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googlestalk - Finding every existing piece of information about someone that can possibly be found through Google.

e.g., Jane: That cute new guy at work is named John Smith. Beth: Oh no, he's going to be soooo hard to googlestalk.

submitted by Molly - (www)

googlestumble - To happen upon a website reasonably randomly via Google and a non-specified number of subsequent links. The website could contain information of relevance or complete irrelevance -- the fact you're there without quite knowing how leads to the description. The site in question may highly likely not be found again through a logical manner.

e.g., I googlestumbled onto a site that had all the info I need. |Maybe someone will googlestumble onto my blog one day and set me straight. | I can't remember where I found that router bios update -- I googlestumbled onto the site last week.

submitted by monkey - (www)

googlewashing - The intentional or unintentional act of skewing search results in your site's favor. The verb derives from "brainwashing" and suggests that the act is akin to brainwashing the google search algorithms.

e.g., My search results had been googlewashed by some clever fellows.

submitted by Bill Walle - (www)

googlewhacking - Finding a two-word search on google that returns exactly one match -- and competitions resulting from this concept. Score is calculated by multiplying the number of pages returned by each of the words individually.

e.g., Don't post your high-scoring googlewhacks to the web. Once google finds them, there will be at least two results from the search.

submitted by Joan McGalliard - (www)

googley-moogleys - Any small, gross, icky things.

e.g., Get those googley-moogleys out of the corners of your eyes.

submitted by Marie - (www)

googliterate - One who is familiar with the online search.

e.g., Tommy was so googliterate he could be an expert on any subject within two mouse clicks.

submitted by Mischy Tiffty - (www)

googlize - vt. To render findable by Google. (properly Googlize) Occasionally confused Barney Google and goo goo googly eyes.

e.g., The list of Halloween trick-or-treat times for towns in New Hampshire has been googlized.

submitted by Robert DiGrazia

googloid - A person obsessed with Google. (ED. A "googloid" could also be similar to a "factoid." Either a "fact that's not a fact" or a "tiny fact." Check the link to see a usage note on the suffix "oid.")

e.g., Look at Dani over there. Doing another search. She's a googloid. I have to admit, though, that she can be very helpful when it comes to homework.

submitted by Jamie P - (www)

googlong - The result of googling with insufficient restrictions on the search argument. A googlong may contain millions of hits.

e.g., Look, if your search argument is Jim, all you'll end up with is a worthless googlong.

submitted by HD Fowler

googly - when you fell grossed out and discusting

e.g., He makes me googly

submitted by Margie

googoogajoob - Used when in extreme confusion, used to confuse other people.

e.g., Did you know that the Product of the limits is the limit of the product? googoogajoob!?

submitted by FlyinDuke

goojy - Firm in consistency, but turning gooey.

e.g., I nearly choked on that day-old sushi because the rice was no longer goojy.

submitted by Milt

gook - 1. Someone living in the 21st Century who thinks the internet is a waste of time. 2. Someone who is able to use a computer but never or rarely uses one.

e.g., Richard is a gook; he's never online when you need him.

submitted by Simon Gordon - (www)

gookamoonga - An exclamation of surprise, disbelief, or elation.

e.g., Great gookamoonga! I can't believe that Dean Kamen's IT was just a silly scooter.

submitted by M. Bean - (www)

gookie - Repulsive in sight, taste, or smell; dirty; unclean.

e.g., Get your gookie hands out of that cookie dough.

submitted by Chad Brooks - (www)

gooky - (adj.) Qualifies usually rather edible matter, but very sticky and appetizingless.

e.g., Woah, that's gooky. Got any tweezers ?

submitted by Jerome

gool - A combination of cool and good, the perfect person would be described as gool.

e.g., Mike is so gool.

submitted by Lucy

goolash - Used to claim the right to sit in the front passenger seat of a car (i.e., "shotgun"). Words such as plopenstein and snarfle may also be used for this purpose.

e.g., While walking with a group toward a friend's car: Goolash.

submitted by Wilton

goombah - Someone who is not intelligent in the ways of daily human activity--social outcast or moron.

e.g., I saw a man today wearing a red sneaker on his right foot and a combat boot on his left foot. He asked me if I had change for a dollar--because he needed to cross the street! What a goombah.

submitted by Jason Back - (www)

goon - Cheap wine that only comes in quantities of 3 Litres or more usually in a bladder-type dispenser.

e.g., That goon gave me a terrible hangover. Wow this place must be classy, they got goon!

submitted by jay-z

goon sack - I believe that this word originated in Australia, which is to say that the first time I heard it was when I wasthere. A goon sack is the metallic bag inside box wine.

e.g., These Aussies I knew would sit around and pass the goon sack around. Four guys could empty one in ten minutes. Then they'd go and try to surf. It was great.

submitted by zach

goon-hunt - Driving around late on a Friday or Saturday night yelling abuse at strays and groupies.

e.g., We went on a goon-hunt last night and saw many randoms.

submitted by Mark Bell

goonache - The splitting headache that a person gets after drinking too much wine. It can happen while drinking, but most commonly the morning after.

e.g., My head hurts. I have the worst goonache after last night.

submitted by rachael

goonie bag - Another word for a goon sack, or the bladder of a cask of wine (Australian slang).

e.g., So, did you leave your goonie bag in the car?

submitted by Oscar

goonta - 1. arm fat 2. oral sex

e.g., 1. I hate my goontas. 2. I got goonta last night. He never gives me goonta.

submitted by sarah

goontripper - Pinhead.

e.g., Geez, I just mailed all my bills without stamps...what a Goontripper!

submitted by pat taylor

goop - A condiment made of roughly 50% ketchup and 50% Miracle Whip. In a pinch, mayonnaise will work. You may also add Tobasco or Salsa. Goop is for tacos and enchiladas mostly.

e.g., Please pass the goop. My taco is making me hungry.

submitted by Ken Flint

gooponya - Gooponya is a noun that means the worst kind of gummy junk food, especially the kind women crave at certain times of the month -- like chocolate, creme-filled donuts, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

e.g., I'm cranky, bloated and I can't eat pizz and chips -- I crave only gooponya!

submitted by sara saldi

gooray - Sarcastic exclamation of joy...not.

e.g., It's time to clean your room. OR Oh, gooray!

submitted by Mark Haire - (www)

goosebumpples - A cross between goose bumps and the pimples on your skin.

e.g., You can tell that I'm cold by the goosebumpples on my arms.

submitted by Tim McInerney

gooseliver - This used to be a perfectly good word for liverwurst, braunschweiger, liver sausage, etc. This popular lunch meat does taste much like the expensive "pate' de foie gras" -- paste made from geese's livers.

e.g., I like mustard on my gooseliver sandwich.

submitted by Paul EDIC - (www)

gooses - More than one goose, makes sense with modern English.

e.g., The gooses were waddling along the path.

submitted by margorie - (www)

goosley - Descriptive of the feeling in your mouth when you bite on one of those fatty, soft connective tissue blobs in moist cooked meat.

e.g., I dread her pot roast because she uses chuck, slow-cooked at a low temperature, and it's always goosley.

submitted by SassyLee - (www)

goot - 1. Dreamlike | mystical. 2. Fool.

e.g., 1. The clouds look very goot like in this picture. 2. Stop gooting around.

submitted by leah cannon - (www)

gootalious - The word to describe the residue left in the bottom of a milk carton.

e.g., The carton had gootalious dwelling upon the bottom.

submitted by Matt

goowah - Gross, nasty.

e.g., What's that goowah stuff on your shoe?

submitted by Tara

gooz - good

e.g., the salami was real gooz! ;)

submitted by jerk

goozally - Gross and slimy.

e.g., Mom's spaghetti is always goozally.

submitted by Ashes

goozle - Overabundance

e.g., Bill Gates has a goozle of money.

submitted by Tom

goozle - southern slang for adams apple found in throat.

e.g., He got hit in the goozle.

submitted by Dave

goppin', gopping - Ugly, with a face like a crushed turnip. Often caked in beige foundation in a futile attempt to hide it.

e.g., Ugh, Diane. Your brother's plain goppin'.

submitted by dan - (www)

gorange - A really disgusting beverage, like the stuff in the bottom of a beer can. Useful--it rhymes with orange.

e.g., Yuck! Can't you walk around the gorange, not go through the middle.

submitted by Elin

gorch - A really old porch that is falling apart.

e.g., Last week my uncle fell through the old gorch.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

gordian - (GORE-dee-un; adj.) 1. Hopelessly complicated, convoluted, or confusing; 2. ALMOST Hopelessly complicated, convoluted, or confusing; 3. (loosely) Extremely difficult either to understand (if concepts) or to do (if actions).  
(From the Gordian knot of ancient Greek history: An insoluble knot used by a man named Midas [no, a different Midas] to tie his father's ox-cart to a post. His father's name was Gordias (and probably still is). Depending upon which story you've heard, only he who was destined to rule the world (or just Asia Minor) could untie it. Alexander the Great---as intense a combonologist as a strategist---simply cut the thing with his sword. See "Anagordian." .... Current scholarship, btw, suggests that Alexander was actually not attempting to fulfill any prophecies (indeed, the prophecies, says modern research, appear to have been invented and interpolated into the story some time long after the event, but was, instead, trying to discover the knot's structure (much more like the ardent student of Aristotle he was than the sly conqueror the popular stories make him out to be). Some histories suggest that Alexander didn't even cut the knot at all, but chopped away the cart and hitching post, sliding the knot off the wood to expose the ends of the bark-fiber cord with which the knot had been tied, so that he could unravel this marvel of knotted-ness.)

e.g., "So, whose flashbacks were the true ones? The bald terrorist? The chick with the Mohawk? The dead oil-well worker? or Captain Studly Sunglasses?" "Well, none of them is completely true, and none is completely false." "So this was a ten-dollar, two-and-a-half-hour lesson in points of view?!" "Yes. Yes, that's it exactly!" "Well, the lesson was lost on me: That film is more Gordian than the Congressional Record."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gore merchant - This term has two meanings. The first is a death metal band in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, or the Berzerker, and the second is a fan of splatter style horror films.

e.g., Watching the _Texas Chainsaw Massacre_ again, Tony? You're a gore merchant if ever there was one.

submitted by Xnoybis

gorenje - The look that comes across your face when you put your foot into your shoe only to find something unexpected and typically (but not always) scary already in there. Most notable however for it's ability to rhyme with "orange."

e.g., Did you see on Chris' face
The sweet and startling gorenje,
Where within her shoe was found
By her toes a moldy orange?

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

gorenography - Material (print, media, online or otherwise) that presents images of real and graphic death and mutilation.

e.g., Websites like and are examples of gorenography.

submitted by Andrew Babb - (www)

gorg - Anyone who works in a corporate IT department. Usually large creatures with buggy eyes and surly attitudes. From the giant puppet on _Fraggle Rock_.

e.g., If you can't get your sound card to work, call up one of the gorgs to help you.

submitted by Sam Spade

gorgacious - Of something that is both gorgeous and bodacious.

e.g., The weather outside is gorgacious.

submitted by aguynamededdy - (www)

gorgeful - A mix of "beautful" and "gorgeous" (spoken by my 4 yr old daughter while looking at the moon).

e.g., Oh, Mama, isn't the moon gorgeful tonight?

submitted by sandra - (www)

gorgeoisie - A class of people who are gorgeous, often shunning people who are not looking quite as good at the time.

e.g., "How do I look in this new outfit?" "You, my dear, are a member of the elite gorgeoisie."

submitted by John Burton - (www)

gorgeousness and gorgeousity - For something that is visually perfect.

e.g., The sunset was just gorgeousness and gorgeousity, filled with reds and purples.

submitted by SilverMaiden - (www)

gorgertar - A way to decribe how you're feeling--gorgeous.

e.g., "How are you today?" "I'm gorgertar, thanks."

submitted by Laura

gorgonzoloid - Containing a profusion of Gorgonzola.

e.g., My four cheese pizza last night was particularly gorgonzoloid.

submitted by Dave Widdicombe

gorilla-beat - To beat something or someone savagely. (As in the old Samsonite commercial when the luggage is thrown in a cage with a gorilla)

e.g., If you drink one more of my Peppers, I'm gonna gorilla-beat you.

submitted by Ken Dicke

gork - A person, typically male, exhibiting the worst character traits of both a geek and a dork.

e.g., The guy who wrote that program must be a real gork.

submitted by Schmengus McGillicutty

gorked - Unknown mental status or acronym for God Only Really Knows.

e.g., That head trauma patient is way GORKed.

submitted by chris

gorkmeister - A person who is a comination of a geek and a dork (gork) who is the follower, and basic servant of a higher gork.

e.g., Have you noticed what a gorkmeister Phillip has become since he began hanging out with Trey?

submitted by Brnadon Ducharme

gorman - A technique for doing efficient partition exchanges in Oracle databases, named for expert Tim Gorman. The humor is, people who use the word have to explain what it means 100% of the time.

e.g., For a partitioned table just copying the problem partition and doing a gorman is probably the cheapest way to fix the problem.

submitted by joel garry - (www)

gormley's castle - Cumbrian (NW England: Lake District, Beatrix Potter country) dialect word for the more usual "in the clouds," "cloud cuckoo land," etc. The word originates from the 16th century Baron Philippe de Gormley of Wigton in Cumbria who always had grand schemes but they never came off. Indeed, the magnificent castle that he wanted to build is still just a mound of rock and stone in Wigton High Street as just after he started construction he lost all his money gambling with the notorious Sir Melvyne de Bragge of Ambleside.

e.g., Bryn's idea will never catch on -- he's living in Gormley's Castle, that one. | If you think that people are going to pay £20 for a cup of tea you may as well visit Gormley's Castle.

submitted by David Ford

gorny - Horny as a goat.

e.g., You like that guy? Don't you realize he's gorny.

submitted by Scubin - (www)

gorow - Wrong.

e.g., "Is it true that the earth rotates around the moon?" "No, that is gorow."

submitted by lauryn - (www)

gorp - A term for any sort of food that tastes really good but you don't know the name of it.

e.g., Have you tried Mom's gorp. It's delicious.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

gorpulent - The state of being overweight and large of body as a consequence of ingesting large quantities of trail mix.

e.g., If you'd pick more wild berries and select some of those healthy natural foods found out in the wild, you wouldn't huff and puff quite as much on our mountain trail hikes. Eating those extra big bags of Good Old Raisins and Peanuts has made you gorpulent, old pal!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

gorpy - Dorky, stupid.

e.g., Oh, my God. . . . Look at that gorpy haircut on Chris.

submitted by Bob182

gorram - Bastardisation of Goddamn typically used when describing a person or organisation, as seen in .

e.g., Keep your gorram hands offa me.

submitted by Morgan

gorril - A gorril is a hirsute shambling person bearing a resemblance to a great ape.

e.g., Colin watched with fascination and ill-concealed amusement David's gorril-like attempt to don his coat.

submitted by david flett

gorrilla cuts - Out in the middle of nowhere.

e.g., Where do I live? I live in the gorrilla cuts near Kelly Lane.

submitted by Timothy Clay

gorse - Semi-violent basketball game played exactly like HORSE with one exception: when you get a letter you also get punched by the other player.

e.g., He proudly wore a black and blue bruise on his arm from yesterday's GORSE game.

submitted by Drew Richardson

gorsel'd - This is what a worm does inside an apple that is being baked in an oven. While there is some shrinking, the most noticeable thing is writhing, squirming. twisting. If you put a worm in a cup in the oven, that is what you would see as it heats up. Also spelled "gorsulled."

e.g., As the oven heated up, the worm gorsel'd and gorsel'd.

submitted by SassyLee

gorsplagular - The definitive term for awesomeness.

e.g., Your wheels are gorsplagular. Truck's not bad either.

submitted by Matty D

goshdangpotatowedge - It's an expression to use when you are annoyed about something or can't think of the word to say.

e.g., "We're gonna be late for class." "Ohhh, goshdangpotatowedge!"

submitted by LeeNi

gossipel - Catty talk about others behind their backs, spoken with an air of moral authority. Combination of "gossip" and "gospel."

e.g., Some took Hedda Hopper's Hollywood society columns as gossipel.

submitted by lookout

gossipsist - A gossip columnist. From Time, April 7, 1930.

e.g., "One of his best friends is Walter ('Vulture') Winchell, gossipist of the New York Mirror, who writes his blurbs only with a heavy-leaded Variety pencil."

submitted by HD Fowler

gossipsize - To downsize by spreading gossip about an individual. "Spreading slanderous gossip about an employee until she's compelled to quit."

e.g., I've noticed that crowd around the water cooler several mornings in a row now. Who do you suppose they're gossipsizing about?

submitted by Scott Adams]

gosu - Adj, to be very good at something, to be elite.

e.g., The gosu Starcraft player was able to build a hundred hydralisks in less than seven minutes.

submitted by Jeff

got - Past tense and past participle of get. If you're from the South, you can't talk long without saying got.

e.g., Got milk? | Can't help myself, I got it bad for the girl. | Got any spare change? | I got sunburned so bad cutting the grass I couldn't stand to wear a shirt for almost a week. | Pedey ate his way through his cage's chicken wire and got loose. I'm sure it was because he wanted to get some from a girl squirrel.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

got dandruff! some of it itches. - Non-vulgar expletive that kinda resembles a vulgar expletive.

e.g., When you stub your toe and you are letting it out, but notice two 4-year olds staring at you, you then yell, "Got dandruff! Some of it itches!"

submitted by That Hated Guy

got ilk? - Interrogative statement, basically meaning, "Do you have what it takes to belong?"

e.g., Katrine: I'd really like to try out for the rowing team this year. Milli: Got ilk?

submitted by Paul

gotamollie - God almighty. Oh, wow.

e.g., Gotamollie. There's ten dollars on the ground.

submitted by Sue Fagan

gotch - Children's slang for boys' underwear. Used regionally in Manitoba, Canada.

e.g., Gordon's got new plaid gotch.

submitted by Gordon Reid - (www)

gotcha - Getting someone to look at your crotch or breast area by pointing at them.

e.g., Any one who went to Milton Hershey knows what GOTCHA is.

submitted by Mary MHS

gotcha moment - The moment when you are without any doubt completely bested by your opponent. Made famous recently during the Microsoft antitrust trial.

e.g., The gotcha moment came when Dubois silently laid the e-mail evidence before a silent Bill Gates.

submitted by L. H. Markwell - (www)

gotchyoffer - An offer, usually too good to be true, made on the internet -- non-existent in reality.

e.g., The free cellular phone turned out to be a gotchyoffer.

submitted by Paul Dobbins

goth - Derived from Gothic. Refers to an object that has a psycho, scary appearance. If in referance to a person, the person will be dressed in black, and listen to grunge music--and may worship Satan.s.

e.g., Ralph is out walking his pet alfafa bean. He sees a guy walking around wearing black robes, with long black hair. Ralph: What a goth! Alfalfa bean: Yeah, I reckon.

submitted by Sammmy

goth points - The ratings by which a Goth is measured for her gothiness.

e.g., Janet lost 10 Goth Points for smiling at the door guy at the club.

submitted by eanya

gothism - A belief, made especially popular in the late 20th century, that openness when dealing with depression contributes something valuable to the public.

e.g., Trent Reznor was a forefather of gothism because his music was famous for dealing with issues relating to depression.

submitted by Benjamin Nelson - (www)

gothobee - A unique and precise state that has no equal and leaves no room for error.

e.g., Look, I told you can't do it like that. Its a gothobee.

submitted by Sid

gotholic - A Goth who is also a Catholic. Rare, but they do happen (especially if their particular congregation is fairly liberal).

e.g., Mandy: Missy isn't coming to the club tonight... she's going to mass instead. Sandy: Really? Mandy: Yeah, she's a Gotholic.

submitted by Arin

gothwalk - A form of dance popular among goths, also known as the two-step. It consists of stepping two steps forward, and two back, repeatedly and slightly off the beat. Swaying and hand movements optional.

e.g., The gothwalk is the simplest of the standard Gothic dances.

submitted by Drew Shiel

gotsta - Something you simply have to do -- whether you want to or not.

e.g., I gotsta go to skool now so I can lern how to spel betr. See ya.

submitted by John N.

gotta - Got to. When you hear a speaker on television say "gotta," if you have a captions feature turned on, you're very likely to read "got to." The spoken word: gotta; the written word: got to. | Sometimes: have a.

e.g., You hear the speaker say, "If you're going to give yourself the best chance of being successful, you've gotta have confidence in yourself." You read the speaker as saying, "If you're (or 'you are') going to give yourself the best chance of being successful, you've (or 'you have') got to have confidence in yourself." (ED. Of course, if you start with the written word, you might choose to write this instead: "To give yourself the best chance of being successful, you must have confidence in yourself.") | "I gotta big ol' zit, so I'm not leaving the house tonight." "You may need to hole up for a week, Chris."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gottwatha - Two-year-old's word for grandmother.

e.g., Gottwatha gave it to me.

submitted by John Booth, Jr.

gouch - Pronounced like "couch." Any generic red, sometimes painful rash on the skin. Commonly used by idiots who don't know what gout is, nor know how to pronounce it if they did.

e.g., I woke up this morning with a case of gouch on my arm. I can move it, but it stings to touch it.

submitted by Bill

goulie - A rock greater than one foot in diameter.

e.g., Don't trip over that goulie.

submitted by Eric Thiesburger - (www)

govil - An action that is called both good and evil. E.g., one group calls an action good (for them) and another group calls the same action evil (for them). Many of the happenings around the world in everyday life can be described as govil. ORIGIN OF WORD…….The word govil is formed from parts of the words God and Devil, and also from parts of the words Good and Evil.

e.g., His firing was a govil act. (Good for the boss, evil for him and his family.)

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

govvo - Youth allowance payments for students.

e.g., Adam. I've got no money at all. Ryan. Nah, I'm cashed up. Thank you govvo.

submitted by grilla

gow - To eat with too much gusto. To stuff one's face. Thought to be related to gag and chow.

e.g., We were starving. We gowed down that chicken 'til we choked.

submitted by Jim Dacayanan

gowitelle - A made-up word.

e.g., I just added a lot of cool gowitelles to a website called pseudodictionary.

submitted by paws

goyfriend - Christian boyfriend. "Goy" is a derogatory word for Christians used by Jews.

e.g., Christine accidentally hit on her sister's goyfriend.

submitted by HD Fowler

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