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intreme - Unusually calm or reserved; does not stand out like it used to; not as obnoxious as normal.

e.g., Since Jim Carrey is usually wacky in his movies, I was so surprised to see his intreme disposition in his movie Liar, Liar.

submitted by MD_Caruso

intriguering - Kinda like beleaguering, only intriguering.

e.g., Hmm, that's a very intriguering word, ZZ.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

intrusittude - Strangers intruding and commenting on scandalous behavior, particularly among youths. Intrusive attitude.

e.g., She showed massive intrusittude in asking us to get off the computers, because we didn't "belong" there.

submitted by Adira

intuitious - Being intuitional and ingenious at the same time. Intuititious.

e.g., That was very intuitious of you.

submitted by Lisa Nujin

inuition - A semi-precognitive sense possessed by dwellers of northern frozen climes.

e.g., Herdlo's inuition told him there was a school of large fish just beneath the ice ledge on which he sat carving an ice fairy.

submitted by Andy Triggs - (www)

invenereal - Immaterial; beside the point; irrelevant. May be used either with deliberate irony or in complete and utter ignorance. Invenerial.

e.g., It doesn't matter. This whole discussion is invenereal.

submitted by Lunch

invenerial - Unimportant, trivial, illogical, irrelevant.

e.g., Most of the information given at the seminar was invenerial, which explains my lack of notes.

submitted by bob schwartz

inverse / parallel stones time theory - Complex philosophical hypothesis which holds that the possibility of accurately predicting the state of the world at any point in the future declines in inverse proportion to the length of time in the future from now, with the sole exception that the possibility of the Rolling Stones still being on tour increases in direct proportion to the time in the future.

e.g., According to Inverse/Parallel Stones Time Theory, if the world survives until 2009 it can never end because after then, nothing can be accurately predicted EXCEPT that the Stones will be on a world tour, and for that the existence of the world is necessary.

submitted by Ungentlemanly Conduct

inversion mark - (n.; punctuation symbol) Shaped like a slightly elongated Greek alpha (α), the inversion mark allows a writer to quote passages out of order. So, for example, if a passage contains points A, B, & C, and the rhetoric of the situation suggests that point C be mentioned first, the writer can quote point C, followed by an inversion mark, and then points A and B.

e.g., From Alexander Pope's Essay on Man (the second section comes before the first in the original, but seems ever so much more powerful after it): "Vice is a monster of so frightful mien, As, to be hated, needs but to be seen; Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face, We first endure, then pity, then embrace. But where th'extreme of vice, was ne'er agreed: Ask where's the North? at York, 'tis on the Tweed; In Scotland, at the Orcades; and there, At Greenland, Zembla, or the Lord knows where: No creature owns it in the first degree, But thinks his neighbour further gone than he! E'en those who dwell beneath its very zone, Or never feel the rage, or never own; What happier natures shrink at with affright, The hard inhabitant contends is right. α Fools! who from hence into the notion fall, That vice or virtue there is none at all. If white and black blend, soften, and unite A thousand ways, is there no black or white? Ask your own heart, and nothing is so plain; 'Tis to mistake them, costs the time and pain."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

inversodoxy - Automatically adopting whatever happens to be the opposite viewpoint to current orthodoxy.

e.g., Watching TV always used to give me a powerful surge of inversodoxy.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

invertolitude - The sudden feeling of being upside-down and alone.

e.g., After watching too many bat movies, Sarah woke up with invertolitude.

submitted by Ty Evans

investigation - The investment of funds for the purpose of transporting water to a drought-stricken region.

e.g., When I was asked to donate to bring badly-needed water to midwest farmers, I asked, "You want an investigation? You think I give a DAM?"

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

investigetting - When you go to check out the community food in your office, intending to come back with a plateful.

e.g., I caught Sheila investigetting in the kitchen again. There was still half a birthday cake when she got there... but not when she left.

submitted by Judy Pearce - (www)

invide - (v.) to become or cause to become invisible (on analogy with "divisible": divide > divisible :: invide > invisible).

e.g., In the Fantastic Four, Jessica Alba invides a lot. | Sometimes, in Invisible Man movies, they have the guy uninvide slowly: blood vessels first, then nerves, then organs, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

invidiate - People who do not watch TV enough to know what's going on with programs TV watchers like to talk about. Similar to "illiterate" for people who don't read. Note: this is not an insult, probably a compliment.

e.g., I don't know about that program. I'm too busy to watch TV, so I'm invidiate.

submitted by Elaine

invisibilize - To make a field invisible in a computer software application.

e.g., Tammy didn't want her customers to know her age, so she had the programmer invisibilize the date-of-birth field.

submitted by Matt Vines

invisible minority of one - It's almost like not existing. Or being a ghost that no one sees. Who wants to be noticed, or famous, anyway? But, you are aware of others.

e.g., An invisible minority of one has some advantages. Perhaps more freedom, uninvolved with the seething masses, pushing and shoving this way and that. You may be the ultimate minority, and that's some kind of accomplishment right there. Maybe you're more aware of some things, things that others don't seem to notice. Hey, look here too, don't you see things as they really are? Fat chance.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

invisible, to - 1. Transitive verb: to make invisible. HTML code to do this, using the controlling brackets in reverse order: >!--make me invisible--<. Invizible, to uninvisible = to make visible, uninvizible = uninvisible. 2. Invizible = not visible, perhaps non-existent.

e.g., Sometimes you can find out interesting stuff about a web page's creator by uninvisibling that which has been invisibled. Invisibling could also be used as a juvenile way to pass along secret messages. Ooooooh. Text can also be invisibled by making the text color the same as the background color. Drag your cursor over the rest of this field to see what has been entered.

Do you feel like you're ready to be a spy now?

submitted by HD Fowler

invisisquare - An imaginary box going around your body about six inches away from yourself. To make an invisisquare you take both index fingers and, starting in front of you, trace a box around to your back, and then back to your front again.

e.g., You're crowding me. Please stay out of my invisisquare.

submitted by Noelle

invisitize - A programmer's term for hiding an object from an end user's view.

e.g., It would be cool to invisitize the submit button if the form is not filled out correctly.

submitted by Jim

invisiword - Any word or part of a word hidden beneath another word or so far to one side as to be off-screen.

e.g., Fix your margins if you want to avoid invisiwords.

submitted by Rene Chenier

invulgarating - An action which or a person who makes you want to actually become vulgar or to use vulgar language.

e.g., I found Judy's attitude and behavior at the cast party to be quite invulgarating.

submitted by Mark Thistle - (www)

inworlders - People who live on planet earth.

e.g., The alien isn't an inworlder ... because she lives on Mars.

submitted by jeffery's english class

io - Someone who always owes her friends money. Applies to either gender. Basically, this is a word play on "He owes."

e.g., Mary is an Io. Yesterday she borrowed $10 from me, and today she wants another five.

submitted by Paul

iokiyar - It's OK If You're A Republican.

e.g., PWL: "I always think itís interesting the Republicans think the rules they impose on other people never apply to themselves . . . one more example of IOKIYAR, I guess."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ionparadox - A juxtaposition of ideas, images or experiences that propel you beyond your current level of understanding. Or simply to go beyond established opinions.

e.g., That movie was an ionparadox--the world seems like a different place after seeing it.

submitted by Richard Powell - (www)

iowegians - A combination of Norwegian and Iowa. Most folks in northern Iowa have ancestors from Nordic countries.

e.g., Iowegians are considred to be some of the most Internet literate in the nation.

submitted by rachel

ip - (n.) the converse or reciprocal of pi; that is, the diameter of a circle divided by its circumference. This number is a constant: 0.31831015. (Pronounced to rhyme with "hype," "rip," "deep," or even as _yop_, the sounds pronounced backwards.) The mathematical symbol is the greek letter pi, turned upside-down.

e.g., The area of a (round) pizza is equal to either (a) pi times the radius squared or (b) the radius squared divided by ip. Try it.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

iplod - Take a solitary walk while listening to your iPod. | Listen to your iPod while doing tedious work.

e.g., He went for an iPlod and should be back in an hour.

submitted by Craig Mussay

ipodded - To upload a song to your iPod.

e.g., I ipodded that song to my player last night.

submitted by nikcass

ippidy - Cool, awesome.

e.g., Well, isn't that ippidy!

submitted by Debbi

ipskitch - A small child, usually caught in an act of mischief. Either that, or our Bohemian grandma was calling us something else entirely.

e.g., You little ipskitch, get outta dem cookies.

submitted by patric kelly

ipswitch - Multipurpose word.

e.g., Oh, ipswitch. Where the ipswitch did I put my hat?

submitted by RAO

iq - (Pronounced: Itch) An itch anywhere on the tongue. Plural: Iqes

e.g., I always find it strange when I scratch the iq on my tongue.

submitted by Jeff

ira! ira! - Say it when you're annoying or frustrated. One of the many Japanese onomatopoeia.

e.g., Windows locks up your computer: "Ira! Ira!"

submitted by Mike Jump

iral - (n.) (EYE-ral) A page of a printed memorandum or document showing dates for important events in a corporation or general community. (Etymology: None. This word came to me during a dream last night, and I have no idea where it was from or why I remembered it.)

e.g., Clarence tore up his company's newsletter after reading in the iral that on the day of the Halloween office party he would have to go to the dentist.

submitted by Mirakle B.

irantecedents - What you find in Persian history, or your grandpa's angry speeches.

e.g., What you need to do is go to your irantecedents.

submitted by nbm - (www)

iraqnophobia - Fear that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, close ties to Al Qaeda, or plans to rule the world.

e.g., After losing the Iran-Iraq War and the Gulf War--and with UN sanctions--why all the Iraqnophobia?

submitted by Danny Middleton

irascissimusia - Comes from the Latin for angry. A phobia for even the remotest signs of anger. Symptoms are hallucinations, fainting, and regular sneezing -- the time gap between sneezes will be precisely 2 minutes 43.27 seconds.

e.g., The only reason our teacher doesn't get angry with our class is because the boy in the back corner suffers from irascissimusia.

submitted by Tom

irection - Abbreviated version of "I reckon." Said in mid-conversation to agree with a previous staement or question. Be careful, however, innocent by-standers may think that you said "erection."

e.g., Enrico and Bruce are out walking. Enrico sees a beautiful and busty woman walking in the distance. Enrico: Wow, see that babe, she's beautiful. Bruce: Irection. Bruce has just agreed with Enrico's comment.

submitted by Sammmy

irgomat - Arrogant, self centered.

e.g., Chris is always an irgomat.

submitted by Lukas Friga

iridium - An expression, usually spoken by women after they've parted with a male partner.

e.g., "Suzie, are you still with that bum?" "No. Iridium."

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

irie ites - Jamaican or Rastafarian equivalent of "It's all good." Good feelings all around. Sometimes can be shortened just to "ites."

e.g., Plinthe: So how was Ziggy Marley? Decca: Oh, ites, mon. Irie ites for sure.

submitted by Paul

irish bull - "A statement containing an incongruity or a logical absurdity, usually unbeknown to the speaker."

e.g., "She's dangerous when she's mad. Last night she came after me fully armed -- with a pistol in each hand and a carving knife in the other." "Hmmm, that sounds like a bit of Irish bull to me."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

irk. - Instead of using the text language ikr, for "I know right?," why not use IRK? It's simple, easy to remember, and a great way to get someone's attention. Soon, all your friends will want to know what the heck "IRK." means, and you'll feel like a more mysterious person. Go ahead and try it! IRK. away!

e.g., friend: wow i gtg but we totes have to hang sumtime! you: IRK. bye!!

submitted by Mira

iron knee - A situation created when an expected outcome unexpectedly turns out to be completely opposite. Based on American Indian folklore. The word is pronounced as if there were no space between iron and knee: eyer-un-ee.

e.g., All the birds were going to have an endurance flying contest. Wonderful prizes would be awarded. Crow knew that he would earn a prize because of his strength and perseverance. However, he was not happy with winning his prize, he wanted to have a bigger and better one.

Every day for a month, he went to the salt marshes and stood for hours in them until his feet became stiff and heavy as stone. He then flew to Eagle's nest.

"Hello, Eagle," Crow said. "Will you fly in the contest?" "Of course," said Eagle, "I will win a great prize." "Look," said Crow, "There is a succulent young rabbit hopping down there in the arroyo." As Eagle turned to look, Crow swiftly raised his foot and kicked at the center of Eagle's leg.

However, Crow did not know that Eagle had lost that leg in a hunting accident and that Raccoon had fashioned him a leg cast of iron. The result was that Crow not only did not get Eagle's prize, he broke his foot, was not able to enter the contest, and won no prize at all. Thus the condition called "iron knee" entered the World.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

iron law of bureaucracy - Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy:

Iron Law of Bureaucracy

In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in control and those dedicated to the goals the bureaucracy is supposed to accomplish have less and less influence, and sometimes are eliminated entirely.

Or, restated:

. . . in any bureaucratic organization there will be two kinds of people: those who work to further the actual goals of the organization, and those who work for the organization itself. Examples in education would be teachers who work and sacrifice to teach children, vs. union representatives who work to protect any teacher, including the most incompetent. The Iron Law states that in all cases, the second type of person will always gain control of the organization and will always write the rules under which the organization functions.

e.g., Reform is impossible once the Iron Law of Bureaucracy is in effect.

submitted by [Jerry Pournelle]

iron-box - Slang for a virgin.

e.g., We can't call Sally iron-box anymore.

submitted by Brandon - (www)

ironeous - Filled with irony. Similar to ferroneous: filled with iron. (ED. Found on the internet as a misspelling of erroneous. The Rice University Neologisms Database: "Not being an acceptable use of the word irony or ironic. Formed by blending.")

e.g., Having the Star Spangled Banner led by Lola and the Kinks would be ironeous.

submitted by Fenix - (www)

ironoclast - Someone who is well known for being ironic. A prince of irony, if you will. (ED. From Langmaker: "ironoclast (i-ron-o-clast) n. [Blend of irony + iconoclast.] One who uses wit to attack traditional or popular ideas or institutions.")

e.g., I think Steven Colbert might be a bigger ironoclast than Jon Stewart, don't you?

submitted by Hal Colombo - (www)

ironosphere - The great field of sarcastic irony thath surrounds the earth beyond the ionosphere. Thought to be responsible for most of the world's irony.

e.g., Some think we should brutally subdue the natives to secure the peace, but I think it's just a storm in the ironosphere.

submitted by Hal Colombo - (www)

ironsherpa - In triathlon training and racing, the friends and family members who support the racers are commonly referred to as "sherpas." An IronSherpa is specifically a person who assists an athlete completing the full IronMan distance triathlon.

e.g., Mary has been on Jill's support team for many triathlons, but recently became an IronSherpa when she assisted Jill at the full Ironman Wisconsin race.

submitted by Diane Shelton

irony - When something is made of iron or has iron characteristics.

e.g., This place sure has a lot of irony.

submitted by Pat Ward

irony slap - When irony is presented most vividly in front of one's face -- when what expected does not occur.

e.g., I expected to get an A in chemistry, but then I got an F on my report card. That was an irony slap. | Chris, did you get accepted into that college you boasted about getting accepted for sure? No, I got irony slapped instead. All colleges I applied for rejected me.

submitted by Daniel Lee

irrationale - A worthless or misguided justification for a project or task, often handed down by Pointy-Haired-Bosses.

e.g., The project was so flawed I couldn't believe anyone could have thought it would work, until I found out the irrationale had come from the Marketing Department. Just what you should expect from Marketing, eh?

submitted by Adam Deslauriers

irreciperrous - /eer-reh-sip-ur-us/ Making no difference.

e.g., It is irreciperrous to me which restaurant we visit tonight.

submitted by Nebuul

irrefixable - Damaged or broken beyond repair.

e.g., I think that motor is irrefixable.

submitted by tony

irregardless - People use this to stress the meaning of regardless. | Used to dismiss a valid point or issue. To continue in spite of the facts. †

Nota bene: Don't use finding this entry in the PseudoDictionary as an excuse for using irregardless. Irregardless is not a word; the PseudoDictionary is not a dictionary.

e.g., You will follow the policy, irregardless of your feelings. | Abe: Your decisions have resulted in a loss in excess of $2.2 billion. Zeb: Irregardless. We still need to address our employees excessive smoke breaks.

submitted by James Turk | J Mealey - (www)

irrelephant - In an argument or a debate, an attempt by one party to obscure, or ignore, a very, very large issue.

e.g., "Now, honey. Didn't I get you that diamond necklace you always wanted, AND that beautiful bouquet of red roses AND a box of your favorite chocolates? Isn't that most important? The fact that I came home at 4:00 a.m. with lipstick on my collar and my clothes in a mess the day before the gifts is completely irrelephant!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko

irrelevate - To make something or someone irrelevant or moot.

e.g., The existence of a backdoor in the program irrelevated the logon security.

submitted by Bryan

irrespellsible - Of one who types a word without regard for correct spelling, even when a spell checker is available.

e.g., Spool chuckers are used against irrespellsible persons, no?

submitted by Gary Sumners

irresponsibility - Responsibility.

e.g., I refuse to accept irresponsibility for my actions.

submitted by Jeremy Richards

irrestible - Irresistible. Just a typo.

e.g., MP3 files are copied illegally because the music is irrestible.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

irri-tator - One who annoys a potato.

e.g., Relentlessly mocking his neighbor in the supermarket's vegetable aisle, the carrot was an irri-tator.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

irrigance - Supreme arrogance combined with ignorance.

e.g., Most politicians' speeches and attitudes are irrigant.

submitted by Ian Purcell

irritaining - Extremely irritating yet still entertaining.

e.g., SpongeBob SquarePants is irritaining. The SpongeBob SquarePants TV series is irritainment at its best ... or is that worst?

submitted by John Lemon

irritainment - An especially lame movie, television show, or performance, especially if you spent a lot of time and money to get to it -- anything by Meatloaf or Pauly Shore, the slightest glimpse of Paris Hilton, one syllable of The View.

e.g., Nothing at the movies this summer but irritainment. I'll be damned if they'll get a nickel out of me until September.

submitted by Michael Nemiroff - (www)

irritati - An obnoxious or irritating group of people. | Irritating people.

e.g., I'd go downtown tonight, but I'm sure I'd be stuck standing around amongst the irritati if I did.

submitted by Nick Bielli

irriterate - To expound, as in "irriterate on a subject."

e.g., Mia irriterated on the qualities of her grandmother's mashed potatoes.

submitted by Mary Ellem McCann

irrits - A case of irritation.

e.g., Stop it, you're giving me the irrits.

submitted by Sara

irvine-vision - Similar to a Monet, Irvine-vision is used for a person who looks good from a distance, but whose good looks diminish the closer you get to her. From the city of Irvine, California, where this phenomenon was first experienced.

e.g., I thought she was good looking, but it was just Irvine-vision.

submitted by Mike Sperry

is - Adjective for describing how one feels. The meaning changes depending on emphasis.

e.g., Wil: How are you feeling today? Bil: It depends on what the meaning of "is" is.

submitted by HD Fowler

is it in yet? - Kiwi: Has the mail arrived?

e.g., Is it in yet?

submitted by HD Fowler

is such a - Ambiguous, inappropriate, inept, lame, overused, and weak phrase.

All right to use in sentences such as "Anyone who objects to the use of the phrase 'is such a' is such a jerk." | "Anyone who objects to the use of the phrase 'is such a' must be an English teacher -- either that or she's some kind of editor. Anyhow, only a really anal-retentive type person should have any objections." Otherwise, should be replaced by something more interesting or by something more enlightening, entertaining, or exciting. Possibly by something clever or coy or cute. For that matter, a pedantic, phlegmatic, or prosaic example would usually be an improvement over one's using "is such a."

e.g., That one old lady editor is, like, such a total curmudgeon -- or whatever you call a lady curmudgeon.

A biatch? Beech? Bich? Chib? Bioch? She must be really old -- maybe even 30! OMIGAWD!!! Could she be even older than that????? THAT'S IT!!!!!!! That's why she wants us to use the shift key and use standard capitalization, punctuation, spaces, and spelling. iTma KeSIteZIeEr fORHeRto REeD wHAtWEROte. She even expects us to use an occasional adjective or adverb in our examples. Thinks it'll make her job easier, faster, and more fun. I'll bet she thinks the visitors who browse through the words will enjoy them more if we give a little more thought to our examples, not just to the words we submit. She is such a jerk. Like, totally. EEEEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!

submitted by HD Fowler

is when - Occurs when. "Is when" often appears in submittals, either in the description or example. Given that I'm a prescriptivist fuddy duddy who thinks we're generally going to hell in a handbasket -- even worse in that regard than HillsDale -- I make an effort to change all such occurrences in submittals to something else. That may seem like a strange thing to do for a site that exists primarily as a way to publicize folks' made-up words and phrases, but our interest in change is largely limited to new words, not new "rules" of grammar -- or throwing away useful old "rules."


e.g., "Clicktivism is when political or social activists use online communication, largely social media such as Twitter, Facebook etc, to galvanize protests."

submitted by Lillith - (www)

ischnot - Is not. Use while you are in debate or argument. The opposite of isstew.

e.g., 1. Katy's behavior ischnot acceptable to Joe. 2. That ischnot the right answer.

submitted by Cris

ish - Issues.

e.g., That guy has major ish!

submitted by zak

ish, the ish - Something not cool, aAything that isn't with today's trends.

e.g., Failing grades are the ish. "Get that Honda ish away from me."

submitted by Aaron Marquis

ishatalef - (ee-shah'-ta-leff; n.) 1. a solution that is obvious when finally revealed or thought of (but not before); 2. a group of people acting in concert as one person, usually in order to provide alibis for one another; 3. a confederate tasked with providing an alibi. [From the Hebrew isha 'woman' and atalef 'bat'; alluding to the anime 'Mystery of the Batwoman,' in which three different women don the identity of Batwoman in order to give one another alibis so as to accomplish various goals.]

e.g., Various theories attribute the several Shakespeare plays to Francis Bacon; Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford; William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby; Christopher Marlowe; and even Miguel de Cervantes. Derek Jacobi, the famed English actor, believes in what is called the "group theory"---an ishatalef approach that allows for a group working together to write these famous plays.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ishe tray - An ice cube tray employed as an ash tray

e.g., Please don't spit in the ishe tray. That's disgusting. It is strictly for cigarette ashes.

submitted by Matt

ishi - A nauseatingly ugly garment, usually in some combination of light tan, gold, red, or brown.

e.g., I would not leave the house in something that ishi.

submitted by t&l

ishkababble - Nonsensical talk, gibberish.

e.g., Stop speaking ishkababble; otherwise, I'll have to forcibly quiet you!.

submitted by Ankur

ishkabibal - freakish term of endearment

e.g., "hey ishkabibal whats for dinner?"

submitted by Matt - (www)

ishmas - Pronounced as "its-mas." Basically, its a comedic idea full of irony, a funnier principle.

e.g., I don't care that you let peeps in on the secret, just remember it's the ishmas that matters.

submitted by Adam L. Glover - (www)

ishtar - Random stuff.

e.g., I got all kinds of ishtar in my room.

submitted by ditnis

ishu bashu - Shorter way of saying "I love you."

e.g., "Ishu bashu," she told me as I left.

submitted by ceana

ishy - Gross and icky.

e.g., Serving big parties at the restaurant is pretty cool when they tip well, but they usually leave the tables so ishy that it's hard to clean up after them.

submitted by Paul

iskadil - (rhymes with hiss-the-'bill; n.) The "men in black" to whom is ascribed the maintenance of the secrecy about the alien presence on Earth. [From the mescalero [?] apache iskle+dilhkih "black leggings"---note: Roswell, New Mexico (center of the main UFO tales of the 20th century), lies in what was Mescalero Apache territory.]

e.g., The iskadil have been around a lot longer than operation bluebook. The legend of these "black legs" predates Columbus by centuries. so how long have the aliens been coming here?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

islamogration - Moslem immigration. Islamigration.

e.g., Will Sharia be the law after ten more years of Islamogration?

submitted by JMcD - (www)

islamophobiaphobia - Greg Gutfeld claims to have invented the word, as Islamophobia-phobia: "fear of being labeled Islamophobic." I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and not look for a use earlier than August 29, 2010.

e.g., The further to the right you are in the American political spectrum, the less likely you are to be an islamophobiaphobic and the more likely you are to be islamophobic.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

islandic - This is a shorter version for Pacif(ic) (Island)er that my Filipino friend and I came up with.

e.g., Look at that group of "b" boys. Most of them look islandic. Am I racial profiling when I say that?

submitted by bobby mcmillian

ismist - (Pronounced to rhyme with LIZ-m-fist; n.) Any one of us who believes, at any given moment, in the reality of one or a group of the various lines and labels (national, racial, religious, philosophical, vel cet.) that we use to separate people into different groups (us vs. them) as justification, rationalization, or excuse for our dismissal, distrust, dislike, and destruction of one another. (I'm using '-ist,' although you could just as well use '-er,' '-ite,' '-ist,' '-an,' -al,' '-ic,' '-ian', or a host of others.)

e.g., Ironically, calling someone an ismist can sometimes itself be ismism (pronounced to rhyme with LIZ-miz-m. Ismism is actually an imbalance rather than a prejudice. It is not so much condemnation of others' beliefs as it is misusing them to justify some kind of an attack (philosophical, physical) ... although the attacks, for some reason, usually end up killing people, not beliefs. The reality of ismism, however, does not call for, not can it justify, the rejection of all beliefs or of any particular belief (since such a rejection would be just as groundless as uncritical acceptance); so labeling someone an ismist (especially falsely), will often simply (a) curtail rational debate (like people need a reason to abandon rationality), as well as, far worse, (b) preclude human kindness (the very rarest of commodities) in a situation that really needs it. [So, if you think this term helpful in defining the hierarchy of belief-and-practice with which humans deal every minute of every day, great. But please: think about the word and discuss it carefully with others before you ever use it---give it at least a week before you push the red 'ismist' button.]

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

isness - Being or existence.

e.g., Marco: The other day I heard about this rap artist.... Marcello: "Rap Artist"? No, sorry guy, that's a contradiction in terms. No such thing could ever even come into isness.

submitted by Jonathan Charles Wright

iso - Used in the corporate world in reference to quality assurance standards (International Standards Organization), but in my office (process engineering) it's used for "I'm so. . . ."

e.g., The hooch wants me to complete this task by tomorrow, but iso covered up with this quality assurance thing I'll never get it done by then.

submitted by Dugg

isolatericostudy - Isolatericostudiousity. What is often done by students preparing for a test|quiz|finals where all life is blocked out but the cramming of info. Often accompanies persons suffering from Zihlavskitis.

e.g., I don't mind helping you with your test prep, but I really do better with isolatericostudy.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

isoscent - Filled with oneself.

e.g., I first thought Veda was innocent, and then I thought maybe she is ignorant. But then I realized she was neither, but a queer -- isoscent -- steeped with herself.

submitted by Vedapushpa

isoscrat - A contour on a map illustrating a line of constant density of muscrats. ("Muskrats" in the United States.)

e.g., Comparison of isoscrats on the two maps shows clearly the spread of muscrats in Transylvania over the past century since their introduction.

submitted by Tom White

issue - personal problems

e.g., "He's not coming tonight. He's got issues. Or Try another printer, this one's got issues."

submitted by Andy

issuematic - Substitute for problematic; extremely bad or stupid.

e.g., If you use Veg-O-Matic, you got automatic issuematic with what's for dinner.

submitted by Alisha

issuing - Having issues.

e.g., What's up with her? She's been issuing a lot lately.

submitted by Shireen

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