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podex equis est - What you say to someone who is being incredibly condescending or arrogant about her supposedly superior intelligence: "You are a horse's ass.".

e.g., Well, Mr. Buckley, in the words of Horace -- or was it Yogi Berra? -- podex equis est.

submitted by Stephen Mize

podgey - A word to describe someone who has puppy fat or has put on weight

e.g., Julie has gone a bit podgey around the stomach

submitted by Sarah

podie - The individual pads on the bottom of a non-human mammal's foot.

e.g., Sled dogs wear booties to prevent the snow and ice from making their podies crack.

submitted by bertthebigyellowdog

podinar - Just as the execrable "webinar" is formed from "seminar," a "podinar" is a podcast of a webinar or seminar. I thought of this while contemplating "thons" at

e.g., I wanted to review the seminar my professor had recorded, so I converted it to a podinar and listened while on the treadmill.

submitted by Richard Factor - (www)

podoge - A place where they have dogs/

e.g., I went to the podoge place, and it was so cool.

submitted by Jill

podopod - Modeled on the word gastropod, a podopod is, literally, a creature that moves on its feet. Figuratively, a podopod is a dull, boring, law-abiding person who never breaks the rules.

e.g., Martin is a podopod. He should lighten up and learn to live a bit.

submitted by Martin Coles

poecilonym - It's an old synonym for synonym. For more on poecilonym take the link or check at A.Word.A.Day.

e.g., From Wiktionary:

  • 1977, Robert H. Stacy, Defamiliarization in Language and Literature,[1] Syracuse University Press, ISBN 9780815621843, page 52: 7. This is also a type of poecilonym or hybrid word; cf. such a word as "aeneolithic" (=chalcolithic) in English.

  • 1997, David Grambs, The Endangered English Dictionary: Bodacious Words, page xi: Maybe we could all use a few spanking old poecilonyms. Poecilonym? It's an old synonym for synonym that you'll find in these pages. But many words in this dictionary have no real counterparts in today's English.

  • 1999 July 27, "Ucalegon" (username), "Missing aircraft", in alt.anagrams, Usenet: >> Is there another word for synonym?
    >Actually, there is: poecilonymTake care, though; 'poecilonym' can only be used for the taxonomic meaning of 'synonym'-- an incorrect or obsolete systematic name for a genus or species.

  • 2006, Nero Blanc, Death on the Diagonal, page 147: It's high time I looked for another job and got as far away from homonyms, synonyms, antonyms — to say nothing of caconyms, eponyms, and poecilonyms!

1999 July 27, "Ucalegon" (username), "Missing aircraft", in alt.anagrams, Usenet: >> Is there another word for synonym?>Actually, there is: poecilonymTake care, though; 'poecilonym' can only be used for the taxonomic meaning of 'synonym' -- an incorrect or obsolete systematic name for a genus or species.

2006, Nero Blanc, Death on the Diagonal, page 147: It's high time I looked for another job and got as far away from homonyms, synonyms, antonyms -- to say nothing of caconyms, eponyms, and poecilonyms

submitted by poecilonym - (www)

poetndidntknowitness - The annoying compulsion to rhyme without reason, which should be a crime in any season.

e.g., Dan's poetndidntknowitness made me stare and wish I were not there.

submitted by Jonathan Brooks

poets day - Friday. Piss Off Everyone. Tomorrow's Saturday.

e.g., Taryn: I didn't do much at work today. Doesn't matter, though. It's POETS Dday. Donald: You're fired!

submitted by Taryn Japalucci

poews - (v) To act (or give away) that you feel anxious. (adj) A character trait of an anxious-all-the-time- worried wreck (not a compliment). (n) Someone who worries and thinks too much about things.

e.g., Kim was poews when she gave her speech. | Jerry is such a poews person, maybe he needs to get some fresh air.

submitted by William Nueton

poews - (n) A person with anxiety or an aware animal. (v) To feel anxious. (adj) Feeling that you're doing something wrong that is really right. {ED. Duplicate, with few of the forms represented in the examples. The first three examples are all adjectival forms, while the fourth was changed. Perhaps it's time for a lesson on the parts of speech?} pronounced P-O-W-Z-SE-

e.g., Jerry is a poews person. I feel poews. Even though the prince thought the king was trying to make him do something wrong, the prince still did what the king said because the situation seemed to be very poews. Even though the fox thought that the frog wasn't looking, the frog was a smart poews.

submitted by JOhn Hangar

pofo - Short for posing fool. Someone who believes she is far more important than she is.

e.g., V's a pofo. She's always trying to show me up but ends up looking dumb herself in the end.

submitted by Vanessa Brana

pogey - Money provided by the government for not working.

e.g., Last night I cashed my pogey cheque so I could grab some beer.

submitted by Jason Evert

pogey bait - U.S.M.C., World War I. Candy. | A military term: junk food. You'll find a good discussion of the term at the link provided.

e.g., Eat too much of that pogey bait and you are going to rot your teeth. | Among the essentials you needed when you were stationed in Korea and were going for some R&R was pogey bait.

submitted by Stephen Mize | HD Fowler - (www)

pogg - Person with any or all of the following: unfortunate geneaology, poor personal hygiene, highly misguided view of one's appeal to the opposite sex. Always has questionable personality traits, and usually takes a liking to YOU.

e.g., My blind date thinks she's charmed me but she's a pogg.

submitted by tyn

pogged - To be over-full after eating.

e.g., I was pogged after that meal.

submitted by Tony Carroll

pogglethrope - "-- one gleefully taking joy in self-satisfaction, like a clucking strutting hen. [This wonderful old coinage unfortunately did not catch on. It was reported in June 1871 by J. G. Porter in Hamilton Literary Magazine. The report, with minor abbreviation, follows.]" | "Somebody who is perpetually pleased with herself."

e.g., "An article by Rev. Henry Ward Beecher appeared in the newspapers a short time ago, bearing the somewhat curious title of 'Mr.Pogglethrope.' The individuals to whom he applies this epithet are those self-complacent persons who live in a state of perpetual sunshine and satisfaction, and never know what it is to become weary of themselves and all the world besides.  
"Perhaps you have a Pogglethrope among your friends. Whenever you call upon him, he recounts for your benefit all the happy turns which he has made in conversation, and the little repartees in which he always seems to himself the victor. If he happens to be a literary character, you are sure of being treated to portions of his latest productions, over which he exults with almost childish glee. And yet you have not the heart to get angry at this innocent joy in every thing that he does.  
"In the sphere of animal life we find something similar. Did you ever see a creature more satisfied with itself than a hen? All day long she is immensely busy: whether she has a brood of little ones or no one but herself to provide for, makes not a whit of difference. Every speck that turns up is eyed with a most discerning look, and gobbled with a chuckle of complacency, which cannot but amuse the spectator. But of all their doings, nothing fills them with so much wonder as the laying of an egg. She feels all the joy of a great discoverer; it is the beginning of a new era. She listens! Shall nothing celebrate it? It shall not die unknown! Off she flies with an exuberance of cackle, jumps down from the haymow, and goes proclaiming, "A new thing! a wonderful thing! an admirable thing! and I did it!" Her neighbors join in with as much enthusiasm as if the deed were their own.  
"These are the Pogglethropes of the barn-yard, or shall we call Mr. Pogglethrope the hen of society?
- J. G. Porter, Hamilton Literary Magazine, June 1871" |  
"I once knew a pogglethrope who loved to tell me about how great he was. He would go on about how he had the best life in the world, and how he had contributed so much to society. He loved to tell me how grand his computers were, and why mine were never going to be as good as his. He would constantly tell me that he loved the way I didn't mind what people thought of me, and how he admired my courage because I blatantly ignored the fashions of the time.  
"If he saw me in the street he'd run up to me and ask me how I was, and then start telling me that it was great that I felt that way because he had something really important to tell me: he was getting an upgrade on his computer. So I listened to him go on about his new hard drive and the new motherboard he was getting which could completely destroy mine in a battle, not that they would ever come up against each other. I smiled, nodded, and told him that I had to go -- and that it was nice catching up with him. He told me that we had to get together one day and catch up completely. I nodded and told him that, yeah, we should do that. I promptly walked away.  
"I don't really speak to my pogglethrope friend anymore, and neither do any of my other friends. I don't think it matters to him, though, because he'll always find somebody to listen to him. I'm glad that he's so happy with himself, because nobody else seems to care." (Copyright 2005, Andrew Hollaway.)

submitted by [Pogglethrope] - (www)

pogy-bait - Candy or snack foods.

e.g., I'm going to the store for some pogy-bait.

submitted by Herb Tauscher

poignees d'amour - Clearly not English but French: love handles.

Sarkozy would have looked almost as chubby as I do if Paris Match hadn't touched up the photo and removed his poignees d'amour. Their claim that they were adjusting the lighting doesn't fool anyone.

Russian President Vladimir Putin chipped in with beefcake of his own. What next? President Bush baring his washboard abs? How about Hillary Clinton's buns thighs of steel? Maybe we'll get so lucky as to see buff body?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

poijfeaw - To disintegrate in a deliciously slow manner.

e.g., She was here one minute and gone the next, poijfeawing into the mists of time. It was a Brigadoon moment. I've never seen anything more beautiful.

submitted by name lost to posterity

poince - Pounce. Obviously a typo where I found it, given that the "u" and "i" are adjacent to each other on standard QWERTY keyboards.

e.g., "I am a law abiding Citizen who did not go to a rally, did not wear a hoodie, and cringed at the way Sharpton and crew poinced on this."

submitted by [Eli] - (www)

poindexter - Nerd -- from the Poindexter character in the nerd movies.

e.g., Don't be jumping around like that -- you look like a poindexter.

submitted by Thomas Lafay

poindexter - A reference to a person (generally young) of geekish nature.

e.g., That Milhouse really is a poindexter.

submitted by Gopher - (www)

poing - An exclamation used upon seeing something particularly appealing and shiny, as in nice jewelry or new video games. Coined by Kiki of Sluggy Freelance.

e.g., Poing! (upon having spotted an elusive PS2)

submitted by keyla

poing - "The verb form, to poing. The action assumed upon seeing said shiny new thing. (See also the exclamation "poing")"

e.g., ""Ever since FF9 came out, she's been poinging around like you wouldn't believe!""

submitted by keyla

poink, poinker, poinkee - To poke or prod lightly, without breaking the skin, with a pointed or sharpened object. Any small pointed object, such as a stick or unbent paperclip or a nut-pick makes a great poinker.

e.g., Please don't poink me with your fork, dear. I'm not sleeping, only resting my eyes.

submitted by stephen harris

poinking - Jabbing somebody (playfully) in the ribs with one's index finger.

e.g., If you don't stop playing that xylophone Herbert, you're heading for a poinking.

submitted by ShannonH - (www)

poinky - Ill-tempered, irritable, surly, or testy. Can refer to an individual, group, or event.

e.g., I'm sorry I was so poinky in line at the deli this morning.

submitted by dwjngs

poinky - (adj.) cloyingly sentimental, as most greeting cards tend to be: manufactured feelings for a culture that has pretty well abandoned the real thing altogether. (From a (ghastly) mispronunciation of the French poinçon (properly pwãsõ (more or less))"hallmark," referring to the card company.)

e.g., "'Don't forget to pack your prayer-a-chute?!' That's the poinkiest thing I've ever read." "But you believe in the efficacy of prayer, if I remember rightly." "Absolutely I do. But God isn't a bad pun! ... and anyway, poinky isn't my shtick."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

point blimfark - The speed at which a forward-rotating wagon wheel's spokes (or of any similarly discernible wheels) look as if they're rotating backward.

e.g., Trudy was straddling Fred in the backseat of a taxi going down a freeway. She looked out the window and noticed the motorcycle travelling next to them. The biker looked back at her, realized what she was doing, and promptly veered off the road into the guardrail. Trudy exclaimed, "Wow!" Fred asked, "What happened?" Trudy replied, "That bike's wheels hit Point Blimfark right before he wrecked."

submitted by Jimmy

point of no rebel - The age at which cutting edge actors, rock musicians, film directors, etc. begin to play establishment concerts, support wars, accept knighthoods. . . .

e.g., By playing the Jubilee concert, Ray Davies had certainly reached the point of no rebel. (Also Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker, Brian Wilson, and Steve Winwood.)

submitted by Adam Leslie

pointful - Something that has an intelligent point to it, worth doing.

e.g., Now that's a pointful idea.

submitted by Rosamond

pointilism - The technique of refuting an opinion on a point-by-point basis, without engaging with the broader context. Raised to the level of an artform by the introduction of electronic communications, sp. online forums and blogs. One employing such a technique may be referred to as a 'pointilist'.

e.g., The comments on this blog are verging on pointilist.

submitted by Andy Kirkwood - (www)

pointlessatism - When a group engages in pointless acts that are noticed only by the individual.

e.g., I refuse to be a part of this pointlessatism.

submitted by Jack Strulo

pointy - Variation of "sharp"--to be well-attired or groomed.

e.g., My three-year-old son always looks pointy right after a haircut.

submitted by R Ozog

pointy-haired one - Any person whose evilness is exceeded by only her density and disregard for the feelings of others.

e.g., My boss is a pointy-haired one.

submitted by ryan

pointyhead - Hardly new, a back formation from pointyheaded: "intellectual, especially in a self-important or impractical way."

e.g., I may have missed a few of the finer points, but I think I kept up with the big-brained pointyheads well enough.

submitted by HD Fowler

pointyheads - Intellectuals. Especially those of the left-wing variety. Don't remember where I saw the example -- and can't find it by googling.

e.g., "The Times simply said somewhat huffily (and somewhat truthfully in our opinion) that transistor radios were a blight in public places and that their listeners were 'pointy-headed addicts.'"

submitted by HD Fowler

poison ivory - A specific but rare kind of allergy.

e.g., It's best to avoid all elephants if you're troubled with poison ivory.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

poison pie - Something revolting.

e.g., That meal was poison pie.

submitted by Adam Leslie

poiter - Someone who hangs around but just won't go away, no matter how hard you try and get rid of them.

e.g., Tried to get rid of Chris, but he just wouldn't leave. Jerk's a poiter.

submitted by Gonk

poiuyt - Engineering term used by a tradesman to describe an object impossible to make from the drawings given by someone who has heard about workshops but never actually been in one. (Easy to spell -- check your keyboard.)

e.g., Hey, Charlie, that new engineer straight out of college has just given us another poiuyt to make.

submitted by Terry

poke - Money.

e.g., "Ya got any poke?" "You mean, in my poke?"

submitted by Sagin

pokeable - Attractive.

e.g., Yeah, she's eminently pokeable.

submitted by dave

pokeaphobic - 1. A fear of being poked. 2. A fear of anime, esp. Pokemon or Digimon.

e.g., 1. Since my brother pokes me a lot, and has since he was five, I have become pokeaphobic. 2. Fred: Ick!.Anime? Gross. Anne: You must be pokeaphobic then.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

poked - Defective or damaged in some way so as to make it inoperable

e.g., Jeez, mate, I've blown the head-gasket on the Holden. It's poked.

submitted by dave

pokelish - Being tickled by a poke someone gave you.

e.g., Jennifer is extremely pokelish today.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

pokemon sweater - Any sweater that is extremely bright-colored and very ugly. Pokémon sweater.

e.g., My God, she's capturing Pokemon and making Pokemon sweaters.

submitted by Cassi - (www)

pokemonger - One who seriously likes to poke.

e.g., Babies are usually pokemongers.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

pokemosey - n. A very slow person, act or action, including the mental attitude of not being at all concerned with either yours or anyone else's time. adj.or adv. Describing such a person or act.

e.g., Doesn't matter what he's doing, Stephen is always pokemosey.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

pokevoking - Provoking someone to anger through excessive finger poking. Usually results in the pokevoker being smacked.

e.g., Billy! Sit still and stop pokevoking your sister or she's gonna smack you and you'll deserve it.

submitted by steve

polar - Way beyond cool.

e.g., That was like, SO polar.

submitted by wallytornado

polarimorph - An object that has moved from one physical or mathematical state to another and cannot return.

e.g., The polarimorph emerged gracefully from the MD5 hash algorithm.

submitted by Erin Corliss - (www)

polcor - A portmanteau of "politically correct" that I saw in an e-mail. I don't know who invented it. Can be a noun or an adjective.

e.g., The polcors censored the news. | That polcor jerk ruined our fun.

submitted by David C. Morrow

pole - To measure the headroom of a bridge or other obstruction using a pole exactly the same height as the vehicle attempting to negotiate said obstruction. | Poll. As I started reading Dale Hogue's comment to a Mona Charen essay, I thought he might be a smart guy. And, while he might be one, he disappointed when the showed he didn't know the difference between a pole and a poll -- and, perhaps, a Pole as well.

e.g., As we poled the bridge on the road to Machynlleth, some passing locals yelled "Why don't you let the wind out of the tyres." | "With all the attention Cain is getting from this I expect his pole numbers will be up considerably." |

Obama's Selective Anger Is there a question about Obama's demeanor that needs to be answered or are we looking beyond his inability to focus on problems in a rational manner for reasons unknown to the general public? Obama has shown a deep-seated contempt for the Jewish community in general and for Israel in particular, and still members of the Jewish community in the United States look away from his abrasive attitude and support him at the poles. Why? . . .  

Obama is not cool, he is cold. His heart is colder than the hearts of all those Muslims who want the Jews dead and the nation of Israel destroyed forever. Figuring out where Obama's heart is on this matter is not rocket science. How many more insults will the Jews endure before they come to the realization that their fate is sealed as far as Obama is concerned?  

Dale Hogue is the author of the book "Email Connectors and Mr. Hogue's Wisdom"

submitted by Dave Widdicombe | Miss Speller - (www)

pole sitter - Used to describe the young people in their first cars who regard a green traffic signal as the start of a race. It comes from the term for the pole position holder in Formula 1.

e.g., Jeez, did you see that guy in the BMW set off? Pole sitter.

submitted by JesusBuiltMyHotrod

pole tape - Being stuck to something fixed in the ground with duct tape. Usually to a pest or someone who did something stupid.

e.g., Joe and Dayton pole taped me to a tree yesterday.

submitted by Kyle K

poleaxe - Mild impalement or running into an inanimate object or person at speed. Occasionally resulting in reproductive dysfunction. Especially on a football field.

e.g., Did you see that? Bob just got poleaxed.

submitted by bob

polesmoke - Someone who acts stupid or in a manner below average intelligence. (ED. Of course, there's a more derogatory slang meaning, too. Polesmoker.)

e.g., I swear, you'd have to wise up to even be a polesmoke.

rickdacatkilla: Gunsmoke wrote: :shock: You're insane. You guys suck and will be our beotches again this year. Get real. Get lost. Get real lost, toad.

Polesmoke, you're like a flea ... can't wait to own you in the Hall. You will be MIA for months after your next beating . . . then again you have baseball and rifle. . . .

submitted by Kamil - (www)

polibot - Political commentator who stays strictly "party line," who never has a creative thought.

e.g., I figure the shell script to generate that polibot's newspaper columns would run 50, maybe 60 lines max.

submitted by Roger Cox

police academy 6 - For a task that has been performed so many times it's just lame.

e.g., She's going out with him AGAIN?! That's just Police Academy 6.

submitted by CPowers

policit - A mode of behavior occurring on the behalf of a retailer when dealing with a particularly bad customer; disgust is being thinly veiled by overly contrived politeness. The seller is quite obviously making it clear that she is barely containing heself from going at said customer with an axe.

e.g., "No, I didn't misunderstand. We just don't sell sport books or give discounts for no reason," the bookseller said policitly.

submitted by Icarus

policonomism - Practical political and economic theories or solutions advocated to alleviate and deter further dysfunction of a political system that has outlived usefulness. The primary purpose of this practice is to force effective checks and balances to dysfunctional government without paying loyalty to any political party that is part of the dysfunctional political system. If unbiasedly executed by true policonomists, it can effectively restore or sustain economic progress and overall prosperity of a democracy. | A policonomist is a true centralist who honestly advocates practical political and economic policies and solutions with a touch of reality and resistance to paying loyalty to any of the extreme views of any party involved in the failing political system. Policonomistic wannabes have to resist the temptation of unwillingly inhibiting extreme ideologies exposed to prior to defecting their parties. Lack of such may shadow their good intentions and therefore result in further stagnation let alone ultimate demise of the democracy they wanted to save. The most significant role of policonomists is to put out all political power fires and awaken their representatives to the external incoming Tsunami that might catch the democracy off-guard such as to wipe the that government off the global economic map. When political systems become dysfunctional, the failure of executing policonomism in a timely manner has one end result, that being the fall of a political system.

e.g., The the timely adoption of policonomism put the failing political system back on track. | The majority of the electorate became policonomists after getting fed up with both parties.

submitted by Frederick Mugula - (www)

polin' - When someone walks with a walking stick she would be polin'.

e.g., Let's help that old man who's finding polin'difficult.

submitted by Anna - (www)

poliotics - Unlike the viral disease polio from which its name derives, poliotics is characterized by involuntary movement rather than paralysis.

e.g., It was difficult to tell whether her tics were brought on by the stress of the election year or were a manifestation of poliotics. Personally, I think her twitches came from her decision to vote a straight Democrat ticket. . . .

submitted by HD Fowler

poliphane - (Rhymes with MOLLy-pain; adj.) Having the appearance of a city or town. [From Greek polis "city" + -phane "having the appearance of."]

e.g., The Burning Man festival, seen from space is highly poliphane despite its evanescence. Indeed, any pattern of repeating rectangles, especially when lit up at night, is poliphane. Minimalist poliphane scenery requires only a set of continuous building silhouette with some properly spaced lights.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

polipodium - A raised refuge for housing a policeman on point-duty in the middle of the middle of a busy junction , such as at Coimbra in Portugal.

e.g., The policeman on the polipodium always gave trolleybuses absolute priority.

submitted by Colin Taffel

polirama - (rhymes with collie-GRAM-uh, also 'ramopoly'; n.) 1. an outing to see the sights of a particular city; 2. a collection of photos of or pamphlets about the sights in or around a particular city; 3. a big 'panoramic' photograph of a city's skyline or its lights at night. [Greek polis "city" + horama "[a] sight."]

e.g., It looks quite splendid at night, especially with the Strip lit up and Fremont Street's light show in full swing, but a polirama of Las Vegas needs several days, not one night. And even then, most of it is just variations on the casino theme.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

polismode - A word used to describe city fashion.

e.g., I packed all my polismode clothing for my trip to New York City.

submitted by Chanell

politax - Counting your chickens before they hatch.

e.g., Suxh politax tactics are far fetched.

submitted by Hercolena

politeician - A politician who specializes in speaking words everyone wants to hear.

e.g., Clinton is a hella good politeician.

submitted by mikee

politesse - Courteous formality; politeness.

e.g., "A pro-lifer wouldn't have the smallest of chances in the Democratic Party, but a certain Clintonian politesse is expected when the question is raised."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

politibus - Bus or motorcoach used to transport protesters, marchers to large political rallies.

e.g., Did you see all the politibuses parked near the Smithsonian? They must be getting ready to march on the Mall.

submitted by Paul

political "comp"romise - In politics, a \"comp,\" i.e. some form of unrecorded compensation, is given to a politician, in exchange for an agreement to change his or her vote on an issue.

e.g., Many conflicts are resolved in the quiet \'back rooms\' of State, with a political "comp\"romise, a handshake, and a knowing look.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

political epithet -

An epithet is "a term used to characterize a person or thing." A political epithet is used for persons and things (issues, movements, etc.) related to the body politic. A political epithet is frequently "an abusive or contemptuous word or phrase." See oppithet » Encyclopedia » Political Epithets
"Many political epithets are obtained by joining an otherwise neutral description of a political movement or group with a pejorative term questioning the groups's sanity or motives, or associating the group with hated political movements or leaders of the past.  
"Arguments about the use of these epithets often follow a pattern in which proponents of the epithets insist that the term is intended to be construed so narrowly as to be inoffensive while opponents insist that the term as heard by a typical listener will be construed more broadly. . . .
"Others claim that whatever the stated intent of the users of the term, combining a term identifying a group with a pejorative necessarily creates an association between the group and the pejorative. . . .  
"Regardless of intent, the possibility that political epithets will be construed more broadly than expected creates the danger of alienating a large part of one's audience. Thus, except in cases where the epithet is being used as a shibboleth to closely identify the author with a particular political movement, a cautious writer or speaker will generally adopt more neutral terminology. . . ."


  • Wikipedia » "Fascist (insult)": "As a political epithet, fascist was subsequently used in an anti-authoritarian sense to emphasize the common ideology of governmental suppression of individual freedom. It has also been applied to a broad range of people and groups, including people of many religious faiths, particularly fundamentalist groups. " |

  • Hot Air » Green Room » "The Eff Word": Fascism. "It's the ultimate political epithet, the atomic blast that ends calm and measured debate. This makes those who seek to be reasonable and persuasive understandably reluctant to use the word . . . and those who aren't interested in either reason or persuasion eager to hurl it at their opponents. There is nothing surprising about the visceral emotions conjured by the mention of its name. The history of fascism is written in the blood of innocents, on a scale that challenges the limits of human imagination." |

  • "'Mulungeons and Eboshins': Ethnic and Political Epithets": "Of all the mysteries surrounding the mixed-ethnic population known as Melungeons, one of the most emblematic is the mystery surrounding the origin of the word 'Melungeon.' Many possible origins for the term have been suggested by various researchers over the years, ranging from a supposed Afro-Portuguese word, 'Melungo' meaning (depending on the source) 'shipmate' or 'white person,' to the old English term 'malengine,' meaning 'cunning' or 'full of guile,' to the Arabic 'Melun-jinn,' meaning 'cursed soul.' Historically, most researchers have opted for the French term 'mélange' ('mixture') as the root of the term 'Melungeon.' . . .  
    "Melungeon researchers have long known that the term 'Melungeon' was used as a political epithet for East Tennessee Republicans in the years following the Civil War. In fact, Will Allen Dromgoole, the infamous author of several articles on Melungeons in the 1890s, first heard the term used by late 19th century Tennessee politicians. But from the newspaper articles cited above, we can see clearly that the term 'Melungeon' was in use as a political as well as ethnic slur well before the advent of the war." |

  • User Contributed Dictionary » "Reactionary": "Reactionary (or reactionist) is a political epithet, generally used as a pejorative, originally applied in the context of the French Revolution to counter-revolutionaries who wished to restore the real or imagined conditions of the monarchical Ancien Régime. Through the 19th century, reactionism was used to refer to those who wished to preserve feudalism or aristocratic privilege against industrialism, republicanism, liberalism, and in some cases socialism. Later on in the early 20th century, the term also came to describe those favouring a stronger role of the Catholic Church in society." |

  • "What It Means To Be A Reactionary": "The popular depiction for the word Reactionary gives the definition -- an extreme conservative; an opponent of progress or liberalism. A more in-depth amplification is once again found in Wikipedia: Reactionary (or reactionist) is a political epithet typically applied to extreme ideological conservatism, especially that which wishes to return to a real or imagined old order of things, and which is willing to use coercive means to do so. The term is primarily used as a term of opprobrium (groups rarely identify themselves as reactionary), meant to assert the idea that the opposition is based in merely reflexive politics rather than responsive and informed views. More specifically, the term 'reactionary' is frequently used to refer to those who want to reverse (or prevent) some form of claimed 'progressive' change. (An equivalent term would be 'regressivism.' The term reaction is sometimes used as a general term for the program or philosophy of designated reactionaries.)" |

  • The Rachel Maddow Show » Friday, December 12: "That‘s a bad thing. Hoover is a political epithet in bad economic times because his response to the depression — was to, first do nothing and then do stuff that made it worse. The country needed massive federal spending to stimulate demand and keep people working. Hoover? Cut spending. The government had an economic responsibility to borrow some money and get credit moving. Hoover picked that awesome time to balance the budget." |

  • Muldrake's » "It is Time to Take America Back!": "Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) is a political epithet invented by former psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer to describe complaints raised against President George W. Bush and his administration, associates, affiliates, and supporters. The term especially applies to Bush haters who oppose all Bush administration initiatives solely because Bush supports [them]." |

  • Firearms Forums » Gun-Related Clubs » The 10 Ring » Rabbit Creek: "Chickenhawk (also chicken hawk and chicken-hawk) is a political epithet used in the United States to criticize a politician, bureaucrat, or commentator who strongly supports a war or other military action, yet who actively avoided military service when of age." |

  • Not that many people seem to know that Democrat Party didn't become a political epithet until 1940 or so. Before then, it was not that unusual for Democrats themselves to refer to their political party as the Democrat party, with the word party lowercased. |

  • My personal favorite political epithet is Democrat Party. |

submitted by HD Fowler

political hacknostics - Politicians who have no belief in America or the American political system but are involved in public office strictly for personal gain and aggrandizement.

e.g., You see them in the House. They're in the Senate. They're the political hacknostics with no faith in America and no desire in passing legislation that improves and benefits Democracy. They blindly vote their party line, while currying favors to gain seats on more powerful committees. Their dedicated goal is to be reelected,for the power, prestige and personal benefits of office are great indeed. To that end, they keep a public image of constituent support and effectiveness, greeting all with hand shakes and smiles, while privately they wear their cynicism on their sleeves. The beliefs they do own are for the two pillars of politics: Patronage and Perks. They are the shame of America.

submitted by Chaflie Lesko - (www)

political pourk - The vasts sums of money that flow to politicians for often wasteful and unnecessary hometown projects, all to help the politician get re-elected, and all at taxpayers' expense.

e.g., In my city of 45,000 motorists and pedestrians, car travel, at a confluence of three major downtown streets, was successfully regulated by a group of timed traffic lights. Now, in the system's place stands a traffic circular roundabout -- one expensive to build, not ever wanted by our citizens, and one that has created more problems than existed before.  
During the lengthy construction, a large downtown section was closed off, severely hurting several businesses and restaurants. Completion hasn't helped these local businesses. Many avoid the area -- the roundabout is too confusing, with yield signs covering three disparate directions. It's also too small -- large trucks regularly get hung up and block traffic for hours.  
There was much vocal opposition to the plans. Why didn't our elected officials listen? The money was already appropriated for the roundabout. A local politician was able to get legislative approval and funding. If it wasn't to be used to build it, we'd have to give the money back(!).  
This is the story of one political pourk project in one small community. Can we talk about the real big ones?

submitted by Charlie Lesko

politically erect - It's especially important for the candidate to stand straight and tall, no slouching, to impress the potential voters, con them, steal their minds and hearts, and get elected whether deserved or not. The People are stuck with the winner for at least four years, unless she resigns. . . .

e.g., Whoever is not politically erect, in another sense, does not cut the mustard. You've got to be on the ball and have something going for you, like an abundance of valuable experience.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

politically sound - A variation on political correctness, identified by writer Matthew Parris, who said that those on the right, like him, had their own version of "PC." Thus, people who were being "PS" would say "AIDS" even when its use was incorrect, they would say "country pursuits" instead of "blood sports," and would always say "chairman" instead of "chair" or "chairperson."

e.g., Whatever else she may be, conservative or liberal, the old lady editor will be politically sound.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

politician's answer - No answer at all. Politicians can be very adept at not answering questions. One ploy employed often is that the politician dismisses the question as a hypothetical -- as if hypotheticals have no value.

e.g., "Bin Laden could answer both questions without conceding anything. He could have denied both accusations, accepted one and denied the other, or accepted both. Instead, using the 'politician's answer,' he avoids answering the question and turns the criticism back against his accuser. This is a clear-cut tu quoque."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

politico scoliosis - (Var.of scoliosis, a human curved spine condition.) A politician's curvature of stance on controversial issues.

e.g., The Honorable State Senator stands in front of a bank of microphones. It is his long-awaited press conference on "Should The Natural Gas Drilling Method Of Fracking Be Allowed In Our State?"

The topic has been bitterly debated for months. Those in favor cite the economic benefits the state's communities sorely need. Those opposed have been fiercely vocal with their concerns for irreversible damage to our land and water.

Tension in the room is almost unbearable. Will the Senator voice his approval and earn the enmity and bitter hatred of the environmentalist and "tree huggers?"

Or will he speak against, and lose the friendship, perks, and financial campaign support from the large landowners, businessmen and "old pals" at his snazzy country club? Hey! C'mon! You know! I don't have to tell you!
The good senator could speak and answer pointed questions all day, and never say one word of commitment, for or against.
As with those who seek a career in elected government service, our polished, experienced senator, smiling and speaking glibly, has long maintained a severe case of politico scoliosis.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

politicolostomy - A severe medical condition of the spleen, resulting in incontinence, pain, and discomfort--caused by the foul air spewed forth by politicians.

e.g., Shortly after hearing the President's new plan for taxes, George had to undergo an emergency politicolostomy.

submitted by Saint714 - (www)

politicosis - An obsession with politics, an inclination to talk about politics or politicize everything without sufficient knowledge or understanding. Cf., toxicosis, psychosis, neurosis.

e.g., As a young man, John suffered from politicosis, but now he doesn't even look at newspapers.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

politics - From Latin Poli: many, and tics: small bloodsucking parasites.

e.g., Voters may buy collars to reduce the risk of being infested by politics.

submitted by Fred

politiking - To talk about politics -- which obviously is just a cover for ulterior motives, most of which include getting in your supervisor's good books. Also known as "brown nosing the boss".

e.g., There goes Sara, off politiking with the new CEO.

submitted by Damian

politiplex - The complex, chaotic situation in a nation, party, institution etc. arising out of the interaction of various opposing political forces.

e.g., Thanks to the able leadership and the matching collective will of the people the country steered itself out of the politiplex that threatened its very existence in the aftermath of the war.

submitted by Parameswaran

politix - Politics, a commonly used spelling. Used as a way to distinguish items written about politics from those where the word is used incidentally, as in a long list of words.

e.g., "I'd like it to be edgy and provocative and challenging," Morgan added. "When you've had a week of that maybe on a Friday night you have an hour of me and Charlie Sheen just sitting back and riffing about life in the Universe, you watch it for an hour, and rather than be some pompous, D.C., political hack, whose (sic) never done anything else in his life, who sits there going, Why isn't he only asking him about the debt ceiling!? -- which is possibly the most boring story in the history of politix -- they can actually watch an hour of Charlie Sheen and think, that was fascinating and entertaining and funny, and above all, great television."

submitted by HD Fowler

politrick - Political trick. First used in the song "NO!" by Soulfly.

e.g., The local building codes say I have to heat a breezeway if I put one in. It's just another politrick to slow down growth.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

politry - political poetry

e.g., Sea views? Easy Access? Utter flatulents.

submitted by Ken Duncan - (www)

polkaman - A man who can't stop polkaing down with his bad self.

e.g., Frankie Yankovic was a definite polkaman.

submitted by Jesse

poll-try (pronounced "pole-tree") - The vast majority of American political commentators and forecasters who, during the last presidential campaign, stuck with the flock right up to the end. Then, with the surprising opposite results, spent unending media hours "squawking" excuses.

e.g., "I am not 'poll-try!' It was Hillary's campaign's fault! Bill's indiscretions did it! The Russians got involved! Bbbwrack! Bbbwrack! Bbbwrck!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

pollenesia - A state of forgetfulness or disorientation resulting from hay fever. Also

e.g., The accident was a direct result of my severe pollenesia.

submitted by Ronnie Sampson - (www)

polliwaffle - Candidate's election promises.

e.g., So . . . the new prime ministers pre-election speeches were just so much polliwaffle. Plus ca change.

submitted by Alan March - Maddams - (www)

pollocking - Taking something that doesn't belong to you but no one else appears to be using.

e.g., I pollocked some fence rails from a pile in the woods that had been untouched for years.

submitted by Linda

pollotician - Politician, generic. But especially for politicians who are afraid to do the right thing because it may cost them votes. Special case: politicans who use the results of polls to make their decisions. Closely related to the pollotician: One known to appear as a cowboy on horseback to enhance his manly image. He may or may not carry a long stick for hitting balls or use products designed by Ralph Lauren. Cf.: Spanish "pollo" for "chicken."

e.g., I dunno which way to go on this. Let's take a poll. That is the pollotician's way, after all. | What's the difference between a chicken and a pollotician? Chickens have spines.

submitted by HD Fowler

polltician - Politicians in democracy who are interested only in polls (elections).

e.g., Pollticians are a real curse in any ideal democracy because they are always looking for the next elections.

submitted by J. Ajith Kumar - (www)

polly tician - A common name of a colorful bird species that adapts well to almost any climate and is often mistakenly thought to possess intelligence because of its ability to mimic meaningful words and phrases.

e.g., "...[it] may at first be somewhat nervous, inattentive and easily distracted. However, your quiet and subtle persistence in feeding it special treats will be well rewarded. In little time, your polly tician will become completely devoted and will soon be eating out of your hand." (Excerpted from the handbook, The Care and Taming of Polly Ticians And Other Exotic Creatures.)

submitted by Charlie Lesko

polly-wally-gum-gum - The ridiculous and offensive portrayal of Native Americans as barbaric, illiterate savages throughout most of the 19th and 20th centuries. From the Indians' chant in Disney's Peter Pan, which also contains the infamous line, "The Indian is cunning, but not intelligent."

e.g., (1960s western:) "Him no gottum wampum; me no trade." (person watching:) "What on Earth was that all about?" (second person:) "Oh, he's an Indian, and that's how they talk." (first person:) "No it isn't; that's just a lot of polly-wally-gum-gum." (second person:) "How would you know?" (first person: "Because my father's Cherokee and my mother's Sioux, and they don't talk that way ... and come to think of it, neither do I."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

pollyfutile - A pointless bird (usually a parrot).

e.g., I told you. Can't talk, can't fly. It's a pollyfutile.

submitted by Chris Duddle

polotician - A politican who has been featured on Polo shirts -- such as John Kerry. Did Kerry ever play polo? Guess not. The polo-playing champion, Lieutenant John Kerry, was from of an earlier generation -- and didn't serve in the Vietnam War.

e.g., "Now you [mother-effing] poloticians are pushing us into a corner. Keep pushing. This nation is heading for an ugliness that will make Rwanda look like a birthday party"

submitted by Miss Speller

poltroon - One of my favorite words.

poltroon synonym |
Main Entry: coward
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: person who is scared, easily intimidated
Synonyms: alarmist, baby*, caitiff, chicken heart, chicken liver, chicken*, craven, cur, dastard, deserter, faint-of-heart, faintheart, fraidy-cat, funk, gutless, invertebrate, jellyfish, lily liver, malingerer, mouse, pessimist, poltroon, quitter, rabbit, recreant, scaredy cat, shirk, shirker, skulker, sneak, weakling, white liver, wimp*, yellow belly, yellow*
Antonyms: aggressor, hero

Main Entry: craven
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: timid person
Synonyms: caitiff, chicken*, coward, dastard, fraidy cat, nebbish, poltroon, quitter, recreant, scaredy cat, weakling, wheyface, wimp*, wuss, yellow belly

Main Entry: chicken
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: person afraid to try something
Synonyms: coward, craven, dastard, funk, poltroon, quitter, recreant, scaredy cat, yellow belly

e.g., Don't be a poltroon.

submitted by HD Fowler

poly - Polygraph, polygraph examination. Lie detector.

e.g., Go ahead, hook me up. I'm not at all afraid of failing the test. I can spew lie after lie at your poly and you'll swear I'm more truthful than George Washington was about the cherry tree.

submitted by HD Fowler

polyaimory - The practice of using AOL Instant Messanger with a wide variety of people, especially at the same time.

e.g., After weeks of AIM conversations with Heather, I began also messaging Julia, who was also messaging Heather at the same time. We were a happy polyAIMorous threesome.

submitted by Andrew - (www)

polyamoric - Of having multiple romantic relationships at the same time.

e.g., Have you heard about Balu lately? Is he continuing his polyamoric practices? Have the women caught on?

submitted by minakshi

polyamory - Polygamy and polyandry united. The state of being in a meaningful relationship with more then one person at the same time.

e.g., Many polyamory communities are represented on the Web.

submitted by Boris

polybibliomadist - A person who belongs to and participates in multiple book groups or clubs on-line or F2F.

e.g., I have many friends who are avid readers and read with so many different groups that they are aptly deserving of the highly esteemed moniker polybibliomadist.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

polybitionist - Polyester exhibitionist. A curious breed of fully-clothed exhibitionist who uses wireless surveillance detectors in an attempt to locate hidden video cameras equipped with the technology which renders polyester clothing invisible.

e.g., Check out Christene, Kyle's new girlfriend. Why's she wearing so much polyester clothing? Look at the way she's dancing to herself. She must be a polybitionist.

submitted by Dylon Whyte

polycastic - Of a person who practices more than one religion. The noun form would be polycast, I suppose.

e.g., People raised in a family where the parents practice diferent religions often grow up to be polycastic.

submitted by Shannon Scott - (www)

polychromatix - 1. Something offbeat or unusual, but still fun. 2. Having a personality that is offbeat or unusual, but still fun. (From the real word "polychromatic" which means "having or composed of many colors.")

e.g., 1. That rainbow shirt is so polychromatix. I love it. 2. Have you met Rainbow Woman? You'll like her; she's polychromatix.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

polycy - Policy. A common misspelling. We'll define it here as polysyllabic policy that takes pages and pages and pages to present.

e.g., However, if they come to this sister site in search of posting freedom and move their crap with them in an effort to get around polycy they disagree with, they're likely to hasten the time when the same polycy starts being enforced here. It's simple, boys and girls: Them with the gold make the rules. We own and run both sites and we'll do the same thing here if you push back.

submitted by Miss Speller

polygavan - (pull-LIG-ih-van; n.) An extra-long, 15+ passenger van, of the sort (and size) one might use to transport a family comprised of multiple wives and numerous children. It's a bit derogatory, it seems to me, but it's evidently a valid word: I learned it from a friend at work who is driving home from Kansas this weekend with his (quite traditional) family---his (one) wife and their children---and their considerable luggage. When I told him he should get a trailer, he said, "We already have a polygavan and an overhead cargo box." [From "polygamy" + "van," fairly obviously, I guess.]

e.g., When we held the big conferences for the International Center for Law and Religion Studies back when I was in law school, we would give the guests (from all over the world) tours of the southern Utah canyons, driving there in minibusses which I guess were "polygavans."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

polygriptic - 1. A toothless state in which a person must wear dentures. 2. A person who wears dentures.

e.g., Though toothless, Grandfather Jones was polygriptic and never tired of taking his dentures out to amaze and startle his grandchildren.

submitted by Tom Moniz

polyhedramaniac - One who spends no less than 20 hours a day fixated and studying dihedral angles, vertices, and other random bits of information pertaining to polyhedra as well as building such structures from Captain Crunch cereal boxes and hot glue.

e.g., Leave steve alone until 6 a.m. when his polyhedramania subsides.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

polylamour - A person who loves or is loved by more than one person.

e.g., Sue is my primary polylamour and Judy is my secondary.

submitted by Pauleylamour

polylicious - Everything tastes great.

e.g., The salad bar at the Heave Hoe Restaurant is polylicious.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

polymegamonolithicephalophobia - Fear of many large stone heads. An irrational fear of the statues on Easter Island.

e.g., Ever since his disastrous cross-Pacific voyage, the sight of a Bob's Big Boy restaurant triggers his polymegamonolithicephalophobia.

submitted by singerdog

polynya - (poe-LIN-ya; n.) 1. A hole in the ice at a natural skating rink (ie, a pond); 2. a big wet melty spot in a hockey rink; 3. a hole in any frozen or hardened food surface that gives access to softer, warmer, or other stuff inside. [From Russian полынья, an open stretch of water surrounded by sea ice.]

e.g., In "It's a Wonderful Life," does Harry Bailey fall through a polynya, or did he just break through thin ice? || The hockey game went much longer than planned because this big polynya in the middle of the rink stopped the game for an hour. || When I eat beef wellington, I like to open up a polynya on the crust and eat out the pate, the duxelles, and the beef. Then I eat the pastry.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

polypath - polypath, n. ( Gr. polys, much, many + patheia, suffering) – a person with multiple disorders, such as neuropathy, myopathy, sociopathy, chronopathy, etc.

e.g., A polymath is a universal genius, a polypath is a universal idiot.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

polypersonaphobia - The fear of being with large groups of people.

e.g., She hates being in crowds. She's got polypersonaphobia.

submitted by Jon Gray

polyrhythmic - Able to dance and enjoy more than one type of music. Ant.-Monorythmic

e.g., That girl can really dance! She must come from a polyrhythmic family.

submitted by Chris

polysoph - A person who loves many types (poly) of wisdom (sofia).

e.g., Earnest, a polysoph, was at home among the visitors, an eclectic collection of academics.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

polystruthers - One who is or has participated in several correspondence courses.

e.g., He was a classic polystruthers, a certified accountant and well-versed in television and VCR repair.

submitted by Lex Bowers

polystyrographomania - The psychological urge to carve things into the sides of polystyrene (aka styrofoam) beverage cups.

e.g., We always know which cup is George's; because of his polystyrographomania, his styrofoam cups are always covered with elaborate designs etched with a fingernail.

submitted by Andy Hollandbeck - (www)

polytesticular - Completely wrong. That is, "a load of bollocks."

e.g., That theory of yours is polytesticular.

submitted by Vanessa Wheeler

polytrix - It seems they have a lot of tricks up their sleeves, and elsewhere. Tricky fellows, off to make a buck, or fool you and the crowd, allowed, or tolerated, sometimes amusing, sometimes not. A whole slew of magic or slight of hand, or means to part you from your money -- it ain't funny.

e.g., At this time in space we may be heir to an abundance of heartfelt polytrix, designed to inform you of what you shall think, what you shall do, at the right time and place. "A vote for me is a vote for you," sounds good, if only it were true..(-: Polytrix in the magician's bag, fool you, leave you with a smile on your face, this is the place.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

polyundulator - A device that significantly augments the rate of vibration in people, places, or things, or combination thereof.

e.g., I wouldn't go anywhere without my handy dandy personalized (and very shiny) polyundulator as that would be unthinkable. It would be like leaving my entrails at home.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pom pom pompous - An overblown, theatrical arrogance, conducted much like cheerleaders who wave pom poms in your face to attract your attention.

e.g., I can't understand why anyone would watch Donald Trump's show, "The Apprentice." His unwarranted conceit, haughty, puffed up condescending attitude is stomach turning. Trump is more than pompous; he's pom pom pompous.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

pomadina sabrosa - Lip pomade or gloss made to taste like fruits or candies. Pseudo-Spanish for "tasty pomade."

e.g., Susana's wearing cola-flavored pomadina sabrosa today. I bet she's going to kiss Martin.

submitted by Sparki

poman - Pretty woman.

e.g., Whatever else she may be, Chris is most assuredly not a poman.

submitted by jake lupal

pomegranatesque - Rich, deep red.

e.g., Her cheeks shone bright and pomegranatesque beneath dark luminous eyes.

submitted by Elaine Cooke

pompassity - Even if you removed one's tendency to be ostentatious, superior, and holier-than-thou, one would still be a complete unmitigated ass.

e.g., Mr. Big spoke with complete pompassity about his favorite subject.

submitted by Shari Lawrence

pompatous - Let's just say pompatous = pizmotality and leave it at that. Looks like an adjective, but we'll say it's a noun. Check out the googled links to find out more about "pizmotality" or "epismetology." Interesting stuff, especially at Language Log.

The Straight Dope, by Cecil Adams: Pompatus, pompitous. Pompatous of love, from Steve Miller's song "The Joker," 1973. Miller once said, "It doesn't mean anything -- it's just jive talk." Miller later acknowledged that he had been "'influenced' by earlier artists." If he was "influenced" by Vernon Green, he didn't get the word quite right. Green had coined the word "pizmotality" to mean "words of such secrecy that they could only be spoken to the one you loved."
Language Log: Vernon Green, the author of "The Letter," says, "You have to remember, I was a very lonely guy at the time. I was only fourteen years old, I had just run away from home, and I walked with crutches." The uneducated but imaginative youth was prone to fantasy, so he just made up the lyrics. 'Pismotality' described words of such secrecy that they could only be spoken to the one you loved.

"And it's not pompitous," he emphasizes. "What I said was 'puppetuse,' which is a term I coined to mean a secret paper doll fantasy figure."

e.g., "Some people call me the space cowboy.
Yeah! Some call me the gangster of love.
Some people call me Maurice,
Cause I speak of the Pompatus of love."

"The Joker"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pomple - A fuzzy ball used in decorations on clothes, crafts, shoes, or hair. Come in a variety of colors.

e.g., Those pomples that Britney Spears wore in her hair her "Baby One More Time" video were very cute.

submitted by ~*Renee*~

pompoose - A pompous way of saying "pompous."

e.g., Check Madonna's new accent--she is being so pompoose.

submitted by David Willems

pomster - The latest socialite craze: an anessory that's half-Pomeranian half-hamster and can fit in a small evening bag.

e.g., Paris's Tinkerbell is so last year. The Pomster is where it's at.

submitted by nitag - (www)

ponarv - Project of No Apparent Redeeming Value. An activity undertaken not for immediate gain, but as an end in itself. Hence, Ponarvian: one who pursues such projects. For more information, see my essay on ponarvs at

e.g., My goal of getting the acronym “ponarv” into dictionaries is itself a PONARV.

submitted by John Cartan - (www)

poncy - Effeminate behavior.

e.g., Chris was acting in a rather poncy manner. . . .

submitted by Thom Curtis - (www)

pone - Someone of little or no value; an irritant; a bothersome person you can do nothing about.

e.g., That guy that keeps coming around and messing up my stuff ain't nothin' but a pone.

submitted by Michael Timms - (www)

ponggratz - An unwashed, smelly individual.

e.g., Step back and take a deep breath gents; that ponggratz in his rancid overcoat just spied us.

submitted by Anthony Taylor

pongta - A very very naughty guy who, most of the time uses slang and is obsessed with pornography. A playboy. Masculine word, not used around women.

e.g., You're really pongta.

submitted by hs

ponies - Six ounce bottles of beer. Conceived by brewers as a means of keeping beer cold when taken outside in a cooler.

e.g., If we are taking a cooler to the beach, make sure to pick up a twelve pack of ponies.

submitted by Stephen Mize

ponis - The wick of hair some men insist on wearing at the back of their heads as a sign of their manliness--i.e., a male pony-tail.

e.g., Although the hairstyle has been passe for ages, Chris inisists on keeping what hair he still has pulled back in a ponis.

submitted by Bob Stewart

ponk - Someone who gets bullied by just about anyone.

e.g., You're a ponk if you let her get away with thalking to you like that.

submitted by mizz_prizz

ponk - An object jutting out of a larger object. Can also be used as a verb.

e.g., A doorknob is a ponk on a door. That doorknob ponks right out of the door.

submitted by Stephanie Faint

ponkify - 1. To present an unanswerable question for entertainment's sake. 2. To hunt for the sake of the hunt itself. 3. To take pleasure in or entertain with the unnecessary. Taken from the linked site.

e.g., 1. Ponkified questions have no place in a serious trivia game. 2. We're not gonna find any chicks there on a school night, but we can get ponkified looking. 3. Of course I don't need to do it -- it's ponkified.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ponte - A beer bottle full of apple juice.

e.g., If you drink a ponte in front of a cop while driving, you can't get in trouble, right?

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

pontifftiff - The argument amongst cardinals regarding their choice of Pope.

e.g., The papal election turned into a real pontifftiff.

submitted by Alan March-Maddams

pontificatory - A word used to make someone sound smart

e.g., Just think of the pontificatory activity that was poured into this magnificent masterpiece.

submitted by J-G

pony - A derogatory term often used in relation to a stylistically challenged object or person.

e.g., ""Alex, your haircut looks well pony – did you wanna look like you're proper bent?""

submitted by c y r u s - (www)

pony up the jing - To pay for. To spend money on something.

e.g., Hey Joe stop being so dang cheap. I paid for the beer last weekend, you can pony up the jing for the movie tickets!

submitted by Jim

ponzed - To be cheated out of something. To be slighted. From "Ponzi Scheme."

e.g., Yeah, my steak was really good . . . but the waiter sort of ponzed me on the fries.

submitted by Paul

ponzi scheme -

Some of America's wealthiest socialites facing ruin.…: A Ponzi scheme, named after the swindler Charles Ponzi, is a fraudulent investment operation that pays abnormally high returns to investors out of money put into the scheme by subsequent investors, rather than from real profits generated by share trading.
According to the SEC, "A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that involves the payment of purported returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors. Ponzi scheme organizers often solicit new investors by promising to invest funds in opportunities claimed to generate high returns with little or no risk. In many Ponzi schemes, the fraudsters focus on attracting new money to make promised payments to earlier-stage investors and to use for personal expenses, instead of engaging in any legitimate investment activity." | Generally, any situation in which "returns" depend upon a robbing-Peter-to-pay-Paul approach.

e.g., HD: Marty, do you think there's any way the pseudodictionary could be useful in implementing a Ponzi scheme? Marty: Certainly not in any way that would make us rich -- not in terms of money, anyway. Given our nature as a completely free and non-commercial site, I have the sneaking suspicion that we don't get a lot of traffic from people with money to throw at us. All I'm looking for for myself is a pseudo-Ponzi-scheme that will make us rich in new entries. … Get on the stick, HD, and follow through with some of your brilliant ideas. |  
While Social Security may not technically be a Ponzi scheme, saying it resembles one isn't that far off. |  
As the eminent Charles Krauthammer recently wrote, "Pay-as-you-go is the definition of a Ponzi scheme. . . . The crucial distinction between a Ponzi scheme and Social Security is that Social Security is mandatory. . . . But there's a catch. Compulsion allows sustainability; it does not guarantee it. . . . Social Security was not meant to provide two decades of greens fees for baby boomers."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

poobah - Largely ceremonial title for the manager or chief of an organization or group, like mucketymuck or big kahuna. Usually seen as grand pooh bah, or hyphenated.

e.g., I am only the VP of Operations, but the grand poobah is on mahogany row.

submitted by Joel Parker

pooched - Finished.

e.g., That cigarette is pooched.

submitted by Sin - (www)

poochiecat, poochycat - A tough little street cat.

e.g., The poochiecat crawled out of the dumpster with a drumstick in her mouth.

submitted by zia k

poochy - A small, but protruding belly. When a skinny person gets temporarily fat.

e.g., Omigod! I ate so much that I've got a poochy!

submitted by Buck

poochy - Cute, yet also rather stylish.

e.g., "What did you think of this show?" "It was poochy."

submitted by Aaron

pood - A pissy mood.

e.g., "Shut up." "Jeez, you're in a pood tonight."

submitted by lauryn

poodle - A term meaning: to meander back from a destination towards home.

e.g., "Where are you, Andy?" "Oh, I'm just poodling back from Hull."

submitted by Xnoybis

poodle drama - Something which someone makes a big deal out of, that is actually quite minuscule in nature. For instance, breaking a fingernail, or smearing one's mascara.

e.g., Sherri's into major poodle drama again. This time it's 'cause Steve didn't call her last night.

submitted by Paul

poodle-faker - A ladies' man. Found at the link provided, one of the very, very best unsung blogs around -- if you're a conservative or a libertarian. There you can find writing such as this: "None of this can come as a surprise to anybody with an IQ greater than Willie Shoemaker's boot size." Not that the name Willie Shoemaker is going to be recognized by anyone as young as my son.

e.g., I think he may have thought he was a ladies' man when he was younger. To me, the best he could have been was a poodle-faker.

submitted by poodle-faker - (www)

poof - To disappear quickly without warning, especially on the internet.

e.g., We were talking to the yardman, and he just went poof on us. | I'm sorry I poofed, I had to get something to drink.

submitted by slash

poof - Promise On Our Friendship. When you poof someone, she must tell the truth or your friendship means nothing to her.

e.g., POOf. You didn't go out to eat without me last night?

submitted by Derek - (www)

poofer - Something mildly funny, responded to by the involuntary action of a small draft of air from closed lips in a form of a mini-burst. Not the same as "poofter."

e.g., Where you expected he'd tell a joke that was a belly laugh, all he managed was a simple poofer.

submitted by Nard Kordell - (www)

poofin - Lying. Much the same as "spoofing."

e.g., Stop poofin me.

submitted by Britt - (www)

poofkele - A fluffy, cuddly creature. "Poof" + the Yiddish affectionate dimunitive suffix construction "-ele," comparable to Spanish "-ita/-ito." Pronounced POOF-kuh-luh.

e.g., Such a submitted by Sara - (www)

poog - Those who can't tolerate more than 10 ml of alcohol, and if they do have more, they tend to puke.

e.g., Joel just barfed all over John's flyscreen, and he only had a few sips of cougar. He's just another poog.

submitted by Thomas

pooge - An evil, disrespectful, conniving, or ungrateful person.

e.g., I can't believe you just did that to me, you pooge.

submitted by Nacho!

poogie - A fuzzball.

e.g., I need a lint brush for the poogies on my shirt.

submitted by Jamie

pooh berries - chiding, delightful nonsense; commerating frakenberries the delightful cereal with the wonderful marshmallow treats

e.g., Your excuses for life are all pooh berries. Stop whining and start doing.

submitted by nitag - (www)

pooh-tooh - A child's one-piece sleeper with feet. (Check the forum for Barbara's story of the origin of this word.)

e.g., In getting ready for bed, my little girl can zip up her pooh-tooh by herself.

submitted by Barbara Christy

poohshade - A mom driving an automobile with a baby-shielding, suction-cupped window shade in one or more of the windows.

e.g., Check out that poohshade doing 60 in the left lane.

submitted by Brian Keene

poohsnizzle - A cross between sweetheart and honey.

e.g., "What time are you coming to bed, poohsnizzle?"

submitted by Ryan

pookajinglek - Speak English only, please. (We) speak only English.

e.g., In the outbacks of the endless skies you can pooka whatever, but here it's pookajinglek.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pooker ponker - A more "kid friendly" way of saying a person is mean or being a bad driver.

e.g., That pooker ponker in the big truck just cut me off.

submitted by Kaiden Pisarek - (www)

pookie - A cute, yet desirable, boy or man you just want to cuddle. He's so sweet and adorable.

e.g., Sean Connery's my favorite pookie... Too bad he's old enough to be my grandfather.

submitted by Hedda Leigh - (www)

pookie - To vomit.

e.g., Holds up small paper cup. "If you're gonna pookie, pookie into this."

submitted by ditnis

poolarise - To jump into a pool and arise to the top of the water. In other words, to float.

e.g., Can he poolarise in the water?

submitted by Mandi & Tim

poolay-hair - Another word for "sex-hair" or "j-f hair"--the state your hair is in when you wake up after a shag or two.

e.g., "How long have I been walking around with the poolay-hair?" "All morning, lucky you."

submitted by Pal

poole - Poole, pronounced more like poolie, is a term used to describe someone with the last name of Vanderpool from South Towanda, PA. The Vanderpools have their own dialect as well as speak perfect English. The Vanderpools use their dialect when speaking amongst other Vanderpools. The dialect/secret language being English with running words together while talking fast and a heavy slur.

e.g., "Hello, what's your last name?" "Vanderpool." "Oh, you're a poole."

submitted by Pete

poolin - Angry, mad.

e.g., See Chad at the party? He was poolin all nite.

submitted by michael - (www)

poomie - A Poor Homie. A homie who dresses up in fake and tattered clothing.

e.g., Those Poomies are raiding the garbage bins again.

submitted by Bier Fuhrer

poon - To "borrow" with no intention of returning. Usually a small item, but not necessarily.

e.g., I didn't have a pencil for the test, so I pooned one from the guy sitting next to me. Sure, I kept it -- I said I pooned it, didn't I.

submitted by Milo

poon - The plumes band members wear with those bucket-like band hats.

e.g., The poons swayed in the breeze as the band marched down the street.

submitted by Linda

poonerism - A poonerism is a slang word that describes or relates to a sex act. The words, "bonking," "skronking," and "humping" are poonerisms. When you hear one, you know what it means, without a definition. The word, "poonerism" is itself, a poonerism. It contains a self-description, similar, but somewhat different than an onomatopoeia. You knew what this word meant when you first saw it, didn't you?

e.g., The headmaster laid down the law. He said, "Poonerisms will not be used at this school!" He unknowingly violated his own edict, by making this statement. Perhaps this type of contradictory verbal error deserves a categorical name of its own? Terms such as "non sequitur" and "oxymoron" don't quite fit it.

submitted by Steve McDonald

poontang - Orange-flavored drink stirred with a whaling implement; can be served in the haft of said imlpement. |  

From Take Our Word for It by Melanie & Mike Poontang is an interesting word. It is so far removed linguistically from what it means in English that Melanie's grandmother taught Melanie and her siblings and cousins a rhyme when they were young that goes like this:

What's my name? Pudding Tang.*
Ask me again and I'll tell you the same.
Grandma was (and is!) a God-fearing, proper woman, and she would never teach her grandchildren something lewd or bawdy. She probably learned the verse as a senseless rhyme when she was a child. This smacks strongly of a folk etymology formed by people who did not understand the term poontang. If that's what it is, the couplet indicates that the term poontang has been around for some time -- Grandma was born in 1909! Interestingly, the first example of the word in writing is from 1929. That's not surprising, as a writer would have had to be mighty brave to record that word before it had become common and lost some of its edge.  
SINCE PUBLISHING THE ABOVE, we were made aware of a discussion by linguist Doug Wilson regarding the relationship between puddin' tain and poontang. He concludes that the two are not related, and he gives some good evidence.  
What exactly does poontang mean? It has several meanings: a woman as a sex object, sexual intercourse, and probably the ultimate meaning, female pudenda. So where did such a bizarre-sounding word come from? There are several theories. Probably the most popular is that it derives from Louisiana (and standard) French putain: "whore". This is possible as most people we know who are familiar with the word are from Louisiana or some state nearby, or they first heard the word from a citizen of that area. However, the connection to putainis based mostly on conjecture, because of the similarity of the French word to the English one. Some etymologists specializing in slang think that the word more likely derives from a Chinese language, as there are variant forms like poon tai and poon kai. One school has it coming from some Filipino language, while Eric Partridge guesses it is of American Indian origin.  
Oh, we found it amusing to learn that the following statement is widely attributed to John F. Kennedy immediately after he was elected president in 1960: "I guess this means my poon days are over."  
*Some variations are Puddin' Tame and, Puddin' Tain. We thought Grandma was saying "Puddin' Tang" and believe that was influenced by the popularity of the powdered orange drink "Tang" at the time (late 60s/early 70s).

e.g., I'm not quite sure if poontang tastes better when stirred with a clean or used harpoon. | Poontang is frequently discussed by school boys in the abstract.

submitted by S. Berliner, III | HD Fowler - (www)

poop - Person Of Opposite (Obnoxious, Offensive?) Personality.

e.g., Jany: I've really gone off Ricardo; he's changed loads. Kiela: Yeah he's a right POOP.

submitted by Merry

poopalanimous - 1.A prehistoric dinosaur shaped like a turd. This species, usually carnivore, would devour other members of its species. This horrific, terrifying sea creature is said to have an odiferous smell that would kill anything that nears it.

e.g., A poopalanimous stinks, much like a turd.

submitted by Alex Moseley

poopcorn - The corn that comes out pretty much the same as when it went in.

e.g., Can poopcorn be of much nutritive value in view of the fact that it evidenty has not be absorbed by the body? Chew wisely, pulverize each mouthful.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pooped - This means "to be tired." Old sailing term describing the helmsman's condition after standing a watch at the helm, which was located on the poop deck--a small deck at the rear or stern of an old sailing vessel.

e.g., Boy, am I pooped today.

submitted by Orion

poopleblic - (poop Leb lik) One who appears often in the public eye, and seems to enjoy it (from the Germano-Slavic?).

e.g., Politicians, entertainers, megalomaniacs, poopleblics one and all -- if you've got it, flaunt it?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

poor man's air fresheners - Newport cigarettes.

e.g., Pick me up a pack o' poor man's air fresheners.

submitted by ditnis

poor man's teleport - In theory, the poor man's teleport is a spell designed to be cast by those with little or no magical ability, in order to leave an undesired situation with the maximum amount of haste. In practice, it means running like hell.

e.g., Just as the nasty-looking guards were about to close in on Rincewind, he cast poor man's teleport, leaving behind only a cloud of dust and the echo of his boots.

submitted by Shaduan

poor me's - Feelings of worthlessness, of personal failure. Complaining about this failure over and over. Generally used after "a case of."

e.g., Sounds to me like you just have a case of the poor me's.

submitted by kurotatsu - (www)

poordom - 1. Being poor. 2. Boredom caused by being poor.

e.g., I wasn't able to attend the event because of extreme poordom.

submitted by zeeterman - (www)

pooripheral vision - The seeming lack of ability to notice someone trying to get around you.

e.g., "Though the store was not what you might call crowded the pooripheral vision of some of the customers made the shopping experience less than pleasant!"

submitted by Baby Hughey - (www)

poorist - 1. A tourist with no spending money. 2. A person who spends all her money just to get to her vacation destination and then has no money to do anything. 3. A person who blows all her money in the first half of her vacation and has to budget just to survive the rest of the trip. 4. A poor person or family who "vacations" just a few miles from home to save money.

e.g., Look at all the poorists walking around Disney World carrying their bag lunches; they should have budgeted their travel expenses a little better.

submitted by Jim

poorly pants - Comfortable black flannel joggers worn only inside the house in order to convey to one's spouse that one is ill. A designation of sick status.

e.g., Christ, you look dreadful. I can see who wears the poorly pants in this house.

submitted by hedgewizard - (www)

poosh - A big hearty push.

e.g., I will give thee a poosh.

submitted by mike hall

poosma - An individual who has no clue.

e.g., I am not a poosma.

submitted by dan storm

poot - Crap. Mild swear word.

e.g., Poot! I banged my shin.

submitted by EggieChan

pooter - Short for computer.

e.g., Me: Heeeey, watcha doin'? Claire: I'm on the pooter!

submitted by tear and orion

pootnik - Word used by the elderly to describe a younger person when the kid does something that the older person finds unacceptable.

e.g., "Don't do that, ya dern pootnik."

submitted by egon

pop - another word for soda

submitted by ak - (www)

pop - meaning to "attempt" something

e.g., "You want this website done by 3am? I'll have a pop but I can't promise anything!"

submitted by Arbernaut - (www)

pop - British slang for champagne.

e.g., "We'll have another bottle of pop off the good Mottram and be off to the old-hundreth." (from "Brideshead Revisited" by E. Waugh)

submitted by Stephen Mize

pop a cod - To burst a testicle in a nasty crash. Coined by Jer Wyatt after pro Welsh downhill mountain biker Steve Jones blew out a testicle when competing in the World Cup last year.

e.g., Did you hear? Jonesy popped a cod in the States last week.

submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

pop stop - A quick errand in which one either goes to a gas station directly, or stops at one on another errand, to purchase some pop (soda), usually for sharing with friends. Also called a "soda run."

e.g., "Hey, I'm thirsty." "OK, there's a gas station up here. We'll make a pop stop."

submitted by Adam

pop the stack - To go back to the previous topic in a conversation that has wandered across many subjects. Borrowed from computer science, similar in meaning to "backlist."

e.g., I told Joan about the interesting factoid I heard on the radio. We got to talking about about other radio stations, then advertising, and then Gap. Then she popped the stack a couple of times and asked me about what radio program I was listening to.

submitted by Paul-Michael Agapow - (www)

pop-a-squat - "Have a seat," usually on the ground or floor.

e.g., Good to see you. Pop-a-squat, then grab a brewski.

submitted by Rose Peterson

pop-diddilly-oppin' - What's going On?

e.g., Hey guys, what's popdiddillyoppin'?

submitted by Mark

pop-tart - A bastardized version of "prostitot." Can be applied to older tarts as well.

e.g., Madonna is queen of the pot-tarts.

submitted by Sin - (www)

popaganda - Pop culture as propaganda

e.g., "Punk Rock in the 70's & 80's was rebellious, but in the 90's it became commercial popaganda."

submitted by elvishinchains - (www)

popalot - In Russian "popa" is butt. In English "lot" is much.

e.g., My girlfriend has popalot.

submitted by noah

popcorn - Vehicle suddenly veering into your lane from an adjacent lane.

e.g., A popcorn caused me to stand on my brakes.

submitted by georget

pope-sex - To engage in sexual activity, but stop short of copulation.

e.g., No, I haven't slept with her yet. We're still at the pope-sex stage.

submitted by jazzbo

pope-tastic - Something really cool--pope-worthy.

e.g., That last show was pope-tastic.

submitted by Troy

poped - Pooped from too much coverage of Pope Francis's visit to the United States.

e.g., Sheesh, I had no idea when I switched to the news that I'd get poped as fast as I did.

submitted by HD Fowler

popkin - Sandwich

e.g., Let's grab a popkin.

submitted by cable

popo - Ebonics slang for "police." Used derogatorily or antagonistically.

e.g., Oh, snap, it's the popo.

submitted by Mike Sedita

poppies - Styrofoam peanuts.

e.g., We just got a shipment of poppies in, so now we can send things out and they won't get broken.

submitted by ditnis

popplemiff - A female maniac.

e.g., Rachel is a popplemiff. Does that maker her mother a popplemilf?

submitted by Kati McIntyre

poppysmic -

Michael Quinion: WorldWideWords Poppysmic refers to the noise produced by smacking the lips together.

It comes from the Latin poppysma, via the defunct French popisme. Romans used the original for a kind of lip-smacking, clucking noise that signified satisfaction and approval, especially during lovemaking. In French, it referred to the tongue-clicking tsk-tsk sound that riders use to encourage their mounts.

You probably won’t encounter it in your local newspaper any day soon. Its only occurrence in the public prints that I’ve been able to find is this:

She has a passion for interesting words -- quidnunc, poppysmic -- and an assistant (Greer) at her shop who despairs at her poor taste in men.

Belfast Telegraph, 9 Oct. 2009.

Its source is appropriate, since the only writer in English known to have used our word was the Irishman James Joyce, in a stage direction in Ulysses: “Florry whispers to her. Whispering lovewords murmur, liplapping loudly, poppysmic plopslop.”

e.g., I stood in the corner, almost poppysmicing with delight that this splendid girl had smiled at me after serving me a dish of cookies.

submitted by HD Fowler

poppysprut - Word taking the place of jibberish.

e.g., Don't talk poppysprut to me.

submitted by Justin - (www)

popsych - Pop psychology. Used to describe trendy, but unproven psychological or psychiatric treatments or theories -- usually culled from the pages of Psychology Today.

e.g., That left brain/right brain stuff is all popsych.

submitted by jim barclay

poptart - Any person who has terrible, mainstream only tastes in music.

e.g., That poptart just bought an Evanescence cd and a Christina Aguilera cd at the same time.

submitted by hugh

popticornucopia - A large machine for popping popcorn, especially a heavy duty popper, much in use and popping great volumes of fresh hot popcorn.

e.g., In the big city one of the most popular motion picture theatres there has a magnificent popticornucopia that you have to see to believe, of extraordinary volume, enamel and goldleaf and ebony, and fanciful playful carvings. The corn is a bit pricy though, 5 cents a kernel.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

populapage - A web page that is so popular that it is updated every five minutes.

e.g., My site,, is a waste of space, while my brother's page,, is a populapage.

submitted by Jesse

popullution - Pollution caused by excess population.

e.g., The citizens of large cities suffer from the effects of popullution.

submitted by velvet hansen

populonely - Feeling of loneliness even when you're surrounded by people.

e.g., Although I was surrounded by my mates, I was still populonely. Mus mean I was born a populone.

submitted by Lisa

populous - Also "populus" = populace, a noun. I see the misspelling (an adjective) so often I thought it deserved to be enshrined in the pseudodictionary. Let's hope we get lucky and this never becomes remotely acceptable as an alternative spelling of populace. A not uncommon misspelling. Not bothering with the notation (sic) in the examples.

e.g., Incorrect use, ripskull's comment: "Can you imagine Roosevelt trying to win WWII with today's populous?" |  
Correct use, The Green City: "But mass movement driven by the need for food and 'environmental security' in today's populous world would cause enormous ecological and -- more worryingly -- geopolitical disruptions." |  
jewamongyou: "Ancient Roman graffiti was meant to be read and understood by the general populous." |  
"by nomoregames August 28, 2011 8:36 PM EDT  
We need to place a few more names on the list of the unemployed, lets begin with Barak Obama and then go onto Joe, Janet, Eric, Nancy, Harry, and all the rest who get ENTITLEMENTS from the populus for screwing said populus at every turn. Obama and his backdoor amnesty to buy the POTUS the same way the Yankees tries to buy World Series is a sham. The American people have spoken loud and clear about the Dream Act and another Amnesty yet King Obama just whistles his way to the Vineyard, when is enough enough."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

popupcloseaphobia - Being afraid of closing a pop up window, for fear that it may never pop up again.

e.g., When a pop up window saying that I had won $5 popped up, I got popupcloseaphobia.

submitted by Jesse

porange - A color comprised of pink and orange. It is pinker than peach and oranger than flesh color.

e.g., She had the customized color porange mixed at the paint counter of the hardware store. God help her if she ever needs any more. They'll never be able to match it right.

submitted by Jane Daugherty Martin

porange - The receptacle into which a seatbelt clicks.

e.g., When you get into the car always click your seatbelt into the porange.

submitted by zoe katz

porcelain bus - Toilet. Also the porcelain queen, when you're throwing up after drinking too much.

e.g., I got some bad clams, and had to spend several hours driving the porcelain bus.

submitted by Alan C. Baird - (www)

porcelain library - The books and magazines in a bathroom. Ran across the term in a book review at, the first example.


  • Amazon » Review of How to Avoid Huge Ships » "Must Find My Glasses" by K.Regn: "I have suffered with IBS lo these many years and I was looking for something, anything, to get some relief. But when I saw this on the site I wasn't wearing my glasses, and I thought the p was a t. Of course it is full of good information, and since I end up in the Porcelain Library quite often, at least I have something to look forward to reading when I'm there. Thanks Amazon." |

  • General Counsel to Go » "Big Law Firms Don't Want Software Companies to See This!": "Do some big law firm lawyers really bill their clients for 'working in the porcelain library'? Yes, and we can imagine the hypothetical defense, 'but that's were I do my best thinking.'" |

  • MUSEologies » "The Porcelain Library is Still Sacrosanct": "After taking a random poll, the results are in: The Porcelain Library is still a sacred, holy and venerable place of excogitation. Some have even gone so far as to describe this inner sanctum as their personal Nirvana (at least until the ole’ legs go a bit numb).  
    What room in the house still offers such privacy and seclusion? The Porcelain Library may be the last bastion for uninterrupted contemplation. Yep, we know. This is the age of youthful, energetic and engaged technological wizards who will roll their eyes at the above photo and consider it akin to the outhouse. . . .  
    But, for many out there . . . we steal away and sit among our scrolls on Mr. Crapper’s marvelous invention that technology somehow can’t seem to touch." [Not to spoil this for anyone, but Thomas Crapper did not invent the crapper. Butt he made many improvements. |

  • "What Magazines are in your Porcelain Library?" |

  • The Training Buffet, Help Yourself » "Great Literature for the Porcelain Library": "It seems one of the times he was at my home for dinner he went into my bathroom and picked up a copy of my Bathroom Reader. As he sat in my porcelain library reading he became hooked on the wonderfully useless information. So much so that he went out and bought his own, and has been ever since.  
    While we were talking today and he was giving me credit on helping him close sales he told me that over the past years he has used information he got from Bathroom Readers to help start sales presentations, establish rapport with customers, keep conversations going, and most of all some of the facts he has used as features and benefits." |

  • This Is Your Brain on Shamrocks » Page 39: "Like every man who needs to concentrate on an important document, I took the pamphlet into “the porcelain library.” I began to get lightheaded when the words started rushing at me." |

  • Aunt Daisy Knows » Page 42: "Marty stumbled through the motions then decided to catch up on his morning reading in the new porcelain library while waiting the needed time for the coffee to brew." |

  • Every Goodbye Ain't Gone » Page 11: "Yeah, I'm gonna pop my fingers and read Malcolm, Fanon, Dick Wright, and Baraka while in the porcelain library, where the bare bulb is going to jump to each thunderous grunt." |

  • The Official Book of Innovation » Page 5: "Have you ever had a brainstorm while showering, sitting in the porcelain library or just relaxing? That's why gimmicks try to teach you techniques that aren't really useful. . . . I'm not going to attempt to give you a system to be more innovative." |

  • Neil Young FAQ » on NYFAQ: "Absolutely Required Readin": "It is also the sort of easy-read that sits easily atop the personal porcelain library, ready to be opened up at any chapter for a quick and entertaining, but also informative look." |

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

porcelain telephone - Receptacle of vomit, usually the toilet. From the phrase, "Calling Ralph and Hughie on the porcelain telephone."

e.g., Q: How was the party? A: Not good. I spent all night talking on the porcelain telephone.

submitted by Adam Leslie

porcellus - (n.) a toe (from the Latin for "little pig"). Each of the toes is thus named (beginning with the hallux or big toe): Porcellus fori "the little pig who went out [to market]"; Porcellus domi "the little pig in the house"; Porcellus carnivorus "the little pig which eats meat"; Porcellus nonvoratus "the little pig who hasn't eaten"; and Porcellus plorans "the little pig who cried [all the way home]." (from the old nursery rhyme, actual names proposed by a physician at Yale or Johns Hopkins or somewhere.)

e.g., "He got angry and kicked a rock and broke all his porcelli." | "I have an ingrown toenail on my porcellus carnivorus."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

porch monkey - A really lame or annoying person who is slightly out of step with the rest of the world.

e.g., If your idea of a good party is sitting around with 3D glasses and staring at last year's SI swimsuit magazine while sipping an import, you are a major porch monkey.

submitted by Jota W.

porchclimber - Cheap wine; or any wine that is consumed through the course of an entire evening.

e.g., I saw Curtis drinking porchclimber last night, I wonder how he fared today?

submitted by Jeff D.

porchpants - The pants you wear on a porch.

e.g., Check out these porchpants. They have special padding on the back, so they're made for sitting on a porch

submitted by james martin

porctagony - The painful result of contracting trichinellosis, also called trichinosis.

What is trichinellosis? Trichinellosis, also called trichinosis, is caused by eating raw or undercooked meat of animals infected with the larvae of a species of worm called Trichinella. Infection occurs commonly in certain wild carnivorous (meat-eating) animals but may also occur in domestic pigs.

What are the symptoms of a trichinellosis infection?

Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, fever, and abdominal discomfort are the first symptoms of trichinellosis. Headaches, fevers, chills, cough, eye swelling, aching joints and muscle pains, itchy skin, diarrhea, or constipation follow the first symptoms. If the infection is heavy, patients may experience difficulty coordinating movements, and have heart and breathing problems. In severe cases, death can occur.

For mild to moderate infections, most symptoms subside within a few months. Fatigue, weakness, and diarrhea may last for months.

e.g., Proctagony is frequently experienced by pregnant women, and it's bad enough. But I'll take that over porctagony any day.

submitted by HD Fowler

porcudillo - A crazy animal created when a porcupine and an armidillo mated.

e.g., I wonder if porcudillos can roll into a ball or defend themselves with spikes.

submitted by Jeff

porculent - Fat, round, succulent.

e.g., The platy fish is two weeks overdue with 100 fry and is looking rather porculent.

submitted by Janet

porculent - Inequitably wealthy or fat from political pork. Porculence.

e.g., West Virginia has become porculent from having Senator Byrd serve so long and so powerfully.

submitted by Howard J. Wilk

pordexporia - Like "[diaspora?]" this word is used to include all people from Goa, India who have emigrated from the state country but still maintain that they are Goans. From "pordex," Konkani for "abroad."

e.g., If only the teeming pordexporia contributed one dollar each towards environement awareness, Goa would be a greener place.

submitted by Cecil Pinto

porg - Politically correct word for a short person, stands for "person of restricted growth."

e.g., His new girlfriend is a bit of a porg.

submitted by tim dunk

porkarooter - A portentous fellow who eats everything in sight with the efficiency of a garbage compactor.

e.g., Do not leave the pound cake unattended. The porkarooter will do away with it.

submitted by Jazzbel

porken - Pork and Chicken have a baby and then we eat it.

e.g., I ate the porken last week.

submitted by Kory Henrichs

porkify - 1. To turn into pork; the art or science of transforming a non-pork item into pork. 2. To make oneself satisfied and paralyzed.

e.g., 1. After porkifying the apple, it was subsequently made of ham. 2. He was so porkified after dinner that he couldn't stand up.

submitted by Scott Stein - (www)

porky pies - Cockney rhyming slang for "lies."

e.g., Are you telling porky pies?

submitted by stu - (www)

porky road - A very good flavor of ice cream, once made by Lawson's Dairy of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. It was sold in half gallons and consisted of chocolate ice cream with marshmallow ripple and chopped nuts.

e.g., Nowadays other companies make something similar to Porky Road ice cream, but now it's called something like Rocky Road or the like. Lawson's also made Strawberry Marshmallow ice cream which was wonderful, and Buttered Almond, and even Licorice Ripple in quarts, which didn't sell very well.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

porky-pigged - To stumble through a statement or conversation.

e.g., M: How was your date last night? T: Oh, it was terrible. He seemed nice enough, but he Porky-Pigged his way through the entire evening.

submitted by Tina - (www)

porn again christian - Hypocrite who says one thing and then does another -- a religious zealot who surfs pornographic web sites.

e.g., He pretended to be righteous, but he was just a porn again Christian

submitted by Kim - (www)

porn cone - (n.) The unbridled spread of the effects of pornography: lust, infidelity, violence, crime, exploitation, alienation, hatred, and loneliness, viewed graphically as a point exponentially expanding into a wider and wider area like a plague ... well, no: not like a plague: _as_ a plague. Because it is a plague, a fetid, festering, squalid, filthy plague. It's like addicting people to rat poison. [A metathesis of "corn porn," although I have no idea why my brain got here from "corn pone" of all things.]

e.g., A porn cone is an angle

submitted by scott m. ellsworth - (www)

porn hydra - A porn website that is nearly impossible to kill -- when you close one window, several others pop up in its place. The only way to kill a porn hydra is to shut down your entire browser.

e.g., Quick, get rid of the porn hydra before your boss comes over here!

submitted by Samm - (www)

pornado - A series of cascading pornographic websites, where attempting to close one opens several more, each in turn opening several more.

e.g., I was checking my e-mail, opened some spam, and got caught in a pornado. Just as my mother walked by, too. | Nothing much worse than getting caught in a pornado when surfing the internet with your granddaughter.

submitted by Pat

pornado - Suddenly receiving an excessive amount of unsolicited pornographic e-mail spam.

e.g., Where did all this pornado spam crap come from? I'll bet it was sent by that asshole who uses as her e-mail address. Let's get 'er.

submitted by Shayne

pornantic - A romantic act or even a romantic utterance by someone during rowdy sex.

e.g., He told me he loved me when I said he could handcuff me to the headboard.... Wasn't that pornantic?

submitted by Jessica Norene & Amy Avery

pornetry - Pornographic poetry.

e.g., Her poetry was so pornographic we dubbed it pornetry.

submitted by Brandy - (www)

pornhography - Explicit sexual literature or film depicting obese women engaging in acts of sexual debauchery.

e.g., Hey, did you see Wayne's new girlfriend? She's so fat, she could be a pornhography star.

submitted by Wayne CC

pornice - To be squashed to the ground in an undignified position, as by a higher force damning one.

e.g., And we porniced down here, suffer untimely our mortal drosses.

submitted by julien hart

pornificate - Putting inanimate objects into pornographic positions.

e.g., Someone came in and pornificated my Barbie collection while I was out at a Star Trek convention.

submitted by Fran

pornithologist - A person who enjoys looking at dirty birds.

e.g., Andy Oddie is also a renowned pornithologist...allegedly, of course.

submitted by Andy Granulated

porno - A short public service or self-help video. Features low quality music and acting and a wardrobe that is noticeably out of style. Usually seen in high school, college, and government buildings

e.g., I was in Consumer Economics today and we had to watch a porno on supply and demand.

submitted by Kurt - (www)

pornobyte - A number representing the sum total of all the world's bandwidth and computer memory devoted to depictions of hot teens, college girls, dripping wet cheerleaders, young hung farm boys, certain Japanese terms for which no god-fearing human would want the translation, and exploited midgets. An exponentially expanding, vast number.

e.g., Whoa, we've got a pornobyte of data to wade through this weekend to get that report ready.

submitted by Jordan Stratford - (www)

pornocracy - A system that is obscene or corrupted.

e.g., Mandatory arbitration which caters to large corporate sponsors at the expense of legitimate consumer rights is a pornocracy, an obscene misuse of power by the system designed to enforce such rights.

submitted by J. Finder

pornocrat - A person in power who abuses his or her position of trust for selfish motivations.

e.g., The judge was a pornocrat, always siding with the police even though many of the cases involved illegal procedures and physical abuse of suspects.

submitted by J. Finder

pornograph - An imaginary high-tech device for playing pornography.

e.g., When my mom caught my brother stashing some questionable materials in his closet, she subtly indicated he should get that stuff gone, quipping that our "pornograph" was broken.

submitted by natalie

pornorexia, pornorexic - Looking at porn long enough to actually forget to eat and begin to lose weight. Anywhere from 12 hours to two-three days or more.

e.g., He looks like he lost some weight. He's gone pornorexic.

submitted by Muirwylde

pornoscan - To scan with an Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) scanner. Since the devices effectively show a nude body, they are sometimes called RapeAScans

e.g., One point no one has been mentioning: not all airports have the scanners. If you go through one of them, and are carrying metal in your body (artificial joints, rods, screws, etc.), you will be subjected to the punitive "enhanced pat down." There is no choice. You’re going to be groped, even if you’re willing to be pornoscanned.

submitted by [beth meacham] - (www)

pornounce, pornunciation - The way one pronounces offensive words.

e.g., Do you suppose that when President Bush curses he mispornounces as bad as he does at other times?

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

pornpilferer - A guy that watches entirely too much porn, or goes to the store reads it and won't buy it.

e.g., That pornpilferer Mitch still hasn't brought back _Debbie Does Dallas_.

submitted by Norton - (www)

pornstache - pornstache n. a long, full, roughly trimmed mustache shorter than a handlebar mustache, worn without a beard, and with ends that hang down over the corners of the mouth. Also porn stache, porno stache. Etymological Note: Following the style of pornography actor John Holmes. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

e.g., No, I don't actually have a pornstache. I was just kidding. I don't have real tattoos either, just three dots to make sure the x-ray beam is aimed at the right place.

submitted by [Grant Barrett]

porrener - A porrener is a person who walks around with limp wrists, often with elbows bent. People often walk into a room, forget the reason for their visit and stare blankly into space and porren, trying to remember why they are in the room. Porrening is also when effeminate people flick their hands with a limp wrist so that their fingers are pinting to the ground and say things such as "Oh ricky! You ARE a devil!"

e.g., The bishop is a porrener. He's also from out of town.

submitted by Pictionary Jones

porridge-wog - A Scot.

e.g., Tony Blair *sounds* English, but he was born and educated in Scotland. He's just another porridge-wog Labour politician.

submitted by Bob Fewings

portable roof - Umbrella.

e.g., It's supposed to rain later. Better grab a portable roof before you go out.

submitted by George William Heckert III - (www)

portanization - Relating the current city you live in to another city that has a port. I am from Davenport, IA, but I now live in Ames, IA; in order to portanize Ames, I would call it, "A-port". I currently call Davenport "D-port". This can be done with any city in order to make the city more important in the eye of the beholder.

e.g., Jim is always portanizing cities to give them class. (A-port, D-port, KC-port... etc...)

submitted by jennifer

portical - (POR-tic-al; n.) 1. a. The space needed for the opening and closing of a door, rendering it essentially useless; b. An area, square, indentation, box, addition, or whatever on a house plan, added to a room to give it room for the sweep of a door without depriving the room of the space needed for the door. 2. a. The area immediately in front of a door as opposed to an entire porch or stoop; b. The area immediately behind a door, aka an entryway. [from portico 'colonnade, porch' + portal 'gate, door'] 3. A little door. [from portal 'porch' + -icula 'small' (suffix)]

e.g., 1. His room is bigger than mine, but it's only the five square feet of the portical. 2. They spent a good hour saying goodbye on the portical. 3. "What is that portical? a closet?" "Nope: it's a break in the space-time continuum, it lets in trolls." "What?---no, seriously." "Dead serious. You want I should sic a troll on y---wait! don't open it! You'll--- ... well, there goes another paying tenant." "Dad? where's that guy you were showing the apartment to? ... Oh, not again. Can't you stop them from getting eaten by the trolls?" "Sorry."

submitted by scott m. ellsworth

portpolebacktackaround - A relatively simple sailing maneouvre that goes completly wrong.

e.g., They poor bloke look to be in an awful mess over there after completing a portpolebacktackaround. | We need to concentrate at this mark rounding so we don't have a portpolebacktackaround.

submitted by David Norman

portugeezer - An elderly resident of Portugal.

e.g., The Portugeezers from Lisbon were the last ones to get off the tour bus.

submitted by Deacon

pos - Parents Over Shoulder. When you are instant messaging someone and you are talking about something that you don't want your parents to know about and they walk in the room.

e.g., Don't talk about how I shaved the cat anymore. POS.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme - (www)

poser - 1. Someone who goes to great lengths to appear to be something she is not, especially one who pretends to be a skater. 2. Something inadequate or inferior. (Second use coined by the mighty poser Brandon Bingham of Sacramento, CA.)

e.g., She can't even stand on skates! Get the poser! OR Good, you didn't get the weak poser corn dogs.

submitted by Zippy Von Zippy

posh - Port Out Starboard Home. "Allegedly written on early 20th century steamer tickets from England to India, specifying that the passenger wanted a cabin on the shady side of the ship; OED disagrees."

e.g., I definitely want my tickets marked POSH.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

poshed - 1. Something that was at one time popular, fashionable or posh, but is now old or overdone. 2. An old fad whose time has passed and is now out-of-style.

e.g., Nobody wears those pants anymore. They're poshed. | As soon as word spread that someone got sick, the new restaurant quickly went from posh to poshed.

submitted by Andre D - (www)

poshie - Poshie = porridge, specifically "proper Scottish Porridge"-- made with oatmeal boiled for at least 2 hours, only salt added. This is a NE Scotland (Aberdeenshire) term, invented by my grandfather.

e.g., Yon poshie's affa het, ken! Awa' an pit sae mik onnit, min.

submitted by Karen

poshterior - A female's large, yet extremely well-shaped, rear end. A plushterior would be a well-padded posterior.

e.g., Jane may be "plain" but her poshterior is "superior."

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

poshuesel - An irritation on the skin that hurts when you touch it.

e.g., Ouch, I have a posheusel on my thumb.

submitted by adam j. sontag - (www)

posinegative - Indifferent

e.g., I dont care. I feel posinegative

submitted by Bob Engelbert

positions of powder - Top level jobs held by ... the weaker sex. (Wonder if that will get me in trouble. I saw it used recently, so I thought I'd give it a try. By Camille Paglia, well-known feminist?)

e.g., "Looks like there are some people in positions of powder that still value America and the Rule of Law. I plan to reach out to his office with a message of gratitude and support. I urge others to do the same. Judge Sullivan Chambers: (202) 354-xxxx, or Courtroom Deputy: Mark Coates (202) 354-xxxx."

submitted by Miss Speller

posmind - means a good feeling!

e.g., That person gives me a severe posmind!

submitted by George

posolutely - Positively and absolutely.

e.g., "Are you REALLY SURE Jane just married a narcoleptic midget?" "I'm posolutely sure."

submitted by Justin Wilder

posse - One's group of extremely close friends.

e.g., Instead of having a huge party, I think we're just going to invite the posse.

submitted by Sarah

possebility - When you're trying to put together your posse, you have to consider all the possebilities. Occasssionally posssibility, although the meaning is a bit different.

e.g., When Will Kane was trying to put together a posse at high noon, he found that his possebilities were very limited. Zero, in fact.

submitted by Miss Speller

possibilitist - A unique person or entrepreneur who sees the impossible and makes it possible (or at least attempts to make it possible).

e.g., Only a possibilitist would take tumbleweed and market it as exlusive furniture in the U.K.

submitted by Justin McCullough - (www)

possum jockey - A small-minded man with little vision or motivation.

e.g., That possum jockey has cost me another client.

submitted by blair

possumbilities - The range of options available from a type of opponent, who is steely reticent, bland of face and expressionless, while playing games of skill involving cards.

e.g., Poker night, well into the wee hours. The pot's pretty good sized, all of the other guys have folded, and it's just Walt and me. I have two pair, ten high, Walt's raised me twenty, and it's my call. Across the table, Walt stares smugly at me, with his patented "dead" look, tired brown eyes over sagging heavy bags, brow furrowed, looking like a modern day Wallace Berry, not saying a word, but I can almost hear him sarcastically questioning, "Okay, what are YOU going to do?" Is he bluffing? Or is his remarkably lucky streak, strong this evening, going to continue? I have mere seconds to assess the possumbilities.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

possuming - "Playing possum", as in pretending to be asleep, when in fact, you are faking it.

e.g., "Is he really asleep, or just possuming so he doesnt have to listen to you?"

submitted by Janet Lampe

post apoc-old-yptic period - The condition of life following the onset of old age.

e.g., Having endured the loss of hearing, health, hair, eyesight, continence, memory, mobility,vitality, dignity, respect, and good looks . . . and, gaining warts, lesions, wrinkles, papery skin, bad digestion, hemorrhroids ,arthritis, asthma, varicose veins, cataracts, ugly weight, stooped shoulders, baggy eyes, and unruly ear, nose and mole hairs . . . the post apoc-old-yptic period is every Monday through Sunday.

submitted by charlie lesko

post post post - A picture of a post that was posted for posting.

e.g., A friend posted two pictures for one of my Long Island Motor Parkway pages, "", which I posted there; they were of old Motor Parkway posts. One was on Old Searingtown Road and the other was behind a VFW Post. That makes the first an Old Searingtown Road post post post and the second a VFW Post post post post. :·)

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

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