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g - adj.(gee)Something that is cool or fun.

e.g., "Man...this game is g!"

submitted by plastic - (www)

g to g - Good to Go. Implies that you are ready.

e.g., "I packed my bags, grabbed my ticket, and was G to G." OR "Everybody in the car? All righty, we're G to G."

submitted by Steph - (www)

g&s - (attributive noun) 1. two people who detest one another but who do their best work together; 2. a situation in which a team that simply cannot get along nevertheless turn out amazing results despite their reciprocal enmity. 3. An 'if only' label for situations in which people who could have done wonders together simply hate each other too much to try. (After "Gilbert and Sullivan," whose reciprocal loathing belied their magnificent work together at the turn of the 20th.)

e.g., "Sherri and Ellen?! I thought they hated each other." "They do. But somehow, they're turning out better work than anyone else in the studio." "Wow, must be G&S."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

g' - More or less a prefix word that can be inserted before any curse word to instantly turn it into a non-curse word, yet still show your general displeasure at the situation.

e.g., G'bollocks.

submitted by dekoi

g'd up from the feet up - Looking gangster from head to toe.

e.g., With these clothes I'm g'd up from the feet up.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

g'day - Australian slang for good day.

e.g., G'day, mate. How's it going?

submitted by Maree

g'eet - Southern coloquialism of "Did ya eat?"

e.g., "Hey, Sonny, g'eet?"

submitted by Sophie

g-banger - Aussie slang for "G-string."

e.g., Thongs have become an acceptable fashion in Australia these days for women. It's not uncommon to see a G-banger peeping out of a woman's jeans when she bends down.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

g-mail - E-mail for gangstas.

e.g., I just be chillin' and sending some g-mail.

submitted by chimx - (www)

g-marque - The act of insulting one who is thought to be unprofessional, or supporting something thought to be unprofessional.

e.g., Andrew was g-marqued for wanting to have an April Fool's issue of our school newspaper.

submitted by Tom

g-reel - A movie for general audiences that you were forced to see.

e.g., My wife made me go to a g-reel because my child was dying to see it.

submitted by Andy - (www)

g-rod - Slang term for illustrious Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich. See also Blago.

e.g., G-Rod thought he was going set himself and his wife up until Patrick Fitzgerald caught him auctioning Obama's senate seat.

submitted by Dominic Tassone - (www)

g-stache - The trademark moustache of a young male redneck. Thinner than a REAL moustache, this type is grown in a redneck's teen years before a thicker moustache is achievable.

e.g., Billy Bob grew a very unsightly g-stache in his teenage years..

submitted by Jim Pipkin

g-words - I was led to make this entry as I was looking for some web pages containing the word "abscotchalater." This list of words may eventually be replaced with a single entry for the word "galeanthropy," a word whose meaning I didn't know previously. It came up in the exchange shown in the current example.  

Grandiloquent Dictionary


gaberlunzie - ( )
A wandering beggar or a harmless hobo
galea - ( )
A headache which covers the entire head
galeanthropy - ( )
The delusion that one is a cat
galeophobia - ( )
A fear of cats
galeophobia - ( )
A fear of sharks
galligantus - ( )
A tall and awkward person
gambrinous - ( )
Being full of beer
gametophobia - ( )
See gamophobia
gamomania - ( )
An urge to make extravagant wedding proposals
gamophobia - ( )
A fear of marriage
gargalesthesia - ( )
The sensation caused by tickling
gastromancy - ( )
Divination using a crystal ball
gatophobia - ( )
See galeophobia
gaum - ( )
To stare vacantly or handle in a clumsy manner
geck - ( )
An expression of scorn or contempt
gelophobia - ( )
A fear of laughter
geloscopy - ( )
Divination involving laughter
genethliacon - ( )
A poem which is written for someone's birthday
genethliacon - ( )
A poem written for someone's birthday
geniophobia - ( )
A fear of chins
genuphobia - ( )
A fear of knees
geophagy - ( )
The act of eating dirt or clay
gephyrophobia - ( )
the fear of crossing bridges.
gerasophobia - ( )
A fear of old age or of growing old
gerontocomium - ( )
An institution designed to take care of the elderly
gerontocracry - ( )
A government of old people (often the old boys network)
gerontophillia - ( )
The love of the elderly
gerontophobia - ( )
A fear of old age or of growing old
geumaphobia - ( )
The fear of taste
geumatophobia - ( )
See geumaphobia
gigantomachize - ( )
To be at war with one's superiors
gigantomachy - ( )
A war between giants
gigmania - ( )
The smug obsession with attaining middle class respectability
girouettism - ( )
Altering one's opinions to match public trends
gliriform - ( )
Resembling a rodent
glossophobia - ( )
The fear of speaking, especially in public
gork - ( )
A patient with unknown ailment. (Short for God only really knows)
gormandizer - ( )
One who eats to excess
graminivorous - ( )
Eating grass
grammaticaster - ( )
A person who is pedantic regarding proper grammar
grandgousier - ( )
One who will eat as much as possible of anything
grapholagnia - ( )
The urge to stare at obscene pictures
graphophobia - ( )
The fear of writing or of the written word
graptomancy - ( )
Divination using hand writing
gressible - ( )
Able to walk
griffonage - ( )
Illegible or sloppy hand writing
grimthorpe - ( )
To badly remodel a building ignoring its character or history
grinagog - ( )
a person with a big stupid grin
groak - ( )
To stare at someone who is eating in hopes of getting food
gubernator - ( )
A powerful man in government
gubernatrix - ( )
A powerful woman in government
gudgeons - ( )
The slots on a hinge which hold the pin in place
guidfather - ( )
Another name for one's father in law
guttersnipe - ( )
A member of the lowest class in society or a street person
gymnogynomania - ( )
The urge to spy on people when they are undressing
gymnophobia - ( )
A fear of nudity
gymnophoria - ( )
The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you
gynarchy - ( )
Rulership by women
gynecocracy - ( )
A government consisting of women
gynephobia - ( )
The fear of women
gynocracy - ( )
See gynecocracry
gynonudomania - ( )
The urge to rip off a woman's clothing
gynophobia - ( )
See gynephobia
gynotikolobomassophilia - ( )
A proclivity for nibbling on women's earlobes
gyromancy - ( )
Divination involving walking in a circle until you fall down
gyrovague - ( )
A monk who begs and sponges off of other monks
gyrovague - ( )
A monk who begs and sponges off of other monks

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e.g., Gee, those g-words are lovely words. |

Abscotchalater, cachinnate, recumbentibus, macroverbumsciolist,

Likes (0) by Norman FeinerBlackStarVerified SafeNetworking [34.61:120] on 1-Apr-09 12:19pm@ like to obtain assistance from native speakers of English with real meanings of these words, their usage and the most common characteristics that you may identify amongst them.
Every single one of these words have meanings that are easily available on Google searches...

Why do you want busy Ecademists to waste their time doing something you could achieve yourself??

I'm flummoxed
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Abscotchalater, cachinnate, recumbentibus, macroverbumsciolist,

Likes (0) by Dr. Mehmet YildizBlackStarVerified SafeNetworking [23.31:461] on 1-Apr-09 12:46pm
@Every single one of these words have meanings that are easily available on Google searches...
Thanks for your useful advice Norman; my "googling" is not up to scratch yet; I am still learning mate smile
Besides I believe Google is not native speaker nor a linguist or symantec yet to show me the relationship and common characteristics of these words. I'd appreciate it if you let me know an algorithm to achieve this through Google. As usual, I am open to suggestions and new perspectives.

@Why do you want busy Ecademists to waste their time doing something you could achieve yourself?
True, I should have noted this and been more thoughtful. It is galeanthropy of me! Having said that nearly all topics discussed in Ecademy blogs can be achieved individually; with due respect, you reckon this wouldn't waste busy Ecademists time which are admittedly in dictionarysmile Even through it, I learnt a nice perspective such as by this smart co-networker who commented on it.


Dr. Mehmet YILDIZ || IBM || IT Business Philosophy || Paradigm Shift for 2050s|| My blog || Twitter || Linkedin.
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Abscotchalater, cachinnate, recumbentibus, macroverbumsciolist,

Likes (0) by Norman FeinerBlackStarVerified SafeNetworking [34.61:120] on 1-Apr-09 1:17pm
@ Having said that nearly all topics discussed in Ecademy blogs can be achieved individually; with due respect, you reckon this wouldn't waste busy Ecademists time which are admittedly in dictionaryEven through it, I learnt a nice perspective such as by this smart co-networker who commented on it.


My post (to which you refer dated 30-Mar-09 1:14pm) was intended to be humorous…..

I think you may be working too hard mate sad

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Abscotchalater, cachinnate, recumbentibus, macroverbumsciolist,

Likes (0) by Dr. Mehmet YildizBlackStarVerified SafeNetworking [23.31:461] on 1-Apr-09 1:36pm
@My post (to which you refer dated 30-Mar-09 1:14pm) was intended to be humorous…..
Mine was posted to make people cry, upset, and grievesmile?

@I think you may be working too hard matesad
Thank you for your empathy, Norman. It is an incurable disease, mate. You are not bad yourself in hardworking either, you have nearly 3 times more people in your network and managing director for a company. The good news is that "Friends [like you] are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble"smile


Dr. Mehmet YILDIZ || IBM || IT Business Philosophy || Paradigm Shift for 2050s|| My blog || Twitter || Linkedin.
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Abscotchalater, cachinnate, recumbentibus, macroverbumsciolist,

Likes (0) by Louis SequeiraBlackStarVerified SafeNetworking [11.34:2996] on 1-Apr-09 9:00pm
1. Abscotchalater - to hide from the police.
2. Cachinnate - to laugh hard, loudly, or convulsively
3. Recumbentibus - a knockdown blow.
4. Macroverbumsciolist - a person who is ignorant of large words or a person who pretends to know a word, then on the sly refers to a dictionary
5. Ultracrepidarian - a critic, giving opinions on something beyond his or her knowledge.
6. Valetudinarian - a person of a weak or sickly constitution. A synonym for hypochondriac.
7. Uropygial - oil gland in birds that secretes oil for "oiling" the feathers
8. Palimpsest - writing material used one or more times after earlier writing has been erased or scraped off. Usually as used in ancient times on parchment paper.
9. Necromancy - a form of divining, by raising the spirits of the dead.
10.Halieutics - ichthyology.. this one is for you to figure out, from the Greek: ἰχθυ, ikhthu, "fish"

The words in 1 to 4 above are actually of "American English" origin being a Mock-Latinate formation which was popular in the 19th century and not of "British English" origin. Though Shakespeare is known to have used the Mock-Latinate formation in his works.

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Abscotchalater, cachinnate, recumbentibus, macroverbumsciolist,

Likes (0) by Dr. Mehmet YildizBlackStarVerified SafeNetworking [23.31:461] on 1-Apr-09 10:37pm
Thanks Louis, great attempt. You provided the intended meanings and caught some patterns. I am grateful you responded; hope this was not "waste of time" for


Dr. Mehmet YILDIZ || IBM || IT Business Philosophy || Paradigm Shift for 2050s|| My blog || Twitter || Linkedin.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

g.o.m.e.r. - Get Out of My Emergency Room. Term used to identify an elderly patient who is too sick to cure and refuses to die, causing the physician or nurse much wasted effort, time, and material for no good reason. Taken from House of God by Samuel Shem. Also a derisive term for a nursing home patient so far gone with senility that all he or she can do is sit in a chair or lie in a bed, be fed pureed food, defecate, and gather bed sores.

e.g., Doc, we gotta nuther Gomer in room number five.

submitted by jim barclay

g.p.x. - Habit of letting your "friends" know where you've seen their exes.

e.g., Isn't that Paul, Susan's ex? Ooh, I've got to GPX her.

submitted by evelien

g.t.l. - Gym, tanning, laundry.

e.g., Lets get our GTL on.

submitted by Molly LaBine

g2g - Good to go. Can be pronounced "g ta g." We used this in the Air Force to indicate a jet or a system that was repaired and ready for flight.

e.g., "Hey, Dexter, how's that fuel leak?" "It's g 2 g.“

submitted by James

ga hed - This is how a New Yorker says, "Go ahead."

e.g., Ga hed, move it.

submitted by Greg Kellogg

ga-la-fa - Cajun slang: Oh, no. Oh, my. Wow. . . .

e.g., Ga-la-fa. I can't believe it.

submitted by Debbie

ga. - Ga. -- gauge (NOT guage) -- the distance between railheads on railroad track, specifically 4' 8½" in the Standard Gauge used around most of the world (5' in Russia). This was determined by the ruts left in the paving of Roman army roads from the passing of standardized Roman army chariots, with their iron-tired wheels. The width of the chariot was determined by the breadth of the hindquarters of the Roman army chariot horses. Thus, Standard Gauge was determined by Roman army horses' asses. (See also "in." and "ft." -- as ludicrous as this may seem, it is also true.)

e.g., "Scale" refers to reduction, such as 1:220 for Z or 1:87.08571428571428571428571428571428571 -- for HO, while the Z ga. is only 6.5mm (~¼") and HO ga. is 16.5mm (0.650").

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

gaahglooshamabob - What one says when something shocking or frustrating occurs, while at the same time one is attempting not to say a curse word.

e.g., Gaahglooshamabob! Who stole my favorite Elmo spoon?

submitted by Felix Morvin

gabajillionaire - A person with so much money that...they just have a lot of money.

e.g., Why should I try plan to become a millionaire in the future when I can become a gabajillionaire.

submitted by Bent Albot

gabber - Or gabba. A form of hardcore techno music, originated in Holland and Belgium, that ranges between 600 and 1400 bpms 200 and 300 beats per minute, according to Franz K. | Gabber is to techno what punk is to rock -- a very loud, fast style.

e.g., He's a gabber DJ; his stuff makes my ears bleed.

submitted by Rafi | Franz K. - (www)

gabberduke - Gross, nasty, icky

e.g., Madi's inability to online was so gabberduke it was pratically unbearable for her.

submitted by Madi - (www)

gabberflasted - Flabbergasted. A spoonerism?

e.g., I was gabberflasted by her lack of concern about my dog.

submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

gabbo - Pointless acts of self-inflicted harm.

e.g., Drinking 12 gin and tonics in two hours is not just a stupid stunt, it's gabbo.

submitted by Mike Gabriel

gabbo - A short and perhaps subliminal piece of advertising, causing much confusion over what was actually being advertised. Alluding to the show with the same name on "The Simpsons."

e.g., A: (Watching TV) What on earth was that? B: I think it was a gabbo ad.

submitted by Cowgrrl

gaberate - To hang out and talk about anything at all with friends

e.g., Did you and the guys hang out and gaberate last night?

submitted by Tony Niss

gabezo - (guh-'bee-zo; n.) a gazebo which is (a) rather small, or (b) apparently pointless.

e.g., Sometimes landscapers, for whatever reason, put up gabezos; there's no particular reason for them, though. maybe they're all into Jane Austen or gothic romances or something.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gabillionaire - A person who thinks almost obsessively about her ex-boyfriend.

e.g., Have you noticed what a gabillionaire Asa is.

submitted by asa

gable - Eyeball.

e.g., Don't play with sticks -- you could poke your gable out.

submitted by david

gabwanaha - Good-looking women

e.g., Check out the gabwanaha playing pool on ESPN.

submitted by Scott Lattimore

gach - A sticky or unusual situation or someone who is rude. "From the Spanish word "gacho," sez JS." (Pronounced "goch" as in "Gocha!') (Also the Georgia Alliance for Community Hospitals.)

e.g., After having been short-changed at the ticket office, he exclaimed, "That's gach."

submitted by Jonathan Searfoss

gack - To attack, destroy, or otherwise damage. Often used in combative situations regarding enemy positions.

e.g., We have to gack their artillery before advancing our tanks. OR Hey! Don't gack my surfboard.

submitted by Scott Kelley

gadge - One who uses gadgets such as a mobile to phone to show off.

e.g., My God! That awful ringing sound. Chris is nothing but a little gadge.

submitted by sctld

gadgemetronical - Used in connection with electronical gadgets, gizmos, or other tools. Usually of little to no practical use.

e.g., A watch with a TV remote and garage door opener and that tells the time in 20 different zones is only for a gadgemetronical fiend.

submitted by Phil Moore

gadzooks - Interjection showing surprise.

e.g., Gadzooks! You really startled me.

submitted by Matt Gignac - (www)

gaf - A tool.

e.g., (Your close friend says something stupid) You laugh and say, "Gaf."

submitted by Sarah

gafarbawitz - Expletive. An old family word used around kids so that they don't repeat other four-letter words that adults tend to say.

e.g., When Jacob had his toe crushed by the garage door, he yelled out: "Gafarbawitz! That really hurt!"

submitted by Jacob Spradlin - (www)

gaff off - A verb used in the USMC to deliberately blow someone off or to delay a task.

e.g., Don't gaff off this report. It's due first thing tomorrow.

submitted by J.P. Manalac

gaffer, gaff - Stupid or silly. I believe this is a very loose translation of the dictionary definitions for foolish talk, humorous old man. Anyone a bit silly became a "gaffer," and, ergo, some silly thing or act was "gaff." Popped up in SE Mass around 1984.

e.g., Did you see Chris arguing for an hour over the lightsaber fights in Star Wars and how in Empire they cut through the railings, and in Jedi they didn't? That Chris, he's a gaffer.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

gaffled - 1. To be swarmed on by the police and taken into custody. 2. To be ripped off.

e.g., 1. The cops gaffled Johnny last night. 2. I think that salesman is trying to gaffle us.

submitted by polkadotcandycane

gaft - to steal something or someone gaft, gafted, gafting...etc.

e.g., I gafted that tomato from her stash, and threw at her face.

submitted by Kathleen - (www)

gag a maggot off a gutwagon - Of smething that stinks horribly.

e.g., His odor is so bad it would gag a maggot off a gutwagon.

submitted by Becky Hollingsworth

gag bag™ - Grab And Go bag™ -- a small travel bag that you keep packed all the time, ready to get out of the starting gate on a minute's notice. Able to hold a minimal change of clothing and toiletries. Enough to get you on your way, through today, and far enough into tomorrow to re-supply, if necessary.

e.g., I'm pumped. Just give me the word and I'm outa here. My GAG bag's packed and in my car already.

submitted by JeanieL

gag form -

Optional (This information will not be displayed; however, it may be used to rob you blind.): Primary e-mail address:

Legal name:
Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Social Security Number:

Mother's name:
Father's name (if known):
Mother's maiden name:

Bank routing number:
Checking account number:
User name:

Credit card number:
Expiration Date (month/year)

Billing Address:

Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:
Cell Phone:

If the shipping address is left blank, the money (or the item ordered) will be sent to HD Fowler, P.O. Box 0836, Hillsdale, Kansas 66036-0836.

Shipping Address:

Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:
Cell Phone:

For buildings or gated communities

Select Amount & Personalize (Please complete the following section as indicated.)

submitted by

gaga - Long before we had Lady Gaga, we had this word -- and will, undoubtedly, have it long after: "Excessively and foolishly enthusiastic; ardently fond; infatuated; demented; crazy; dotty."

e.g., He went gaga over the girl as soon as he set eyes on her.

submitted by HD Fowler

gaggalong - A sing-along of geese, honking their way south in vee formation.

e.g., Birdwatchers are also bird-listeners. For example, their ears are cocked in the fall, waiting to hear the Canadian geese and their gaggalongs.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

gaggle - Washington DC expression; an informal news conference without television cameras.

e.g., Presidential Press Secretary Ari Fletcher has instituted a 9 am daily gaggle in the White House Press Office.

submitted by Stephen Mize

gaggle - Google's new entry into the field of search engines for specialty groups. Designed for the painfully shy, it takes four of the same inquiries before the information is disseminated, equally. No one person is credited with the request and anonymity is perserved.

e.g., Tina is keeping her fingers crossed that others on Gaggle want to know what "French kissing" is before her Saturday night date with Harold.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

gags - A long time.

e.g., It's been absouletly gags since I had rice pudding.

submitted by Lukas Friga

gagsnad - An unidentifiable mass or cluster of goo stuck to your fingers from the wrapper of your fast food burger. Similar to a booger, but no one knows what it is. Can also be found at the bottom of your trashcan.

e.g., Ooh gross! There's a funky gagsnad on my finger.

submitted by Mike Cuentas

gagswitch - The fleshy bit at the back of your throat that makes you go "kyack!" when you stick things too far into your mouth.

e.g., "Kyack! Nope I can't eat a carrot in one bite!"

submitted by Toni

gah - Exclamation used as realization dawns that a disaster is about to or has just occurred.

e.g., Gah! I forgot to backup up the code before I changed it!

submitted by 3zero

gah roo - An interjection used in in place of "What?" or "Huh?"

e.g., Joe: Your epidermis is showing. Jon: Gah roo?

submitted by jenn wild - (www)

gahcked - to be overly excited or adament about something

e.g., they were all gahcked over the fact that they had won the football game

submitted by jon thomas - (www)

gaight - A straight person who likes "gay music" or "gay TV shows."

e.g., I'm probably considered a "gaight", because I listen to a radio show online that can only be reached through regular radio in Houston, but luckily I have the internet, to go through the archives to listen to every show made, including the Christmas ones, no matter what time of year. To prove that I'm a gaight, look at the www field of the definition.

submitted by star651 - (www)

gairmmin - Gairmmin is the opposite of the word "awesome" (used in a teenager's language) if something is bad.

e.g., You got a bad mark in school. You think, "Gairmmin, I should've studied." | You flunked the "submit a word to the pseudodictionary" exercise, Chris? Gairmmin.

submitted by BEC

gaish - Describing a thing which is gay. Derived from "gay-ish"

e.g., His hot pink belly shirt is so gaish.

submitted by Nate - (www)

gajillions - Many or a lot. More than a known number, such as millions or billions.

e.g., You have gajillions of marshmellows in that huge bag. Can I have one, huh, can I?

submitted by Shea - (www)

gak - A subjective description of the feeling of the mucus that develops in the back of one's throat after drinking a glass of orange juice followed by brushing one's teeth. Extra thick milkshakes can often produce the same results.

e.g., Gak! I just can't sing right after breakfast.

submitted by Emlyn - (www)

galactic peace police - Always on duty at key locations in the Galaxy and the Universe, this Force [may the Force be with you] patrols and guards all spaceways to ensure and maintain peaceful actions and behavior.

e.g., When humans took to Space in earnest in the 22nd century they quickly encountered our Galactic Peace Police, checking for possible violations and writing obnoxious tickets, as usual..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

galactonaut - A traveler between and within galaxies.

e.g., My son's ambition is to someday be a galactonaut.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

galamble - A long speech about something you'd rather not listen to. Usually you have no part in the conversation. To give an excessively long, boring speech.

e.g., The teacher galambled today on the unrecursive enumerableness of Goedel's Theorem. (Grundlagen der Analysis.)

submitted by ryan

galampinating - Staying outdoors all night long doing whatever random things you decide might be worth doing.

e.g., After my friends clocked out we went galampinating, and we didn't go home until the sun came up.

submitted by Jeff

galapropism - The incorrect name you call the woman you've just awakened in bed next to.

e.g., To avoid galapropisms I now refer to every woman I wake up next to as "darling."

submitted by Deacon

galez - Unfortunately, no one can be told what galez have to see it for youself. Anyways, it's something close to "eccentric, delighted, humorous kind of occasional awesomeness." It is like the word "geil" (awesome) in German, but with a bit more weird and unclear, yet stronger meaning. Also the base of the entire Galez Movement, a cult for bored geeks :) More information on our official dictionary page in the link. See also: -legalez and -illegalez

e.g., - The weather was absolutely galez - Will galez for food

submitted by Daniel Sutter - (www)

galgamud a. meswat - Someone you're not.

e.g., 'Ello. My name is Galgamud A. Meswat. This is my brother Yoame. We are foreign visitor from the country of India and pleased to make your acquaintance.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

galimatias - "Confused or unintelligible talk." Ran across while looking up synonyms for poppycock.

e.g., I've had enough of your galimatias, HD. Give it a rest.

submitted by Lillith

galleywhacker - A smooth, flat piece of driftwood used in small, shared living spaces (i.e., recreational vehicles) to lovingly slap any exposed flesh of a flatmate who has invaded one's personal space.

e.g., Please stay out of the kitchen while I'm cooking or I'll slap you with the galleywhacker.

submitted by David - (www)

gallina gas - The surprisingly disgusting odor wafting through the open windows of your trailer coming from a nearby chicken farm in Oklahoma or Missouri.

e.g., Susan: "Good Lord! What is that awful smell?" Donna: "It's just the chicken farm over yonder." Sheryl: "Yeah, gallina gas will stink a dog off a honey wagon."

submitted by John S. Duckering - (www)

gallivantageous - Apt to gallivant; possessing a propensity for gallivanting.

e.g., Susie was considered by many to be rather gallivantageous, having been known to roam the city with her posse of socialites.

submitted by Aud

gallofeet - To wear big heavy boots, particularly work boots, to demonstrate "big bad man syndrome." Or to let people know how tough and cool you are.

e.g., Don't mess with Roy Gene, he has gallofeet. For some reason the turkey walked up to me while I was at work and stomped on my foot -- hard. I have no Idea why he did it, but he knew I wasn't going to respond, get in any kind of argument or fight, and lose my job. I had seen him at his class reunion, I might have stamped his foot as hard as possible, and then explained to him that he was getting his payback . . . with year and years of interest.

submitted by Zvideomaster

gallywow - "A man destitute of the power of begetting children. _Cornwall_, [J. Wright]." You can tell it's an old word by the reference to "begetting." From _The Word Museum._ We're all about making up new words, but there are lot of old words we could make use of if only we knew them. This is the very word I needed in an insulting e-mail I wrote last week. So old it's new.

e.g., "Regardless of whatever else your wife may have told you, the only thing she ever found attractive about you was the prospect that you could make a good living for her. She pushed out two kids, right? Are you sure you’re their father? You don’t strike me as a man who’d be fertile or virile enough to reproduce." "Wow, that's harsh. Practically telling the guy he's a cuckold and a gallywow. Glad I didn't get on your bad side. You're mean, dudette."

submitted by HD Fowler

galphonism - You know that feeling when you're near a cliff that doesn't have very good safety barriers up and you realize that if you slipped in just the right way, you would die? Well there is this feeling on top of that feeling of anxiety that tells you to just go ahead and jump so that you won't have to deal with the fear any longer of POSSIBLY slipping and dying. This is called a galphonism. Or having a "galphonic complex." This applies in many situations including impulses that involve you doing something to someone else as you will see in the sample sentence below.

e.g., Jamie had an unfortunate galphonism and got 20-to-life for shoving someone onto the subway tracks as an oncoming train approached.

submitted by John Nugent

galumpaness - The dumbness of someone.

e.g., Chris's galumpaness led to a bloody nose.

submitted by Joanna - (www)

galumph - To gallop triumphantly. From "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll

e.g., He was so pleased with his efforts at the game, he galumphed the entire way home.

submitted by Gerry

gamalian - One well-versed in using games to get what she wants. Not upfront.

e.g., Jeez, did she have to get all gamalian on me. She could have said it straight.

submitted by Devorahmuse

gamaliel's law - (n.) 1. the rule that, if some practice, philosophy, precept, methodology, belief, or whatever, is based upon true principles, it will flourish, survive, or rise out of its own ashes. 2. any instance of the "wait-and-see" approach. (From the position on Christianity taken by the famed rabbi Gamaliel in the Bible: Acts 5:34-39---"Then stood there up one in the council, a Pharisee, named Gamaliel, a doctor of the law, had in reputation among all the people ... And said unto them, 'Ye men of Israel, take heed to yourselves what ye intend to do as touching these men. For before these days rose up Theudas, boasting himself to be somebody; to whom a number of men, about four hundred, joined themselves: who was slain; and all, as many as obeyed him, were scattered, and brought to nought. After this man rose up Judas of Galilee in the days of the taxing, and drew away much people after him: he also perished; and all, even as many as obeyed him, were dispersed. And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.'")

e.g., "That guy's sure acting strange ... I say we arrest him." "For what? strangeness? Let's go by Gamaliel's law here: wait and see. If he's waiting for someone or planning anything, arresting him would only keep us from finding anything out. Besides, I brought donuts." "Okay ... Gamaliel's good."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gamalielese - Bad writing or speech, worthy of the Bulwer-Lytton Award.

e.g., H.L. Mencken wrote of President Harding's gamalielese at least once.

submitted by HD Fowler

gamasteron - A planet of a solar system whose existence is certain, but not yet identified exactly.

e.g., There are a lot of gamasterons in our galaxy. She is like a gamasteron in that you never know for sure where she is.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius

gambol - Gamble.

e.g., Poe was kicked out of West Point for gamboling.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

game - Often seen in reference to the ability of a man to attract (or seduce) women, although "game" is applicable to success in any endeavor. Game is generally considered to be unrelated to looks, money, physique, etc. All else being equal, a man with good game is going to be much more successful in his relations (short-term, especially) with women than a man with poor game.

e.g., I'm thinking you won't run into very man bald, fat, and generally physically unattractive men who have game. | You see an ugly older guy with a bootylicious young chick, you'll be better off betting he has loads of money than you will be betting that he has a good game.

submitted by HD Fowler

gamer bling - Someone who wears a lot of game realated clothing.

e.g., Scott has his gamer bling in high gear today.

submitted by Josh Priddy

gamer-trance - A coma-like state after an hour of pwning everyone you come into virtual contact with. (ED. Cody, even though I went against policy and accepted your submittal -- videlicet, the description -- neither you nor anyone else has ever come close to pwning me.)

e.g., I tried to get his attention, but he was in a gamer-trance

submitted by Cody

gamooks - rather unordinary persons with little awareness of the world around them.

e.g., I don't want this sculpture to fall into the hands of just any gamooks, God knows what they'd do with it.

submitted by Harry Viens

gamorgeous - Used to describe something that is "to die for"' beautiful...more than gorgeous and extremely glamourous.

e.g., She was wearing a new dress that was absolutely gamorgeous.

submitted by Chey Dustin

gan - 'Gan' is a far better thing than what you see being used to-day, namely 'went' [ illogical ]..?! Shouldn't the sequence be, 'go, gan, gone'..?! But of course..!!

e.g., The man's plan hit the fan when it gan longer than planned, man..? [ The Rhine in Spine lieth Minely in the Pline ]..? it goes without saying [ poe edic licence ]..?! They gan without eating, 40 daze an' 40 nites, an' were thereafter mere shadows of their former selves..?! [ poe edic ]..?! pie 0201

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

gandy dancer - Railroad worker: track-laying or maintenance.

e.g., Although they clearly have rhythm, it might be rather pointless to ask a gandy dancer to dance.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gang'o - Used for a group of (usually young) rowdy males. Shortened from gang of lads. Coined on holiday by four friends in 2000 and used ever since.

e.g., Theres a gang'o over there. | Uh oh, gang'o at three o'clock. | I don't want to go over there, theres a gang'o.

submitted by Emma Carter

gangle-shanks - Stumbled across in _The American Thesaurus of Slang_, this prematurely pronounced dead slang needs to be resuscitated. It has the general meaning of "long, skinny legs" or "one with long, skinny legs," the shank being the part of the leg between the knee and the ankle -- and sometimes the entire lower limb, including the leg and thigh. Checking Internet sources for definitions and examples of its use, I found one in the March 24, 1958, issue of _Time Magazine_ in an article about chess master Bobby Fischer, written shortly after he won the United States Championships at age 14. The example emphasizes the awkwardness that often accompanies long legs in the young -- I thought of a newly born colt trying to get to its feet.

e.g., "A floppy, abrupt young gangle-shanks, he stumbles through the physical world of school and subways and summer vacations in a tangle of arms and legs not quite under control."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ganglophone - A politically correct word for all people unusually lanky, long, or gangly.

e.g., "Cal, you're really lanky." "We ganglophones prefer the term 'ganglophone.'"

submitted by Robbie Cahill

gangsta - A real thug, livin' the streets the way that the hip-hop lifestyle would suggest.

e.g., Chris is the only real gangsta I know.

submitted by T-Dogg

gank - 1. To attack without provocation, to lash out for no good reason. 2. A moment of public embarrassment. 3. To screw something up or have it fall short of expectations.

e.g., 1. Jeez, I barely set foot in the place when Chris ganked me. I wuzn't gonna boost nothin' this time. 2. Someone trips walking into a pub -- that's gank. Tripping coming out is different. 3. That basketball player really ganked his shot. | Wave Rally really ganks. The screenshots looked cool, but the game plays horribly.

submitted by Ben Johnson | Matthew | Jimmo | Dan - (www)

gankt - The result of a computer hardware of software failure.

e.g., Windows XP gankted your video driver, so you'll have to reinstall the operating system. Sorry, all your files have been lost.

submitted by Dan

ganopulator - Like the boogey-man, only worse.

e.g., The Ganopulator is a scary fictitious monster who eats everything from food scraps to dirty single socks--and toes that hang out of the bed at night.

submitted by Sam I Am

gant - Hungry, starving for food.

e.g., I have not eaten anything all day, so I am gant.

submitted by jeff brown - (www)

gantt - Collective for project managers.

e.g., The developer hid under the desk as a gantt of project managers, wild-eyed and slavering, stalked the building.

submitted by b

gaper's delay - The traffic delay resulting from a roadside accident or similar spectacle. Derived from drivers' "gaping" behavior when driving near an accident. Heard on the air in Chicago.

e.g., "We've got a gaper's delay on the Eisenhower--a 40-foot tall puppuet is gesticulating madly at the drivers. That'll add half an hour to your drive today."

submitted by Rich Tatum - (www)

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