri and grab yourself a pounder.

submitted by MarkG

pour tend - 1. The t.v. weatherman's prediction that you are soon likely to get a "lotta" rain. 2. An innate ability to read printed material and assimilate the material quickly. 3. At a drinking establishment, a bartender's tendency to be generous with your libations.

e.g., After dinner, I'll first spend about a half hour pouring through the paperwork I brought home from work for review. Then, in case the weatherman is right, I'll grab a precautionary umbrella to walk to Thirsty's, our local pub, to meet with my circle of old geezers and spend a few hours cussing and discussing the match-ups for the coming Super Bowl. I also know also that Tony, the heavy-handed "pour tender" will be on shift there this evening. What great pour tends there are for a glorious night!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

pour tion - An imprecise measurement delineating a percentage, or a serving, of a liquid substance.

e.g., Patient: Where am I? Nurse: You've been in a terrible accident and you're in a hospital. Patient: What are you doing? Nurse: The doctor said to give you this pour tion of tea anally whether you were asleep or awake. Patient: Awwwwh! Nurse: Sorry, is it too hot? Patient: No...too sweet!

submitted by Charlie Leso

pouring the coals - To make love to a woman with an Olympian vigor and dynamism.

e.g., She'll never forget the way he poured the coals to her that night.

submitted by Steve McDonald

pourous - Porous.

e.g., "How many innocent people have to murdered, raped, robbed, and assaulted by people who are not legally in this country before we do something about our pourous border?"

submitted by Miss Speller

poutine - Canadian delicacy, made with french fries, gravy, and cheese curds.

e.g., I'll get the poutine please, with extra gravy.

submitted by DJ Baker

poutrage - A combination of pouting and outrage.

e.g., "KOS's true colors are showing and the color is red-right-wing. He posted a diary with a poll that showed the exact opposite of his poutrage, but that didn't stop him from calling President Obama-supporters 'idiots.'"

submitted by [ghostwriter] - (www)

pov - Poverty stricken, no money or possessions.

e.g., Look at the car they're driving. It's falling apart. They must be pov.

submitted by Nikki

pov central - This is used to refer to a location not up to your standards.

e.g., John: Did you go to Chris's party? Jim: Yeah, there were four people including his mum and dad and me. It was Pov Central.

submitted by Sean P

pover - (Rhymes with Dover, but can also be said pee-oh-vee-er, although that's a bit derivative to my mind; n.) 1. A tourist who stops at "scenic overviews," whether labeled or not; 2. Someone who is recognizably skilled at scenic photography composition. [from P.O.V. "point of view" + "-er" agentive.]

e.g., "Ohhh no! Do we have to stop at every scenic overview? You wretched POVer, this makes 51! In three days! We haven't even gone 200 miles! At this rate, we'll get back to New York sometime during the next ice age!" "Hey, don't worry about it. He's IS a die-hard POVer, but he's published all over the place, so he's a surprisingly talented one."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

poverted - Stricken or burdened by a poverty extreme enough to be considered twisted

e.g., We grew up poor as hell in a very poverted neighborhood

submitted by Christopher - (www)

powee - Hot, spicey, tangy.

e.g., This curry is powee.

submitted by Bridget

power knickers - Girdle-like undergarments (panties, knickers) for women. Undergarments with an elastic material for "slimming and smoothing. ". . . for use in any situation where you have to try and look thinner than the other women there."

e.g., From, Apr 10, 2005,"I think she was almost definitely wearing power knickers. . . . there is a big trend for foundation garments like that and a lot of people her age want to make sure there are no lumps and bumps." Of Camilla Parker Bowles attire at her wedding to Prince Charles.

submitted by HD Fowler

power sleep - An idea invented by stoners that one can get more rest in a shorter amount of time if one concentrates extremely hard on going to sleep.

e.g., It doesn't matter if it's 5 am. Just let me get some power sleep and I'll be good for work at 7.

submitted by nebulist

power tool - A tool of exceedingly high quality.

e.g., Can you believe he just told that lame joke? He's a power tool.

submitted by Joe Booty

powerchat - When you engage in a conversation with a friend or colleague with whom you share so many cultural references that you can use shortcuts rather than explain stuff. Analogous to computer power users, who use keyboard commands rather than menu commands for complex and esoteric functions.

e.g., Jill and I had a great powerchat the other day.

submitted by Alan Morrison

powerfunk - When funk just isn't enough.

e.g., Wow, her new record is powerfunk.

submitted by Sam Wolfson

powerpoint poisoning - Nauseous state of mind and body induced by attending "professional" presentations. Can be fatal when exposed to the full range of bells 'n whistles. Milder doses induce resignation, lassitude, and apathy. Common in PR & Marketing circles.

e.g., I'd better take the rest of the day off -- that sales guy gave me a dose of PPP.

submitted by Michael Rodent - (www)

powertrippin - When you tell someone exactly what you want and take control. Usually used at the end of a sentence.

e.g., I told that store I wanted a freebie and if I don't get it, someone is going to get told. Powertrippin.

submitted by Amber

powwow-tricks - An Indian version of politics? New chief chosen by peace pipe, sweat lodge, peyote cactus, advice of medicine man.

e.g., Powwow-tricks could be the most dependable way to determine the chief of any tribe anywhere on earth.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pox and polls - What the electorate has to endure so much for many months before an election.

e.g., Pox and polls -- you can't dance to it, but it gets to you just the same.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

poxy - of sub-excellent quality

e.g., "Street Fighter was a poxy movie."

submitted by mrkillboy

ppsshh - A word used to show disbelief, or to cover up confusion; also used as a comeback when you can't think of a good one.

e.g., "That's not a word," John said. "Ppsshh, that's what you think," I replied.

submitted by Erica

pr points - Punk rock points. Given when an act befitting a punk is committed. When enough points are attained, the punk may move up another level and gain a sense of punker-than-thou superiority.

e.g., That was the best band ever. Did you see that guy puke on stage? That's hella PR points.

submitted by Eve Lynn

pr0n - Pron. Alternative spelling of "porn." This word is used to bypass adult filters, which have since been configured to notice the word "pr0n" as well as the word "porn." People still use it because it looks "hip," which, translated, means it looks "really stupid and uneducated."

e.g., sum1 hook me up wit sum BRITNEY SPEARZ PR0N W00T W00T!

submitted by Nick Dunn - (www)

practictioner - Practitioner, a common misspelling. So common that I'm betting it will become an accepted spelling -- if it isn't already.

e.g., "I love this book even though I am a lone practictioner of witchcraft and not actually Wiccan. I bought this book while I was still defining my beliefs in paganism."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

practopalypse - The long-rumored "practice apocalypse" which God will send to let us practice for the real apocalypse. Said to be heralded by the "3 goatherds of the practopalypse."

e.g., Well, George, I thought the practopalypse went well. Shall we begin scheduling the main event?

submitted by Hal Colombo

pradafication - Wearing nothing but Prada couture fashion, cosmetics, and accessories.

e.g., Jill suffers from severe Pradafication. She's head-to-toe--face included, and knickers, too. Sickening.

submitted by Wild Jill - (www)

praddamouj - Pretty much.

e.g., Bob: Do you like to eat crab dip? Jim: Praddamouj.

submitted by gary blaney - (www)

prairie-doggin' - You work in a large office, open except for dividers separating work spaces. Somebody drops something or screams...and several people stand so they can pop their heads up over the partition to see what's happenin'. That's prairie-doggin'.

e.g., How we gonna prairie dog if they get rid of the cubicles?

submitted by jeff

prairie-doggin' - When you're desperate for a bathroom for defecation.

e.g., I don't care how shady the next rest stop is. I'm prairie-doggin', so I'll take whatever they've got to offer.

submitted by ditnis

prami - Prami is the Preventive Angioplasty in Myocardial Infarction Trial. Y,yes there's a T missing there, but no one's perfect. You would thank me if this was a crossword. The neologism is for a medical research trial which is beyond the understanding of mortal men, but the website has cool before-and-after fixed-heart photos so what's not to like?

e.g., I am participating in Prami. I hope they choose my good side if they use my right coronary artery in a photo.

submitted by Clerkenwell Passerby - (www)

prang - Australian slang -- to crash.

e.g., I'll lend you my car, but don't prang it.

submitted by Lito Hernandez

prangers - A dumb loser thief.

e.g., I know you stole my PS2, you prangers.

submitted by Lito Hernandez

pranik - That which encompasses all aspects about sustainability of life (praana).

e.g., Pranik engineering must be declared as the fourth basic engineering field along with civil, mechanical and electrical.

submitted by J. Ajith Kumar - (www)

pranked out - Prank: "to dress or adorn in an ostentatious manner: They were all pranked out in their fanciest clothes."

e.g., The last time I saw her was Independence Day, 2009. She was all pranked out in new-spangled clothes, looking fine as a carrot fresh scraped. Not that she ever looked otherwise. | "Whether they were struck with awe by the unaccustomed majesty of my appearance in brand-new wig, bands, &c., in which I am fresh as a daisy, and fine as a carrot fresh scraped, or whether they simply did not recognise me in the disguisement of such toggeries, I am not to decide -- but they passed by without responding visibly to my salutations." ~Baboo Jabberjee, B.A.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

prankenstein - A person, who continually plays practical jokes.

e.g., Having fallen for the Joy-Buzzer-Handshake for the umpteenth time, I finally recognized that my so-called friend, is, in fact, Prankenstein.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

prannet - A real word: British slang for a fool. The example comes from the linked website, which is dedicated to preserving the use of the term "all mouth and no trousers." No posts have been made since February 2012 -- an example of lapsed dedication? | Dictionary Central tells us this: "a fool. A term which enjoyed a vogue in the late 1970s. Prannet looks like a blend of prat and gannet, both widespread terms of mild abuse. However, it is probably a form of a much earlier word (also seen in the form pranny) denoting the buttocks and the female pudenda." | Any time I see the term "pudenda," I'm reminded of a definition for a merkin: "false hair for the female pudenda." Maybe I should start a site dedicated to preserving the use of the word "pudenda" -- or a site dedicated to preserving the use of merkins.

e.g., "Just in case anyone didn't already think Peter Hitchens was a complete prannet, here he is dropping the bastardised form in a blog apparently associated with the Mail on Sunday. Hard to tell quite what he's wanking on about, though."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

prantaginate - To carry out a complicated but indeterminate activity. Essentially the verb form of words like doover or thingummy, but more clever-sounding. Prantaginous. Prantaginacity--the state or quality of being prantaginous.

e.g., You need to prantaginate your hard drive to make it work properly. That film had a very prantaginous ending. Your letter to the editor was written with great prantaginacity.

submitted by Wayne

prasling - Problem.

e.g., No prasling, Ii will ge a job in my field.

submitted by waheed

pratting - (v) Describes lasy and ineffective passing of time.

e.g., Hey mate! what are you up to? Nothing, just pratting around

submitted by Louise and Bethany

prattitude - The state or quality of not just being an idiot, but being proud of it.

e.g., Chris sure has a prattitude problem.

submitted by ColG

praught - Past tense of "preach."

e.g., We had to wait in line at the cafeteria because the minister praught until 12:30.

submitted by Charlie

praved - To be good, moral, nice. Back formation of "depraved."

e.g., A person is born praved, and remains so 'til corrupted by society.

submitted by Jon K. Hart - (www)

prawly - the word "probably" while drunk.

e.g., I think I might prawly should get a taxi cab.

submitted by ~ Anuwikir ~

prawn - "A girl with a great body but an ugly head. Used because with a prawn, or shrimp, you throw away the head and keep the body."

e.g., ""She's a prawn." "yeah i know, its a shame.""

submitted by Jesus - (www)

prawn - Version of "pr0n," which itself is a version of "porn" used to defeat cybersitting software. Note that a prawn is also a shrimp-like sea creature.

e.g., This room smells like prawn.

submitted by rx2kONE

prawn, a - When a person has an attractive body, but a non-attractive face.

e.g., If Chris had an attractive body, he'd be a prawn.

submitted by meeka

prawny - Describing a strong, powerful, shrimp.

e.g., Only the most-prawny shrimp can escape from the fishing nets.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

prayful - With much praying or exalted attitude of prayer.

e.g., When a priest or nun playfully and prayfully play with God-- who is the player, and who is the playee? As a prayful child I petitioned the Great Unknown to "turn me into Superman." Seemed like a reasonable request. (Mit Gott sind alles dinge machbar?). I never became Superman, but I like to think I became Supermind, a fantasy. Fantasies are fine unless they replace reality. The world is full of nonsense, wasted funds and effort, and perhaps a dubious future. Superminds to the rescue, please!

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

prayment - (n.) 1. something (often one of a list of things) one feels the need (or obligation) to pray about. 2. an offer to pray for another. 3. a third-party's request for one's prayers (specific or general).

e.g., "Okay, you're set: I've got prayments for your success out all over the neighborhood." "What?" "I've asked God to grant your mission success; Moshe downstairs is taking the matter to Adonai; Aisha at the bookstore has promised to petition Allah; Liu has asked the support of Amida; Sat says he'll ask Vahiguru about you; and Father Douglas is doing a mass for you and your team tomorrow. Oh! and Riko says she'll take an Ema down to her shrine tomorrow, too." "Wow, that's some prayment ... what do all of you want in return?" "...for you to come back."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

prayoritize - (or prayorotise) Trusting in a divine v=being or invisible friend that things will sort themselves into an agreeable order

e.g., Young Alan spent many months prayorotising his affairs before the big day loomed, his first day at "Big Skool."

submitted by Jonty Reason - (www)

prazactly - Cross between 'precisely' and 'exactly'.

e.g., That's prazactly what I was thinking.

submitted by kristy - (www)

pre-ance - Rhymes with fiance--engaged-to-be-engaged.

e.g., I love her, she's my pre-ance. We'll get married eventually. Anyway, that's what she thinks--works well for getting her in bed.

submitted by Kristin

pre-enactment - A dramatic re-enactment of something that is about to happen.

e.g., Here's a pre-enactment of me hitting on that girl over there.

submitted by The Partygoers - (www)

pre-existing condition - (n) Any medical condition a patient already has at the beginning of new health insurance policy, the coverage of which would force the company's executives to acquire fewer mansions, yachts, etc., or cut bottom-level staff to maintain their lifestyles

e.g., Medical staff can't give their services away any more than I can work for the big-box store for free. However, the insurance company's refusal to cover my medical bill for a "pre-existing condition" is just wrong. It was a heart attack, for Pete's sake, not a trip to Tahiti.

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon - (www)

pre-funk - When you are going to go to a bar or club that serves alcohol--to save money, having a few beforehand to get buzzed is pre-funk. (Be safe and always have a designated driver.)

e.g., Don't forget the beer. We wanna pre-funk before we hit the club.

submitted by Die Hard Jon MClain

pre-life crisis - n. A period of life spanning the ages of 23-27. Similar to the mid-life crisis as it is often marked by cynacism, sarcasm, scathing self-evaluation, intolerance and lacking in personality solidification. It is often accompanied by an internal psychoanalytical dialogue.

e.g., e.g. "During a pre-life crisis," explains the Jennavator, "twenty-something individuals discover that in reality, most people are self-absorbed leaving little time for personal and heart-felt interaction. It isn't a reflection on the individual but rather an extention of Darwin's evolutionary theory." Then sarcastically she states, "Afterall, who needs a society where humanistic qualities are valued above material objects? It breeds tolerance and community. No one wants that."

submitted by paige_archer

pre-madonna - Pertaining to the period in music when female performers sat demurely behind guitars in coffee houses.

e.g., Joni Mitchell? Wasn't she one of those pre-madonna performers?

submitted by Hal Colombo

pre-v2, post-v2 - A conservative or liberal Roman Catholic, respectively. Stands for pre-Vatican II, post-Vatican II; the ideological dividing line in the Roman Catholic Church.

e.g., They're a pre-V2 family: they still abstain from meat of Fridays.

submitted by Stephen Mize

pre-wed - Pun on "pre-med." The college major of those preoccupied with finding a mate before graduation.

e.g., He's committment-o-phobic. We shouldn't set him up with a Cheryl, an avowed pre-wed student.

submitted by Todd M. Bass

pre2k - uncool, old school, out of date, before the year 2000

e.g., coffee shops serving mocha and lattes are so pre2k.

submitted by Bill Keller - (www)

preadle - Someone who has nothing better to do than to get into other people's buisness, basically an eavesdropper. "Preadle" can be used as an adjective as well as a verb.

e.g., I think Chris is preadling on us.

submitted by rohn - (www)

prebee - (also prebie)(n.) the short film before the main feature, which used to be common, but fell out of favor during the idea-drought of the late 60s and the late-to-mid 70s. Reintroduced by some smart-as-Hawking fellow at Pixar.

e.g., !taerg saw taht :weiverp a saw ti gnipoh saw I !?eeberp a tsuj saw "detfiL" !etunim a tiaW

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

prebellion - (n.) the acts of dissent, disobedience, and defiance that inevitably precede open revolt.

e.g., The whole world seems to be nothing but a litany of prebellion: growing dissidence, sit-ins and marches, slogan chanting, angry demonstrations, students throwing rocks at police with riot shields, Malatov cocktails, suicide bombers, and then guerrilla "incidents," and finally open war (even if nobody calls it that). There's so much prebellion, in fact, that it's next to impossible to tell when peace has broken out.

submitted by Scott M. Ellswworth - (www)

prebound - A prebound occurs in a relationship when either one person of a couple foresees a possible breakup and begins looking elsewhere before the official breakup, or a person outside of a couple senses trouble within the couple's relationship and begins moving in before an official breakup. Noun, verb.

e.g., Sensing that he would be getting dumped soon, LeRoy danced the night away with the single girls at the Argentinian restaurant; he was definitely on the prebound.

submitted by Wes Pebsworth - (www)

preburger - (PREE-burr-grr; n.) 1. Beef cattle, alive and chomping grass, rather than sitting around as fast food; 2. ground beef. [From a comment made by one of the robots on MST3K (the new one), speaking of a herd of cows.]

e.g., The range war began when one of the ranchers found that many of his preburgers had been falsely branded by one of his neighbors. || You know, a quarter pound of preburger cooks up to only about three ounces.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

precaffeinated - Of that state of stupor or grogginess before the morning's first cup of coffee, tea, etc., takes effect.

e.g., Ted: Geez, I'm terribly precaffeinated this morning. Jed: I was about to ask why you're wearing pajamas.

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon

precautious - Extra**2, really careful.

e.g., As used in a TV report about going to the beach after fatal shark attack at Virginia Beach, VA: "We'll just have to be precautious is all."

submitted by Brian Bjolin

precipice - A place where one confronts the ongoing effects of Lasix.

e.g., "When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown" -- well, you may be confronted with another sort of precipice.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

precipititis - Cloud ailment. The symptoms include rain, hail, sleet, and snow. Fog is another ailment, generally considered a symptom of anti-precipititis. | That affliction which causes seemingly sensible people to bungee jump, sky-dive, base jump, and other like acts of insanity.

e.g., It's a shame about all this precipititis going around this spring but, my tomatoes are delighted about it. | Bill was always inclined toward fast cars, guns, and acts of daring in general. I just didn't realize he also suffered with precipicititis 'til he went sky-diving.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

precock - Young, immature peacock, no glorious tail yet.

e.g., It goes without saying, that when he grows up, the precock will enjoy displaying his wondrous and magnificent tail.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

precrastination - Being in favor of acting ahead of time.

e.g., He thinks crastination is an admirable trait, but that precrastination is even better.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

predatoid - (adj.) 1. Resembling a predator (no, not the one in the movies); 2. Of or pertaining to the appropriation of particular attributes of a predator for self-protection; 3. of or pertaining to the unsuccessful imitation of predatory behavior; (n.) 4. A man who unsuccessfully hits on women ... habitually.

e.g., 1. This particular allosaurid skeletorn displays all the predatoid characteristics. 2. Predatoid camouflage is nowhere more flamboyant than among the insects. 3. They gave their new car design, the "Falconeer," predatoid characteristics---its low and lean and fast and kind of hawk-nosed---but it wound up looking like low, lean Mortimer Snerd rather than an eagle. It was that awful grill. 4. Amy tells me that Jerry, for all his good looks and money, is nothing but an irritating predatoid.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

predator - Middle school and early high school boys who are too young to date. Pre-dater. Of late, the term seems to be becoming more and more applicable to girls of the same age -- and to even younger children.

e.g., The predator was behaving like a twit when he crawled up to the teacher's desk to look up her dress. She scolded him by calling him a twit -- and was reprimanded for her behavior. Who could have been surprised when Shirley retired at the earliest opportunity?

submitted by Miss Speller

predatorial - A territorial predator.

e.g., Yorkies are predatorial. They're vicious, but so small they don't do much damage.

submitted by jason taylor

predictament - A completely foreseen but unavoidable situation from which extrication is difficult or unpleasant.

e.g., I was in a terrible predictament this morning.

submitted by Brau Beaton

predictionary - Pre, from Lat. prae, before + dictionary; or: predict + suffixes Ðion and Ðary. Ð a predictive dictionary that does not register words already in use but "predicts" new words, introduces them for the first time into common usage.

e.g., Almost all dictionaries, even those that contain neologisms, are reactive: They reflect various stages in the development of language. PreDictionary is a projective and proactive dictionary: It contributes new words that could make their way into the dictionaries of the future.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

predictionwary - Cautious about taking too seriously the many negative forecasts of terrible things to come. Probably, most frightening predictions of future calamities and disasters not far in the future never occur. They merely serve to frighten and worry, needlessly.

e.g., December 21, 2012, is another popular time to be predictionwary, but some people already are building survival shelters to save them from "the end." | Be predictionwary about threats and promises of punishment and torture after the demise of anyone's body, for fire indeed is in the earth, but no one's soul ever "goes" to any "place" of horror which does not and cannot exist in the first place. | It pays to be predictionwary, for someone always seems to be out there wanting to scare the b'jesus out of you and me. An Ultimate and True "God" is far better than anyone can imagine.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

predictometer - The alarm, gauge, or other apparati inside a person's mind which involuntarily causes her to tell how another person's actions will invariably turn out for the worse.

e.g., My wife's predictometer goes off all the time 'bout other folks bidnis -- 'specially our younguns.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

predident - President. A ytpo that occurs thousands of times on the internet.

e.g., For the record, the plot to assassinate Predident George Herbert Walker Bush occurred after his Predidency.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

predistics - The art of making statistics up in advance to agree with your proposals, or prove your point. Forecasting with guaranteed results.

e.g., We all fell for the salesman's predistics, and what do you know, 9 out of 10 of us did prefer it.

submitted by Alien Burrito

preditor - Mentioned in Michael Quinion's weekly newsletter December 8, 2007. Used in the television business as an abbreviation for the producer/editor construct. Mr. Quinion says "predator" is 30 times more likely to be found in internet searches than "preditor." That depends, of course, on your search arguments.

e.g., You have no idea how difficult it can be to get a date online once you've told a prospect that you're a predator.

submitted by HD Fowler

predjudist - Of one who is unfairly prejudiced towards those who show prejudice towards protected minorities. {ED. Also spelled preducist.}

e.g., If you don't tolerate Nazism, then you're being predudist.

submitted by Ben Peters - (www)

predonistic - From "pre-ma-donna." Relating to, or having primadonna characteristics or qualities; acting snobby, stuck-up or having petty notions; stick-up-your-ass frame of mind; music diva distinctiveness; obsession with material objects; or relations with high and mighty egotistical MTV icons.

e.g., The cheerleader walked by her "old crowd" of friends, sticking her nose up with a predonistic flair as she wrapped her arm around her new boyfriend. | The pop star ignored the little girl asking for an autograph, predonistically waving her away.

submitted by Francesca

predundant - To be redundant beforehand.

e.g., Thinking about rendundancy before complaining about it he was predundant.

submitted by Sam

preekend - Any day of the week in which you start your weekend partying activities, in preparation for the weekend.

e.g., Dick: Let's go out to the club tonight and get sloshed. Jane: I can't get drunk on a weekday night, I hafta work tomorrow. Dick: Who cares, it's the preekend.

submitted by lemnayde - (www)

preemptive obliteration - Why bother with a mere warning of "obliteration" when an actual preemptive obliteration would be so much quicker and effective?

e.g., To be sure that our poor helpless allies are safe and no longer threatened, preemptive obliteration may be the best way to go (good to go).

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

preemptive suicide - That's to be sure you die a decent death, not suffering a long and painful old age, or being stuck in a miserable nursing home somewhere, just waiting to die.

e.g., "I believe preemptive suicide makes sense, and that legal lethal injections should be the birthright of any individual so desiring it." "Suicide is illegal in most states, but what're you going to do to someone who kills herself? When you're dead, you're dead."

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

preenactment - An acting-out of something that has not yet happened, to show someone what it will be like. (Like a reenactment, but done before the event rather than after.)

e.g., Watch, I'll do a preenactment of tomorrow's parade.

submitted by nice kitty

pref - UK rap and hip hop term, an abbreviated form of "preferential treatment."

e.g., When I play gigs, my manager makes sure I get the pref.

submitted by Terry Cooper

prefabulation - When money runs out of the electricity meter and you don't have the exact change.

e.g., On the night of the party the lights went out and John suddenly realised with no money of his own for the meter he had no way to recover from prefabulation.

submitted by Cormac O Keeffe

preffer - To blow on something until it is extinguished or blown away.

e.g., He tried to get the sparks to light by blowing on them, but he preffered them instead.

submitted by Louise Van Hine - (www)

prefflem - A foreseen undesired outcome or condition much rather experienced or dealt with when the current difficulty has been resolved.

e.g., Being overweight sucks, but I'd rather put up with the prefflem of having to spend money on buying tighter clothes.

submitted by MD_Caruso

preggo - Pregnant.

e.g., Talk shows frequently feature episodes about guys who have gotten their relatives preggo.

submitted by chris

preggonoia - The feeling of fear women get when they think they may be pregnant.

e.g., I forgot to take my birth control pill, now i have preggonoia.

submitted by Craig

pregma - Expecting, with child.

e.g., Well, looks like mommy is pregma again.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pregmatic - Given to easy and effortless pregnancies: dependable and predictable.

e.g., Our neighbor down the street Mme Pregmatic not surprisingly is expecting someone again, an addition to the menagerie already jostling each other for space and living room.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pregnaint - A condition that justifies cancelling a shotgun marriage.

e.g., "Luke, forget that order for 10 quarts of moonshine for the Harris' shindig this Saturday. The weddin' is off. Betty Jo is pregnaint."

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

pregnant -

From, all the meanings:

1. having a child or other offspring developing in the body; with child or young, as a woman or female mammal. 
2. fraught, filled, or abounding (usually followed by with ): a silence pregnant with suspense. 
3. teeming or fertile; rich (often followed by in ): a mind pregnant in ideas. 
4. full of meaning; highly significant: a pregnant utterance. 
5. of great importance or potential; momentous: a pregnant moment in the history of the world.


From an article posted at CBS Miami: "Researchers Find Sperm Counts On The Decline."

"When a couple has trouble getting pregnant, they often assume it’s because there’s a problem with the woman but that’s not always the case. The leading cause of male infertility is low sperm count and researchers have found sperm counts on the decline.  

"Dave and Teri have been trying to get pregnant since they married five years ago. They both assumed the problem was hers. . . .  

"'You know, you can bring a sperm count to zero by taking hot baths every other day for a month,' [male fertility specialist Dr. Paul] Turek said. 'It’ll take you three months to recover. It’ll go to zero.' That’s only the beginning of his list of sperm killers. 'Smoking, nicotine, tobacco, other recreational drugs are bad,' Turek said."
Nota bene: Turek's information about hot baths reducing sperm count to zero may well be correct. Nevertheless, I would advise anyone who doesn't want to get pregnant not to use hot baths as a birth control method. I'll go even further. Anyone who is sexually active but is not in a monogamous, long-term relationship should be extra cautious and use prophylactic measures that not only help prevent pregnancy, but also help prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). I'm not saying you won't contract a disease if you're in an only-one-sex-partner situation. You definitely might: trust no one. |  

Bill: Jeannie and I are trying to get pregnant. HD: Really? Where ya' gonna house the kid until it's born? Your uterus or hers? |  

"I disagree, dawg. After all, there were all those pregnant Chads in Florida in the 2000 presidential elections." "Those were chads, doofus, lowercase -- meaning it wasn't a bunch of guys named Chad who got pregnant."

submitted by HD Fowler

pregnant chad - 1. Lowercase: a punch card hole with a depression, but not completely punched out. 2. Uppercase: a guy with a beer belly.

e.g., He's cute, except for his pregnant chad.

submitted by timon

pregnatism - the magnetic force that attracts female co-workers to rub the belly of a pregnant colleague.

e.g., Sally radiated enough pregnatism to lure ten co-workers into orbit.

submitted by android geewhiz

pregret - /pre'gret/

To feel sadness, repentance, or disappointment in advance of something you know you will do even though it's probably a bad idea.

e.g., Knowing her diet was about to go to hell, Liz eyed the luscious-looking cheesecake with pregret.

submitted by Reed Patrice Benner - (www)

pregsterminate - To bring to an end a minor distraction that never should have occurred in the first place. Return to a state of blessed singleness unburdened by unnecessary expectations and situational complications.

e.g., Pregsterminate may seem like a harsh thing to some people, but it's realistic and necessary in a number of cases. That which never was should not be treated as that which should have been; interference by bleeding heart interventionists is uncalled for and largely ineffective one supposes.

submitted by Erik Noormansen - (www)

preguestitise - The feeling that the host of a party gets as the party grows nearer. These are the anxious, negative feelings that nothing will go well.

e.g., My party went so well I can hardly imagine that I suffered at all from preguestitise.

submitted by Mary Mulkey

prehumous - Happening before one's death.

e.g., Her manuscript was published prehumously; she was happy to have been so honored in her own time. | Take it from me, Freddie Marie, prehumous wealth and fame are much to be preferred to the posthumus variety.

submitted by rikrik - (www)

preird - Being weird and being proud of it.

e.g., Whereas, Sean says he is simply preird.

submitted by [Sean]

preject - To reject before a formal offer is made.

e.g., I was about to ask her out but she prejected me with her talk about her boyfriend.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers

prelarm - Waking up minutes, perhaps seconds, before your alarm is set to go off.

e.g., My alarm is set for six o'clock, but I prelarmed at 5:57.

submitted by Zanny - (www)

prelated - Greeted before the actual day of the event.

e.g., Since I'll be gone sooner than I thought, I want to wish you a prelated Happy Birthday.

submitted by MD Caruso

prelicious - Prey that is delicious.

e.g., While looking through the scope of his hunting rifle, he whispered, "Deer, you are so prelicious." Later, while slow dancing with his wife, he whispered, "Dear, you are so prelicious."

submitted by Russell E Miller

premadonna - Before the pre-eminence of Ms. Ciccone as a fine actress, great singer, and super-sleaze.

e.g., I can still remember premadonna when Jean Harlow, Jane Russell, and Marilyn Monroe were considered brazen -- HA!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

premature e-bragulation - Braggin to your friends or loved ones about a favorable outcome, via internet text, only to find out later that the outcome wasn't quite so favorable.

e.g., When I was sure the Packers were going to win the game, I sent my friend in Chicago a taunting text message. When the Bears managed to win the game in the 4th quarter, I realized that I had suffered from premature e-bragulation.

submitted by Jenny Snyders

premature ejerkulation - What you call it when someone answers your question before you are finished asking it.

e.g., Nothing worse than a man diagnosed with premature ejerkulation. He's not the one who suffers. Those around him do.

submitted by becca & shea

premature enterjaculation - Accidentallly hitting"'enter" on your keyboard (or "send" button) when using chat or instant message before you've finished typing.

e.g., Steve had a premature enterjaculation when messaging Tonya. His message said, "Thanks for the piz."

submitted by badger - (www)

premature invitation - Inviting a girl you meet at a bar back to your apartment way too early.

e.g., "What happened to that chick you were talking to?" "She ditched me, premature invitation."

submitted by David

premature obamination - The new commander-in-chief has nominated a number of people to fill cabinet-level positions, subject to approval bu the Senate. In his first 16 days on the job, these Obama nominees, or obamanees, have been of such questionable or objectionable character or qualifications that four have withdrawn their names from consideration prior to a Senate confirmation hearing, ostensibly to avoid embarrasing the establishment. We can conclude that they would invite further scrutiny into their lives, dealings, or taxes, and were going to "bomb-out" in front of the Senate committee, anyway. A phenomenon that repeats with such an alarming frequency surely deserves a descriptive word. What do you call an Obaminee that withdraws prior to confirmation? A premature obamination, of course.

e.g., Tom Daschle is just the latest in a string of four premature obaminations, by obaminees who withdrew prior to Senate confirmation to avoid further scrutiny and embarrassment.

submitted by Glen Sorensen

premature roller - One who unrolls Tim Hortons take-out coffee cups during "Roll up the rim to win" with coffee still in the cup

e.g., If you weren't such a premature roller, you wouldn't have coffee all over you.

submitted by jessica q

premature submification - The verb pertaining to when you submit a form on a website before you've finished filling it out.

e.g., Yeah, in IE, if you accidentally hit return when filling in fields, you are likely to experience premature submification. (Nothing to be self-conscious about though. Everyone experiences it at one time or another.)

submitted by Garret Thomson - (www)

preme - Cross between supreme and premium. usually used to describe food. Perfect, awesome, delicious.

e.g., This sandwich is preme.

submitted by Katie K

premish - To back out of plans made. (Named after a friend who always did so, Prem.)

e.g., Backing out of lunch, eh? Sounds a little premish to me....

submitted by Peter Bonzani, Jr.

premo - Emo-like music created before the advent of the word "emo."

e.g., Fountains of Wayne is premo.

submitted by BigAssFries

premoted - The change in status caused by taking command of the TV Control.

e.g., When she had to leave the room I premoted myself and watched the news.

submitted by Hammerton

premuflection - PREM-YOU-FLECK-SHUN. A non-denominational and therefore politically correct reference to a moment of silence that can be used for prayer, meditation, or reflection. Coined during a family dinner.

e.g., And now let us pause for premuflection.

submitted by Anne-Marie J. Leake

premythe - (n., pronounced PREH-mith) a flawed, faulty, or false assumption, leading one into all sorts of erroneous conclusions.

e.g., "If you're not wealthy, you're not successful." "Whoa, man, you don't mean that, do you?" "Sure I do." "Well, what about Jesus? Mother Theresa? Buddha? Gandhi? Everyone who's ever raised a family without a ton of bling? ---I think you need to rethink your world."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

prenasal care - Prior to the formation of the nose of the fetus in the womb of the mother she must yogicly concentrate on the spot between her eyes and above her nose for best alignment of energies and cells destined to become the unborn child's smelling and breathing apparatus.

e.g., Effective prenasal care via ancient tried and true methods, viz Yoga or Joga, will surely guarantee the finest instrument of smelling in the entire Universe, Krishna be praised, for the baby, the little one who forms easily and naturally in the womb, and comes out finally when it is quite prepared. (We think that you knose wwhat we mean.)

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

prentzel - An occasional (childhood) mispronunciation of pretzel?

e.g., Prentzel rhymes with pencil -- the one has salt, the other doesn't.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

preop - Short for preoperational--meaning has too little knowledge.

e.g., Bob's a bit too preop for the job.

submitted by Fiona

prep aganda - A political entity's initial use of statistics and biased data, designed to favorably present new, and controversial, legislation.

e.g., When the Federal government wants to take over the cosmetics industry, be prepared to start hearing case studies and other prep aganda about the epidemic of pimples and their personal toll on the lives of the untreated millions.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

prepenultimate - Third from the end.

e.g., I wonder how long it will take before this is the prepenultimate entered into the pd?

submitted by HD Fowler

prephaint - To pretend to faint to try and get out of doing something.

e.g., Suba prephainted to get out of the English test.

submitted by Jada

prepone - to reschedule a meeting or event for an earlier time

e.g., Can we prepone the meeting from 7 to 6?

submitted by Colin

preposterate - 1.(obsolete) To reverse or turn upside down. 2.(obsolete) To pervert or disgrace. 3.To exert oneself one ignorance and stupidity.

e.g., Contrary to reason or common sense, Steve commonly proposterates his utterly absurd and ridiculous thoughts aloud for all to absorb.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

preposterity - Something ridiculous that will be remembered for a long time. A combination of "preposterous" and "posterity," in case you didn't figure out.

e.g., The teacher's request that we do a 600-page paper by the next day would live on in preposterity.

submitted by adam sontag - (www)

prepper - From Wikipedia, the hit or miss online encyclopedia: "Prepper: A synonym for survivalist that came into common usage during the late 1990s. Used interchangeably with survivalist much as retreater was in the 1970s. Refers to one who is prepared or making preparations." (Not all preppers are what I generally think of as survivalists, and only very few are likely to be crazed or extreme survivalists.) | "It seems that many people are seeking a proper way to define a prepper. A prepper may come from many different walks of life and prepare in a variety of different ways. This has made it difficult for many people to define a prepper. Here is a simple definition that may help give you a better understanding of what it means to be a prepper." "Definition of a Prepper: Prepper(s) (noun): An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of or prior to any change in normal circumstances or lifestyle without significant reliance on other persons (i.e., being self-reliant) or without substantial assistance from outside resources (govt., etc.) in order to minimize the effects of that change on their current lifestyle."

e.g., "Preppers are about doing things our grandmothers, grandfathers, and great grandparents were doing in the fifties: gardening, canning, raising chickens and goats." | ''One of the fundamentals of prepping is you don't let anyone know what you've got or why you've got it.'' | "Mrs Lanza, 52, was a 'prepper' -– so called because they are preparing for a breakdown in civilised society -– who apparently became obsessed with guns and taught Adam and his older brother, Ryan, how to shoot, even taking them to local ranges." |  

"Prepping a growing movement or a fad?" | November 23, 2012. (Some errors silently corrected.): What started as a taboo topic that would get you odd looks if mentioned in public, has become a growing and generally excepted movement. Being a survivalist still remains a bad word for many, yet if you are a "prepper" you are "normal" and often praised. The prepping movement has gotten so big that it now has its own unique language, acronyms, and nomenclature.  
Being a prepper is as normal as being a bird watcher, stamp collector, football fan, or any other hobbyist. . . . Call it a movement or call it a fad, the question remains will this widely shared craze be here to stay or will it be short lived?
I considered using (sic) to note the misuse of excepted for accepted in the first sentence. However, I think the author is right with the sentence as written -- that survivalism is a movement Average Jo looks on with a wary eye. Average Jo surely thinks survivalists remain close to the fringes of society -- that many, if not most, of them are close to paranoid and are considerably closer to going off the deep end than she is. (I'm not always sure about myself. However, I'm not armed to the teeth with semi-automatic weapons and potentially dangerous.) |  
"Was suspected shooters mother a prepper?": "If there is one single most important thing that a Prepper should prepare for, it is the safety of our children."  
comingstorm December 16, 2012 at 2:49 pm:"In the public’s eye, preppers are mentally unbalanced to begin with. With this idiot's mother being a prepper, she will be and is beginning to be vilified as one of the causes of this tragedy. That dumbass show Doomsday Preppers doesn’t improve the image a responsible, self-reliant prepper one iota either."  
"How to Become a Prepper": "Preppers are genuine in their beliefs that something massive is going to happen. Over the last couple of years, without knowing about preppers, I began to think about stockpiling freeze dried food in case of a long-lasting emergency. Am I a prepper? I think so -- to an extent." (If you think you might be interested in prepping, this essay might be a good place to start.)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

prepular - a person, mainly a girl or teenager that acts snobby, preppy, and is popular.

e.g., Look at her she is sooo prepular!

submitted by Samantha

prequel - 1. A follow-up to a movie whose timeline takes place before the movie that it is made after. 2. The last ditch attempt to make money off of a played-out franchise.

e.g., I think that Dumb and Dumberer is a better prequel than Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace because at least Dumb and Dumberer didn't have Jar Jar Binks in it.

submitted by SamL.

presact - Meaning precisely or exact

e.g., I'm such a perfectionist, I need to make sure everything is presactly right.

submitted by JaJiner

presage - The title given to someone who is waiting to be recognised as a sage, usually after graduating from the common wise-guy level.

e.g., John was nervously waiting for the final nod of acceptance to elevate him from pre-sage to sage.

submitted by Robin Nilsson

preschool - More oldschool than oldschool.

e.g., Hey, man, I just ordered the unreleased Silverchair demos from 1993. They're preschool.

submitted by Adam

prescrumptious - Anticipated delight

e.g., I'm looking forward to that prescrumptious post-prandial pecan pie.

submitted by bob keith

presentate - To make a presentation.

e.g., I am going to presentate in front of the class.

submitted by Jason Evert

presentee - A person who is physically at work, but not working -- unlike an absentee, who’s not there at all.

e.g., Brian shows up for work every day, but he’s only “sorta there,” if you know what I mean. His presenteeism has started to be a problem for his department.

submitted by natalie63

presevere - Mispronunciation of "persevere" overheard while attending a water polo match.

e.g., "We are LA Trade Tech, and we will presevere."

submitted by Charles Bozonier

presh - Appreciate. 1. Anything that one considers appreciated; e.g., "I'd like to presh" is like saying "I'd like to enjoy." 2. Appreciating something. E.g., "Don't bother me, I'm preshing." 3. To show appreciation. E.g., your friend buys you a shot at the bar, you say, "Presh." This says that you appreciate the action performed by the other.

e.g., Say you drive by a hot chick in the car or see one at the bar, you can point and say, Presh." OR Instead of "Thank you," just say, "Presh." There are hundreds of instances and circumstance that are acceptable uses of this pseudo-word. Hope you can clarify my mangled definition. Thanks.

submitted by Brad

presidebt - Sugested by ytpo. A presidebt is a president who presides over a company or country while it slides deeper and deeper into debt.

e.g., History will decide where obama ranks in the pantheon of American Presidents -- will he get a high rank for doing a good job, or a low rank for doing a poor job? I may not live to see where he comes out, but he's far and away at the top of the pantheon of American presidebts. No president of a private company could ever come close to him for a debt increase during her incumbency. And it's doubtful whether any POTUS will ever do so either.

Hmm, I wonder if the first derivative of the increase in the national debt has ever been higher than it's been for the last seven years. Left as an exercise for the reader.

submitted by Miss Speller

presidentiable - Filipino, president-wannabe, one who could potentially be the next president

e.g., Heaven knows why some sectors of society still believe deposed Philippine President Joseph Estrada could still be included in 2004s list of presidentiables.

submitted by Mylene Segundera-Bass - (www)

presidue - The general nastiness (used gums, ticky mystery goop, etc.) accumulated over time in a public place.

e.g., Julie and I just rode the Zipper, and my seat was so covered in presidue I swear I almost yakked.

submitted by Lauren Walsensmictzensiegleheimer - (www)

presocstetos - A prospectus. A summary of a proposed project, venture, or investment.

e.g., Kyle, always read the presocstetos before making an investment.

submitted by Jeff

presser - Media slang for press conference.

e.g., "E.g., in a joint presser (if you can call taking two questions a 'presser') with the Mexican president, Obama again offered a vague, wishy-washy worry about the [Arizona anti-illegal-immigration] law." | On Saturday, June 16, 2011, Anthony Weiner was both cheered and heckled at a presser where he announced his resignation from the United States House of Representatives. This geezer has no trouble understanding the heckling, but finds the cheering a bit puzzling, given that I see Weiner as hoist with his own petard. As a result, he will be unable to fulfill the obligations he took on when he ran for and was elected to Congress in 2010. So, who's cheering for him? {ED. Given the all potential consequences of having even a "harmless diversion" e-fling, doing so is not a spectacularly good idea for anyone who holds political office, high or low.}

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pressifixion - Crucifixion by the press, the mass media.

e.g., Some people in the midst of a public scandal actually go into hiding to try to avoid pressifixion.

submitted by natalie

presster - A combination of the words pressure and pester. To coerce (someone) by annoying her or him with frequent, persistent requests or interruptions.

e.g., Because of their parents' demanding jobs and hectic schedules, many children have learned to prester their parents into allowing them an array of grown-up privileges such as staying out late, drinking alcohol, piercing ears and other body parts, getting tattoos, dying hair, wearing make-up, watching inappropriate films and having sex.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

presstitute - A bought journalist.

e.g., What we need is presstitute alerts when she shows up as a guest on a "news" program. At least we know what to expect from someone's defense lawyer.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pressumed guilty - Assumed guilty by the press. Clearly portrayed by the press as guilty as the same time as the press overuses the word alleged. Sometimes used in conjunction with "person of interest."

e.g., When a story breaks that a celebrity may have committed a criminal act, most of them are pressumed guilty. Ever wonder why?

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

pressureful - A way to describe a pressure-filled situation when you are too lazy to do the verbal gymnastics required to fully enunciate.

e.g., Talking the SAT was so pressureful, I thought someone's head might explode.

submitted by Melanie

presticogitation - Giving a correct answer out of thin air, with no subject knowledge nor experience. Occurs when asking a person for an answer they wouldn't be expected to know at all.

e.g., In an amazing feat of presticogitation, Andrew correctly guessed the number of gumballs in the jar that had just been placed on the counter-top.

submitted by Gary Sumners

prestidigitalization - Any particularly clever or unbelieveable act performed on a computer, esp. the creation of impossible "photographs" in image-manipulation programs; "digital prestidigitation" or "computer magic."

e.g., Through the magic of prestidigitalization, I now own the only photograph of Elvis Presley kissing Richard Nixon on the lips in Times Square.

submitted by Andrew Hollandbeck - (www)

prestigurgitation - LL., presitregugitatio. Spontaneous vomiting, as if by magic.

e.g., Mid-sentence he prestigurgitated his partially eaten meatball onto his plate.

submitted by rocky chrysler - (www)

prestodigitater - Electronic eliminator.

e.g., A new Sicilian-American terminator device. To finger the unfortunate one, simply press the appropriate button on the Prestodigitater.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

prestodigitation - How "prestidigitation" should be spelled -- for "hand is quicker than the eye" "magic."

e.g., "He was the man who had sat alone in a room for hundreds and hundreds of hours, his fingers manipulating cards and coins until he had learned and could perfectly reproduce every form of prestodigitation found in books of magic lore."

submitted by Miss Speller

prestodigitator - On-line hitman.

e.g., A prestodigitator fingers a guy by simply pressing the appropriate button on the Prestodigitater (q.v.).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

prestopolymorphonic - Adjective meaning your last name is your chief personality characteristic or occupation (rare use.)

e.g., Ric Happy, an acutal happy smiley person, his last name really is Happy. My last name really is Generous and I think I really am a caring unselfish person. Jon Baker actually is a baker. We are all prestopolymorphonic. Get it?

submitted by Suzanne Generous

prestupnikim - Criminals. From Russian and Hebrew. Extensively used in Jerusalem in the early 80s. Invented by Alex Sadovsky.

e.g., Chris had dropped out of school, and was hanging out only with prestupnikim ve-prestupnikot.

submitted by Garick

pretaliate - To retaliate against a future injury or insult.

e.g., I knew he was about to insult me so I pretaliated by throwing my drink on him.

submitted by Wendy White

pretaliate - To launch an offense on a potential adversary before they have a chance to attack.

e.g., The US and its allies launched a pretaliatory strike on Iraq.

submitted by Dave Irving - (www)

pretaliation - (Rhymes with free-SAL-ly-nay-shin; n.) 1. A pre-emptive strike against a target before that target can attack you; 2. The illegal discharge of an employee before such an employee can bring, say, a disability suit against a company or file a negligence lawsuit, or make a workers compensation claim; 3. A deliberate rhetorical ploy that eviscerates the other side's argument by bringing up their big-gun issue and deftly answering it before they can raise it against you. [From an appellate court case which condemned the practice of firing workers as soon as management discovered they were going to ask for workers compensation.] Verb: Pretaliate; Adj.: Pretaliatory

e.g., Well, I heard him working himself up into a froth with all his f-ing this and f-ing that, so as soon as he came within reach, I decked him with a lawbook … pretaliatorily, of course.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

pretect - (v.) 1. To anticipate and take steps to preempt foreseen harm. [From Latin pre- "before" mixed with protect.]

e.g., Take some thought about a possible counterattack---pretect yourself!

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

preteentious - The wierd, often outrageous behavior of children just as they enter the self-aware, and self-conscious, stage of their teen years.

e.g., Just before her 13th birthday, Amanda started dressing, and wearing cosmetics, all in black. She also spent, hour after hour, practicing several types of frowns before her mirror. Her mother wondered if she was "flipping out," but I assured her that Amanda was just acting preteentious.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

pretendian - A person who pretends to be an Indian, that is, a Native American. Found in a comment to an article regarding the fuss about events that took place at the Lincoln Memorial on January 17. Activist Nathan Phillips confronted a student from a Covington, Kentucky, Catholic high schoool.

e.g., Like Liz "Pocahontas" Warren and Ward Churchill ... this dude is as likely as not, just another pretendian.

submitted by [PoliTech] - (www)

pretendinitis - A phony or faked injury or illness to gain attention

submitted by eggs

pretensident - A pretender to the Presidency of the United States.

e.g., "Pamela Geller deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but she sure ain't gonna get one from the current pretensident."

submitted by [Lysander Spooner]

preterition - (n.) "Passing over or omission; drawing attention to a thing by claiming to omit it." | Law Dictionary: "In the civil law. The omission by a testator of some one of bis heirs who is legally entitled to a portion of the inheritance."

e.g., ssssssssss

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pretiful - A combination of beautiful and pretty. Used as slang at elementary school or by the junior high girls.

e.g., Ooooh, what a pretiful dress.

submitted by Karen Christ

pretire - The process of announcing one's intention to retire from a job or position at a certain time in the future.

e.g., Darrell Green pretired before the season started, but later changed his mind.

submitted by adam sontag - (www)

prettexyful - A combination of pretty, sexy and beautiful, when none of those words alone will do.

e.g., Baby, you look so prettexyful tonight. I'm so glad to be yours.

submitted by Chris

prettiful - Better than pretty, not quite beautiful. | A combination of pretty and beautiful, with a touch of cute. | (prid-ih-full) Very pretty indeed. Lovely. Gorgeous. Stunning. Delightful. Wonderful.

e.g., She was a lovely girl, with prettiful eyes. | Oh, my, that is the most prettiful outfit I have ever laid eggs on. | As a little girl it was pitiful how others treated her much of the time, but now she's a fine young thing -- now prettiful, no longer pitiful, quite the contrary actually.

submitted by hugo furst | Kimberli | Paul Edic - (www)

pretty - "Informal. considerable; fairly great: This accident will cost him a pretty sum. "

e.g., I've also noticed some idiosyncracies with both «link us up» and «send to friend», at least some of which should be adjusted. What is displayed for «send to friend» is not what gets sent -- the HTML for the entry gets sent as text and that can be . . . pretty ugly, to use (what appears on first glance to be) an oxymoron.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pretty penny - A price or cost that's quite a lot, not cheap.

e.g., Our tickets to heaven cost us a pretty penny, not quite an arm and a leg, but perhaps a mind and a will of our own. It seems that potential heaven on earth is a more reasonable and satisfying goal.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

prettydiot - Somebody who is georgeous, yet tragically stupid.

e.g., Matt. I don't know how that cute new girl got hired. She's a real prettydiot. Kat: You answered your own question, Matt. Because she's cute, that's why.

submitted by Matthew Krueger - (www)

prettyfied, prettified - To improve, fix, or make better.

e.g., I've prettyfied this site by adding my word.

submitted by Maddie

prettyful or purtyful - Pretty and beautiful.

e.g., Your hair smells prettyful.

submitted by Tarheel

preturbed - Getting upset about something before it has a chance to happen.

e.g., I know John's gonna come home drunk again, I'm so preturbed.

submitted by Chuck S

pretzel - (n.) That feeling of being about to sneeze that sometimes lasts an embarrassingly (or annoyingly) long time before either disconcertingly vanishing or just as suddenly hulking (q.v.) into a sneeze. [This use of the word comes from a silly attempt to use Google Translate to find out how to say "about to sneeze" in Basque, that is Euskara. The program doesn't have the Euskara for "sneeze," though, so we typed in "cough" and got back "eztul buruzko." (I don't know whether "buruzko" is the right "about to," but "eztul" IS "cough.") Words bounce around an unfamiliar head, though, and all that stuck was "bur" and "etzul" (which is misspelled); and that recalls "pretzel." So I'm stuck with "Pretzel" meaning (a) those crispy, salty, twisty things we all snack on, as well as (b) the feeling that you're about to sneeze."]

e.g., Attorney Jones: "So, as you can see, your honor, the two defendants---"  
Attorney Smith: ""  
Attorney Jones: "The two defend---"  
Attorney Smith: "eh-ehhhh-aaaeehhh ..... sorry."  
Attorney Jones: "The two---"  
Attorney Smith: "ah-ahhh-eh-sniff-sniff .... I'm sorry."  
Attorney Jones: "Your honor?"  
Judge Li: "Yes, yes, Mr. Jones. Mr. Smith? We are going to recess for half an hour. Please be done with your pretzel problem by then."  
Attorney Jones: "Thank you, your honor."  
Attorney Smith: "I'mhhh, so-sorhhh-ehh-ehhhh....."  
Bailiff: "All rise."  
Attorney Smith: "Yehehhhh-ehhh-ehhh-hhh-ehh-ehhhh....."  

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

pretzillogical - A theory or system of reasoning which is so convoluted it loops back on itself, like a twisted pretzel. From Steely Dan's album "Pretzel Logic."

e.g., Mary wants to spend a day driving all the way down to the beach, just so we can spend the night there, and head back the next day. I dunno, that just seems pretzillogical to me.

submitted by Paul

prevailing wins - A streak of good luck, good fortune, in sports, business, gambling.

e.g., With prevailing wins we should reach a level in excess of five billion World Credits this year?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

prevaribate - 1. To tell lies to the point of vigorous, enjoyable obsession. var. Prevaribator; One who prevaribates. var. Prevaribation; The act of prevaribating.

e.g., She has told so many lies, I suspect she is a chronic prevaribator.

submitted by Cheri

prevenge - To get revenge pre-emptively.

e.g., Feeling certain that Chris was planning to steal my goats, I got my prevenge by killing his pit bull first.

submitted by Hal Colombo

prevenient - "1. coming before; antecedent. 2. anticipatory." I don't run across words I don't recognize that often in Internet comments, but this is one. |  

From Wikipedia: Prevenient grace is a Christian theological concept rooted in Augustinian theology.[1] It is divine grace that precedes human decision. It exists prior to and without reference to anything humans may have done. As humans are corrupted by the effects of sin, prevenient grace allows persons to engage their God-given free will to choose the salvation offered by God in Jesus Christ or to reject that salvific offer.  
Prevenient grace is embraced primarily by Arminian Christians who are influenced by the theology of Jacob Arminius or John Wesley. Whereas Augustine held that prevenient grace cannot be resisted, Wesleyan Arminians believe that it enables, but does not ensure, personal acceptance of the gift of salvation. Wesley typically referred to it in 18th-century language as prevenient grace. In modern English, the phrase preceding grace would have a similar meaning.

e.g., But something with eternal value — responding to the prevenient grace of Almighty God — you say, “Let her figure it out on her own.”

submitted by [Wally Kanoski] - (www)

prevert - To change something before it happens.

e.g., I preverted my brother from falling.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

previos - A previous version of an operating system.

e.g., Windows XP was my previOS, but I've moved on to Vista.

submitted by HD Fowler

prey-med - Prey-med is the course of studies followed by serial killers who intend to use their medical skills to conceal their crimes. | (Suggested by the IMdB entry for Marshall Thompson: "He enrolled at Occidental College, where he switched from prey-med to drama.")

e.g., Jim: "Did you know that Hannibal Lecter was a drama major as an undergraduate?" | Mike: "No, that's not in his biography. Besides, he was educated in France. The term undergraduate may not fit the French educational system." | Jim: "OK, I'll try my joke another way. «Before he went to medical school, Hannibal Lecter majored in drama. He later switched to prey-med.» How's that?" | Mike: "It's a stretch is what it is. Funny enough, though. Not bad for you." || [Google «"Lecter may have also been descended from Giuliano Bevisangue"» for Hannibal Lecter's biography.]

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

prezactly - Combines the best features of precisely and exactly.

e.g., Prezactly what I was thinking, George!

submitted by tim

prickcautious - The state of being unnecessarily slow and cautious at an inappropriate moment and place, just to put someone off.

e.g., That mister sports car guy in the fast lane, cruising at half the speed limit is being overly prickcautious today.

submitted by donald pratt

prickly cold - In warmer climes we sometimes have to deal with something called "prickly heat." But up North, male eskimos especially are subject to an occasional bout with "prickly cold."

e.g., Grandfather Koomiak recently was bothered with a case of "prickly cold." The cure is bathing in fresh snow, rendered blubber oil, and shaking of rattles by medicine man.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pried of ownership - The present condition of foreclosure for millions of our citizens who, whether financially qualified or not, were assured that they could own a piece of the American Dream -- a home.

e.g., How could it happen? American real estate was destined to go up forever. You could buy a home today and sell it next year for a 20% profit. Almost guaranteed.  
It was also humanitarian. Why shouldn't marginally incomed families have a home? The increasing value of the property will protect the lender. Besides, look how much money could be made for all these entities: the developer, the realtor, the appraiser, the mortgage broker, the bank, the closing lawyer, the broker selling mortgage derivatives, and the firm issuing them.  
The bubble burst three years ago. The results? No new laws, with teeth, to protect investors. No arrests or criminal charges against the individuals and firms that sold fraudulent derivatives, and all those listed above, are still making money.  
And the hapless homeowner? Pried of ownership.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

priestiality - Related to the Catholic priest scandal of 2003--having sex with priests who are sworn to celibacy.

e.g., I just don't understand why there haven't been more arrests for priestiality.

submitted by Travis

prim numbers - Numbers whose principal property is propriety. Happy numbers -- never negative, always positive. Wholesome numbers. Clean numbers. Monogamous numbers, even virginal -- with them, two into one definitely won't go. The least prim of numbers are those roundheels, the multiples of ten -- especially the spreadeagled numbers ending in multiple zeroes. Those leave themselves far too wide open to be prim.

The prim numbers are the oddest of numbers. The digits of a prim number are so careful about what they touch that they won't even touch each other. Side-by-side they sit their entire lives, this set of prime numbers, knees clamped firmly together, never touching. Not even oncet. Odd they are. But never weird.

The prim numbers are a subset of the prime numbers, each digit of a prim number being odd. To be a prim number, its position in the sequence of prime numbers (>1) must also be a prime number made up of all odd digits.

Suggested by "However useful, the fractions retain under close inspection a certain unwholesomeness, even a kind of weirdness." From A Tour of the Calculus, p.14, Copyright 1995 David Berlinski. [There's a mention of "prim" numbers on The Straight Dope Message Board, but the thread came long after we came up with the concept on our own.]

If you think math is boring, think again. Buy this book. Or Simon Singh's Fermat's Engima, or Big Bang: The Origin Of The Universe, Poincare Conjecture: In Search of the Shape of the Universe, The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of the Genius Ramanujan. …

Are you a budding mathematician? If so, you may want to come up with a little proof for Mac's Observation #5: The sum of the digits of a prim number with an even (odd) number of digits is even (odd). What is the smallest prim number for which the sum of its digits is also a prim number? 353. What's the next smallest?

                          All prim numbers <100,000                                                
    3	    5	    7	   11	   13	   17	   19	  31	   37	   53			 10
   59	   71	   73	   79	   97	  113	  131	 137	  139	  151			 20
  157	  173	  179     191	  193	  197	  199	 311	  313	  317			 30
  331	  337	  353	  359	  373	  379	  397	 557	  571	  577			 40
  593	  599	  719	  733	  739	  751	  757	 773	  797	  911			 50
  919	  937	  953	  971	  977	  991	  997	 1117	 1151	 1153			 60
 1171	 1193	 1319	 1373	 1399	 1511	 1531	 1553	 1559	 1571			 70
 1579	 1597    1733	 1753	 1759	 1777	 1913	 1931	 1933	 1951			 80
 1973	 1979 	 1993	 1997	 1999	 3119	 3137	 3191	 3313	 3319			 90
 3331	 3359    3371	 3373	 3391	 3511	 3517	 3533 	 3539	 3557			100
 3559	 3571	 3593	 3719	 3733	 3739	 3779	 3793	 3797	 3911			110
 3917	 3919	 3931	 5113	 5119	 5153	 5171	 5179	 5197	 5333			120
 5351	 5393	 5399	 5519	 5531	 5557	 5573	 5591	 5711	 5717			130
 5737	 5779	 5791	 5939	 5953	 7151	 7159	 7177	 7193	 7331			140
 7333	 7351	 7393	 7517	 7537 	 7559    7573	 7577	 7591	 7717			150
 7753	 7757	 7759	 7793	 7919	 9137 	 9157	 9173	 9319	 9337			160
 9371	11159	11171	11177	11351	11393	11579	11593	15199	15377			170
15391	17117	17137	17333	17351	17377	19139	19157	19333	19379			180
31139	31151	31159	31319	31337	31513	31531	33119	33179	33191			190
33353	33377	35171	35597	35731	35753	37159	37313	37337	37357			200
37379	37511	37571	51131	51137	51157	51193	51199	51517	51539			220
51719	51797	51973	51991	57131	57179	59113	59357	71917	79111			230
79139	79151	79159	79319	79337	79357	79379	79537	79559	79579			240
95131	95153	95393	97171	97511	97777	99131	99137	99317	99371			250
99391	99551	99577	99991	                                             	                254

Amicable numbers.

e.g., Although they aren't in the least bit weird, the prim numbers are definitely odd. Is this a prime number?

submitted by Machiavellean & . . . Lesko

prima-facetious - (adj.) self-evidently flippant, sardonic, or sarcastic---inappropriately so. [A play on "prima-facie."]

e.g., "Did he really tell you he was happy that we're at war again?" "It was prima-facetious: nothing to riot about."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

primaderrick - The male version (likely a metrosexual) of a prima donna.

e.g., He is always acting like some kind of primaderrick.

submitted by Elaine Cooke

primarian - (n.) children of primary- or elementary-school age.

e.g., Careful: stay under 20 kph; there are lots of primarians in this neighborhood.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

primary rainbow - 1. Someone who is the most cheerful and happy person you know. 2. Someone who likes rainbow-colored and bright primary colored things, but isn't gay, bi, or lesbian. 3. The opposite of a dark rainbow -- a very positive and upbeat person.

e.g., 1. Mary's my primary rainbow -- she's always so happy. 2. She's such a primary rainbow -- she loves rainbow colored things. 3. Geez, what a primary rainbow you are -- you always say things will be better soon.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

prime - A pet animal that is very intelligent. | To be medieval, bicentenial, sesquicentenial, or just all-around pristine. Anything that is amazing in every aspect . . . and that's the bottom line.

e.g., I told my prime to attack the half-orc barbarian. | The word "prime" is prime.

submitted by Jeff | Pete

primero - The ultimate parking space. The parking space as close to the door as possible, not to be confused with first available spot

e.g., Somebody's parked in primero, so now I have to walk. Chris, get my cigarettes from my car. Oh, don't whine. I'm parked in primero.

submitted by martha lonfield

primiscuous - Said of a woman whose physical appearance would lead you to believe she's very prim and proper, but who is in fact promiscuous to beat the band.

e.g., No, there's no mistaking Chris for being primiscuous. She dresses like a streetwalker.

submitted by HD Fowler

primity - The quality or condition of being prime. (ED. See "prim numbers.")

e.g., There are numerous ways of testing the primity of a number. Is this a prime number?

submitted by Bryce Cooney

prince of whales - A peach of a porpoise, future king of cetacea (marine mammal monarch), the dolphin dauphin, holder of the orb of orca.

e.g., The Prince of Whales got stranded, leaving him a beach peach. (Like a couch potato?) [I wrote this on porpoise.]

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

princepal - One of the more creative spellings I've seen for the head of a school. I suppose a "princepal" would be on who tried to head things up by being a "prince" and a "pal" to everyone.

e.g., Get me outa here. I wanna go to a school where the chief administrator is a princepal. | I've heard princepals will give you some really nice stuff to get in your good graces.

submitted by HD Fowler

princess - What your boyfriend sarcastically calls you when he's annoyed with you. | To princess is to behave in a way that requires others to rescue or cater to you. Self-centered. | A fussy and complaining woman who is never satisfied with anything. If there's the slightest thing wrong, she'll discover it or in its absence; she'll invent a flaw. Comes from the famous story "The Princess and the Pea," where a true princess could detect a small pea through several layers of mattresses.

e.g., Princess, get away from me. | When asked to do a favor, her usual response was to princess out, claiming that her uncommonly strenuous life exempted her from helping others. | When the princess sat her sweet little ass down on the padded bench, she instantly detected the birdseed-sized bump.

submitted by DraginIze | Dalia Milby | Steve McDonald

princess leia - From the character in Star Wars that can be subdued by three foot high teddy bears, but can strangle a 6'5" Storm Trooper with her bare hands when there's nobody around to rescue her. A person (usually female) who appears completely ineffective and useless until the pressure is on and then they turn she turns into Rambo.

e.g., Give the work to Princess Leia, but don't expect a single line of code before the due date.

submitted by Cujo - (www)

princess parking - Getting a really, really good parking space in any parking lot.

e.g., There's a space there by the entrance. Sweet. Princess parking.

submitted by Jeff

princessology - A mindset and way of thinking that is reflected in the actions and words of the holder in daily life to make all others more accommodating to her every wish.

e.g., When Maria is being fed her boost bar, it is princessology in motion.

submitted by James Haughey

principal vs. princple - Principal: the chief administrator of a school. Principle: "a fundamental doctrine or tenet. . . ."

e.g., "Claiming the faith detail was irrelevant and perhaps fearing constituents' response, the school principle [sic] put the kibosh on publication of the article. The principal took some heat for her actions, and the issue was eventually published, although a new policy required all school newspaper contents to receive the principal's advance approval." |  
"An Orange County principal [Sue Vaughn] violated a state education code that provides First Amendment rights to high school journalists when she halted the printing of the school’s newspaper, Evolution, last week, experts say. . . . The school’s administration also threatened to stop future publications if they did not receive prior approval, according to the Register. 'All future newspaper publications will be cleared by Sue (Vaughn) or I [sic] before being delivered to Maritza (Ahn, the school’s purchasing technician) for printing,' Assistant Principal Michael Ciecek wrote in an e-mail, according to the Register. 'We will not continue to use leadership or yearbook funds to publish something (digitally or in paper versions) that the administration has not approved. If you are not able to comply with this, then the newspaper will no longer be published.' . . . California Education Code Section 48907 states, 'Pupils of the public schools shall have the right to exercise freedom of speech and of the press … There shall be no prior restraint of material prepared for official school publications except insofar as it violates this section. School officials shall have the burden of showing justification without undue delay prior to a limitation of pupil expression under this section.' . . . Vaughn [lied and] told the Register last week that she was not attempting to censor the Evolution but allow it time to correct errors in the paper." |  
The principal's actions either showed that she was following the wrong principles or that she had none.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

prindle - Gear shifter on an automatic as spoken by Eva Gabor on Green Acres. PRNDL: park, reverse, neutral, drive, low.

e.g., Dahlink, I can't move the car because the prindle is shtuck.

submitted by thomas fontaine

pring - To pring someone is to make an effort to re-establish communications that have fallen by the wayside for whatever reasons. Cf. ping, ring.

e.g., Today's e-mail is the first I’ve heard from her in close to a year, despite pringing her at least two or three times to get in touch with me in the interim.

submitted by HD Fowler

pringultimate - The next to the last chip in a can of Pringle's Potato Chips.

e.g., Linda left the can of Pringle's on the counter, so I ate it down to the pringultimate. Sure hope she's not too mad at me.

submitted by Paul

printer games - When the printer prints off every document BUT yours

e.g., My paper was lost in the printer games

submitted by marcus

printer-driver - Makes deliveries for a printing company, such as Insty-Print.

e.g., When will we have those brochures in our hot little hands? Dunno. Depends on when the printer-driver gets here.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

printit - Used when something is complete; always said as an exclamation. (From Seneca College, Toronto, in the graphic design class.)

e.g., Homework's done. Printit!

submitted by i_monk

prints of whales - 1. Impressions made by whales beached by combers. 2. Impressions of whales made by beachcombers.

e.g., He combed the beaches for impressionist prints of whales.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

prioritate - To have sent via Priority Mail.

e.g., ""Hello, Postmaster! Please Prioritate this package for me.""

submitted by DRL

prisencolinensinainciusol - (PREE-en-COAL-in-AINTS-in-ine-CHEWS-ohl; n.)

1. Universal love; 2. the realization that problems, especially international and intercultural problems, derive from lack of comprehension and the absence of love or patience; 3. A nonsense word exemplifying the lack of comprehension that exists between cultures and nations.

[The title of a popular 1973 song, made up almost entirely of gibberish, which, according to its author, Adriano Celetano, has "as its theme the inability to communicate." See Prisencolinensinainciusol. (2015, June 7). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 22:24, June 15, 2015.]

e.g., 1. "What the world needs now is prisencolinensinainciusol." "Word." "...What?"

2. "One manifestation of prisencolinensinainciusol was Esperanto, created as a universal second language so that intercultural misunderstanding could be done away with." "Did it work?" "Well, yes and no. The Geek world is about the only place you can find Esperanto anymore. ... And they all undersand each other already."

3. "What did the Mongolian contestant want?" "I can't tell; she doesn't speak any English at all." "Does she speak anything besides Mongolian?" "Mandarin and Kazakh." "Crap." "And Klingon." "What? She speaks Klingon?!" "Yeah." "Hey, wait. Miguel speaks Klingon." "The IT guy?" "Yeah. Go get him, quick." "But I don't speak Spanish." "But Lacey does, and she speaks English." "So, wait, the Mongolian lady speaks Klingon to the Spanish IT guy who translates into Spanish for Lacey, from New Zealand, who translates into English for us. Is that how we're doing this?" "Yep. That's it." "Wow. prisencolinensinainciusol." "You said it."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

prissy - Perfect, beautiful, nothing out of place -- an anti-compliment.

e.g., Emma is so prissy - -look at her hair.

submitted by Emma

prit near - Northereastern PA, short for "pretty near." (Used elsewhere as well, for effect. Also "purt near.")

e.g., The deer came from out of nowhere and prit near hit my car. (In fact, I managed to stop before hitting the deer, but it turned around and ran into my car--denting the left front fender.)

submitted by Karrie

prithee - Olde Englyshe for "pretty."

e.g., Mirror, mirror, on ye walle, prithee, am I ye pritheest of alle?

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

priuscidal - Driving a hybrid vehicle so slow as to enrage other drivers.

e.g., "I agree, snail driving when there is no passing lane could be priuscidal" -- posted on ca.driving thread "My first Prius rage."

submitted by joel garry - (www)

privacy - The inability to make corporal.

e.g., He declined to re-up after three tours in privacy.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

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