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for the hallabut - For the hell of it. Play on words by smushing everything after the into the name of a fish.

e.g., Harry: I set off a stink bomb in the hall. Clair: Why? Harry: For the hallabut.

submitted by Jane

forbert - Lame. Not the limping variety of lame.

e.g., Korra's example was fobert. Maybe she'll honor us by resubmitting her word with an example she's given more thought to.

submitted by korra - (www)

forbo - A drink purchased as part of a meal deal that proves to be too large but which the purchaser feels obliged to drink (because they paid for it), and does so to their own discomfort

e.g., The burger was ok, but this drink is becoming a bit of a forbo.

submitted by Roland

forcastrophe - A badly blown weather forecast, usually involving the loss of millions of dollars and inconvenience to millions of people.

e.g., The "Blizzard" of 1/26/15 turned out to be a forecastrophe.

submitted by Chris Moran - (www)

forced entry - The result of pdiarrhœa (q.v.).

e.g., A severe attack of pdiarrhœa caused her to make a forced entry.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

forcery - Forcing somone to do something against her will. Past tense forcerized.

e.g., If I do your homework for you, it will be by sheer forcery. I have been forcerized into writing this definition.

submitted by sean flanigan

forcibly - Related to using force or violence to lightly tap something. {ED. "Carla" didn't give an e-mail address for notification, so I'm guessing she'll be coming back to see if her submittal gets accepted. Good to see that she has no fear of split infinitives. ... Only a throwback such as HD would. Lillith}

e.g., She forcibly kicked herself.

submitted by Carla

forcibly happy - To push a smile onto your face and speak and act as though you're just peachy for the sake of company or circumstance even though you may be morose with tears rolling from your eyes or infuriated enough to be red in the face and barely able to string a sentence together, etc.

e.g., Some folks can be forcibly happy when speaking to tactopunks (which see). I simply cannot; and, although scowling, usually am able to exersize enough self-control as to not lose my integrity.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

forearm tack - (nautical) a course where the forearm is used to avoid collision of boat with oncoming obstacle.

e.g., When leaving the dock, Greg chose a forearm tack which saved his boat from damage, but resulted in a trip to the emergency room.

submitted by greg foster

forecastocalypse - An incorrect forecast involving an event or outcome that involves many people and businesses changing their schedules and plans. Usually involving the loss of tens of millions of dollars to businesses. Most frequently used to describe a blown weather forecast.

e.g., The "historic" blizzard of January 26th, 2015, turned out to be a forecastocalypse, rather than an actual weather event of significance.

submitted by Chris Moran - (www)

foreign accent syndrome - A real syndrome. A rare medical condition "caused when part of the brain is damaged."

e.g., "Doctors have diagnosed her with a rare condition called foreign accent syndrome, which is caused when part of the brain is damaged."

submitted by [Mark Sage] - (www)

foreignges - Dastardly alien oranges.

e.g., Gimme a Florida or California orange, none a them foreignges for me, please.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

forem - For them. Misspelling of forum.

e.g., Are we forem or aginem on the forem?

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

forensicator - A forensics student or participant in forensic activities common in high school. Debate is usually the 1st semester and forensics the 2nd semester. Activities include public speaking, informative speaking, improvised duet acting, etc.

e.g., I was a forensicator and debater in high school. I excelled in the forensics but did not do as well in debate.

submitted by Michael McKnab

forepitchblack - When the hint about the upcoming plot in a movie or TV show is somewhat less than subtle.

e.g., That's not foreshadowing. That was so obvious, it's forepitchblack.

submitted by KLoebrich

foreplay - Anything sexual you do with another person that is not actually inserting or kissing. Differs from the real word because it can be used collectively, and can even be used for times when you don't insert at all.

e.g., The guy I am seeing is great at foreplay. I won't let him insert, though.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

foreploy - Any misrepresentation made solely for the purpose of getting laid. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

e.g., Introducing himself as a Vice President of Merrill-Lynch was a foreploy. She fell for it.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

forepray - A monk's blessing before a meal.

e.g., The brothers always have forepray before each meal..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

forereopen - Fore-reopen. The recovery of one's real estate by the foreclosed-upon. [Close->reopen; foreclose->forereopen.]

e.g., After losing his house in foreclosure, Joe won the lotto jackpot so he forereopened his old house. Celebration this Saturday; bring your designated driver!

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon - (www)

foresite - What you get when you click on "Forward."

e.g., Foresight sent him to the foresite.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

forever and a day plus two - A really looong time.

e.g., Our teacher STILL hasn't given us our tests back. It's been forever and a day plus two.

submitted by Julie

foreverly - Combination of forever and eternity.

e.g., I simply will love you foreverly Until all of time slips away. Yes, I will love you foreverly Foreverly and a day.

submitted by Marge Tindal - (www)

forgetchian - The art or practice of forgetting things.

e.g., 1. My powers of forgetchian resulted in the kids having to walk home from school. 2. The older I get the better my forgetchian powers are -- I remember what I choose to remember.

submitted by Stoffle - (www)

forgettery - Lack of remembering due to the burst of energy from consuming too many caffeinated beverages.

e.g., After Starbucks, I started painting the house and got a little forgettery about the kids needing to be picked up from school.

submitted by Underpaid Kept Woman - (www)

forgotten-snakes - "For goodness' sake" as interpreted by a 4 year old.

e.g., Forgotten-snakes dad! Aren't you going to read me a book?

submitted by Suz

forible - To fail horribly.

e.g., I foribled my chemistry test.

submitted by lauryn

forking - A practical joke involving sticking hundreds and hundreds of plastic forks into someone's lawn or some other large, grassy area. Much like TP'ing.

e.g., We forked Jeff's lawn last night. When we drove by in the morning he was running them over with a lawnmower. Ha.

submitted by ben

forking - Like spooning, but more intense.

e.g., They were forking in bed.

submitted by Warren Wood

forkloader - A socially inept person; dullard.

e.g., That forkloader better leave me alone, or I'll have to hurt her.

submitted by acidspork

forkster - Placing one's fork into the toaster in an attempt to get your now charcoalled toast out.

e.g., How many times have I told you not to forkster? You could get electrocuted.

submitted by Alice Clements

formatophobe - A music-lover addicted to vinyl, with an abhorrence for CDs, tape, MP3s and mini-disks. Such folks are commonly Luddites.

e.g., Harry's wall-to-wall collection of 70s albums, together with this Dansette record player marked him out as a complete formatophobe.

submitted by John Dodds

formicle - To appear or rise from underneath the ground.

e.g., The plant is growing so fast I can see it formicle.

submitted by blackjack

formidibale - Formidable. Misspelling.

e.g., Yeah, you guys do have formidibale tempers.

submitted by Miss Speller

forn - Pornography in any language other than that of the audience. Refers specifically to foreign movies or shows that contain graphic sex and subtitles over-dubbing, but are not hardcore pornography.

e.g., Some suggest that watching enough forn will let you learn the words "Oh, god" in over a hundred languages.

submitted by i_monk

fornever - For never; never happening; the opposite of forever.

e.g., He married for forever, but it turned into fornever . . . and a forever rip-off.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

fornicasting - Playing with financial forecasts to create a more desirable outcome, i.e., screwing with the numbers.

e.g., After the sales group finished fornicasting, they submitted a very favorable 2003 market outlook to management.

submitted by Richard B.

fornicaterer - A food service specialist whose niche was sex clubs such as the notorious Plato's Retreat swingers club of the late 1970s and early 1980s. {ED. No claim a'tall of originality -- the construct is obvious. However, I had never seen it before it occurred to me as I processed the titty-twister entry with its reference to Californication.}

e.g., Fear of AIDS may well have contributed to the disappearance of most fornicaterers from the public eye. (Not that their presence was all that well-known outside certain sophisticated venues such as New Orleans, New York City, and San Francisco.)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fornification - The act of building a fortification during sexual activity between unmarried parties.

e.g., The couple, having been interrupted mid-coitus by the zombie attack, needed to find shelter. The were both very much in need of the denied "release" as well. At this point they solved both problems with an act of fornification. Safe and sated they awaited daylight to seek help.

submitted by Tim Reinerman

foron - FOR'on (n.) - A contraction of the portmandeau word "frakkingmoron"; describes an individual who gives the word "moron" a bad name; can be used in polite company to express utter disbelief, in any situation.

e.g., Did you see that foron cross six lanes of traffic and still miss his exit? | I had to call tech support, and as usual I spoke to a wide assortment of forons. | You, Sir, are a foron. | | Overheard in the I.T. department: "That foron, Earl, called me again and asked what his password was. How many times do I have to spell it out for him? Eye dee ten tee." etc.

submitted by Badotz

forpetesamprassake - An exclamation of surprise (we used it in college all the time), which replaces the word "goodness" with "pete sampras."

e.g., Chad said, "For petesamprassake, that's a big fire."

submitted by aaron

forrealiously - For real and seriously.

e.g., "That English test was easy!" "Forrealiously!"

submitted by Kelly

forrealmail - Postal mail, snail mail.

e.g., Her correspondence came via forrealmail, not e-mail.

submitted by cassandra

forsheezy! - To exclaim the greatness of a thing or situation or oneself, fer sure.

e.g., The attractive object of your attention invites you in for a drink: "Forsheezy!"

submitted by dan - (www)

fortaphon - A very loud noise, a sound with a defening roar.

e.g., A fortaphon came from the mountain as a jet flew over.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

fortefid - To have strong faith.

e.g., He had such fortefid, it surprised the bishop. The rook was equally surprised.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

fortlucent - A strong light.

e.g., The headlights of the car were fortlucents.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

fortune cookie - 1.Said when you've just been through a near disaster but amazingly survived without a scratch. 2.Can also be said in the "sink or swim" scenario where you mess something up so badly but are still trying to come out ahead, usually in a ridiculous manner.

e.g., 1. A: Well, at least the kitchen didn't burn down. B: Fortune Cookie! 2. A: You know, we could sell this for a modern art masterpiece. B: Fortune Cookie!

submitted by Datura

fortvocde - To yell down in a hole searching for a person.

e.g., I fortvacded looking for Jim.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

forty lashes with a wet noodle - Ann Landers' (Eppie Lederer) suggested self-flagellation for imagined or real offenses.

e.g., Give yourself forty lashes with a wet noodle.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

forty-two - "I don't know." From Douglas Adams' series _The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy_ in which 42 is the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything.

e.g., Bryon: "Lauryn, what time is your mom getting home?" Lauryn: "Forty-two."

submitted by lauryn

fortyleven - Originally "Forty-Eleven." A number to use when one doesn't want to provide a specific figure.

e.g., Sorry I'm late. My boss made me run off, like, fortyleven copies at the last minute.

submitted by Anxy - (www)

forumoron - Someone stupid who spends too much time with message boards.

e.g., I'm a forumoron and I'm proud of it!

submitted by Pinky Lee - (www)

forward - Arrogant, unkind.

e.g., Did you see how Chris cut me off just now. How very forward of him.

submitted by ditnis

forward - What was previously meant by the direction "straight" (rampant in Renaissance Faire circles).

e.g., There is no such thing as straight -- only ever so gaily forward.

submitted by Raptor

fosizzle - Cool, amazing, awesome, tripped-up, etc.

e.g., Wow! Your shirt is so fosizzle.

submitted by Hannah and Mikayla

fosl - an acronymic word meaning Fear of speed limit

e.g., I would of been here on time but I got behind a fosl on the narrow road

submitted by Sid

fossa - 1. Fossil. Arkansas pronunciation. 2. An old person. 3. Cryptoprocta ferox. | Synonymous with the noun "ditch," derived from Latin (1st declension).

e.g., Not only do they have diamonds at Murfreesboro, they also have fossas. | Fossas can be found in Madagascar. || That drunken idiot? He fell in that fossa there and broke his arm.

submitted by HD Fowler | Drew T - (www)

fossil-burner - A car, especially one that is old, large, inefficient, and over-powered for the purposes for which it is used.

e.g., At 4 o'clock, the street outside the school is lined with mothers in fossil-burners.

submitted by Paul-Michael Agapow - (www)

fossils - Grandparents.

e.g., I'll be off visiting the fossils on the weekend.

submitted by Nicole - (www)

fossmaster - A person who is very good at flaunting wealth. Overly stylish or expensive in taste. Fossy.

e.g., Referring to a lady wearing furs, walking two French Poodles: That new bouffant hairstyle makes Gigi look like even more of a fossmaster.

submitted by Whitni McDonald

fosta - Used in place of "suppossed to." pronounced foe sta

e.g., We were fosta go to the movies but Justin had to hang out with his girlfriend. Dork.

submitted by Cody Jamison

fot - V. Breaking the foil seal on a new jar of coffee. N. The sound od a spoon thrust into the foil seal on a new jar of coffee.

e.g., The hangover was severe, but the joy of fotting a new jar of coffee slightly alleviated the nausea Jim was feeling.

submitted by Craig Smith

foul-weather friend - (n.) An acquaintance you don't see very much of, or hear from, until you find yourself in need of help or support. Then these folks suddenly show up as though you are blood kin and begin to shower you with help. The more desperate your need, the more assistance they provide. They do not seek payment or return, but offer help freely because they're just ... nicer than the rest of us. [The opposite of "fair-weather friend," used to describe people who are "friends" while everything is good, but vanish when things get rough.]

e.g., The most extreme example of foul-weather friend I have personally seen occurred about ten or twelve years ago when my wife suddenly realized, as she walked in the door, that she did not have her purse. It had evidently disappeared from her grocery cart after (or perhaps while) she was unloading groceries from it into the car. We drove back to the store and spent quite a while looking for it, while hurriedly cancelling the credit cards and such. The real loss, however, was the $200+ dollars which were in it, part of which was our son's entire birthday budget. While I searched the host of shopping carts in the parking lot, my wife went into the store to ask the manager whether a purse had been found. I found nothing and went into the grocery store to find my wife. As we stood there together, distraught and frustrated, a woman came up to us and handed my wife $200. She had overheard us, and wanted to help. We could only blink and mumble our thanks; and when we asked her name so that we could pay her back when we could, she said, very seriously, "Just pay it forward someday." We don't even know her name.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

founch - To fidget and annoy.

e.g., Sam, quit founching your sister.

submitted by kelly

fountaining - To jump into fountain and get wet.

e.g., On my vacation to Finland, I fountained in Helsinki.

submitted by Kuosu

four lorn - An emotional state of feeling abandoned caused by a multiple loss of relationships.

e.g., Paul: Hey, man. You look terrible! What's wrong? Saul: My dog ran away, my girl left me for her lady Yoga instructor, the Organ Bank won't issue me a donor card for medical reasons, and Paddy's Irish House of Brew and Bar-B-Q has banned me from its premises forever. Of course I'm looking "lorn." I'm "four lorn!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko

four mule a - The ancient and original test for the validity of a set form of words, chemical compound, or mathematical equation, based on four common attributes of mules: 1. Independence -- stand alone†
2. Intelligent and thoughtful†
3. Durable and long-lasting†
4. Difficult -- no simple solution†

e.g., (From the archives of a 4th grade history class:) Archimedes was an old Greek guy who really wanted to find a four mule a, so he moved to a smelly old barn and lived with some mules and horses. It took a real long time, and he was so disgusted with being there, that when he finally found out how to test gold, he yelled "You reek a!" at the animals, and went home, and took a hot bath. And that's the trooth.

submitted by charlie lesko

four-banger - Also "two-banger." A conventionally aspirated automobile (i.e., a car without fuel injection).

e.g., Almost all American cars manufactured in the 1960s are four-bangers or two-bangers.

submitted by Stephen Mize

four-banger - A four-cylinder engine installed in an automobile. 4-banger.

e.g., My Honda looks like it goes fast, but it just has a four-banger under the hood.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

four-o-four - Taken from the web's "Not Found" error number, this handy number can be used to describe a stooopid person or anything misplaced or forgotten.

e.g., Don't date him -- he's 404. | Where the four-o-four are my keys? | Damn, I 404ed last night.

submitted by jeff - (www)

four-oh-find - A dynamic website development technique that uses 404 errors (page not found) to instigate searches in that website's content or database.

e.g., I couldn't remember the definition for 5 by 5, but pseudodictionary's four-oh-find technology let me just type " by 5" into my browser.

submitted by garret - (www)

four-oh-foreplay - Wasting time, especially in a verbal exchange with the clueless

e.g., I asked him how it happened, but all I got was a bunch of four-oh-foreplay.

submitted by Reg Hacquer - (www)

four-one-one - info

e.g., "what's the four-one-one on that girl?

submitted by alan

four-seven-tennis - The game you play when browsing here letter by letter to get back to the middle of the Ms, Ts, etc. by clicking on 4 7 10.

e.g., I hate to check my inbox at work because I lose my place and hafta play four-seven-tennis again.

submitted by onjaysun

fourbears - Fourbears, your parents' parents, if you're a bear.

e.g., My fourbears are all coming over this Sunday for honey and berries.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

fourbucks - Starbucks coffee houses -- since their product tends to be a little more pricey than the usual cup o' joe.

e.g., I really like the coffee from Fourbucks.

submitted by J. P. - (www)

fourgive - To donate in quadruplicate.

e.g., Her firm matched donations so she made two, thus fourgiving.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

fourplay - Prelims four a two-couple orgy.

e.g., Is fourplay foulplay?

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

foursyllabal, foursyllably - Modifier to be used when the object doesn't actually need modifying, but you wish to either call attention to the object, lengthen your sentence, or take four more syllables to think of what to say.

e.g., Tyson is foursyllably taking him apart piece by piece.

submitted by Paul

fourteen-four - To move very slowly. Refers to a 14.4 kbps modem.

e.g., I couldn't get my daughter out of bed and off to school this morning. She was really fourteen-fouring.

submitted by Frank

fourve - It's more than four and less than five.

e.g., That house is fourve stories high.

submitted by Biffer

foutre - To mess up at something; deriving from the French.

e.g., Daughter: Did you finish you're painting? I want to see it. Mum: It's finished, but you foutred up the question. It should by "your," not "you're."

submitted by manda nicole

fovie - A contraction for "food and a movie" or "dinner and a movie?"

e.g., What are you doing friday night? Wanna come over for a fovie?

submitted by Ramsey

fowl language - The language of fowls, especially poultry. Not as prevalent as Pig Latin. Foul language? -- a good word for "coarsely or vulgarly abusive language" is billingsgate. HD Fowler uses foul language, fowl language, and Fowler Language. | Standard American English usage, as idiosyncratically misused by Jon Stewart and his ilk, to the great dismay of HD Fowler, Senior Editor for the pseudodictionary, and this poster.

e.g., Too many pigs around for us to use Pig Latin -- let's use fowl language. Translation of the Bible into Pig Latin. The translation into fowl language is a work in progress. English into Pig Latin. Pig Latin search engine. |Jon Stewart's fowl language in no way lends to his image as a champion of free speech. He's chicken to try to get by without resorting to same.

submitted by HD Fowler | S. Berliner, III - (www)

fowl mood - The mood you're in when the chickens come home to roost. Given that the idiom is used to refer to getting your just deserts for earlier bad acts or bad behavior, a fowl mood is a bad mood -- essentially the same as a foul mood. Sometimes, a fowler mood -- not a comparative formed by adding -er, the meaning of fowler mood is identical to the meaning of fowl mood, no better, no worse. Either that or it's simply a reference to the mood I'm in: Fowler Mood, meaning Fowler's mood.

e.g., Dammit. I hated to see that happen. It put me in a fowl mood.

submitted by HD Fowler

fowl play - What you shouldn't do to chickens.

e.g., He had some fowl play in mind, but the bird was chicken.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

fowl, to - 1. Foul, to. From a misspelling of same, in the first example. 2. To have your PD entry converted to Pseudodictionary Speak (pseudospeak), aka Standard English -- including use of the shift key. Also "to fowler."

e.g., 1. "The problem was always the same: The elegant teak veneer on the front face of the speaker was being fowled by slipped screwdrivers as the cones were being mounted." (From a message board. The writer is explaining where the term "Allen wrench" comes from Subsequent have good evidence that his explanation is incorrect. The first response: Wow... if this is true, it's a great story and good explanation.If it was made-up, then I'm even more impressed!" Check the link.

2. Even if the old dude (Fowler, I think he calls himself.) doesn't intercept your submittal, it's going to get fowled anyway. All the editors are adept at pseudoctrination. Asshole editors.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fowler - One who plays with chickens and such-like birds in an unspeakable way.

e.g., An HD fowler is not just one who does dirty things with birds but even does it in high definition. {ED. While it's not necessarily perverse to use feathers during sexual activities, using the whole chicken is another matter.}

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

fowler crony - Close pal, at least in spirit, with people like HD Fowler, for their inclinement to play with words.

e.g., I seem to be a Fowler crony, as I've now got a full one percent plus of the words in the Pseudodictionary under my name.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

fowler language - Standard American English usage, as idiosyncratically interpreted by HD Fowler, Senior Editor for the PseudoDictionary. Senior certainly in that he is our geezer editor, decades older than anyone else.

e.g., Submittals will be converted to Fowler Language before the "save it" button is clicked to add them.

submitted by HD Fowler

fox - To suck, or to be generally unpleasant.

e.g., I wish I had eaten out last night, since my mom's meatloaf really foxes.

submitted by Vesty - (www)

fox up - To overdo an especially lurid and tasteless news story or investigative report so as to add overtones of sensationalism or tastelessness.

e.g., That I-team report this past week seems to be rather foxed-up, don't you think?

submitted by Larry Ellis Reed - (www)

foxed - For a project that has been given a cease and desist order or otherwise stepped on (most commonly by the owners of an intellectual property that has been "borrowed"). The term originates with a mod for Doom based on the Alien movies. FOX Entertainment quashed the project with both feet.

e.g., I wouldn't do that... you're going to get Foxed.

submitted by BitRaiser

foxtrot oscar - Fuck Off. From NATO phonetic alphabet. Motto of my recruit course.

e.g., "Clean that latrine." "Foxtrot oscar."

submitted by The Puffin - (www)

foxy morons - A "dumb blond" or the like? Someone who's very attractive, so and "intelligence" doesn't matter. | foxymoron: An attractive but intellectually vacant person, especially female.

e.g., Their very lack of smarts can make the foxy moron very appealing. | "How did you get on with your blind date last night?" "She looked great, but meeting at the theatre was a big mistake. She's, like, a foxymoron."

submitted by Paul Edic | hedgewizard - (www)

fpoon - A utensil comprised of part fork, part spoon; the opposite of spork.

e.g., "...and these noodles come with a handy fpoon, so you can eat them on the run."

submitted by Jamie Bowen

fq - Fuckability Quotient. A measure on a scale of 1-10 of how fuckable a potential object of one's desire is. Sometimes, Frivolous Question.

e.g., Oh, I'd give her about a 9 as an FQ.

submitted by beelzebub

fra fries - French fries.

e.g., I want fra fries with my hamburger.

submitted by Janelle

frab - When you barf but it only comes part way up the throat and then heads back.

e.g., He was so nauseated that he thought he would barf--but he couldn't get it to come out of his mouth and all he could do was frab.

submitted by David S aka The Flamingo Kid

frabs - Any infectious vermin that invokes an itching sensation.

e.g., Goshdern frabs just won't go away.

submitted by Felice - (www)

fracas - The nether regions, I'd have to say. The example is a question and answer exchange in a court. Other hilarious stuff at the linked page.

e.g., "Q. The truth of the matter is that you were not an unbiased, objective witness, isn't it? You too were shot in the fracas? A. No, sir. I was shot midway between the fracas and the naval."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

frack - 1. An exclamation used when in frustration. 2. Used in a sentence like the word "heck" or "crap." 3. Substitute for frickin' or other words used in "F" terms.

e.g., 1. Frack. The vase just fell. 2. What the frack is he doing? 3. Throw me the frackin' baseball.

submitted by Ryan

frack - Coined in the early 1960's, a single word exclamation used when someone has made a glaring mistake, misjudgment, or social blunder. Also used for a physical mishap, a spaz, or other humorous miscalculated activity.

e.g., While spray painting the tank pink, John inadvertently pointed the spray can in Bob's direction. Seeing Bob's disgruntled pink face, John exclaimed, "Frack!"

submitted by John S. Duckering

fracker - 1. A member of an orchestra who just doesn't give a flip about what the conductor says, and who refuses to participate in chair tests because they hinder the ability to have fun in the orchestra 2. A person who is so cool, that she makes up her own vocabulary and teaches others to use it.

e.g., There's just two or three frackers in the back of the room who won't stop having a party while we're trying to have class.

submitted by Sarah

fractal - A basic element of the universe that results in the creation of intelligence as long as the fractal is allowed to expand to a required level of complexity. Fractals clump and are drawn into our dimension by other fractals.

e.g., You must have a similar fractal to me, since we are so alike.

submitted by peter meharg

fractal theory - If young children are fat and flabby, they're likely to be the same as adults.

e.g., Fractal Theory was wrong in this case, as the chubby girl he remembered had turned into a lean and gorgeous woman.

submitted by Steve McDonald

fractioned - Texan/Czech for "fractured."

e.g., He fell and fractioned his elbow.

submitted by John Booth, Jr.

fradurdurt - Slurred speech, commonly found in those who work for a fast-food chain. e.g. Hellko fwelco chew Wendys fray Ki Take cher Order

e.g., Hellko fwelco chew Wendys fray Ki Take cher Order.

submitted by Jake Wiesnet

frag - Kill, in computer gaming.

e.g., Q3 session: Why are you chasing him? Ans: He fragged me, the bastard.

submitted by Herbert

frag - To throw a hand grenade (fragmentation grenade).

e.g., If he doesn't stop singing, I'm gonna frag him.

submitted by mike

fraguile - An illusion of helpless delicacy created by Southern women of steel.

e.g., Samantha Suggins of Roanoke, VA, is so fraguile that she needs the support of a gentleman's arm to bring her safely from the restaurant door to the dining table. At the local gym, however, she is known as a kick-boxing expert and regularly bench presses 200 pounds with no problem.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

fraggaholic - Anyone that plays first person shooters more than 8 hours a day.

e.g., Jim, you are a fraggaholic.

submitted by DeBuG

fragged - To inflict a wound on oneself accidentally. From the military slang used in the Vietnam War, if not quite with the same meaning. Alternative spellings include "fregged," "frigged," "frogged," and "frugged." For rather obvious reasons, "frogged" is preferred when referring to John É Kerry's alleged accidental injury to himself in Vietnam, December, 1969.

The Sixties Project Glossary of Military Terms & Slang from the Vietnam War defines fragging as "the assassination of an officer by his own troops, usually by a grenade" -- or fragmentation bomb, fragmentation grenade.

There's rather extensive writeup in Webster's Online Dictionary, but all definitions refer to intentional fire.

e.g., Several Swift boat veterans maintain that John É Kerry's first Purple Heart may have been awarded as the result of his frogging himself with an M-79 grenade launcher that he fired into some rocks. Kerry's own journal indicates that he did not face enemy fire until 9 days after the injury for which he received the Purple Heart was sustained. Who knows? John É Kerry, for sure.

submitted by HD Fowler

fraggle - A spastic person.

e.g., He just knocked over Mom's Hummel collection. A fraggle, if ever I saw one.

submitted by ifyousayso

fragistat manipulator - A technology term typically used by people working in a machine shop or garage of some sort, refers to the male genitalia.

e.g., Oh my god, Marty, you almost hit me in the fragistat manipulator with that crankshaft.

submitted by Andrew Troupis

fragm - Saliva, spit, any fluid coming from your mouth.

e.g., "Stop fragming all over me," I said to Torrie.

submitted by Jill - (www)

fragrent - The guy living in the cardboard box behind the liquor store.

e.g., Caught him panhandeling again, obviously another fragrent.

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

frail - To collapse or fall down unconscious.

e.g., Joel had too much to drink at the New Year's Eve party, so he frailed immediately when wh got home.

submitted by Joel Parker

frail - A girl, female person, dame, broad -- the weaker of the two sexes? A pulp fiction term.

e.g., Take a gander at the groovy frail -- think I'll mosey on over and shoot the breeze.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

frailure - When you fail at something not for lack of trying, but due to frailty and weakness.

e.g., I tried to lift the bookcase off of him, but met with frailure.

submitted by B-Rad

frak - Physically tired.

e.g., After that run, I'm feeling frakked.

submitted by Tia`

fralm - Really, really, really, really fun.

e.g., Making up new word is fralm.

submitted by Tia`

framazol - A poor or bad item. A second-rate person.

e.g., It's a framazol leash.

submitted by Jimmy Roy - (www)

framis - Anything that you forget the definition of.

e.g., So after you lower the bolt shaft you . . . er . . . squizzle the framis and it all falls into place.

submitted by Osric

france surrenders - From A variation of a theme found in he Onion's Our Dumb Century, a collection of fake newspaper articles supposedly published all across the 20th century. One of the jokes is that every time there's a war (World War I, World War II, Vietnam, etc.), the words "France Surrenders" follow some sort of news headline.

e.g., US declares war on Iraq. France surrenders.

submitted by BorgHunter

franchfries - Frenchfries purchased through a franchised fast food restaurant.

e.g., Although I enjoy frenchfries from a mom-and-pop restaurant, I refuse to order mass-produced franchfries from a franchise restaurant chain such as McDonalds or Burger King.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

franglais - Fractured French. A combination of French and English words and grammar. Often used when an English-speaker is trying to speak French and doesn't know a French word needed to complete the sentence. Or, using English sentence structure when composing a sentence in French.

e.g., 1. Her French failed her, so she resorted to Franglais. 2. From Scott X, a typical Franglais conversation: "Eh, Marie-Pierre, vous etes allez a la party cette week-end?" "Colis de tabernac, oui! j'avais tellement du fun, mon estie!"

submitted by al

franglish - The French counterpart to Spanglish.

e.g., A: Salut! B: Bonjour, ca va well? A: No. B: Por why? A: Speaking in Franglish again, are we?

submitted by Stacy

frank - Term used when an actor or actress looks exactly like a better or more famous actor or actress. It comes from a lot of lesser-known siblings being named Frank, most notably Frank Stallone and Frank Shamrock. NOTE: This does not apply to special cases such as Nick Nolte/Gary Busey because they are the same person. See "Niarcky Buolstey." Term can also be used for things other than thespians, but works best when used with an easily recognizable last name.

e.g., GOOD: "She looks like Frank Pinkett Smith." "Oakland. Man, that's like San FRANKcisco." "Who is this guy, Frank Malkovich?" BAD: "That girl looks like Frank Roberts." (Referring to a Julia Roberts look-a-like.)

submitted by Alexander Tarrant

frank - A TV remote control or "Zapper." Shortening of Frank Zappa.

e.g., There appears to be nothing worth watching on TV tonight. Pass me the Frank and I shall dismiss the pixels forthwith.

submitted by Dave Widdicombe

frank you berry mush - A cute way of saying "Thank you very much."

e.g., Lauryn: "I like your shirt, Nicky." Nicky: "Frank you berry mush."

submitted by lauryn

frankancestor - (also "frankencestor"; n.) 1. An ancestor whose personal information is self-contradictory, piecemeal, or even impossible; probably because 2. that particular ancestor never really existed or was cobbled together out of the lives of people similarly named or located ... or something; 3. A forged together ancestor for political status or importance in one's community. [From "Frankenstein" + "ancestor."]

e.g., I once traced one of my father's grandmother's lines back to a grandson of President John Adams. Unfortunately, this grandson was a frankancestor of some kind, because the John Adams I am truly related to was a Canadian fellow from Ontario who died several years after President Adams did. | There's a lady on my line who was born in Virginia, but was christened in Wales several weeks before her own birth; she got married to a man who had died the year before, and had nineteen children who were all born in the same two-year period, and she died only a few years later, back in Virginia again. Oh, and she was buried in Texas a week later. Needless to say, she was obvoiusly a frankencestor, an erroneous amalgam of various real people ... and it will take me years to separate all the real women whose histories have all been tangled up.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

frankenbite - Used in media circles in place of "soundbite." But a frankenbite is a bit of interview edited to make a person say what you want her to. Also used as a verb: an editor can try to "frankenbite" an interview.

e.g., Not at all what I said. KRMG broadcast a 30-second frankenbite pieced together from over 3 hours of an interview.

submitted by Steve - (www)

frankenboobies - Breasts that have been surgically enhanced, usually enlarged.

e.g., Any breasts that round are full-on Frankenboobies.

submitted by ZenRhino

frankenbride - Bridezilla. A scary rendition of a stressed-out bride.

e.g., She went Frankenbride when the caterer told her he ran out of shrimp.

submitted by hellen

frankendating - Dating three or more people at once so each can fulfill needs the others cannot.

e.g., I'm frankendating right now. Pat is athletic, but not very smart. So I date Alex for intellectual stimulation. But, since Alex doesn?t like foreign films, I also date Chris.

submitted by Stephanie

frankenfish - To destroy or fry with excessive voltage or current. Also, metaphorically, to wear out, frotz, or frazzle.

e.g., Don't hook that light up to the 240V outlet. You'll frankenfish it.

submitted by Eric Sprague - (www)

frankenpaper - 1. Research paper, article, story, treatment, analysis, etc., at that awkward stage where it is more or less a mish-mash of outlines, quotations, citations, and (usually) vague ideas. 2. A paper or story that is rejected or censured, or earns a rotten grade. (Metaphorically rising off its slab and killing its creator.)

e.g., "Have you been able to get to that write-up yet?" "I'm at the frankenpaper stage, so I have long way to go." | "My editor asked me how long she'd have to wait to see my next book; I had to tell her it was still in the frankenpaper stage." | "How'd you do on your term paper, dude?" "No joy, man, the prof said it was frankenpaper." "Ouch! That's harsh."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

frankenstein - (v) To put something together from many different parts in a way that is not altogether natural. (n) Something put together from many parts in a way that is not altogether natural.

e.g., My mom wanted a computer so I built her a frankenstein from parts I had lying around.

submitted by Faithful Atheist - (www)

frankicide - When a frankfurter can't take any more torture and hurls itself through the grill onto the coals.

e.g., If one more frank takes a dive, I'm gonna commit frankicide all on my own.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

frankincense - The enticing smell of hot dogs on the grill.

e.g., The frankincense made them myrrhthful (and hungry, too)!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

frankinsense - The ability to offer a gift to a child, generally the son of someone more powerful than you, that makes you look wise.

e.g., Say what you will about Chris, but he's got frankinsense. He just gave his boss's son the 26-volume set of the Complete Works of Mark Twain. And -- guess what? -- he's been promoted. You didn't think that was based on merit, did you?

submitted by Miguel Esteves cardoso - (www)

franks - Pistachios. No, it's not a brand name.

e.g., I like franks. I don't like having to de-shell them, though; it gets tiring.

submitted by ditnis

frantuck - The hasty self-smartening you do as someone important approaches.

e.g., As my boss entered I had to frantuck my shirt and tie.

submitted by Hammerton

frap - Expletive. For frustration, surprise, disdain--generally for negative feelings. As a modifier, "What the frap is he doing?

e.g., Oh, frap! My foot is caught in the escalator.

submitted by rainbow sunshine

frap - Disconnect, lose connection, lose energy, not running properly;. Frappin'= crappin' out.

e.g., My car's been frappin' out since I ran over that deer's corpse.

submitted by Penelope Pound - (www)

frapper - A fake rapper. A rapper who tries hard but still sucks.

e.g., Chris is a frapper. If he wanted to be a real rapper he would be a badass and rap like a real man.

submitted by Amber Thyssen

frappr map - "Frappr! Maps are like a triple mash-up of an online guest book, a hit log and a map -- three services that, combined, create a fun and visually appealing environment that will keep Web site visitors coming back for more..." -- Kun, Frappr! co-founder


Enter your country, state, and city information to the right, and let's see how this frappr map thingy works. Some tweaks may be needed.

Enter a phonynym if you don't want to use your real name -- that's what I did. I also used a SpamMotel e-mail address. That way I don't have to worry about getting spam. Avatars are cool, too.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

frappuccubus - A combination of Frappuccino and succubus: A wicked temptress who beguiles mortal men with endless tastes of ambrosia-like, sugar-laden, caffeinated, fatty, frozen coffee drinks.

e.g., I was talking to that trickster Mai again. Now Iím craving a chocolate brownie frappuccubus from Moondollarís.

submitted by Dylon Whyte

frapulent - Of one who is easily talked into abandoning her scruples. Ergo, not all that different from unscrupulous.

e.g., Although she was allegedly highly religious and upright, the frapulent girl left the bar at midnight and took a john home.

submitted by BorkingChikapa - (www)

frapulent - The best thing you can imagine in the world. Anything excessively wonderful that makes you extremely happy.

e.g., This ice cream is almost frapulent. I just got an A on my math test, I think I might frapulate. I thought I was going to frapulate the whole time we were at the concert. That perfume is frapulent. His paintings are amazing. It could even be said that they are frapulent.

submitted by Blaine Jordan

frasche - To violently rip the stuffing out of something, usually refering to a couch or such an item of upholstered furniture, often by a dog.

e.g., Your dog has frasched my couch again.

submitted by jimmy

frasday - Day of week between Friday and Saturday.

e.g., When shall we three meet again? How about Frasday?

submitted by Michael Stradling

frash - IM stalking. Reading people's away messages on Instant Messenger so that you always know what they're doing.

e.g., Knew she was frashing me because she kept showing up everywhere I went.

submitted by glass

frash - A description of the perspective taken in a worldview that is best described as "barely integral" -- in terms of Ken Wilber's integral theory. Looking at the intellectual snobbery around the use of integral theory, most writings are not from some lofty position of greatness, but simply just a view of "flatland" FR-om A S-mall H-ill.

e.g., He thinks the article is integral research but really its just fresh frash.

submitted by William

frashopid - Taken from the words rapid and fashion. A sudden change of style, most of the time overnight. As in going from preppy to goth suddenly.

e.g., Did you notice Jackieís frashopid? Just yesterday she looked sweet as an angel, but now she's a demonic little sex kitten. Rowrrr.

submitted by alex

frass - Tired, burned out, and lacking style. Acting crazy.

e.g., Nazane, you really made me mad when you called me frass. You're the one who's frass. And so's your mother.

submitted by nazane

frassem - A family swear word directed at ill-behaved or angry children, from the cartoon dog Muttly on"Laugh-a-Lympics." May be used with the prefix "rassem" in especially trying moments.

e.g., You little frassem. I told you not to put the cat in the oven.

submitted by Seam

frat daddy - One who has mastered the dress, mannerisms, attitude, and appearance of a fraternity member.

e.g., Jimmy used to get mad at the frat daddys in his economics class because they made fun of him.

submitted by Jason McKernan

frat star - One who exhibits the stereotypical behavior and appearance of a fraternity member. See "fratastic."

e.g., With my Northface shell, Wallabees, button-down shirt, Croakies around my neck, an alcoholic beverage in my hand, and a general attitude of not giving a damn, I am one hell of a frat star.

submitted by Matthew Bobrowski

fratal - Aan incident that is sure to result in a broken bone or minor injury. Based on fatal.

e.g., As fast as he was skiing when he fell, I'm surprised his accident wasn't fratal.

submitted by Anne

fratastic - An adjective used for a person whose outward appearance demonstrates an obvious fraternity affiliation.

e.g., All decked out in his Polo button-down shirt, perfectly pressed khakis, camoflauge hat, croakies, and wallabees--Theodore was dressed as fratastic as ever.

submitted by patrick edwards

fratboy - An appellation used for a male college student who belongs to a fraternity -- and exhibits the anti-social, offensive, and stupid behavior that has stereotypically been associated with fraternities for generations. Some social fraternities like to claim that their members are gentlemen, but one has to question how accurate that assessment is.

e.g., Sure, I belonged to a fraternity. But I was never a fratboy. I was recruited for my grade point -- to get the fraternity off academic probation.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

frate - To date someone, in a casual, friendly way. A friendly date.

e.g., So, Jane, are you frating Bob now?

submitted by Chelsea

fraterific - An event that takes place exemplifying the common day fraternity.

e.g., The yatch club was hosting the fraterific regata for the local mission.

submitted by Scott Nunley

fraternal - Greek rest room.

e.g., He hadda pee during pledge week so they sent him to the fraternal.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

fraternize - To compare (another person) to one's brother as an insult or criticism. E.g., "You act like my loser brother." Related terms: patronize, matronize, etc.

e.g., I showed my Pseudodictionary entries to a co-worker, but she just fraternized me and told me to get a life.

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon

fratte - This word is a delicate Latinized term to substitute for the harsh Anglo-Saxon term for, uh, flatulence. This word is intended as a suitable euphemism to apply to nice persons who are much too refined for the Anglo-Saxon term.

e.g., My dear, don't be embarrassed over that charming little fratte.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

fratti-cidal warfare - This word names a particularly gross contest, testing which young stud can produce the loudest, the most explosive, flatulence. By extension, this might refer to any vile or gross, although not dangerous or unlawful, contest among young studs.

e.g., "Molly, let's get out of here! The guys are getting into another one of their fratti-cidal warfare sessions! Ugh! Disgusting!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

frattire - The socially acceptable attire of the common frat-star. Consists of no fewer than 4 basic frat fashion elements, some of which: Wallabies, the North Face shell, Polo or camo hat, button- down shirt, or any other overly expensive fashion element that portrays you as being cool and tough.

e.g., He stopped and checked himself, to make sure he had on the frattire essential to furthering his cool.

submitted by drew longworth and pops

fratty - An overt display of fraternity stereotypes.

e.g., There's a passed out guy on our lawn? That's terribly fratty.

submitted by Taylor

fratulence - It's in the air, it's everywhere, at the frat house, pure brotherhood.

e.g., The only way you can appreciate fratulence is to experience it yourself.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

fraturday - Very late on Friday night, but technically it's Saturday morning.

e.g., It's packed at this nightclub just about every Fraturday.

submitted by Stuart

frauduation - "Walking" with your graduating class, when you actually need a few more credits to finish.

e.g., My nephew's frauduation from Mizzou is May 14, but he's taking 3 more credits over the summer to finish.

submitted by Anne Marie Tumulty

fraudulator - One who commits a fraud.

e.g., Using your credit card online puts you at risk of falling prey to a pesky fraudulator.

submitted by Silent Queue - (www)

fraunt - A friend's aunt. Someone who you call "Aunt" but is not your biological aunt. Fruncle, for males.

e.g., I've got to visit my Fraunt Margaret this weekend.

submitted by Sam Spade

frazzin' - Something extremely cool.

e.g., Her outfit was frazzin'.

submitted by Silver - (www)

frazzulate - To actively induce a state of frayed nerves to a degree more severe than the average frazzling. To completely become fried, to the point your grey matter is crispy bits, due to stress.

e.g., Talking to her for longer than five minutes is enough to frazzulate even the most sane person. | Between the workload and annoying co-workers, i'm completely frazzulated.

submitted by lilu

freak of coolness - A once-in-a-lifetime cool thing that you'll definitely not see, perform, or experience again.

e.g., Wow. That double-flip I did off the high dive was a freak of coolness.

submitted by Aurora

freakalicious - Related to getting your nasty groove on.

e.g., I met this girl, we got drunk, went back to my house and got freakalicious.

submitted by Phuzzy

freakatronicus majorus - Very**2 wierd. Freakulated.

e.g., Chris is freakatronicus majorus.

submitted by tibrin wasaki

freakazoid - Extremely bizarre individual who has some strange behavior patterns.

e.g., My boss is a freakazoid with definite limited insight.

submitted by Olivia - (www)

freakmagnet - One who consistently draws the attention of freaks, stalkers, crazy people, etc.

e.g., Jonathan's a freakmagnet. Every time I hang out with him some weirdo starts bugging us.

submitted by silentsprawl

freaky styley - Unusual, off beat, funky, or something not seen or heard from very often.

e.g., "Did you see Calvin's zubas? Freaky styley."

submitted by Allysen Chanes

freaky-deaky - Used to describe one's action.

e.g., Did you see that man on the dance floor? He was gettin Freaky-Deaky.

submitted by Wilton

freals - Combining the words "for" and "reals." Usually said in disbelief in response to what someone has said.

e.g., When Shawn told me that his brother talked about me often, my response was "Freals?!"

submitted by Megan H.

freat - Beyond ultimate. Beyond distinguished. Of ultimate significance or importance; most remarkable or most out of the ordinary in degree or magnitude or effect; in the most advanced stage of pregnancy; extremely large in size or number or extent; larger than others of its kind. The best thing about the word is that it is already in common use. Just type in the word "freat" into a search engine. :)

e.g., The earthquake and resulting tsunami caused freat damage in Sri Lanka. | A freat work of art. | Had a freat time at the party. | She was freat with child.

submitted by Joseph Guidry - (www)

frebel - The french fries that always escape the container and fall into the bottom of the fast food bag.

e.g., Although I had finished my fries, there were still several frebels in the bag.

submitted by Mike Henderson - (www)

fred - Fucking Ridiculous Electronic Device.

e.g., Some think that PDAs are nothing more than FREDs.

submitted by C. Dimsdale - (www)

fred - Fucking Ridiculous Eating Device. Used in the Australian army as a name for their stupid little half-spoon-half-can-opener things.

e.g., I can't get this tin open with my FRED.

submitted by Rayza - (www)

freddie - A freeloader. (Does anyone have any idea who created the character Freddie the Freeloader? . . . That would be Red Skelton.)

e.g., Stop being a Freddie and do your own homework.

submitted by Cheyenne

freddy - A hippie term for Forest Service and ATF employees.

e.g., Get ready for trouble. Here come the freddys.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

freddy - The leftover, partially consumed drinks after a party.

e.g., Wow, we've got a lot of freddies to clean up now that the blast is over.

submitted by Lou

freddy, a - A pint of beer, more specifically a pint of Heineken, named after the late Freddy Heineken.

e.g., Two Freddys and a ginger ale, please.

submitted by Sander

fredericksburg foxtrot - "Foxtrot is a smooth progressive dance characterized by long, continuous flowing movements across the dance floor. The American style version of the Foxtrot takes many forms. . . ." The Fredericksburg Foxtrot alternates the two basic foxtrot rhythms of slow-slow-quick-quick and slow-quick-quick, 32 bars each. The dance is incredibly difficult to master -- which explains why it is never used in ballroom dance competitions, not even at the very highest levels. This variation of the Foxtrot was developed by cousins William Noel and Alice Mitchell and named after their hometown of Fredericksburg, Maryland.

e.g., Fred Astaire's and Ginger Rogers' attempts at the Fredericksburg Foxtrot resulted in such herky-jerky movements that the perfectionist Astaire refused to be filmed doing it. | All right, Max, give me a Fredericksburg Foxtrot beat.

submitted by HD Fowler

free gift - I have seen this at promotions, such as grand openings, or special sales--are gifts sometimes not free?

e.g., At the grand opening of our new Target Store on their billboard: "Come in and pick up your free gift."

submitted by Joey Anderson

free-fifty-free - The cost of something you did not pay for (bought for you by someone else).

e.g., "How much did those sunglasses cost?" "Ford paid for them. They were free-fifty-free."

submitted by Sarah

free-to-fee - Characteristic of a product or service once offered at no charge but no longer so. (antonym of fee-to-free)

e.g., Bill's deep pockets and freetofee business model helped topple his competition.

submitted by lookout

freeballin' - When a guy wears shorts without any boxers or briefs, he's freeballin'. Going commando.

e.g., He was in a much better mood because he was freeballin'.

submitted by LiZ

freeballing - Not wearing underpants.

e.g., It's too hot today, so I'm freeballing it.

submitted by johnboy

freebay - To give something away and request only the cost of shipping.

e.g., "Yeah, but it's still usable," Tom said, looking at the ratty old couch he'd never use after graduation,."I guess I can just freebay it to someone on campus."

submitted by Bishop Clark - (www)

freebier - A person or persons obsessed with the application for and collection of free products or samples more commonly known as "freebies."

e.g., Juliet is a member of around 10 freebie sites, and visits them every single day--more than enough obsession to be a freebier.

submitted by Kevin Caldwell

freebies - Items and services you can get for free--especially on the Web.

e.g., I spent all evening surfing the Web for freebies.

submitted by Lee Seats - (www)

freebreasting - To go without a bra.

e.g., Anna Nicole Smith learned the hard way not to jog freebreasting, as she got a black eye last time.

submitted by BigAssFries

freeday - The as-yet nonexistent mid-June long weekend in Canada.

e.g., We'll go there next freeday, honey. I promise.

submitted by i_monk

freedom of allspeak - Under Martian law, the right of every citizen to express themself (sic OK) verbally or otherwise as they see fit or desirable or necessary! This ensures an honest and interesting and colorful production of language for everyone to enjoy

e.g., Those visitors and settlers from Earth are generally quite startled to experience Mars' Freedom of Allspeak everywhere they go. Some may be put off, annoyed, offended, and it can take quite a while to get used to it. Many Martians, though, will tone down their language for anyone from beyond Mars.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

freefall - When a person suddenly casts aside all her sexual inhibitions and engages in wild and frequent activity.

e.g., Our Miss Purity went to the Country Fair, met a new guy, and spent the whole weekend in freefall.

submitted by Steve McDonald

freefills - A free refill

e.g., At Taco Bell, frefills are allowed.

submitted by Gregory Holp

freefoodiacs - A group of people who maintain a separate calendar to mark free trips, lunches, dinners.

e.g., Joanna is a self-confessed freefoodiac -- she can never miss a single free meal.

submitted by Mayur - (www)

freeject - N. A freeject is one who has been rejected, by a significant other or otherwise, and looks positively on the situation by focusing on the freedom that isolation brings. V. Being freejected is to be rejected, and feel free rather than feeling dejected.

e.g., N. I am a freeject; no one can tame me. Your intolerance does not affect me. V. I've been freejected. You turned me down, but I don't care what you think, for I belong to no one.

submitted by Kadabug

freeligion - Freedom of and freedom from religion. Not my coinage; however, no definition that I could find previously existed. Free religion.

e.g., As far as I'm concerned, the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United Stated of America provides for freeligion. †

That includes my right to say a private prayer in a public place. Or not.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

freen - Cool, exciting, enjoyable

e.g., This whole day has been freen.

submitted by Dan Peters - (www)

freenie - The annoying little black flecks of soot that appear when one burns a piece of plastic--or any annoying little fleck in your coffee, tea, or whatever.

e.g., I set my model car on fire, and nearly choked on all the freenies. OR That's the last time I go to Starbucks. My latte was swimming with freenies.

submitted by mark

freenomenal - Free and phenomenal.

e.g., You may think the internet is freenomenal, but it' just an illusion.

submitted by matt waring

freerice - The world's only vocabulary game that feeds the hungry in association with World Food Programme. Play, learn, and donate rice with every right answer. Give free rice to hungry people by playing a simple game that increases your knowledge.

e.g., FreeRice increases your knowledge.

submitted by Laginto

freesource - A disparaging term for inferior products and services available for free. Useful in business for describing the resources of a corporate sibling or partner that must be used in place of better market alternatives.

e.g., The project was doomed from the start because we could only use freesources from our corporate sponsors.

submitted by Christopher Kenton - (www)

freest - (Sometimes spelled "freast"; n.) 1. A meal given gratis, without cost; 2. An abundance of food offered, again, without cost; (figuratively) 3. Any great abundance or object of great value or desire given freely without expectation or demand of remuneration. [From "free" + "feast."]

e.g., "Who lives in that huge house with all the outside lights?"
"Oh, that's Mr. Hedges' place. Tonight's his Freest."
"His what?"
"His Freest---he drives all over inviting the homeless to a huge, all-night feast at his $20-million-dollar house: says it's the only way he can pay for his success."
"Yeah, but a once-a-year 'freest' isn't much; what happens the other 364 days of the year?"
"Don't judge Hedges: he owns sixteen free soup kitchens all over town, gives away toys at Christmas, turkey at Thanksgiving, and candy at Halloween ... seven tons of it. Oh! He also runs two free medical and dental clinics downtown."
"Whoa: that IS a freest."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

freestinkers - Unbound rascals wafting all over the place.

e.g., I'd rather be a freestinker than a bonersagain.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

freetired - Retired, and thus free to do whatever you want to do.

e.g., Tired of the corporate rat race, I retired from corporate life only to start my own businesses. Now that I've sold them, I'm completely freetired.

submitted by HD Fowler

freezation - A state of suffering of the human body caused by insufficient protection against cold temperatures.

e.g., Please lend me your jacket. I'm dying of freezation.

submitted by Beth - (www)

freezerkill - Frozen something-or-other in your freezer. It doesn't matter what it is, you just zap it and eat it. They're interchangeable.

e.g., I don't feel like cooking, so I'll just have freezerkill for dinner.

submitted by Natalie

freezinasscold - Chilly, brisk, cool in temperature. Often used as an exaggeration of the actual situation. Must be pronounced as one word.

e.g., Can we turn the heat up? It's freezinasscold in here.

submitted by Lunch

freezonal - Ever been in a restaurant, and they serve "seasonal" vegetables, but it ends up being the same type of vegetables you had in summer? So, this describes frozen seasonal veg, to be enjoyed all year round.

e.g., On the menu tonight, steak-and-kidney pie with complementary freezonal vegetables.

submitted by Naomi Grobler

freezone - The age during which women can rely on strange men to buy their drinks for them: the years between the legal drinking age and the time when her looks fail.

e.g., My sister learned to drink in the freezone.

submitted by GDC

freezy - Downright cold as hell.

e.g., "What's the temp outside?" "It's freezy." | I am freezy. Pass me a blanky.

submitted by Carolina Girl - (www)

fregs - The last few french fries that have fallen out of their fry box and are burried at the bottom of the fast food bag.

e.g., These new see-through fast food bags guarantee you won't throw away any fregs. "Add up all the fregs thrown away each year and you'd have enough fries to feed Manhattan."

submitted by bs - (www)

freind - Friend. An occasional misspelling -- more a ytpo, I suspect.

e.g., John spent his 14th birthday with his freinds, playing video games and speaking teenglish.

submitted by Miss Speller

frek - The way a true freak calls another person a "freak."

e.g., Today my sister purposely called me a frek. Now I know she's a real freak.

submitted by A'isha

frelling - A substitute for the f-word, commonly spoken on the Sci-Fi Channel show _Farscape_

e.g., Crichton told Chiana, "There is no frelling way I am getting off Moya without a pulse rifle."

submitted by JerDog - (www)

fremdschämen - Fremdscham is the noun form, used for times when someone else feels embarrassed for you. | A feeling of joint embarrassment -- even though the person empathized with may not even realize that she's "embarassed [her]self in front of friends, family, the whole country, [the] entire hemisphere, and the person she loves." | From Wiktionary: Reflexive, informal to feel ashamed about something someone else has done; to be embarrassed because someone else has embarrassed herself (and doesn't notice)." With Hillary Clinton having recently made the news with her use of the word empathy, an empathy-related word is in order.

Word of the Week: Fremdschämen

Nov 8, 2013

fremdschämen Have you ever watched someone make a fool of [herself], only to find yourself cringing in embarrassment for [her]? Then you’ve most likely experienced fremdschämen.

This German word is made up of two parts, with fremd meaning “foreign” and schämen meaning “to be embarrassed.” The term is typically used to describe someone who feels embarrassment on behalf of someone else. The corresponding noun for this feeling is Fremdscham.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re at a black-tie event where everyone is dressed in a suit or an evening gown. You look across the room and see one guest dressed in sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt. This guest has no shame, and could care less about how [she]e looks, but you cringe in embarrassment on [her] behalf. In this case, you would be exhibiting feelings of fremdschämen.

Similar English equivalents include the terms “vicarious embarrassment” and “empathetic embarrassment,” but neither are as commonly-used as the German word fremdschämen.

The word is still relatively new in the German language; the popular dictionary Duden recognized it for the first time in its 2009 edition, after German speakers commonly began using it in conversation. It is unclear when exactly it was first used, but Dr. Sören Krach, a researcher at the University of Marburg, told N-TV that he first heard of the word in the year 2007. It has since become a trendy word in the modern German language, and was even chosen as the 2010 Word of the Year in Austria.

Researchers at the University of Marburg were fascinated with the term. In 2011, Krach and his colleague, Frieder Paulus, published the first major study about the effects of fremdschämen $mdash; an emotion that only humans are able to experience. In order to feel it, humans need to be able to possess empathy, which specific neurons in the brain make possible. Fremdschämen— the ability to feel someone else’s embarrassment— is connected to similar neuron transmissions.

So next time you see someone with food in their teeth while giving an embarrassing speech at the office, you can use the German word fremdschämen to describe how the situation makes you feel. And let’s hope that you yourself don’t become the target of someone else’s Fremdscham.


e.g., "The Germans have an excellent word: 'Fremdschämen.' It's that feeling of embarrassment you have on behalf of people who don't have the sense to feel embarrassed for themselves, like Joe Biden, or the cast of 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.'"

submitted by p3orion - (www)

french key - A lock pick. In France, they call it, "une clef anglaise" (an English key).

e.g., Lucky I had a French key in my pocket and got through the locked door.

submitted by Steve McDonald

frenectic - Of a situation that is both frenetic and hectic at the same time: chaotic, dynamic, frenzied.

e.g., The pace of business lately has been really frenectic.

submitted by Dominic Tassone - (www)

frenemies - Two friends who fight (in a not too physical way) and argue so much that they almost seem like enemies at times. Ironically, frenemies are usually best friends.

e.g., Isaac and Jonah argued so much that there was no doubt that they were frenemies.

submitted by Roman Lee - (www)

frenemy - I first heard this word in Sex and the City (give credit where credit is due) and I felt it should be included on this site. A frenemy is someone you consider a friend, or pretend to be friends with, but is actually an extreme rival. (ED. The portmanteau has been around for several years now, but is a welcome addition to our lexicon. It was added to Wiktionary in October 2005 and to Wikipedia December 2006. Alternative spelling: frienemy.)

e.g., We hang out a lot and have a lot of the same interests, but we're always competing and trying to one-up each other. I guess that makes us frenemies more than friends.

submitted by Jane Adams

frenglish - A combination of French and English.

e.g., I like Frenglish much better than French or English.

submitted by Connor

frentikpunir - Insane punishment. Coming from the Medieval English "frentik" = insane and Latin "punire" = punsishment.

e.g., Touch my car again and you's experience my frentikpunir.

submitted by Alan

frenz or friends - The little droplets of backwash that you always get in the rim of a pop can when you drink pop. Usually used when sharing a pop, when you don't want to drink somebody else's. Can be removed by intense sucking.

e.g., Andy. Here, you can have the rest of my Coke. Mandy: Get rid of your frenz first. Andy: Sorry. (slurp) Mandy: That's better. Now hand it to me.

submitted by Chris

frequatwit - One who is often "TWIT"ed (that is, banned from posting) from ISCABBS.

e.g., KIM holds the frequaTWIT record for having been twitted more often than any other user.

submitted by Kimberly - (www)

fresh out - Lacking possession. In contrast to the simpler "out," "fresh out" need not apply to a collection.

e.g., Q: "Do you have a light?" Q: "Can I borrow a buck?" Q:"Do you know how to get to the IHOP?" A: "Sorry, I'm fresh out."

submitted by micah

fresh-up - To look nice with your clothes neatly pressed

e.g., Since John got his new job he really looks fresh-up.

submitted by Bertram Mills - (www)

fresh-up - To wing it, or otherwise come up with something out of nothing. Often sarcastic.

e.g., No, I don't have my paper done, but I think I can fresh-up something by this afternoon.

submitted by Mark

freshie - A new cold beverage.

e.g., My drink is all gone, I need a freshie.

submitted by Jess

fresyes - A substitution for the city name, Fresno (California), used by optimistic individuals.

e.g., "Are you going down to Fresyes this weekend?" "Where?"

submitted by Lisa

fret nyet - Don't worry, chill out. Catchcry of Mungo Maloney at

e.g., Fret nyet, brother. Daryl won't be asleep yet; it's only 5 a.m.

submitted by narcosis

fretisitis - An acute condition brought about by worrisome or troubling thoughts, often of a benign nature. It is usually resolved within a short time, but can linger much longer. Can recur at any time and for other reasons. Although there is no know cure for fretistis, hot baths, long walks, talking to friends, and just relaxing can help to alleviate the symptoms.

e.g., Eric often suffered from fretisitis due to his propensity to worry about things in general.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

fretwork - The extra work that goes into producing a news story, designed to make it that bit more worrying.

e.g., Every writer who got hold of the story added a little fretwork of her own.

submitted by Cerveau Radioactif

freudenschade - (froid'-en-sha-duh; n.) feeling sorrow or envy at another's joy or success, _freudenschade_ is the corollary of _shadenfreude_ ('feeling happiness at another's pain').

e.g., being bitter because your friend can eat twelve gallons of ice cream without gaining any weight is freudenschade.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

freudes - (Rhymes with TROY-bees or -bess; plural n.) 1. The things that make you truly happy (almost never material possessions); 2. A recitation of your personal favorites (actors, food, places, books, music, movies, sports, fashions, activities, vacations, and so on) like the list Fraulein Maria recites in the Sound of Music ("Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens"---although frankly, the dew on most roses in the 21st century comes from a spray bottle, kitten-whiskers are a fairly bizarre favorite for anybody, and wool makes me itch like a thousand fleas....(I have no problem with bright copper kettles)). [From the German _Freude_"joy" taken from the exultant chorus in Beethoven's 9th symphony. The proper plural is actually _Freuden_ in German, but unless I'm reading or listening to something in German, my old brain falls back on familiar English plural markers---hence, "freudes."]

e.g., Some of my own freudes: children's smiles and the smell of rain, the eyes of the old and the silence of a heavy snow, a hot shower and a cold drink, waves in a wheat field and falling asleep to the sound of breaking waves, the joy of the open road and the melancholy beauty of a thunderstorm far off on the grasslands, a bite of a favorite dish and a kiss from the one you love.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

freudulent - Combination of Freud and fraudulent. The use of only marginally understood psychobabble -- as applied by Oprah or anyone else with insufficient knowledge or understanding of psychology.

e.g., On what am I basing my opinion? Oprah, of course -- plus a couple of freudulent articles in Psychology Today.

submitted by Po Sigerson

freusty - Can carry the same meaning as any of these words: crazy, weird, frisky, etc.

e.g., You have too much sugar again? You're actin' hella freusty.

submitted by Vanessa

frex - Contraction of "for example," usually used as an interrogative.

e.g., John: I've seen Dr. Hadley drunk more times than I can count. Jane: Frex . . .? John: Well, he was pretty wasted at the alumni party last year.

submitted by Preston Mark Stone - (www)

frgnc - stands for fragrance

e.g., frgnc of this deo is nice

submitted by Kumar

frhetoric - Used when Fred speaks or writes effectively.

e.g., That speech that Fred wrote and delivered was so terrific that I'm renaming him Frhetoric.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

friap - A word used in general celebration of Friday and anticipation of the coming weekend. A combination of "Friday" and "happy."

e.g., Bye John. Friap.

submitted by Benphase

fribble - Miscellaneous stuff, sometimes important (That's my tax fribble piled up over there.), sometimes not (How'd all this leaf fribble get all over the windshield?). | A milkshake sold by Friendly's Restaurants in the Northeast.

e.g., You have twenty-four hours to get all your fribble out of my basement before I toss it into the street. | Let's go to Friendly's and have strawberry Fribbles -- and raw hamburgers.

submitted by dargelos - (www)

fribble-grommet - An imaginary item. A "widget" before it became a programming term.

e.g., The inventory system will track all of the widgets and fribble-grommets that come into the warehouse.

submitted by Cujo

fribly - 1. The back of your knee. 2. Someone you admire.

e.g., 1. When I fell off my bike, I not only scraped my kneecap, but also my fribly. 2. Madame Curie is my fribly.

submitted by Nalyak

frich - (fuh-rich) noun - a rich friend.

e.g., My frich got a new Lamborghini for his 15th birthday.

submitted by Miss McCann

fricken - Another way of saying FU--ing when its inappropriate to do so

e.g., Hey grandma that was fricken good pie

submitted by ChemcialB - (www)

frickin flack - Them bloody bits a metal mostly what tear and rip your body.

e.g., With bombs falling and exploding all around you, do avoid all that frickin flack what assails you.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

frickin' - Used as an adjetive to describe something that is not what it should be, or for something that is not doing what it should.

e.g., The frickin' matches got wet and therefore would not start the fire.

submitted by Kathy Frye

frickles - When pulling very dry clothes apart after being in a dryer, it's the static that makes the noise and holds the items together -- especially wool from polyester. Also used to mean "fried pickles."

e.g., My socks have frickles.

submitted by Lawrence - (www)

frictal - Friction or ill will between colleagues in the workplace.

e.g., The dynamics between Joe and Bob have been frictal ever since Bob took credit for Joe's work and got promoted .

submitted by supernuffy

frictal - Having a high coefficient of friction; causing a lot of friction.

e.g., Sandpaper is an excellent example of a highly frictal material.

submitted by Bryce Cooney

fridayitis - The condition of being at work and not being productive due to not wanting to be there.

e.g., Man, I've got a bad case of Fridayitis, and it's only Wednesday!

submitted by mikewg

fridge - Same as brick: an outlandishly large cell phone. Used mainly by European teenagers.

e.g., My mom bought me a new phone. It was a fridge. Embarrassing.

submitted by Derk

fridge fluff - The fuzzy, green fluff growing in the back of your fridge -- left from your mum, who's apparently trying to grow a mold farm.

e.g., Check out the fridge fluff. Wasn't that the turkey you had last Thanksgiving? I thought you mum said she got rid of it.

submitted by Rebekka Roether

fridge the back half - To place the remainder of one's takeout or delivery cuisine in the refrigerator, thus preventing spoilage and enabling one to consume said food on the following or subsequent days.

e.g., I'm full up on this ginger beef. I'm gonna fridge the back half for lunch tomorrow.

submitted by sdulmage

fridge-opener - Used to describe a moment of enlightenment or joy. Derived from when one goes to open the fridge for a midnight snack, and the light of the fridge is overwhelming.

e.g., The ending of _Fight Club_ was a real fridge-opener.

submitted by dot - (www)

fridgichondria - The dynamic that makes your wife orgirlfriend believe that she needs a down comforter, flannel sheets, and an electric blanket when the room temperature is 80 degrees F.

e.g., My girlfriend's fridgichondria was so bad last night I thought I was going to spontaneously combust by dawn.

submitted by Stephen Mize

fridy - Friday. This is the spelling that corresponds to the alternative pronunciation.

e.g., Were you invited to Jenne's party last Fridy? I didn't see you there.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

fried - A bad state for state for your brain to be in. E.g., not been able to comprehend anything.

e.g., That lecturer fried my brain.

submitted by paul

fried - A pseudo-technical term describing the result of either too much current or excess heat. Most commnly used in reference to electrical or electronic equipment

e.g., My fan quit and now my motherboard is fried.

submitted by Blackhart

fried rice - In a restaurant setting, used to describe the meal (doesn't actually have to be fried rice) which arrives at the table last.

e.g., No matter what Glen ordered when he went out to eat with the gang, he always got the fried rice.

submitted by Glen Kaltenbrun - (www)

fried snow - No hoper, useless. It ain't going to happen. Impossible.

e.g., Its fried snow, man. It's not going to happen -- not now, not ever.

submitted by C Tegerdine

frien-emy - A friend that has tendencies to hurt or stab you in the back.

e.g., Chris is a true fren-emy: He's my best friend AND he stole my girlfriend. (if you can make up a better sentence, be my guest. You get the point)

submitted by Chris Mello

frienamil - (fre-ni-mal) noun - an animal that is kind and friendly.

e.g., As I was walking home, I was walking my frienamil.

submitted by Miss McCann

friend - This is a versatile euphemism that can be used to refer to someone you're secretly having sex with, planning to cheat with, or clinging to despite having many negative experiences with said person. It's also often used to conceal the identity of questionable people in your life. Such attempts at obfuscation usually fail after said person has been previously revealed to have a position in your life other than friendship. || Used in much the same way pal and sport are -- either to address someone so insignificant to you that you forgot her name or someone you don't know at all and have only a snowball's chance in hell of ever getting to know. | Used by politicians "to apply to someone to whom the politician is attempting to ingratiate herself." "Is this a case of 'semantic bleaching'?" (Think of John McCain's annoying use of the word, in particular.) Should something be added about the use of the word as a verb in social networking? Probably not.

e.g., He's my friend. There's nothing going on between us. || "What are you up to, friend?" "Why don't you just call me sport?"

submitted by George Edward Purdy || HD Fowler

friend, friendly - Used in Ireland as an umbrella term for all that is good in life.

e.g., Greeting: How the friend(ly) are ya. Question: Who wants a friend (drink, chocolate, etc.)? Adjective: Yer one is pretty friendly (sexy).

submitted by mark - (www)

friendictive - Causing to make friends.

e.g., The pilgrims sank their teeth in Chief Massasoitís friendictive gifts.

submitted by Arie Uittenbogaard - (www)

friends - Boogers, but more discreet. | Cigarettes.

e.g., Do I have any friends? | Ed: Do you have any friends? Ted: No, but Bill does.

submitted by Sarah| ditnis

friendscape - The ever changing circle of aquaintances you spend the most time with and trust the most.

e.g., Upon arriving in a new town, you should expect your friendscape to change.

submitted by Annie

friendship date - When two people want to date each other but are already in commited relationships with other people.

e.g., John and Jenny went on a friendship date while John's wife was in labor.

submitted by Joanie

friendsin' it - From the TV show Friends. Dating multiple people within your tight circle of friends.

e.g., It won't be long, it seems, 'til the whole group is friendsin' it.

submitted by Lisa O

friendstance - Using one's friend as an example.

e.g., Steve: Some folks are full of foolish nonsense, friendstance Dave." Dave: "Yep, and some people are stupid and pathetic and ugly and need to be smacked, friendstance Steve."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

friendsy - To act like or be like friends. Friendly, chummy.

e.g., I thought Bruce and Ken hated each other. Why are they being so friendsy?

submitted by beth

frienemy - Someone you see and talk to, are pleasant towards, and otherwise give the impression to everyone else that you are best friends-- but you have a suspicion that she is plotting behind your back and really hates you.

e.g., The party was awful--full of ugly people, ex-trade, and frenemies I had to avoid; I left early.

submitted by David

frienswithbens - Sometimes one goes the extra mile, sometimes one does special favors above and beyond the realm of ordinary friendship! Should the latter be the case, the relationship, with romance as an option, lends itself to being, "frienswithbens"! :) (ED. Lysette sent an e-mail suggesting shw should have spelled it "frenzwithbenz.")

e.g., Although we are already close, the physical attraction we feel towards one another leads me to believe we will ultimately become frienswithbens!

submitted by Lysette ~ International Model

frigamarole - Like rigamarole, only more so.

e.g., Sorting through the laundry basket for a clean pair of socks again--same old frigamarole.

submitted by James

frigamarole - Unnecessary and time-consuming foreplay. A combining of frig and rigamarole.

e.g., Enough of the firkytoodling and frigamarole, let's get on with it.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

frigerator - Commercial freezer.

e.g., The frigerator is the gizzie at the food processing plant that freezes food the first time; that's why, when you get home, you put it in the REfrigerator.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

friggalicious - Really good.

e.g., That cheese is friggalicious.

submitted by Alex Moseley

friggin' - alternative for "f--king"

e.g., "You friggin' liar! Tell me the truth, dammit!"

submitted by VeL B.

friggit - 1. The little torpedo-shaped bits of eraser mixed with whatever they have just rubbed out. 2. The odd-shaped "floaters" inside your eyes which sometimes obscure your vision. Also the expletive one uses in the event of 1 or 2.

e.g., 1. I've made so many mistakes that my desk is covered with friggits. 2. I wish these friggits would get out of my line of sight.

submitted by Joe Raine

frigistare - Stopping and looking into the icebox when passing by and not really hungry anyway.

e.g., Bob couldn't fight the impulse to frigistare whenever he passed through the kitchen.

submitted by ray o'hara

frigorific - "Causing cold; chilling."

e.g., More and more frequently, the glances I get from women are frigorific. | It's frigorific in here. Turn down the air conditioning. . . . Hey, idiotstick. Don't you know you raise the thermostat setting to turn down the air conditioning? I want it warmer, not colder. Sheesh.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

frijater - A two year old's version of refrigerator.

e.g., Put the milk in the frijater.

submitted by Jim

frildo - For real, though.

e.g., Man: "It sure is cold outside." Woman: "Frildo."

submitted by Heather

frill - For real.

e.g., "Liz, Justin just asked me out!" "Frill?" "Frill!"

submitted by Ashley

frillover - I hope this doesn't break any of the guidelines--it was coined by a friend of mine in Germany, where lots of people are militantly eco-friendly and make a statement by wearing "alternative style" clothes. We thought the pullovers a lot of these eager young men wore looked like something their mothers or grandmothers had knitted, which went loose and baggy round the bottom when washed--hence looking "frilly." From this came frillover to describe someone who is rather "green," possibly vegetarian, and a bit of a dreamer.

e.g., Don't use plastic cups at the seminar,. Some of the frillovers might not like it. We should buy cups that we can wash or use paper ones that we can recycle.

submitted by Hazel Slinn

frimp - To frimp is to putter around, usually in search of an unknown object, with no real purpose or goal in mind.

e.g., He spent the whole morning frimping in the basement.

submitted by david

frind - To annoy someone, to make someone angry.

e.g., Stop frinding me, Chris.

submitted by sonia

frindle - Pen

e.g., Can I borrow a frindle? In wide use in southeastern Bay Area.

submitted by Whodun

frink factor - How many Professor Frink appearances orquotes there are in a Simpsons episode, if any.

e.g., Did you see that new Simpsons episode last night? The Frink Factor was extremely high.

submitted by Jesse

frinky - Hybrid of "freaky" and "funky." Quite cool, but a little strange--frinky.

e.g., Your eyes shoot sparks? Frinky!

submitted by Lisa CirŤlle Hansson - (www)

frip - To suddenly stop and turn to go in the reverse direction.

e.g., After realizing his keys were still in his car, he fripped and ran back to the car.

submitted by adam katz

friplot - A noun used to describe the last piece of toilet paper that is partially glued to the roll, and has no useful purpose.

e.g., There is nothing worse than finding out that the friplot is all that's left when you're in the restroom.

submitted by Gary Burk

frippity fra - Stylized "blah blah blah."

e.g., We're all getting really sick of the way she goes on about how great her abs are. They're so firm, they're so lean, they're so defined, they're so ... frippity fra.

submitted by Bria - (www)

frippulous - Worthless, wasteful; unimportant.

e.g., If it doesn't help anything and it wastes so much time, why do you bother with something as frippulous as shaving the whales.

submitted by Kagi Kato

frisbeetarianism - The belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck.

e.g., You're right. As I recall, George has been a practicing frisbeetarian since he was a teenager.

submitted by donavon/by george carlin - (www)

frisbyterian - The religious belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck.

e.g., No, Joe's not atheist. He's Frisbyterian.

submitted by The Puffin

friscuit - Combination of the words free and biscuit. Makes getting things for free fun and easy.

e.g., May I take your order? Yes, I would like a friscuit, please.

submitted by leenis

friskle - Cross between frisky and tickle. It's kind of like what a puppy does when it's excited to see you.

e.g., A. Dolphins swam and friskled in the water. B. John saw his girl Jane and was so excited to see her that he tackled and friskled her. C. Zsa-Zsa's cat friskled around her legs and purred.

submitted by Macushla

frisque - Chilly but crisp.

e.g., George stepped out and took a deep whiff of the frisque, autumn air.

submitted by Arie Uittenbogaard - (www)

frito lay - Derived from the popular chips, this word has come to mean "free-to-lay," and can describe a promiscuous person when talking "in code."

e.g., See that old guy over there? He's so horny I bet he's a Frito Lay.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

fritterata - (1) The inconsequencia* on which people fritter away their minutes and hours and days. (2) Seemingly unproductive activity that may actually have some basic utility. Busy work. (3) Mundane activity, such as administrative housekeeping, that, upon completion, nevertheless produce in the person who performs it the feeling that she hasn't really accomplished much, if anything at all, even if it is actually important. Not to be confused with fritterrata, q.v. *See definition of inconsequencia. †

(ED. Those who regularly indulge themselves with fritterata would be known as the fritterati, right? Note: This form can be found in New Words and Slang at Merriam-Webster Online: "fritterati (noun) : a class of people that spends money recklessly." Submitted by dhirendra prasad kainthola from India on Oct. 10, 2008 11:36. [] Defined elsewhere by F.M. Busby of Seattle in 1995 as "they who never accomplish much" -- which is more in line with the definition given here. [])

e.g., Ugh, I spent the whole morning on fritterata: completing my time sheet, filing, scanning documents, preparing my monthly report. I've freaking WORK to do you, ya know!

submitted by Nat - (www)

fritterrata - (1) Something that should have never ever ever been deep fried, but was. (2) Mistakes of any kind involving a deep fryer: fritterrata. (3) The misbegotten products of deep frying gone wrong.

e.g., (1) Upon arriving at Coney Island, Louis immediately headed for the boardwalk, where he proceeded to sample every variety of fritterrata available, from Oreo cookies to pickles. (2) He realized, in retrospect, that he should never have taken the job at Wonder Burger, for it turned out he was prone to fritterrata. (3) "Are these little, charred, dark brown, diamond-hard bits at the bottom of my bag of french fries pieces of actual potato?" "Let me see. Oh, no, definitely not. They are mere fritterrata."

submitted by Nat - (www)

frittle - Weary; fatigued; buggered.

e.g., I'm all frittled out.

submitted by Alexa

friveling - Shopping for items that one doesn't actually need -- typically a female pastime. From the word "frivolous" as the person friveling is being frivolous with her money.

e.g., I'm going friveling in the city Saturday. | I am popping in to town for a frivel.

submitted by Lorraine Kluczkowski - (www)

frivvering - Freezing+shivering. Shivering from the cold

e.g., It is so cold and windy, I'm frivvering.

submitted by Bob Riedel

friyay - An exclamation used to indicate the joy felt for the last day of the working week, used by office workers in the 21st century.

e.g., Greetings of "Happy Friyay" could be heard throughout the office.

submitted by Robyn Taylor

frizinstance - An example.

e.g., Give me a frizinstance of how your wife drives you insane.

submitted by Jim Dilger

frizzilicious - Very, very frizzy. (TMed by my friend Tania.)

e.g., Sometimes my hair is so purtyful but other times it's a frizzilicious monster.

submitted by tarheel

frizzle - The foamy mixture of saliva and toothpaste that you spit out when brishing your teeth.

e.g., It grosses me out to find frizzle from my roommate left on the side of the sink.

submitted by Danny L

frizzlefry - A moment of confusion, a loss for words.

e.g., John became frizzlefried when he saw the test he didn't study for.

submitted by Brian Reedy

frizzles my nizzles - "To fry one's nipples." Used to show great annoyance towards an event or idea.

e.g., "Joe just crashed your car." "Aw, man, that really frizzles my nizzles!"

submitted by Angela Dawn

frizzometer - Device that detects the amount of static electricity in human hair. | (slang) Hairdryer with no diffuser.

e.g., Hey, Jannelle, did you get stuck in a wind tunnel with your frizzometer?

submitted by kelly jones

fro yo - Frozen yogurt.

e.g., I'm really cravin' something sweet. Let's go get some fro yo.

submitted by Lisa O

fro-yo - Frozen yogurt shop.

e.g., There's hella peeps down at the fro-yo.

submitted by bryan gunderson

frob - An unsepcified physical object, generally small. Synonymous with widget. Also a verb, generally any action performed on a frob can be considered "frobbing" the object.

e.g., N. It has a frob for controlling the pressure. V. I need to frob the volume knob--it's too quiet in here. We also need more bass. The floors aren't shaking.

submitted by Mouser - (www)

frobble - Generic term for plastic bits and pieces of toys, blocks, construction sets, and so on.

e.g., Kids, playtime is over. Pick up all the frobbles.

submitted by Phillip Piper

frobnicate - 1. To munge; to process in an unspecified but vaguely complicated way. 2. To screw up in a particularly convoluted or elegant way.

e.g., I'm not sure how that program works; all I know is it frobnicates whatever you type in so you can't read it anymore.

submitted by Laird Nelson

frobulation - Technical term referring to the cumulative effects of packet loss, latency, bandwidth restriction, line noise, and local environmental constituents on a network. Otherwise known as "lag."

e.g., I would have logged on sooner, but the frobulation got me. Everything was working fine, and then I got frobulated.

submitted by salamandir - (www)

froculating - 1. A form of flirting that is more erotic than frolicking but less sexually eventful than copulating. 2. May also be used to describe the extremely kinky mating habits of river frogs.

e.g., In the days when bundling was still in use, more froculating went on than copulating.

submitted by Albi/Eugy

frog's hair - Southernism for something very sparse or fine. Term given to the very fine blades of grass that ring the green in golf.

e.g., I thought I was on the green for a birdie, but I was only in the frog hair.

submitted by Joel Parker

frog-kisser - A childishly hopeful dreamer.

e.g., John Lennon was nothing but a frog-kisser.

submitted by David Evans

frogadapipt - Someone who likes to make up words.

e.g., I am a frogadapipt.

submitted by David - (www)

froggin' - The generic word for mobile typing.

e.g., Are you froggin'on your PDA?

submitted by Linda Marroquin - (www)

frogging - Frogging is when you are knitting or needle-pointing and you have to rip-it, rip-it, rip-it. {ED. Thanks for the smile, Loretta. Just what I needed to cheer me up.}

e.g., I was knitting an extremely complicated sweater, and noticed I had made a mistake several rows back, I had to rip-it. I really hate frogging!

submitted by Loretta

froglet - Small frog: a tadpole, a pollywog. Used in the British programme The Clangers.

e.g., The froglet jumped off the lily pad and into the pond.

submitted by Adrian Hobbs

frognadian - Descriptive term for those people who live in Canada who can't decide whether they want to be French or Canadian. These are the people who force all the signs in the city of Montreal and the Province of Quebec to be printed in both French and English.

e.g., If you need to know how to pronounce "fleur de lis" or "menage a trois," go ask Maurice; he's frognadian. Q. Who's going to the Stanley Cup playoffs this year? A. Probably not the Montreal Frognadians.

submitted by Dave Konneker

frogophobia - 1. Fear of amphibians, mostly frogs. 2. Fear of being hit very hard in the arm; frogged.

e.g., Her frogophobia is ridiculous.

submitted by Chris Hundley

frogpole - The opposite of a tadpole; a woman who is dating a man who is considerably older than she is.

e.g., Right now, I'm seeing a frogpole: He's 31, and I'm 21.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

frogurt - Frozen yogurt.

e.g., I don't want ice cream because I want some healthy frogurt!

submitted by J-Hi

frohawk - A mohawk hairdo composed of nappy, curly hair.

e.g., Adam, you need to clip off that frohawk. It makes you look like Jack Osbourne.

submitted by BigAssFries

froke - The past tense of 'freak'.

e.g., I really froke out when I saw the exam.

submitted by Mark R. Livingston

froke - Past tense of freak.

e.g., I froke when I saw the bill.

submitted by jon mccasland

froke, froked - This is an odd conjugation of "freak" I came up with, and seems to be rubbing off on people who hear me use it.

e.g., "When his girlfriend broke up with him, he froked out." "When she broke up with me, I froke out"

submitted by Ksennin

frolf - To play disc golf.

e.g., Let's go frolf later today.

submitted by Jake Lewis

frolicologist - A person who practices the study of having fun.

e.g., Goe forbid that your internist be a frolicologist.

submitted by Bill

frollet - A cross between a mullet and an Afro. Looks like a big ball of hair.

e.g., Geez, Chad's frollet is enormous.

submitted by G-Dogg

frollow - When the same person, (stranger or otherwise) always arrives where you are going, before you do.

e.g., I don't believe it! Walt's here, too. That guy has frollowed me all over town.

submitted by richard

frollowing - When someone seems to be following you except that she's in front of you. It's front following.

e.g., I wish they would stop frollowing me.

submitted by Marcus

from hoy - Out of it, not knowing where you are, being absent-minded or ignorant

e.g., I can't seem to remember where I left the remote. I'm from Hoy today.

submitted by Crazy Larry

from now own - Used to indicate ownership from this point forward. To give meaning to a common misspelling of the prepositonal phrase "from now on."

e.g., "Is that your Mustang, chief?" "Yes, it is mine. Great car. Bought today. Paid cash. From now own."

submitted by miss. speller

fromabs - From absolutly no where.

e.g., Well, that proposal clearly came fromabs.

submitted by Nick - (www)

fromage coupage - From the French; to cover large objects in slices of cheese and try to pass it off as art.

e.g., Eduardo's extensive fromage coupage works are pure genius.

submitted by Eduardo

fromalicious - A cute guy or girl, with a fro.

e.g., Albert is fromalicious.

submitted by Ashlee - (www)

fromie - A homie (friend) with a fro!

e.g., Oh yeah, he's my fromie.

submitted by Ashlee - (www)

fromkin - A dance characterized by stiff and jerky body movements, finished off by a fast hard bopping of the head and hair.

e.g., The fromkin can be done only by the most skilled dancers.

submitted by Jorie

fromp - A sweet snack made by baking sweetened pancake batter in the oven in gem irons.

e.g., Can we have Fromps for dessert tonight, Mum, please, can we, can we, huh?

submitted by crochan du

fromunder cheese - A constant unpleasant odor emitting from one's body. Usually not pertaining to his or her's own personal hygiene.

e.g., No one sits next to Jim in the cafeteria because he has a bad case of fromunder cheese.

submitted by BushwickJim

frond - Writing or talking a lot about something while you could summarize it all in a few words.

e.g., I fronded a whole essay about some Shakespeare play when all I know is the name of some characters and the main plot.

submitted by BloodLord

frong - So disgusting or horrifying that it is unspeakably wrong. In fact, it is beyond mere "wrongness."

e.g., Did you hear that kid in the booth behind us? He was talking to his plastic toy zebra, and he said, "You can be my girlfriend." That is so frong.

submitted by Abigail Morell - (www)

fronsis - A person you do not know.

e.g., I stopped by that park, but it was just a bunch of fronsises so I left.

submitted by ditnis

fronson - A word to substitute for a tool or implement.

e.g., Pass the fronson.

submitted by David Turner

frontass - A girl's gut.

e.g., Look at Chris's frontass. Unsightly, isn't it?

submitted by brian

frontload - 1. As opposed to download, where information is received and stored for later use, the frontload does not have a cache. It requires full and immediate attention, but once the desired goal has been reached is almost completely dropped from consciousness, leaving only a shell that allows for a hazy remembrance of your past interest. May be used to describe short-term relationships and my fatherís hobbies which have included but in no way are limited to leather tooling, archery, bartending, masonry, and culinary school. 2. A short hot but doomed relationship

e.g., Ramona, itís not that we wonít see each other any more. Itís just that I frontloaded our relationship and every day I come one day closer to forgetting who you were.

submitted by nitag - (www)

frood - A really amazingly together guy or girl. Originates form The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.

e.g., That's my friend Nic, she's a real frood.

submitted by polo eating anarchist - (www)

froody - Meaning everything is fine.

e.g., Don't worry. It's froody.

submitted by Pretzel and Memnoch

froofy - Pushover-like.

e.g., John thought to himself, "Chris is awfully froofy for a guy. He cries over broken nails. He's not tough at all."

submitted by rain - (www)

frooky - To feel both "freaky" and "spooky" at the same time.

e.g., Your last girlfriend was really frooky.

submitted by Bran

froom - The small amount of air next to your vital parts that makes objects whizzing past dangerously close go "froommm" in warning.

e.g., That rock nearly got me in the ear, but luckily I heard the froom and ducked!

submitted by Toni

froom - Taste like the smell of.

e.g., This juice frooms freshly cut grass.

submitted by Stephen Martin and Samuel Brelsfoard

froop - an exclamation of displaced enthusiasm.

e.g., oh boy! can we go to pita pit?? we can't? oh froop.

submitted by shteeve

froop - A cluster of hair that refuses to join the rest of his comrades who have been confined to a ponytail and continues to stick up, usually at an awkward angle.

e.g., You wearin' your hair in a froop on purpose?

submitted by Sami

froopy - Relaxed, cool, positive, agreeable. Usage similar to "groovy." Derives from "Hoopy" and "Frood" as coined in the Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

e.g., I really like that new shirt; very froopy!

submitted by scot - (www)

froppies - Stray french fries found at the bottom of a take-out bag after divvying out large orders of fast food. Froppies are usually in high demand and are the cause of many sibling wars.

e.g., Dibs on the froppies.

submitted by scruffy

frorority - Cross between a sorority and a fraternity.

e.g., Sam, the crossdresser, belongs to a frorority at college.

submitted by Matt McLaughlin

froshmores - freshmen and sophomores all bunched together.

e.g., Freshmen, sophomores, who can tell the difference? They are all froshmores to me.

submitted by genevieve

fross - Both funny and gross.

e.g., Wrestling is fross.

submitted by Kim

frost - To encrypt a single stage of a multi-stage network connection, especially between an end user and a proxy server.

e.g., I don't trust my ISP, so I have my proxy server frost my connection to the web.

submitted by Silus Grok

frostback - A Canadian working in the USA.

e.g., We've got a frostback from Toronto for two weeks to help code the site.

submitted by Adverb

frosted flake - A teenage girl who's freezing in a tank top and short shorts and can't stop hugging herself.

e.g., "You still dating the same frosted flake, Phil?" "Nah, she gave me the cold shoulder once too often. Wouldn't let me help her warm up."

submitted by Greg

frosts my balls - A long-existing expression used to express annoyance with someone or something.

e.g., It's bad enough that Columbia University will be offering an Occupy Wall Street field course for credit, but what really frosts my balls is that a similar course will be offered to Air Force Academy graduate students.

submitted by Amicus Curiosa - (www)

frosts my grommet - Idiom: "makes me feel extremely [annoyed or] unhappy." Same as "chaps my ass," I'd say. Several of the examples come from the same source: sportswriter Tom Bartsch.

e.g., "Thatís bad enough, but the fact that the television announcers never call them on it is what really frosts my grommet. " |  
"But when someone intentionally attempts trails/obstacles that are well beyond the rigs capability, it just frosts my grommet, esp. if he happens to be in my group or in front of me." |  
"This really chaps my ass and frosts my grommet when I think about it. I forked out $180 for my ticket (my fault, missed the early bird sale) and I think it was about $120 for the RV site." |  
"How did 'liberal' get to be a dirty word? I know that seems to contradict the headline, but it frosts my grommet that the popular usage of an important word gets twisted around to mean something almost diametrically different than what the dictionary says." |  
"But the fact that a federal agency can just tell a company not to complete a multi-zillion-dollar facility because some union members across the continent from them donít want it built just frosts my grommets. And Harry Reid comparing the NLRBís stand to the Founding Fatherís approach to government takes my grommets down to 0 degrees Kelvin." |  
"Still, though, stuff like this really frosts my grommet; since the rest of us (and our companies) end up footing the bill." |  
"A minor gripe, but still one of those things that frosts my grommet." |  
"(In light of the terrifying power of censorship, I've decided to cravenly cower to the squeaky wheels that run this society, and replace all possibly-vulgar terms with the names of medieval weapons). This whole situation really frosts my grommets: while Bettman and his many Flameberges may puff out their chests and point to themselves for doing the right thing, it's pretty moronic to think of hockey as some sort of forum for a debate on morality and censorship. Hockey is entertainment, plain and simple. . . ." |  
"Frankly I think Vovin and Windsearcher22 just wanted to see how I'd handle the situation. I've tried not to be vulgar or downright mean but being called 'stupid' - especially by someone who has proven themselves to be just that -- really frosts my grommets." |  
"That kind of stuff honestly gets deep under my cranky old man skin and frosts my grommets to no end." |  
"And do you want to know what really frosts my grommet? What the opponents of same-sex marriage are doing now is not demonstrably different than what whites in the Deep South were doing in the 1950s. Equal rights for blacks were going to arrive; it was only a matter of how long people would have to wait for justice to be served." |  
"Thatís another big part of what frosts my grommet about this frenzy of Halper bashing: Itís not just his good name and reputation that are getting smeared, itís the good name and reputations of a whole battalion of people who worked on that epic auction." |  
"Of the three players mentioned in the previous paragraph, I am convinced that Bonds and Clemens will both ultimately be admitted to the Hall of Fame. Bonds is so thoroughly despised by so many in the fourth estate that his election could very well take several years, but eventually heíll have to be voted in. Though it frosts my grommet to say it, he was the best player of his generation." |  
"Dude? It really frosts my grommets when I hear someone calling people 'dude.' That's just rude." |  
Just about anything I hear Chuck Schumer say frosts my grommet.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

frosty - Alert, ready for action, calm, cool-headed.

e.g., As used in the film _Aliens_, "There's a lot of activity down there, so I want everyone to stay frosty."

submitted by ditnis

frotee - What happens when someone with really curly hair tries to grow a goatee.

e.g., Check out Cameron's frotee. He needs to shave it off.

submitted by BigAssFries

fround - From around.

e.g., I don't know who he is. He's not fround here. Maybe he's from Clinton?

submitted by HD Fowler

froze-inated - freezing

e.g., "Burr...I'm nearly froze-inated, cause it's so cold out here!"

submitted by Ashley M.

frozen - Way beyond cool. So cool it's frozen. Awesome.

e.g., Their new CD is seriously frozen.

submitted by edward G

frozenbubbled - How crappy you feel when you have to go to work in an hour and you've accidentally stayed up all night drinking and playing Frozen Bubble.

e.g., Perhaps I should try to think of a good excuse to call in sick for work since I am frozenbubbled today.

submitted by josh fuller - (www)

fruad - Fraud. The example comes from comments to an Internet news article. The all-caps presentation and the exclamation point hint at the level of intelligence exhibited shown by the commenter.

e.g., Obama is a FRUAD!

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

frubie - A person who is amusing in an unsual or inventive fashion.

e.g., Carrot Top is my favorite frubie.

submitted by Laura Hadfield - (www)

fruck - Past tense of "freak" when used as a verb.

e.g., I totally fruck out last night when I couldn't find my keys.

submitted by womanofamplegirth

frudconslation - (frud'con'la'tion) noun - a moment of complete frustration that leads a person into a dead-end state of loss or stupor to/in a situation or problem.

e.g., Walking through the garden maze, I spotted a young woman with a lot of frudconslation as she stormed around searching for the end.

submitted by Miss McCann

frude - The wrinkling of external appendages as a direct result from over-exposure to water.

e.g., My fingers have gone all frude.

submitted by mouse - (www)

frugalitious - Small but very tasty

e.g., Mmm . . . that Kylie Minogue is frugalitious.

submitted by Travis Bentley

fruit salad - The spread of brightly-colored ribbons and medals that adorn a veteran soldier's left chest.

e.g., He'd been a brave soldier through three wars and his chest was covered with fruit salad.

submitted by Steve McDonald

fruitabels - The little sticky tags placed on fruits and vegetables to identify and sell them.

e.g., Blech! When I bit into my apple, I accidentally swallowed the fruitabel. Now I feel sick. . . .

submitted by jeanine wisniewski

fruitation - Fruition.

e.g., When I completed my second Ph.D., all my dreams came to fruitation. Finally, I was qualified to work at Wally World.

submitted by PAM

fruitbooter - An inline skater, especially the extreme sub-breed.

e.g., Those fruitbooters think they are just so cool.

submitted by brandon - (www)

fruited - Used to refer to Fig Newtons in particular, and can be used in a multitude of ways.

e.g., A cookie is just flour, shortening, sugar, butter, vanilla, etc.; but Fig Newtons are fruited cake. Heavenly.

submitted by Momar - (www)

fruitery - A small grocery store that focuses on mostly fruits and vegetables.

e.g., Crud, we're out of plums. Time to head to the fruitery.

submitted by Garret

fruitile - Fruitless + futile. From "The Dick Van Dyke" Show, Season 4, episode 3, "Love and the Babysitter," written by Bill Persky and Sam Denoff. Originally aired October 7, 1964 (from Wikipedia).

e.g., I've tried to get her to notice me, but my efforts have been fruitile.

submitted by Dan Day - (www)

fruitloop - Someone who is mad, insane, weird.

e.g., By her strange behavior she was clearly a fruitloop.

submitted by Redmaiden - (www)

fruity maroo - A loving insult when one cannot think of anything better to say, in order to define a friend or loved one etc. . . . or her silly behavior.

e.g., A friend comes into a room full of people and does something outrageously silly but slightly embarrassing to herself. In the midst of laughing, you might say to her, "Jennifer, you're a fruity maroo. But I love you anywho."

submitted by Jennifer

frullet - Front mullet. Short all over, with a fringe at the front.

e.g., That frullet makes you look like a bogan, Cletus.

submitted by Paul

frummel - A collective effort of a group of people, whereby you all stand in a circle with a beer. You shake the beer vigorously, hold it horizontally, and slam it against your forehead in hopes of making it explode. If unsuccessful, it is passed to the person on your left. This process is continued until the can explodes. (ED. The editors of the PseudoDictionary do not endorse frummelling. We add the word only to note the stupidity of the times. Such acts are not substantially different from the past, nor will they differ that much from future acts of stupidity. Only the people doing the stupid things change.)

e.g., If there's no frummel, it's a weak party.

submitted by Michael Naujunas - (www)

frump - To hit someone over the head with a foam bat or racket.

e.g., I took up my foam frumping bat, and frumped him silly.

submitted by UIP Lexical Society - (www)

frumple - To get angry. Paticulairely at people who don't get the point, or try to get in your way on purpose.

e.g., Even after I explained the joke to her, she didn't get it. It makes me frumple when people are that dense.

submitted by Aiee - (www)

frunch - (n) free lunch; (v) to search for freebies, especially food and consumables. | Fresh lunch.

e.g., Yesterday after the executive office gala, I caught junior employees hovering by the conference room: frunching for frunch. It reminded me of being a frunch during my new-hire days. | onna, are you making frunch today or is it leftovers again?

submitted by Moyeen | stephen davis

frunder - 1. Expression of extreme awe and dumbfoundment. 2. Relating to wonder.

e.g., 1. His website is frunder. 2. I feel so frunderful when I see that image.

submitted by J.J. Mancini - (www)

frunge - To frunge is to give someone a massage to the back of the neck/base of the head.

e.g., I need a good frunge.

submitted by Gizz - (www)

frupple dupple - Whenever my good friend Robert K. tells his corgi dog Petey to "frupple dupple" he jumps right away up on the couch and settles in the cushions

e.g., "Frupple dupple" will get Petey up on the couch, but sometimes he also hears "frupple duppie" which is supposed to mean "relax."

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

frupsday - The imaginary day that comes between Saturday and Sunday, used when dealing with long school vacations. Also the day when you didn't have school yesterday and you don't tomorrow.

e.g., There are a ton of Frupsdays during summer vacation.

submitted by Felix Wonderland

frusperation - The feeling one has when one is arguing with a partner, and she cannot see that you are right.

e.g., He felt intense frusperation while she was screaming her point across.

submitted by Simon

frust - When you sweep, it's the line of stuff that always ends up at the lip of the dustpan and which eventually backs you up against the wall as you try to sweep it up.

e.g., Wet a napkin so I can wipe up the frust.

submitted by Marcus

frusto - A very agressive form of frustration, combining of "frustrated" and "aggro."

e.g., I worked on that paper all night, and my roommate saved over the file. I'm so frusto, I could strangle him.

submitted by Leslie

frustramaration - An intensive of simple frustration.

e.g., Sometimes my darned computer sends me into the dark depths of frustramaration. I could throw it out of the window.

submitted by Asher Harris

frustramatrated - A pronunciation of "frustrated," usually in extreme conditions. Commonly in anger.

e.g., This is making me so frustramatrated.

submitted by Arachnophilia

frustranswer - Frustration+answer. When you are given a complicated and obtuse question, you get so frustrated finding a logical and good answer, you put down anything just get it over with.

e.g., I completly frustranswered my science worksheet.

submitted by ryan

frustratory - Causing frustration.

e.g., Homework is so frustratory.

submitted by Arachnophilia

frustriculated - frustation over someone's meticulousness.

e.g., I found her compulsive neatness frustriculating.

submitted by Robert

frusty - Feeling slightly frustrated and flustered, yet majorly annoyed at the same time.

e.g., I am so frusty after spending an extra 30 minutes in traffic today.

submitted by Tami Squaire

frutality - Unable to control, or trying to control without success.

e.g., She will be trying to redirect hands in frutality.

submitted by Grace

frutus - An idiot, a liar, fool.

e.g., You frutus. You've been messin' around with my boyfriend.

submitted by Katra

fry-up - A full English breakfast.

e.g., "Sometimes you just can't beat a decent fry-up -- which is why we have rounded up the best places for fried breakfasts in London."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

frying a turkey - Calling someone from your cell phone while you are driving, merely to pass the time of your car ride. There is no other point to the phone call, especially for the recipient of the call. May be used in past tense: My turkey is fried = my car ride is over now.

e.g., Hi, Bob, I'm on the way to the gym and I'm stuck in traffic, so I thought I would fry a turkey.

submitted by Jim Trussell and Gary Clemente

fsck - The other f-word. Origin is UNIX (file system check). Popular with hackers and geeks generally, particularly those connected with Linux.

e.g., Fscking hell. I just vaporized this week's sales report.

submitted by Al Maw - (www)

ft. - Ft. - foot - the length of the pedal extremity on a Roman emperor's leg . 12 times the length of the end joint on his thumb (in., q.v., and see also "ga.") -- as ludicrous as this may seem, it is also true.

e.g., As a rule, a ft. is as good as a yd.; if you don't agree, you can stick it.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

ftang - Used to replace onomatopoeia, such as "boing."

e.g., " . . . and then he sprang up from nowhere. Ftang!"

submitted by Jamie Bowen

ftmp - For the most part.

e.g., FTMP this abbreviation is unknown.

submitted by Tristen Hayfield

fu - Suffix-like word attached to any of several words, indicating "the force thereof."

e.g., Godzilla attacked them with major giant lizard fu. That jerk got to backtalkin' me, so I had to pull out some major size-12 boot fu.

submitted by Air Gecko

fub - similar to fubby.. another word to describe a "fat roll" on a large individual.

e.g., Wearing a bikini was a bad choice for her, she showed off her triple fubbed torso and i got them confused for gills.

submitted by Matt C

fubar - Fucked Up Beyond All Repair, Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. Completely worn out or useless.

e.g., Technician to office manager: I checked over your printer thoroughly. Eighty-three percent of all the parts are either broken or worn out. It's FUBAR.

submitted by Dennis, Dave Widdicombe - (www)

fubby - Alternaivte word for "fat" or "overweight."

e.g., After eating so much on the holidays, I began to get really fubby.

submitted by Matt C

fubu - Loser, jerk, etc.

e.g., Good on ya, fubu.

submitted by Kaffy

fucking up the math - A person, system, or root cause that is at fault, causing errors, or making mistakes leading to data loss or the generation of spurious data. Originally seen c. 1990 during a jam session of the rock band Chim Chim, where sometime vocalist Neil Walls was heard to utter: "Sitting in a dark room / Sitting on my ass / Watching TV / Sitting in a dark room / Fucking up the math!" It was later determined that the last lyric was supposed to be "fucking up The Man," but it appeared the tape recording machine used that day, or maybe the piece of media, was fucking up the math.

e.g., "Do you think it's the X-130 switches that are causing the data loss in this scenario, or the RJI cards?" "Well, Juan's most recent and rigorous battery of fmd5 analysis would lead us to believe that the X21-12 tape drives are fucking up the math."

submitted by Rick Shangle

fuckus - A mix between a light verbal disagreement between two or more people, usually kids, such as a fuss, and a more aggressive disagreement such as a ruckus.

e.g., If you don't get each of the kids the same number of gifts this Christmas holiday, there'll be a big fuckus.

submitted by Carol Southern

fucupidness - Fucupidness refers to the level to which a noun is fucked up. For example, Charlie Manson has a high degree of fucupidness.

e.g., His fucupidness was the only barrier to his career as a janitor.

submitted by E.J. Martella - (www)

fud - Food. Pronounced "fudd."

e.g., Better get the kids some fud before they start getting cranky.

submitted by pinder - (www)

fud - Food of dubious nutritional or health value, especially fast food. (Inspired by a Far Side cartoon in which a dog tried to lure a cat into a spin-dryer by writing "CAT FUD" on the door.)

e.g., I've only got 45 minutes to make it to the doctor's office and back -- no time for a proper lunch. I'll just have to grab some fud on the way.

submitted by Jay Hinkelman

fud - Fear of Uncertainty and Doubt.

e.g., My boss is suffering from a severe case of FUD.

submitted by iCE Breaker - (www)

fud marketing - A marketing technique employed by many large companies involving the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt of change. Often used to keep potential customers from purchasing new and innovative products. Also known in many circles as poison kool-aid.

e.g., I almost got them to sign the order, but then the fud marketing from MonopolySoft kicked in. They really have that IT director drinking the poison kool-aid.

submitted by Blackhart

fuddle-duddle - The result of a marshmallow in the microwave set at high for 5 minutes.

e.g., Whoa! What a fuddle-duddle!

submitted by Keiran Halcyon

fuddy-duddy - "An old-fashioned, fussy person." An old fogey, a stick-in-the-mud.

e.g., Hang in there, kiddies. If you're lucky enough to live that long, one of these days you'll be looked upon as a fuddy-duddy, too. | Believe me, you're not going to be happy when young assholes start calling you an old fuddy-duddy -- or an old man or old woman. It's gonna happen if you live long enough. Count on it. (If you're like me, you won't like being called darling, hon, or sweetie either.)

submitted by HD Fowler

fudge - Like the f-word.

e.g., Man, this is fudged up right here.

submitted by Krille

fudge factor - The answer you wanted divided by the answer you actually got (especially as applied to engineering data).

e.g., What's the fudge factor for this cost estimate for cubic feet of concrete?

submitted by Cory

fudge-head - What you have first thing in the morning. Foggy feeling.

e.g., Rubbing eyes, "Uggg, I got fudge-head this mornin'."

submitted by Jase and Di

fudge-monkeys - Can easily replace the f-word. A simple replacement of curse words. Also, can be a species of monkeys, but only if your imagination really runs that far. Plural as well as singular.

e.g., Holy fudge-monkeys, that was scary.

submitted by KimberlyPeterson - (www)

fudge-nugget - Used to express dissatisfaction or annoyance.

e.g., Ahh, fudge-nugget. I forgot my pencil.

submitted by lauryn - (www)

fudge-sicles - Shows great annoyance. Can also replace damn or the f-bomb. (ED. You caught me in a weak moment. Up it goes.)

e.g., Aw, fudge-sicles, I just dropped my cell phone.

submitted by Angela Dawn

fudgeking - Euphemism for "fucking."

e.g., I'm all about a government that is so fudgeking deadlocked they can't make any more laws or spend any more money.

submitted by beelzebub

fudgemuc - Chocolate that tastes horrible.

e.g., That tasted fudgemuc.

submitted by Ian Morrison

fudgie - (see citidiots)Tourists that travel to Northern Michigan every weekend for tourist activities (and fudge).

e.g., Town will be packed this weekend with all the fudgies up here.

submitted by Robin in Michigan

fudlicecream - The thin bit of ice cream left on the lid of the container that always seems to taste the best.

e.g., Dibs on the fudlicecream.

submitted by Tom and Lee

fuel drool - That few drops of gasoline that invariably comes out of the fuel nozzle after removing it from your vehicle.

e.g., Damn, I got fuel drool on the paint again.

submitted by Elmer Fudd

fug - A product defect (bug) that the manufacturer, generally Microsoft, dismisses as a feature. | Norman Mailer's invented word to replace "fuck" and get by the censors of the day.

e.g., Every time I set the starting page to one it resets to five, so it must be a fug.

submitted by Jack Bellis

fugazi - Military slang. Originally stood for "Fouled Up, Ground Attack, Zipped-In," but during the Vietnam War was used as slang for "fucked up." Also the name of an 80s era punk/hardcore band -- but they took their name from this slang word.

e.g., Yeah, that's all fugazi.

submitted by David

fugazy - Fake, phony.

e.g., I thought he was my friend, but he was just fugazy.

submitted by LeLa

fuggedaboudit - Forget about it. Lots of other variations, such as fageddaboutit, fugeddaboudid, fugeddaboudid, fuggeddaboutit, fugheddaboudit, fugheddaboutit, fuhgeddaboudit, etc.

e.g., Fuggedaboudit. You don't stand a chance with her, Jim. Never did. Never will. Me either.

submitted by Ken Powell

fuggered - An amalgamation of "fuck" and "buggered."

e.g., I'm fuggered after all that work. | I'm completely fuggered.

submitted by Djoran Keil - (www)

fuggle - Very large number, usually more than 1,000.

e.g., "I fuggle-dare you!" Timothy exclaimed to John as the crowd gasped.

submitted by Button

fugharwie - (Same as "fugawi" from Johnny Carson's version of _The Tonight Show_, from the 60s or 70s.) Used when you have no idea where you are.

e.g., Where the fugharwie?

submitted by Lee

fugly - Fucking ugly. Epitome of ugliness. | When someone is so unattractive that her appearance creates a rift in space-time, vastly exceeding notions of linearity, temporality, and memory, she becomes futuristically ugly, or fugly.

e.g., Her ass might be nice, but her face is fugly. | Michelle thinks she's hot, but she's so fugly I'll be seeing her face for years to come. How can anyone with a nose that bad be unaware of it?

submitted by Brian | jw - (www)

fuhrenbunker - (FEW-rin-BUNG-ker; n.) 1. A despot's hidey-hole. 2. A bigwig's growlery (which is a really good word), connoting a bigwig you don't like or who you believe is plotting evil behind closed doors or with his malevolent minions. 3. Enemy headquarters (literal or figurative). 4. a bolt hole or refuge (again, connoting a hefty dose of criminality or atrocity). [From the German "Fuhrenbunker": Hitler's Berlin air-raid shelter/bunker/office complex.]

e.g., When they found Saddam Hussein, he was squatting in a teeny little rat hole: quite a comedown from the opulence he was used to. A miserable excuse for a fuhrenbunker. --------------------------- "The president is being viciously lampooned on al Jazeera." "Well, what a surprise. Last time I watched an al Jazeera broadcast, I was stunned to discover that he's a fascist cannibal who dreams up atrocities in the White House." "Yeah. It's like the SitRoom's a fuhrenbunker or something." --------------------------- "This guy had a nuclear shelter? Why? Does he think it's 1955?" "No, it's more of a hiding place from the Justice Department." "Oh. Let's see." "Let me unlock it here ... there we go." "Holy CRAP! This is not a hiding place; it's a fuhrenbunker!... Is this marble? Is that a fountain? Why didn't he just live in here?" "Oh, well, let me show the actual house." "That bad?" "Worse."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

fulcrum - A person who gorges herself on baked goods.

e.g., Barney the baker ate so many cookies that he could be called a fulcrum.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

fulfilling your destiny - referring to people who dye their hair blonde

e.g., You dye your hair blonde? You must be fulfilling your destiny.

submitted by Vicki

full belmonty - Dressing up in a puffy-sleeved shirt, tight pants, boots, and perhaps a long jacket. To look like a Belmont, the family of vampire hunters in the Castlevania series.

e.g., Chris looks goofy. He's gone full belmonty.

submitted by Mike Sacco

full case - A fat stomach. A play on the "six-pack" term for a washboard stomach.

e.g., When I went to my high school reunion, I saw that Chris has a full case these days. He really let himself go.

submitted by Scott Marchus

full court press - Named after the play in basketball, it means to agressively put the moves on, or to hit on someone. To not give up on trying to get someone until you actually get them.

e.g., "Could you see if Mike likes me? I don't want to put the full court press on him if he doesn't, because then I'll look like an idiot." "Guaranteed, he doesn't."

submitted by Serra - (www)

full glass half empty - There are additional choices available to people besides glass half full, glass half empty -- but what to make of them is up for debate.

e.g., Yes, there is 1-> full glass half empty, 2-> empty glass half full, 3-> half empty glass half full, 4-> half full glass fully filled halfway, and 5-> others no doubt. Empty glass half empty?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

full mental jacket - This isn't just puny restraining straps, it's a complete straitjacket.

e.g., They found out at the hospital that a hospital gown wasn't enough, so they gave me a full mental jacket.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

full on - Complete and total.

e.g., I'm ready for some full on rockin' at tonight's Warrant concert!

submitted by Sean Tubridy - (www)

fulla - "Full of" used by speakers too lazy to add the "f" sound to the end.

e.g., Did you check out that new bookstore? It's fulla new titles.

submitted by Evman

fullapopsicles - When someone attemps to be philosophical but they're full of it, and the only thing they are full of is popsicles.

e.g., I heard him speak but he was fullapopsicles.

submitted by Pete Prodoehl - (www)

fullet - Female mullet. The female version of the horrendous hair style involving short sides and a long back. Favoured by female truck drivers.

e.g., "Oh, my God! What a minger." "That's nothing, did you see that fullet?"

submitted by dan thomas

fulliticulated - Full as a tick when it turns green.

e.g., I am fulliticulated after eating Thanksgiving dinner.

submitted by Katrina Gayden

fully - Definitely.

e.g., "Do you think we'll win tonight?" "Fully."

submitted by spongebob

fully sick - Australian Lebanese term. Used in describing something good, especially a car.

e.g., Fully sick, bro.

submitted by bob

fumblemental - Fumblemental is a derivation of the term "fundamental" for use during football games. It is used to imply a basic knowledge of fumbles and football in general.

e.g., Use of fumblemental is especially appropriate during the viewing of a football game when a fumble occurs due to the error of one of the players.

submitted by Marianne Hollier

fumblepindle - For the 30-second long re-plugging action that follows accidentally pulling out the headphones from your PC when playing loud music at work in a full and deathly quiet office.

e.g., He knew the boss was standing right behind him and that made him fumblepindle even more.

submitted by Brave Sir Robin

fumblescrew - To bobble or mishandle something foolishly or stupidly.

e.g., Joe, don't fumblescrew the football, you dufus.

submitted by A-Raj

fumdidilyhum - A feeling. Not very good, slightly bored.

e.g., I'm fumdidilyhum. How are you?

submitted by Marie

fumic - Strong-smelling.

e.g., Why are you wearing such a fumic aftershave, Santa Claus?

submitted by Courtney

fumismegma - A coating of resin found in high-traffic areas of smoke, namely on the inside of a pipe.

e.g., Give me a paper clip; this pipe's too clogged with fumismegma to use.

submitted by BigAssFries

fun school - A school containing very young kids, usually a preschool or kindergarten class.

e.g., She goes to her fun school every day, that young thing.

submitted by star651

funameter - Mythical gauge which rates the fun factor of any event.

e.g., After that last rollercoaster ride Bill's funameter was pegged.

submitted by Vernon Kindred

funch - To flip your pillow over in the middle of the night to reveal the "cold" side.

e.g., I woke up perspiring last night, so I decided to funch.

submitted by Brad - (www)

funcraptic - So stupid or dumb, that it is instantaneously funny.

e.g., That joke about the yogurt was funcraptic.

submitted by Chelsea Aceheart

functified - The changing or alteration of a physical object or idea in order to make it funky.

e.g., This milk that has been sitting out all day has been functified.

submitted by Michael

functionally anidiot - When someone appears to be intelligent but can't get anything done without botching it.

e.g., Bob seems like a sharp enough guy, but he is functionally anidiot.

submitted by Danielle

functionally broke - A state in which one has no folding money but does have a pocketful of change.

e.g., You're gonna have to pay for the pizza. I'm functionally broke until I hit the ATM.

submitted by Shaduan

functionallywise - Used to describe the fittedness or aptness of a solution to a problem. True, very similar to just "functional," but with a little more recursive thinking about the process of evaluating the measurement of "functionality" itself.

e.g., I know it looks good on paper, but how does it stack up functionallywise?

submitted by Matt Regier - (www)

functionominal - To describe something that is functioning in a nominal fashion.

e.g., Bert: Hey, is that pathfinding algorithm working? Ernie: Functionominally, yes.

submitted by kalin

fund raisin - A dried grape that organizes revenue-generating political events.

e.g., Gilbert, who wanted to be President of the Fruit Stand, badly needed financial backing. So, he turned to Fund Raisin for help.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

fundage - Money.

e.g., We're gonna have to go soon. I'm running low on fundage.

submitted by gerardski

fundage - Current availibility of money that can be spent on non-useful things, like books or going out to dinner.

e.g., I don't think I have enough fundage to go to Red Lobster. Let's go to Taco Bell. You get more for your money there.

submitted by Karen

fundagelical - a religious fanatic, esp. Christian, exhibiting the moral perfectionism of a Fundamentalist and proselytizing zeal of an Evangelical -- in general, an intolerant self-described "born-again Christian."

e.g., The Fundagelical minister blamed the girl's suicide on Heavy Metal and not on his own fearmongering preaching.

submitted by Kevin Fuchs

funderful - 1. A feeling or description of child-like euphroria. 2. Describing an act, place or emotion that is the mostest.

e.g., 1. You are so funderful. 2. That sounds funderfully delicious.

submitted by Scotty McDonell

funderwear - Not the basic whites you wear under your office clothes, but the more unusual and daring numbers you wear on special occasions when you're hoping someone else may get the chance to see them.

e.g., We're going out dancing tonight, so you better wear your funderwear.

submitted by bryan gans - (www)

fundodger - Person who avoids all things fun.

e.g., She's a real fundodger." | "Come on, Brenda, don't be a fundodger."

submitted by clint

fundoo - Fun-loving.

e.g., Rohit is really fundoo guy.

submitted by Rohit

fundsalow - The state of being short on cash.

e.g., Because Alfred was recently struck with yet another case of fundsalow, he was unable to buy himself some candy.

submitted by Adolfo Vazquez

funemployment - The practice of actually enjoying one's unemployment.

e.g., You lost your job? Let me be the first to welcome you to the wonderful world of funemployment.

submitted by Steph Rothstein

funest -

Despite its use in Steve Jobs' marketing campaign for the iPod Touch (It's the funnest iPod ever.), "funnest" is not a word. At least not yet, not in the world of mature adults -- not for us pre-baby-boomers. However, funest is a word, meaning boding or causing evil or death; fatal; disastrous. It's root is the same as funeral's, and it can also mean portending death.

e.g., You can read about some very funest experiences at The Darwin Awards. | Throwing gasoline on a fire won't "win" you a Darwin Award, but it can be a funest experience that removes your genes from the gene pool. You don't actually have to throw gas on a fire to have the experience. Throwing it within a few feet can result in the vapors igniting and exploding, knocking you on your ass. If you're able to walk away at all, you're likely to have some burns -- and less hair on your arms, body, and head than you did a second or so earlier. "HD, what happened to your eyebrows? Going with the Lex Luthor look now, are we?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fungdunkulous - Something of overly ridiculous or obsessive measure.

e.g., The Nintendo Gamecube controller is not just crazy, it's fungdunkulous.

submitted by Ronald Crisp - (www)

fungetic - Engendering happiness and fun.

e.g., It was one of the most fungetic parties I have ever attended.

submitted by Ellen

fungogu - Pregnant.

e.g., When Fing asked a lady if she was fongogu, she said yes.

submitted by anna - (www)

fungry - A conglomerate of "fucking" and "hungry." To be fungry is to experience an extreme form of hunger, often the result of skipping breakfast and sitting through a three-hour class or meeting.

e.g., I can't remember the last time I was this fungry. I'm so fungry I could eat my shoes.

submitted by Mike Chipman - (www)

fungusting - A mixture of funny and disgusting.

e.g., As he fell on his elbows it hit me that it was fungusting.

submitted by Bryan Cortez

funhater - People that do not appreciate a good time. Many teachers, pastors, and late night Denny's waiters fall into this category.

e.g., Mr. London is a funhater.

submitted by Joe Vincent

funigan - A doubletalk word to obfuscate ignorance of whatever, similar to "bubtay."

e.g., Q: How did you do that? A: I put the funigan in the buptay.

submitted by george kelly

funishment - Fun exercise or other physical activity that is both painful and enjoyable

e.g., Our camping trip was memorable, mostly because of the funishment we endured on our mountain bikes.

submitted by rich

funk doctor - a DJ, somebody who plays songs and or raps.

e.g., Joe: KFUG's new funk doctor is great. Bob: They shoulda hired this guy last year.

submitted by Mo

funkadasical - Extremely funky. Awesome. Really cool.

e.g., The concert Friday was funkadasical.

submitted by Kevin Woosley

funkadillic - Bad.

e.g., The ice cream tasted funkadillic because it was over two years old.

submitted by ashquwa

funkafied - Used to describe something or someone that has become incredibly cool and funky.

e.g., Belle: Check out this new website for made up words. Rochelle: Oh, wow, that's funkafied.

submitted by Belle

funkalicious - Something that is very kewl, funky, awesome, and in a sense, delicious.

e.g., That is quite a pair of funkalicious pleather pants you are wearing today.

submitted by Daisey

funker - An insult to a chunky or "porky" person.

e.g., You're right, Chris's mom is a bit of a funker. I think that's where Chris got it.

submitted by Shannon Cassady

funkeratic - Said of a really bright outgoing person or thing. Something that is not quite normal but is highly popular.

e.g., Titch is funkeratic. She has such bright and strange ideas.

submitted by titch411

funkified - To have become funky: e.g., caked with grime, grease, oil, mold, mildew, etc. To have an odor that is generally funky: e.g., to smell like feet, sweat, etc. To be spoiled. To be in a state of funkiness.

e.g., The funkified spaghetti sauce in the back of the refrigerator had been there for over a year.

submitted by Scott McGrath

funkin wagnalls - A lexicon - the PD's only serious competitor.

e.g., Look it up in your Funkin Wagnalls.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

funkitated - 1. Untruthful. 2. Disorder or disorganization. 3. A displeasing sensory experience.

e.g., That is funkitated. Don't ever say you made up the word "funkitated." We know Dana made up the word.

submitted by Scott

funkledorfin' - Feeling out of sorts and wanting to get away from it all.

e.g., I'm lyin' low and funkledorfin' 'til I get out of this funk I'm in, Fred.

submitted by Linda L. Dowd

funkomentelliptic - The way one feels when her mind's funkoment begins to lose its circular shape and be slightly eccentric, less funkomental and more elliptic.

e.g., It's tuesday, and the dog got shampooed. I was gonna eat some gravy and enjoy the evening with a couple of cold beers and a Peewee Herman movie, but now I'm feeling a bit funkomentelliptic.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

funkovitch - Extremely weird, odd, or out of place.

e.g., What's Nader doing speaking at the Republican Convention? That's funkovitch.

submitted by Aquila

funktagious - So funky you catch it as a disease.

e.g., Them twangers of Twang Darkly sho have some funktagious grooves.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

funktified - That which has become "cool" or of a funk state.

e.g., That broken keyboard is fixed; it's been funktified.

submitted by Looneymidi

funktillion - A sarcastically huge amount, in mathematical terms "infinity factorial."

e.g., I just spent about a funktillion bucks getting my car fixed.

submitted by Scott Lattimore

funktual - Turning up late, but making up for it with a stylish entrance.

e.g., Middle-management waited to start the meeting, when Johnny cruised through the doors with his usual funktuality.

submitted by ashsimmonds

funkworthy - awesome, cool, held in high reguard.

e.g., I've just come back from Amsterdam. Boy was it funkworthy.

submitted by alan

funky - 1. Cool in an odd or quirky way. 2. Rotten or rancid in an odd way.

e.g., 1. These home-made trombones make a realy funky sound. 2. That green cheese made my stomach feel funky.

submitted by Abi

funky chicken - Cool, great, awesome.

e.g., I have only two words to describe that movie, funky chicken.

submitted by Matt

funky knuckles - For someone who plays a mean guitar.

e.g., He plays bass guitar like a champ--he's got funky knuckles.

submitted by Maggie McFarland

funna - A midwest adaptation of "finna."

e.g., I'm funna leave. Peace.

submitted by alex

funnabagos - Female breasts.

e.g., Look at those funnabagos.

submitted by sa

funnalize - To make an event or an action more fun.

e.g., Let's order pizza. That should really funnalize watching the movie.

submitted by amanda moss - (www)

funner - More fun.

e.g., This game is so much funner than that one.

submitted by haley thomas

funner, funnest - Fun, funner, funnest: fun, more fun, most fun.

e.g., Let's hit the water slide. It's funner than the pool.

submitted by Christy Moss

funnerest - The most fun ever.

e.g., That was the most funnerest ride I have been on.

submitted by Sue

funnest - Most fun.

e.g., 14 is the funnest age to be.

submitted by aubrey

funnicky - Humorously expressive of one's pickiness/finickyness.

e.g., Chris requires a week of communication over the phone to iron out dinner details, as she only eats this in season and that in season, and the dairy products must be local, and nothing but organic whole foods, and on and on. But at least she's pleasant and funnicky, so it's usually not too big a pain.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

funnuer - Someone who is boring and doesn't want to do something fun when everyone else does; a.k.a., a party-pooper.

e.g., When we wanted to go to the beach, Jeremy was the worst funnuer I've ever seen because he said he was allergic to sand.

submitted by Katie

funny factor - simply the main reason for doing something otherwise seen as uncool.

e.g., Let's go see _Harry Potter_, just for the funny factor.

submitted by brent

funnyossity - Strange or peculiar (in a nice way).

e.g., Fancy being afraid to ask Beth for a date. You are a funnyossity.

submitted by Roy Bates

funsucker - Someone who takes the fun out of everything.

e.g., You're a real funsucker for not going to the movies with us, Chris.

submitted by chad nelson

funt - The skill used and the process of HUNTING for FUNDS.

e.g., I have to funt before the proposal is submitted.

submitted by Renee

funt - The middle section (where it gets skinny) of an hourglass.

e.g., The funt is blocked and the sand cannot get through.

submitted by mike dean

funtabulistic - Amazingly fun and fantastic and fabulous--with a bullet.

e.g., Wow, that show was the best ever, definitely funtabulistic.

submitted by amy

funted - Used to work once, but is now completely broken beyond repair (generally for no apparent reason).

e.g., Q: Why isn't the server working? A: No idea. It's completely funted.

submitted by Al Maw - (www)

funturbed - To find something funny, yet disturbing.

e.g., I just saw Pulp Fiction; I really enjoyed it, but found it oddly funturbing.

submitted by MQ on behalf of Saba Ali

funusual - An unexpected goodtime while doing a not so fun thing.

e.g., My trip to the dentist was funusual because she was such comedian

submitted by coffeewood

funy - A mix between funny and funky--pronounced as 'puny', but with an F of course. :) Usually used as a compliment for something spiffy.

e.g., What a funy new sweater.

submitted by Selderaya - (www)

fur - Stupid.

e.g., Don't be fur.

submitted by kristen

furbelicious - Used to describe a beautiful animal, being very furry and also very gorgeous.

e.g., My fluffy cat is Ms. Furbelicious personified.

submitted by RBC

furbling - Having to wonder through a maze of ropes at an airport or bank when you are the only person in line.

e.g., When I went to the bank, I had to furble my way to the teller.

submitted by erika

furfnaboofy - 1. A homemade or makeshift cat toy. 2. Furf. Shredded paper or cardboard, created by pet rodents to pass the time or soften their bedding.

e.g., 1. Sofia fashioned a furnfnaboofy for Bluto out of an old sock and some catnip. 2. I gave Ratboy that toilet paper roll last night, and by this morning it was gerbil furf.

submitted by Suzanne

furgangi - A material consisting of a mixture of fine animal furs arranged into a plaid-like pattern, worn mostly by the richest and most well-to-do gangsters on the West Coast. Similar to the Burberry Check, this patterned fur uses fur in colors such as burgundy, tan, black, and white. Furs are dyed to enhance shades.

e.g., My new Furgangi coat is like a mixture of mink and Burberry, and I only had to rob a coupla banks to buy it.

submitted by Jeff Manuel

furgle - To copulate rudely with a member of the opposite sex. Sex, or to have sex.

e.g., When they furgle, they have an all-night furgle. | Can someone please tell me what a furgle actually is? (Naval slang for "grope," "to feel a woman's body intimately." | "Furgle. To copulate rudely, crudely or noisily," Roger's Profanisaurus. | "A synonym for sexual intercourse," | "Furgle, to copulate rudely with a member of the opposite sex. Used by Joseph Heller in Catch-22. Probably originates from the German term 'v geln,' which means... 'to copulate rudely with a member of the opposite sex.' (KAH, 5.1.98)," The Swear Dictionary)

submitted by Pip Wilson - (www)

furn - The verb of hitting someone to the point of bleeding with garden furniture.

e.g., I was going to furn him but he never showed up.

submitted by JD

furnace-iture - What any piece of furniture becomes when you unexpectedly find yourself in the "hot seat."

e.g., When my boss began questioning my work on the O'Donnell Account, my comfy executive chair suddenly turned into a piece of furnace-iture.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

furnidents - The indentations left in the carpet after moving furniture.

e.g., We knew that we put the couch back in the exact same spot because we positioned its feet in the original furnidents.

submitted by John - (www)

furnitologist - A student or practitioner of furnitology. {ED. Now, if we only knew what furnitology means.}

e.g., I know a great furnitologist who can bonify the provenance of your Victorian chair. {ED. Or bonify.}

submitted by john

furnitology - The study of furniture. Furnitology is the term one uses when bringing the history, design, and building procedure under one umbrella.

e.g., What's the provenance of that antique highboy? Anybody here a furnitologist?

submitted by Neil Lamens

furniture porn - Ikea catalogues -- nice things arranged in pleasing ways that makes you look at your own and go "Why doesn't mine look like that?"

e.g., I'm moving out soon, so I guess I should check out some furniture porn to see what I should buy.

submitted by MiLLiE

furnitureorthetv - used when someone is being unclear about what they are asking for.

e.g., I'm confused. Do you want to buy the furnitureortheTV?

submitted by Egon

furocious - The eternal shedding of household pets.

e.g., I have one black and one white cat; this allows me to look furocious, no matter what I am wearing.

submitted by gailr

furple - [fur-puhl] (noun) An abridging of the words "furry" and "people." Primarily used by pet owners and others in refering to furry animals as individuals with personality. Related words, fursonality, furson.

e.g., My furple let me know it's time to eat by barking in the kitchen.

submitted by Robert Goltz

furrdown - The part of the ceiling that's lower in order to accomate cabinets or recessed lighting.

e.g., George smacked his head on the furrdown, reaching in to replace one of the halogens over the sink.

submitted by Katrina Glows

furry - 1. A creature with form, anatomy, or expressed characteristics or traits of both humans and animals.

e.g., I am a Furry. The Furry sub-culture is extremely diverse.

submitted by Fionacat - (www)

furson - [fur-suhn] (noun) A furry animal, whether male, female, or juvenile, usually a domestic pet. An abridging of the words "furry" and "person." Primarily used by pet owners and others in referring to a furry animal as a unique individual. Related words, furple, fursonality.

e.g., My little furson, Gizmo, really likes the new crispy treats I bought.

submitted by Robert Goltz

fursonality - [fur-suh-nal-i-tee] (noun) The visible aspect of a domestic pet's character as it impresses others. An abridging of the words "furry" and "personality." Primarily used by pet owners and others in referring to a furry animal. | A furson as an embodiment of a collection of qualities. 3. Psychology. a. The sum total of the physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristics of an individual furry animal. b. The organized pattern of behavioral characteristics of the individual furry animal.

e.g., My dog Gizmo has a curious and unique fursonality.

submitted by Robert Goltz

further - A person who grows fur-bearing animals for furriers.

e.g., PETA pickets the further's father for fathering farther furriers's farthings; i.e., for furthering ?arther furs.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

furthernote - Contraction of "furthermore note."

e.g., Furthernote that the ruler must be aligned with the side of the paper for accurate results.

submitted by rgovostes

fuscles - Not quite fat, but not quite muscles.

e.g., Daiv liked to argue that his huge thighs were composed of fuscles.

submitted by Combat Jane & Combat Daiv

fuspiel - A futile spiel. When someone is trying to tell you or show you something that you already know, they are "fuspieling." Fuspieling is generally annoying, as it tends to have an innate patronizing tone or manner.

e.g., Bill was working on the engine when Tom started telling him how to fix the problem. Bill was well aware of the solution and listened to Tom's fuspiel patiently, although he felt slightly irritated by it.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

fussass - Pronounced as "fuss-arse." Of someone who is particularly fussy in her behaviors and work habits.

e.g., Cathy is a fussass -- because she likes to maintain a high standard of work, that's why. Hmmm, maybe that's why she's been promoted twice and I'm still on new hire probation.

submitted by sjb

fussiness - A business run by a fussy person.

e.g., The museum was a bad fussiness, so you never knew what to expect each day except trouble.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

fussivity - state of affairs in which people fuss constantly

e.g., We were all in a state of fussivity during the holiday.

submitted by Patricia Beckett - (www)

fusstrated - "Being exasperated over an extended chaotic situation, usually stemming from too much fussing about nothing. Fuss + frustrated"

e.g., I was so fusstrated at my kids that I gave in and let them have their way.

submitted by Kent

fustache - The hair that grows above a female's lip.

e.g., He did not kiss her goodnight because he was turned off by her fustache.

submitted by Nan Bagley

fustercluck - A situation that has deteriorated beyond the point of any possible rescue. IT world variant of "clusterfuck."

e.g., This project is a fustercluck. I'm going home.

submitted by Dave Roe - (www)

fustulate - To worry without need; to work yourself up over nothing.

e.g., It's just a test --don't fustulate.

submitted by Curt

fusty - Being difficult; usually the result of hunger or lack of sleep. Related to "fussy." Usually accompanied by wiggling, foot-stamping, whining, or making a wincing rat-face.

e.g., I know you're hungry, so stop being fusty and pick a restaurant already.

submitted by Nick

fustyluggs - (Fusty Luggs) "A beastly, sluttish woman. Definition taken from _The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue_, originally by Francis Grose." I've been trying to come up with a less condemning term to use for what we might have called a promiscuous woman in my younger days. "Fustyluggs" doesn't seem like a viable candidate. Player?

e.g., Every time I think of what she said, I can't help but also think what an insult it was coming from a fustyluggs.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

futensil - A useless tool or implement.

e.g., Unable to think of a more thoughtful gift, she resorted to ordering another futensil from a cooking catalog.

submitted by Ken Baldwin

futilation - Being frustrated about a situation but knowing that it is futile to attempt to do anything about it.

e.g., He was futilated by his attempts to access the website.

submitted by Tangent Man

futileon - A person lost in time, and trying to keep things from changing; a person who is constantly repairing things to try to keep them the same; a person fighting a losing battle.

e.g., He can be classed as a futileon who thinks he can make that hysterical female stay home and be faithful.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

futility room - Any room in the house that is always messy and out of control

e.g., That tool you are looking for? Possibly in the futility room ?

submitted by frdwick

futz - To tinker, manipulate, and modify in small ways. A pejorative term applied to manipulations that are a pain to do and really screw things up.

e.g., That stupid IT guy futzed with my machine and now it loses all my files. I'm done futzing with this project.

submitted by Nathan Hopper

futzed - The last thing you did with something in an attempt to fix it before you totally put it out of commission.

e.g., We at least were able to start the car before he futzed with it.

submitted by Annie

futzy - Prone to errors of approximation. Futzily.

e.g., I'm not certain how to estimate the distance, so I'd have to get futzy. Paul knitted futzily, while watching TV. Alcohol makes you drive futzily. A drunken driver is futzy. It's perfectly safe to guide a ship futzily when you're at sea, since there are no obstacles around. A person who acts futzy, is a putz. "She's such a putz! She's acting all futzy."

submitted by Steve

fuzy - A member of the Italian Mafia, attempting to integrate into Irish culture -- achieved by giving children traditional Irish names, the result being names such as SeŠn Di Fusco.

e.g., Tony Soprano moved to Ireland. He called his first child Aongheas; so Tony Soprano is a fuzy.

submitted by Lisa

fuzz - 1920s+ for police. | Trouble. | (n.) 1. Soda pop foam. (Coined by my four-year-old son years ago, analogizing the word "fizz" -- for some reason, he likened soda foam to television static, which he also called fuzz.) 2. Bubble bath foam.

e.g., Run, it's the fuzz! | "The class leader would write down the names of those making fuzz in the class and later submit it to the Director sir -- the disciplinarian." | I like to drop ice cream in my root beer and watch it make fuzz. | After a difficult day, she liked a long, hot soak in the fuzz.

submitted by Rob Rex | HD Fowler | Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

fuzzbunny - Females, usually in Southern states of the U.S. that do that big poofy thing with their hair where they puff up the bangs with a can of hair spray.

e.g., Have you ever seen so many fuzzbunnies in one shopping mall?

submitted by Rob

fuzzbuzz - Something sooooo adorably cute it gives you warm fuzzies all over. (ED. Hmmm, sounds a bit sexual to me. Oh, well.)

e.g., That little puppy is so cute, he gives me a fuzzbuzz.

submitted by Celeste Simmons - (www)

fuzzes - A group of rodents.

e.g., Look at all the little fuzzes.

submitted by Marc Lessard

fuzzetty - Of a bad experience.

e.g., Riding that scary roller coaster was fuzzetty.

submitted by Sarah

fuzzface - The result when someone who is wearing a sweater that is fuzzy and the fuzz sticks to her face.

e.g., The green sweater will turn her into a fuzzface.

submitted by Tiffany

fuzzified - Angered, enraged. That is, becoming of or like Fuzz, who was once the angriest reptile alive. In memory of Fuzz, the gecko.

e.g., Can you believe this? That makes me totaly fuzzified.

submitted by Air Gecko

fuzzled - Much like bothered.

e.g., I can't be fuzzled.

submitted by dee

fuzzly, fuzzling - That feeling when a part of your body which has "fallen asleep" is regaining proper circulation. Rather fuzzy, and tingly, and uncomfortable.

e.g., My leg is all fuzzly right now. | Drat! I slept on my arm and now it's fuzzling.

submitted by Elaine Nash

fuzzpuddle - Hair ball.

e.g., The cat just vomited a fuzzpuddle.

submitted by Tony

fuzzy - A pleasant and catchy substitute for the f-word, as popularized by the Disney cartoon character Pepper-Ann Pierson. It is also popular amongst overworked 911 dispatchers. | A personal radar detector. Put it in your car and it will pick up police radar and warn you of how close the police cars are. Comes from the nickname for a radar detector, "fuzzbuster."

e.g., What the fuzzy is that substance leaking from that body bag? | Turn on your fuzzy if you're going to go that fast in the city.

submitted by Keyshia Owens | Aurora

fuzzy beauty - When your hair is slightly fuzzy, but it looks really beautiful anyway.

e.g., Dave: Angela's hair is sure pretty today. Bob: Yeah, she's certainy got fuzzy beauty.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

fuzzy head - Any animal with fur, usually a pet. Heard it on _The Animaniacs_.

e.g., When I get home, the fuzzy heads greet me at the door.

submitted by Lynda Williams

fwaa - A nonsensical word used as an interjection, or as a replacement for the action of shaking one.s head in response to a statement.

e.g., (In response to the phrase, "I was so busy today," replacing a physical guesture) Fwaa, me too. | (instead of "Yeah! Can you believe it" as an interjection of agreement) Fwaa! Can you believe it?!

submitted by Zoe Dagda

fwang - Unpleasant odor, usually assoicated with a person or food item.

e.g., Bob forgot to shower and has a fwang about him this morning. My fish tacos have a bit of a fwang to them, to.

submitted by Matt Pollack

fwank - A loud, percussive orchestral "hit" sample, used annoyingly for no reason in 80s pop music. The word is, since the hits sound sort of like "fwank!" Most notable examples of use: "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes, and "Unforgettable Fire" by U2.

e.g., 80s pop music can be dated by the sheer number of fwanks used per song.

submitted by Ralph the Dog

fwap - A flapping slap

e.g., I chastised him: Fwap! Fwap!

submitted by Kelly Gillette

fwendsy - I guess it's kinda like a panic incident and there's a frenzy. I made it up, but I'm not sure if there's already a word like it. It's kinda like chaos with everyone freaking out.

e.g., When ants infested the cake 20 minutes before the wedding, there was a huge fwendsy.

submitted by emme

fwimple - "Dang it," in a disappointed tone.

e.g., Ty: Here, try to visit my website again. Nicky: Fwimple! It doesn't work. . . .

submitted by Nicky Ubben

fwingbapper - When hiking along a path, the lead person encounters a low tree branch across the trail. The branch is pulled forward while passing it. Letting go of the branch hits the following hiker as the branch returns across the trail. What has occurred is a fwingbapper.

e.g., I got a fwingbapper while hiking yesterday. I was following Greg up the trail, wasn't paying attention, and got too close.

submitted by Mike Cuentas

fwingbapper - Low tree barach across a trail that hits the following person as the branch snaps back into place

e.g., I got hit with a fwingbapper while hiking today

submitted by Mike Cuentas

fwinsies - The freezing winds that are let into your warm bed by other persons when they move without taking precautions to look after your warmth.

e.g., As Jason gets out of bed and lets in the freezing winds, I yell at him saying, "If I have told you once, I have told you a thousand times! DONT LET THE FWINSIES IN!"

submitted by corrie aka moontide

fwoo - (Rhymes with boo, v.) 1. to rise (or fall) at an increasingly steep slope; 2. to ricochet. (n.) 3. a sudden increase in slope (up or down); 4. a. the sound of a bullet ricochet, as in a movie about the old West, b. a ricochet. [Used by a landscape engineer in a meeting regarding the proposed treatment of a sloped area---everyone just nodded, as though it were the most ordinary word in the world...well, except me.]

e.g., There's no trouble with irrigation, but this proposed stairway can't just fwoo at the same angle as this slope. | A 100%-slope, huh? That's Forty-five degrees: What a fwoo! | In close combat, you should always beware the fwoo.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fwyspam - Vehicles advertising websites, driving on the freeway.

e.g., Aaaaargh! I can't get away from spam. Fwyspam is following me around.

submitted by joel garry - (www)

fx - 1. Effects, special effects. 2. For example.

e.g., 2. "The talk is about integration being a challenge, A challenge that we have to meet not just by lazy 'tolerance of everything' but by actively helping the integration to happen and occasionally even saying NO -- fx to such things as honor killings, and any other such things that are simply not acceptable in a modern democracy."

submitted by HD Fowler

fx paradox - (n. sometimes "EE'fex") Our culture's refusal to suspend disbelief when watching movies: We insist upon well-nigh perfect special effects (i.e., we WANT to be fooled into thinking that what we see is "real"), and then we want to see how they did it (e.g., "The Making of the Lord of the Rings," "Doctor Who Confidential," or director's commentary track). The paradox: we want a permanent backstage pass: clap at the illusion, then sneak backstage and extort the secret from the magician. (Also knows as "Howell's Syndrome," after William Dean Howell's advocacy of absolute realism in turn-of-the-20th literature: Howell's believed real life should replace "romantic exaggerations" in art. This is probably the same trend that started all the ludicrous "reality tv" shows we're forever being forced to undergo.)

e.g., "I love that part in AVP where the alien almost bites Lex's face off---that is so cool." "Well, you know, Sanaa Lathan didn't like that scene because of all the drool---which was really KY Jelly, and--" "Would you can it with the FX Paradox crap and let me enjoy the show?!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fŁgenburger - Fiu-ghenburger. Used to denote the need for extrication from complicated situations with as much alacrity as possible. An alternative form of "Let's get the hell outta here."

e.g., Friend: The police are here. Me: Let's fŁgenburger.

submitted by Klaus - (www)

fynardus - A sophisticated way of referring to an argument which neither opposing force is very enthusiastic about.

e.g., I told you, Cecil. Coffee with one sugar spoon is quite enough to fill a chap with energy. Let's not go through this little fynardus again, agreed?

submitted by Andrew

fynglexia - Ytpographical errors made by switching two or more letters in a word because you're trying to type at the speed of thought during an instant message session.

e.g., You know you have fynglexia when your fingers do the walking like a drunk staggering down a drak -- err, dark, alley.

submitted by naomi - (www)

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