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p the q - Pop the Question, propose marriage.

e.g., Holy cow, I just have a feeling that Jason is going to P the Q.

submitted by Kendra

póg mo thóin - Pog mo thoin. Irish Gaelic for "Kiss my ass."

e.g., "For my own amusement, I told a bunch of my friends, the Irish Gaelic phrase 'Pog mo thoin' means, 'Happy St. Patrick's Day.' I lied."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

p'toon - 1. (Militry) Two or more squads, 2. (Saloons and tonsorial establishments) Repository for squirts and quids.

e.g., 1. P'toon, HALT. 2. What a mess. He missed the p'toon.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

p,lsb - Poor, Long-Suffering Bride. From Jim Lewin'sbook flaps: musings of a smalltime bookseller:: "A Flappers' Dictionary". Some of the following flapper slang has already been added to the pdeudodictionar. More and more expansive definitions|descriptions and examples will be added … soon -- soon, at least in terms of geological time and the age of the universe. JimL sez, : "Originally published in the July 1922 edition of FLAPPER magazine, this dictionary went into some detail, listing the group's slang and providing definitions. In the process, it also provided an insight: through the slang we can begin to discern attitudes and priorities and the mindset of the adherents. And the adherents, after all, were our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Who knew?" Absent Treatment -- Dancing with a bashful partner. Airedale -- A homely man. Alarm Clock -- Chaperon. Anchor -- Box of flowers. Apple Knocker -- A hick; a hay-shaker. Apple Sauce -- Flattery; bunk. Barlow -- A girl, a flapper, a chicken. Bank's Closed -- No petting allowed; no kisses. Barneymugging -- Lovemaking. Bee's Knees -- See "Cat's Pajamas" Bell Polisher -- A young man addicted to lingering in vestibules at 1 a.m. Bean Picker -- One who patches up trouble and picks up spilled beans. Berry Patch -- A man's particular interest in a girl. Berries -- Great. Biscuit -- A pettable flapper. Big Timer -- (n. masc.) -- A charmer able to convince his sweetie that a jollier thing would be to get a snack in an armchair lunchroom; a romantic. A Flappers' Dictionary (Thanks, JimL, via Submitterator!)

e.g., "My P,LSB, ready and eager to join the movement, was amused by the term 'Father Time' and couldn't help but notice that it applied to one of us at the dinner table. And that was fine, until I pointed out that 'Rock of Ages' might also have a present application."

submitted by [Lillith, for Jim Lewin] - (www)

p.a.t. - Pitching a Tent.

e.g., Look, I'm PAT.

submitted by Richard Drawdy

p.i.g - Pretty Intelligent Girl. Used when a female is called a pig.

e.g., Chris: You're a PIG. Beth: Yes, I know I'm a pretty intellegent girl.

submitted by rach

p.m.s. - Permanent Male Syndrome. May be used for a male who is either continually unintelligent or behaving in a rude, chauvinistic manner.

e.g., Rose: Mally's new boyfriend isn't very bright. Deb: I'll say. He must suffer from P.M.S. I know she suffers from his condition ... and not just monthly.

submitted by Amanda Arcand

p.o. - Painfully obvious.

e.g., It is p.o. to me that you are not interested in returning my calls.

submitted by lisa

p.t. boredom - A putdown directed at someone with a rather bombastic or otherwise stentorian style of delivery such as is liable to drive the audience to outright boredom or ennui. (Patterned, obviously, on American showman P.T. Barnum, who was known for his exaggerated, bombastic approaches; the term itself is from an episode of Nickelodeon's "Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.")

e.g., "Top THAT, P.T. Boredom," Cindy Vortex, to Jimmy Neutron.

submitted by Larry Ellis Reed - (www)

p.u. or pee-yeuw - Exclamation used when one encounters something that stinks, something that smells foul.

e.g., My friend Goo says, "P.U." From the song "Goo" by Sonic Youth (1990) from the CD of the same name.

submitted by Dave

p2c2e - A process too complicated to explain. From Salman Rushdie's Haroun and the Sea of Stories.

e.g., How the atom can be split using a toaster and a household drill? Well, I'm afraid that's a p2c2e.

submitted by mad

p9zza - Pizza, as originated by a typo.

e.g., Wow, I sure am hungry. Do you have any leftover p9zza in the fridge?

submitted by megu - (www)

pab - Poor Arse Bastard. Someone who is faced with the menial, boring, time-wasting, painful. or stupid in extreme doses.

e.g., If you read human-baboon's entries, you're a PAB.

submitted by human_baboon

pablumia - A universal name for urban communities whose ambiances of uniqueness and regional flavor have been eradicated in favor of cookie cutter chain retail stores, restaurants, background music, entertainment and interchangeable local residents all dressed as Americans. The word is from the baby food, Pablum, which has a bland consistency and is completely tasteless.

e.g., No matter where the traveler goes today, he finds himself in Pablumia. Shed a tear for the excitement of shopping in other lands -- London might as well be Laredo. (Thanks to grammarfreak for the idea).

submitted by Charlie Lesko

pac-man - Pac-man: To reduce a large task, job or mission into small and manageable bite-sized pieces. These small bite-sized pieces of a project can later be assembled to form a completed task, job or mission.

e.g., Mr. Chivo Expiatorio knew that the many illegal charges laid against him would require him to adopt a pac-man approach in researching, reading, and understanding the legal process. Bite by researched bite, digested pieces by reading pieces, his fueling would come from his consumed power pellets that would drive his understanding of the legal process.

submitted by Albert D. Pereira - (www)

pachaka - Defeating end of show.

e.g., It was a great pachaka when he tried to hit the ball but was clean bold.

submitted by Mukund Kaduskar

pachinko - Addictive. From the same-named Japanese gambling game, similar to a slot maching.

e.g., The abuseatron is very pachinko. I can't stop visiting it.

submitted by EggieChan

pachycephalic - An eggheaded way of saying someone is thick-headed or dense. From the Latin pachys "thick" + cephalus "head."

e.g., Don't bother trying to explain servers to him. He's pachycephalic when it comes to computers.

submitted by Shaduan

pachydermatology - The branch of medicine that is concerned with the physiology and pathology of elephant skin.

e.g., Let's get a vet that specializes in pachydermatology to treat Jumbo's rash.

submitted by Robert Shaver - (www)

pachydermic - This word describes the hugest scariest needle of all time -- one that makes the squeamish faint dead away -- because it looks exactly as though it could inoculate an elephant.

e.g., "Omigosh!" Sarah cried in horror. "You're not going to inject me with that pachydermic needle, are you? Do I look like an elephant?"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

pacific - precise

e.g., John said he wanted to be very pacific on this one point

submitted by August Busso

pacific northwet - The states of Oregon and Washington, based on their seemingly perpetual state of rain.

e.g., I'm from Portland, in the Pacific NorthWet.

submitted by Eleri (from rain_man)

pacific student time - Not to be confused with Pacific Standard Time (PST). One of the more unusual time zones. Although there are no cities that run on Pacific Student Time, a certain portion of the population in many university towns live on it. It is characterised by unscheduled shifts back and forward due to clubbing, movies, parties, games, and, very occasionally, classes. Due to these seemingly random shifts, many people who live on PST can either be regarded as being immune to jet lag, or alternatively living in a permanent state of jet lag.

e.g., I live on Pacific Student Time -- 8 pm is lunch time.

submitted by Nicholas Daley

pacificly - Alternativee spelling for specifically.

e.g., I pacificly told Andrew to clean the bagpipes.

submitted by emily and richard

pacify - Military lingo for securing a hostile area, usually by killing the hostiles therein.

e.g., We pacified the landing zone and brought the choppers in.

submitted by qnarf

pack totem - Tattoo used by all members of a gang or group.

e.g., Yeah, our Pack Totem is a blue and purple skull. Reminds us who our friends are, ya know?

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

pack up - A pack up is a meal that is pre-prepared and taken away to be eaten at another time, e.g., a picnic or school lunch. It can be packed into a variety of receptacles for transport and storage including a brown paper bag, a plastic box, or simply wrapped in clingfilm or foil.

e.g., Brook Harrison reached the highest point at Brimham Rocks and decided to have a bite to eat and a drink. She pulled out her pack up and munched down on some delicious quiche.

submitted by Joe Grice

pack-a-hurdle - Large group of exceptionally stupid people.

e.g., I feel like I'm trapped in a pack-a-hurdle.

submitted by Brian

packetize - To arrange or assemble various printed materials into packets.

e.g., In preparation for the weekly staff meeting, he packetized all the information for his staff members.

submitted by Andy Swanda

packles - Southern (esp. Louisiana) variant pronunciation of really good homemade "pickles."

e.g., Mmmm-mm-mmmmm, yoo shur do make sum fine packles Steve-O.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

packratism - The affliction of people who packrat. Sort of an addiction to clutter.

e.g., Jacque suffers from packratism.

submitted by Mark Vande Brake

packy - An alcohol distributor--package store.

e.g., I went to the packy and picked up some vodka.

submitted by dave

padack - Cool, great, good.

e.g., Some of the words are not like the others. Some are actually pretty padack.

submitted by afroman

padapers - Kids' slippers that look boot-like. Made of corduroy with flannel lining.

e.g., I am going to wear my padapers so my feet won't get cold!

submitted by Trisha

padeep - The sound a frog makes.

e.g., The padeep of the bullfrog kept me up all night.

submitted by Heidi Orris

padiddle - Exactly the same definition as "stalebo." It is well known and accepted here in the Ohio valley.

e.g., That's not a cop behind us because that car is a padiddle.

submitted by Jason Sauer

pagesix - named after famous nyc gossip column from the New York Post. to mean: drunk, out of control party night. Completly out of the ordinary drunk/wasted. Column always discusses the crazy exploits of Celebs. If you were a celeb, and had one of those nights, you would be in PageSix.

e.g., What a night last night, I had a pagesix.

submitted by Marc

pagliaccic - Laughing like a clown.

e.g., Stop being so pagliaccic. This is serious.

submitted by Wallace White

pagonged - To reduce in count or get rid of one by one, as the Tagi tribe did to the Pagong in the first season of Survivor. A "Survivor" fan's word.

e.g., Looks like Rodger'll be next to get pagonged.

submitted by Ray

pah - A word of disgust, or discontent expressed to someone who has recently offended you.

e.g., Sally: You want to go to the movies? Joe: Nope, I've got better things to do. Sally: Pah. That's the last time I ask you.

submitted by Tim Bastedo

pahoehoe - Wonderful, smooth, well-done or well-organized, without a hitch. The opposite of "aa" q.v. From a hawaiian word, meaning "rope," used to describe a lava flow resulting in smooth, glassy terrain.

e.g., "How did the presentation go this morning?" "Pahoehoe: everything went perfectly." | "Are our gymnasts any good?" "Any good? Just watch, it's pahoehoe."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

paid - Not original. Apparently a term of venery for a bunch of teleprompters.

e.g., "Trump's speech, scrolling across a paid of teleprompters, lurched from the technical to the dramatic, touching on the mechanics of post-Haiti-earthquake Clinton Foundation relief efforts one minute, and lapsing into sweeping patriotic prose in the next."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

painality - The reality that pain becomes a companion as one ages and the injuries of youth rise up to get you again, but worse, at a later age.

e.g., The painality of his life was becoming more pronounced every day.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

painball - What paintball should be called.

e.g., No thank you. I tried painball once. That was enough for me.

submitted by HD Fowler

painfoil - The feeling of silver foil on a filling.

e.g., Ow! That was painfoil.

submitted by Brave Sir Robin

painple - A zit that hurts but doesn't show yet.

e.g., Gotta buy some Clearasil for my painple or I'm going to have a crater on my forehead in a couple of days.

submitted by Vincent

paint the town red - Definition: To have a wild time; to enjoy oneself immensely. Etymology: The origin of this phrase is unclear. Some scholars trace it back to ancient Rome, where soldiers would celebrate a victory by painting the walls of a town with blood from its defeated soldiers. Other scholars believe the phrase comes from the American frontier, where "paint" referred to liquor and "red" referred to pleasurable but illegal activities.

e.g., We graduated. Let's paint the town red!.| Lara and I painted the town red last night. I've never had so much fun before.

submitted by Malena

paint watcher - One who just sit there and stares at the wall with no concern.

e.g., Chris is a paint watcher.

submitted by derrick - (www)

paintergeist - A mischievous spirit that loves to paint -- especially where you don't want it to.

e.g., I went into the living room, and the walls were painted over with purple splotches. I think we may have a paintergeist on our hands.

submitted by ico

painus - Pain in the posterior.

e.g., Gary is being a painus. I wish he would just leave me alone.

submitted by Wild Jill - (www)

pair o' three - Occasional success, two out of three will sometimes match (like socks).

e.g., If you really check out your situation you might find that you have a pair o' three.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pairagon - Unusual but ideal solution to losing one sock in the wash.

e.g., When matching sox from the drier, I never noticed a pairagon.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

pairanoia - Two people are following me.

e.g., Having one "noia" is anoiaing enough, but watch out -- pairanoia can be more than doubly disturbing.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

pairing knife - Orchidectomy tool.

e.g., He fell under the pairing knife and got spade (q.v.).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

paisagem - It can be one place, one forest, one city.

e.g., I long to return to my paisagem.

submitted by Rita

paisting - Playing a fake word in Scrabble; bluffing. Etymology: I once won a game of Scrabble by playing "paistings," claiming it came from the word "paiste" meaning "to make white." Both are fictitious. Among my friends it has become the term for such a move.

e.g., He tried to play "xaqual" on a triple word score, but I knew he was paisting, so I challenged it.

submitted by IMG

pajam - When two things, similar or not, join together, or infuse -- similar to "ta-daa."

e.g., I had a peanut butter sandwich, and applesauce for lunch, but when I mixed them together, it was pajam in my mouth.

submitted by Colleen O'Connor - (www)

pajamaficate - Putting pajamas on kids when it's bedtime. Pajamafy, pajamafication.

e.g., OK, kids, time to pajamaficate.

submitted by Lesah

pajangle - When you wake up and realize your pajamas are turned completely around from tossing and turning.

e.g., I decided to stop wearing pajamas to bed because I was tired of waking up every morning in a pajangle.

submitted by Peckle

pajunderwear - Under garments when worn to bed for sleeping.

e.g., Tonight I'll sleep in my pajundrwear.

submitted by Billy cook

paki tobaki - [pack-ee tuh-back-ee] A special tobacco ground to the fineness of gunpowder, flavored with oriental spice, and packed into a hookah for flavorful enjoyment. This is a form of tobacco that will please all users, whether first time or seasoned smokers. And there's no need to worry about getting hooked on the hookah. (-:

e.g., All right, here I find myself in north central Arkansas. Where do I go to find paki tobaki?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pakindos - Pakistanis and East Indians living abroad.

e.g., Chris: All the Pakindos living in London think they are English. Erle: Unless they just immigrated, they are.

submitted by irfan

pal-in-drone - The one member in your neighborhood, school or social group who, in a conversation, repetitively expresses the same thought -- forward, backward, inside out, etc.

e.g., Okay, Joey, so far, in the last five minutes you've said, 1. "Hey, Shrek 3 was really cool!" 1. "Cool, really, was Shrek 3, hey?" and 3. "Shrek 3 -- hey -- was cool, really!" That's enough, we get it -- you really liked Shrek 3!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

palacious - Expansive and opulent. Large and luxurious. Spacious and palatial. Also palatious.

e.g., The hotel I checked into in Colombia was palacious. I didn't expect such a fabulous place in a third world country.

submitted by KTR

palagiarize - Asking one of your best pals to come up with a needed word for something, then hurrying home in playful rivalry to submit it to pseudodictionary under your own name.

e.g., Mary, Suz & Jayne were on a mini-vacation when Mary asked Suz for a word to descibe such female outings. After Suz suggested a clever one, Mary scooted home immediately to be first to submit it to pseudodictionary.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

palais de poulet - KFC.

e.g., Zed: Whats for dinner? Ned: Let's hit palais de poulet.

submitted by wnpxnff

palanka - word used when describing a strong feeling of dummy happiness. Can also be applied to a situation. The word comes from a contraction of Paul Anka (famous soft-cheese singer).

e.g., A real cool palanka day

submitted by lola

palare - Also spelt polaris, this is a theatrical language which is now out of date. Also associated with circus performers and gays (polari). It is common in the UK radio show "Round the Horne" in the 1960s and was used by the out of work actors Julian and Sandy.

e.g., He knows all the palare doesn't he?

submitted by Adrian Hobbs

palasynthesis - Palabra = word; synthesis = to invent/create. Palasynthesis is the invention of new words. My brother and I made that up.

e.g., Robby and I love to palasynthesize since we are both creative people.

submitted by Lisa

pale ontology - The word,"paleontology" ("the study of prehistoric forms of animal and plant life"), when split into two words, denotes a clinical, indoor, and insular examination of old, dead things. Antonym: Tan tric.

e.g., During Mark's long quest in the field of pale ontology, his only social discourse was an occasional one-way conversation with an attractive molusk from the Crustacean period.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

paleo - (PAY-lee-oh; n.) 1. A period of time long, long, long ago (e.g., before about 1980, although caveman days and dinosaurs are equally "paleo"); 2. A person from long ago (e.g., Korg the Neanderthal, Methuselah, Khufu, Hammurabi; 3. From the current 20-something POV, contemporaries of "really ancient people": Richelieu, Thomas Jefferson, Wyatt Earp, Bing Crosby, etc.; 4. Anybody who remembers the Mercury Program, the first episode of Doctor Who, the 1963 Civil Rights march, or Great Britain's switch to decimal currency. (adj.) 5. Really, really old; 6. Dating from ages past (sufficiently long ago that the era is known chiefly from archaeology or tradition); 7. (facetiously, I hope) Anything from before 1980. [From Greek_palaios_"old, ancient," as in_paleozoic_"ancient life" or_paleolithic_"ancient stone."]

e.g., "Maynard Krebs?!---Are you serious? You're going to the costume party as Maynard G. Krebs?! That is so paleo." | "Hey, I went to grade school in Annandale, Virginia! Is there still that shopping center by the Beltway with the---." "Are you kidding? Everything's got to be different by now. You are as paleo as a wooly mammoth! When did you go to school? 1970-something?" "Um, no: 1966." "1966?! What school?: Brontosaurus Elementary?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

paleohippie - An aging hipster, especially one with an AARP card.

e.g., At the Rainbow Gathering this summer we saw the full gamut -- punk to paleohippie.

submitted by Art Goodtimes - (www)

paleomingus - An era shortly after the neoCharleston period when avante guarde jazz music was cooler than that before the Ice Age.

e.g., "That's just a Paleomingus disk, Jim, -Way out! my Bee-Bop Buddy!"

submitted by Yanno

paleoposterosity - Keeping posters of famous actresses, rock stars, and other glitterati affixed to your walls long after they are no longer in vogue.

e.g., I went into Tina's room, and talk about a case of paleoposterosity: she still has Duran Duran posters covering her walls.

submitted by Paul

palicip - Pa-LIS-ep. Licking one's own lips continually, even though they are chapped and licking them only makes them hurt worse.

e.g., Nicky: "Oww. my lips are so chapped!" Lauryn: "Well, quit paliciping them!"

submitted by lauryn

palijander - An idiot, a weirdo.

e.g., Vibor ovog sajta je totalni palijander.

submitted by Vibor - (www)

palimpsest - Palimpsest: "a very old document that writing was removed from and the surface written on again. Sometimes the older writing on a palimpsest can still be read." A real word that's getting added only because I didn't recognize it when I ran across it in a review of the new James Bond film at Rotten Tomatoes.

e.g., "A Bond that, for all its grandiose production values, is little more than an anthology of previous Bonds, a palimpsest even, to be fancier about it." | For me, all but the worst of the Bond films are worth a look, palimpsest or not. Chances are excellent that I'll go to a movie theater to see it. Can hardly go wrong with a $4.32 ticket. The opening sequence will probably be worth that in entertainment value.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

palindromese - Secret language based on forming a palindrome of each spoken word.

e.g., "Did she hear you?" "Nah, we were speaking palindromese."

submitted by carl

palinphrase - To invent a word, perhaps by accident, which then becomes accepted into common usage in the English language. The New American Oxford dictionary recently named Sarah Palins word refudiate their 2010 Word of the Year.

e.g., When Suzi couldnt find the right word, shed often palinphrase or invent a new one as she was speaking.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

palk - A geriatric, trundling motion, devoid of any other deliberation bar that of the need to get to B from A.

e.g., Old Mrs Watts palked across the zebra crossing to fetch her pension.

submitted by x0n - (www)

palladium - A familiar word, used in an unfamiliar , even archaic, way: safeguard. The example is based on the fact that Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, believes the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms -- as has been decided recently in two cases that went to the Supreme Court. Hillary Clinton, the Democrat's nominee, has said the Supreme Court decided wrong. Those who favor the decisions fear she will appoint an Associate Justice to an instance of the Supreme Court that will overturn the decisions when next a gun rights case goes before them. Clinton and her supporters say the fears are unfounded, but there are people who don't trust her to be telling the truth.

e.g., "Trump, like all GOP candidates for president, is for strict obedience to the Second Amendment, which has been called the palladium of our liberty. He's allied himself with -- and been endorsed by -- the National Rifle Association."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

palligator - A supposed friend who takes advantage of you.

e.g., I no longer trust her; she's a palligator.

submitted by Bob Riedel

pally - Used either for someone who is more than an acquantiance but less than a friend or for people you don't know. Used like "Sport." As in, "Why don't you just call me Sport?"

e.g., Listen here, pally, I won't give you this orange for free. Not on your life.

submitted by tyler kellen - (www)

palm-salsa - Hand sweat

e.g., I've got serious Palm-Salsa going on here from my mouse

submitted by Chonk

palmed - confronting an acquaintance on one's way to an unrelated appointment, while insisting on spending a minimum of 15 unaffordable minutes reviewing how cool each other's Palm Pilot device is.

e.g., Sorry I'm late for the video conference, Jake. I just got palmed in the hallway.

submitted by Don Chong

palmer eldritch moment - The apparent bending of reality, as happens frequently in the sci-fi classic "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch," by Philip K. Dick.

e.g., "Hey, I read the word 'adulation' in my book the exact moment you said it." "Wow, Palmer Eldritch moment."

submitted by Adam Leslie

palmify - Enter info into your favorite PDA.

e.g., Mark forgot to palmify his girlfriend's birthday, now he is in the dog house.

submitted by Mark

palmpilot - Clueless, helpless, loser, etc.

e.g., That guy is a Palmpilot.

submitted by Cowgrrl

palms up - Stretching your arms out to the side of your body with your palms facing skyward. This is a physical response to being surprisingly disrespected or innocently wronged.

e.g., I went palms up when my car was rear-ended while it was parked.

submitted by John Carlock

palmy - Sweaty hands. | A Palm Pilot fanactic.

e.g., My hands were palmy while I was giving the speech about technology today. | He's a palmy kind of guy.

submitted by B Dailey

paloferous - Said of a person who plays ten sports.

e.g., "Did you know that your neighbor is paloferous?" "No ... should I call the authorities?"

submitted by hilow

palomine o - In politics, a "golden" personal work horse, proven to be so completely dedicated and loyal that he is willing to do anything, including taking full blame for the politician's worst mistakes.

e.g., The high-ranking politician found himself cornered, beset on all sides and running out of bullets until his trusty, old palomine o came galloping to his rescue.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

palooka - Sports slang. An incompetent or easily defeated player, especially a prize fighter. Coined by Jack Conway (1886-1928), American journalist.

e.g., I'll tell you what--he got knocked out in the 3rd round like he was a palooka.

submitted by Jacob Esparza

palookatheorem - A theorem developed during a fight.

e.g., Rocky had a palookatheorem about letting the other guy keep hitting him in order to let him wear himself out.

submitted by John Namest - (www)

paltrymony - This word describes the amount of child-care left by a dead-beat ex-husband, who moves around avoiding accountability to the court order to pay up; and then, when finally caught and forced to become accountable, has the bad taste to actually die, penniless -- making him a "double-dead-beat dad."

e.g., Chris died a "double-dead-beat dad" who was famous for the paltrymony he grudgingly provided while living, and for having the bad taste to die rather than pay his child-care arrears.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

palum- - Prefix. Meaning that the word being modified is taken to the extreme.

e.g., Washing dishes for your occupation would make you palumpoor.

submitted by Macro - (www)

palusade - From the Latin "palus" or marsh, a decorative or constructed bog or marsh in an urban environment.

e.g., Between the Museum of Natural Science and the Houston Garden Center is a bog or palusade constructed many years ago by the Men's Garden Club.

submitted by Gerre

pamnesia - An undiagnosable condition named for TV and radio personality Pam Stone, wherein one tries to change TV channels with a beer can while attempting to drink from the remote control.

e.g., I bought groceries while I was out and picked up some goldfish for my son's tank. When I tried to show him his new fish, they were nowhere to be found. They were discovered in the freezer, next to my Haggen-Daas. What a freakin' bad time to have pamnesia.

submitted by Lee Traxler - (www)

pamplonage - The false sense of optimism stockbrokers exhibit just before the market tanks.

e.g., Bull, that's just pamplonage designed to get investors to shell out more money for their fleecing.

submitted by David Duimstra

panama - (n.) A woman (or man) who acts as she if unaware of her obvious effect on members of the other sex; (v.) to affect such obliviousness; (adj.) of or pertaining to such an affectation. (From the Latin hic pannus "this [old] rag" -- after the stereotypical, ostensibly self-effacing response to a compliment on one's clothes).

e.g., "Gretchen, I. . . ." "Why are you sweating so bad?" "Gretchen, we've been together now for. . . ." "Why are you kneeling?" "Oh, come on, Gretch, don't give me the panama, I'm proposing!" | "So, what did he say? Why do women always want to talk to him?" "He says he didn't notice." ". . . You gotta be kidding! What a panama."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

panchymagogue - "Medicine purging body fluids from the body." From -- which no longer exists.

e.g., "I can't believe you tongue-kissed Chris -- here, you'll need this panchymagogue."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pancipacious - One who acts as if she is willing and eager to meet, go out with, or otherwise see you ... and then does not.

e.g., All the girls we met this year turned out to be pancipacious.

submitted by daniel

pandanous - Fairly average or boring.

e.g., My weekend was pretty pandanous.

submitted by kyeron

pandastard - The illegitimate offspring from the congress of a woman and a panda.

e.g., That feature news lady on NBC is a total pandastard.

submitted by Charles Bozonier

pandemocramps - A very contagious condition spread every 4 years (prezlekt).

e.g., Pandemocramps cause your gut to hurt, headache, nausea -- relieved by avoiding all things political, fresh oxygen, and eventually vote, vote for the most fatherly candidate, who is wise and sweet.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

panderise - Too study too hard, so that your eyes get black circles and your skin becomes pale from spending too much time indoors.

e.g., Bob was very stressed during the exam period and he became panderised.

submitted by Lozza

pandesicate - When a well funded, aggressively marketed and widely touted start-up goes belly-up despite the silver spoon in its mouth. Also known as "Kennedyfication."

e.g., Oh! Looks like just pandesicated. Their homepage is showing the "sorry we burnt all our money" message. Guess all that funding from wasn't enough.

submitted by philip - (www)

pandic attack - The moment when the Chinese food you ate for lunch "hits" your digestive system and you have TO GO RIGHT NOW.

e.g., I don't think that eggroll agreed with me; I can feed a pandic attack coming on.

submitted by Martin

pandle - (v.) 1. To panhandle (i.e., beg). [An odd criscoid (q.v.) mush of "panhandle" that came out when I was trying to say the word the other day (actually, I was trying to remember "panhandler" and "pandler" came out.)] Note: I created the term while thinking of the verb "panhandling," not the noun "panhandle," which means "a long strip of territory connected to the main part of a town, territory, province, state, county, country, etc."; I don't have a problem with the word also becoming a replacement for the territorial noun ... so, (n.) 2. A territorial panhandle, like "the Oklahoma Pandle," or "the Alaska Pandle."

e.g., I felt terrible, since I'd spent all my cash at the movie and had no change left at all for the poor pandlers outside the theater. || Everything to the west of Hancock, Maryland, is the Maryland Pandle. || The Mexican state of Tamaulipas has a panhandle alongside the Texas counties of Hidalgo, Starr, Zapata, and Webb.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

pandora's cube - This word refers to a problem employee's workspace, which all who know anything about this person (I will not reveal the gender, she's a secret.) avoid like the plague. An amazing amount of random activity -- weird noises and strange e-mails -- emanate from that space. All tread lightly in her vicinity.

e.g., Gwen, you're new here, so a word to the wise. See that space over there? Yeah, the humming space. That's Pandora's Cube. Don't go there! I'll explain later.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

pandora's nest - Okay, technically, it's a phrase, not a word. A combination of "Pandora's box" and "nest of vipers," referring to opening up a problematic and dangerous subject for discussion. A co-worker used this phrase accidentally once, and my friends and I have been using it ever since, on purpose.

e.g., Let's not have a political discussion right now. We'd just land in Pandora's nest.

submitted by Jo Ginsberg

panesoterical - The state of mind where you believe you are misunderstood by everybody on the planet.

e.g., That Karen--she's really out there. She's so panesoterical nobody gets her.

submitted by Chris Duddle

panflash - (Rhymes with CAN-hash; n.) 1. A short form of "flash in the pan"; (adj.) 2. Lacking real substance, despite a big intro, and enticing harangue, or a whole bunch of publicity). [From black-powder weapons jargon: the ignition of the small charge of powder in the priming pan (the "flash") which fails, however, to ignite the powder in the barrel of the gun through the touch hole.]

e.g., It is usually more that a little embarrassing to see the publicity for an upcoming motion picture (usually animated or heavily CGI movies, and back in the 90s and 00s) which flops: real panflashes --- such as Krull (back in the 80s), Thumbellina (in the 90s(?)), Van Helsing (00s), and so on.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

panfrytheism - Belief that the gods can be found through the stovetop, the right cookware, and a little good oil.

e.g., Sarah didn't go to a conventional church, but pursued her panfrytheism enthusiastically in her kitchen with a decent no-stick, thick bottom skillet and olive oil.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

panhassling - Aggressive panhandling.

e.g., A guy on Haight Street started panhassling me, but I just walked away.

submitted by Bill Jennings - (www)

panic mechanic - A psychiatrist, psychologist, or other professional whose mission is to save people from their own neuroses, "issues," and insecurities.

e.g., Mom's about to flip out. Call her panic mechanic.

submitted by nitag - (www)

paninate - Combination of "panic" and "burninate." To panic so much that you end up breaking something, usually by running into it, falling over it, and so forth, or somehow setting fire to something.

e.g., When Bob couldn't find his dog in the house at dinner time, he paninated and knocked the flambe over, setting fire to the dinner table.

submitted by Sin

panjandrous - Enormously hungry -- to be used when the old word "hungry" just won't do as it doesn't even come close to expressing how hungry you are.

e.g., I'm panjandrously hungry after that 20-mile hike.

submitted by David lavery - (www)

pank - A word we used growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we got lots of snow. Usually refers to packing down snow but can be used for dirt, leaves, etc. | Short for painkillers. | A slang term, may be offensive if used incorrectly, for a pancreas.

e.g., 1. I had a big snow pile in front of the door, but I panked it down to get out. 2. If the snow is too soft on the snowman, pank it down some more to make it harder. | Nurse, get me some of those panks, STAT. | Dude: What's wrong with your frickin' pank? Mom: Don't use the word pank that way. Use it like a doctor would use pancreas.

submitted by Dave Sell | Maggie McFarland | star651

pannalonico - Cool, sweet, nice, or awesome. (ED. Use a little more effort to spell your words correctly and space them correctly -- otherwise, I won't correct your errors and add your entries.)

e.g., I have a pannalonico club.

submitted by anna

panoramarse - All-encompassingly crap.

e.g., You are the most panoramarse person I know. Stay away from me.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

panpapaphobocracy - Worldwide rule through fear of the Pope.

e.g., Maybe what we need to get world back on track is a panpapaphobocracy.

submitted by Bobs

panscendental - An experience of numinousness or the sublime that is derived from an idulgence in material pleasures, rather than a denouncement of them.

e.g., Mmmm, that final touch of bacon with the cream in that pasta was positively panscendental.

submitted by samara

pantabulous - Having Pantene-fabulous hair, very glossy and shiny.

e.g., That girl's hair is so pantabulous I can't tell it's a weave.

submitted by lily - (www)

pantelope - A graceful, butt-crack beast that likes to show off in elevators and rides a bike to work.

e.g., She entered the elevator marked "Cloud 9," and before she knew it she was standing beside a gawking, completely potty pantelope riding a tricycle. Needless to say, she declined his salacious invitation to dine on sushi and exited on "Cloud 8," a perfidious place full of paddywhackers, pencil pushers, and proselytizers bent on wrecking the small joys of life.

submitted by The Quipping Queen - (www)

pantheyawnical - Something or someone stultifyingly dull or boring, to the point of inducing a non-stop chain of yawning.

e.g., That guy from corporate's speech today was completely pantheyawnical.

submitted by Paul - (www)

panthress - Female panther. (ED. Neologisms in this form are politically incorrect.)

e.g., The panthress leapt through the night air and silently landed across the river.

submitted by Panthress

pantocleon - (pan TOCK leon) A person who has two first names, in place of a regular first and family name. A hyphenated name is an exception. A person with two first names or a name broken by a hyphen is a pantocleated.

e.g., Katy Perry is a pantocleon, as is Lilly Allen. Olivia Newton-John is not.

submitted by Matthew Cowling

pants - "load of old rubbish, horrible, crap, useless "

e.g., eg. that website is a pile of pants eg. the weather is completely pants today

submitted by rowena dugdale - (www)

pants - To do useless or pointless stuff, to kill time.

e.g., Jo: What're you doing tonight? Joe: Oh, nothing, just pantsing around. Why, got a plan?

submitted by camille

pants - Derived from the term "pull your pants up" which is in turn derived from the Aussie use of "arse" to mean pure luck.

e.g., So this guy trips over but his racket hit the ball anyway and it went over the net in his favour. I just looked at the tosser and yelled pants.

submitted by Richard

pants - To pull down someone else's pants as a joke or method of humiliating them.

e.g., I was just standing there and all of a sudden Steve pantsed me and everyone got a good look.

submitted by ditnis

pantsing - In a game of pool, if one does not sink a shot before the other player sinks all her balls, one must de-pants herself and walk around the table once.

e.g., Since William had not sunk a shot, Brad insisted on a pantsing and a full walk around the pool table.

submitted by Drita - (www)

pantugnalery - To lose a grown-up tooth.

e.g., I got pantugnalery when I fell off my house.

submitted by loop

panty-ho - A woman who covets her friends' underwear.

e.g., Dominique needs to stop bein' a panty-ho and get to Victoria's Secret. Where's my underwear? Damn, that Dominique. That panty-ho is makin' me narvous.

submitted by Dominique

pantyhoe - One of a pair of knee-high or thigh-high stockings.

e.g., That old woman's left pantyhoe just fell down.

submitted by marci

pantyhose - A device used to wash lady's ungergarments.

e.g., Mary had amassed quite a pile a soiled hose. It was time to break out the pantyhose and wash them clean.

submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

pantywaste - Pantywaist. Otherwise, I shudder to think what pantywaste might be.

e.g., "The Republican elections have been failures for over a decade and those in office are liars and pantywastes."

submitted by Miss Speller

pantz - Worse than bad, bad to the extreme.

e.g., Chris was and will always be pantz.

submitted by Johnny Laser

pantzes - Pancakes filled with blintzes filling.

e.g., I'my so hungry I could eat a dozen pantzes right now.

submitted by tomer yotam

panzerize - To completely roll over or demolish something, as Panzer tanks are prone to do.

e.g., We completely panzerized the tomatoes and half the carrots when we ran through the garden. My grandmother was really pissed off.

submitted by lilu

panzey - A singing effect where a note is whined.

e.g., The opera singer had an interesting panzey

submitted by Jonathan Anderson

pap - This word is a combination of two words. "Pathetic" and "crap." It can be used in place of ridiculous, stupid or nonsense when those words lack the necessary punch.

e.g., To say that human nature does not exist, with all the evidence towards the contrary, is absolute pap.

submitted by S.K.

papa smurf - 1. To bestow aged smurf wisdom, specifically when wisdom is unsolicited. 2. Someone who shares unsolicited bits of smurf-like wisdom.

e.g., 1. I hate reviews, all he does is papa smurf me for an hour with vague metaphors. 2. Hey, Papa Smurf, save it for someone related to you.

submitted by Brian Kresge - (www)

papageno / papagena - (respectively, masc. and fem. n.) A golfer who constantly achieves birdies (i.e., one stroke under par per hole), much to the consternation of other players. [From the characters in Mozart's _Magic Flute_, who capture, and dress as, birds.]

e.g., "I just don't believe it!" "What? What happened?" "The new guy!: he just golfed 18 under par!" "Holy cow!" "Yeah, a birdie on EVERY hole!...I just don't believe it." "What's his name?" "How should I know? He's Papageno."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

paparazzers - Paparazzi who harass people in the public eye.

e.g., You'd think the paparazzers could get a few photos without driving people nuts.

submitted by natalie

paparazzi strut - "Paparazzi strut: hips forward, shoulders back, derriere swinging like a slow pendulum, smile to the left, smile to the right, strike a pose and repeat."

e.g., As she exited the restaurant, she treated the gawkers to her patented paparazzi strut.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

paper - Money.

e.g., I need to get some paper out of the ATM.

submitted by Kaycee Reed

paper bag princess - What you are forced to be if you have no clean clothes left. Taken from the Robert Munsch children's book of the same name.

e.g., If I don't do laundry tonight, I'm gonna be a paper bag princess tomorrow.

submitted by camille

paper trail - Any sort of notes, sketches, bits of information, or hard factual data that can either show you the process of how something evolved, or that leads you to an explanation that may have otherwise been a mystery.

e.g., Thank goodness the inventor left a paper trail, otherwise we may have lost the recipe for concrete forever.

submitted by ramsey

paper-boy shuttle - Riding a bicycle up a steep hill by angling from side-to-side, decreasing the amount of climb/distance ratio. Used by paper carriers, who had heavy loads in their bags.

e.g., Without using the paper-boy shuttle, he'd never have made it all the way to the top.

submitted by Steve McDonald

paperclip - (n.) An unnecessary foodstuff (as opposed to a "staple").

e.g., Okay, first we stock up on staples -- flour, potatoes, salt -- you know the drill. Afterward, if we have any time, we can track down some candy bars and other paperclips.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

paperwork - to go to the bathroom.

e.g., I'll be right back. I have some paperwork to take care of.

submitted by yimay - (www)

papeur - Social network that is designed to share rather large informational posts, called "papers" to papeur. To post a large paper (post). {ED. Although HD initially opposed allowing this submittal to go live, Betsy and Lillith over-ruled him. However, they did agree to his insistence that the site being promoted not be linked to. ... Try pulling this crap again, "Nickolas," and we've all agreed to post your IP address widely. Won't do you any good to use an anonymizer for future submittals -- your IP address has already been captured with this one. That's one of the reasons HD gave in -- if your submittal had been rejected, it would have been much more difficult to get to it.}

e.g., What happened next you'll find in my next paper on papeur.

submitted by Nickolas - (www)

paphetic - When someone does precisely the most pitiable thing you expected them to do.

e.g., So when I told Bob I no longer wanted to see him, he actually got on his knees and groveled. Girl, it was paphetic.

submitted by Giovanni Dania - (www)

paphib - A wooden slide used in children's playgrounds at elementary schools on the planet Xaxium Plessiter 12

e.g., Sortika was frustrated with Lujlam because he wouldn't let her use the paphib; what a shavleffer!

submitted by Arnold Sevilius

pappapisshu - From the natives of the fictional Plunder Island, loosley translated it means "ouch."

e.g., When you cut your hand off you should yell, "Pappapisshu."

submitted by Matthew Heales

pappy-isms - Sage advice. Collective wisdom of the ages passed along by mams and paps to their children. Singular: a pappy.

e.g., Rather than shut your eyes, scrunch up your face, and stick your fingers in your ears, you'd do well to listen to Pap when he tells you a pappy-ism. The day will come when Mam and Pap aren't around to bail you out of the scrapes you find yourself in.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

paps - Paparazzi -- freelance photographers.

e.g., "Rachel Uchitel landed in Los Angeles and got bombarded with questions from paps."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

papster - Meaning father, dad, etc.

e.g., Oh, Papster, you are the greatest father on this good, green earth.

submitted by Joy

papyrus - Any document produced on paper -- from the reedlike material used by Egyptian scribes.

e.g., E-mail that memo to Bob; he doesn't do papyrus. OR (seen online) E-mail submissions only (we don't take papyrus).

submitted by John Horvath - (www)

par for the coarse - Just what you'd expect from an uncouth youth. No pretense at all that it's original.

e.g., I have no idea why you'd be surprised by what Chris did. After all, it was par for the coarse.

submitted by HD Fowler

para-site - web site that insists on wrapping its own frameset around any other sites it links to


submitted by oneiros - (www)

parabelly - The apparent "pot belly" usually developed by paraplegics and quadriplegics, after a few years of wheelchair use.

e.g., It's hard to look fit and trim, with this parabelly stretching my waistband.

submitted by Bear Wheelz - (www)

parackophobia - Fear of magazine racks.

e.g., The library assistant's mental health was thoroughly undermined when she developed parackophobia.

submitted by Lena - (www)

paradigmation - The act of creating a new paradigm.

e.g., The Burning Man Festival sponsors the creation of new ways of looking at reality. It sponsors paradigmation.

submitted by Redbendad - (www)

paradontal probe - Used for dental hygiene. A small wooden stick used to clean entrails out of dental regions; yes, that's right, a toothpick. More commonly referred to as a periodontal or peridental probe.

e.g., The food at the resteraunt was good but I really needed a paradontal probe to pick out the bits of beef still wedged between my teeth.

submitted by Josh Miller - (www)

paradox - A paradise that smells like clorox.

e.g., We just arrived at our freshly sanitized hotel room in the Bahamas to find we have reached paradox.

submitted by george

paradoxian - One who attempts to achieve enlightenment through paradox.

e.g., Nick was a lot more fun before he became obsessed with travelling back in time to prevent his own birth. How do we know that he already hasn't and therefore prevented himself from doing so in the first place? Oh, no. Another Paradoxian.

submitted by Dylon Whyte

paradoxination - This is a paradoxical definition. In other words, it is an accurate definition that makes no sense -- which is a paradoxination of "paradoxination."

e.g., Dr. Ridley: "Flabbiness is excess fat -- which is the definition of a condition that lacks definition." "Wow, Doc! Nice paradoxination!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

paradoxology - Paradoxology is the study of the paradox.

e.g., If we are to thoroughly examine the mathematical inconsistencies associated with entropy and its implications in the theory of black holes we will need an epert in paradoxology among others.

submitted by Paul F. Kisak - (www)

paradoxymoron - A figure of speech that proposes a decision with two opposite choices that contradict each other.

e.g., The choice between Coke and Pepsi was an paradoxymoron.

submitted by Robert Guy - (www)

paraducks - The strange moment in which one who is in possession of two ducks and gives them away, finds he still possesses two ducks.

e.g., Mike was having a difficult time explaining the paraducks to the tax auditor. Clearly, the situation had become paraducksical.

submitted by Mike W.

parageek - The person in the office who can solve 95% of your computer problems before you have to waste time going to MIS. Parageek is to true geek as paramedic is to doctor. Or as paralegal is to lawyer.

e.g., MIS would have taken weeks to upgrade our version of MS-Office. Luckily, one of the secretaries is a parageek.

submitted by Lisa - (www)

paragraphaphobia - Fear of breaking up comments into paragraphs -- with the result that hundreds and hundreds get strung together with no break.

e.g., You seem to suffer from that rare illness known as paragraphaphobia.

submitted by [Mr. Anit-paragraphobe]

paragraphical - Text that is comprised of long paragraphs, as opposed to bullet points or independent sentences.

e.g., Because many people are lazy readers, technical writers should avoid paragraphical writeups of crucial information in favor of short one- to two-sentence blocks.

submitted by Todd Federman

paragriphical - A sentence that contains too much information for a sentence, or a sentence too long.

e.g., His paragriphical sentence was used in the election.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

paragualibi - Paraguay is historically known as one of the most corrupt countries in the world (Transparency International). A paragualibi is a rationalization for something that is obviously corrupt or just plain wrong, but business as usual in an alternate ethical paradigm.

e.g., The Liberals explained away their plan to pay votes 10,000 guaranies for each vote with the usual paragualibi: the Colorados were only paying 5,000 guaranies.

submitted by Steve

paraligm - The description of a false paradigm-shift, one that is only a parallel methodology within the same paradigm.

e.g., "When Ken Wilber talks about 'Francisco Varela's Enactive Paraligm (in SES pg734) it was not a typo."

submitted by emrgnc - (www)

paramementic - A reminder of the future; an abnormal keepsake.

e.g., Seeing the UFO, she paramementically wished a piece would fall off.

submitted by Afront

paramillinery - Tailors and seamstresses who follow the armies to provide emergency duds and repairs to duds, dude.

e.g., My cousin Rachel the seamstress traveled for years with the paramillinery divisions. I think she was sweet on one or more of the tailors.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

paranickle - A not very good example.

e.g., So, Chris was trying to explain the circumstances to me, but her paradigm was more of a paranickle.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

paranoise - Noise heard when under the symptoms of paranoia.

e.g., The paranoise drove John insane.

submitted by Gavin Wallace

paranoying - (v) the act of making someone paranoy (Visually, the word loses something. But go ahead, try it. You'll like it. It makes sense.)

e.g., Nobody likes to be caught in a paranoying situation. "This is so paranoying, what if the cops find the bag?"

submitted by estephania

parapapango! - Eureka!

e.g., Parapapango! I've won the lottery without even buying a ticket.

submitted by james szuszkiewicz - (www)

paraprasdokian - From, which is not far removed from the ne plus ultra of words websites. "What are Paraprosdokians? "Paraprosdokian is not an Armenian writer or football coach but a figure of speech characterized by an abrupt change of direction at the end. It is a phrase that intentionally leads us down the garden path, that misleads us into thinking one way, then suddenly end[s] on an unexpected twist. Stand-up comedians who like one-liners use lots of them, because the setup and punchline are all in a single line." Let me know if you ever run across an Armenian whose name doesn't end in -ian -- or someone whose name ends in -ian but isn't an Armenian. My experience is limited, but the latter seem to be as scarce as hen's teeth.

e.g., "Paraprasdokians are sentences that change course midstream for immensely humorous effect. Enjoy this peculiar type of humor in sentences that lead us down the garden path." |

submitted by [pseudo-paraprasdoker] - (www)

pararectal - From around the ass. | To pull a fact from out of one's own ass. This word can obfuscate the fact that you're making something up by using a scientific-sounding word to describe your fact-gathering methods.

e.g., I'm pretty sure that most pigs DO fly. I obtained that fact pararectally.

submitted by Jon

pararhotacism - "[par″ah-rotah-sizm] Faulty enunciation of the r sound."

e.g., If you've been running into a lot of pararhotacism in your neighborhood, your sub-division could well be a blockbusting target for activist pirates. | "Blockbusting was a business practice of U.S. real estate agents and building developers meant to encourage white property owners to sell their houses at a loss, by implying that racial minorities were moving into their previously racially segregated neighborhood, thus depressing real estate property values. Blockbusting became possible after the legislative and judicial dismantling of legally protected racially segregated real estate practices after World War II, but by the 1980s it largely disappeared as a business practice after changes in law and the real estate market." | "With blockbusting, real estate companies legally profited from the arbitrage (the difference between the discounted price paid to frightened white sellers and the artificially high price paid by black buyers), and from the commissions resulting from increased real estate sales, and from their higher than market financing of said house sales to black Americans."

submitted by [pararhotacism]

pararhotacism - "[par″ah-rotah-sizm] Faulty enunciation of the r sound."

e.g., If you've been running into a lot of pararhotacism in your neighborhood, your sub-division could well be a blockbusting target for pirates.

submitted by [pararhotacism]

parashoot - Parachute.

e.g., Somebody should have put a parashoot on her and let her get some air.

submitted by Miss Speller

parastigmaesthetic - Adjective used to describe an aestheticly pleasing thing not normally found to be.

e.g., That dumpster is strangely parastigmaesthetic.

submitted by Devyn Alexander Skye Harris

parboil - Links leprosy.

e.g., The aspiring golf pro got parboils when he sweated profusely.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

parchezzi - slang for being ripped off or lied to.

e.g., "Don't parchezzi me, mate! I know what you're up to."

submitted by charlotte - (www)

pard - Partner.

e.g., Peeking across the field, I spotted a young rebel officer and his pards.

submitted by MK Moss - (www)

parday - The day when you are having a party on a day that is not the same as when you were born.

e.g., "Mom, I finally got invited to somebody's parday," screamed the little girl.

submitted by Ezra

paremiology - Paremiology is the study of the proverb.

e.g., If we are to compare the proverbs that have prevailed, across numerous cultures over the millenium, we will see that the field of paremiology will show many commonalities.

submitted by Paul F. Kisak - (www)

parentals - Parents.

e.g., Sorry, I can't hang out. The parentals are being strict.

submitted by ShoGunX

parenthesetic - To be contained within parentheses.

e.g., John, don't forget to make that idea parenthesetic in your writing.

submitted by Stephan

parenthesia - Used to refer to the condition of an individual who has an (arguably) pathological need to constantly explain his or her viewpoint or actions, a "parenthesiast."

e.g., She turned to the talkative drunk who had just creamed her car and said, "Look, spare me the parenthesia . . . save your excuses for the judge."

submitted by Speedwell

parenthesis - Insertions made by your parents in the rough draft paper you left to the last minute and they worked up for you.

e.g., Teacher: "You flunk; your whole paper is one big parenthesis."

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

parenthesizer - Someone who is prone to using parentheses far too often in his or her writing, often interrupting the main point of the sentence before its conclusion.

e.g., Jeff never finishes sentences in his e-mail . . . he's a parenthesizer.

submitted by Garret Thomson - (www)

parentnoia - The everpresent fear that one's children are engaged in dubious or dangerous activities.

e.g., "Stina, I think we should go home... I just know the kids have set the place on fire or something." "Come on, Mike, you're just being parentnoid."

submitted by Mike W.

parfen - A person of below-average intelligence who lives in deplorable conditions.

e.g., Chris was the parfen whose name was always on the bottom name on his school's GPA roster.

submitted by Matt Barba

paring up - Accumulating more useless detritus.

e.g., I can't believe you bought that. Right now I'm into paring down, not paring up.

submitted by michele

paris - To tart up. To turn pre-pubescent little girls into sex objects. Too much, too soon, too low.

e.g., Don't paris your daughters, mothers. They'll grow up soon enough without your pushing them into adolescence and adulthood.

submitted by HD Fowler

paris-ite - A nine-to-fifteen-year-old girl who idolizes and mimics the actions and dress of Paris Hilton.

e.g., Eww, my little sister's become a Paris-ite.

submitted by lucy

park walk - A very fast walk. Park walking is important on a visit to a theme park.

e.g., If we expect to see everything at Disney World today, we're going to have to park walk.

submitted by Jeff - (www)

parkay - This verb is an invitation to take a flying leap: to be specific, to spread Squeeze Parkay liberally on your forehead, get a running start and jump directly up someone's posterior --or into the lake, to use the old-fashioned saying.

e.g., George, that's not an offer, that's an insult. Feel free to Parkay yourself and hit 280.

submitted by page murray

parked - Used by a parent, child, or pet owner to denote the pet or child being taken to the park -- usually to give the parents a break.

e.g., I needed a break so I parked the kids for a couple of hours.

submitted by Gina Ritter - (www)

parking lot - The waiting area in a radiology department in a hospital where patients are parked on gurneys awaiting their turns for x-rays, MRIs, and CT Scans.

e.g., I walked from her room to the radiology department and found her in the parking lot. They were just getting ready to take her in for her x-ray.

submitted by HD Fowler

parking nazi - Parking meter enforcement officer.

e.g., Damn parking nazi gave me a ticket this morning.

submitted by kwyjibo

parking spots - A rare skin condition, usually resulting from parking in an underground facility, out of direct sunlight.

e.g., Because I would drive directly from home to work, parking in the subterranean levels, I developed parking spots.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

parking-son's disease - A disease, usually afflicting a teenage son or daughter who has received a permit to learn to drive. The primary symptom of Parking-son's Disease is that the youth eagerly, enthusiastically, and altruistically volunteers to move your car into and out of your driveway -- to help make things "easier" for you.

e.g., When my 16-year-old stepson started volunteering to warm up my car and move it to the end of the driveway for me, I rushed him to the doctor. An extensive battery of tests confirmed my suspicions. He had Parking-son's Disease.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

parkitecture - Landscape architecture, a design made from natural elements: bushes, flowerbeds, stone paths, etc., which form a pleasing pattern to surround a building.

e.g., While taking a class about Fredrick Law Olmsted, I really enjoyed seeing all his parkitecture throughout Central Park in Manhattan.

submitted by Katherine Metzler

parkma - Parking karma -- the ability to find a parking space in the busiest parking lot or city street.

e.g., He's got parkma. Can you believe he found a parking spot right in front of the store during the Christmas holidays?

submitted by joe - (www)

parkolepsy - The condition of people who barely manage to stay awake while driving, but fall asleep while parking and put an expensive dent in your car. This condition (plus a dose of criminal apathy) also accounts for their oversight in not leaving a note of apology with their contact information. (ED. Sorry about the delay on the approval. I've hit add several times before but the word didn't get added because I'm also trying to fight hundreds of "spam" entries made by some jerk's robot.")

e.g., Ay, more parkolepsy - -the second time this month! Why are these geniuses allowed to have cars and drive!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

parlay - To chill and relax

e.g., "I'm going to parlay and listen to some screw tapes."

submitted by erika

parmeslexia - The profound tendency to turn the lid the wrong way when attempting to close a container of parmesan cheese.

e.g., Even though I stare directly at the lid, my parmeslexia makes me turn it the wrong way.

submitted by BK

parmonger - The worst golfer amongst the whole group for the day.

e.g., Well, I've been parmonger the last 5 times. I'm sick of this game.

submitted by Carl

parnis - To accidentally damage something, just because you forgot it was there, even though it is where it is supposed to be and has always been. This word came about when my high school best friend had his hard worked for new car totaled when his Dad backed the family Buick into it three days after it was purchased.

e.g., I was so tired this morning when I pulled the Cadillac out of the driveway, I parnised the Lexus. | Remember your brother? He's home for the weekend. Don't parnis his car on your way out.

submitted by Anne Christensen

parodiacal - An adjective formed from "parody."

e.g., "An amusingly parodiacal (we made that up!) look at English and related matters." (From our description of a website, on our Links page:

submitted by Mike - (www)

paronomasia - Meaning: Word play based on sound similarities, punning. Notes: Paronomasia usually means "pun", but it actually covers other forms of wordplay, too. Using two different words in the same phrase also counts as paronomasia, e.g. 'pour out corruption from every pore'. Careful that you do not substitute A for the first O in this word: paranomasia. The adjective for this word is paronomastic or, if you need an extra syllable, paronomastical. However, for the adverb you must include the meaningless suffix -al: paronomastically. AlphaDictionary word for 2015-09-23.

e.g., Several entries in the pd are paronomasia, submitted by Charlie Lesko.

submitted by [HD for Robert Beard aka Dr. Goodword] - (www)

parpy - For drink or food that makes your face pucker a little bit and surprises you in a delightful way, especially alcoholic drinks. Used to compliment a bartender.

e.g., Johnny leaned back and exclaimed, "Whoo, that's one parpy martini, Anton.

submitted by droo

parrot head - A Jimmy Buffet fan.

e.g., Look at that guy with his Hawaiian shirt and his margarita. He has to be a Parrot Head.

submitted by Erich

parrotcide - The killing of a parrot. Not to be confused with parricide: the killing of a parent.

e.g., "Lillith, do you remember Monty Python's dead parrot routine? Do you know what killed the parrot?" "No, HD, I don't. I'm normal -- I never liked the show the least little bit, so I never watched it." "Oh ... well, anyway — it was parrotcide that killed it."

submitted by HD Fowler

parrotphrase - To repeat something word for word, unlike paraphrasing.

e.g., In a court of law they would probably prefer that you parrotphrase exactly what the guilty prisoner said.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

parrots - Those who repeat things they hear other people say, often without understanding what they're saying. They often misuse terminology or expressions, or try to use someone's own arguments against them even in circumstances where the argument loses validity.

e.g., She's nothing but a parrot. She kept saying everything I did was passive-aggressive, such as offering her vitamins. It was ridiculous. I don't think she even knows what that term means.

submitted by George Edward Purdy

parsibs - Your aunt and uncle: contraction of "parent's siblings."

e.g., I don't get to see me parsips but at picnics and funerals.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

parsipetroambulist - A person who walks in order to save gasoline.

e.g., No, I didn't walk when I was a kid to save gas. I was no parsipetroambulist. I walked because we didn't have a car. Gas was less than 20 cents a gallon in those days, kiddo. . . . No, dinosaurs weren't still roaming the earth, you smart-ass jerkosaurus.

submitted by [Bill Sherk] - (www)

parsley gambit, the - (n.) a rhetorical strategy wherein one includes in a set of premises one meant for one's adversary (or a mediator or arbiter) to win so as to allow him or her (or them) to save face or retain credibility. (From The Flintstones episode "The Drive-In," (airdate 23 Dec 1960) in which Fred & Barney (whose business acumen rivaled that of dirt ... perhaps) purchase a drive-in restaurant. Among their many ill-advised purchases is several tons of parsley to include with the food "so the customers can throw it away.")

e.g., "You had them with the two arguments about subdivision law and equity, why'd you add that last bit about plat amendment? You can't possibly win that." "the parsley gambit, young'un -- watch and learn. My learned opponent can now trash my last argument with a blaze of brilliant legal legerdemain (for which the City Council will applaud him) and then offer me the 'consolation prize' of victory on my other two points." [30 minutes later:] "Wow! It was just exactly like you said! It's like you're psychic!" "Nonsense, son, I'm just an aficionado of vintage cartoons." "...What?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

parson - Lincolnshire dialect for a sign post.

e.g., Wheer are we now? Ah doan't know, lad, what does yon parson say?

submitted by The Great Rangdoor

parson - Olde time way to say "person."

e.g., Hello there young parson.

submitted by Tomfoolery

parson's law - Something which does not function obeys the law discovered by Physicist Nick Parsons: Parsons' Law.

e.g., This apparatus doesn't work, emonstrating Parsons' Law.

submitted by Rob Wooley - (www)

parsonym - From, an online slang dictionary: "An acronym contained within an acronym." Added primarily to draw attention to

e.g.,   Example 1: USB is an acronym for 'Universal Serial Bus.' Bus is an acronym for "Bidirectional universal switch." Bus is a parsonym of USB. (Computer and Information Science)    Example 2: THIS is an acronym for 'Tanzania HIV Indicator Survey.' HIV is an acronym for 'Human Immunodeficiency Virus.' HIV is a parsonym of THIS. (Science and Medicine)    Example 3: TAPS is an acronym for 'TERCOM Aircraft Positioning System.' TERCOM is an acronym for 'Terrain Comparison.' TERCOM is a parsonym of TAPS. (Military and Government)    'Yeah, and then he says to me, 'Did you notice that 'Bus' is a parsonym of USB?'' 'Like I give a f***.' 'What a flake.'

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

partial - Word used to describe a small accident to show they are a little crazy.

e.g., Adam: Your baseball team can't even hit the ball. Matt: We're undefeated. Are you partial?

submitted by G-Dogg

partialistic medicine - The oppositite of "holistic medicine," e.g., the treatment of medical issues with narrow, specific therapies, such as pills, splints, or surgeries.

e.g., I get my pain medication from Dr. Willis, my partialistic medicine practitioner. I'm so happy that he doesn't touch me or ask me too many questions.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

participartational - Participative.

e.g., You guys aren't very participartational today.

submitted by Erin

particlized - (part-tic-a-liz-ed) verb - to become or turn into particles.

e.g., The rocks particlezed after they were crushed.

submitted by Miss McCann

partridge - 1. Money. 2. Expensive.

e.g., 1. Yo my man is pushin mad partridge lately. he must have a job or something. 2. Ten dollars for a movie is way too partridged out for me.

submitted by Russell Heller

party head - A girl that you would get head from, if you could claim you were drunk.

e.g., Bob: Steve, did you talk to the new girl? Steve: "Yeah, she's party head.

submitted by Sam - (www)

party panties - Clothes worn when going out on the town

e.g., Looks like Washington is getting out the party panties for the big inauguration this week.

submitted by Underpaid Kept Woman - (www)

parvenu - a person of obscure origin who has gained wealth or position . An upstart

e.g., The man didn't seem at ease with the other guests and seemed intimidated by the opulent surroundings . I began to suspect that he may be a parvenu .

submitted by simon

pas-de-jon - A switch in the type of beverage being consumed, usually alcoholic. I.e., the drinker changes from red to white wine or from tequila shots to Jager.

e.g., We shouldn't have had that last pas-de-jon. Champagne, vodka, and scotch just don't sit well together.

submitted by jonathan berger

pasapalabraphobia - The nagging, usually unreasonable fear that the network is going to require you to change your password.

e.g., My pasapalabraphobia always comes on the day before I go on vacation; I'll have to change my password, but won't use it enough to remember it.

submitted by David G Ott

pash - Kiss passionately. Pash rash = chapped lips caused by incessant kissing. Possibly an Australian colloquialism.

e.g., Once drunk, Brendan's inhibititions utterly escaped him, and the last thing he remembered was pashing Amanda in the rain.

submitted by comaquasi - (www)

pash rash - The skin irritation left on a girl's sensitive chin skin after pashing a man with stubble.

e.g., No, I dont have a skin disease. It's just pash rash.

submitted by ash

pash-n-dash - Like "knock and run," only with kissing. Usually the kissing of a stranger while drunk, and for no reason.

e.g., Tracey: "So, who was that guy I saw you with on the dancefloor?" Emma: "No one, just a pash-n-dash."

submitted by Stella

pashion - A fad: a passing fashion.

e.g., Yes, my dear, I'm madly in love with him today; but he is, no doubt, no more than an August pashion.

submitted by current usage

pashnary - Pashnary is the involuntary noise you make when it's not quite a hiccup--but it's also neither a sneeze nor a gasp for air.

e.g., 1. "*hic-eeeeerrrr*" 2. "Was that a hiccup?" 1. "No, haven't you heard that before? It's called a pashnary." (Best done in a proud, bragging tone.)

submitted by Meg

pashtastic - When you kiss someone and it's really good or when someone is really good looking and sexually desirable.

e.g., I cracked on to Britney Spears on the weekend. It was pashtastic.

submitted by

pasketi - A word used by small children meaning spaghetti. Sometimes "sketi" or "skettios."

e.g., My sister asked Mrs. West if she was having pasketi for dinner.

submitted by Cory

paskuma - (n.) 1. The days before computing(i.e., pre-1980); also 2. (by extension) the long ago era of atl-atls and horse cavalry. (from the language of the Ainu (the original inhabitants of Japan): the word for "storytelling" (as in tales of long ago).

e.g., "I remember glass thermometers sticking under your tongue for five minutes to get a temperature; I recall dialing phones, stove-top popcorn, two-lane highways, and 36-cent-per-gallon gasoline ... I just kinda live back there in Paskuma, don't I?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

pasnop - The nose.

e.g., Somebody punched me right in the pasnop and broke my finger.

submitted by John S. Duckering - (www)

pasquier - A multi-lingual and extremely intelligent secret service agent.

e.g., Pasquiers could be watching you while secretly manipulating your environment for their purposes--anywhere, anytime.

submitted by Jeff

pass a donut - Pasadena, CA.

e.g., If traffic isn't too bad on the 110, we're gonna head up to Pass a Donut, maybe take in Old Town.

submitted by Paul

pass away - Die or died. A euphemism that has troubled me since I was child. As I see it, people do not "pass away" or "pass," they die.

e.g., "And the prosecution was also unable to say 'how did Caylee actually pass away.'"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pass me an oar - Used to indicate you are "in the same boat" with someone.

e.g., Heather: I didn't get any sleep last night. Kim: Pass me an oar.

submitted by Kimberly

pass the bone - Knowledge transfer.

e.g., The boss is fixing to pass the bone.

submitted by Michael - (www)

pass time - A method of measuring a work day by the length of time one's work pass remains attached to one's shirt.

e.g., I worked at least 11 hours in pass time today without even realizing it.

submitted by Nancy

passé - Known to mean "no longer fashionable, in wide use, etc.; out-of-date; outmoded," the word also means "past the prime of one's life."

e.g., While I've known for more years than I care to divulge that I'm passé, it still annoys me to have it impolitely called to my attention. Oh, it's not being passé that bothers me, just having some much younger woman make it clear to me that she thinks I'm passé -- for instance, by saying something such as "Pardon me, grandpa, could you speed it up." My usual lame response is "I may be a grandfather, but I'm not your grandfather. Once they got past the toddler stage, my grandkids were taught to be polite and not say something like that."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pass-a - Passé. Spelled this way, you'll have a much better chance of having the word pronounced correctly.

e.g., Sure, it was the bee's knees when it came out two weeks ago, but it's pass-a now.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

passed away - One of several touchy-feely euphemisms for dead, often used in the most ridiculous ways. While I might find "passed away" as almost acceptable to refer to the "passing" (i.e., death) of an elderly person who had gradually succumbed to a terminal illness, the term is unsuitable to sudden and violent deaths -- especially homicides involving children.

e.g., "'Regardless, whether shes alive or passed away, we need to find Caylee,' Beary said." Sheriff Beary is an ignoramus. No way is "passed away" suitable in that context. The only acceptable or tolerable choice is "dead."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

passengassen - In the habit of passing up one station after another in hopes of finding even cheaper gas someplace else.

e.g., Tommy is a regular passengassen, sometimes it works out, sometimes not -- you never know from one day to the next what the price is gonna be.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

passenger's arm - A person (more likely male) who has a more tan right arm than left. This is a sign that the person is often the passenger in a car. May well indicate a lack of independence and a bummer of rides.

e.g., Judy: I think Mike is kind of cute. Beth: Oh, no way. He's got passenger's arm. If he had a car, I'd agree -- he'd be really cute then.

submitted by alec

passerbu - "Passerbu" is an amalgamation of the English word "passerby" and the Hokkien word "chiobu" for good-looking female.

e.g., Did you catch a glimpse of that passerbu? Nice.

submitted by Wen

passhole - A driver who fails to read any signs while approaching a toll plaza, and, in an effort to avoid the lengthy lines in the cash lanes, enters an EZ Pass only lane, without EZ Pass tags, thereby resulting in a traffic snag akin to a cash lane.

e.g., Why are we stopped? This is an EZ Pass lane. Crap, I see now. Look at that passhole. Jerk.

submitted by Michele

passimsy - Mixture of passion and whimsy. Something that excites and delights. Also, a deep tickle.

e.g., That movie is full of passimsy.

submitted by Karah Pino - (www)

passiphany - The sudden awareness of a driver that she must increase her speed, brought about by your attempt to pass.

e.g., Growing tired of tailgating a slow driver who was occupying the fast lane, I tried to pass her to the right. Unfortunately, at that moment she had a passiphany and blocked me from doing so.

submitted by Matt Horan

passport - To gloss over an unimportant detail, to leave out a boring part of a story.

e.g., While telling his mother about his school day, Mike decided to passport the fact that he ate lunch. She could figure that out on her own.

submitted by Ira Madison - (www)

passwerve - To turn your head to look away while someone types her password

e.g., Standing behind someone at a computer: "Do I need to passwerve?" "No need. You've got root."

submitted by loydpeanut - (www)

password - A secret code of sorts used to gain entry or to gain passage.

e.g., "What's the password?" "Password? We don' need no password." Bang

submitted by Lillith

password alzheimer's - The inability to recall a password for an e-mail address or message board, caused by having too many accounts to keep up with.

e.g., I can't log onto the Browncoats' board 'cause of my password alzheimer's setting in again.

submitted by Brandee A.

past life reader - This is someone who can accurately describe who you were in a past life. What you did, what happened to you. This is fascinating and could cost a bit. But the tales they spin are marvelous and almost believable in some cases.

e.g., I once paid three different past life readers to tell me something about my previous lives. One was in ancient times and was pretty far-fetched, a gifted priestess murdered by other priests. The other two "lives" were more "reasonable," but they overlapped and were totally unprovable in any case. I don't care to "come back," if you don't mind. One time around is more than enough. (-:

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pasta-cooker - (Also spagetti-burner) An Italian-made, Ducati motorcycle.

e.g., That red pasta-cooker of his is one of the most expensive motorcycles made.

submitted by Stephen Mize

pasta-life regression - When a hypnotized subject is helped to remember a trauma experienced in an Italian restaurant.

e.g., I couldn't understand my illogical fear of linguini -- until, under pasta-life regression -- I remembered a waitress, spilling a tray of assorted pasta dishes all over me during a visit to a local Italian bistro.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

pastafarian - A zealous overeater.

e.g., Check out the line of pastafarians at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

submitted by peewee

pastafied - The state at which pasta is ready to eat. Not too hard not too soft.

e.g., The pasta was very close to being pastafied, so Sue began to make the sauce.

submitted by Krista

pastapaunch - A food-induced beer belly.

e.g., Carlo's pastapaunch prevented him from squeezing behind the table to get to his seat.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

paste - To be unnecessarily delicate with something. Best said with additional "s" sounds. (From Seneca College, Toronto, in the graphic design class.)

e.g., Now paste it, carefully passssste it.

submitted by i_monk

pastebarf - To paste unintentionally some (usually lengthy) text from clipboard into a chat session (IRC, instant messenger, etc.) instead of some other intended text.

e.g., Steve apologized for his pastebarf which flooded the IRC channel with twenty lines of source code.

submitted by Pistos - (www)

pasteburp - The inadvertent pasting of current clipboard contents, usually into a chat session (IRC, instant messenger, etc.), and usually in addition to intentionally typed text.

e.g., Joe chuckled at Mike's pasteburp which revealed a website with provocative content.

submitted by Pistos - (www)

pastellic - Metallic and pastel at the same time.

e.g., Tiffany's new nail polish is, like, totally pastellic.

submitted by Allison Harris

pasties - When your mouth and throat are really dry and the white stuff forms at the sides of your mouth, usually happens in the morning or after breathing hard.

e.g., I woke up today and had massive pasties!

submitted by Kevin Student

pastry scale - a scale used to indicate the difficulty of a given task via comparison to the difficulty of preparing certain pastries. Known pastry values are "piece of cake" and "easy as pie", but the scale ranges from quiche (most difficult) to Pop-Tart (easiest).

e.g., "Man, what a rip! Ont he pastry scale, beating this game wasn't even a piece of cake - it was a damn Pop-Tart!"

submitted by Shaduan

pasture raised milk - All natural cow squeezins, no bull.

e.g., We like pasture raised milk for the flavor, the nutrition, and complete lack of any hideous chemicals.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pat boone - An answer to a trivia question, when you don't know the answer.

e.g., Question: Who won the MVP in the 1972 Super Bowl? Answer: Pat Boone.

submitted by souzos

pat malone - Alone.

e.g., I'm be at home pat malone tonight.

submitted by anna

patage - Patio-type sitting area created inside of a garage.

e.g., Honey, we can set up the furniture for the pa'tage next to your tool bench.

submitted by Josie

patagonish - Religion of those who wear only Patagonia clothing and are only willing to be with same.

e.g., "Excuse me. Would you like a delicious hamburger with fries." "No, thanks. We don't believe in eating things like that. Wr're Patagonish."

submitted by Jay Aronow

patagucci - Clothing bought from Patagonia for style not function.

e.g., Hey, I bought some cool Patagucci threads on-line last night.

submitted by Richard Kelty

patch one ten - 1. Something which will never happen. 2. Something which has been delayed for a very long time.

e.g., 1. Ted: Your winning the lottery is a patch one ten; the odds are astronomical against you. You're more likely to get hit by lightning. Ed. Yeah, but who wants to get hit by lightning? 2. We handed in those essays last month and we still don't have them back. Looks like they're patch one ten now.

submitted by PPM

patcha - A word to use when you arn't really annoyed but are sarcastic annoyed. it's an exaggeration of the annoyed sound 'pt-ch'

e.g., "You can't come" then you say "Well, PATCHA"

submitted by Chels - (www)

patchist - A person who, due to character trait, choice, or disease, decides to hunker down, or try to hide, in a briar patch (= place of isolation) in hopes the corrupt and crazy world will leave him alone.

e.g., The patchist had watch geese to warn him of intruders.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

patchoulizone - The aromatic area surrounding someone wearing the perfume Patchouli. Can also refer to a store or boutique where Patchouli is sold.

e.g., 1. When the "Dead" used to tour, the whole arena would be one big Patchoulizone 2. There's a Patchoulizone just down the street where you can buy incense, perfume, beads, and other hippy-dippy stuff.

submitted by Paul

paternoland - A place where football-crazy folks suffer from "what [David Israel, The Washington Star] calls 'the delusion that the ability to win football games indicates anything at all about your character or intelligence other than that you can win football games.'" Pennsylvania State University and environs, in particular.

e.g., Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, the heart of Paternoland was referred to as Happy Valley, but Paternoland surely extends far beyond Happy Valley. | Did those in power in Paternoland really think it was acceptable for a pederast to rape a child as long as he didn't do so on the university campus? From the board of trustees down through the university president, a vice president, athletic director, head football coach, assistant football coach, to the janitorial staff? Well, admittedly, janitors can be easily intimidated precisely because they're so lacking in power.    A ytpo now corrected (down trustees) makes me wonder if the PSU Board of Trustees may someday be known as the "board of clown trustees"? Perhaps, rather than "trustees," some of them will soon be known as "trystees." Whatever, only if you're still riding the turnip truck should you believe that no one on the PSU BOT knew or suspected Sandusky's behavior. Such naïveté rarely exists in the world of big money. Never forget that PSU football has represented big money during Paterno's reign. PSU's endowment has grown from a handful of $ millions when Paterno became head coach to >$1.25 billion in 2009. A football program that brings in $70 million a year could have a lot to do with that.

submitted by [Maureen Dowd] - (www)

pathete - Someone who has raised pathetic to an artform.

e.g., The French are a bunch of pathetes. (My original example was too restrictive.)

submitted by enos

patheticalarious - Describes an event that is sad and painful to watch, but somehow funny at the same time.

e.g., The fat, sweaty guy's attempts to get that girl's digits were patheticalarious.

submitted by Gary S.

pathetically crack't - Describes the pitiful opposition: "the other" political party, the other "candidates."

e.g., We are the only ones with a real plan; all the rest are pathetically crack't.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pathetically cracked - Nuts, warped, brainwashed, sad to say.

e.g., Progressives may regard voters for the opposition as being pathetically cracked. Shows you how much progressives know.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

patheticism - The state of being pathetic.

e.g., That plant has even fewer leaves than before and seems to have reached new heights of patheticism.

submitted by Rachel

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