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m assuage - To pacify a large body of angry people by giving group lower spine massages.

e.g., Will the world never learn that it's better not to confront crowds of protesters with brutal police and guns, but to m assuage them with soft-handed masseuses and warm body lotion?

submitted by Charlie Lesko

m the m - Make the move.

e.g., I really like Mike. I wish he would m the m.

submitted by Tiffany

m$ - An alternative way of writing MS, which is short for Microsoft. Used by web message board posters who think that Microsoft might be money-driven.

e.g., I can't believe how much M$ is charging for that software upgrade!

submitted by Purple Martin

m'ain - Variation of man.

e.g., Hey, m'ain! Grab me a beer from the fridge.

submitted by Jim

m'air - Redneck for "them there."

e.g., Bob, hand me m'air long hanl'ed underwair.

submitted by cutlasss

m'enh - Either way, or whatever

e.g., Person 1: "Do you want to go to a movie or stay in?" Person 2: "M'enh"

submitted by Ian

m, mb obsessive - The combination of letters that describes one person as being obbsesed with the Maybach, Mercedes-Benz automotive.

e.g., I'm M, MB obsessive because I slept in the Maybach assembly line.

submitted by RC3

m-ticket -

Michael Quinion -- 16 September 2006 Newsletter M-ticket This has recently joined a small group of words beginning in m- (for mobile, as in mobile phone), including m-commerce, m-payment and m-voting. M-tickets, say to a pop concert or for a bus journey, are bought by mobile phone with the purchaser later identified either by a confirmation number or by a text message on his phone which he can show the checker. Since Americans generally call the devices cellphones, the term seems likely not to catch on in the USA.

e.g., Bert: Oops, I just remembered. I forgot to get tickets for Foghat Saturday, and I don't have my moby with me. You've got yours. Could you get me some m-tickets? I can pay you right now, whatever they cost.
Ernie: Sorry, no m-tickets for me.
Bert: Why not? I said I'd pay you. You'd get the time value of the money until it showed up on your bill.
Ernie: Nope. I think it's too subject to bogus charges showing up on my bill.
Bert: Yeah, but you probably wouldn't have to pay in the end.
Ernie: Sure enough, but who needs the hassle. I'm damn sure not gonna be m-voting.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

m-word - Mexican, or Mexico. It seems you can get fired for referring to someone from Mexico as a Mexican.

e.g., Phanarath: "What about roadsigns showing the way to Mexico. Some day soon they will have to be taken down, or they might be seen as insulting to the country they point to, that country down south, eeh, of the US, you know the M-word, under Texas.  
"What about the state New Mexico. We might want to start calling it New M-word.  
"The personnel at the borders between the US and M-word will have to be instructed to stop asking people who cross where they are from and where they going, since doing so could be seen as a kind of entrapment. And we can't have official who try to lure people into using hateful and insulting words.  
"Anyone who asks an M-wordian where he or she is from will have to be arrested for trying to get others to use illegal language."

submitted by HD Fowler

m.a.c.h.o. - Male(s) Acting Childish, Hormonal, (and) Obnoxious. Used with a touch of sarcasm.

e.g., (random guy is picking on someone.) Observer: "Oh, how MACHO."

submitted by sorakirei - (www)

m.d.l - Mutton dressed as lamb

e.g., "an older lady, usually divorced, dressing in fashions which are way too young for her."

submitted by nciky

m.i.l.f - Mom I'd Like to Fuck.

e.g., Dude, your mom's hot. She is a total M.I.L.F

submitted by Kelsey Garczynski

m.i.p. - Mullet In Progress.

e.g., Hey, Sven, check out that MIP over there. Another inch in the back and he'll have a fully matured mullet.

submitted by Slojewnamedpru

m.u.s.h. - Martian Underground Sewer Habitat -- multi-purpose sewer system and population housing complex.

e.g., It's complex yet simple in its design and logical effectiveness. M.U.S.H. is a solid choice for both natives and visiting travelers from Earth and beyond

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

m1 thumb - An Army term. When the U.S. Army used M1 rifles, the right thumb had to go into the breech to press the release to close it. If the thumb wasn't pulled out quickly enough, it would get caught and mashed hard. The nail would turn black and it would be sore for weeks.

e.g., I was the only guy in our outfit to have an M1 thumb on both my right and left hands.

submitted by Steve McDonald

ma! - Word used when you want to say something bad but can't.

e.g., "Hey, Matt, let me go to your house""No, my mom says you can't.""MA!"

submitted by Ivan Gonzalez - (www)

ma-sheen - Pronounced like "machine," this refers to someone who excessively drinks, smokes, and flirts. A nickname given to Charlie Sheen in his heyday.

e.g., Albert: "I saw Rich smoking a cigar, drinking a Guinness, and talking to this fine lady." Paul: "Yeah, he is a ma-sheen."

submitted by natmac

maal - Seductive, sexy babe. In pathetic clothes, so not chic.

e.g., Jennifer Lopez looked maal at the Oscars. That dress was a tornado leftover.

submitted by ashwin

maaliin - (Rhymes with BALL-dean; n.) 1. A queue of Finns; 2. The borders of Finland or of any region of Finland; 3. The shifting border between Finland and Russia, including the controversies concerning Karelia, Salla, and Petsamo; 4. Any strategy used by Finnish guys to pick up girls (or vice versa ... or something, now); 5. The goal in a race or other competition. [From Suomi maaliin"finish line."]

e.g., "Look at that Maaliin at the theater!" "Yeah, they say it's a good movie, but it has no subtitles, and it's all in Suomi." | "Are we in Finland yet?" "Yep, just barely passed the Maaliin a kilometer or two back." | "Finland fought two wars with Russia after it gained independence ... it was all about the maaliin between them." | "What did he say?" "He said 'Olet kuuma; ulkona on kylmä. Voinko lämmittää itseni kanssa hotness?'" "Which means what?" "Um, you are hot, and I am cold: can I warm myself on your hotness ... ... I think." "Is that even the correct way to say that?" "I dunno: but it's a really weak Maaliin." | "You're in second place! Just keep peddling: the maaliin's just around the hill!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mabel - Or "to pull a mabel." To do something ridiculous (like fall in public for no reason, spill food on yourself at a high-class restaurant) or say something extremely old-fashioned or uncool.

e.g., Abner pulled a Mabel and dropped our Icees on the floor.

submitted by Absalom Isham

mabey - This used to just be a misspelling of "maybe," but eventually I used it in school. I use it in place of maybe, but it isn't the same. It's less likely to happen than "maybe."

e.g., Mabey the Earth will crash into the sun tomorrow.

submitted by Vanessa

mac town - Another name for the fast food restaurant McDonalds.

e.g., Hey, anybody wanna go to Mac Town?

submitted by Claire Thompson

mac's razor - If anything bad can happen, it usually won't, until you're convinced that it won't, then it will.

e.g., I thought I had beaten the odds and was home free. Then the boom was lowered and Mac's Razor had caught me again.

submitted by Steve McDonald

mac's rule - If you think that no one notices you despite all the good things you do, just try doing something bad and you'll find that everyone notices you.

e.g., I picked up all the trash on the street, but then dropped one little thing and got busted for littering, proving Mac's Rule.

submitted by Steve McDonald

mac-thing - The word that a PC Wintel-using HTML programming geek uses to try and disguise his sloppy non-cross-platform programming skills. Usually said with an air of indignance.

e.g., Um, well, no - that table won't look right to you - it's a Mac-thing. Now, if you look at it on my PC...

submitted by :bRETT: - (www)

macaca moment - What you call it when someone misuses a word she's heard but doesn't realize how offensive it is. | That moment when a politician says something that offends voters and it costs her an election she was expected to win.

e.g., No one should use a word or phrase unless she understands what it means in the context shes using it in. Doing otherwise can lead to macaca moments. | George Allen had his macaca moment in 2006. | Steve Largent had his macaca moment in 2002 when he used a profanity in a televised press interview -- but no one knew at the time it might later be called that.

submitted by HD Fowler

macadoodledandys - Fast-food restaurant McDonald's.

e.g., I'm starving. I'd love sumpin' from macadoodledandys right now.

submitted by Conor Farrell

macarooni - Itsa pasta treat, with honey and nuts and shredded coconut -- hold the pasta sauce, please.

e.g., If you'd like to try some nice dessert pasta, do have a chunk of homemade macarooni. My mama makes it best.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

macca - Similar to seed, one who is humorous, but in a disturbingly perverted way.

e.g., Ian, you are a macca. Don't talk about my sister like that.

submitted by macca

maccaholic - One who is compulsively addicted to Paul McCartney. Self-profession for fans.

e.g., Only a maccaholic would attend twenty-five Paul McCartney concerts in one week. | You're right. I'm a maccaholic.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

maccas - Fast food restaurant, McDonald's.

e.g., Let's go to maccas for a fat burger.

submitted by melanie

maccies - Low quality food. McDonald's, etc.

e.g., Kids, I'm not feeding you any more maccies.

submitted by J Ella Smith

maccy d's - McDonald's.

e.g., "Wanna go for a Maccy D's?" "No thanks, I'd rather chew on reconstituted sawdust." "Then you're in. That's what they serve."

submitted by matthew

macguyver - Completely unbelievable, such as making a tank out of a VW Bug with only a lighter and a Swiss Army knife. originated in Philadelphia PA circa 1985

e.g., Sorry, Chris, your story is just another MacGuyver.

submitted by Keith

macgyverize - Ingenious -- for inventions contrived in desperate situations (TV's MacGyver.)

e.g., Our trip across Canada in our '62 Valiant required us to MacGyverize the broken fan belt several times.

submitted by fredwick

macha - A female acting in a stereotypical male manner. Not necessarily an indicator of butch lesbianism.

e.g., Did you see that drunk macha chick punch the guy that made fun of her truck?

submitted by tom - (www)

macheography - (Rhymes with MACK-(or MOCK)-bee-DOG-ruff-ee; n.) A formal word for fight choreogaphy. In fact, it's from the Greek μάχη mache "battle" + γράφω grapho "write" (just like choreography comes from χορός choros "dance" + grapho "write.") Occurred to me after I submitted "swordeography" (q.v.), a word suggested by a child (and it's a cool word, honestly); mine's just his word in Greek. Doubtless it's my linguistic arrogance. Still, "macheography": it sounds good.

e.g., Have you ever seen "Hero"? That show's got some amazing macheography.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

machinachoreary - Relating to a dancing game machine such as a DDR Machine. Pronounced: MOCK een a 'CORE ee air ee.

e.g., The arcade's machinachoreary profits for the year were $10,000, and their racing games only made $2,000.

submitted by Matt

macho grande - An event you have witnessed that you can never get over. From Airplane II when the witness says to the attorney, "No, I don't think I'll ever get over Macho Grande. Those wounds run . . . pretty deep."

e.g., Mickey: Losing my wife to my best friend when I was in Vietnam was macho grande for me. Donald: What happened when you got back? Mickey: I divorced her. At first my lawyer told me insanity wasn't grounds for divorce. Then I told him no that wasn't what I meant when I said she was fucking Goofy.

submitted by John Davenport

macho madness - A very awesome time. Very, very cool.

e.g., My party is gunna be macho madness.

submitted by alex

machocosm - A microcosm that is aggressively keen to prove it is a macrocosm.

e.g., The Big Bang was an explosive machocosm.

submitted by Hooty McBob

macholatry - Worship of machismo. Could be original.

e.g., We're on the verge of a social recividism -- a return to macholatry, if you will. | Try though he will, President Bush is not the man to be calling for macholatry.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

machos - Nachos with extra chillis. Nachos . . . for MEN.

e.g., Yeah, uh, popcorn, two hotdogs, and machos, please.

submitted by Alistair

macintosh - A computer far mightier than any other known to man. This is recognised only by the incredibly clever and the extremly wealthy. Luckily they don't mind pointing this out to the not so fortunate or clever.

e.g., An iBook is an example of a Macintosh.

submitted by misora

mack - A term used to describe broadly any sexual experience.

e.g., Betty Sue hasn't got her mack on in a long time. Baby got mack?

submitted by ~andrea~

mack - Mack-Verb: To pick up a girl, using your verbal skills.

e.g., Tim and I are going to hit the bars tonight to mack on some ladies.

submitted by andrew rowe

mack daddy - the newest, hippist, coolest

e.g., that car is the mack daddy!

submitted by Ginberry

mackalicious - Guaranteed to attract the opposite sex.

e.g., That rusted-out, olive green '64 Plymouth Valiant of yours is one mackalicious ride.

submitted by Stefczo!

macked - A state of being dinged, scratched, or otherwise damaged by abuse or neglect

e.g., I can't believe we have to move again. Our furniture is already macked.

submitted by Loren Alldrin

mackenzie - Someone who always blames someone for doing something she didn't do.

e.g., I didn't didn't throw that paper ball. You always blame me. You're a Mackenzie.

submitted by Andrew Heaslip

macker's - McDonald's.

e.g., Macker's kills animals for profit, but they sure have the best fries.

submitted by Michelle Trame

mackin - making out with

e.g., i was mackin out with bob all night long.

submitted by stacey

mackin' - Trying to get a member of the opposite sex.

e.g., "Look at Matt, he's mackin' on Jackie!"

submitted by Sam - (www)

mackle - Worthless objects and artwork made by children that can't be thrown out for sentimental reasons.

e.g., My desk drawers are so full of mackle that I store my work in boxes.

submitted by Jay Heinrichs - (www)

macloud - Someone who looks as if he's not from this era: longhaired, long coat (leather)a s if he lives in a medieval castle.

e.g., Look at the MacLoud on the corner.cI wonder where he hides his sword, and where he parked his horse.

submitted by ivo

macmac - A person who tends to be a little too enthusiastic about Macintosh computers.

e.g., Jed: Will Joe ever shut up about his choice of computer? We already know he uses a Mac. Fred: Whaddaya expect? Joe's a macmac.

submitted by Jon Calon - (www)

macrobian - Someone who is eternally worried about grades below an A, to the point of nightmares. The typical macrobian takes pure science, accelerated maths. and accounting (just in case).

e.g., The macrobian sat crying, this was the lowest A+ she had ever received.

submitted by Sam Helps

macrobony - (Accent is on the -bo-). Very or excessively bony, as some kinds of fish, a thin person with little muscle or fat, or perhaps an anorexic. Humorously, someone you might call "dense" or a "numbskull."

e.g., I'm glad that your baloney
Is not macrobony
Your dog is a coney
And it too is not phoney
What's become of your pony?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

macroceph - Used as an epithet for someone with an extremely large head, short for "macrocephalous." Even shorter: macro and mac.

e.g., Hey, macroceph, better be careful or small objects will start orbiting your head.

submitted by Ariana Rizzitano.

macroleximorpheme - A large word for large words: macro = big, lexi = lexis = vocabulary, morpheme = word.

e.g., "Pulchritudinous" is a macroleximorpheme for "comely."

submitted by Logan Predy

macroverbumsciolist - 1. One ignorant of large words.
2. One who pretends to know a word, then secretly refers to a dictionary. From the comic strip Robotman.

"This one comes from the comic strip Robotman; I suspect it is completely fanciful, but I like it."

e.g., is a favored site for macroverbumsciolists.

submitted by [wwftd] - (www)

macroxenoglossophobia - Fear of long, strange words.


So, Charlie, you have macroxenoglossophobia, do you?

How does this make you feel:

“Let your conversation possess a clarified conciseness, compacted comprehensibleness, coalescent consistency, and a concatenated cogency. Eschew all conglomerations of flatulent garrulity, jejune babblement, and asinine affectations. Let your extemporaneous descantings and unpremeditated expatiations have intelligibility, without rhodomontade or thrasonical bombast. Sedulously avoid all polysyllabical profundity, pompous prolixity, and ventriloquial vapidity. Shun double-entendre and prurient jocosity, whether obscure or apparent. In other words, speak truthfully, naturally, clearly, purely, but do not use large words.”

When I first ran across that feast of words in Michael Quinion's Newsletter, he said, “A thrasonical person is a braggart.” He said the above paragraph came from "Notes and Queries, 11 Feb 1893." When I checked today, I found something I must have forgotten:

These days, its most frequent appearances are in a widely-reproduced bit of advice to aspiring authors or public speakers. In an idle moment, I set out to trace it to its origin. It turns out to be a hardy perennial, which became popular on both sides of the Atlantic from the 1880s on, appearing regularly in magazines and newspapers. The earliest unearthed so far is in The Pennsylvania School Journal of 1874. It is surely older still. This version is from early in its life.

I leave it as an exercise for the reader to find an earlier instance of the advice. That's not my bag.

I've found several variations:
  • “In pondering your esoteric cogitations, or articulating superficial sentimentalities and philosophical or psychological observations, beware of platitudinous ponderosity. Let your conversation possess a clarified conciseness, compacted comprehensibleness, coalescent consistency, and a concatenated cogency. Eschew all conglomerations of flatulent garrulity, jejune babblement, and asinine affectations. Let your extemporaneous descantings and unpremeditated expatiations have intelligibility, without rhodomontade or thrasonical bombast. Sedulously avoid all polysyllabical profundity, pompous prolixity, and ventriloquial vapidity. Shun double-entendre and prurient jocosity, whether obscure or apparent. In other words, speak truthfully, naturally, clearly, purely, but do not use large words.”
  • “In promulgating your esoteric cogitations or articulating your superficial sentimentalities and amicable, philosophical or psychological observations, beware of platitudinous ponderosity. Let your conversational communications demonstrate a clarified conciseness, a compact comprehensibleness, no coalescent conglomerations of precious garrulity, jejune bafflement and asinine affectations. Let your extemporaneous verbal evaporations and expatriations have lucidity, intelligibility and veracious vivacity without radomontade or Thespian bombast. Sedulously avoid all polysyllabic profundity, pompous propensity, psittaceous vacuity, ventriloquial verbosity and vaniloquent vapidity. Shun double-entendres, obnoxious jocosity and pestiferous profanity, observable or apparent.”
  • “In promulgating your esoteric cogitations or articulating your superficial sentimentalities, and amicable philosophical or psychological observations, beware of platitudinous ponderosity. Let your conversational communications possess a compacted conciseness, a clarified comprehensibility, a coalescent cogency, and a concatenated consistency. Eschew obfuscation and all conglomeration of flatulent garrulity, jejune babblement, and asinine affectations. Let your extemporaneous descantings and unpremeditated expatiations have intelligibility and voracious vivacity without rodomontade or thrasonical bombast. Sedulously avoid all polysyllabic profundity, pompous prolificacy, and vain vapid verbosity. In short: "Be brief and don't use big words."
  • Next time, in promulgating your esoteric cogitations, or articulating your superficial sentimentalities and amicable, philosophical or psychological observations, beware of platitudinous ponderosity. Let your conversational communications possess a clarified conciseness, a compacted comprehensibleness, coalescent consistency, and a concatenated cogency. Eschew all conglomerations of flatulent garrulity, jejune babblement, and asinine affectations. Let your extemporaneous descantings and unpremeditated expatiations have intelligibility and veracious vivacity, without rodomontade or thrasonical bombast. Sedulously avoid all polysyllabic profundity, pompous prolixity, psittaceous vacuity ventriloquial verbosity, and vaniloquent vapidity. Shun double-entendres, prurient jocosity, and pestiferous profanity, obscurant or apparent!!

submitted by HD Fowler

macrutiae - Significant details, large items -- the opposite of minutiae. Macrutia.

e.g., Gas mileage and price are macrutiae to consider when buying a car.

submitted by Richard Factor - (www)

mactics - "Macking" plus "tactics." Refers to the use of flirtation in a targeted, strategic manner.

e.g., Oh, they're not just talking. He's pullin' out the mactics hardcore.

submitted by Third from Left

maculate - Dirty, faulty, guilty, sinful. The opposite of Immaculate.

e.g., Jimmy, your room is absolutely maculate. I want it cleaned up now.

submitted by Hooty McBob

mad - A lot of, much of.

e.g., That guy has mad skills on the mic.

submitted by Mike C - (www)

mad - As a noun, a period of being angry.

e.g., You're going to have to give me some more time to get over my mad. | The last time I had a mad on, it lasted for more than four hours, so I called my physician to see what I should do about it. Just like they advise in the commercials . . . wait, that's not for mad-ons, is it?

submitted by HD Fowler

mad beef shanks - Name given to a British cow carrying the mad cow virus. The word is a combination of "mad cow," "beef," and "Longshanks"--14th century Enlish king seen in _Braveheart)_.

e.g., If Kent keeps eating the Mad Beef Shanks while he's in Europe, his brain isn't going to be functioning in about 3 months.

submitted by Matt

mad-at-gas-car - A conservationist's vehicle -- one propelled by any other energy form than fossil fuel.

e.g., Ethel: Where ya going, Bro? Deezle: Headed down to get me new wheels. Ethel: What kind ya gettin? Deezle: One of those named like a place. Ethel: Like Malibu, Tacoma, Dakota, or Alpine? Deezle: Nope. No more gas guzzlers. I'm gettin me a new mad-at-gas-car.

submitted by charlie lesko

mad-cell - An abnormally large amount on cellulite on one's back.

e.g., Ever noticed that Chris is afflicted with mad-cell? Not to mention her hairy back.

submitted by eli

mad-dogged - When someone stares you down with the notion that you will look away, back down, or give in. It also can used when someone is doing something stupid, do a ridiculous act, or macking on your ex-girl friend in front of you.

e.g., Nick got mad-dogged at the bar by Sam and Bryson for trying to mack on Matt's Ex-girlfriend.

submitted by matthew

madadhomadhomadmomandad - This rather lengthier-than-necessary word is applicable when somebody makes an ad hominem ad hominem attack. In other words, say, someone accuses you of making an ad hominem attack when you really didn't. As a way to make you feel that your arguments were inferior. Sort of an "adhom-adhom," if you will. Just threw the extra syllables, the "m," the "mom," and the "dad" to make it more passionate and intense. Like you're mad at your mom and dad and you're really upset with someone for seeming to attack you because you weren't able to respond well to her arguments.

e.g., Instead of politely reasoning and addressing my arguments in a logical way, Chris accused me of making an ad hominem attack. I told her she had just committed the debating fallacy of madadhomadhomadmomandad.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

madagascar - Code used by poolplaying cheats in situations where one does not want it to be known that one is coaching another player. Meaning is "Play this shot without English." "You know, Madagascar, where they speak no English."

e.g., Smith is lining up a shot. Jones, sitting down and talking to Black, loudly says, "Last year I took a trip to...Madagascar."

submitted by Allan Hazlett - (www)

madam - A woman who runs a house of prostitution.

e.g., Let's suppose you're right that Iran "negotiated that cessation of hostilities" "ending violence in Basra." You think that's a good thing? You think that demonstrates "the goodwill of the Iranians"?

Nan, Iran does what it sees as being in Iran's best interests. Whatever was done sure wasn't done as a gesture of goodwill.

You think it's good for Iran to have that much influence in Iraq? I don't. What're you smokin' in your peace pipe, lady madam?

submitted by beelaebub

madamishness - Supercilious, overbearing, or haughtily proud. Used for certain women who are not divas, but come close.

e.g., She was acting madamishnessly

submitted by Tom Cubbage

maddle - Getting your words in a muddle when you're really mad.

e.g., Stop talking, you're getting yourself in a maddle.

submitted by nyika

made an ash of himself - Had himself cremated.

e.g., Yes, that's right. He died last week and in accordance with his wishes made an ash of himself.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

madjestical - Fairylike.

e.g., I felt madjestical.

submitted by Brandy 7th English

madme - The dullard in every work environment, self-proclaimed "class joker" who, frankly, is anything but a natural in the role. From the often heard phrases "Watch out, I'm mad, me. I'll do anything, I'm absolutely crazy."

e.g., Avoid Claire, she's a madme.

submitted by Lizzie Landslide

madministrator - 1. A person who has lost her mind because she has too much administrative work to do -- when her job does not primarily involve any administration. For example, teachers. "Nowadays I am mainly a madministrator." 2. A person (say, a line manager) who drives her colleagues insane by obsessive demands for detailed administrative tasks to be performed at all times. 3. Madministration. The over-administration which is insisted upon but is not really required in order for the actual job to be effectively performed.

e.g., Chris has becom a madministrator lately.

submitted by laura pasternack

madness - Rad and really cool or baffling.

e.g., That's madness, brother.

submitted by randy savage

madschool - Hardcore, old school, and mad skill merged.

e.g., Wow, that's madschool.

submitted by Calvin Chan

mafic - 1. Uncool 2. Dark, without light.

e.g., I was all hyped up about the concert, but it turned out to be mafic.

submitted by Aegean - (www)

magafalator - (n) Anything you have no other name for.

e.g., I opened up my computer and connected the wire to the little magafalator on my motherboard.

submitted by michael five

magaxenophilia - Love for the pretentious act of conspicuously placing a foreign-language periodical in plain view (usually whilst at a coffee shop) for the sole purpose of looking cosmopolitan. Not to be confused with someone actually trying to learn or understand the language.

e.g., It took only two questions to realise that it was magaxenophilia, not a love of the culture, that had caused the Afrikaans Times to accidentally fall out of her bookbag. She later confessed that she wasn't exactly sure where Afrikaansas was, but she thought it might be somewhere "in the West." Anyway, she was sure it was one of the flyover states.

submitted by gecko

magence - To pounce on or attack by surprise.

e.g., In the jungle, a predator has to magence their its prey.

submitted by courtneyboud

maggot - A fan of a popular nu-metal band Slipknot. Slipknot is pseudofamous for performing in masks and jumpsuits.

e.g., Look at all of those maggots jumping in that moshpit.

submitted by Captain Retardo (dw)

maggotism - (n.) the quantum force responsible for entropic decay. Sometimes called "electro-maggotism," especially if the decay is rapid or really disgusting. [from_maggot_and_magnetism_.]

e.g., "Wow. that is really disgusting. how long have these pork chops been in here?" "pork chops?! it can't be. those have been in there since ... golly ... november?" "bleaurgh. i'm going to be sick." "how bad is it?" "ugh! maggotism." "electro-maggotism."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

maggotry - Low-crawling scum of society that stoop below the normal rednecks and bums of humanity. More or less a term of venery.

e.g., Sam refused to mingle with the maggotry at the bus stop. Ray was disappointed in the lack of attention.

submitted by Ray Spurlock

maggotted - Australian slang for very drunk.

e.g., Little Johnny had too many ales and felt entirely maggotted.

submitted by ellery23 - (www)

maggrivating - Another form of "aggravating" -- especially when aggravated (= annoyed) by somebody whose name starts with the letter "m."

e.g., M -- is so maggrivating. | I'm so maggrivated I could spit.

submitted by Kass

magic datsun - A ruse or hiding place that is easily discovered, a foolish lie that is caught out. Based on a Datsun which was pulled over with five different drunk drivers over a 12-hour period, in Glen Innes, Australia.

e.g., Telling your boyfriend that Bob is your brother was a bit of a magic Datsun, Charlotte.

submitted by Kora

magic grandma money - Monetary gift(s) in form of cheque or well-concealed cash arriving to your mailbox unexpectedly as sent by Grandma. Often acquired by college students.

e.g., Bill took Amy to dinner because he received some magic grandma money in the mail today.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

magic jordan - The ideal basketball player: incredible offense, incredible defense, wins championships at all levels (high school, college, Olympics and pros).

e.g., Vince Carter's great but he's no Magic Jordan.

submitted by Dan Geiser - (www)

magic smoke - The stuff inside expensive electric things that you can smell if you accidentally zorch them on a dry winter day. Once you let it out, that thing will never work again.

e.g., I touched my Palm Pilot after shuffling across the rug, and I think I let out the magic smoke because now it doesn't work.

submitted by moogla - (www)

magical time traveling leprechauns - Usually used jokingly as an alias.

e.g., "Jake, did you shoot the gas can?" "No, it wasn't me, the Magical Time Traveling Leprechauns did it."

submitted by Rebecca

magicalbum - A book of mysticism released in 2002 by a mystical order of "Cat People."

e.g., The Magicalbum is the most coveted unknown book in the bibliophile world.

submitted by eva surga - (www)

magickal - Magical, as spelled by those into the occult.

e.g., ". . . the meditative and/or magickal use of drugs."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

magik - 1. Possessing distinctive qualities that produce unaccountable or baffling effects to an extreme extent. 2. An extremely fortunate or lucky occurance. 3. A (one and only) Person/online persona, magik, who can be located virtually at :)

e.g., That was magik! With a k! ("With a k" to add emphasis.)

submitted by magik - (www)

magikrap - Derived from the Pokemon Magikarp. The absolute worst and most useless of something. Use as a substitute for "crap."

e.g., This computer you gave me is magikrap.

submitted by Rick O'Shay

magishical - The same as magical, but more so.

e.g., All of the lights glistened off the tree. Shawn found it all very magishical.

submitted by Jesse - (www)

magma come loudly - In Hawaii, highest honors, extremely fine success

e.g., I am knowing which doctor to consult, only he whose magma come loudly.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

magnamize - To blow situations out of proportion.

e.g., All I did was forget to turn off the lights. My dad magnamized it to I was draining all of Boston of its power and he is paying for it.

submitted by Brian Mathers

magnanimus - Animosity in a large dose. From a misspelling.

e.g., Howard Dean as much as said he feels nothing but magnanimus towards Republicans and all they stand for.

submitted by Miss Speller

magnitudinal - Immense, excessive size, exceeding all expectations.

e.g., Several contestants demonstrated magnitudinal effort during the competition.

submitted by James Sandefer - (www)

magnivi - very cool

e.g., great cd, magnivi

submitted by Darewolf

magnum po'd - Magnum Pissed Off--as pissed off as you can possibly be.

e.g., She is Magnum PO'd at me.

submitted by Mark Maranta

magnuscaput - Latin word meaning " large head."

e.g., You have a magnuscapus.

submitted by Ryan

magodie - Similar to 'thingy', but usually in a digital / interactive context.

e.g., Let's get Alan to whip up a quick Flash magodie for the site.

submitted by mishx - (www)

magoo - When the eyeballs almost pop out of the head after seeing something astonishing, unbelievable, or completely unfamiliar.

e.g., Our cat Twinkie went Magoo when he saw our new puppy for the first time.

submitted by Edie

magot - Cards and order forms stuck in magazines, most of which fall out when you turn the pages. Think maggot.

e.g., I hate reading Cosmo because it 's always filled with too many magots.

submitted by Marsha Williams

maguetekh - A language that addresses an object itself and not the name we assigned it.

e.g., The man spoke in Maguetekh, an ancient language to tell the tree to fall over and shrivel up.

submitted by Keith

magumbo - A bad feeling about a place, person, or event.

e.g., The hallway gives me magumbo.

submitted by Dan Shawver

mah-purrr - Much appreciation

e.g., alex said "mah-purrr" when his mom gave him a new car.

submitted by groovy - (www)

maha - Fun, special, wonderful, etc.

e.g., Q. How was the show? A. It was maha.

submitted by alex

maharishi - To whine incessantly about others being cheaters while playing a game.

e.g., The game was great 'til Chris began to maharishi because he's so bad at it.

submitted by Moon

maheenie - An overall term of endearment, used in personal relationships. From "mahatma," a noun meaning a revered person, typically one admired for her behavior. "Heenia" means funny, jester- like behavior, amusing -- funny little thing.

e.g., No, Mike is not my boyfriend. He's my maheenie. Maybe if I had better sense and taste he'd be my boyfriend; but right now I'm going for the guys on the football team.

submitted by Daisy - (www)

mahkayooka - Contraction for "my car, your car." Used as a question when two people are trying to determine which car to take on a trip. The first or second half of the word can be used as an answer.

e.g., John and Tim walked out to the parking lot to go to lunch. "Mahkayooka?" asked Tim. "Mahka," answered John.

submitted by David Price

mahoganocracy - (Rhymes with the-dog-in-LOCK-you-see; n.) 1. Rule by those whose offices reek of dark wood; 2. Those who occupy such offices, especially high-echelon board members and such. [From mahogany + Gk kratos "power."]

e.g., "What happened?" "They gave the job to Lacey." "Lacey?! Why? She's only been working there a few months. You've been working there---hard---for over three years." "The mahoganocracy said it's because they needed to promote a woman." "Are you serious?! Are you serious?! You didn't get promoted because you're a man?" "I don't ... I don't know." "If this weren't so serious, I'd laugh myself silly .... Lacey. Incredible."

submitted by scott m. ellsworth - (www)

mahoganous - Used to describe the look and feel of a nice wooden piece of furniture even though it is fairly obvious that it is a lower-grade item.

e.g., This Ikea desk has a very mahoganous look about it.

submitted by Pat Nowak

mahoney - Me 'n my friends use this term for "money."

e.g., Joe, do you have any mahoney you could lend me? Sure, I'll pay you back. ... OK, I know I still owe you for the last six times, but I'll get around to it eventually. Whaddaya mean, "Why don't I get a job?" Why buy a cow when you can milk it through the fence?

submitted by Jamie P

mahoosive - Large. Like, really large. Massive doesn't come close. We're talking almost too big for your pitiful imagination to comprehend.

e.g., Deleted line from Star Wars: Look at the Death Star. It's mahoosive.

submitted by Phil Evans - (www)

mahousive - Bigger than massive, but not gigroncous.

e.g., That is one mahousive burger.

submitted by Rob and Mike, bored as hell

mahusive - Massive and then some, gargantuan, oversized.

e.g., Heather, who had been elected prom queen, developed acute anxiety complex when, the night before the prom, she discovered a mahusive zit on the tip of her chin.

submitted by nicole

mai-try - A cheap imitation. A wannabe version of a genuine product or concept, usually diluted prior to consumption. Originating from the knock-off tropical cocktails some bars and resorts serve, usually watered down, but with fancy names nonetheless.

e.g., Did you see that street vendor with those knock-off Rolexes? Mai-Trys if I've ever seen them.

submitted by Paul

maidathol - An over the counter drug that cures loneliness.

e.g., Charlene was lonely, so she ordered order a dose of Maidathol. At the end of the night she went home happy.

submitted by David

mail slide - A metal device which fits snugly into a postal drop box, which allows a thief to trap mail.

e.g., Michael Kaufmann, of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, is credited with inventing the mail slide. Kaufmann was arrested by federal authorities in April of 2004 in Gary, Indiana.

submitted by Ty Evans

mailbox head - Someone who has an unusually squarish head. Can also be used to describe a stupid or foolish person.

e.g., Some mailbox head parked in my space in front of the office this morning.

submitted by Juice Maloose

maileability - A physical property that determines how easy it is to squeeze a large item into a letter box.

e.g., Postman to his students: "A letter of up to three times the width of the slot can be pushed through if it is sufficiently maileable."

submitted by Hooty McBob

maileable - A description of an item that can be bent flat, folded, or stuffed into an envelope so that it can be delivered the "regular" way by the U.S. Postal Service.

e.g., Just in time, I realized that I didn't have to buy a box and send Granny's birthday gift by U.P.S. or Fed Ex. The scarf I bought her was perfectly maileable -- it could be folded neatly and would easily fit into a 10" by 12" brown envelope for low cost mailing. (Much thanks to Gino Tofani for the e-mail "root" idea!)

submitted by Charlie Lesko

maillot jaune - French for "yellow jersey." The traditional jersey worn by the overall points leader of the Tour de France. Pronounced "my-oh shon."

e.g., Lance Armstrong surged ahead today and is in first place by 12 seconds. He nows wears the maillot jaune.

submitted by hackle577

main damie - Similar to "Buddy" or "best friend," a person one likes and socializes with.

e.g., You're so cool, you know you're my main damie.

submitted by Katy

main guy - (n.) Something one must finish before they can leave whatever they're doing to answer a summons. (From the structure of old Nintendo video games, wherein each level ended with what Sir Alfred Hitchcock called a "Master Antagonist" who must be defeated to progress in the game. Often (far too often) the games were not built to 'save' until this master antagonist was soundly trounced, so my kids would often complain that they couldn't do whatever they were supposed to do until after they had "killed the main guy.")

e.g., "I can't empty the dishwasher, Daddy, I still have to kill the main guy!" | "Come on, we can finish editing this next scene tomorrow." "No way, dude, I've still got the main guy to take care of." "The main guy?! What do you mean?" "You know, the continuity in the big banquet scene; if I can finish that, we'll be most of the way there."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mainlander - Person not bred, born, and reared in Newfoundland, Canada.

e.g., I lived in Toronto, but the place was full of mainlanders.

submitted by Kilgore

mainlandrs - All them boys whos ain't from the Isle of Cape Breton.

e.g., Me cousins livin in Halerfax are mainlandrs.

submitted by comeau

mainstream - An indicator of a poseur. A word used by a person who wants to be in a "post-hardcore" band but isn't. Used to describe a band with fame or talent.

e.g., Tyler wishes his band was popular or talented. All he can do is sit around moaning about how talented bands are mainstream and therefore have lost the ability to produce good music.

submitted by Marshall

maja de bum - Ma-sha day bum. A term used to curse someone. Originates from the French phrase "eat your apple."

e.g., Novotny: Maybe we should go do something that's fun? Miller: Maja de bum, Novotny.

submitted by John Roberts

majestical - Mixture of "majestic" and "magical" rolled into one.

e.g., When I see a wind farm, I think they look majestical.

submitted by Karen West

majoodied - The extreme state of inebriation.

e.g., Simon was majoodied at the party last week.

submitted by Jared

major forehead slappage - An action induced by another's stupidity.

e.g., A : "I just bought a new car." B : "But you can't afford it." A : "I know." B : *major forehead slappage commences*

submitted by blahblogger - (www)

major pucker factor - Used in the US Army for a dangerous situation: tightening of the anus when frightened or worried. (Used in the same manner as SNAFU.)

e.g., We're surrounded. We have a major pucker factor going on here.

submitted by Xnoybis

majuberous - Spotty, scattered, incomplete, or poorly defined.

e.g., It was a small pub with a majuberous assortment of unfamiliar beers.

submitted by larry - (www)

make the camel dance - To smoke a cigarette to the butt. To go all the way. To milk something for all it is worth.

e.g., We've only got this guy for three weeks, so let's make the camel dance, people.

submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

make-want - To act or behave in such a way as to cause another person (potential sex partner) to desire you.

e.g., It is usually not enough just to be good-looking. In order to successfully attract a mate, one must also make-want.

submitted by Patrick McGovern and Jenny Lee

makee - Someone who is receiving something from someone who has made something.

e.g., "Why did you give me the dodgy cup when you made my tea and you have the good one?" "Cause I was the maker and you, my friend, were just the makee."

submitted by matt clarke

makilok - One of many names for the boogeyman.

e.g., From the movie, The Cell : Makilok is real; Makilok is the boogeyman.

submitted by candace - (www)

makin' groceries rage - The irritation, much like road rage, that people exhibit in grocery stores when someone is in their way.

e.g., Have you ever seen the person who gets annoyed because you or your cart is in their way? They act really put out and peeved. I mean, the aisles are only so wide. One can bet that someone will always be in the way or clogging the aisle. No need to get huffy about it. I think it is a form of road rage. In New Orleans, we call the act of going to the grocery store "makin' groceries". I think I'll call this form of grocery store irritability Makin' Groceries Rage. Yup, that's what I'll do.

submitted by hrred - (www)

making a sentence fancy - When you add an unnecessary cuss word to a sentence.

e.g., Chris is a fucking asshole. Sorry, I had to make that sentence fancy because I'm so upset. But it's more accurate said that way.

submitted by Kimberly

making googly eyes - To look amorously at someone. In cartoons, "googly eyes" are indicated by large hearts replacing the iris and pupil.

e.g., Martha was making googly eyes at Charlie.

submitted by EggieChan

making pants - When a computer hard drive grinds away for no apparent reason, often in the middle of the night, when no humans are around.

e.g., "Whats your computer doing?" "I dont know, it must be making pants or something."

submitted by Steven Garrity - (www)

mal - Pronounced mull -- like we pronounce dull, skull, etc. Used for a "sexy chick." Unfortunately, the literary meaning of "mal" is properties, luggage, baggage, etc.

e.g., Look at the legs on that mal.

submitted by hs

mal ody - The older generation's negative terminology for the younger generation's music.

e.g., Ever since the family with two teenaged children moved in next door last April, Burt Holman's favorite pastime, taking care of his garden, became a nightmare.

It seemed that just about every time he'd set foot outside to start a beloved chore, like tilling the dark, rich soil, putting into the ground the special early blooming beef steak tomato plants he started from seed in late winter, or just raking up some stray, dry leaves that had blown in, the kitchen window of the new neighbors would be open. And emanating from the boom box left squarely on the kitchen table, would come the pounding, throbbing, god-awful screeching music that was currently popular with the teenaged kids.

The noise was so loud and pervasive that, after a few intolerable minutes, Bert would have to retreat into the quiet solitude of his home.

Burt smiled as he hammered a nail into the space of the garage wall, between the hook for the garden shears and the nail where he hung his garden gloves. He now had a place to keep his newest garden implement -- the thick, wool ear muffs that warmed his ears in the cold winter, would now protect and shelter his hearing in the spring and summer. And any teenaged mal ody be damned!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

malabras - (Rhymes with pa-ROB-ross; pl.n.) 1. Bad words; that is, (a) taboo terms (vulgarities, oaths, curses, profanity), or worse, (b) unkind words that deride, denigrate, ridicule, or belittle another human being; 2. Lies, especially those told to harm someone. [Mixed Spanish mal "bad" and palabra "word."]

e.g., These days, malabras are particularly chic, especially in politics. Nobody argues pros and cons, they just chuck malabras around. And, while most people think words are harmless, malabras embody the worst of the human race, and cause most of the violence on the planet: "Sticks and stones, they just break bones; 'tis names that truly hurt us."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

malacarious - 1. Someone's replacement gone wrong. 2. Ill feelings felt or experienced by oneself from others.

e.g., 1. The malacarious substitute made us work. 2. Your whole situation gives me malacarious thoughts.

submitted by mal

malacritude - The condition of being quite bad.

e.g., A sense of the malacritude of my situation fell upon me like a pack of hungry hyenas.

submitted by IMG

malarchy - (either MAL-ark-ee (seriously) or mull-ARK-ee (funnily); n.) 1. Bad government; 2. Ruling badly [from mal "bad, badly" + arch (from arkhos "leader")].

e.g., Sometimes congress indulges too much in malarchy.

submitted by scott m. ellsworth

malatocracy - A government where the worst and most devious of its citizens become its leaders. Its driving forces are greed, corruption, graft, and imperialism, while human needs receive little attention. It does little good to work hard in a malatocracy, so few people even try. Government officials and their sycophants will take away most of what an honest person earns. Education, healthcare, and equal rights are allocated minimal resources. The environment is trashed to provide short-term riches for those at the top. Those in other countries despise such a nation and work against it. Malatocracies eventually crumble from the effects of their own foulness. This type of government is the opposite of a meritocracy. See the separate entry for its definition.

e.g., They lived a bleak existence in the malatocracy and yearned to escape to a more humanitarian society.

submitted by Steve McDonald

malchisthesis - The intentionally hidden, yet obvious painful grain of truth in a joking or playful comment directed at a person or some people. 2. the true meaning or message of a sarcastic remark.

e.g., When you take jokes too lightly, you will miss the malchisthesis. You could just be sitting there and you wouldn't know they're actually attacking you.

submitted by MD Caruso

malco - To humanely trap apartment-complex stray cats for the purpose of relocation.

e.g., Pierre's female neighbors fed and attracted so many strays that he was eventually forced to malco the summer away.

submitted by Chris

malcochlear - Hard on the cochlea, difficult to listen to; especially an annoying voice or particular sound made both vocally and for the purpose of irritating.

e.g., That Franny Fines' malcochlear nasalization grates on my nerves.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

malecious - Facetious with malice, with ill intent. Sarcasm with pretentious overtones to be mean.

e.g., She knows it angers me when she maleciously outwits me in front of my friends and family.

submitted by Pete Parent - (www)

malefit - The prefixial opposite of benefit. To do harm to, or contribute in a bad way. Also, as a noun, one who or that which does bad things or contributes in a bad way.

e.g., Chris was a real malefit to the group, and they were glad to see him go.

submitted by Dylan Bennett - (www)

maletto - Mulatto: "Offspring of a Black and a White parent."

e.g., "Love the avatar. Self-portrait I assume?" "Nope. I am not a maletto. Your dear leader is."

submitted by Miss Speller

malfactoid - A small piece of bad information, typically based upon dubious underlying facts.

e.g., He said that the dog ate his homework because he spilled his lunch on it. That he'd spilled his lunch on his homework seemed to me to be a malfactoid.

submitted by Philip Hooker - (www)

malgenics - The opposite of eugenics. the science of promoting the mating of horribly dysfunctional people.

e.g., I think that the next step of our malgenics experiment is to get 'Boz and Hinkley to go out on a date.

submitted by jrtillett

malhoistage - Giving someone the finger when he or she does not deserve it.

e.g., It was serious malhoistage when Madelyn flipped him off even though he didn't do anything to her.

submitted by Brandon

malibu surfer problem - Malibu surfer problem: "In political theory, the Malibu surfer problem is the prospect of an individual who can work but chooses not to do so, and instead leads a life of self-indulgence funded through some other available means of support. The phrase refers to an imagined resident of Malibu, California who chooses to surf rather than work."

e.g., Whaddaya think? Is there a connection between the Malibu surfer problem and government bureaucracies run by Democrats. Why work when you can live just as high on the hog loafing? That's what I had in mind for my Golden Years -- until I became a geezer and realized that the only thing golden about growing old was my pee. Things change.

submitted by «Marty D'Mello» - (www)

malicosity - Mal-ish-ah-city--a state of malicious behavior. Maliciousness.

e.g., The statement was made without an ounce of malicosity. It was simply taken wrong.

submitted by Matt Cassem - (www)

malignorance - The type of ignorance that causes loss or harm to oneself or another.

e.g., Due to my own malignorance as a first-time investor, I've lost thousands of dollars in the stock market this past year.

submitted by Jeff Kovach

maliphonolyrical - Adjective describing words sung in a song that sound like something else. Common in many modern forms of music.

e.g., Celine: Near, far, wherever you are, I belive that the hot-dogs go on. Leonardo: Oh, that's very maliphonolyrical.

submitted by Andrew MacCormack

maliversary - The anniversary of something bad.

e.g., We saw the 40th maliversary of the assassination of President Kennedy in 2003. Now we're close to the 45th.

submitted by Fred Carraher

mall babies - Snot-nosed dirty children or a mall dweller of any age.

e.g., Look at the mall baby.

submitted by Mel

mall burn - Scars you receive while fighting the crowds when shopping. (ED. A city in Australia -- when the space is removed and the word is capitalized, Mallburn.)

e.g., I came down with heavy mall burn while doing my Christmas shopping.

submitted by Bob - (www)

mall job - 1. Actually having a job at a Mall. 2. Someone who dresses overly trendy. 3. Used more generally, to describe someone who doesn't think for herself.

e.g., Look at that girl over there, dressed like Britney Spears. She's a reall mall job.

submitted by Ian - (www)

mall rat - Anyone who dresses as "gothy" as possible and wanders around malls annoying shoppers by escalators.

e.g., Goddamn mall rats! I'm too tired to climb the escalator.

submitted by Da5id

mallardruid - A mallard who crawls around town curing plants from toxic waste and so forth.

e.g., Is it a plane? Is it a car? No, it's mallardruid.

submitted by silly moo

mallask - A person employed by some poll taker or opinion seeker that approaches people in a mall to ask for a few minutes of their time. Usually holding a clipboard and sometimes offering an incentive for participation.

e.g., Kelsey's time for shopping at the mall was quite limited; thus she strongly resented being solicited by the mallasks who always urged her to answer a few questions.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

mallburbia - the business community that has developed in the vicinity of a mall

e.g., after shopping at the mall my sister and I had more things to pick-up and we found them in mallburbia.

submitted by Donald McKenney - (www)

mallcontent - The line-halting, box-opening, price-complaining, and socially unaware person who believes that the rules of mall etiquette apply to everyone but her.

e.g., Not about to go shopping this time of year. All the malls are filled with mallcontents. No one needs another one.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

mallet approach - "used often in school. If you are unsure of an answer, you write an incredibly long answer that covers such a wide topic, you are sure to get the question right."

e.g., I used the mallet approach on a social studies paper and wrote a six page answer.

submitted by ryan

malleted - To hit with a mallet; struck or smashed with a mallet or hammer.

e.g., I didn't aprove of what she said. So I malleted her.

submitted by Ian Faynik

mallfeasance - Dirty deeds within enclosed, clustered retail spaces.

e.g., Mel, the CFO of the seafood restaurant chain, "Mall De Mer," was found guilty of mallfeasance after he was caught cooking the corporate accounting books along with the tilapia.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

malling - To go shopping at the mall.

e.g., Let's go malling. I want to check out the sales.

submitted by Marie

mallitis - A condition brought on after following your female companion through too many sale racks. Symptoms include light headedness, irritability, slumping shoulders, and an overwhelming need for a place to sit.

e.g., I have been in this Mall so long I think I might have a case of mallitis.

submitted by Jason Ruby - (www)

mallmanac - The kiosk in the mall that informs you about all of the stores and their locations.

e.g., I wonder if they have a Vans store in the mall? I know, let's find the mallmanac.

submitted by Bette Delman

malloxin - An airborne neurotoxic agent designed to bind with male hormones, producing a state of exhaustion and numbed submission: originally an experimental chemical warfare agent, it is now pumped into the air conditioning systems in female clothing shops. See "mallitis."

e.g., Jim, semi-stunned by the malloxin, mumbled his agreement with Harriet's choice of six new scarves.

submitted by rayg

mallrat - A person who spends much of her free time at the mall, not necessarily buying anything or working.

e.g., Robin is a mallrat if I've ever met one. You can always find her at the mall on Saturdays, even when she's broke.

submitted by Ruby

mallssage - Refers to the services of the massage "therapists" who operate out of a kiosk in the shopping mall and at significantly lower prices than a full-fledge massage clinic. Likewise, the services tend to concentrate primarily on the back and shoulders, rather than the entire body.

e.g., My back is tight, so I think I may step out for a mallssage during lunch.

submitted by Gossamyrrh

malltrash - Essentially mallrats, but more derogatory.

e.g., I went to see a movie at the mall and there was all this malltrash -- made me embarrassed to be there.

submitted by ditnis - (www)

malmutated - Something that has not mutated properly.

e.g., I've been trying to breed a hairless dog for some time, but so far they've all turned out malmutated.

submitted by Hooty McBob

malodorped - Someone with feet that smell bad.

e.g., I could tell he was a real malodorped just by sitting next to him.

submitted by Mary

malparkage - Being parked badly or illegally.

e.g., You must remedy this malparkage within 24 hours or incur a fine.

submitted by Kris H.

malpiffluent - Malpiffluence, malpiffluessence. Irritatingly weak, pathetic, or dribbluous speech perversions, especially the tonal qualities associated with the classic whiner.

e.g., I can't take another minute talking to Chris. His malpiffluessence makes me want to gouge knives in my ears.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

malpyou - A contraction of the phrase "May I help you," often used by those who take phone calls for a living.

e.g., Thank you for calling Denny's, malpyou?

submitted by Andrew Higgins - (www)

malricle - Incredible acts of wrongdoing. Antonym:: a miracle

e.g., Remember, life is all about balance; for every miracle there has to be a malricle.

submitted by mal

malternative - A worse alternative; another option that is unpreferable. The word originates from "malternatives," non-alcoholic malt-based drinks that are touted as an alternative to beer. Being non-alcoholic, they're not a pleasant option.

e.g., My girlfriend kicked me out of the house yesterday. I'll have to beg for her forgiveness. The only malternative is to move back to my parent's house.

submitted by Augusta

maltusiasm - The ardent, almost joyful attitude the doomsday community has toward preparing to exist beyond a worldwide calamity. Based upon the 18th to 19th c. economic theories of the Rev. Thomas Robert Malthus, who predicted the end of civilization when the human population exceeded the world's capacity to sustain it.

e.g., An asteroid hits the earth and creates a sunless, perpetual winter? Our ozone barrier burns off from man-made carbon dioxide emissions and the rays from the sun burn all the crops and gives everyone cancer? The earth reverses polarity and continents are riven with earthquakes, fire, and brimstone? Man uses up all the deep water tables and drought is in command throughout our farmlands? The seven billion souls on earth become eight billion, and there's not enough resources for everyone? The governmental overspending of the western nations causes economic collapse and chaos? We run out of oil and other essential materials and the modern world disappaers?  
Hey, not to worry! There'll be one group around. The Doomsdayers have gotten ready with malthuiasm!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

malufacture - To make something badly.

e.g., Japan long ago rid itself of its reputation for malufacturing.

submitted by Jonty Reason - (www)

mam - "like madam, only easier, and easier than ma'am"

e.g., yes mam!

submitted by jay - (www)

mama-razzi - 1. A photo happy new mother, who effectively stalks her infant by constantly snapping photos of her every moment. 2. An over-zealous photographer looking for financial gain from capturing the first photos of a new celebrity baby. Mamarazzi.

e.g., 1. If I see one more photo of Jane's new baby, I am turning her in for being a mama-razzi. 2. The mama-razzi were on high alert in front of the Beverly Center when word came that Britney Spears was inside shopping with little Jayden.

submitted by Nakia Claiborne

mamatone - The tone one's mama makes when she's complaining. Also mamotony, mamatonous.

e.g., She lectured me in a dull mamatone.

submitted by Karen Littleton

mambling - A cross between murmuring and rambling; speech that is both low in volume and unintelligible.

e.g., My wife got mad at me when I couldn't understand her mambling.

submitted by Arthur Revere Hayes III

mamefonger - A sibling or other relative (usually younger) of a famous person who becomes famous partially via exposure through the already famous relative.

e.g., That Aaron Carter kid is a mamefonger off his older brother, who is a Backstreet Boy.

submitted by lauryn

mamhandled - How you feel you've been treated after a mammogram when the radiologist keeps insisting she just needs "one more view."

e.g., Not tonight dear; they mamhandled me today.

submitted by susan clarke - (www)

mammogrammatical - Medical origin. A mammogram that went wrong.

e.g., Doctor to patient: "I'm afraid we made a mammogrammatical error and removed your right breast, which was the wrong one."

submitted by Naomi Grobler

mammoslam - Masochistic diagnostic test for breast wellness. (Any female who's had one needs no explanation.)

e.g., Rats. It's been a year and I'm due for my annual mammoslam. Damn, they hurt.

submitted by Debbi

mammothrept - "A child brought up by its grandmother; a spoiled child."

e.g., We got along just fine -- until I found out she was a mammothrept. | "The day I apologize to you, you contumacious mammothrept, there will be two moons in the sky." (Said by erudite misopede Samuel Marchbanks, aka Robertson Davies.)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

mammouth - "Big, huge, impressive"

e.g., Vladimir Guerrero hit a mammouth home run in the first inning.

submitted by Patrick Malenfant - (www)

mammygram - A telegram sent to one's mother.

e.g., Helen realized just in time that it was her mother's birthday and rushed out to send her a mammygram wishing her a happy one.

submitted by Wells Martin - (www)

man - A man protects and maintains women and children in the 21st century. Related words: adult, human, male, manhood, humanity, woman, person, compassion -- no other animal has it.

e.g., Men are physically much stronger than women; a man's protection of women includes literally protecting his mother, sister, wife, daughter, female friend, and even unknown women from physical harm. That is an awesome responsibility that men have traditionally assumed as part of their social identity as a Man. Young boys begin to protect women as they learn to become men. | Men do not endure the childbearing physiological changes that women undergo, and true men protect women out of respect for the gift of life that women give, and out of compassion for the pain and fear associated with giving birth. | Most societies are structured so that men have greater access to employment, goods, and services than women, men's greater participation being accompanied by the expectation that men will provide financially for the women and children in their families, and by the assumption that men will act as a buffer between the harshness of the world and the tenderness of their families. | It is not easy to be a man, and achieving manhood is a source of well-deserved satisfaction and pride.

submitted by Puddintainette

man fashion - Person, thing, or act worthy of a man.

e.g., See the tires on that truck? Man fashion, Ernie!

submitted by John Stewart

man flu - "A case of the common cold as suffered by a man, implying that he is exaggerating the debilitating effects of the illness." Collins Dictionary Word of the Day, November 19, 2012.

e.g., "Vickie, this is H. I won't be coming in to work today. I'm under the weather with a bad case of man flu." . . . "No, man flu." . . . "Man flu. Got it?" . . . "Thanks."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

man taxi - The correct term for the otherwise-referred-to pedi-cab (rickshaw), specifically when operated by a male.

e.g., Let's take a man taxi. We'll look so cool with our long hair blowing in the breeze.

submitted by Marci

man, the - A reference to the power structure largely controlled by Caucasian males in the United States. Historically, some prominent Blacks have scapegoated "the man" for societal ills.

e.g., "If Barack Obama is an Oreo, then every member of this generation of African-Americans is an Oreo, because we stand on the shoulders of the people who fought for our rights, and all of us say that you cannot blame 'the man' or white racism for everything that ails the black community." | When you get right down to it, most of those who might be referred to as "the man" have no more authority, money, or power than the ones who use the epithet. What they do have, they've had to work hard for.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

man-chair - The always convenient, deftly placed chair for men to sit on and wait for their female counterparts to shop in a retail store. Often plush and unapologetically cushioned to keep men in one spot, complete with all other purchases of the day.

e.g., Honey, I'll meet you at the man-chair while you put on that blouse. Take your time.

submitted by Don Chong

man-e-cam - Department store security camera hidden behind the eye(s) of a mannequin.

e.g., As I looked deeply into the eyes of the mannequin in sportswear, I could tell it was actually a man-e-cam.

submitted by Paul

man-in-the-window - Booger.

e.g., Find a tissue, you have a man-in-the-window.

submitted by Michele

man-pit - Used when your bedroom stinks.

e.g., Ugh, it smells like man-pit in here.

submitted by Kate - (www)

man-swag - Corporate branded merchandise: t-shirts, golf-shirts or the coveted fleecepullover given away at trade shows or to internal employees of large organizations that can still afford this type of marketing tactic. These items are almost always in sizes made not only for men, but larger men. Said items are imposed on women who are forced to either a) give the sawg to a man she knows or b) add the tent-sized shirt to an enormous collection of jammies made up entirely of man-swag. Not original.

e.g., Must admit that I miss the trade shows and their accompanying man-swag since I've retired.

submitted by christine

managementitis - An infectious condition that over time weakens a business and can result in its death. Symptoms are high losses, disbelief in the system, and a feeling that the numbers are erroneous. The loss of reason, no control of policy or procedures, a lack of all checks and balances. A completely impaired management staff whose every move is in direct correlation to the desires of the lowest employee.

e.g., Here's how managementitis works--and how companies end up self-destructing: Jimmie does not want to clean the restroom. Jimmie's boss doesn't tell him he has to do it because it's part of his job. Jimmie's boss's managers is afraid he'll get a grievance filed if he says anything. And so it goes.

submitted by J. R. Mater

manager yes - In IBM, used to determine whether an individual actually has the power to fire you or make your life a misery, versus those who have "manager" in their title but are actually responsible for sanitising phones. Derived from an internal system where "real" managers have a "Y" in a checkbox next to their names.

e.g., Red: That new guy in the shiny suit told me to fax this report to him on yellow paper. Ed: Doesn't he understand e-mail? Zed: I think he's manager yes . . . better get to it.

submitted by wnpxnff

manaise - Short for "Man, there is."

e.g., Manaise a lot of good lookin' females in this here hall.

submitted by Megan

manalive - An exclamation.

e.g., Manalive, who ate all the Doritos?

submitted by Craig

manamuna - What you say when you drink too much Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper too fast.

e.g., Wow, that was manamuna. I spewed it out my nose.

submitted by Kory

manapause - Protective instinct in human males.

e.g., The idea of unprotected sex should give a manapause.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

manaphobe - Females who have no desire for congenial or prurient interaction with the opposite sex.

e.g., After Warren's indecent proposal was turned down for the 43rd time that night, he turned to his buddies and said, "Let's blow this bar, it's full of clove-smoking manaphobes."

submitted by Warren James Pearson

manarchy - 1. A monarchy ruled completely by men. 2. Anarchy created by only men.

e.g., King James the First established absolute manarchy in England during his reign from 1603 to 1625. | During the French Revolution, the period of brutal violence in which many members of high-ruling families were killed by men has been described as manarchy.

submitted by Peyton Smith - (www)

manasexual - A male who has never been involved sexually with another male.

e.g., All males are born manasexual.

submitted by Raf

manateed - To be hit by a boat while swimming.

e.g., I wouldn't swim in the Detroit River if I were you. You could easily get manateed.

submitted by Brad Czerniak

manatomy - (n.) The characteristics of male body structure not shared by the female: e.g., external genitalia, thicker limbs (and usually longer), brow ridges, angular jaw bones, broader rib cage, more pronounced musculature, narrower pelvises, etc.)---especially in the context of art, where a female artist (especially a novice) experiences difficulty with accurate depiction. [Coined by my daughter Bethany, an illustrator, while pointing out this difficulty last night 110208.]

e.g., Oddly enough, the worst manatomy problems faced by female artists are not genitalia (as the cruder might smirk about), but the face, upper torso, and hips, as these are obviously the most depicted parts in ordinary art.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

manbearpig - A creature that is half man, half bear, and half pig and threatens our planet. Discovered by Al Gore.

e.g., "Some people say that manbearpig isn't real, but I'm here to tell you that he is. . . . I'm cereal." -- Al Gore

submitted by Dob - (www)

manbra - Fictional undergarment that should be required for men with large breasts.

e.g., That old guy's so fat his breasts sag. He needs a manbra.

submitted by Terry Kaiser Borning - (www)

mancicle - A toy-boy.

e.g., Look over there. It's Kathy with her newest mancicle, Tommy.

submitted by piewwe

mancott - Like a boycott, but stronger.

e.g., The airport was ticking us off, so we staged a mancott.

submitted by BigAssFries

mandals - Bulky, strappy, sandals worn by men. European men wear them with socks.

e.g., Phil could walk no further, as his new mandals had given him a blister. If only he'd worn his socks.

submitted by g_love

mandamonium - A state of intense hyperactivity, often characterised by much body movement and excited vocal sounds.

e.g., She had reached a state of high mandamonium, and it was unclear if she would calm down ever again.

submitted by Amanda - (www)

mandarin, the - A name to call yourself jokingly when you are confident of being able to do something. Emphasize by using a super hero/villain delivery.

e.g., I shall beat you, for I am... The Mandarin!

submitted by Hat-Kun

mandate - A night out for the boys.

e.g., With their women at home, Jack and John realized too late that their evening at the movies had become a mandate.

submitted by g_love

mandatory ten - a movie is given a mandatory rating of 10/10 when it shows any nudity.

submitted by bindi

mander - As a noun: A mander is a funny word which is created by a person in a weird state of mind. As a verb: To mander is the practice of creating odd words while in weird state of mind.

e.g., As a noun: This guy over here does a certain activity that makes him come up with manders all the time. As a verb: Hey I'm going to go do a certain activity and then mander for a bit.

submitted by Demet Alexopoulos - (www)

mandex - Spandex pants or shorts designed to be worn by men, usually constricting in the crotch area.

e.g., It was only his first day at the gym, and Hugh had already seen enough mandex to last a lifetime. Had no one ever heard of shorts, or modesty?

submitted by g_love

mandiboy - (n.) 1. a violent political contention, especially over a trivial issue; 2. an angry, violent political contest or campaign (especially for a relatively minor office or focusing on a fairly minor issue); 3. a local politician, especially an embattled one. (from Chapter 25 of Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days, where a virtual riot ensues over the candidacy of one Mandiboy and Camerfield---not for governorship of congress, but for justice of the peace.)

e.g., "You know, Liz Saxony is big stuff here in Alcott, but at the State legislature, she's just a mandiboy." | "I'm tired of Clinton and Obama's endless mandiboy."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mandigan - A cardigan (woolen overgarment) worn exclusively by old men.

e.g., Uncle Carl looks quite fetching in his mandigan, don't you think, Susie?

submitted by dave

mandrill - Monkey business causing a red rump.

e.g., And just why do you think the mandrill has a carmine cast to his blue butt?

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

mandroid - A part human, part android creation. It combines the best qualities of each, resulting in a warmer, more human-like android.

e.g., Every modern family should have itsown version of the new cutting edge mandroid -- it will pay for itself in just 20 years.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

manfrotto - A man who is italian.

e.g., That guy is a true manfroto, he eats pasta like crazy.

submitted by mcf

mang - A good fellow. An all-around good guy.

e.g., Come on, be a mang and be the designated driver tonight.

submitted by Bob

manga - A Japanese comic. Commonly mistaken with anime for similar-looking characters. But a manga is a book or comic. And anime is a TV show. Not all manga are anime just as all anime are not manga. The people that draw these comics are call "manga artists".

e.g., Grace: What are you reading? Quynh: Just another manga. It's really good. Grace: Yeah, I think I read that one already.

submitted by Jenny C.

mangalage - Catastophic damage resulting in twisted and disfiguring ruins.

e.g., The morning after the train crash dawned on a mangalage of parts.

submitted by Dave G. - (www)

manged - Broken up, squashed, in a mess.

e.g., I dropped Alec's birthday cake and now it's all manged.

submitted by laura

mangeled - To fall over in a ridiculous way.

e.g., Patsy: I was walking down the street and mangeled in front of everyone. Sharon: Goodness, that must of been very embarrassing for you. Did you look more ridiculous than you usually do?

submitted by Monique

mangi - It is pijin (spoken in Papua, New Guinea) for boy.

e.g., Eric is still a young mangi.

submitted by Brnadon Ducharme

mangialicious - The supra-superlative of tasy or delicious especially when applied to home-cooked Italian food.

e.g., Nonna, your bread is mangialicious.

submitted by Dominic Tassone - (www)

mangina - Too dumb and ugly to be a real woman, too childish and cowardly to be a real man.

e.g., Lurch is quite the mangina... he is equally hated by both men and women for his lack of anything in common with positive examples of either gender.

submitted by Kleavage

mangky - Likened to a bucket full of bashed crabs, used to describe something ugly.

e.g., That dog was scary beyond all reason; it was mangky.

submitted by Sensae

mangler - 1. A diorama of a junkyard 2. Smashed-up manger in someone's front yard during Christmas time instead of an intact manger. Mangers can be very easily turned into manglers by the zealous application of a baseball bat.

e.g., Geez, check out that mangler in Bob's front yard.

submitted by biff

manglish - The chosen language of most personal web pages. An offshoot of English, Manglish does not capitalize the letter I, uses randomized swapping of letters for their phonetic equivalents (i.e., kewl for cool), lacks punctuation and interchanges words that sound the same but have different meanings, among other features.

e.g., The guy who wrote this page has a Masters degree in Manglish. Check out this sentence: i got a D on my Physics test becuz i didnt study enuff and i was two tired too concentrate.

submitted by Phalange Necklace - (www)

mangloid - A Bob Sergel original: a cross between the verb "mangle" and the adjective "mangled."

e.g., The guy in the Stryper t-shirt got mangloid in the mosh pit at the Slayer concert.

submitted by Brian Postek

manglophone - A person who communicates by the intentional abuse of a language or languages.

e.g., Manglophones speak une bit comme this.

submitted by Sean Timpa

mangoes - To become excessively drunk.

e.g., If I have one more drink I'll be mangoes.

submitted by Leesh

mangoes - My mom used to use this word to mean green peppers, bell peppers. This was a dialect usage, and probably is even more rare today.

e.g., I've always hated mangoes, cooked or uncooked, because they're bitter and taste very peculiar.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mangulated - To mangled.

e.g., You mangulated your car.

submitted by Ali Pyrke

mania - A suffix associated either with a craze or with a mental disorder. Unless you work in the field of medicine or psychology or someone you know is mentally deranged, any use you see of the suffix is likely to be related to some pop phenomenon, often a celebrity of some sort.


Jon Friedman, MarketWatch | Sarah Palin, unmasked Things played out to Thornburgh's advantage in Wasilla, Alaska, Palin's hometown. "The Best Western turned out to be 50 yards from her home!" he said. He recognized immediately that Palinmania was spreading through the nation.

"I was thinking first, this story is going to have a life of its own," he recalled. "I have to file right away. I have to find out what's happening right away."

submitted by HD Fowler

maniass - Someone who is driving like a maniac and an asshole at the same time.

e.g., Get off the road, you maniass.

submitted by Tom Welch

maniative - To sporadically rotate aggressive mental states in short succession due to caffeine- or alcohol-induced chemical exposure to thrash metal in industrialized complexes.

e.g., My imbalanced mind is unacceptable. It's maniative.

submitted by Lyserjos

manilow - Used to describe a song that, by definition, blows.

e.g., "So, do you like that new one by N*Sync or what?" "Are you kidding? It's a Manilow."

submitted by Kimber ley

manimal - Part man and part animal. A rough handsome male creature.

e.g., Jane doesn't have time for a serious relationship, but she seems to be able to make time for the manimals.

submitted by beverly

manipulatrix - An emotionally manipulative female.

e.g., Delilah is a Biblical example of a manipulatrix.

submitted by David C. Morrow

manischewitz - Someone or something that is in style or is cool.

e.g., Walter is so cool, he's the manischewitz.

submitted by Doug C.

mankey - Rotten, disgusting, stupid.

e.g., Your breath is mankey, James.

submitted by James

mankey spunkner - During a field trip with my friends, I attempted to say, "You're such a monkey spanker," but the only words I managed to get out were "mankey spunkner." It pretty much means--nu uh, no way, that's not true.

e.g., You're such a mankey spunkner, I'm sure you got a 1600 on your SATs.

submitted by Sara Boudrea

mankster - From "manky" -- for somebody who is dirty, unclean, or generally depraved.

e.g., Big Ro had been wearing the same clothes for three days. Now smelling of sweat and booze, he had become a mankster of the first order.

submitted by Ro

mankup - Makeup for men.

e.g., Male actors wear mankup.

submitted by Simon Thomas

manky - 1. The sensation you get in your mouth when you drink the contents of an ashtray that is full of ash and cigarette butts and beer dregs because you were so drunk you thought it was a glass. 2. Dirty, disgusting, can relate to people; gross and then some--maybe 160.

e.g., What was in that glass? It wasn't a glass? No wonder I have this manky taste in my mouth.

submitted by Elise

manlipulator - A silver-tongued politician with great persuasive powers.

e.g., You can vote for only one candidate to join such figures as Winston Churchill, Huey Long, and Adolph Hitler in the Manlipulator's Hall of Fame. Will it be Bill Clinton? George W. Bush? (Is there a contest?)

submitted by Charlie Lesko

manlook - Looking for something in a less than careful fashion. Usually expecting, but not finding an item to be front, center, or eye level.

e.g., The milk is in the refrigerator. If you don't manlook, you'll find it.

submitted by Lois

manmade disaster - Terrorism. Also seen as "man-caused disaster."

Obama-Speak: Homeland Security Secretary Replaces 'Terrorism' With the Term 'Man-Caused Disaster' By Tim Graham (Bio | Archive)
Thu, 03/19/2009 - 15:19 ET

Even as President Obama compares bankers to suicide bombers, his Homeland Security Secretary is suggesting the T-word, terrorism, is too inflammatory and representative of old-fashioned "politics of fear." She's announced a new term: "man-caused disaster." From an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel:
SPIEGEL: Madame Secretary, in your first testimony to the US Congress as Homeland Security Secretary you never mentioned the word "terrorism." Does Islamist terrorism suddenly no longer pose a threat to your country?

NAPOLITANO: Of course it does. I presume there is always a threat from terrorism. In my speech, although I did not use the word "terrorism," I referred to "man-caused" disasters. That is perhaps only a nuance, but it demonstrates that we want to move away from the politics of fear toward a policy of being prepared for all risks that can occur.

But what if the suicide bomber is a female? Isn't it sexist to use "man-caused disaster"?

e.g., The Obama Administration may prefer to use the term "manmade disaster" instead of the word "terrorism"; however, for my money, we ought to use manmade disaster to refer to the Obama Administration itself.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

manna - Contraction of "man of."

e.g., She got badly stung by a Manna War. Superman was the Manna Steel.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

mannever - To skillfully or carefully to influence a woman into a homosexual relationship.

e.g., Ellen Degeneres mannevered Portia de Rossi into marrying her.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

mannippleate - that's when you milk yore cow the old-fashion way . . . by hand. But please warm yore fingers..

e.g., Amish folk no doubt still always mannippleate the kine; newfangled machines just simply aren't kosher.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

manodrasto - Portuguese for the sons and daugthers of your stepfather or stepmother, but who are not biological sons or daugthers of your own biological parent.

e.g., I have only one manodrasto and he's a really cool guy.

submitted by Joao Filipe

manopause - A decline in certain hormones that men seem to go through in their forties.

e.g., I think he looks pretty good for a guy going through manopause; that testosterone therapy must be working.

submitted by Isadora Delgado

manor - Neither major nor minor, somewhere in between.

e.g., I'll say it again. Verbosely, of course. This is mostly a tangent (and partly a rant) so linking to this aside will avoid a manor hijack -- as well as avoid the robotic censor.

submitted by HD Fowler

manorama - A world of men.

e.g., I went to this bar yesterday looking for ladies, but when I got there it was a regular manorama.

submitted by Johnny Silver

manorexia - Extreme thinness in men suggestive of anorexia; can also be used as an adjective.

e.g., Chris looks manorexic in those size zero girl pants.

submitted by Ariana Rizzitano.

manpon - A male a plug (as of cotton) introduced into a body cavity usually to absorb secretions (as from menstruation) or to arrest hemorrhaging.

e.g., Jim was acting very irritated, maybe he needs to change his manpon.

submitted by Anthony J. Perri

manrape - Milking an unsuspecting guy for boyfriend-like activities. You make a move...and run into a brick wall. She just wants to be friends, so now you're her pseudo-boyfriend. You do all the sucking up stuff that a boyfriend does, but you're not getting any action. And she's probably still looking for some other guy!

e.g., Graeme must have got manraped...again.

submitted by graeme

manscaping - The act of removing unwanted body hair from a man. | Metrosexual word. Trimming or removing body hair (face, arms, chest, torso, etc) to enhance appearance. Be warned -- beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

e.g., That dude could use some serious manscaping. | Chris had some manscaping to do before he was ready for his big date: trimming chest hairs and beard takes more time than one thinks. Fortunately, he's bald so he didn't need to spend time combing his hair.

submitted by Danielle | Martin - (www)

manser - Man's answer. A stupid answer given by a man to a simple question.

e.g., When I asked my cousin about the kind of relationship he wanted, he replied, "I want a short-term commitment." Now if that's not a manser, then I don't know what is!

submitted by Luna - (www)

mansobinist - A woman who hates men.

e.g., She took great delight in ridculing me, as do all mansobinists.

submitted by Brian Mchale

mansonite - n- a person who dresses like Marilyn Manson does. Mansonites all seem to look, act, and talk the same way. Though their looks/actions are not always identical to Marilyn Manson's they usually are pretty much like all of the other Mansonites.

e.g., Ed: Check out these pants! Dan: They look like something Marilyn Manson would wear. Ed: If I baught them I would look like a mansonite.

submitted by Emrobin - (www)

manstress - Male equivalent of "mistress"; an object of one's affections who lies outside of one's primary relationship.

e.g., Tom and Nicole had been married for several years, but it was well known that she was keeping a manstress on the side.

submitted by jonno - (www)

mantado - A potato chip one finds that looks like a famous person.

e.g., The mantado is highly prized by potato chip collectors.

submitted by George Horwell

manteets - Male breasts, brought about by overdrinking or too many kebabs.

e.g., Did you see Chris's manteets? Ugh!

submitted by Rob and Mike

manther - A male version of a cougar. Preys on young women for companionship, typically age 40 plus.

e.g., My best friend just got hit on by a manther.

submitted by Lauren Kasten

manties - Man panties. Men's underwear, particularly of the snug-fitting bikini variety.

e.g., Wisdom must be wearing his manties again. See how he's walking.

submitted by wisdom - (www)

mantrum - Male adult tantrum.

e.g., Rob was so upset he threw a mantrum.

submitted by Andy

manu - When a hockey goalie saves the puck, but then lets it in the net.

e.g., Oh, my golly. He pulled a manu there.

submitted by Owen RedPaw

manufact - (MAN-you-fact; n.) An artifact made by hand. [Back formation from "manufacture": Latin manu "by hand" + factura, pp of facere "to make."]

e.g., Before the industrial revolution and interchangeable parts, almost everything made by anyone was a manufact: bricks, pots, pans, houses, plows, clothes, knives, dice, candles, horseshoes, utensils, castles, coaches, decorations, carpets, crowns, and so on and on. Nowadays, however, manufacts are rare and more valuable for it. We admire works of art for their manufactedness; copies of art are, for us, cheap and plentiful. I have copies of Afremov paintings in my screensaver, but I would expect to pay many thousands of dollars for the originals.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

manufracturer - A company that makes (and breaks) what it produces.

e.g., Look at the barstool the stupid manufracturer sent me. I ordered one with four legs; this one came with three and a half. :-(

submitted by John Breen

manulation - Walking on the hands.

e.g., They told him to not set foot in their place again. So next time, he came in manulating.

submitted by Steve McDonald

manulin - A man that is masculine and extremely manly.

e.g., Let's go buy some manulin shirts and beer mugs.

submitted by Christy

manurple - Substance, usually black in color, that was once gum, but has been stepped on and mixed wih dirt and grime to form a tar-like blob on the sidewalk or between the treads of your shoe. Rhymes with purple.

e.g., The clean white sidewalk was marred by several globs of manurple stuck to it.

submitted by Hugo

manuscrap - An especially good passage that is being saved for use in a later manuscript. | A manuscript that has been abandoned (scrapped).

e.g., This manuscrap about the sunset will come in handy in my novel some day. | Because of writers block, she placed her work in her burgeoning manuscrap file.

submitted by Nonesuch

manuvigate - Maneuver + navigate = manuvigate.

e.g., If we manuvigate carefully we won't knock over the boxes crowding the hallway.

submitted by John Di Leo

manwich - "noun. three guys sitting on a couch, esp. when playing video games. also, double manwich for four guys, etc"

e.g., "make some room in the manwich, Steve wants to play too."

submitted by Arashi - (www)

manwich - an odd substance that drips out of your shorts after or during sports activity

e.g., during the game doug's manwich fell out of his gym shorts

submitted by faderisimo - (www)

many mini hahas - Young squaws entertained by white man comic, elicit only abundance of shy brief titterings maybe.

e.g., Young Indian braves not understand why words of White Eyes should produce many mini hahas in voices of their squaws.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

manywhere - A more truthful and descriptive word than everywhere. People often say they have "been everywhere" but this presumably means the entire universe. | In many places, lots of locations, here and there frequently to be encountered.

e.g., I assure you sure we looked manywhere for it, but couldn't find it. We were thorough in the places we looked, so it was probably in one of the places we didn't look. Had we looked everywhere, we would have found it -- unless we overlooked it. | We looked manywhere for a good representative of modest and virtuous behavior on Earth, yet the search was in vain till we encountered the children, modified to act and react in gentle and peaceful ways.

submitted by chrissie | Paul Edic - (www)

manzeer - A fictional bra for a man with large breasts.

e.g., He's so fat he needs a manzeer.

submitted by girly

maozed - Forced to carry a little red book at all times.

e.g., Those party members were maozed.

submitted by M - (www)

mapalicious - Asthetic appearance on a map.

e.g., The shape of Italy sure is mapalicious.

submitted by Kris-10

mapigate - Using a map to navigate.

e.g., With the driving directions map printout, I was able to mapigate to my friend's house.

submitted by alan - (www)

mapometer - The GPS systems that come standard in some cars now. They have the ability to speak the directions to you. My mom has one in her car.

e.g., Use the mapometer, will ya, Mom? I love that thing.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

mapulation - Male population.

e.g., The majoriy of Australia's mapulation, agree that beer is grouse.

submitted by Patrice McLellan

maraud - (mer-ODD; v.) 1. to raid and/or plunder, generally (its original meaning); 2. to repeatedly raid the kitchen during lengthy business or school projects. 3.(slang) to go out searching for "booty" (either material or metaphorical). (n.) 4. (also "marauderie" mare-ODD-er-ee) an organized raid, for the purpose of pillage, robbery, and plunder; 5. to wander through a junkyard, ruin, or disaster area, seeking useful, utilizable, interesting, or otherwise salvageable stuff. 6. (marauds, sometimes "marades") a game, like charades, in which one participant must crouch behind a chair or sofa (or table, or whatever) and, using only his or her hands and fingers, mime the object or action the 'marauder' is seeking to steal or accomplish. The others, of course, are supposed to guess the answer before a predetermined deadline. (adj.) 7. ("maraudesque") Of or pertaining to highway robbery, high-seas piracy, or raiding.

e.g., "Where are you going?" "Oh, just on a maraud to the junkyard." | "Where's my cottage cheese?!" "Oh, sorry, we must have eaten it last night while we were cramming for the physics final." "I can't live in an apartment with you guys and your endless marauderie."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

marble count - Measure of a person's intelligence or sanity. From "He's lost his marbles."

e.g., Anyone who would date him would have to have a low marble count.

submitted by Todd M. Bass

march and ice - Winter hiking and ice skating gear.

e.g., In preparation for a January trek along the Appalachain trail to skate at Lake Louise, Alec needed new sturdy boots, warm clothes, sharpened skate blades, a light back pack, and other cold weather march and ice.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

marconigram - Telegram, the term that was used in 1912.

e.g., "Another witness has come forward to support the Canadian army officer in his contention that Ismay ordered faster speed after receiving a marconigram warning of the nearness of dangerous ice fields. She is Mrs. Walter D. Douglas, of Minneapolis, a first cabin passenger."

submitted by HD Fowler

mard - Disgusting, rotten, dirty, hideous, monstrous, greasy, oily, molded and old.

e.g., Look at her hair. It looks so mard.

submitted by aldwin oliveros

mardy - childishly moody

e.g., "suddenly, simon decided he didn't want the cake. he was being mardy tonight."

submitted by simon - (www)

marena - (Pronounced just like \"marina\"; n.) 1. The traffic jam that results when a number of boats try to leave a crowded marina at around the same time, generally resulting in a whole flotilla of frustrated boaters shouting at each other or testing the efficacy of their pontoon bumpers; 2. The area of ocean/sea/river/lake upon which a naval battle takes or took place; 3. A pool or swimming area designated (facetiously, it is to be hoped) as a dueling ground. [From \"marina\" and \"arena.\"]

e.g., A: \"So, did you have a good time deep-sea fishing over the holidays?\" B: \"Never got out to the salt water, actually.\" A: \"Why not?!\" B: \"Cuz at least ten dozen people had my same idea: there was some serious marena action, and that arrogant jackass with the Formula 40 bashed a whole in my bow.\" || The straits of Messina have been the marena for many many battles over the years. || \"Zis insult requires satisfation! You will meet me on zee field of honeur!\" \"Oui! zee marena, tomorrow morning! ... why are we talking like zis?\"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

marf - 1. From the sound of a dog trying to meow. Implies a lack of comprehension. Also used to indicate that the person speaking is babbling nonsense. Quickly becomes an "in-joke" for those that use it. Confuses the hell out of the mundanes. Replaces "Huh?" 2. The sound an obscenly large or obese cat makes: a combination of a bark and a meow.

e.g., 1. Boss: "Do you think that the color of my socks could be affecting the speed of my network connection?" Response: "Marf?" Boss:"What?" Response:"Exactly." 2. "I think your cat is dying. That sound it just made was brutal." "Naw, that's just a marf. Time to feed the beast."

submitted by Cujo, Salty - (www)

marf - A meaningless expression used by a speaker who can't or won't decide on a word to express her emotional state.

e.g., "Hey, Natalie, how was your day?" "Marf." "That bad, huh?" "What should we order, pizza or Chinese?" "Marf." "I don't really want Chinese,"

submitted by NatalieD

marfed - To be ruined by a printer or copier.

e.g., The printer marfed my term paper.

submitted by Megan

marfinscarful - A small place where friends talk around a small fire, a candle, or flame of any sort.

e.g., I met my girlfriend at a marfinscarful at camp.

submitted by Scott - (www)

margin-of-manoeuvreability - MOM. The shortest distance between a fib and a little white lie.

e.g., The philandering, prevaricating politician casually inquired about the price of pot in Port Alberni if MOM could provide a logical rationale for a ticklish trip with a weather pixie to the North Pole, and whether an incontinent peccadillo with a potty gardener at Government House would compromise his re-election campaign as the Senior Senator from Spuzzum responsible for the Somnambulant State of Affairs portfolio.

submitted by The Quipping Queen - (www)

mariah - Exhaustion to the point of nervous breakdown.

e.g., She had signed up to do so many things at once that the stress added up and she had a mariah.

submitted by josh rocket martinez - (www)

mariah carey in glitter - Horrible, unenjoyable.

e.g., Chris: Have you heard *Nsync's new song? Scott: No. Chris: It's bad. Mariah Carey in Glitter bad.

submitted by Trebor Candy

maried-out - To make an order in a manner similar to Marie. To completely choke when making an order of any kind (though usually a meal in a restaurant) and have to use the phrase "no wait, umm, could I have" at least three times.

e.g., Marie: "I'd like chocolate ice cream with fud--no, wait, umm...could I have vanilla wi-- no, wait could I have..." and so on... Jonny. Oh, crap. You're doing it again. You've maried-out on me.

submitted by Jonny

marination - The inevitable result of a battle, fight, or war waged by a large and able army, person, or country against a much weaker foe.

e.g., If Isolation Tank crosses swords with Ochre Orientis, Isolation Tank will eventually be completely marinated.

submitted by Isolation Tank

marketect - A marketing consultant who has sufficient training to prepare comprehensive strategic marketing blueprints to market an individual or a business through designing a comprehensive strategic marketing plan as opposed to a piece-by-piece fragmented approach.

e.g., After wasting massive amounts of time and money by allowing separate vendors to implement creative marketing ideas, Mary took matters in hand and hired a competent marketect to design an overall blueprint for success.

submitted by Linda Starr

marketecture - A completely fictional architecture diagram of a company's product, festooned with marketing buzzwords. Used to woo investors and customers.

e.g., "This marketecture diagram bears no resemblance to what we're actually building."

submitted by Kevin Kelm - (www)

marketeer - Derogatory term for a person who publishes inane or overly-fluffed advertising. Word derives from combination of marketing professional and Mickey Mouse Club term. (Marketeers have been around for ages. And so has this term.)

e.g., Ignore that spam--it's just from a marketeer.

submitted by Joel Garry - (www)

marklar - A noun standing in place of any noun you have temporarily forgotten. Synonym of thingy, thingumbob, whatsit. Also may be used deliberately when the meaning is abundantly clear anyway. Derived from its use by space aliens in an episode of South Park.

e.g., On Marklar, everyone and every thing is referred to as marklar. We come in marklar. Take us to your marklar.

submitted by martin dace - (www)

marl - Fertilizer. Literary and obsure usage.


Lord Amwell, The Philosopher, Volume XXV, 1948: If we are but "clods of wayward marl," and the stars mock our vanity, as it is the fashion to say they do, the question whether death ends all may not deserve attention on philosophic grounds.…

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

marleycorn - (n.) small change, especially a large number of coins that rattle and clink like the chains binding Jacob Marley, Scrooge's dead partner in Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

e.g., He was carrying so much marleycorn that he had to keep hold of his belt to keep his pants up. It was like watching post-modern slapstick.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

marlipe - (rhymes with bar'-the-tree; n.) the recipe for supernatural interaction, as recited by Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens'_A Christmas Carol_: Because, said Scrooge, "an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, [and] a fragment of an underdone potato ... [with] gravy"---that, or swallowing a toothpick (at least, according to Scrooge). [from Marley + recipe.]

e.g., "Yuck, what are you eating?!" "It's a salami, bratwurst, and jalapeno sandwich, with cabbage and onions ... and a little A1 sauce." "Just before you go to bed? What a sure-fire Marlipe."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

marlon blando - A variation on the word "bland," Marlon Blando can describe anything in its place.

e.g., Although she's quite a good cook, I found tonight's meal marlon blando. | I had a date last night, but the guy was so marlon blando I hope I never see him again. I should have known before I went out with him -- since his name was Chris.

submitted by Alexis

marmalade - Collective term for alcoholic beverages; however, cannot be used to express the alcohol content level. Marmalade is marmalade--30 proof marmalade would be wrong.

e.g., Got any marmalade? OR Shall I bring marmalade?

submitted by dekoi

marmalading - The act of sending bittersweet wake-up calls or reality checks backed up with facts to posts/blogs that are against humanity. Often used by Culture Jammers or [Passive Pammers]. Marmalade comes with no preservatives.

e.g., This blogger needs marmalading: Worldwide carbon dioxide emissions in 2005 are estimated to be slightly more than 24 billion tonnes.

submitted by Dr Inkerman

marmalaise - Bland uninteresting or ubiquitous food, as with my mother's weekly attempt at marmalade chicken.

e.g., Oh man, are we having marmalaise for dinner again?

submitted by nasdaddy

marmalot - A species of cat composed of orange preserves. They lick the light off mirrors, leaving sticky paw prints around the rims.

e.g., I've never met a marmalot, though I have seen the evidence of their existence at the edges of little-used and dust-flaked mirrors.

submitted by Bryn Kanar - (www)

marrinate - To chill. (Any connection to "marinating"?)

e.g., L: Hey, what's up? M: Not much, just marrinating.

submitted by Laura

marsh-mellow - Wetlands that are calm and relaxed.

e.g., Having risked life and limb navigating treacherous rapids, I was relieved to steer my canoe into a marsh-mellow.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

marshalfaulk - Near perfection. Football announcers, such as John Madden, treat Marshal Faulk as if he's a god.

e.g., Madonna's concert is marshalfaulk.

submitted by Andrew - (www)

marsiphobiphiliac - Coined in 2004 to mean "a person who would love to go to Mars but is afraid of being marooned there." (ED. It will be interesting to see how long this takes to turn up as a ghit. Right now it shows up only in references to the book the word is mentioned in.)

e.g., No, my dear, I am not a marsiphobiphiliac. I'm claustrophobic. Any questions?

submitted by [Bill Sherk] - (www)

marthamiable - Outwardly warm and friendly but inwardly devious. Manipulative beneath a happy exterior.

e.g., Surely you've noticed how marthamiable Charlene is.

submitted by ty evans

martian packet - Strange e-mail turning up in the wrong computer because of bogus routing.

e.g., I got such a funny e-mail last night -- didn't understand a word of it. Must have been a Martian Packet.

submitted by Ivar Zantinge - (www)

martian weed garden - On Mars even the weeds are valued. There delightful gardens of select varieties of weeds are tastefully planted and displayed.

e.g., The Martian weed garden is actually quite pleasing and beautiful. Settlers from Earth are caused nostalgic feelings from the familiar plants from home which on Earth grow wild everywhere.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

martingale - Doubling up gambling scheme.

Risk management theory | Masterclass | Financial | Inside Edge UK At this point I'd like to introduce the martingale. This is a technique that involves increasing stake size as a run of losses extends. Classically, the martingale comes into play with gambling games like blackjack or roulette, where a stake is doubled after every sequential loss. When a win is made, the player gets back his losses and earns a "one-unit" win; the stake size is then reset. In theory, with infinite money you'll always end up winning in the end. The martingale and its many permutations are popular systems for trading. However the model is flawed as, in reality, you are liable to run out of money before your luck turns. Bad luck simply happens with greater regularity than the capital required to fund the operation. I've actually witnessed red come up 23 times successively on a roulette table. If I'd been running a martingale, it would have cost me 4 million to win back my 1 -- and even if I had 4 million, the table limit would defeat me.

e.g., Didn't take me long to find out that the martingale is one of the classic gambler's ruin betting systems. I overlooked the fact that I'd need an infinite amount of money to be sure I wouldn't go broke. Hell, if I had an infinite amount of money, I wouldn't need a betting system.

submitted by HD Fowler

martitis - The inability to shop at any store other than K-Mart, Wal-Mart or Quik-Mart.

e.g., Did you see the polyester crap that Chris has on? A bad case of martitis.

submitted by Saint714

martulious - Devilishly quiet. Planning. One who is martulious is planning something bad.

e.g., Hershell Justice thirsted for revenge. As we watched him seat himself in that far corner of the school library, we knew we could anticipate some life-threatinging response to occur to his martulious mind--and soon. Mr. Watts, his math teacher, needed to be alerted. (See Bulywer-Lytton Awards.)

submitted by alex

marveyfloss - When something is between the stages of going well and being fantasic.

e.g., Marveyfloss, I never thought i could do that.

submitted by Rill - (www)

marvin - As in "Marvin the Paranoid Android" of Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy fame, a "marvin" is someone with a brain the size of the planet, condemned to answering trivial questions and solving minor problems.

e.g., I asked Chad why some URLs have "www" on them and some don't, but all he said was "Feeble human, for the simple reason that people like you wouldn't believe it was really on the 'world wide web' unless it had a 'www' prefix." Chad can be such a marvin sometimes. . . .

submitted by alan jones - (www)

marvinous - Too small. Non-living objects exclusively.

e.g., The bread is all marvinous and crusty.

submitted by Swanee

mary jane - U.S.M.C.. WWI. Girlfriend.

e.g., Cooper's going to marry his Mary Jane when he gets back home.

submitted by Stephen Mize

mary janes - Shoes for little girls -- plain vanilla low-heeled shoes with buckles.

e.g., "Mary Jane shoes are probably the most worn girls' shoes in history. Just about every little girl has a pair. Why are Mary Jane shoes so popular? Why have they been the mainstay in girls footwear for decades? Because they are attractive, can be dressed up or down and are easy to get on and off. Girls can wear them with anything, dresses, skirts, jeans, slacks; almost any outfit looks complete with a pair of Mary Janes."

submitted by current usage - (www)

mary poppins - Practically perfect in every way. Great, wonderful, often used in sarcasm.

e.g., You should see the dress I got! It's Mary Poppins.

submitted by Lyndsey

mary sue - Mary Sue is a word used in reference to fanfiction. A Mary Sue is a character written in so that the author can live vicariously through her. Mary Sues usually have super-powers, tragic backstories. and are terribly obnoxious to read about. See

e.g., Wesley Crusher is the most well-known Mary Sue. Wesley is Gene Roddenbery's middle name.

submitted by Aquila

mas - Mutual Admiration Society. || "(Caribbean) a carnival | music played for a carnival, or a band playing this."

e.g., Friends of the best kind are usually those who belong to the same MAS. If your friends don't think highly of you and admire you, who will? | I think it's safe enough to say we belong to a three-man MAS. || The total lack of cultural context is a real problem, says Okola. From a distance, someone may see Rihanna walking down the street and say, Oh, shes half-naked on the street. First of all, why do you care? Secondly, do you understand the context within which shes half-naked in a bikini? It is simply part of the mas experience. And mas has not always had these levels of nakedness, but like everything, mas evolves.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

masculicide - The killing of males.

e.g., The black widow comitted masculicide when she killed her mate.

submitted by Jessica Lies

masculinazi - A male who (for selfish reasons) believes the male sex is better than the female sex.

e.g., That damn masculinazi just cut that woman.

submitted by floff

mash - Very cool. | To click; to press lightly, esp. in the southern United States.

e.g., That is mash. | "Click on Start, please." "Y'all want me to mash on that?" "No, just click on it, please."

submitted by christian | Jason

mashed - Falling apart and wrecked from abuse.

e.g., His shoes were mashed from skateboarding.

submitted by landon hildebrand

mashies - Mashed potatoes.

e.g., Let's eat some mashies with our dinner tonight.

submitted by kerri - (www)

mashingaye - In traditional English Morris Dancing each group has a character that clowns around. This person is called the fool. Traditionally the fool hits his fellow Morris men with an inflated pig's bladder. This is called a mashingaye.

e.g., Denis was the fool for the Nine Men Morris. He enjoyed the dancing and hitting everyone with his mashingaye.

submitted by David Ford

mask uline - The "standard" stoic, impassive visage that hides male emotions.

e.g., George Becton is a regular guy. His craggy, unsmiling face and questioning cynical look is his typical mask uline reaction to all confrontations. However, when Willy, his wife, smiles gently at him with her soft brown eyes, his heart immediately melts and she gets anything she wants. (ED. Isn't that the way it is for any man worth his salt.)

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

masochristmas - Returning for a family gathering at Christmas, even though you know it'll be tedious, painful, and boring.

e.g., I'm going home for the holidays. It'll be another masochristmas.

submitted by stephfox - (www)

mason - A master bricklayer, one who has made plans with friends, family, members, or co-workers without following through with what he says he will do so many times it boggles his friends' minds.

e.g., I've called Gootermin every weekend for the past 6 months. He always says he will come to the pub for a round or two but never shows. He's beyond a bricklayer--this guy's become a full fledged mason.

submitted by george kursar

mason-dixon line - The state lines from Arkansas to Virgina that divide the North from the South.

e.g., Once you see those city bright lights you'll know you've crossed the good 'ol Mason Dixon Line

submitted by Ricky Mannings jr.

masonic boom - What Lisa's mom calls a sonic boom.

e.g., Oh geez, did ya hear that masonic boom?

submitted by Jen

maspill - Mus-pill. First syllable pronounced same as last syllable in Christmas. A hypothetical drug used to cure someone who is anti-Christmas.

e.g., Scott: Merry Christmas. Chris: It's politically incorrect to say that in public. Scott: OK, idiotstick. Take a maspill.

submitted by Trebor Candy

mass - A lot, very.

e.g., There were mass people at the concert. | The movie theater was mass crowded.

submitted by TATUM

mass-produced - Term for people who aren't necessarily poseurs, but who dress in so many typical punk things that it almost defeats the purpose.

e.g., Did you just see Chris walk by with her spiked wristbands and Emily the Strange t-shirt? She is SO mass-produced.

submitted by C-Dot - (www)

masshole - Person from Massachusetts who, by definition, is bad-tempered, in a bad mood at all times, and extremely rude. Most pronounced if from the Boston area. Oh, it's a tiny state (intellectually, morally, and physically) so all of Massachusetts is in the Boston area.

e.g., As it is, Chris is just an asshole. If he were from Massachusetts, he'd be a masshole.

submitted by Scott

massimmaculate - Something very large and very clean.

e.g., The skyscraper in front of them was massimaculate, but not indestructible.

submitted by Fenix

massnot - The black goop that collects in the corner of your eye after wearing mascara or eyeliner for a while.

e.g., I was so embarrassed to see, on looking in the mirror, that I had a hearty collection of massnot in both eyes.

submitted by Tam

massoff - My ass off.

e.g., I've been sitting massoff at the computer.

submitted by bad_st - (www)

massplosion - An explosion, only bigger.

e.g., There was a huge massplosion and the entire earth dissappeared.

submitted by Fenix

massurveytion - The repeated surveying of employees with no tangible results.

e.g., The employees were wearied by the massurveytion and demanded results.

submitted by Cindy VanEpps

mastasis - (mass-TAY-sus) (adjectival form: mastatic) The phase of a video game after all possible bosses, goals, and achievements have been exhausted and the scenario is technically over, leaving the player to wander endlessly, kill enemies for no reason, and eventually sell her game to the nearest thrift store. (Etymology: from "master" [a completely skilled player] + "stasis" [a period of inactivity and boredom].)

e.g., "WarioWare is a good game, but it's too short. I hit mastasis less than an hour after I started playing." "I like online first-person shooters like Counter Strike. They never go mastatic; there's always lots to do."

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

master of illusion - Used for a person who, when seen from behind, is thought to be attractive -- until she turns around and you get a good look at her face.

e.g., You won't believe what happened to me today. I thought I saw this sexy girl at Petaling Street, so I say, "Lah, darling." And then she turns around. . . . Master of illusion.

submitted by nyarlahotep

masteraider - A vehicle that orginated in the '70s, so Aussie-looking that it requires you wear a safari hat and listen to "The Land Down Under" when riding in it.

e.g., We're going to Green Bay. Tina's driving the masteraider.

submitted by Branda

masterfulicious - Used in reference to writing that is beyond masterful.

e.g., The metaphors in "All Quiet on the Western Front" were masterfulicious.

submitted by chester

masters of allusion - This word names those wordsmiths whose verbal creations are both slick and snide. With a quick hit-and-run remark, they disappear, leaving you wondering whether you have been insulted. By the time you realize it was a subtle clever insult, they are long gone.

e.g., "Cedric, did you hear that? I was just insulted by one of the authentic masters of allusion. I don't know whether to sit here and feel bad or admire his wicked rapier wit."

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

mastress - This Mistress who takes control everything without cowering behind her femininity. Overt dominence by a women.

e.g., The mastress of the house is responsible for financial affairs.

submitted by Mark C. Carroll - (www)

mastribution - Mass distribution. | An over-managed series of random events leading to commercial distribution of product. | The mass distribution of something.

e.g., Tim flagged his memo for mastribution. | Our top executives meet regularly to plan mastribution milestones that will drive product utilization. | Not to worry, everyone will get notified by mastribution of leaflets.

submitted by Peter Beckwith | Dan Koenig | peter beck - (www)

matchative - Of articles of clothing that match or complement one another; an outfit that looks good.

e.g., I like your outfit--it's very matchative. Nice shoes, very matchative with the rest of your ensemble.

submitted by marissa

matched potatoes - A pair of couch potatoes sitting together on the same couch, drinking beer, watching endless sports.

e.g., The nice thing about matched potatoes is that they're right there for each other, buddies, compatible, like-minded spirits.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

matching sock - Someone you fit well with, your soul mate.

e.g., Ty: I don't understand the one "cachique" or how to pronounce it, but I'm pretty sure it describes you. Nicky: Thanks. And you are my matching sock.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

matchitivity - The ability to match clothes.

e.g., Women have better matchitivity than men.

submitted by Adam Hardy

mate - A word used to refer to a friend

e.g., ""Yeah, Andy's my best mate""

submitted by Poet

mater - Pronounced "mate r." A shortening of the two words mate and later. Used as a farewell.

e.g., Nice catching up with you, mater.

submitted by John

mates rates - A (usually substantial) discount given to a friend or family member in a retail situation. Used widely in Australia.

e.g., Frank, the football coach, got wasted on half-price beer. Seems that his old friend Barry (the barman) was charging him mates rates.

submitted by chuck - (www)

math - A hip hop term that refers to one's phone number.

e.g., My answering machine: "I'm not home right now. Lleave your name and your math and I'll call back."

submitted by too dark

math - A system by which you can attempt to determine the special of the month at a given fast food restaurant.

e.g., What does the math say about the Monterey Ranch Chicken Sandwich at Wendys?

submitted by ditnis

mathabetical - Having to do with the order of numbers; specifically, to order from least to greatest.

e.g., Please write this selection of numbers in mathabetical order: 1, 8, 4, 9, 2.

submitted by immortal kombattant

mathamagician - A person dexterous in the art of solving long, complex, and tedious mathematics problems in a matter of moments.

e.g., Kelsey, you're a mathemagician. Can you help me on my linear algebra homework?

submitted by diddy

matharsis - The emotional release that suddenly occurs after having worked for a long time on a particularly difficult mathematics problem and finally solving it.

e.g., After three hours I finally solved that calculus problem. It was a welcome matharsis.

submitted by Mike W.

mathed - The past tense of math: having been subjected to mathematics in the past.

e.g., I really mathed that equation on yesterday's algebra quiz.

submitted by Sean - (www)

mathemaniac - One who is overly obsessed with mathematics, and mathematical derivations.

e.g., I say it is an empirical formula. But Duke insists on proving it analytically. He is a mathemaniac.

submitted by Shree

mathing - Doing math. If one who is using paint is "painting," then one who is using numbers and equations should be described as "mathing."

e.g., The calculus students were in the lounge mathing before class.

submitted by Kevin Nahm - (www)

mathmagical, mathemagical - 1. When math or a specific math problem suddenly makes sense or the answer is suddenly achieved. 2. A math problem or concept that is beyond the reviewer's abilities.

e.g., 1. I was working on that math problem for a long time, and then the answer mathemagically came to me. 2. Calculus is too mathemagical for Johnny; he hasn't even studied algebra.

submitted by Megg B

mathmo - A mathematician, especially one studying the Mathematical Tripos at the University of Cambridge

e.g., Don't talk to him, he's a mathmo.

submitted by dmn - (www)

mathocism - A sexual perversion in which, the mathochist experiences pleasure when subjected to the pain or humiliation of being forced to solve "impossible" arithmetic problems.

e.g., Robert: Why Did Verne lock himself in his room again? Isaac: He's still trying to compute the mathematical formula for reversing entropy. Robert: He's been in there for days. This kind of continuous computation is a complete waste of time. I tell you, Verne's turning into a complete mathochist.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

mathom - Something one does not use every day, but has some sort of intrinsic value; one does not wish to toss it out. "Anything that Hobbits had no immediate use for, but were unwilling to throw away, they called a mathom." -- JRR Tolkien

e.g., I have many old books. Not sure if I'll read them again, but they sit on the shelves as mathoms.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

matically - Dramatically or terribly.

e.g., There must be someting matically wrong with you.

submitted by mary stone

mationie - A very messy room.

e.g., Mom made me clean my MATIONIE.

submitted by Sam Schamber

matisse, a - A person who looks very beautiful from a distance, but up close is not quite as beautiful as thought: usually due to blemishes, etc. Matisse painted artwork that looks perfect from a distance, but up close is distorted or unattractive.

e.g., She looked really good from a distance, but when I got up close I realized she was a Matisse.

submitted by Michael Wraight

matootles - Your mom and her tootles. (ED. According to TheFreeDictionary, to tootle is "to walk or drive in a leisurely manner. . . .")

e.g., When your mom walks away, she matootles.

submitted by Bobby Lily Joe

matressable - A girl that you would like to get in the sack. A good word to use when you don't want people knowing what you're talking about.

e.g., She is definitely matressable.

submitted by Bryce - (www)

matriarchy - The present Western system of government, understood as a system of sexual inequality favoring women

e.g., "Today, in America, the realities of sex are far different than the popular conceptions. Women are considered an oppressed 'minority' in need of special protections, yet are demonstrably a majority with vast, institutionalized preferential treatment--in fact, routinely oppressing the real minority, men. Surely the feminist notion of 'patriarchy' and 'patriarchal' are a deeper concern than using the terms to designate what genitals lie between the legs of government officials. Let this simple phrase echo as a cry through the ages. It was said here, now. It is a matriarchy in which we live. Demonstrably." (Julian Darius, "The Matriarchy,"

submitted by Jack2003 - (www)

matricize - To resembling or emulate the movie The Matrix.

e.g., Charlie's Angels was all matricized.

submitted by BigAssFries

matrimoney - An exhorbinant amount of money spent to celebrate the beginning of the end of your relationship.

e.g., The matrimoney has left me destitute. The honeymoon is over.

submitted by Launie Allomong

matriot - (MAY-tree-ut; n.) 1. Somebody female who loves their country; 2. Somebody, male or female, who comes from a country which their culture refers to as a "motherland"; 3. Any college or high-school student (mostly pre60s) who loves their alma-mater. [From "patriot," but using "mater" instead of "pater" as the source word.]

e.g., Abigail Adams was the paradigmatic matriot. | Misha is a Russian Matriot (since he comes from the Russian "Motherland"). | "All matriots should plan to come to the team spirit bonfire on Friday!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

matrix - Bending back in order to avoid something, similar to the bullet dodging seen in the movie "_The Matrix_. Pulling a matrix.

e.g., Lindsey tried to dump a cup of water on me but I pulled a matrix and she only got my shoe.

submitted by curtis eilers

matrix fighting - Term used to describe wire-assisted or wire-fu martial arts fighting in movies. Named for the movie The Matrix, the first mainstream movie to successfully showcase such fighting. Often used by people whose first exposure to wire-fu is through this movie.

e.g., Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon may have better matrix fighting than any previous movie.

submitted by mrkillboy - (www)

matrix flip - An imitation of the slow-motion _Matrix_ stunts by leaping into the air, flopping into a crude somersault, tumbling on the ground, then recoiling and pretending to shoot a weapon of some sort. Since slow-motion does not exist in normal life, Matrix flips look hilarious. Matrix dives work the same way, except one dives (a la baseball sliding) to the ground and then proceeds to get up sharply and fire.

e.g., Did you see that Matrix flip she pulled in her homemade video? Even editing couldn't make that look good.

submitted by Aurora

matrixrip - A Matrix rip-off.

e.g., Nothing new in the entire film -- a full matrixrip.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

matronise - To be put down as only your mother can

e.g., I thought I was doing well in my life, but when I came home, I was matronised again.

submitted by Eleonor

matronising - Pronounced to rhyme with "patronizing." Same thing, but done by women.

e.g., Don't you think calling me a "mere man" is rather matronising?

submitted by Veronica Zundel

matt jones - Synonym for gay. An insult used to offend but be immune from punishment.

e.g., Oh, my God, you are mincing about just like Matt Jones. Are you a poofter?

submitted by Matt Jones

mature moment - Usually applied to people over 40 -- a synonym for brain fade or synapse lapse. Forgetting something simple.

e.g., I forgot milk at the store again. I must have had a mature moment.

submitted by Karen Reynolds

matzah-farian - A Jamaican Jew.

e.g., Sammy Liebowitz never returned from his Jamaican vacation, choosing instead to become a Matzah-farian.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

matzaprix - 1. A top quality Persian/Turkish rug, derived from mat and grand prix. 2. (slang) Someone annoying.

e.g., 1. I brought you back a colourful matzaprix from my travels. 2. Tom is a matzaprix.

submitted by Tom

matzo bulls - Fed exclusively on matzo, the flesh of matzo bulls is especially tasty when making matzel tovaroff.

e.g., On my Jewish rye sandwich I like lotsa matzo bull, baked and sliced.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mau-mau - Definition from TheFreeDictionary:  

tr.v. mau-maued, mau-mauing, mau-maus Informal 

To attack or denounce vociferously, especially so as to intimidate: "In years past, [the civil rights leadership] . . . would mau-mau the government or the corporate sector or the white community" (Joseph Perkins).

e.g., Gates of Vienna » Fjordman Asks, Isnt Glossocracy Great? (a site not very sensitive to the mores of the Left): "Can you say 'this was an example of mau-mauing?' If you dare you're in deep do-do with the Language Police."

submitted by HD Fowler

maureen dowd syndrome - A condition my son named about ten years ago: Maureen Dowd is both fact and logic-proof: neither can gain purchase on her grey matter.

e.g., More and more people seem to suffer from Maureen Dowd Syndrome.

submitted by Erle W Machiavellean

mauven - 1. To become mauve. 2. To make or cause to become mauve.

e.g., The blood pulsing from the wound rapidly began to mauven. After all, cyanide tends to mauven blood much more effectively than prussic acid.

submitted by Tama Boyle

mauvie - An off-colour "blue" movie

e.g., Dr. Alan's first foray into the movie business was best described as a mauvie -- it was supposed to be a blue (porno) but it was just sooooo off colour.

submitted by Jonty Reason - (www)

mavvy - For one who is elegantly dressed but has not showered lately, or the clothes are of an expensive design, but are worn out. A tearoff of "marvelous" or "marvy"? Mavy.

e.g., Look at her -- isn't that mavvy. That's not shabby-chic, that's mavy.

submitted by Joe

maw - Mouth. Maw can be used for mouth when you want a less-than-flattering connotation: e.g., gaping maw. That may or may not be what is intended in the example. Judge for yourself.

Following is from an e-mail to Dana Milbank.

I enjoyed your phrase "grinning maw" and your connecting it to a barracuda. I've used a snippet from "Smile, Though Your Head Is Aching" as an example at a site intended primarily for made-up words -- and for kids. You can find the result at maw.

If either you or The Washington Post object, I will ask that the posting be removed.

My regards,

HD Fowler


2007 The Washington Post Company | Dana Milbank | "Smile, Though Your Head Is Aching": Pelosi's fixed and constant smile makes her appear as if she is cutting an ad for a whitening toothpaste. But when you listen to the words that come from her grinning maw, the smile seems more akin to that of a barracuda.
Steny Hoyer, left, is not affiliated with the Nancy Pelosi School of Smiling.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

mawn - When you almost yawn, but stop at the last second.

e.g., I've been mawning for the last hour.

submitted by eddy

mawn - A combination of a moan and a yawn.

e.g., Feeling sluggish and overworked, Jerry let a large mawn that really hit the spot.

submitted by Sean Dickerson

mawst - A sore on a bear's mouth.

e.g., The mawst was swollen and painful to the bear, causing great roars that shook the trees.

submitted by George Horwell

maxie mum's security - A heavy, wood rolling pin.

e.g., My grade school classmate, Maxie's, mother gained a fierce notoriety in our neighborhood. Working into the wee hours of the night, preparing ethnic pastries for Easter, she became so tired that she decided to sleep on the living room couch instead of going upstairs to her bedroom. The noise of someone breaking into the back door woke her. She quietly went into the kitchen, picked up her rolling pin, and brained the intruder so badly he had to be taken to the hospital for fifty-four stitches. Since then, at our house, we refer to rolling pins as "Maxie Mum's Security."

submitted by Charlie Lesko

maximalist - Antonym of minimalist.

e.g., The overly-decorated rooms at the B & B were furnished with too much furniture and cluttered with knick-knacks--a classic example of maximalism.

submitted by Deacon

maximalocracy - A very bad government.

e.g., Some countries have a maximalocracy.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

maximo publicosis - A type of neurosis obvious by its symptom of the afflicted always needing to be the center of attention, -- especially at gatherings -- and manifesting itself with a bad or crabby attitude.

e.g., If we don't all give Heather our undivided attention her maximo publicosis is gonna flare up.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

maximuumuu - In Hawaii a traditional dress for the woman is the muumuu. It's very large and loose and colorful. The largest size muumuu would be the maximuumuu.

e.g., My maximama wore a maximuumuu much of the time. She filled the room with her cleaning and cooking.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

maxin' and lampin' - To chill out in style. Dressed to the nines and kickin' 'round the house. (Thanks to Jason from Atlanta for this one.)

e.g., Jill: Whatcha doin', hon? Jack: Awww, you know, jus' maxin' and lampin'.

submitted by DJ Baker

maxinagaphobia - The fear of being nagged by pointless things to the point that you want to die.

e.g., My mom gives me maxinagaphobia.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

may - In wallball, when the hit is valid.

e.g., The ball bounced outside the line, so it wasn't may.

submitted by sam john - (www)

may 20th girl - A girl born on May 20. Personal experience shows a May 20th girl is going to turn out to be a peach: caring, lovely to look at, outgoing, vivacious -- so many good things that she's a sheer delight to be around. If you're lucky enough to meet one, you're likely to fall in love with her. You may not manage to mate for life with your May 20th girl or even to date her, but you may well end up loving her the rest of your life -- the way you love your best friends.

e.g., I've been fortunate enough to know two May 20th girls. Both were once the flavor-of-the-month for me. | When I mentioned a May 20th girl to my older sister today, she remarked on how outgoing and vivacious she was.

submitted by HD Fowler

may-lay - When you participate in group sex in the fifth month of the year.

e.g., It started out as a normal Memorial Day picnic. Then after a several beers, with all the hands, lips, tongues, and other unmentionable body parts touching in so many different and confusing ways, I suddenly realized I was in the middle of an incredible May-Lay!

submitted by Joe Kreiter - (www)

may-pop - A tir ethat has so little tread on it that is dangerous to drive on.

e.g., Since I lost my job, I've have been driving around on a set of may-pops for the last two months.

submitted by Jim Wiley

maybably - More likely to occur than "perhaps" or "possibly," but less likely to occur than "presumably" or "probably."

e.g., Provided I am given a fair interview at the Department of Water and Power, maybably I will have the career of my dreams.

submitted by Rachel Dawn Yoder

maybish - A non-committal person, one who is wishy-washy.

e.g., John can never pick out what he wants...he's maybish.

submitted by Paul Simanauskas - (www)

mayhap, mayhaps - A play on maybe. Sometimes "mayhaps," then a play on "perhaps" as well as "maybe."

e.g., Mayhap I will go to the dance later.

submitted by Lily

mayhaps - A combination of 'maybe' and 'perhaps.' Useful when showing just how much you care about taking part in an activity.

e.g., "So you want to go to that new Tim Allen movie?" "Mayhaps, but isn't there anything else on?"

submitted by Taylor

maynard - Maynard James Herbert Keenan, vocalist for TOOL and a perfect circle, a very intelligent man. A very mean thing to say to a TOOLhead, if you refer to it as a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard.

e.g., Umm, I like maynard maynard on my samich'es.

submitted by kelsey

mayonaise - Southern slang to relate something to another person in a conversation.

e.g., Mayonaise sure alotta folks 'round by laura's dunnite . . . hope aint nobuddy went 'n died.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

mayonaisers - People who are very eccentic but will explain their opinion to you on anything using terminology you can't understand.They will sometimes go so far as to deny existing words to win their point. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Only a mayonaiser can beat another in an argument.

e.g., Never involve mayonaisers in a debate--you can't argue with people you can't understand. Or, you can use words from this site in your counter-arguments.

submitted by Jennifer C

mayonaisse - Mayonnaise, for those who are challenged by spelling.

e.g., Could you put some extra mayonaisse on my grinder, please?

submitted by Miss Speller

mayonnaise sandwiches - A stereotypical favored delicacy of rednecks, mentioned to flag someone as being of poor breeding. Its usage was amplified by Chris Rock, who described America as being full of white trash who are "broke-ass, livin' in trailer homes . . . eatin' mayonnaise sandwiches, listenin' to John Cougar Mellencamp records."

e.g., See the mullet on that guy? You think he just got through eating mayonnaise sandwiches for lunch?

submitted by bitwize - (www)

mayonnaise-mannequin - Someone who is fake or a poser.

e.g., Most pop icons today are nothing more than mayonnaise-mannequins.

submitted by Nathan Turner

maypop - Slang for bald tires used in New Orleans, generally purchased from junkyards.

e.g., I'm going to purchase a new set of Maypops for my ride.

submitted by Jim

mayshall - Sounds like a combination of "maybe" and "shall." A lazy way of saying, "May as well."

e.g., I mayshall go and do those errands now.

submitted by Phedra

mazewirth - Term to describe a person with the cerebral defect causing her to have both the inclination and seeming natural ability to both draw and work mazes. The afflicted are typically ostracized due to a great lack of social skills.

e.g., You just can't take Steve for long periods -- you know he's a mazewirth.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

mazzo - An intense state of emotion.

e.g., Sally threw a complete mazzo this morning.

submitted by Sophie

mba - Married But Available.

e.g., He's not just a lech he's an MBA.

submitted by xk*

mbc - The "man behind the curtain" (from the _Wizard of Oz_): the little people who make everything go, like enlisted men, roadies, and 90% of the names listed in movie credits.

e.g., At the end of the tour, the band threw a huge party for all of the MBC. News anchors are lost without the MBC. Officers are good to have, I suppose, but they'd all look pretty stupid out in the desert without any MBC.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mbooshkateer - Derived from "musketeer" and used when wanting to avoid revealing a true occupation.

e.g., Suzy: So, I'm a hairdresser. What do you do for a living? CIA Agent: Oh, I'm an mbooshkateer.

submitted by Janel

mc*word* - Allows limitless unflattering descriptions of people and their mannerisms. Preceding word is "what they are," trailing two words are "what they do."

e.g., Fakey McYakYak...Chintzy McCheapCheap...

submitted by Tony Hilliard

mc- - Prefix meaning shoddy, half-assed, lame, low quality, etc.

e.g., It only took me a couple of hours to write my Mcpaper, but I hope I still get a good grade.

submitted by Jordana

mcbeaks-n-feet - Chicken McNuggets.

e.g., You want bar-b-q sauce or honey mustard with your mcbeaks-n-feet?

submitted by steve zihlavsky (credit to mr. holley) - (www)

mcbeastie - A bug (whole or part of) found in any takeaway food. A creapy crawlie found in Scotland.

e.g., I was really enjoying my burger . . . until I found the tail-end of a McBeastie.

submitted by Tortoiselicker

mcbesity - To be overweight from junk food.

e.g., You know what annoys me? The folks with mcbesity who drive around the shopping centers in the little carts, seldom paying attention to where they're going. One was gawking to the north while driving to the east today and drove straight into my rear fender on the passenger side. I was completely stopped when it happened. Scratched the paint and left a dent.

submitted by Steph

mccarthyism - McCarthyism (m-krth-zm) n. 1. The practice of exposing Communists or disloyal Americans in the government and media [after Joseph Raymond McCarthy (1908-57), US Republican senator, who led (1950-54) investigated Communist infiltration into the US government. Often misused to describe the HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) investigation of Communist infiltration of the American film industry]. McCarthyist.

e.g., Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash, charged that criticism of her praise for Osama bin Laden was "pure McCarthyism."

submitted by Rodger Schultz - (www)

mcchoke 'n puke's - An alternative name for McDonald's. Usually reserved for those who are against the corporation or may have, in the past, spewed after eating it. Regardless, they still go back despite past experiences.

e.g., You wanna grab a Big Mac from McChoke 'n Puke's?

submitted by Shane Whitehouse - (www)

mccollege - An undergraduate institution that has been bought out by a large donor or company.

e.g., I liked my school's old name, but ever since they named it after that old dead rich white guy, it's just some old McCollege.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

mcdad's - (n.) At my house, an evening meal prepared by me, rather than by my preternaturally talented wife. How she manages to hold down two (or three) jobs (and her psychology classes) and is still able to make real dinners (in so many varieties) off the top of her head astonishes me. I certainly can't do that. Of course, I'm from a generation ago, and am still learning just how [astoundingly] much wo9men have done to keep civilization fed all these years. Oh, I can cook spaghetti noodles, fry or scramble eggs, make cream of wheat, oatmeal, and fake potatoes, prepare french toast (eggy bread), and follow the instructions on a Betty Crocker cake mix; but I am really out of my depth with just about everything else. I usually get pizza or microwave Chef Boyardee or, as my proposed word implies, get something from a fast-food joint: Taco Bell, Arby's, or, of course, McDonald's.

e.g., "Dad, when is Mom home?" "I'm afraid she's got a meeting and then a test down at the college." "Oh, crap: are we eating at McDad's again?" "Well, we're all pizza'd out; how about some hamburgers and fries?" "No. We did that when Mom had that evening final." "Okay, what about Mexican?" "Yeah! I love Mexican ... but you mean Taco Bell or something, right?" "Oh, come on: Taco Bell's good. I love Taco Bell." "Okay, Dad, look: let's have McDad's breakfast buffet: heat the sausages and make some French toast." "Okay. Sounds good." .... "Dad?: why can't we ever eat at McMom's?" "I dunno, hon. I like McMom's better, too."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

mcdeath - Vegetarian nickname for the popular fast food chain. Also refers to the way your intestines feel after eating in said food chain.

e.g., Bert: I feel so gross and bloated right now. Ernie: Well, no wonder, you just ate at McDeath.

submitted by Amanda - (www)

mcdoctor - No-waiting 24hr mini-emergency rooms that have sprung up around malls.

e.g., I can't wait to see my regular MD, so I'll just run over to the McDoctor.

submitted by sigi

mcdogfood - 1. Fast food hamburgers. 2. A generic reference to fast food.

e.g., I worked late so I grabbed some McDogfood on the way home.

submitted by Billy Bob Jack

mcdonald's - An alternative for any foul word.

e.g., 1. Oh, just go to McDonald's. 2. Well, you know you can just stick that in a McDonald's.

submitted by MeMe

mcdonaldize - To make corporate a once small, enjoyable, or private business or institution. To mass market something once endearing.

e.g., A big store chain will McDonaldize our local gift shop; now everything will look like crap from other stores.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

mcdumbass - Dumbass, but slightly more interesting. Especially at or near a McDonald's.

e.g., Nice move, McDumbass.

submitted by Cuggy - (www)

mcflatbread - Name used for McDonald's grilled chicken flatbread sandwich when you can't remember what it's really called.

e.g., I sure wish McDonald's would bring back those McFlatbreads. Those were tight.

submitted by Michael Gelpi

mcfloi - Simply pool, on a pool table, but hard to pronounce from an infant's tounge.

e.g., I want to play McFloi.

submitted by Mark Bell

mcfly - Or Pull a McFly. From Back to the Future. The instance in which you make advances to a relative without knowledge of being related. Occurs commonly at celebrations or holidays.

e.g., At Mark's wedding I thought was goin' good, but it turned out to be terrible. I ran into my Dad's brother from Canada and he had to show how big little cousin Terri had gotten. Terri I had just Mcflyed in the coat room the worst way possible about an hour earlier.

submitted by joey

mcfries - French fries ordered specifically from McDonald's. Other Substitutes: McCoke, McBurger, McCondiments, McGross.

e.g., Gimme two big macs, a quarter pounder with cheese, and a large mcfries. And the geezer discount, if you have one.

submitted by Bob Boarker

mcgarret - An empty parking space found directly in front of the entrance to your destination. After the star of Hawaii 5-0, who could find one anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances.

e.g., We would have been late for the show if I hadn't found a mcgarret on the street in front of the theatre.

submitted by Bigwave Dave

mcgee - Expression attached to an adjective (including insulting adjectives) to form a pseudo-proper name.

e.g., "Hurry up now, Speedy McGee." or "You're crazier than Crazy McGee if you think I'm going to do that."

submitted by i_monk

mcgirl - 1. A cute girl working at a McDonald's. 2. Something to order at the drive-through.

e.g., 1. Did you see the new McGirl at the McDonald's down the street? 2. I'll have a #3 with a Coke, (under your breath) and a McGirl.

submitted by Jim M

mcgoon - A member of a mob team, especially when as to appear similar or identical, or with the intention of a hooligan.

e.g., 1. Agent Harris walked swiftly down the corridor, two McGoons in tow. 2. "Why should we believe the likes of you?" yelled a McGoon from the crowd.

submitted by aceman

mcguffin - Movie term, invented by Hitchcock, to refer to any interchangeable object -- diamonds, secret plans, computer disk, rare animal, etc. -- that is the focus of the action in the plot, but which has no significance to the plot itself. Also Maguffin and MacGuffin. | McGuffin: "A device that helps propel the plot in a story but is of little importance in itself."

e.g., In The Pink Panther, the diamond is the McGuffin. It could have been anything. | "What disrupts all this is a McGuffin so gnarled and elaborate as to throw the novel out of whack, even as it propels the plot."

submitted by Adam Leslie - (www)

mcguffins - Any and all plots, scene settings, love interests and such like that are required in order to get to the exciting bits of a film, like the car chase. Coined by Hitchcock.

e.g., Once it gets past the lesbian McGuffins, Bound is a pretty good thriller.

submitted by Andrew Bell - (www)

mcgyver - To devise a mechanical or chemical solution to a problem utilizing commonly available materials in originally unintended functions.

e.g., This flashlight doesn't work so I will have to mcgyver it with a rubber band and a ballpoint pen spring.

submitted by walt gately

mchollybucks - Generic term for American culture, especially the way in which through US-based global firms it blankets most of the world. Coined by former BBC World Service head, John Tusa.

e.g., The whole world is going McHollybucks.

submitted by Alan Morrison

mchoober - A thingie-like thing. Often used with the word thingie, to wit, thingie-mchoober. McChoober.

e.g., Gimmie the ... what's it called? ... the ... the ... mchoober.

submitted by qnarf

mcjob - To describe the act or working for, or searching for work that is of the McDonald's variety.

e.g., Mom, I think I'm just going to McJob for the summer. I don't want to go through all the work of putting up resumes and finding something real.

submitted by Geo - (www)

mcjumper - The french fries that end up in the bottom of the bag when you go through a drive thru.

e.g., My drive thru bag is full of McJumpers

submitted by Todd Guidi

mckilometers - The distance between McDonald's fast food outlets. Term used as an exaggeration of distance.

e.g., I can hear you five McKilometers away

submitted by kevin - (www)

mcmanager - A step or two up from the lowest McJob -- but still a McJob. The advantage? As a McManager, you get to boss people around.

e.g., I'm not sure, but I think a McManager might get paid about 25 cents an hour more than the rest of the crew.

submitted by HD Fowler

mcmansion - A generic, bland or ugly mass-produced American upper-middle-class house "unit."

e.g., Bob and his family are living a happy life in their new McMansion.

submitted by max

mcmansions - Large, pretentious looking houses that reached their peak of popularity in the mid to late 90s to early noughts. Conflation of the words McDonald's and mansions. Some characteristics of McMansions are: 1. They all generally look alike. 2. They have overblown architectural features -- oversize gothic windows, as an example. They are often sited on postage stamp size lots, so the overall visual effect of a subdevlopment of them can be rather jarring.

e.g., We decided to take a drive through a subdevelopment that was once wooded acreage. Talk about hideous. First the developers scraped away all the trees, then they built these gargantuan McMansions on tiny lots. Is this really what people want in a house?

submitted by Paul

mcmorning - Good morning at McDonald's.

e.g., "McMorning, may I have a Sausage McMuffin, please?"

submitted by Maggie McFarland

mcnym - A "word part" used in an eponymous way. Source: "If we don't want to admit such word parts to the class of eponyms, they need a term of their own, and the choice, I think, is obvious: We'll call them McNyms."

e.g., Ed: Chris just goes from one McJob to another. Lasts maybe a week -- if that -- at each. Red: Is "McJob" an eponymous word? Or, if you will, an eponym? Ed: No, it's a McNym. The term doesn't come directly from McDonald's McJobs training program, but it's evocative of the sort of low-paying job that results from that program.

submitted by HD Fowler

mcpig's - McDonald's. Used in early 1980s University of Kings College, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

e.g., Let's go to McPig's for a fat burger.

submitted by Alan McLeod - (www)

mcqueen - An example of incredible coolness, from cool actor Steve McQueen.

e.g., Look at Richie talking to that girl. He's so McQueen right now.

submitted by Beer

mcqueening - To display confidence in a masculine but not ostentatious way (from Steve McQueen).

e.g., Dave conquered his shyness and spent the entire evening McQueening, which impressed most of the girls at the party.

submitted by Deacon

mcsally - The middle finger or corresponding gesture. Thought to be named after an annoying supervisor at a steel plant. Apparently since steel plants are noisy, a kind of informal sign language was evolved. The sign for McSally was the middle finger.

e.g., Some jerk cut me off, so I threw him the McSally.

submitted by Diomedes

mcshortersons - Any article of clothing that is way too short or revealing.

e.g., I can't go out in public in these mcshortersons. Every pervert in town will stare at me.

submitted by newo

mcsite - A website thrown together with all the passion, creativity, and lack of lustre that a McDonald's employee puts into cooking a burger.

e.g., I'll meet you down at the pub as soon as I've finished my new McSite. Ought to take about three minutes.

submitted by Fox - (www)

mcsubstance - Secretly copyrighted and trademarked by the McDonald's Corporation in 1992, McSubstance is rumored to be a mixture of 2 parts asbestos, 1 part grease, 3 parts mayonnaise, and 4 parts unknown; with it, McDonald's are able to whip, cook, or stir the substance into any and all of their burger, ice cream and drink products, as well as their styrofoam containers. Can be used as a derogatory adjective.

e.g., This chicken tastes like a piece of McSubstance.

submitted by TACD

mctishin - Extreme happiness when someone praises you for doing a excellent job.

e.g., I felt very mctishin when my teacher put a GROOVY sticker on my paper.

submitted by Joe Dinkins

mcup - A McDonald's food induced hiccup.

e.g., I ate my Egg McMuffin so fast it made me McUp.

submitted by Chris S.

mcvagiburger - Any burger without cheese.

e.g., I'd like a cheeseburger--no, make that a McVagiBurger.

submitted by who-ha

md - Used in the medical profession to denote how doctor feels about himself. Can mean Minor Deity or Major Deity depending on the specialty of the doctor involved.

e.g., I am an MD!, Your waiting for 4 hours to see me for 3 minutes is an experience you should cherish.

submitted by amos

me dot com - Term used to describe someone who is very self-absorbed.

e.g., Hank is so me dot com these days all he ever talks about is himself.

submitted by Paul

me endering - The period of time when an individual begins to stop engaging in random activities, and starts to contemplate serious, meaningful tasks.

e.g., Summer is over. I've spent enough days running back and forth to Home Depot, having two hour breakfasts with my cronies at McDonald's, sitting in the hammock with a cold brew, and counting the birds as they fly by. Now I'm me endering towards commitments to paint the master bedroom, write my book, exercise every morning, and even help my wife with her fall household cleaning.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

me-mail - An e-mail written by someone utterly self-absorbed. She either complains about life or brags about how great she is, never asking how you are.

e.g., All she ever sends me is me-mails. Why am I even friends with her?

submitted by MaryClaire

me-mee - Parents say this when they want their children to sleep so they can have "me" time.

e.g., It's time for me-mee.

submitted by Marisa Q.

me-ow - Used as a response to someone who is acting "catty."

e.g., Burt: I am so sick and tired of you hanging your unmentionables all over the bathroom, if you don't stop it I'm going to bite my pillow. Ernie: Well Meeee OWWWW!

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

me-owlet - The "Me-owlet" is a mythical creature -- the actual legendary love-child of the Owl and the Pussycat.

e.g., The Me-owlet looked like a small furry owl with an apathetic aspect - -as though he just didn't give a hoot.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

meacock - A meek man who dotes on his wife, or is henpecked. TheFreeDictionary: n. 1. An uxorious, effeminate, or spiritless man.

e.g., Tom Ewell's role in The Seven-Year Itch was that of a meacock at loose ends while his wife vacationed.

submitted by HD Fowler

meadia coverage - Media coverage from the press or talking heads after a couple of hours of indulging in their favorite hobby: drinking.

e.g., Christopher, you don't need another beer. Your drinking has turned your usual sterling political reporting into flak meadia coverage.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

meafo - Acronym for My Exams Are F***ing Over.

e.g., Meafo! I deserve a smoothie.

submitted by pharaon siraj

meafordite - some one of the town of Meaford

e.g., "Darn meafordites always trying to tip my cows."

submitted by Phil McCrackin

meagrestore - A sarcastic term for a large retail outlet that proudly proclaims it has a wide range of stock but is actually poorly supplied.

e.g., I went to the meagrestore for my weekly shopping, but they were out of bread, pasta, milk, fruit, vegetables, pizza, soup, liquid detergent, razor blades, beer, and quite a few other items I needed.

submitted by Matthew Pendlebury - (www)

meal - The 4th meal of the day, eaten after dinner, usually around 2am. Very common among college students and bar patrons.

e.g., You wanna go get meal after last call?

submitted by ben

mealies - In South Africa, the word used for what we call corn.

e.g., Green mealies is what we call corn on the cob. | Mealies flour is what we call corn starch, or corn flour.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mean - In addition to it's adjectival meaning of "inferior in grade, quality, or character," idiomatically, it's used to have the sense of "insignificant."

e.g., Whatever else you may say about her performance in Transformers, it was no mean effort.

submitted by HD Fowler

mean as a stripe'ed snake - Hateful, spiteful, malicious, acerbic, scornful, and just generally devilish and the most unpleasant sense of being.

e.g., That little boy who bit your leg is just means as a stripe'ed snake.

submitted by Supa3

mean bean - Someone being nasty.

e.g., Carla: Morris, you smell. Morris: Dont be such a mean bean, C.

submitted by Sokky McSok

meander-thal or slo-magnon - someone (usually a big gump of a person in a mall) who walks slowly and doesnt seem to have any clue what he/she is doing

e.g., ""I'm strolling down the middle of the hallway, and I ran into this huge dope. He was just standing there, what a meander-thal.""

submitted by Angela + Jay

meanderthal - Early morning wanderer (meanderer) about the house, unshaven, scratching where it itches.

e.g., At 5 a.m. he can barely pry open his eyelids as he cruises the house, a true meanderthal.

submitted by sarah

meanderthal - Humanoid primate indigenous to North American retail zones and amusement park areas. Distinguishable by their shambling, dazed gaits. Frequently seen mouth-breathing without discernible cause. Also known as pre-zomboids.

e.g., The thing that worries me most about the presidential election is that the Meanderthal voting bloc may well decide who's POTUS for the next four years. Scary.

submitted by [Scott]

meanderthal - Slow and indecisive driver, or slow and inattentive driver.

e.g., If these meanderthals don't get their act together, we'll never get to the beach.

submitted by Mike MacLeod

meanwhile - a red-alert amongst friends to notice a passerby (usually attractive)

e.g., As the blonde adonis walked by, Mark said, "Meanwhile!" His friends took a look and quickly agreed.

submitted by Matt Cassem - (www)

measureit - to measure something

e.g., give me the spoon to measureit

submitted by Ruby

meat - A play on words -- meeting some and eating out. A combination of meet and eat.

e.g., Lets meat. We meated. He is meating with his friends.

submitted by koon f. wong

meat grinder - Someone who sees innuendo in everything and reports it to everyone.

e.g., Drake, that was gross. I never thought of cat and dog lovers like that. You need to stop being a meat grinder. You also need to stop reading news from Sweden. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

submitted by Ian Faynik

meat piata - A piata is a Mexican papier-mache sculpture filled with candy, designed to be bludgeoned by children until the candy tumbles out. A meat piata is a victim of aggravated assault, a person beaten repeatedly.

e.g., Those Brixton bovver boys made a meat piata of that East End mod.

submitted by spud ronin - (www)

meat puppet - "A person who publishes comments on blogs, wikis, and other public venues about some phenomenon or product in order to generate public interest and buzz. Using aliases, meat puppets pretend to have experience with the subject or masquerade as an exceptionally satisfied and unbiased user of the merchandise. Cf. astroturfing and sock puppet."

e.g., By the time he reached majority age, he had earned a reputation as a meat puppet extraordinaire.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

meat waffle - A road-killed animal with tyre tread visible in the squished flesh, giving it a waffle-like appearance

e.g., As hedgehogs are being displaced from local farms and as road incursions into rural areas increase, the sides of roads are increasingly littered with spiky little meat waffles.

submitted by spud ronin - (www)

meat-eater - U.S.M.C., Vietnam era. A fearless, aggressive, alpha-male often envied by his peers.

e.g., He decked that gorilla with one punch. He's a real meat-eater.

submitted by Stephen Mize

meatbag - Fool, eejit, idjit, etc.

e.g., Chris is a meatbag.

submitted by Thomas Carroll - (www)

meatball - Short, small, tan girls.

e.g., "Look at those meatballs." "They look good to me."

submitted by Kathryn

meatcentric - A condition in which a person bases most of his or her diet on beef, pork, lamb, or chicken.

e.g., The juice bar patrons gasped when the overbearing meatcentric demanded a steak burger.

submitted by MacKay - (www)

meathead - Generally: a large man who usually wears a medium t-shirt over huge pecs. Employed at a bar. Drinks heavily, fights frequently, harasses women, eats a lot, and spills it on that size medium t-shirt. Obtrusive, abrasive, and condescending.

e.g., Went to Scores last night. Showed the door guy my I.D. He laughed, tossed it on the ground, and threw me in the street, the meathead.

submitted by John Stewart

meats - A vehicle's tires.

e.g., "Since I've got new meats on my car, I'm no longer afraid to drive in the rain." "Nonetheless, I suggest you take care Thewliss."

submitted by dust

meatshield - Someone whose basic purpose is to catch bullets with her body. Originally coined as a reference to that poor soul that is invariably grabbed and hidden behind during a gunfight it action movies. In combat games, the meatshield is the guy that distracts the defenders while others do the work. It applies to real combat, but is NOT a desired role. Also a slang term for the terrorist tactic of putting civilians around military targets.

e.g., OK. We send these guys in as a meatshield, then. . . .

submitted by BitRaiser

meatspace - The world where people live, the functional opposite of cyberspace.

e.g., They got off llne and decided to get together in meatspace.

submitted by Brian

meatsweats - The condition a person is in after having consumed too much meat.

e.g., After eating the extra sausage and bacon after everyone left the breakfast table, Bill came down with a case of meatsweats.

submitted by Barbara

meatware - The people cost of an IT project.

e.g., Hardware (computers), software (programs), and meatware (IT personnel) complete the IT triangle.

submitted by Lowell Smith

mebbe - Contraction of maybe.

e.g., Mebbe I should get started on that.

submitted by Rebecca

mech - A bipedal military robot loaded with advanced weaponry, usually giant in size.

e.g., I was driving in my car when suddenly a mech destroyed the bridge up ahead.

submitted by Luke McCarthy

mech - 1. To inadvertently screw something up. 2. To engage in sabotage of an amusement park ride or one of those dinky quarter rides outside any grocery store (usually an act of revenge). 3. Sometimes a substitution word for intense expletives (among the elderly, such as a PseudoDictionary editrix extraordinaire.)

e.g., Grandma wouldn't ride the coaster after Grandpa said he meched it up by placing a wooden nickel on the track when a punk and his girlfriend got strapped in.

submitted by Stosh

mech-turking - To manually do a process that either is or should be automated.

e.g., I havent had time to launch the new version, so were mech-turking the database until tomorrow.

submitted by Garrick Van Buren - (www)

mechanical bull - 1. When a person lies habitually, almost robotically. 2. When the person fixing your car lies to you.

e.g., 1. "Henny sure can spread the mechanical bull, can't he?" "What politician can't?" 2. After bringing my car back for the third time for the same problem, I began to think that maybe I was the unwitting victim of mechanical bull.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

mechanical rooster - The equivalent of a mechanical bull for small primates.

e.g., Amos the Capuchin goes head to head with Tobac the lemur tonight at The Monkey Business Club. I've got $50 on Tobac, he's wild and crazy on the mechanical rooster.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

med - To have power, like a king or Presedent

e.g., Jason has alot of MeD as the chairman of a big company.

submitted by Grant - (www)

med usa - The very, very, very ugly state of medicine in America.

e.g., With overworked, error prone, and uncaring doctors, hospitals, and staff and with the mind-numbing cost of prescriptions, MED USA stalks the neighborhoods of our country and our hearts turn into stone.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

medi ogre - A less than successful mythological character from fable and story.

e.g., Gnarl was the smallest denizen of the nether world but he strove mightily to become the fiercest and most ferocious of all the demons. Daily, he spread wart restorer on his skin, took great numbers of ugly pills, honed his horns and claws to razor sharpness, practiced to improve his roaring ability, and ingested various ill-smelling philters and bad tasting potions from the dark side. Alas -- because of his tiny size and intrinsic "cuteness," Gnarl was doomed to be medi ogre for all his days.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

media imperialism - The concept that a particular country or culture can enforce its ideals, culture, or perspectives of world affairs on another culture, country, or countries.

e.g., The Blair government in England sought to ban FoxNews, because of its media imperialism and its desire to place its own spin on the President's actions.

submitted by adnan - (www)

mediacracy - Government by the media. Think mediocrity.

e.g., This isn't what our forefathers had in mind, but we've earned this government we have, this mediacracy.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

medican usa - Cash-free, instant, soothing, effective. Physical, emotional, mental, and dental care. No muss, no fuss, no cost.

e.g., Canada did it well, now America Can do it better: MediCan USA. Funded not by your taxes, but by the busy, busy printing presses making all the money you'll ever need in Washington, DC.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

medicool - Combination of medical and school, for those in a hurry.

e.g., I finished 6 years of medicool, and then specialized in surgery.

submitted by Nancy Materie - (www)

medievil - Just medium evil.

e.g., Chris is probably only medievil, but he's only in his 30s. With seasoning he could get really bad--if he lives long enough.

submitted by Miss Speller

medification - The taking of prescription medications.

e.g., Considering the medification schedule my doctor prescribed, it's no wonder that my mind is foggy.

submitted by James Sandefer - (www)

mediocracy - Rule by the mediocre. A mediocre democratic government. Cf. mediacracy.

e.g., We must abolish absenteeism in the House of Commons. Is this a democracy or a mediocracy?

submitted by velma

mediocum - From mediocre + modicum and it means such a small amount of something that it is not even a modicum of something.

e.g., In the last presidential debate, even the sharpest candidate showed only a mediocum of sense. The town houses in my development have a mediocum of individuality.

submitted by Paul Decelles - (www)

mediorca - The not-so-exact middle of a killer whale.

e.g., Mantuk and Banthar wanted equal pieces of the creature and would not hesitate to slay Ungan if he so much as hitched towards the mediorca.

submitted by Steeve Beaupr

mediots - People stupid enough to be media commentators.

e.g., During the OJ case, it became clear that journalists were extinct, having been replaced by mediots.

submitted by J. Guest

mediqueval - (meh-dic-EE-vul; adj.) 1. of or pertaining to medieval medicinal practices, especially those barbarities often resorted to in Dark Ages Europe as opposed to the rather more medically enlightened Muslim and Asiatic realms to the south and east. 2. (contemptuous) Any medicinal practice or philosophy believed by the speaker to be benighted barbarity akin to the torture devices of the Spanish Inquisition.

e.g., Mediqueval medicine involved a lot of leaches, bleeding, and saws, at least it seems to have, judging from TV. | Thanks to Dr. Semelweiss, we don't suffer from Mediqueval blindness to germs and infections.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

meditrance - Therapeutic hypnotism, used to control pain, help people stop smoking, cure bad habits and psychological problems, end fears and phobias, deprogram and reprogram illogical thought patterns, and more.

e.g., We recently concluded a series of intensive meditrance sessions and now wouldn't even recognize ourselves.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

medium f - An F in a class between 51-55%, not quite a low F.

e.g., It's not like it's hopeless; it's only a medium F. Unfortunately, Mom doesn't understand that. I'm grounded for the next grade period until I bring my grades up.

submitted by The Mutt

medloid - An alloy consisting primarily of trace extracts from the elements startrekium and marlborolightium. Methods of mining on earth have consistently proved futile. Typically derived only from incoming earthbound projectiles released from the second story of the oortcloud.

e.g., Fixing this lawn mower is really a pain in the neck. Sure wish I had a couple pounds of medloid to boost my octane.

submitted by Harold Grier

medullous - Acting with a minimal amount a thought, as if no nerve impulses terminated past the medulla.

e.g., Chris was driving medullously again Saturday night and ended up running into a turnip scooter.

submitted by Mike Mack - (www)

meeep - Exclamation indiciating shock or surprise.

e.g., You're playing Quake, you turn the corner, and you find 6 bad guys all with BFGs--your only response is "Meeep!"

submitted by svonwolf - (www)

meef - 1. Generic squirrel/rodent sound, origin uncertain. 2. Generic sound used to indicate you are still online. 3. Generic sound of panic in a stressed situation.

e.g., 1. So I was sitting there and the little guy just comes up and meefs at me trying to say hi! 2. I'm meef. 3. Oh meef...!

submitted by Fionacat - (www)

meef - Mystery meat that looks like it could be beef.

e.g., Are they serving meef in the cafeteria again, toady?

submitted by George Edward Purdy

meep - a sound/word you say when poked or otherswise surprised

e.g., She meeps as her friend comes up and pokes her.

submitted by Crystal - (www)

meep - Expression of surprise and more often than not, a delighted surprise. :)

e.g., Your friend gives you a hug when you're feeling blue: "Meep! I wasn't expecting that."

submitted by sahen

meese - Plural of "moose."

e.g., If you're driving in Newfoundland, watch out for meese crossing the road.

submitted by Nathan

meeting with the bobs - From the movie Office Space. One of the characters had to go meet with some company efficiency experts, both of whom were named Bob. Said when you gotta go do something important.

e.g., Gotta go, I have a meeting with the Bobs.

submitted by David Weathers - (www)

meetingcide - death, typically by boredom, due to the frequency of meetings or the length of a single meeting.

e.g., Meetingcide was the clear cause of Rebecca's death due to the ridiculous amount of time she spent in the staff meetings required by the organization.

submitted by Sem & Rel

meetnik - A person who enjoys meetings and all sorts of administrative events and tries to attend as many of them as possible.

e.g., Being socially active is one thing, but meeting for the sake of meeting is another. I try to stay away from meetniks for whom getting together is an end in itself. Meeting without meaning is worse than meaning without meeting.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

meetup - A local gathering of a group of people brought together by a common interest, such as the environment. Real-world, face-to-face, maybe over a coffee or beer. Informal, no leader, peers talking to peers. See following website:

e.g., Though I've been a member for a long time, I never met any of the other members of the cause until I attended a local meetup.

submitted by natalie

meez out - To ease oneself out of a situation fast, to avoid trouble

e.g., Meez out of here, boy, or you be jumpin' for a thumpin'.

submitted by Steve McDonald

meff - a description of somebody who is slightly scruffy

e.g., what are you wearing you look like a meff

submitted by mark

mega - Incredible, fantastic. Can be added to words like cool.

e.g., The party on Saturday night was mega.

submitted by Paul

mega nega bar - The little line that you write at the end of your check to keep people from writing "... and a million dollars."

e.g., If it weren't for the mega nega bar my checks would bounce.

submitted by jeff

mega spacanomics - Study of spacial awareness in social settings.

e.g., David was glad he knew how to be sociable with the ladies but still respect their personal space. He had learned this during his mega spacanomics course at university.

submitted by Joe Grice - (www)

mega-ace - A word almost always used in sarcasm to describe something "that bad." Sometimes used in conjunction with hand motions, pointing to a raised thumb.

e.g., After hearing about some guy's new hobby of stamp collecting, "Yeah, mega-ace." Points to raised thumb.

submitted by Joeski - (www)

megaaggression - A logical extension of a new term I haven't quite figured out yet: microagression. I think maybe it goes something like this:

  • "Males have one Y chromosome and one X chromosome, while females have two X chromosomes."
  • If you refer to a person who has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome as a boy or a man, you've committed a microaggression.
  • So it must follow that if you refer to a person who has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome and self-identifies as being female as being a boy or a man (say Bruce aka Caitlyn Jenner), you've committed a megaagression. ... Or something.

I was surprised to find that the term has been around since 2004, recorded by Grant Barrett: microaggression n. subtle forms of racism or bias. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

e.g., "He quickly goes to work slapping people with detentions for every triggering and microaggression he hears about, and its not long before even Cartman has decided to back down. It was actually kind of strange to have Kyle be the one who tries to hold out until the end rather than Cartman, but clearly they wanted a reason to make some Brady/DeflateGate jokes and that gave them an excuse." | I think it's become a megaagression to refer to the NFL team in Washington as the Redskins.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

megabig megabang - The Big Bang was actually such a huge event, such force, such power, that it really ought to be called a Megabig Megabang, or the like.

e.g., In the beginning was an explosion heard round the world, if there had been a world, and the Light, let us be dazzled, a Megabig Megabang doesn't happen every day.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

megabite - A huge mouthful of food.

e.g., He wolfed down the chow in megabites and the buffet manager could see the profits going down the hatch.

submitted by Steve McDonald

megabytage - An amount of digital data (as "footage" is obsolete.)

e.g., I'd download it, but the megabytage is too high.

submitted by Jon K. Hart - (www)

megabytemaniac - A person who is obsessed with downloading songs and other files off the internet.

e.g., Jim just got a cable modem and he has turned into a megabytemaniac.

submitted by Ben Nunn

megadelphia - 1. The (fictional) goddess of conspiracy theories and patroness of their adherents. 2. The government, perceived the conspirator and concealor of the truth. 3. Washington, DC; London; Ottawa; the Vatican; etc., when thought to be concealing the truth. (From the Greek mega "big" + adelphos "brother"; hence "big brother," from Orwell's 1984.)

e.g., "Well, what did you think of his presentation?" "I don't know, man; I can go along with him on the Kennedy thing, but the Bermuda Triangle as the testing ground for time travel equipment? Columbus being paid to take smallpox to the New World? Mind-control drugs in chocolate? Come on! the guy falls down and worships at the shrine of Megadelphia!" | "You think the Holocaust was faked?! That's ridiculous!" "That's just what Megadelphia wants you to think!" "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" | "I'm tired of Megadelphia looking over my shoulder all the time ... I think I'll move to Antarctica."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

megagony - A severe form of agony, especially of the boring variety.

e.g., Another lecture on split infinitives? I'm never going to make it through that megagony.

submitted by Amanda Calkins

megagrotic - A big, snowy hill for sledding.

e.g., Bill and Janey sailed down the megagrotic on their innertube.

submitted by Chelsea

megakamelvin - You and your friend choose a victim (who has to be shorter than you) and shake hands between her legs, as if you're having a buziness meeting.

e.g., Did we ever magakamelvin Chris last night.

submitted by mfx

megalamer - Not to be read as "Mega Lamer" but as "Mega La Mer," La Mer being French for "the sea." This word is used to describe the massive size of the oceans of planet Earth.

e.g., Students looking at a map of Earth might describe the Atlantic ocean as megalamer.

submitted by Chris Russell

megalogamy - What a man practices, if he marries large numbers of women. If a woman does this, it's called megalandry.

e.g., For many years, the megalogamist had skipped from town-to-town so rapidly, that he'd been able to marry a new woman every week and still stay ahead of the law.

submitted by Steve McDonald

megamaniac - One who plays Acti-vision's Megamania until the max score locks up the game. (Before any newbies try this, be sure you have a full size joy stick, else risk insanity.)

e.g., My wife can't just enjoy a few rounds -- she's a megamaniac.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

megamoola - A very large amount of money.

e.g., When I think of megamoola, I think of multimillionaires, large corporations, grossly overpaid sports figures, rampant and successful capitalism, and the national debt, for instance. And winning the lottery bigtime.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

megan - to laugh until liquid comes out of one's nose

e.g., When he told his joke, Wendy meganed all over the lunch table

submitted by jessica - (www)

meganova - The Big Bang. The mother and father of all bangs (novas). You shoulda been there. Whatta sight. Outta sight. And groovy even.

e.g., In view of the one MegaNova that we're aware of, could there not also have been other meganovas elsewhere, elsetime.?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

megaphew - (interj.) An emphatic sigh, breath, or whistle of either relief, generally indicative of a recognition of divine intervention, astonishment at one's own survival, or the closeness of the "shave" one has just successfully passed. [Gk._mega_"million"+_phew_.]

e.g., "Wow! How did you get past that?!" "I have no idea ... megaphew."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

megaprega - Very large with child: undoubtedly on the verge of birth.

e.g., The lady lately about to give birth to eight more babies (on top of the six she already had) was certainly megaprega as could be plainly seen in pictures of her on the tube.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

megarapid - It means "well good n that."

e.g., Ian showed his new lawnmower to Dave and Dave said, "That's megarapid that. Where did you get it? I want one."

submitted by Dan - (www)

megashoppalist - Particularly around Christmas, an extremely long list of things that you need to buy for the holidays.

e.g., Late this year we intend to get to work on our annual megashoppalist fairly early and whittle away at it till it's more manageable and doable.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

megastraction - (prefix mega- and distraction) A distraction so great everyone has to stop what they're doing and look.

e.g., The dog running onto the playground was a major megastraction to the children.

submitted by ryan

megatidy - Person who constantly cleans and tidies.

e.g., You're being a megatidy, Charlene -- stop cleaning and sit down for a change!

submitted by tracy b

megation - The effort to increase the size of something.

e.g., I see your megation diet is going well. How much have you put on by now, 50, 60 pounds?

submitted by bristolz - (www)

megawads - Lots of something, especially money, paper, serviettes, napkins, etc.

e.g., If your harvest is good this year, you'll have megawads of apples.

submitted by Changeling

megillah - "A long boring tediously detailed account."

e.g., Are we going to have to hear the whole megillah again?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

megurgitate - Incessant speaking about oneself; vanity language.

e.g., How much longer must we listen to Chris megurgitate about his hair.

submitted by william mccarver

meh - Multi-purpose response, mainly used to imply a degree of indifference. Tone of voice and circumstance imply the meaning. Can be used when you don't want to answer an awkward or embarrassing question -- or if you just plain have nothing else to say, and you want the other person to interpret "meh" however she chooses. | Used when apathetic, bored, or unimpressed. | WebMasterP: A mix of goddamn and any other curse word you want. Usually used to demean someone else's idea -- in a one word sentence with an exclamation mark. Yell loudly and make a crow-like sound. || David/ A term of indifference or neutrality. A subtle form of requesting sympathy due to being despondent. | Erin Whyte: "an expression of utter boredom or an indication of how little you care for an idea." || An expression of neither yes or no. A delaying reply of indecision, usually from an unintelligent person.

e.g., Art: Why don't we turn ourselves in? Bart: Meh! | Red: What did you think of that movie? Homer: Meh. || Fred. Do you like Chris? Homer: Meh. || Would I like a cup of tea? Meh.

submitted by Noctem Eternus|| William Lundin || david - (www)

meicescheisch - The sound effect of a person being carried into the sky by a small ball of paper.

e.g., I heard some dude going meicescheisch on that ball of paper.

submitted by star651

meifier - One who brags about her accomplishments of word making. Nothing but a braggart.

e.g., The meifier was overjoyed when she published three words: worderbeast, negafier,and sour milf on

submitted by Donna W.

meimei - Pronounced "mee-mee." A term used to descibe cowardly behavior.

e.g., Filled with terror, he screamed like a meimei.

submitted by Darryl Omari

meine fresse - German words meaning the equivalent of "my god!"

e.g., "Meine Fresse, will you ever shut up?!?"

submitted by mark

melanin waiver - The get out of jail free card that's given to obama because of the pigmentation of his skin.

e.g., Given his melanin waiver, I don't doubt that he'll skate again on this one.

submitted by [Scott]

melba - Pictures of Melba.

Ran across these and thought you might recognize the tone.


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submitted by 2012-12-28

meldge - The blending of two objects.

e.g., When an egg is beaten, the yolk and white meldge.

submitted by Stairsy

melge - A combination of "merge" and "meld" with onomatopoeic overtones. "Melge" is itself a melging of two words, making it deliciously self-referential.

e.g., The melging of two otherwise independent people into a "happy couple" is sometimes not pretty to behold.

submitted by Sean Williams - (www)

melgress - Disgusting solid substance of unknown origin. Can be spelled "melgritas" in diminutive form (small amount,

e.g., She found melgress stuck to her tires after she parked. It was one of those days.

submitted by Brian Weeks

melh - A grotesque random ouburst of laughing.

e.g., Look at that random and obscene melh.

submitted by Rich Elkins

melissa syndrome - A state of being in which the most important thing in your life is your wife or girlfriend, doing whatever they say. Family and friends are forgotten or ignored.

e.g., Andy has a serious case of Melissa Syndrome. He treats his mom like she isn't even alive sometimes.

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

mellaflusia - A state of utopian bliss. A feeling of calm, zen, or superiority.

e.g., ...and after exhaling, Kreplech was left in a satisfied mellaflusia.

submitted by kreplech - (www)

melless - Worry-free; carefree; happy.

e.g., Why does she act so melless when you know that inside she's angry all the time?

submitted by lauryn

mellish - Being a self-centered, narcissistic moron who doesn't know her head from her ass.

e.g., "I'm better looking than you, Lauryn." "Stop being mellish, twit."

submitted by lauryn

mellodelish - Wonderful and smooth and delicious, extremely good or nice, fantastic, extraordinary.

e.g., My mother's cooking was mellodelish. | The scenery and climate of Hawaii is likewise mellodelish. | The neighbor's daughter thinks her new boyfriend is mellodelish.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mellowdrama - Dramatic, but in a laid back kind of way.

e.g., "I can't believe you haven't put out the trash yet, so could you, like whenever?" she said, her voice tinged with mellowdrama.

submitted by Michel Floyd

melodharma - New age actions or sayings taken to a ridiculous or misappropriated level. A combination of the of the Hindu and Buddhist word "kharma" -- the principle or law that orders the universe -- and the word "melodrama."

e.g., Rachel just read the Celestine Prophecy and now she won't stop spouting her melodharma.

submitted by Robbe Richman - (www)

melon lord - (n.) 1. An effigy or impersonator of one's enemy (especially when an impersonator impersonates the enemy too enthusiastically); 2. Such an effigy or impersonator used as a practice target in rehearsing an attack; more broadly, 3. the main objective of a planned attack, with or without a mock-up or effigy. (v.) 4. To overdo one's role as enemy in a war-game or in the rehearsal of an attack.

[From episode 3x18 of Avatar: The Last Airbender, "The Phoenix King," in which the young earthbender Toph impersonates the antagonist (the "Firelord") by defending an effigy made of stones, sticks, a robe, and a melon---she ... overdoes it a bit.]

e.g., "Okay: you attack from the right; you guys, from the left; and we three, through the center. Angie's giant plush panda is the melon lord." | In "Ender's Game," the enemy's gate was always the melon lord. | "You're supposed to test the cadets! not destroy them! Quit melon lording!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

meloniferous - This was invented by a friend of mine to describe a nice pair of ladies' boobs -- as in melons. It gave us a laugh.

e.g., Betty O'Q was meloniferous, and she was only 12 years old. | Were you one of the spectarors when The Meloniferous One took a bunch of eighth-graders behind the gym and bared her rack?

submitted by Steve

melonious - The possession by a body part or area of the body of the aspect of a melon in any combination of size and shape. In men it usually applies to the head, in women it is also sometimes applied to the chest.

e.g., Chris tried to buy a hat but the shop had nothing to fit his melonious cranium.

submitted by mike_capriman - (www)

melonlame - Stupid and weak, not meeting standards, expectations or presumptions in a Homestar Runner fashion. Alternate forms: Melonlamen, Melonlimity, Melonlamer, Melonlamest.

e.g., After stating that he could not attend the elitist society meeting because he needed to spend time with his brothers, whom he would be spending the next few months with, the society board deemed Daniel too melonlame to be worthy of membership anymore.

submitted by Daniel Gibson - (www)

melonology - The study of melons and people named Mel.

e.g., I study melonology at Yale. I got my degree in cantaloupe and minored in Mel Gibson.

submitted by kilo

melt - A person who clothing style mixes and matches. Usually dressed in thrift clothing.

e.g., That girl in the Coke delivery shirt and jeans is a melt.

submitted by Quigs

melt the rocks - (v., intr. verb phrase) 1. to travel needlessly out of one's way for the sake of variety. 2. unnecessary flourishes or elaborations. 3. making a point, and then adding several paragraphs' worth of examples, detail, instruction, or warnings (while remaining entirely oblivious to the fact that the listener already understands) until the speaker is satisfied that the point has gotten across (often 15 or 20 minutes later). (from my wife's habit of driving around our cul-de-sac to help melt or at least flatten the snow drifts in winter; my daughter noticed that sometimes she drives around the cul-de-sac out of habit well into the spring. She (my daughter) calls it "melting the rocks.")

e.g., "So, once you've opened ..." "OKAY! Okay! I get it---you've explained this three times now. You're just melting the rocks."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

meltdown - When the boiling point of your anger is reached, or when you are frazzled and ready to explode.

e.g., Lady Lorex had a meltdown when she discovered that Rick, the gardener, had cut down her favourite rose bush.

submitted by Michael Morris

meltomedia - Any media pastiche, a blending of forms and concepts.

e.g., Our website is a cornucopia of meltotmedia.

submitted by Rafi Metz - (www)

melty - To perspire more than average.

e.g., It was so hot outside I got melty.

submitted by Brent Hollman

melvin - To have one's underwear or trousers caught in the cleft of the buttocks.

e.g., I hate these pants. Two minutes after I put them on I've got a melvin.

submitted by david lennard

mem-brain - A word of identification for the extraordinary ability of the human brain to keep separate two disparate functions, memory recall and control of skeletonal and muscular activity, while operating each smoothly, independently, and simultaneously.

e.g., Amelia looked at the chair at the end of the dining room table. It was left empty at every household gathering.

"Louis, you would have been so proud of our family," she said to herself with a smile, picturing him sitting there in that ridiculous, dark red knit pullover he had worn every year on this holiday.

Her son and daughter, and their families, had left early after Thanksgiving dinner as Friday was a work day for all four adults. They were insistent on cleaning up the table and dishes before they left, but Amelia was adamant.

"You all have a five hour drive to get home," she said, "and I want you to be on the road while it's still light. We're expecting snow!" And they all left, still protesting, in a blur of car doors slamming, happy "good-byes" and "I love you!" trailing after them.

Dishes clattered as she started to clear the table and carry the plates to the garbage pail for scraping. It was a fine Thanksgiving, and she had many things to be thankful for. But her son, Peter, looked tired and strained. He was a computer programmer in Boston and she knew he was worried about being laid off. She could see, almost as it were yesterday, the expression on Louis' face when he came home, shaken, to tell her that the company he worked for had been bought out and that the new owners were closing the plant.

Things were tough for a couple of months until Louis got a job as an accountant in a local contractor's office, and in a few weeks, she began to catch him smiling again.

The hot water from the tap felt good on her hands. "We're having a little problem with 'Arthur Itis,' she mused.

The detergent was clumped, so Amelia used a knife to loosen it before pouring some into the dishwasher, then turning the dial to three and closing the door for a super wash cycle. The old washer began dancing a mild jig to the slight chugging of the motor.

"I hope that Patti and my son-in-law, Chad, are getting along better," thought Amelia throughout the dishwasher process. "Their son Mark, is just three and Julie, the baby, won't be a year old until February." Like most marriages, she and Louis had an occasional argument, but they had vowed never to go to bed angry with each other. And it worked, except she could picture that one time, after the Forno's party, when the argument was about Louis having too much to drink and he stubbornly slept on the couch.

The cold air from the open refrigerator felt refreshingly cool as contrast to the heat of the oven-warmed kitchen as she put away the last of the Thanksgiving day left overs.

Amelia looked up at the kitchen wall clock. "For goodness sake!" she exclaimed while drying her hands on a towel, "two hours have disappeared and everything is cleaned up and done. Those special mem-brain moments made the chores, and time, go by so quickly!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko

member of du - Cats are well known for their antipathy towards dogs. Sometimes this stretches to not even saying the word "dog." As cats believe that all animals belong to a union (e.g., CU is Cats' Union, HU is Horses' Union), they would say "Member of DU" ("Dogs' Union") to avoid mentioning the name of their sworn enemy.

e.g., Maxwell the Cat hissed scornfully as the Member of DU passed gingerly by.

submitted by Claire

member of the moronic temple - Used to tell or ask if person is stupid.

e.g., You got hit by a car? You must be a member of the moronic temple.

submitted by alex

member?! - Acknowledgment of a secret between two friends in a group, known only to them. Something is said or done that triggers a memory in both at the same time. They look at each other and say," Member?" and laugh hysterically.

e.g., I overhead my friend screaming out of the party crowd, "Toulina, 'member?" We both knew. It was only between us.

submitted by Toulina

memberfication - I.D.- from my three year old son Jack

e.g., Excuse me m'am, but I need to see your memberfication.

submitted by virginia

membratastic - An "out of the ordinary" mambrane, or a membrane that excels.

e.g., Ordinarily I wouldn't trust it. But this membrane is membratastic

submitted by Chris Duddle

meme - Shortened form of "mimeme," derived from "gene." An idea or concept that resides and travels to and from various people's brains. Can be used to describe an idea or information as if parasitic. Word obtained from Richard Dawkin's "The Selfish Gene."

e.g., 1. The God meme is a very widespread meme which resides in the consciousness of many people. 2. Computers and writing media can be used as large meme repositories, and can aid the spread and reproduction of memes.

submitted by DrewT

meme pool - A large collection of ideas, or link to ideas (memes) in one big storage space.

e.g., Whoever came up with that "Wazzup?" saying really shouldn't have released it into the memepool. It's spread like crazy.

submitted by Drew T.

memetics - The study of backgounds, history, vocabulary, ideas, memes.

e.g., You are just like him, I swear, you must be memetically identical. OR If I had a better understanding of his memetic code, I could tell you why he likes that.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

memmookie - resembling, looking like, feels like, smells like, etc., a mookie.

e.g., It may look a lot like a mookie, that's why we say it is memmookie (as you know mookie is 'the real thing' available now probably only in the real world)

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

memnull - Zero memory; stupid, moron, idiot.

e.g., He's always making stupid mistakes because he's a memnull.

submitted by Greg

memo, the - (n.) a fictional set of instructions to which one ascribes a coincidence or any otherwise inexplicable or unexpected pattern, structure, or similarity.

e.g., "All three of you have on the same color shirts and pants." "Well, of course we do ... didn't you get the memo?" | "Fourteen break-ins in 28 days ... every other day, like clockwork." "Yeah, well, Chief, it must be in the memo."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

memondic - Completely self-centered or self-absorbed. It's all about me. Solipsitic. Me + mondo (the world).

e.g., Mary was a very talented artist, albeit a bit memondic at times.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

memopause - That special time of office life when you decide to stop sending annoying little memos (e.g., "Who keeps leaving the colored paper in the copy machine?" or "Please label all sandwiches in the refrigerator.") and just enjoy chaos because retirement's a coming.

e.g., I hope Larry's memopause happens soon, so we can turn our cubicle radios up again.

submitted by onjaysun

memorrhoids - A medical condition created by sitting too long on old memories.

e.g., The President developed painful memorrhoids recalling the days when he enjoyed a 64% citizen approval rate.

submitted by Machiavellean & . . . Lesko - (www)

memory illusion - Used in two senses: those all-too-frequent moments when you can't remember whether you did something or just thought about doing it; | those other all-too-frequent and embarrassing moments when you have absolutely clear and vivid memories of events or conversations that never happened at all.

e.g., Mark Twain's famous statement "I remember everything whether it happened or not" tells us that he understood the important role memory illusions play in everyday life.

submitted by Lunch - (www)

men strafe - A condition that causes a husband to be especially cautious around his wife, on a monthly basis.

e.g., Joe: What's up, Barry? This is the third night in a row that you've been here at the bowling alley. Barry: I've been trying to stay away from home, for awhile. It's Sally's time of the month, and she's starting to men strafe.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

men tall - The self-delusionary mind set of males that superiority is measured in inches.

e.g., Giorgio struts around the locker room bragging that he's God's gift to women. What we hear from his ex-girl friends, though, it's purely men tall.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

menagerie a trois - A threesome between a pig, a chicken, and a man.

e.g., Bruce had a menagerie a trois in the barnyard and felt dirty for weeks.

submitted by DaveT

menapuke - "I'm gonna puke." Said if there's not enough time to say anything else.

e.g., Bryon: "Lauryn, you look kinda sick. Are you ok?" Lauryn: "Menapuke!"

submitted by lauryn

menausea trois - When three people, originally having sexual relations and living together, get sick of the arrangement.

e.g., At first, the menage a trois was a dream come true. But after a while, things began to lose their luster, and we grew sick of each other. Our happy menage a trois became a sickening menausea trois.

submitted by Joe Kreiter - (www)

mendi cant - A person who, constantly and religiously, is humbled by the inability to perform simple tasks, such as sewing.

e.g., You may have noted that in paintings of the Middle Ages, most people are shown wearing pullover shirts without buttons. Here's the reason why -- if they wore clothes with buttons, and a button fell off, they couldn't repair it. Back in those days, many more individuals were mendi cants. (ED. Another reason is that all the buttons were hand-carved out of materials such as ivory, and buttonholes were hand made -- by handmaids?)

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

mendict - To speak one's mind. From the roots ment (of the mind or pertaining to the mind) and dict (speak). Meaning can be changed by adding prefixes and suffixes. Mendictor, mendictive, mendicted, etc.

e.g., Please feel free to mendict in my classroom. She is very mendictive, which can be either a positive or negative attribute.

submitted by hsel

mendorsement - An endorsement specifically to attract men or for men.

e.g., NASCAR used Budweiser as a sponsor for pure mendorsement.

submitted by Jay H. - (www)

mendydo - A person who is highly productive and makes the workplace fun.

e.g., Why can't Joseph be more like Mendydo?

submitted by Dave M

meng - Any material of an unpleasant nature -- encompassing most waste products from animal or industrial sources.

e.g., He came up from the sewer burst all covered in meng.

submitted by david whittaker

menglish - A "language" spoken solely with the intent of communicating between two people -- characterized by no regard to grammar, spelling, sentence structure, or other bothersome rules. See Manglophone.

e.g., If U ken compredays this then U already no what Menglish iz.

submitted by Sean Timpa

mengolia - A country where every male wish and whim is fulfilled. All homes have a huge man cave with an 80" television screen, deep cushioned leather recliners, and a snack center with six beer taps. The only shows broadcast on TV are sports programs and action flicks. Each man has a gorgeous robot female companion who keeps the house immaculate, is a professional chef, and a consummate lover. Plus, she is mute. Location? Next to Utopia, of course.

e.g., I'm getting very tired of frilly curtains, floral patterns, and overflowing job jars. Think I'll move to Mengolia.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

meninano - To not know what is going on around you.

e.g., "Are we going to the mall today?"..."Meninano, are we?"

submitted by NAYLOR

menity - (rhymes with bee'-nuh-tee (sorta); n.) 1. the desire to stand out, thus destroying a necessary or preferable cohesiveness; 2. the attitude that one deserves recognition beyond that given to the rest of a group (see "mbc"); 3. self-aggrandizing ego; 4. Pharisaic "I'm-above-the-rest-of-you"-ness. [The opposite of "unity" (that is, "you-nity").]

e.g., All-star games are okay, I suppose, but the "stars" often give in to menity, and the "teams" fall apart.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mennui - One-letter added to the French/English "ennui." The feeling you get when scrutinizing a 10-page New Jersey diner menu trying to select just which combination of eggs and dead animal bits you'll take for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

e.g., I still haven't decided what I want. I got a case of mennui after reading only two pages into this enormous list. Do they have Spam, eggs, and Spam on the menu?

submitted by Richard Factor - (www)

menoburst - A menopause-induced outburst

e.g., Our teacher had another menoburst today. We told her to take a Premarin and pull herself together.

submitted by Gina

menotion - An affective state of consciousness in MEN which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced, as distinguished from cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.

e.g., He was filled with menotion at his wedding. | Musical training sharpens the ability of a man to sense menotion. | A mans memory is highly influenced by his menotion.

submitted by Asim Kaleem - (www)

menotional - Combination of mental and emotional. Used to describe confusing, conflicting, and stressful situations, especially on social terms.

e.g., I was having a menotional dilemma when I was debating whether or not I had a crush on Derek.

submitted by Hilary

mensa candidate - Sarcasm-laced term used to describe someone who would never in a million years be considered for membership by MENSA (the high I.Q. society). Always delivered with heavy sarcasm and contempt.

e.g., What? You thought that playing catch with a steak knife would be a good idea? You got a punctured lung, did you? Yeah, you're definitely a MENSA candidate.

submitted by Nick Dunn - (www)

menschen-er - Someone who constantly makes positive, affirming comments about people; one who makes a person feel like, and want to be, a Mensch.

e.g., Harold is a Menschener. Everyone wants to be around him because they can warm their hands in the glow of his loving remarks.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

mentabolic, mentabolism - A blended word that indicates how the mind affects the body, and how the body affects the mind.

e.g., Mentabolism is the cause of a blush. Mentabolism is the cause of a mental rush. A rock in my shoe causes mentabolic pain to my brain.

submitted by Bob Bearsun

mental goalie - The part of your brain that keeps you from saying out loud the evil or stupid thoughts that are sometimes your first response to questions or situations.

e.g., Thank God for my mental goalie. Otherwise, when she told me she was pregnant, I'd have blurted out, "Oh, who's the father?"

submitted by nitag - (www)

mental laxative - The inability to keep your mostly negative thoughts in your head. Having no couth.

e.g., When he told his girlfriend she looked fat in her dress, he was suffering from "mental laxative."

submitted by Joe

mental lounger - One who is too lazy to think through an issue.

e.g., His opinion comes from a brain lying in a mental lounger mode for too long.

submitted by Robert - (www)

mental popcorn - A mental condition where the mind pops up a multitude of random (and typically pointless) thoughts and the individual is incapable of focusing on any of them. Often confused with Attention Deficit Disorder.

e.g., After thinking of a recipe for bread pudding, my phone number when I was five, the average amount of dreaded blue M&Ms in a package, and completely forgetting what I was doing all within the span of two minutes, I realized I was suffering from a wicked bout of mental popcorn.

submitted by lilu

mentalist - Something that is completely mad or insane.

e.g., I was using my computer last night and it went mentalist.

submitted by Alex Brice

mentaller - Someone who is a real psycho, especially someone who does stupidly dangerous things for fun. It sorta implies you half-admire the person.

e.g., 1. Look at Lucas over there, jumping into that exploding truck full of butchers' knives from a tenth floor window. A mentaller for sure. 2. Only a mentaller -- or a professional stunt person -- would jump from a roof into a swimming pool. Jumping into a football pool is another matter.

submitted by colm

mentallurgist - Someone who can melt down your mind, reshape it, and remold it closer to someone else's heart's desire, whereby you become a happy or obedient puppet

e.g., Is this Be Who Say No (the candidate) a mentallurgist who successfully takes away the minds of the people? Is this unfair dirty pool? Drain the pool.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mentalpause - The mid-life tendency to have one's thoughts temporarily clouded or one's information recall blocked in mid-sentence. Akin to a "senior moment."

e.g., Uncle Eric was recounting the highlights of a trip into the Amazon Jungle when he hesitated for a moment, searching for an important detail. Then, as the mentalpause slowly lifted, he astounded us with the conclusion of his exciting adventure.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

mentalpause - Essential cessation of the mental function, which can occur at any age.

e.g., Today mentalpause is so widespread and pervasive that it's hard to find a rational thought anywhere.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mentaltude - An attitude shared by the general public that is almost wholly the result of media-generated propaganda, with no basis in reality.

e.g., Over time, we have adopted a mentaltude in regards to tolerance of or sympathy for perversion.

submitted by angie

mentat - Someone with a highly developed and disciplined intellect. (From Frank Herbert's _Dune_.)

e.g., "His mentat training made him as dangerous as the most deadly assassin as well as a skilled diplomat; he was so perceptive he could even predict the future."

submitted by Pat

mentat - Forget it

e.g., Aw, just mentat.

submitted by Murray

mentative - Describing or pertaining to the state of individuals who are chronically negative, who never see the bright side of any thing, and who will be opposed to every viewpoint you own.

e.g., Think you have it bad living next door to a mentative neighbor? Take mine, please. He's also verbal, and constantly "argue" mentative!

submitted by charlie lesko

mentattitude - Someone who does not have the right mental attitude about something

e.g., James did not have the right mentattitude when he went for his tax audit.

submitted by Nathan morris

mentee - person instructed by a mentor

e.g., The teacher looked at the faces of his mentees.

submitted by Ted Nesbitt - (www)

menthaesthesia - Loss of feeling in scalp, due to overindulgence in mint shampoo.

e.g., Yerks! That's not "cool and refreshing." That's cranial menthaesthesia.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

mentifex - Mindmaker. From the Latin, "mens, mentis" (mind) and "facere" (to make).

e.g., The programmer was working on a mentifex-class artificial intelligence.

submitted by Arthur T. Murray - (www)

mentipation - (MEN-tih-PAY-shun; n.) mental constipation: being unable to express whatever it is you want to say, generally because there is just too much to say. This can be good or bad: If you have so much to say that is happy or relieved or whatever, sometimes you can't say what needs saying; you just cry or stumble through a few sentences that are all "short of the mark" (as Sam Gamgee might say). On the other hand, if you are angry or bitter or whatever, you just turn bright red or pop a blood vessel or roar unintelligible nonsense or ... curse and swear. These are clear indications of serious mentipation. (Now, of course, I could make a really bad joke about people helping you calm down, or putting your deep thoughts into words---such people might be called "frienemas.")

e.g., "OH! YOU TWO HAVE GONE WAY OVER THE LINE THIS TIME!!! I HAVE HAD IT WITH YOUR STUPID, RECKLESS IDIOCY!!! IF I HAD MY WAY---YOU---MISERABLE STUPIDS---RECKLID STUPIOCY!!! I OUGHT TO TAKE--TO FEED YOU TO A---YOU---YOU ..." "He seems more upset than usual." "Yes, he does." "He's sputtering, and his face is getting quite ... purple. Should we help?" "Ah, yes, he is prone to mentipation. Go get his physician downstairs. I'll lower the lights and apologize; that might help." | "The project has meant so much to me and my team ... well, ... ... there are just no words. Thank you so much." "Mentipation?" "Yup."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mentoblithm - To forget immediately what you just saw, learned or experienced, typically because you weren't paying attention.

e.g., Pappy: "So when you do dishes, wiping down the counters and putting up things like pot holders is part of the job -- understand?" Chubby Cheeks: "What,Pappy? I had (a) mentoblithm."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

mentopause - A state where the brain stops ticking on a very busy day at work or play and one is in a false state of relaxation. Lasts about fiveminutes before reality kicks in again.

e.g., Richard suffered repeated episodes of mentopause under the mountains of paperwork that needed to be done Monday.

submitted by Urnell - (www)

mentopsychospasm - Crazy, sort of.

e.g., Keep away from him; he's gone mentopsychospasm.

submitted by happydude

mentures - Prosthetic device to replace part of or all of the brain, or the mind.

e.g., Far more effective than either pills or therapy, mentures slip right into the slot in your head, instantly producing clarity of mind and improved function. No more fumbling around on the dock, think clear, think straight, become a mental giant overnight, stun the world with your brain, go sane, no pain. . . .

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

menu rage - The anger that stems from omitted or extra apostrophes and incorrect spelling in menus: advacado, cuppuchino, and snitzel |snitchel|shnitzel, etc.

e.g., As she tried to decide between Chicken Ceasar Salad and Beef Lasange, Molly started to feel the familiar menu rage coming on.

submitted by liejoli

meowleluia chorus - A game in which you sing the word "meow" to classical or religious tunes, solo or in groups.

e.g., The meowleluia chorus began when we sang meows to "Amazing Grace" in three-part harmony -- most impressive.

submitted by Lee - (www)

mer - an interjection when someone's talking to you and you don't want to listen

e.g., "them...""so anyway, i was at the mall and..."" you(interrupting)...""mer..."" them(shocked)...""what?"" you...""mer..."" them...""yeah, so, um..."" you...""mer!"""

submitted by trent - (www)

mer - Can be used as a payout to describe simple idiocy but in the process make the user look more of a fool. Can also be used in the place of everyday words such as what and why.

e.g., That guy is so mer it is not funny OR I'm sorry, mer?

submitted by Cassie

mer - A response to something you don't like or if you don't know what to say.

e.g., Old person: Go do your homework. You: Mer.

submitted by Amanda

merbus - The delightful piece of skin between the toes.

e.g., "Jane has a rather chewy merbus," said Tarzan.

submitted by sorjeri tane - (www)

mercedes - To go mercedes is to use a Mercedes as a lethal weapon.

e.g., You ever hork up a blonde hairball, I'll go mercedes on your ass.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

merch - Material goods, merchandise.

e.g., She only got into show business for the free merch.

submitted by Tamara Leer

mercurygirl - A zany, fun-loving Canadian girl, obsessed with old Mercury pickups.

e.g., Ya, she loves old trucks. She is a regular mercurygirl.

submitted by sven dangler

mercy buckets - How a Canadian Anglophone says "thank you" to a Francophone.

e.g., Mercy buckets, Pierre. I have much gratitude for you.

submitted by Steve McDonald

merf - When you do something seemingly stupid that turns out to be really cool.

e.g., Putting ketchup in the microwave turned out to be merf. Next time, I'll try the mayonnaise.

submitted by jarryd nielsen - (www)

mergemeister - A driver who is unusually adept at merging safely regardless of traffic speed or congestion.

e.g., The mergemeister crossed four lanes of traffic during rush hour and exited the highway without being honked at once.

submitted by Gavm5

mergeredness - A somewhat depressed condition caused by the merger of the company where you were employed with one or more other companies.

e.g., Schlackel occasionally experiences bouts of mergeredness since his job was declared to be redundant.

submitted by Redbendad - (www)

merise - The disk-shaped connecting part that joins the stem to the foot on a traditional goblet. (See also avolio.)

e.g., The finest examples of 16th century Venetian goblets have three evenly-sized merises between the bowl and the stem.

submitted by Jon Goldberg

meritocracy - A form of government where the very best citizens become its leaders. If people have ability and use it well, they are rewarded. Those who work hard and share their success achieve high status. The most fortunate and wealthy people in such a society know the value of this policy and their rewards go beyond their material worth. Greed and corruption can find no foothold in a meritocracy. Its guiding values are to facilitate opportunity for all and to tend to human needs. Those in other nations have admiration for such a country and are inspired to emulate it. It is the opposite of a malatocracy. See the separate entry for this type of government.

e.g., So happy to be living in a meritocracy, its citizens enjoyed working hard and caring for all their fellow human beings.

submitted by Steve McDonald

merkin - A pubic wig. Invented in the 14th century to help conceal syphilis sores. | An American, because "a merkin" sounds just like most southerners when telling others about their renowned nationality. {ED. Merkin has long been one of my favorite words, as defined by Random House: "false hair for the female pudenda." A cannon swab was once called a merkin, too.}

e.g., With that lovely merkin; I could hardly see those syphilis sores.

submitted by Brett

merkinland - America, large country sandwiched between Canada and Mexico.

e.g., KJ: Where ya been, bloke? Dave: Merkinland, mate … it was full of Merkins, and everyone drives big cars.

submitted by Kangaroo Joe

merlin - A gifted but lazy student who somehow manages to pass exams without doing any work at all, as if by magic.

e.g., A. Did Kurt pass his exam? R. Yeah, Kurt's a merlin, ya' know.

submitted by grilla

mermaid bathwater - The waters of the Weeki Wachee Springs in Hernando County, FL, famous since 1947 for an underwater mermaid act. (Usually applied in and around the Tampa Bay area.)

e.g., "Can anybody stand to drink that mermaid bathwater?"

submitted by Larry Ellis Reed - (www)

mern - Any person short in stature awho has hair growing wildly across the body.

e.g., The dwarf in _Lord of the Rings _ was a mern.

submitted by Adam Duncan

merried - (Sounds just like "married"; adj. (okay, technically, it's not a pure adjective; it's a passive participle)) Happily married. [It's "merry" + "married."]

e.g., David and Joanna are merried. (Okay, so you can't hear a difference, you can only see one.) | Despite years and years of dealing with the wife's bad health and the husband's yelling at the TV, they remain merried after 50 years together -- regularly engaging in a sharp, humorous banter with each other. {ED. Credit to frequent submitter Charlie Lesko for suggesting the second example.}

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

merry queen of scotch - A superior sort of whiskey, the genuine article -- makes you laugh hysterically.

e.g., The more you drink, the less you think, drown your sorrows, smell the flowers, with Merry Queen of Scotch.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mersecute - Merciful persecution.

e.g., The dog went through mersecution when he had a bath.

submitted by Kristina

mesh - the linguistics of self

e.g., Speak mesh only when spoken to.

submitted by meshell

mesopogyptian - (adj.) Of or pertaining to any ancient culture at the eastern end of the Mediterranean. (n.) Any member of such a culture.

e.g., Oh, come on. You don't want to go to the museum. All it is is a bunch of mesopogyptian pots and tablets. And they're all broken.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mesopotamish - A word used to describe an object of Mesopotamia, often confused with "Mesopotamians."

e.g., The Mesopotamish sun is beating down, and making cracks in the ground.

submitted by Elijah

mesopotato - A very old potato. Old enough to have come from Mesopotamia. Sprouting and everything. Yech.

e.g., How disgusting, my ex-roommate left a bag of mesopotatos in the cupboard. She's going to hell.

submitted by camille

mesoprosopic - Having a face of average width. An existing word.

e.g., I was assaulted by a middle-aged mesoprosopic man.

submitted by josh hartnett

mesp - Taken from the acronym for Mos Eisley SpacePort from Star Wars, an adjective that is used to describe any "wretched hive of scum and villainy."

e.g., People on the run from the law often run to Palm Springs because it is a mesp.

submitted by CRM114

mess essary - The attendant untidiness required with a large task or project.

e.g., I understand that creating a Christmas meal is a huge enterprise, but was dirtying ALL these pots, pans, bowls, cups and platters mess essary?

submitted by Charlie Lesko

messagement - The art and practice of communicating, particularly with e-mail messages.

e.g., Messagement in the heat of the moment is usually regretted.

submitted by Pete Sawyer - (www)

messagicide - The destruction or ruin of ones own reputation or standing within a message board community through whiny, pointlessly argumentative, or just plain stupid posts. (Definition by Wylde: submitted by Sin to keep the biters away.)

e.g., He posted his views on abortion of cattle, but it was pure messagicide, and we laughed at him.

submitted by Sin - (www)

messapy - From the words "mess," as in "you're a mess" and "therapy," as in the treatment of something. Messapy, therefore, is the treatment of messes. Messes are usually personal in nature but can run the gamut to include just about anything. (ED. If this turns out to be promoting a site that is even remotely commercial, it will be deleted.)

e.g., I caught my wife in bed with my sister. I need messapy.

submitted by tazz999

messatop-odese - Ancient daemonic deity personifying, and blamed for, the course of human events, when worse things are added to bad situations.

e.g., What? First the US real estate bubble collapses and a million home mortgages are foreclosed? Now a global credit crisis? Get thee behind us, Messatop-odes!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

messatron - An inherently messy person -- someone who automatically makes messes without thinking.

e.g., Tracy, you're a messatron -- can't you ever put anything away?

submitted by tracy b

messendays - Days past during which no particularly amazing thing happened but which were nevertheless wonderful. These days are indelibly printed in your memory and usually took in place in the summer.

e.g., That was a messenday.

submitted by ioddia - (www)

messenge - 1. To send messages via instant messenger or text message devices. 2. Sending that message.

e.g., I was just about to messenge you.

submitted by rubani - (www)

messengeritis - The outcome of excessively chatting online.

e.g., Shannon's lack of leaving the computer, resulted in messengeritis.

submitted by Shannon Cassady

messtival - A festival of messes. Or a large gathering of messes.

e.g., I don't want to go to Chris's party. It's going to be a messtival.

submitted by Heidi Groth

messtodon - Person or persons (usually a child) capable of making mess of dinosaur sized proportions.

e.g., Oh, Mary! What have you done? What a messtodon you are!

submitted by tracy b

messtop - Messed up desktop.

e.g., No doubt Leo has a messtop.

submitted by Leo - (www)

mesugartarian - (muh sugar tarian) I don't eat a lot of vegetables and not much meat either, but I've got to have my sweet stuff and lots of it every day! I don't have just a sweet tooth, it's more like a passion that's in fashion!

e.g., Mesugartarians love: donuts and pancakes drowned in syrup, cakes and pies and candy and sugary treats, snacks and parties and candy stores.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

meta - Prefix. Dealing with topic rather than information--e.g., an online diary about other online diaries.

e.g., Why can't we see fewer meta sites and more original content?

submitted by Eq Tetrachloride - (www)

meta- - A prefix that can be joined to any word to indicate that word is a multifunctional variant of the word.

e.g., Meta- is a meta-prefix, in this case it indicated that it can be used in many different prefixes.

submitted by Fionacat - (www)

meta-bigot - Word coined by Slate magazine's Sam Anderson to describe comic acts such as Sarah Silverman, the South Park kids, and Sacha Baron Cohen's "Ali G" who deal with social problems such as race, mass starvation, religious issues, and terrorism indirectly rather than tackling them head on. They combat both bigotry and political correctness by subverting them.

e.g., Sarah Silverman's not a racist; she's a meta-bigot.

submitted by Ben

meta-irony - Used when the irony involved is itself, ironic.

e.g., The song "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette does not actually describe anything ironic. The chorus could be described as meta-ironic.

submitted by Spiffo

metaabsurd - The state of being that is beyond absurd, or the study of the principles that explain the nature of absurdity itself.

e.g., Being naked in public because you stepped outside of your hotel room and the door closed behind you is absurd. If your mother and her book club then walked down the hall, this would be metaabsurd.

submitted by Matthew Rossi

metabottle - A virtual bottle in a virtual ocean -- placing a piece of information on the Internet that needs to make it to someone that you have no way of contacting otherwise, in hopes that she will search for it, find it, and then find you.

e.g., I constructed a metabottle with Dave as a key word and had Dave find me when he was looking for himself.

submitted by davin greenwell - (www)

metacool - Beyond cool.

e.g., Jill is so hip and trendy she's metacool.

submitted by Alan Morrison

metagrobolise - According to Michael Quinion's Newsletter, this seldom seen word means "to puzzle, mystify, baffle, or confound." Lexicus says to be metagrobolised is to be "totally perplexed and mixed up." Americanized: metagrobolize. To be metagrobolized is to be nonplussed, to be at a loss.

e.g., Women will metagrobolise me as long as Im on the green side of the sod. | All she had to do was look in my direction and I froze -- metagrobolized as to what to do next.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

metal - Signifying approval or happiness

e.g., That chick Molly is metal.

submitted by Nick Fitt

metal telepathy - Electronic telepathy. It's how robots of the future communicate without moving their lips.

e.g., Via a special implant, metal telepathy is available to humans as well.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

metal-monger - Also "muscle-car." Any of the large, fast, two-door, American sedans built between 1966 and 1974.

e.g., The '68 Dodge Charger is the classic American metal-monger.

submitted by Stephen Mize

metalcare - A government program of the future that provides all robots with comprehensive physical, electronic, and psitronic maintenance and repair: RoboHealth.

e.g., Every robot will be guaranteed full wellbeing attention through MetalCare, as soon as the excessive humans have been eliminated.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

metaler - Person who listens to heavy metal all the time, relentlessly. Appearance: long, mousse-groomed hair; tight, stoned-washed jeans; fanny pack (containing a Zippo, pack of cigarettes, and a demo tape of her own lame band); poorly-executed, ridiculous-looking tattoos of skulls and bones; tank top; and a menacing stance.

e.g., Went to Saratoga Winners last night to see Marauder and Type O. Place was packed with metalers. Humorous, to say the least.

submitted by John Stewart

metalgade - A nutritious bteverage full of all the metallic elements you need, and don't need: iron, copper, aluminum, a kiss of uranium (!), and all the rest.

e.g., Light metals and heavy metals, you'll find them all in Metalgade. A spoonful a day keeps the butterflies away.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

metalgearsolidy - Something that really is great.

e.g., The St.Louis Rams are metalgearsolidy.

submitted by Doot

metallicat - "a fan of Metallica, also the band members themselves."

submitted by dust

metallifreak - Avid or devoted fan of the band Metallica.

e.g., DeWayne has all the rare Metallica albums. Has ticket stubs framed to his wall. And he even has a lock of Jaymz Hetfield's hair. He is a genuine a Metallifreak.

submitted by metallica670

metalybollobs - Those millions of little silver droplets that spray everywhere when you drop an old glass thermometer or otherwise spill mercury

e.g., Daddy, I dropped the thermometer and it broke into metalybollobs.

submitted by Malc

metapharce - A metaphor so badly handled it becomes farcical.

e.g., _Lady in the Water_ is one giant metapharce for M Night Shyamalan's oversensitivity to criticism.

submitted by Sandy - (www)

metaphive - A turn of phrase which is supposed to represent a parallel and relevant situation; however, the utterer has inadvertently added something to the phrase which causes a bewildering fog to surround it. Usually heard emanating from managers and sportscasters.

e.g., Metaphives you might have heard: "It's like the blind leading the deaf," "We'll burn those bridges when we get to them," "We have to rattle their feathers," "But you're not seeing the carrot at the end of the tunnel," "Until then we're just like chickens running around with their legs cut off," and "We're just grasping at straws on the camel's back."

submitted by ashsimmonds

metaphorical coffee - A way to suggest a low-key first date with no pressure to sit through a whole dinner if you can't stand each other. Doesn't necessarily involve actual coffee.

e.g., I'm going to get metaphorical coffee next week with this guy I met online.

submitted by Samm - (www)

metaphorize - When an experience in your life takes on mythic proportions and you want to turn it into a metaphor to encapsulate the lesson or "moral" of the story, so to speak.

e.g., If I metaphorized your dating history it would represent the follies of love-starved creatures with low self-esteem.

submitted by Catherine

metaphysicality - 1. Possessing a metaphysical quality or state. 2. Passive reference to something possessing such a quality or state.

e.g., Her spirit maintains its metaphysicality throughout the poem.

submitted by Michael Costine

metaphysycophant - If you start talking about things such as ontology, metaphysycophants will start to praise you.

e.g., It's not so easy taking a dreary view of the world as an angst-filled existentialist when there are so many metaphysycophants around, applauding you for the bleakness of your vision.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

metaspam - Spam that tries to sell you e-mail lists and spam services. Targeted at webmasters.

e.g., I got more metaspam than real e-mail yesterday.

submitted by Casimir Couvillion

metatate - Staring at the monitor in contemplation while you prepare a post or comment to MetaFilter.

e.g., I had to MetaTate for an hour before I organized my comment to that link.

submitted by Josh Tense

metawork - Labor that involves communicating about work but doesn't create anything useful. For example meetings, filing status reports, submitting time sheets, writing specifications for the person who's actually going to do the work, then berating her for not doing it right or fast enough.

e.g., After a hard day of metawork, Sarah left the office with a nagging feeling that she hadn't really accomplished anything.

submitted by Michel

meteor strip - The patch of land in between lanes on the highway.

e.g., He drove his car on the meteor strip.

submitted by taylorpup

meteorette - A lit cigarette butt thrown out the window of the car ahead of you at night.

e.g., Meteorette

submitted by Steven Sellors - (www)

meternity - (pronounced "me-TURN-ih-tee"; n.) The length of time a pregnant woman feels she has been pregnant as the due date slooooooooooooowly approaches.

e.g., "I'm going to go mad! Why can't I just be done and have the baby?!" "Well, when's your due date?" "They said it was the middle of August." "That's only two weeks awa---" "Yeah, yeah, I know. But every single day is lasting two weeks! I have another, what, 200 days left---a meternity!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

meterologist - A person who can't help watching the meter tick over in the taxi in which he is travelling.

e.g., The more John travelled in a taxi the more his eyes were glued to the meter. He had become a real meterologist

submitted by Craig Dodge

meth head - One who is of the Methodist religion.

e.g., I'd ask Frieda to go to my Mormon church, but she's a Meth head.

submitted by julie

methadonuts - A more pleasant way to take your methadone (a legal med), methadone baked into your cookies. (ED. American comedian Flip Wilson had a gag about Benjamin Franklin getting his cookies from Dolly Madison -- "cookies" in that case, of course, meaning sex.)

e.g., They used to give my buddy methadone at the clinic, but now it's methadonuts. Wish I could have one.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

methinks - I think.

e.g., It's raining outside. Methinks I'm going to get my coat.

submitted by Lily

metho-man - Someone who drinks methylated spirits.

e.g., There's that metho-man again -- half-blind, walking into poles all the time. He's gonna do himself in one day.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

methodist religious - A Golden Mean sort of religious. More fundamentalist or evangelical than Unitarians, but less so than the Pentecostal religions.

e.g., HD: Her son seems to be pretty religious, probably more so than Susan. Witch: Our kids are religious, too. They're Methodist religious. You know what I mean, don't you? HD: Yes, I went to MYF every Sunday night. But that was largely because there were a lot of cute girls there from the neighboring town, which our minister also served. We had a regular Sunday night poker game after MYF. Yes, I know what Methodist religious is.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

methostiff - 1. One who has been a Methodist from birth. 2. One who believes that the Christian religion started with John Wesley. 3. One who is unwilling to consider the claims of any other religious denomination.

e.g., My grandma remained a methostiff till the day she died.

submitted by Clifford Dack

methylethylbadstuff - Used by Orlando Fire Dept. Communications Specialists to describe any type of unknown hazardous material whether solid, liquid, gas, or biological in nature.

e.g., I don't know what kind of methylethylbadstuff that tanker was carrying but it's on fire now...and it stinks to high heaven.

submitted by Keyshia Owens

metoology - The science (or art?) of keeping up the Joneses.

e.g., Mr & Mrs Jones were often accused of metoology when all they were doing was keeping up with themselves

submitted by jonty Reason

metric butt-load - A high, unimaginable, or exaggerated number.

e.g., I just ate a metric butt-load of gummi bears. I think I'm gonna puke.

submitted by Doc

metric shit-tonne (ram) - With regards to the ram in a computer, a metric shit-tonne of ram refers to 196gb or more of ram in one computer (in 2011).

e.g., scarlettjohansson_node02.dlab.local has a metric shit-tonne of ram installed. You really need to move her into the production web cluster if we're looking to avoid total loss of service.

submitted by Fabric Login - (www)

metro-freight - A system used to deliver freight in a carfree city. It uses standard sea containers to move freight over a dedicated metro (subway) system.

e.g., Carfree cities require the installation of a metro-freight system if freight is to be delivered by a means other than trucks.

submitted by J.H. Crawford - (www)

metrognome - 1. "Metrognome" is the name of Gersh Kuntzman's weekly column running since April 1994 in the New York Post. Gersh coined the term in hopes of finding a single word that could capture this thought: Someone who has the beat of the city, yet is out there, under every bridge, hunting down great stories. Hence, the Metrognome. 2. A metrognome is an elf-like or troll-like person of Swiss descent who collects tickets in the Paris Metro. The metrognome is a small, ugly Swiss immigrant in Paris, France, currently employed as a toilet attendant. Being unable to afford a taxi when he first arrived, he started riding Le Metropolitain wherever he went. Eventually he came to love his frequent rides so much he got a part-time job filling in as a ticket taker on weekends. (Individual Mtro ticket is 8FF; packet of 10 tickets (a Carnet) is slightly more reasonable. Cost of RER tickets depends on distance traveled. Within central Paris cost is the same as Mtro tickets, and the same ticket is also valid on both systems.)

e.g., 1. That Gersh, he's a real metrognome. 2. Watch out when you step away from the pissoir at Le Crazy Horse Saloon. Their metrognome just about pounces on you -- little twerp must be desperate for tips to support his habit.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

metrollectual - An urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money pontificating on the greatness of urban areas.

e.g., Chris keeps going on and on about how the new train system will change the city. Does that make him a metrollectual? I think not -- and neither does Chris.

submitted by Garrick Van Buren - (www)

metrosexual - A man, usually urban, who is knowledgeable in subjects generally considered feminine, such as clothing styles, spa treatments, and personal care. The metrosexual male also puts this knowledge into practice, often indulging in facials, manicures, etc.

e.g., At my last pedicure I was flanked by two metrosexuals. . . . No, they didn't turn me on. I like NASCAR rednecks. Burly guys with big . . . egos, Archie Bunker types.

submitted by lori - (www)

metrowoods - A wooded park area in the midst of a city.

e.g., Perhaps the best known metrowoods in America is Central Park in New York City.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

metroyp - A copy of something that has died five years before.

e.g., That metroyp is wearing a blue tie.

submitted by Bant master

mevening - The time that occurs between when evening ends and morning starts. Evening ending at midnight, and morning beginning about 6 o'clock.

e.g., It's already two in the morning? Good mevening.

submitted by Misako Kairo

mew - Basically another verb meaning to vomit, spew, chuck. Can also be used as a noun.

e.g., 1. Last night after a few too many brews I didn't feel too well and mewed. 2. Sometimes when you're sick, you have to have a mew.

submitted by Leisha

mew - (pronounced MOO; v.pret.) The past-tense of "mow" (had mow not changed to a weak verb in Anglo-Saxon (i.e., changed to a simple '-ed' ending)).

e.g., I mew the whole lawn without a speck of lemonade. I ask you, is that civilized?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mews article - The kind of catty report so often filed by progressive "journalists" (so-called) writing about Sarah Palin. They often show their claws and that they have an agenda by their choice of adjectives -- when no adjectives are called for.

e.g., "The documentary traces Palin's rise from mayor of tiny Wasilla, Alaska. . . ." Steve Holland writes from almost equally tiny Pella, Iowa. Many of your readers grew up in counties with fewer people than Wasilla, Steve. (I did.) Let us be the judge of whether or not Wasilla is tiny. If you'd do that, we might not judge what you write as mews articles rather than news articles.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

mexicatalian food - Food that is a combination of Mexican and Italian.

e.g., Spaghetti tacos are a kind of Mexicatalian food.

submitted by JJ

mexitoxin - Exotic drinking water from south of the border, cause of the famous "Montezuma's revenge" experienced by visiting tourists.

e.g., The water down there is mexitoxic, so drink tequila or pulque instead.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)