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gaposis - The condition of having gaps between one's front teeth.

e.g., Her smile was not the best because she suffered from gaposis.

submitted by Dr. Stephen S. Perry, D.D.S.

gapped - Something ordinary turning trendy, from The Gap.

e.g., Striped clothing and accessories have always been very ordinary, but this winter they have been Gapped.

submitted by Crystal

gapperbrushing - After George Saunders. Working at or being employed in a task or occupation that is unfulfilling, repetitive, pointless, and tedious. A gapperbrusher is a person engaged in such activity.

e.g., My first job after college amounted to little more than gapperbrushing in a cube farm.

submitted by RJ Shep

gappit - To remove oneself promptly from a place, to travel quickly to a destination, to leave one's husband.

e.g., Oooh...gonna be late, got to "gappit".

submitted by Aphinity

garage time - Used to decribe the time guys spend single after a breakup.

e.g., I'm not really looking to get into a relationship now. I need some garage time.

submitted by parkus

garbage juice - 1. The liquid leaking from a torn garbage bag. Most commonly found on sidewalks in large cities. 2. A beverage which tastes awful.

e.g., 1. Gross, I just stepped in puddle of garbage juice. 2. This martini's awful. It tastes like garbage juice.

submitted by jazzbo

garbage juice - Snapple-brand fruit punch.

e.g., Get me whatever drink they've got in the store except for the garbage juice.

submitted by ditnis

garbageable - (Also "garbagible" and "garbidgible"; all pronounced either GAR-bidge-ih-bull or gar-BIDGE-ih-bull; adj.) 1. Disposable; 2. of or pertaining to something of such poor quality that it ought to be thrown out as garbage; 3. something no longer necessary, to be filed in the trash can. [From "garbage"+"ible"; coined by my son Digory as he worked at the pharmacy just the other day (2016 09 15).]

e.g., "So remember: alcohol wipe, saline flush, the antibiotic bulb, then, when it's empty, another saline flush, and then the heparin." "That's an awful lot of empty syringes, and empty antibiotic bulbs. What do I do with those?" "Oh, they're garbageable: just chuck them."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

garbarator - Canadian term for garbage disposal.

e.g., Kitchen features include microwave, dishwasher, and in-sink garbarator.

submitted by Pete

garbavore - A creature that will consume anything, provided that it is frozen and unhealthy.

e.g., Many bachleorbeasts become garbovores if no one keeps an eye on them.

submitted by Dr. Science

garborator - The large "Seuss-like" riding vacuum cleaners found feasting on the sidewalks of downtown Chicago.

e.g., The operator sat atop the garborator guiding it away from pedestrians and toward select pieces of garbage.

submitted by karen

gardress - To "garden dress" with hugs the lawn or garden of a good friend. A show of affection by putting up decorations that are clearly designed to bring a smile to the recipient and others.

e.g., Wendy gardressed her friend Shelly's house with 79 plastic pink flamingos when Shelly was out of town. It brought a chuckle to all who drove by and saw them. Upon returning home, Shelly laughed for days.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

gardyloo - "Gardlyloo. (gär' dè lòò'). interj. (a cry formerly used in Scotland to warn pedestrians when slops were about to be thrown from an upstairs window.) [Anglicized form of F gare (de) l'eau beware of the water] Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, © 1989 - Dilithium Press, Ltd. That is maureen miranda, spring koch, tere horgan, jim hill, ucb theater design One of my all-time favorite words resurfaced twice in the last two days -- must be a sign.

e.g., As I walked down the alley on the west side of the Ken Theater, I heard, "Gardyloo!" in a voice I knew all too well. The theater had no restroom facilities and the projectionist was desperate. His boss had warned him to quit emptying the Folger's can in her potted plant because he was killing it.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

garf - To disfigure an object; the result of such disfiguration.

e.g., That would be a nice guitar except for that huge garf in the body.

submitted by Mark Maranta

garffing - A person doing everything but what she is supposed to do.

e.g., Marcella, please stop garffing and get ready to leave.

submitted by kathy

garfunkel - To disappear mysteriously without a trace, like Art Garfunkel's career.

e.g., A. Whatever happened to that kid down the street? B. I don't know. He must have garfunkeled.

submitted by christian - (www)

garg - Someone very unpopular and unwanted; a negative, unfriendly person; slang for "Gargamel." (Credited to James Ruggieri.)

e.g., He's always complaining, always trying to impress people... What a garg!

submitted by Scott Adams - (www)

garganchuin - Huge, big, gigantic (anything of the large sort).

e.g., "Look at the elephant!" "'s garganchuin!"

submitted by JegStar (idea from SammieCB)

garglage - n. Combination of gargle and garbage. That fluid which has recently been used for gargling, and has just been, or is being, or very soon will be, expelled from the gargler's mouth.

e.g., Who spewed garglage all over the mirror?

submitted by Pete

gargle - Google's new search engine for do-it-yourself medicine.

e.g., Leroy, our local number one cheapskate, was overjoyed to find that he could eliminate all his doctor bills by using Gargle. However, he says that the service will not reach its full potential until it includes dentistry.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

gargontunous - really really big.

e.g., That is the most gargontunous thing I have ever seen.

submitted by Epsilon

garlacise - To have bad breath from garlic.

e.g., She is garlacising from eating that garlic bread.

submitted by Scott Wolfenbarger - (www)

garlic nano - 1. Disappointingly small portion of Nan Bread (garlic or otherwise) served in an Indian Restaurant. 2. What's left of the Garlic Nan when you get back from the rest room, if you're lucky.

e.g., I ordered Garlic Nan. They brought Garlic Nano. I came back from the restroom. I got Garlic None. Thanks a lot.

submitted by Ungentlemanly Conduct

garn - Australian word for "Hello," used in the country.

e.g., Garn.

submitted by mike

garnish - First appeared in hospitality industry by chefs who needed a word to describe attractive women without getting caught.

e.g., Charlie, check out the garnish by the ovens.

submitted by brian, told by brother david

garr - An expletive describing frustration, disappointment, upsettedness, etc. (Not to be confused with "Yarr" which is pirate slang for "I begin every sentence with this word." "Yarr, I be a pirate. Yarr, hoist the sails, maties!")

e.g., Garr...I lost my keys again.

submitted by Tiffany Schurig

garriage - Civil union of spouses of the same sex.

e.g., I attended the John and Rob's garriage last Saturday.

submitted by Peter Dedes

garry - To civilly unite same sex couples.

e.g., Joan and Susan were garried in Ottawa last weekend.

submitted by Peter Dedes

garry-groundwork - Used to describe a male that is extremely 'nice' to girls and is usually friends with several girls at any given time. The phrase derives from the fact that the person is usually trying to lay the 'groundwork' for future romantic engagements or just a casual one-night stand. This person will often be found preying on other guy's troubled girlfriends or other girls in need of a 'nice' guy to talk to.

submitted by aaron - (www)

gas - Fun. hilarious -- normally relating to something said or done by another person

e.g., "You're gas," wheezed Simon, laughing at Pal's latest joke.

submitted by Catherine

gas - An abstract term for anything sort of cloudy and poofy, but not necessarily fluid. Often applied to ridiculous or tongue-in-cheek concepts in computer games -- e.g., health potions. Gases themselves can also be Gas, but Gas is not always a gas.

e.g., Er, Barry, chuck us another flask of Gas, would'ya? I've got a gash the size of a melon on me leg and it's leakin' like crazy.

submitted by Graeme

gas price - Synonymous with scam. Price in my neighborhood today is $1.759 -- except at Shell/Texaco where it's $2.059. It has to be a scam.

e.g., What's the current gas price in your area?

submitted by daarvinolupp

gaschmackalickinous - A word used to describe the bizarre quality of lunch sandwiches which causes mid-afternoon gassiness. This word can also be used to describe a person suffering from said sandwich-related mid-afternoon gassiness.

e.g., Sandwiches from that deli are rather gaschmackalickinous. Every time I go there on my lunch break, my co-workers suffer for it afterwards.

submitted by Jared J

gaseous clay - A certain Middle Eastern story has us being made "from the clay of the earth." More precisely we are composed of matter, various elements, and compounds and minerals: I'm a material guy. But largely we are gas! We're made up of more than 70% water, and water is two gases: hydrogen and oxygen. So humans are something like 3/4 gas.

e.g., They say that you may be no more than clay, or dust. But you are as a matter of fact very gaseous clay, nicely molded and set in motion by automatic biological functionings etc. A glass of gas for every occasion.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

gash-rash - A skin rash surrounding the vagina, presumably caused by excessive vaginal discharge or poor genital hygiene. No known use other than as an insult. A variation, rash on your gash, might be used to put down a male acting like an effeminate pantywaist.

e.g., I'm unaware of anyone who ever checked it out, but Virginia gave off a rank odor that suggested she had gash-rash. | What's wrong, Chris? Got a rash on your gash?

submitted by HD Fowler

gashean - A Cumbrian (Beatrix Potter, Lake District) dialect word for an overbearing or nasty woman. A harridan. The word arrived in the county in 1828 with the first Irish Navvies that built the railways that criss-cross the county. The navvies were housed in vast camps out in the wilds, but at payday they would descend into the nearest town for some easy living. Due to the ensuing brawls that often broke out, many pub landladies would put a sign outside their pub saying "No Navvies." The navvies would refer to the landlady as being a gasheen but over time this became more anglicised and softened to gashean meaning over-bearing woman.

e.g., James and Katy lost their ball over the fence into Mrs Walker's garden. However, they didn't dare ask for it back as she was an old gashean. | The ward sister said to the young nurse, "You don't want to get on the wrong side of matron as she can be a gashean when angry."

submitted by David

gasometer - A gas gauge

e.g., The gasometer is on E. We better go to the gas station.

submitted by Todd H

gaspicle - A gaspicle (pronounced gas pickle) is any part of any machine that has failed. Coined by John Morley born Newark on Trent Notinghamshire UK 1934

e.g., Example from motoring "It's the gaspicle that has gone wrong" "What you need here is a new gaspicle".

submitted by Pat Morley

gaspric - It shocks and annoys you, makes you gasp and feel all prickly, like now with this gas thing, etc.

e.g., It's rather like a gaspric nightmare that has no end.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

gaspy - Gay-wasp -- think F. Scott Fitzgerald novels.

e.g., How would I describe him? He's very gaspy.

submitted by Kelly

gassed - Gas has been put in the gas tank.

e.g., Well, there goes all my money, but the car's been gassed to the last drop -- i.e., the gastank is full.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

gastev - To place another in serious and grave risk of death through physical contact; to inflict serious injury on another through a pre-meditated collision of bodies.

e.g., I really inflicted some gastev on that guy.

submitted by Ben Sellenger

gastricopiatus indignata - The full gamut of pain, cramps, belching, gas, diarrhea, and burning brought on by consuming an entire quart of Steve and Tammy's homemade "Dial 911" salsa in a single sitting.

e.g., Chris had to stay home tonight. He killed that quart of salsa even after I warned him, and now it's gastricopiatus indignata city.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

gastro-aesthetic - Pertaining to a gastronomic reaction to an aesthetically or morally offensive object.

e.g., That painting was so bad, I actually had a gastro-aesthetic raction. I nearly threw up.

submitted by rivka

gastrocenti - Those in the know about food. For hoi polloi, the term would be foodies.

e.g., 1. Yeh, Chris considers himself one of the gastrocenti. Jerk knows nothing about food other than how to chow down. His idea of a great place to eat is Trough and Brew. 2. "Now, this economy food shopping is all very well, but it will earn you only contempt in some quarters. For, just as one lot of cognoscenti is loading up with cut-price continental antipasti and cured meats that are vague about their country of origin, the hardcore gastrocenti want to know the provenance of their food and feel nothing but loathing for supermarkets."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gastrointrusive - Any of a group of medical procedures in which objects enter the gastronomic system by unnatural routes.

e.g., Gastrointrusive tests offer the greatest benefit to the hospital because the patient tends to be quiet and passive during the test.

submitted by Jim Hertzler - (www)

gastronomical - An excessively large amount of flatulence.

e.g., You certainly seem to be gastronomical today.

submitted by cons

gastroporn - Food, particularly desserts that are so good they are like sin in a dish.

e.g., The cheesecake that bakery makes is pure gastroporn.

submitted by Andrea Bergstrom

gastropub - A pub where legitimate food is also served.

e.g., "Izakaya, those trendy late-night gastropubs, are bursting onto the scene" with dishes like "spicy tuna rolls and garlic leaves stir-fried with bacon." L.A. Times Food section, 11/9/2005

submitted by natalie

gastrotastic - A word used when a copious amount of food tastes good.

e.g., This mountain of food is gastrotastic.

submitted by Angus

gat - A fully automatic carbine. Most often used in reference to an Uzi.

e.g., "Fluffy poodle wit a gat / Popped a cap inside da cat." Ghetto Petz by Zippy Von Zippy.

submitted by Zippy Von Zippy

gat - Gun.

e.g., Don't cross me. I've got my gat locked, loaded, and packed.

submitted by T-Dogg

gateway - A large woman, in reference to the cow motif of Gateway computers.

e.g., She's a gateway.

submitted by Joe Baressi

gathering stones - Getting to work, doing something useful.

e.g., To get something done, try gathering stones, not rolling in the moss.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

gathers - Another word for the police -- because they gather people in.

e.g., "The protest was peaceful." "Yeah, did you see the amount of gathers on the street?"

submitted by Liz

gator boots - An ultimately desirable object for which people will risk all. Compare to "Holy Grail."

e.g., 1. I want gator boots. 2. Perfecting that song was Marek's gator boots.

submitted by BigAssFries

gator day - A day off, not counted towards vacation, as a reward for hard work.

e.g., Hey, the boss declared Friday after Thanksgiving as a Gator Day.

submitted by Biff Condor

gatsbian - 1. Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 book _The Great Gatsby_: 2. In reference to one who fruitlessly pursues lofty goals. 3. Characterized by an inability to accept the changing reality. 4. Characterized by a myopic view of the past.

e.g., 1. Today's English class featured a Gatsbian lecture. 2. A Gatsbian digger thinks that she can breach the center of the Earth with her shovel. 3. My Russian grandmother is a Gatsbian woman, refusing to accept that her Soviet passport is invalid now. 4. This Gatsbian Texan I know is convinced that the South triumphed in the Civil War.

submitted by George Rosa

gattese, chatois, gatés, koshkii - The Italian, French, Spanish, and Russian words meaning the language spoken by cats.

e.g., I passed a cat sanctuary in Rome one day and noticed the funny accents being meowed from one mangy cat to another. It was then that I realized these Roman cats were speaking gattese. In the feline world, the cats who are generally considered the snobbiest and rudest of all are those who speak chatois. Ryan's cat Bob is cramming lessons in gatés because the new next door neighbors are Mexican immigrants whose two cats, María-Josefina and Carlita, are long-haired. Masha is from Moscow. Masha is a cat. Masha speaks koshkii. Masha likes borscht.

submitted by Amy - (www)

gattle - To wreck or destroy utterly, as with a Gatling gun. Humorous evolution of "Gatling," from the machine gun of the same name.

e.g., It's a good thing that big white no-name British boxer took a dive, 'cause it looked like Tyson was 'bout to gattle him.

submitted by Seam

gattle - (n.) 1. automatic (or semi-automatic) weapon fire (i.e., repeated, staccato popping). 2. any sound like automatic weapon fire (e.g., popcorn popping); (adj. "gattling" (pronounced GAT-el-ing, unlike the name of the gun inventor)) Making sounds like an automatic weapon; (v.) 1. to fire an automatic weapon, or to fire guns many times such that it sounds like automatic weapons fire, 2. to make sounds like automatic weapon fire. 3. to set off a string of firecrackers, as during a Chinese New Year celebration. ALSO: "Gattle-prod" -- to clap or make other loud, repeated sounds in order to get someone or some group to move. "Gattle-buzz" -- the alarming sound of modern rotating-barrel guns, like the M61 Vulcan cannon, in which the automatic firing is so rapid that the resulting sound is a rattling buzz.

e.g., The Why of War Gattle, gattle, go the guns / Pop, pop, pop, the volley / The Pope is Catholic; water's wet / And Lassie was a collie. | I love the gattle of a hundred hooves on cobblestones; it seems so peaceful somehow.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gauche - Underwear.

e.g., Make sure you wear clean gauche, in case you get in an accident.

submitted by DAVID HELMINK

gaudess - (Rhymes with WOW-less (or, less accurately, to rhyme with "goddess"); n.) 1. a woman decked out in (or habitually given to self-decoration with) cheap, gauche, tasteless (gaudy) accessories; 2. a trophy wife or girlfriend, used to engender envy. [From the Latin 'gaudium/gaudia' "joy/joys" shortened and shifted to 'gaud' "a trinket or bauble," probably because people thought 'gaud' the singular of 'gaudia.']

e.g., Mrs. Plumb-Dougly is certainly a gaudess: all that jewelry she's dripping with must be worth at least a buck twenty. | Have you seen Mr. Braggart's new wife? A gaudess: I mean, she can't be more than 19.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

gaudify - To make overly gaudy.

e.g., Don't gaudify your x-mas tree.

submitted by john taylor - (www)

gaudiophemia - (n.) 1. a. Repeated expressions of joy; b. a series of ecstatic outbursts; 2, a tendency to use jubilant interjections in one's speech.

e.g., "Wow! Yes! Hooah!" "I know you're glad you aced the test, Scott, but save the gaudiophemia until after class."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

gaulded - Refers to irritation where legs rub against each other, as in upper thighs. Galded.

e.g., He had been working hard in the field all day and sweated profusely and became gaulded.

submitted by Lyle Dickinson

gavel - (v., intr.) 1. to be in charge; (v. trans.) 2. to lead or control; 3. 'gavel in,' a. to enact or impose a rule or a prohibition, b. to call a meeting to order; 4. 'gavel out,' a. to end a meeting, b. to overrule someone or end discussion of a matter, c. to create an exception to a legal rule; 5. 'gavel up,' a. to call together, b. to call to order, c. to begin a vote; 6. 'gavel under,' a. to overwhelm with (criminal) charges, b. to severely punish, sentence, or condemn; 7. 'gavel around,' to avoid making a decision despite addressing the issue many times; 8. 'gavel at,' to attempt (unsuccessfully) to (re)gain control of a meeting or situation. (n.) 9. the presiding person or authority in a given meeting or group; 10. the beginning or end of a meeting; 11. a judge. (interj.) 12. "Well, that's that, I guess."

e.g., "Who's gaveling?" "I think it's that guy in the Armani over there." | "When does the meeting start?" "Let's see: um, they'll gavel it up in ten minutes or so."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gawife - What your girlfriend is for two months after you marry her and are getting used to saying wife instead of girlfriend.

e.g., I'm Dave and this is my gawife Lisa.

submitted by duncan

gawping - Combination of gawking and gaping

e.g., Did you see him gawping at those girls?

submitted by Teri Klaehn

gay - Urban teens have changed the former meanings of "happy" or "homosexual" to "stupid."

e.g., "Oh, my God, did you see Juanita's shirt?" said Juanito. "Yea, It's so gay." exclaimed Johnny.

submitted by Andrew Mitchell

gaybob - A person who acts or is stupid.

e.g., I never really realized how much of a gaybob you are.

submitted by Leah

gayboylicious - 1. A term used to describe a type of boy who is very openly gay, and very beautiful in doing so. 2. A very sexy guy who is very obviously gay. A cross between gay-boy and delicious (as if you didn't already know that).

e.g., Greg Lotze is absolutely gayboylicious in those pink pants.

submitted by Greg Lotze

gayed - To be beaten in a competition of some sort by an adversary in a way that makes the loser look very inexperienced. Can be used also as a verb, to "gay" someone or "we are gaying them." | When two people of the same sex publicly commit to spend their lives together, they have become gayed.

e.g., (Lamenting the loss of a soccer game.) "We were gayed." | (Celebrating a victory.) "We gayed them." | (When expressing distress over a upcoming defeat) "We are getting gayed!" | Adam and Steve got gayed on Dec. 1.

submitted by Kibbles-N-Bits | Djazzgirl - (www)

gaymous - Adjective -- well-known as a result of having "come out of the closet." More commonly: Minor celebrity who got a great deal more visibility than usual as a result of having "come out."

e.g., It's really not fair. He was a third rate athlete, then he got gaymous.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

gaypotheosis - The epitome of homosexuality.

e.g., The Search for Love in Manhattan: "On August 17, I will reach the zenith of my queerness; I will achieve, if you will, my gaypotheosis."

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

gaysha - gaysha n., pl. -shas. A gay man who is expected to be subservient, attentive, adoring, obliging, considerate, devoted, respectful, and thoughtful to another gay man, usually the one who considers himself superior in every way. I don’t know whether I "invented" this, but I haven’t seen or heard of it anywhere else. I wrote it for a column in AXM, a London-based gay men’s lifestyle glossy. Love the site. Cheers, Jason

e.g., GAYSHA GIRLS gaysha n., pl. -shas. A gay man who is expected to be subservient, attentive, adoring, obliging, considerate, devoted, respectful, and thoughtful to another gay man, usually the one who considers himself superior in every way. Now, you don’t have to work at Oxford University Press to figure out that this is unlikely to be located between the covers of one of its esteemed dictionaries. No, where you’ll find it is whistling between my ears. (So, OUP, if you’re listening, the copyright belongs to yours truly.) Let me explain. Before I met my current inamorato, for a couple of years I was what is referred to as Single. You can probably gather from the big-boy capital ‘s’ that to most gay men -- nay most people -- this worry-laden word strikes fear and loathing in the spines of otherwise sane adults and provokes Herculean bouts of hyperventilating. Me? Frankly, my queers, I don’t give a damn. Yeah, sure, I quite like having a boyfriend, but only in the same way I like eating Brie; it’s great from time to time, but too much of the stuff is bad for the heart. Anyway, whilst I was on Singleton safari, I noticed a pattern to the dating dance. You meet someone -- it doesn’t matter a jot whether you particularly like them or not -- you go out, you don’t bother to get to know them at all and come last orders on the date, you expect to indulge in some hot below-the-waist action. Is this really the best we can do? Are we so one-track dimensional that we can’t see the trunk for the trees? The Great Gay Male isn’t interested in dating as a process of getting to know someone because it involves putting’n’shutting up. It means sealing the gob and -- shock! horror! alien idea ahoy! -- prising open the ears. Gay men do not want friends. They do not want boyfriends. They want gayshas, people who are willing to bow the knee and fall to their knees (metaphorically and literally) before them. They want a cross between a therapist and a rent-boy, someone to cover all bases on the need-fulfilling front, a decorative, obedient pet that slobbers on demand and keeps the barking to a minimum. And don’t look at me like that. I know what you’re thinking. Oh, here’s someone who’s had a few bad dates and suddenly he’s a postmodern, post-early-for-Christmas, anti-gay ritual ranter, going down the well-trodden Bridget Jones moaner’n’groaner cul-de-sac. Well, this Jones doesn’t subscribe to the all-gay-men-are-bastards shtick. What I am saying, from dating experience, is the only time I’m expected to use my tongue is when the other bloke stops blethering on and fancies a bit of a snog. Silly me. I thought conversation was a team sport. Gay men aren’t bastards -- that would at least take a little imagination. They are simply brain-curdling bores. In fairness, the can’t-listen-won’t-listen culture is not an exclusively gay affliction, although it is an almost exclusively male one. It’s everywhere we turn. It’s a sign of our speeding, breakneck age. We’re too impatient to make the effort, to go the distance and -- a very out-dated notion this -- get to know somebody rather than just jumping on [their his her] body. We prefer the easy option. Dating is all kerr-ching! kerr-ching! kerr-ching! It’s me-first, me-last and anything or, more precisely, anyone who doesn’t play ball is regarded as an annoying bogey to be snotted on the nearest sleeve. One is the star and one is expected to be the worshipful fan. You must not detract from [them him her], interrupt the soliloquy or steal the spotlight. You must sit, or even better genuflect, listen and nod appreciatively. Bung in the odd "Ah, really?" or "How interesting!" and cock’s-yer-uncle. Got it? Towards the end of Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, Jeanette Winterson’s newly lesbian protagonist, musing on her desire for love, says "I want someone who will destroy and be destroyed by me… I would cross seas and suffer sunstroke and give away all I have, but not for a man, because they want to be the destroyer, and never be destroyed." And herein lies the rub. Men won’t relinquish their ego, their dominance, their control. (And, yes, I do know. I am one, thankyouverymuch!) But surely if there’s to be even the merest whiff of love, there has to be a degree of risk, a willingness to be destroyed; otherwise, what’s the point? Isn’t having a gaysha a shade on the safe side of dull? There has to be at least some mutuality. A one-way street always leads to a dead end. Instead of the me-me-me mindset with a dollop of me thrown in for good measure, maybe we should indulge in a bit of sha-sha-sha, a quaint phrase an American friend of mine uses for old-skool dating. It might sound unhiply fogeyish, but has the alternative proved any more successful? God, sometimes I could scream, but in Gay Space no one will hear you. Probably because [they’re not he she isn't] listening. There’s only one thing for it: buy a kimono and bind the feet. Sake, anyone? © Jason Jones

submitted by Jason Jones - (www)

gaytee - A narrow, neatly shaven patch of hair located directly in the center of the chin.

e.g., Our band director returned from summer vacation with a disturbing gaytee.

submitted by Steven

gazebo - Extinct African animal. Similar to a zebra-gazelle.

e.g., They finally discovered the bones of the long lost gazebo.

submitted by Natalie - (www)

gazillion - A very large number.

e.g., I received a gazillion e-mails while on vacation.

submitted by Sara SHuman - (www)

gazinda - A street whose name changes depending on how far along the street you are.

e.g., If you had trouble finding the store it's because Benton street is a gazinda; you start down Lower Muscatine, and that goes into Kirkwood, which goes into Benton.

submitted by Nigel Ray - (www)

gazinta, gozinta - One of the four fundamental operations in math. Gozinta. | A small plastic container such as those produced by RubberMaid or Tupperware or the type that come filled with cottage cheese which are then used to store leftovers in the fridge. Stuff gazinta it. | One of the four basic mathematical operations.

e.g., Two gazinta six three times. | There's enough lasagne left for lunch tomorrow. Gimme a gazinta for it. | Four gozinta 12 three times. Eight gozinta 80 ten times.

submitted by kevin weaver | agd | dianne - (www)

gazit - A pimple so large that it distracts a person during a conversation.

e.g., I was going to date Todd until he grew that huge gazit.

submitted by Ally

gazochstahagen - Used for any German verb, when talking to someone who does not know any German.

e.g., When I was last in Stuttgart I bought a new gazochstahagen.

submitted by existential buzz

gazoinks - A random number of years somewhere in the viscinity of 5 to 50.

e.g., Boy, I haven't seen that in gazoinks!

submitted by Fran

gazoline - A form of gasoline used by those too lazy to form the "s" sound.

e.g., Do you put gazoline or gasoline in your tank?

submitted by Sharla - (www)

gazoometer - The distance you walk before you sneeze when you are reaching for the box of tissues. | A device to measure gazooms.

e.g., I traveled a gazoometer, then sneezed before I could get to the tissues.

submitted by Ed Breunig

gazoontite - Another word for kleenex tissue paper. Derived from "Gesundheit," which is what you say when someone sneezes. Dual Purpose phonetics.

e.g., Oh, you sneezed. Do you need a gazoontite?

submitted by TomCat

gazorninplat - Something unknown, a thingy, a whatchamacall it of sorts.

e.g., I cant finish this model, I lost the gazorninplat that came with it.

submitted by Brian - (www)

gazouta - An output port or source of emission.

e.g., His cabling was all screwed up - he had his gazintas hooked up to his gazoutas.

submitted by Chris Nelson

gazump - British. To offer more for a house than another has already offered and had accepted. In US, this is not allowed--in UK, it is

e.g., I've been gazumped on the house I made an offer on.

submitted by paul nelson

gazunder - A humorous and old-fashioned word for a chamber pot. | To lower a price on a property at the last minute to secure a sale. Gazunderer. To gazump is to raise the price.

e.g., When I was a lad, we used a Folger's can as a gazunder. | I was toying with the notion of backing out since we hadn't signed a contract, but Al gazundered and we consummated the deal.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gazuntite - Gesundheit.

e.g., [sneezes] "Gazuntite." "Thanks."

submitted by HD Fowler

gazute - Euphemism for the buttocks. (Sort of.)

e.g., You've been a pain in my gazute all day.

submitted by Liza

gazzy - Bizarre, unsettling, freakish, or mutated.

e.g., A gazzy insect flew in through my window and landed on my face.

submitted by David McBryde

gblarfgh - GBLARFGH is a word I use often, when I can say nothing else. But, the rule is it can only be said after the word "the."

e.g., For example, here is a conversation between Ryosuke and me. Ryosuke: I need the -- sakata: GBLARFGH. Ryosuke: Shut the h-- sakata: GBLARFGH.

submitted by sakata

gbleh - an adjective, meaning below average, dull, boring or unpleasant. can also be used as an expression to fill in gaps in conversation.

e.g., "how are you?" "pretty gbleh" or "so ... yes." "gbleh."

submitted by miss jess

gbobulin - A happy goblin who typically expresses her happiness by bobbing a lot.

e.g., He was dancing like a gbobulin.

submitted by Simon Parker - (www)

gdos - "Green's Dictionary of Slang is an unprecedented 10.3 million-word collection of the impertinent, vile, censored, hip, witty, and fascinating slang words of the English language. Covering five centuries of innovation in all English-speaking regions of the world, the Dictionary is the most authoritative, scholarly approach to slang ever attempted. Over 100,000 words are defined; each word is authenticated by genuine and full-referenced citations of its use. This is a remarkable work by the leading slang lexicographer of our time."

e.g., How could I have missed gdos? It's been out since 2011.

submitted by HD Fowler

gear - Clothing.

e.g., I'm going to NY Image to get some new gear.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

gear-head - An individual assiduously devoted to cars and their engines.

e.g., He's such a gear-head he keeps pinups of American muscle cars in his room.

submitted by Stephen Mize

gearfart - Grinding sound made by an automotible's manual transmission reluctant to be shifted to another speed.

e.g., My old Studebaker makes a gearfart when I try to shift into reverse.

submitted by Pat McRoyne - (www)

gearhead - Someone whos a big fan of the band Clutch

e.g., That chicks got like a ton of Clutch shes a Gearhead

submitted by Lesah

gebber - The smooth part on top of a new jar of peanut butter or other food.

e.g., I always like the gebber if there is any left.

submitted by Vlad

gebbied - To be screwed over by the man

e.g., Look at my tax bill! I've been gebbied.

submitted by Dwight Fry

gedankenexperiment - A real word: "an experiment carried out in thought only."

e.g., "Albert Einstein ... applied gedankenexperiment to his work conceptualizing the theory of relativity."

submitted by [Gedankenexperimenter]

gedge - The white gunk found in the corner of your mouth after chewing gum and dancing all night.

e.g., Wipe your mouth., then check your gedge.

submitted by Dirty - (www)

gedunk - U.S.M.C., Korean War. A very small restaurant or snack bar.

e.g., I'm hungry, let's stop by the gedunk for a beer and hotdog.

submitted by Stephen Mize

gedæghwamlican hlaf - (pronounced to rhyme with "the REICH MOM lee gone OFF"; n.) 1. "Daily bread" (from the Lord's Prayer in Anglo-Saxon); 2. Three square meals a day; 3. Sufficient food for a given amount of time.

e.g., "You got a place to stay?" "Yeah, I'm in the Bed and Breakfast down on third." "Just breakfast?" "No, I get the gedaeghwamlican hlaf ... I'm good."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gee & haw - To tell a plow animal to turn right, you say "Gee." To tell it to turn left, you say "Haw." Both words may soon become relics. I have heard the words used as described, but I'm well on my way to becoming a relic myself.

e.g., I sat watching, fascinated by the way the mule responded to its owners gees and haws. Before long, the small plot of land was plowed and ready for my grandmother to plant her vegetable garden. When I was a teenager, one of the responsibilities I tended to shirk was pulling the weeds that grew so well between the rows of stuff we wanted to grow.

submitted by HD Fowler

gee-whoppered - To be busted, bent, or knocked out of alignment. To be caught off guard and thrown for a loop.

e.g., That whirlwind gee-whoppered me so hard that it was a minute before I knew which way was up.

submitted by Steve McDonald

geebs - Gigabytes. Ultimate contraction of "gee-bees."

e.g., Red: Say, fella, how many geebs is that file? Ned: Uhhhhh . . . lotsa.

submitted by wnpxnff

geedunk - Junk food, candy. A Navy expression. A debate has been raging over its orgin for decades.

e.g., Where's Joe? He's at the store getting some geedunk.

submitted by Al

geegas - Gorgeous, cute, something you go "awwww" to.

e.g., You are looking geegas.

submitted by Sheldon Holmes

geek - To be involved in highly technical or geek-like behavior as a social outlet or to have fun.

e.g., Ken, I know the new computer is fun, but you have to stop geeking with your friends and come have a conversation with real people.

submitted by Jordana

geek - Combined expression of revulsion AND fright.

e.g., She started to gag when she spotted a particularly repulsive geek but then was so scared by him that what came out was "Geek!"

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

geek check - Someone who "checks out" as a geek, usually with some sort of passive test.

e.g., Fester: My favorite quote is, "With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied -- chains us all, irrevocably." Hester: That's from Star Trek The Next Generation. Fester: You just passed the geek check.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

geek chic - Ultra-geek high fashion.

e.g., Having a computer surgically implanted into your skin would be the ultimate in geek chic.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

geek out - To become very nervous, paranoid.

e.g., After I took the test I started to geek out. I thought I failed it.

submitted by Waldo

geek out - To work on a computer, or other similar tech-related activity by choice, usually at the expense of some other activity. This is how we've used the term up here in Canada, anyhow.

e.g., Naw, Raj ain't coming -- he said he's geeking-out tonight. | I work in tech -- I get paid to sit around and geek-out all day.

submitted by ad869 - (www)

geek pride - Modification of "gay pride" to apply to geeks who are not ashamed of their geek status. It is said that the first step to being an ubergeek is to be a part of at least one geek pride movement, apt-ly (pun intended) named for those times when a geek does what geeks do best.

e.g., He aptly demonstrated his geek pride by wearing a "codepoet" t-shirt to school.

submitted by apeiron

geek speak - Terms used by . . . well . . . geeks. Usually specific to a genre the general public knows nothing about.

e.g., These friends of mine play D&D, and are always talking in geek speak. They spend entire conversations discussing THAC0 and saying things such as "How about a celestial badger?" and "I choose to disbelieve."

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

geekalicious - Of something that appeals to a geek.

e.g., Your new hand-held PC is geekalicious.

submitted by Stan J - (www)

geeked - All rattled about something.

e.g., Thank God the survey is over. Everyone was so geeked by it.

submitted by Liz Szefcyk

geeked - Extremely happy or excited.

e.g., I was geeked when I got my first car.

submitted by Tiffany

geekend - A weekend spent engaged in geek-related activities.

e.g., I've just bought a new computer, so it looks like it's going to be a long geekend.

submitted by Chris Webb - (www)

geeker - Someone who messes up something that is going well. Progresses to double geeker and eventually deedledorfer if things go real bad.

e.g., We were getting tons of work done until that geeker came along and geeked it all up.

submitted by Ben - (www)

geekgasim - The mental and physiological state of intense arousal brought about by high technology. Symptoms often include things such as increased heart rate, rolling eyes, drool, and moaning or other cooing sounds. Geekgasm.

e.g., When Missy ordered her new computer, she had to take a moment to reveal that she would have the fastest machine of any of her friends. As her heart fluttered she knew she'd be the envy of her computer club and she had a private little geekgasim that caused her to pause her IM description of the new machine.

submitted by mark - (www)

geekgasm - A fit of intense geekly joy; happens when a geek runs into someone or something exceedingly geeky not seen every day

e.g., Chris almost had a geekgasm when he saw the trailer for the new Star Wars movie.

submitted by garth - (www)

geekin - Pursuit of geek happiness.

e.g., Jer sat in front of his computer geekin while he waited for his girl to get home.

submitted by garetj - (www)

geekin' - Laughing really hard,

e.g., We were geekin' yesterday after school when the girl tripped.

submitted by Kaycee Reed

geeking - Apart from other definitions, also used to describe laughing so uncontrollably that you look and act, for all intents and purposes, like a complete geek.

e.g., Today I saw a very rich and well-dressed woman slip on some dog crap on the sidewalk. She got it all over her when she fell. I was geeking so hard I almost crashed my car.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

geekity - (n.) 1. The quality or state of being a geek; 2. The proper form of address for a greatly talented, learned, or famous geek.

e.g., "You pretend to love her---I don't know, maybe you even believe you do---but, in reality, you are simply exploiting her Velma-esque geekity so as to live untroubled in the limbo of virtuality. She's a woman, not a patch." | GEEKITY, LIKE BEAUTY, BELONGS TO THE WORLD! | "Yes, your Geekity."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

geekolater - A person whose sole purpose around the office is to translate between the tech gurus and the average guys.

e.g., Can somebody go grab the geekolater? I can't understand a word this guy is saying.

submitted by Ducky

geekronym - An acronym that you actually use because you are so much a nerd that you have to say it frequently enough.

e.g., Ed: Wendel, the SQL in my VBA isn't like the QLA in the ASP on my IIS. Wendel: I'm sorry, Ed. You used so many geekronyms I have no idea what you're saying.

submitted by ashsimmonds

geekspeak - Various bits of technological mumbo jumbo that tech savvy people bandy about. Often completely incomprehensible to non-technical people.

e.g., He said something about a frontside bus, mega hurts, and a tearing bite? It was all geekspeak to me. Being able to translate from geekspeak to knuckledragger is a very handy skill.

submitted by BitRaiser

geeksplotation - The explotaion of computer geeks in the form of low pay and long hours in exchange for relaxed personal hygiene and dress code requirements at work.

e.g., In an effort to lower the payroll costs managment tried a new geeksplotation policy.

submitted by Eric Legatski

geeta - To Leave

e.g., Lets geeta. (As in Geeta hell out of here.)

submitted by Chuckular One

geetah - Alternative spelling for ''guitar'' when a feeling of 1980's rock revival is wished to be conveyed: often used by failed rockers who wish to impress colleauges or their children's friends, and hill-billies.

e.g., Yeeee-haw! I've got my geetah out!

submitted by Laffy

geezastic - The act of only dating older, richer people

e.g., Man, she's so geezastic they recognize her at all the funeral homes in town.

submitted by Todd Halterman - (www)

geezer - A lad, in the purest sense of the word. Usually from London. Likes women, beer, and football. Tends to be involved in suspect deals such as "second-hand" televisions. Not to be confused with the American term -- used for wheezy old men.

e.g., Look at John -- he thinks he's a geezer.

submitted by ash

geezer ticket - The discounted "senior citizen" tickets at the cinema -- you know, that fancy word for the movies.

e.g., "Two geezer tickets, please." That's what I say, often to a blank stare, when my wife and I go to the movies in the evening. I'm an old fart. An out-and-out geezer, by God. Call me a senior citizen to be politically correct and I may just smack you upside the head.

submitted by HD Fowler

geezerbird - London term for women without the girlie games-playing nonsense. Still feminine, but with lad-like directness.

e.g., What's she like? Oh, she's cool: she's a geezerbird.

submitted by JK

geezerettes - Old women. Potential significant others for geezers -- or other geezerettes, I suppose. No one else in her right mind would want to put up with them. Far from an original construction.

e.g., Dammit. Every time I go to The library I feel as if I'm being eyeballed by some geezerette. Christ, if they knew I don't need Viagra, they'd never leave me alone. Makes me about as uncomfortable to have one of them sizing me up as it does when I run across a planter.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

geezus! - Sudden exclamation, especially from pain.

e.g., Joseph was nailing up rags to shelter Mary in the manger; he was so nervous about her giving birth that he hit his thumb and yelled, "Geezus!" Mary said, "What a great name for the kid!"

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

gehtto - A mixed breed of squirrel, used to trick people who don't know the meaning of "ghetto" -- note the different spellings.

e.g., I installed a gehtto trap in my backyard.

submitted by Will K.

geigers - (pl.n.) Germs, radon, carbon monoxide, poison, rusty nails, plague rats, conspiracies, aliens---anything a phobic might look for, worry about, or keep track of. [From "Geiger counter": thus, someone who worries about such things is a "counter of geigers."]

e.g., "What's with the Lysol wipes?" "Oh, you never know: flu germs, pneumonia ... tuberculosis." "Wow, what are you? Adrian Monk? How many geigers do you think are in here?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gejarbled - Coined by Kemi Jona to humorously describe the condition of consternation and pain that resulted from his girlfriend's accidentally elbowing him in his genitals. By extension, applies to any situation where something has been slightly injured, damaged, or messed up to the pain of the speaker.

e.g., "Ack, you've gejarbled me!" he cried, clutching himself and smiling at the situation despite his evident discomfort. "Argh, Windows has gejarbled its registry again..." "Were you able to fix the TV after you dropped it?" "No, it was gejarbled."

submitted by Peter Schmidt - (www)

gek - A former geek. A transformed nerd.

e.g., Remember Dave, the geek ? He´s a gek nowadays.

submitted by A Bergman

gelachin - What you have when you put on a few pounds and your neck becomes more like a bird's or lizard's wattle, especially when laughing or shaking your head.

e.g., Look at the shimmy of that dudes gelachin.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

geminian - Typically Gemini behavior (astrological sign, the twins).

e.g., She invited two dates to the same party *and* managed to pull it off--how very Geminian.

submitted by Leslie Kenney

gemscape - The mind.

e.g., Let me look into the gemscape and see if anything shines.

submitted by Nathan

gemus - People who must complete or finish any game that they started playing.

e.g., Ethan isn't just a boy who loves video games but he's such a gemu sometimes that he doesn't even sleep or eat because of his obsession.

submitted by Micah

gen - The lowdown, the truth, the real stuff.

e.g., He is telling you true gen.

submitted by Gary LeDrew - (www)

gen e tales - Stories, told by Elders to members of younger generations, narrated often with long and boring details, all intended to illustrate how much more difficult Life was in the "old days."

e.g., Chet: "You're late for lunch. Where've you been?" Brett: "My boss was going on and on about how tough it was when he was a kid -- for example, he had to go all the way home or find a pay phone nearby just to call his friends. I wanted to leave but he had us by the gen e tales."

submitted by Charlie Lesko

genarctic cold - The interplay of far northern frigid temperatures with greatly reduced genetic possibilities resulting in a paucity of life forms in the Arctic regions.

e.g., Our explorative team researched exclusively the Arctic regions most of the year 2058 in the genarctic cold, hoping to uncover possible addition kinds or forms of life and we were not disappointed. We found a prototype of the popular bigfoot hiding in the recesses of an alternative universe heretofore unknown at the invisible entrance to the white holes at either end of the icy poles.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

genbank - A bank that holds genes. Works like a regular bank, but you deposit and withdraw genes.

e.g., Can you go to the GenBank and deposit my cistic fibrosis gene?

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

gender-bender - A traffic accident so severe it everts (???) a man's treasures.

e.g., He slammed into the pole so hard she's lucky to have survived that gender-bender!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

gender-speak theory - The theory that men never use feminine pronouns like "she" and "her," while women never use masculine pronouns like "he" and "his." It turns out that this theory was never, ever, ever true in real life, but there were no movies before 1950 where a man said the word "she." Men only spoke of women in private discussions back then; you never heard a man say "she" on the radio, old TV shows from 1952, or in songs. That's why we all loved The Beatles so much, because they finally started saying the avoided pronouns. {ED. Gee, I never noticed.}

e.g., This gender-speak theory is really getting me going! It makes me want to watch more old movies!

submitted by Star651

genderal - Someone who's gender is not known.

e.g., The PD's senior editor, to many people, is a genderal. Many people think the editor's a woman, but I am 99.9999999999999999% sure he's a man.

submitted by star651

gendercide - "Gendercide is the systematic killing of members of a specific gender. The term is related to the general concepts of assault and murder against victims due to their gender, with violence against women and men being problems dealt with by human rights efforts." | Can't say that I'm particularly happy with Wikipedia's definition of the term, because the killings we hear about are done on the basis of sex, not gender.

e.g., "The Notion of 'Gendercide' Confuses Gender and Sex. ... However, because the gendercide perspective often confuses gender and sex ... Gendercide has been defined as sex-selective or gender-selective mass killing.

submitted by Lillith Gordonna Bennett - (www)

genderflict - The concept that says the following: Men know that they love some women, but they find it hard to believe when women love them back.

e.g., I was just listening to this CD. I know it was a comedy album, but I wonder how much women actually love men. . . . Genderflict.

submitted by star651

genderonymous - For someone whose gender (or sex) is difficult to determine, based on such visual cues as dress. Pat from Saturday Night Live is a good example of this.

e.g., I couldn't tell whether the people in the Catwoman costumes were men or women. They looked genderonymous to me.

submitted by Paul

gene ration - Learned about in the mature time of Life when a person recognizes that the attributes one inherits are not unlimited, and not eternal.

e.g., Dear Lord, with your powers of Creation Why did you give me such a short gene ration? I could be taller, my eyes further apart My strength incomparable, with an indestructible heart A wit to make 'em laugh, a mind that's most clever A lifetime somewhat longer -- a day less than forever!

submitted by Machiavellean & Lesko

general asphyxiation - Choking to death on a piece or pieces of General Tso's chicken.

e.g., The cause of Wanda's death at the food court was determined to be general asphyxiation.

submitted by Amanda Calkins

generation dot x - Dot X Generation, or Dot Xer. A group of people graduated from college after the burst of the Dotcom bubble, with abundance of computer skills but no decent career opportunities to apply them to. A predicament reminiscent of the one faced by Generation X. Disappointed, but happy that they did not make a Dotcom fool out of themselves. A general feeling of missed opportunities like they showed up to a party too late, only to see empty bowls of caviar and shrimp. Unlike the Dotcommers who were able to save enough money to move to Thailand to hibernate until the economy recovers, this group of college graduates have no choice but to accept jobs that are substantially below their expectations.

e.g., Those Dot Xers are paying off their student loans for their Media Communications degrees by working in restaurants.

submitted by Dyske Suematsu - (www)

generational dissonance - The state of believing that one's generation is unique; that one will avoid the errors made by predecessors in similar situations.

e.g., He actually thought that 90s music would be around forever. It was generational dissonance that kept him from seeing that it would clearly have the same sad fate ten years from now as 80s music does today.

submitted by Todd Federman

genereality - A reality which is general, and applies to everybody.

e.g., Since each individual perceives the world in her/his own unique way, it can be argued that there is no such thing as "Genereality."

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

generibug - A Generic kind of bug. Used when you don't know what to call an insect.

e.g., Yuck, a giant generibug just crawled under my bed! I'll never get to sleep now.

submitted by Bob Boarker

generic husband - A category of husband, consisting of uniformly undistinguished and in some sense interchangeable male partners. For instance, they take out the trash in a predictable, docile manner and hustle around trying to keep up with their honey-do lists. They are average providers, decent, good citizens, cuss little or out of earshot of their wives, and are maddeningly predictable and boring -- to which their wives are resigned, in a generic kind of way.

e.g., Bea, can I spill my guts for a minute? Harold is driving me out my mind! I know everything he's going to say before he says it! He's such a generic husband!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

generica - the stores and strip malls you can see in any town in America. They all look the same (generic).

e.g., When you see anything in a town that looks the same as in any other town in America you just comment "generica"

submitted by gene

genericalize - To make something generic

e.g., The site was too specific so the designer was asked to genericalize the design.

submitted by silent (e) - (www)

genericise - To write or design something in a way that is generic or to change something to become generic--especially software.

e.g., We should try to genericise this bit of the software.

submitted by Phil T

genericus - Transformer kicked off of Cybertron after a risque run in with Optimus Prime in the shower after the game. Forced in ignominy to roam the universe with the Gobots.

e.g., Q. What's wrong, Genericus? A. Oh, nothing. Other than living in exile from my home.

submitted by Mason Suna

generity - A state of being generic.

e.g., The generity of the whole production is what got to me.

submitted by Corey Bonneville

genetic cul de sac - A place showing signs of inbreeding.

e.g., Going through New Jersey is like travelling through a genetic cul de sac.

submitted by nitag - (www)

genetic immaterial - Sperms who don't make it to, or into, the egg

e.g., Sometimes I wonder who I would be if some other sperm of the genetic immaterial has succeeded in fertilizing the egg that became me.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

genetical - Genetic, thus making an incorrect word use correct. All teachers will buy it once you tell them where you found the word.

e.g., Katie said that sneezing multiple times was genetical, because her father sneezes a bunch as well.

submitted by K Jigga A

geni - The plural of genius. (Kind of like the plural of cactus is cacti.)

e.g., Your family sure is a bunch of geni.

submitted by jermaine

geniac - Very clever, intelligent person who displays maniac-like behavior when under the influence of alcohol.

e.g., We watched the young computer whiz stumble out of the bar with his car keys in his hand. There goes a real geniac.

submitted by FREDWICK

genial - A "small" man's self-deception that he is generously endowed.

e.g., Alastair's pitiful boasting in the men's showers, in the face of the meager evidence on display for all to see, was clear proof of his genial.

submitted by Alister Cameron - (www)

genialogy - The study of how to be a nice person. Perhaps with an alternative spelling of genialology as a sop to the texting and chat room crowd.

e.g., For a few years in the 1970s and 1980s, my company sent me every once or two years to take a course in genialogy.

submitted by HD Fowler

genie allergy - This is plainly when one is quite allergic to those weird Middle Eastern creatures, the genie. Symptoms include dizziness, blurred vision, heavy breathing, skin mottling, and death. The last can be prevented by dosing the afflicted with sufficient fermented camel's milk to stimulate heart and soul.

e.g., Assalaham always had to be very careful when working around bottles which purportedly may contain the dreaded Middle Eastern genie. For he had previously already experienced the genie allergy gene, and it was no fun.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

genietic - The state of or relating to genius. Having a genius epiphany. Akin to being "in the zone." Pronounced jeen-YET-ik.

e.g., I'm feeling rather genietic at the moment. | You were so genietic at that party last night, you made quite an impression.

submitted by Corey Bonneville

geniosity - The quality or state of being a genius.

e.g., "How the hell'd you get a 98 on that org chem final?" "Geniosity."

submitted by al - (www)

geniossal - The adjective of genius.

e.g., That idea is soo geniossal.

submitted by kilk - (www)

geniossal - Like a colossal genius {Duplicate.}

e.g., That idea was geniossal.

submitted by kinsi - (www)

genitials - From a caught ytpoe: has to be related to a woman having her friends' initials tattoed near her naughty parts.

e.g., "How many guys' initials does Kim Kardashian have tattoed on her pubic region?" "I think I read that she claimed she was up to forty-seven genitials -- three or four years ago." "Wow, just wow. And that's just guys, I suppose?" "Yeah. But that's nothing. Are you aware that the world record for a woman having sex with different men is over 900 in one day?" "Presumably involving penetration -- given that oral sex is not sex." "Yeah, Clinton's Legacy. I recently read that girls don't consider it cheating if they have oral sex with guys other than their boyfriends." "The world is changing and I don't like it."

submitted by Miss Speller

geniusosity - The quality of being both kind and smart.

e.g., My rich best friend displayed his geniusosity by giving me a computer and showing me how to program it.

submitted by Kara bell

geniust - Verb form for genius.

e.g., All my ideas are so geniosal. I geniust so often it is getting annoying.

submitted by chiaralopilato - (www)

geniustic - (Pronounced jeen-YIS-tic; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to genius; 2. characterized by brilliance, wit, precocity, etc.; 3. extremely clever. Also, sarcastically, 4. incredibly stupid, remarkably dense or clumsy. [Genius + adjectival suffix -tic.]

e.g., "I swear this guy's gotta have an IQ of 300 or something: totally geniustic." || The neon smoke was a geniustic touch. || That sudden checkmate came out of nowhere: geniustic to beat the band. || "He shot himself in the kneecap?!" "Yep. He didn't have the safety on." "Geniustic." "Tell me about it."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

geniyical - Genius-like.

e.g., Your essay was geniyical. I wonder why you only got a D.

submitted by mich

genki - From the Japanese, meaning healthy, cheerful, and vibrant.

e.g., She's always so genki, which is cool, but sometimes it gets on my freakin' nerves.

submitted by Matt

genotypo - A hereditary trait bearing an inexplicable or mysterious origin.

e.g., Maybe it's a genotypo, since no one else in my family has blue eyes.

submitted by Eric M. Roberts - (www)

genre hacking - Breaking the rules of a given literary or artistic genre while conspicuously using the distinctive elements of that genre.

e.g., The author is genre hacking when his story uses monsters and incites fear, clearly horror, but the story is really about love and disappointment.

submitted by Asher Black - (www)

gentileman - A "mensch-like" non-Jewish man.

e.g., Sol Liebowitz treasured the close friendship of Tommy Johnson, a gentileman -- a really nice guy, who, had he been Jewish, would have been labelled a mensch.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

gentlething - Gender neutral honorific. Does not imply treatment of gender-neutral person as an inanimate object.

e.g., Ladies, gentlemen, and gentlethings, children of all ages, welcome to the greatest dictionary on the planet.

submitted by entitything

gentro - Rigid tapioca.

e.g., Even though I'm not fond of gentro pie, my aunt insists on making it every Christmas.

submitted by Stosh

genufract - With broken (or wounded) knee, heavy pain, protuding bone, or gushing blood perhaps.

e.g., They tried to break our spirit, but I ended up only genufract. We escaped and healed in the third setting of the Sun.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

genuinity - The personality appeal based on the act of being genuine.

e.g., Part of my appeal is my genuinity.

submitted by Grockadoc

genuisier - A person who is far smarter than a genius.

e.g., I am much genuiser than you.

submitted by Nicole Hamilton

genuity - Being genuine.

e.g., His genuity impressed me; he felt compassion and expressed that warmly.

submitted by Katie Doherty - (www)

genurine - Real man made pee as opposed to unreal lab drop robotic pe [sic].

e.g., When it's the real thing you'd be wanting or needing, ask the lab for genurine. Proof is at hand to establish that you're a human, and not a lookalike robot.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

genxpert - A relatively young, untrained, and without credentials wannabe who gloms onto a master practitioner, learns just enough to be dangerous and then represents herself as the "go to" person in that field.

e.g., Mary was horrified to learn that she had placed her entire development budget in the hands of a genexpert who was essentially a "one trick pony" who relieved her not only of her funds, but also her anticipated ROI.

submitted by Linda Starr

geofencing - A system that issues an alert if a person, pet, or object leaves a GPS-defined or "fenced" region.

e.g., Martha Stewart has had to live with geofencing these past few months.

submitted by bristolz - (www)

geoflatus - The foul smell produced by oil refineries and pump jacks, usually on a regular basis, especially around West Texas.

e.g., What is that noxious odor? Why, Ma'am, that's just good old geoflatus, the smell of Mother Earth here in Odessa. The smell of money.

submitted by John S. Duckering

geographically undesirable - Someone you would like to date, but lives too far away.

e.g., Nikki sure is hot, but she lives in the next state. That makes her geographically undesirable.

submitted by Jay Atkinson

geoja - Georgia.

e.g., Jump in the van. We're gonna get some peaches from Geoja.

submitted by Ben nunn

george - A Las Vegas gambling term used by dealers. Denotes some one who tips well. If the customer tips extremely well he would be a King George. A george will almost always get special favors and treatment from the house. The opposite of flea.

e.g., Ben Affleck is george.

submitted by miragedealer

george picketfences - A name for a person whose name you have forgotten.

e.g., Look! It's, ummm, George Picketfences.

submitted by Ani Moller - (www)

george, mac - Generic name for someone whose name you do not know.

e.g., George, will you let me get off the bus please?

submitted by Ofer

georgeous - Said of a good-looking guy named George.

e.g., In the girl's restroom, the chippies were fixing their makeup and gossiping about the new boy they all thought was georgeous. Trouble was, his name wasn't George. | Georgeous he may have been, but that got him nowhere with the girl. She was taken.

submitted by Miss Speller

georgia'd - To be had; swindled, ganked, to get got.

e.g., I gave this broad a hundred doller bill to get us some grub and was georgia'd for the whole wad.

submitted by Gretchen

georgium sidus - The original name put forward by Sir William Herscell, the discoverer of Uranus, for that planet.

e.g., Ooh, look. See how bright Georgium Sidus is tonight.

submitted by Adam Leslie

geospaztinitis - The unfortunate affliction held by people who, despite warnings and disasters, continue to live on known fault lines or under active volcanos.

e.g., Were it not for his geospaztinitis, Malcom would have moved out of California before his house was destroyed by that earthquake.

submitted by Kasei

geotrophisms - Ultra-fantastic visual images flashing through the mind's eye. One may observe this occasionally just before going off to sleep. Time may seem to become distored during this period of hyper-realistic visions.

e.g., I experienced a really cool set of geotrophisms last night. What a trip. I wish I could draw some of this stuff down.

submitted by jim

gepp's cross - The prayer you make when you are grateful the absurd or embarrassing comment you just blurted out went unheard. Invented at a party held as a tribute to Douglas Adams.

e.g., Yes, I got caught in my zipper only last week. *Everyone else listening to the much more interesting conversation* *Original speaker performs a Gepp's Cross.*

submitted by Wayne

gerb - You let someone have a bite of your food. She doesn't clean the spoon. She leaves drool covered leftovers on the spoon. Sloppy eaters in general.

e.g., Mildred, you just gerbed on my spoon.

submitted by rayven

gerd - used to describe anything with a consistency between curd and goo.(gerdy)

e.g., That oatmeal was gerd!

submitted by Chris Laxson

gerfasshed - "Stymied" seems to be a good fit for this word, coined by a Susan Gunther in a query she submitted to The Word Detective, copyright 1999 by Evan Morris.

e.g., Dear Word Detective: I am totally gerfasshed (just made that up in order to alliterate) by the word "gridiron." When, why, how did it come into the language to mean football field? I have queried several football-player types who appear to know all there is to know about the game, and none of them knows why a "gridiron" is called a "gridiron." -- Susan Gunther, via the internet.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

geri - A disappointingly small amount of something. From ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell

e.g., I hoped to get a generous portion of the banoffe pie, but was only served with a geri.

submitted by Nasixi

geriatrick - An old man duped by a golddigger into bequeathing his fortune to her.

e.g., Larry: So, does anyone remember J. Howard Marshall? Jack: Yeah, he was that geriatrick Anna Nicole Smith was married to.

submitted by Giovanni Dania - (www)

geriophile - One who is sexually attracted to those who are older than themselves.

e.g., Anna Nicole Smith is a geriophile.

submitted by Lydgie

germ monkey - Small children, who are continually picking up germs from other little kids, and spreading them to their caregivers.

e.g., The kids I babysit are little germ monkeys. They gave me the flu.

submitted by Megan H.

germ warfare - War between opposing classes of germs.

e.g., The streptococci and staphlococci battled it out in classic germ warfare.

submitted by Wells Martin - (www)

germania - A culture that wants to take over the world slowly but surely.

e.g., My friend Mattias wants to spread the Germania around the U.S.

submitted by Aaron Marquis

germish - An unconscious combination of German and English that results from not thinking about where you are.

e.g., And then I looked up in the himmel to see if I could spy some stars or even some sternschnuppen. . . . Oops! I'm speaking Germish.

submitted by Kiara&Nate

germish - The hybrid of German and English spoken by first gens.

e.g., I drove mein car to the schtore but forgot mein wallet in ze haus.

submitted by Jonas F Kuhnemann

germophobe - A person who is deathly afraid of getting sick.

e.g., J gets nervous whenever he's around anyone who's sick. What a germophobe.

submitted by J.P. Manalac

gerontocentric - /JER-un-toe-CEN-trick/ adj: The belief among some elders that they are superior to younger persons, whom they stereotype as lazy, apathetic, unintelligent, low-class, etc.

e.g., This internship job at Conglomco is a great, except for the gerontocentric seniors who think I'm just a Gen-X slacker too big for my britches.

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon

gerophile - The opposite of a paedophile, i.e., a person who is sexually attracted to much older people. Gerontophile.

e.g., Dick: Did you hear that the old woman who lived in a shoe has been hitting on Jim? She's a paedophile. Jane: I wouldn't be surprised if Jim flirted back -- he's always been a pretty big gerophile himself.

submitted by Eleonora - (www)

gerplunge - A sort of combination of the words kerplunk and gurgle and plunge. in other words, the sound a lump of foamy object would make while hitting a puddle of wet something.

e.g., That was a tasty gerplunge. Let's do it again.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

gert - Something weird or unusual. (Also a diminutive of Gertrude. My second cousin Gertrude, though, was called "Gertie.")

e.g., That cheese in the cafeteria smells gert.

submitted by chay - (www)

gert - Bristolian to mean great big.

e.g., That's gert lush, that is.

submitted by Adam B Tayler

geschnicked - To drink copious amounts of alcohol and get excessively drunk.

e.g., Let's get geschnicked. I'm gonna stop just short of going into a coma. Do you know how high your blood alcohol level has to be to kill you?

submitted by Jen

geschwint - "I don't know if this word actually exists, but it sounds German and it sounds cool."

e.g., "Like when something has been running along real smooth ... you say ""It went Geschwint"""

submitted by dan - (www)

geschwint, gesvint - There is an existing entry here in the dictionary. The submitter doubts whether the word "geschwint" exits. Yes it does, in German and Swedish. That's why it has several correct forms of spelling. It means quick/ly, fast, right now, but has also taken the meaning of "easily," "smoothly," and "without hassle."

e.g., I called the help desk and it all was cleared geschwint. | Bring me some blankets and boiled water, geschwint.

submitted by Stinde - (www)

gesolent - Boring, dull.

e.g., July 17 is Gesolent Day.

submitted by Roger Formosa

gessepany - The feeling you get when you lose the battle and lose the war. It doesn't have to be a literal battle (it can be), but it could also be used when something terrible happens to you -- and when you think it can't get any worse, it does.

e.g., John: "My girlfriend just broke up with me!" | Henry: "Well, sorry to make you feel gessepany, but your dog also died."

submitted by Krafter456 - (www)

gestapic - (geh-SHTOP-ick [(hard g) to rhyme with heh-STOP-lick]; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to the despotic Geheime Staatspolizei (abbreviated Gestapo; the "secret state police") of Nazi Germany (and occupied Europe) between 1933 and 1945: covert surveillance (and not so covert), warrantless arrests and imprisonment, torture, secret murder, brutal suppression of state 'enemies,' and so forth; 2. (informally) Of or pertaining to any group's (or individual's) secretive nastiness, callous cruelty, or oppressive agenda. [Derived term: gestapicity "the quality or condition of being like the gestapo."]

e.g., "When his parents died, he was taken in by his grandmother, and a more gestapoic monster you've never seen. He couldn't stay out past 10:30; his dates had to pass an interrogation; and she wouldn't give him any of his trust fund money---oh, about $20 a month." "What a tightwad. Is he still with her?" "No. She died." "So, when's the celebration?" "Wow. You're a cold-hearted bastard today." "Just never liked the Gestapo."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

gestobulate - Making vicious gestures and hand motions towards inanimate objects. See voibulate.

e.g., I gestobulated the computer because it was being too slow.

submitted by lauryn

gesty - To bring the words of repentance to someone

e.g., I confronted him with gesty words

submitted by Thabiso - (www)

gesundt-height - Not to be confused with Gesundheit (which is often said after someone sneezes). Next time you sneeze and someone says that, answer back with: 28 inches. When they ask "What?" tell them "28 inches: the distance from the floor up to your geshundt."

e.g., My geshundt-height is 28 inches.

submitted by Cory

get flat - Go to bed.

e.g., OK, kids, it's 9 o'clock. Time to get flat.

submitted by Ron A. Zajac - (www)

get in share - Cajunfor "Get In There."

e.g., Boudreaux told his alligator, "Get in share."

submitted by Casey

get off the grass - Used to knock back something that isn't worth what it costs. This phrase comes from Helen from Canberra.

e.g., Florist: "Ms. Burns, that particular bunch of roses costs $300." Ms.Burns:"Get off the grass."

submitted by dana

get out of peach - A command conveying essentially the same instruction as "Stop what you're doing."

e.g., Tell Steve to get out of peach and help me in the stockroom.

submitted by ditnis

get red - Variant of "redass" or "case of the ass."

e.g., Chris made a pass at my wife while I was standing right there, so I had to get red with him. | Chris got red with me when I told him to find somebody else to work this weekend.

submitted by Dave Konneker

get small - Synonymous with "Get out of the way;" used primarily with dogs and children, or anything else likely to swarm around your feet and trip you as you are trying to, say, carry two armloads of groceries into the house

e.g., "Get small!" George yelled at the dogs, who were crowding around his feet as he tried to carry two full wine glasses to the table.

submitted by Teddy Bowers

get the quad - A formal warning that rage shall ensue. Quad refers to a powerup item from the first person shooter series, Quake. It greatly increases the damage dealt by the wielder.

e.g., Fifi ate my petunias again? I'm getting the quad.

submitted by braeden - (www)

get your (blank) on - To engage in an activity involving (blank).

e.g., It's time to get my donut on. (To eat a donut.)

submitted by Joel Matthys

get-down - Elapsed time from punchout time at work on Friday to church on Sunday.

e.g., I axed my main man, Z, what was goin' down for the get-down?

submitted by Rock

get-togethere - A get-together somewhere other than at home -- especially if the venue is a long way from home.

e.g., We'll be having a family get-togethere next October when my wife's nephew gets married -- to a young woman he's known since junior high. Both are in their early thirties.

submitted by Lillith

getokhyldte - (Pronounced: Get-oh-kaild) Used to describe a person under the age of 18 who dresses as if a lower-class citizen

e.g., Look at that getokhyldte go, wearing his moldy shirt.

submitted by Jeff

gettehumper - Word used to describe somethng for which you have forgotten the name. Pronounced GET-e-HUMPER.

e.g., Hand me that...that...gettehumper there please.

submitted by Ron

getting horizontal - An extremely relaxed position.

e.g., Where's Mac? He's getting horizontal in front of the tube.

submitted by Mur

getting your lips beat - 1980s USAF slang. Performing a superhuman task at incredible speed and just barely being able to keep up.

e.g., I was getting my lips beat running messages for the Major.

submitted by mark

gffa - Good From Far Away. Taken from the boys at my local Wendy's. Used to describe a girl that you thought was good looking while she was at the back of the line, but looked horrid close up. Can be use by girls for boys, too.

e.g., Ewwwww! Sorry, guys, false alarm. Definitely GFFA.

submitted by murph - (www)

gffbffg - Good From Far But Far From Good.

e.g., Wow, that dude's really hot. . . . No, wait. . . . He's GFFBFFG.

submitted by James

gfl - Gamer For Life.

e.g., The guy sits in front of his computer playing Counter-Strike day in and out. He's a hardcore gfl.

submitted by metallica670

gfunk - Girlfriend.

e.g., Get on with your life, Justin. Dump the gfunk tonight.

submitted by Dylan

gg - Good Game.

e.g., GG, wanna play again?

submitted by Jacob S.

ghandi - Substitute for the word "God."

e.g., Good Ghandi. I can't believe he fragged them all.

submitted by gnuattutde - (www)

ghandi - Pronounced "gone-edy." To be gone. Often used to describe a mental state.

e.g., Call me Mohandas K ... cuz I'm ghandi.

submitted by Leggett

ghe - What????--I don't understand.

e.g., A. Hey, Jimmy, hoolinguyattamouth. B. Ghe?????

submitted by Tom 4 amy

ghee - Unexplainable, disgusting-looking substance. Often cheese-like, sticky, goopy, or strangely-colored.

e.g., "Ewww...I just stepped in some ghee! Have you got some rubber gloves and some bleach so I can clean it off?"

submitted by Dr. Beef

gheistodynamism - Ghost power.

e.g., In a rare display of gheistodynamism, our Subaru was lifted from our driveway, flown through the air, and dropped unscratched into the Dairy Queen parking lot. Dad was duly impressed.

submitted by Ty Evans - (www)

ghetmo - More ghetto, ghetto-er if you will. Not quite the ghetto-ist, but more ghetto than ghetto, hence ghetmo.

e.g., That movie was overly ghetmo.

submitted by pikacheney

ghetrified - 1. To be extremely ghetto--that is, low-quality or lame. 2. Wearing clothing that makes one look silly or disreputable.

e.g., 1. Check out the duct-tape all over that car. That is too ghetrified. 2. You need to lose that do-rag. Makes you look ghetrified.

submitted by Megan

ghettiste - (Get-ees-tay) An object that is very expensive but is really a piece of crap.

e.g., That watch is so ghettiste.

submitted by DoctaG - (www)