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chilearean - One born in Chile who grew up in Argentina. My husband speaks Spanish. Until I married him, I just assumed that Spanish was Spanish. I didn't realize that people from cuba speak different from, say, people from Spain. It all sounded the same to me. But since I've been married and been around different Hispanic peoples, I now know there is a big difference.

e.g., Some people speak Spanglish--English and Spanish combined. My husband speaks Chilearean.

submitted by linda

chilipunked - Being ignored when you don't think you deserve it. When a newspaper or other news media source does not mention your group in a story and you believe said mention is warranted, you have been "chilipunked."

e.g., From the News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) Blog, "Under the Dome" on March 4, 2008. The Libertarian Party plans to post challengers in some legislative races. The party has collected more than 95,000 signatures and is in the process of certifying them with local elections officials and the State Board of Election, according to would-be gubernatorial candidate Mike Munger. In an e-mail to Dome, the Duke University political science professor said that once the party plans to field candidates in "quite a few" of the 56 races with no competition. "We'd (the Libertarians) love to be able to have a primary, but the state denied our right to do that when they used their discretion to decertify us after the 2004 election," he wrote. He also said that Dome's failure to mention the possibility of Libertarian candidates "chilipunked" him. We have no earthly idea what that verb means.

submitted by Ben Watching

chill - Beyond cool. Dank.

e.g., Wanda is sooo chill.

submitted by brian gallagher - (www)

chill pill - TheFreeDictionary: "Something that calms nerves or induces relaxation."

e.g., Take a chill pill, Jill.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

chillage - Casually discussing issues with friends, usually over an informal meal or other event.

e.g., Are you girls up for some chillage at the brothel?

submitted by tom

chillaxative - (noun) An over-the-counter medication that currently does not exist (but should) which permits the user to simultaneously chill out and get her sh*t together. {ED. Bowdlerizing my least favorite expletive is as close as I'll get to allowing it. Had the concept not been as good as it is, the submittal would have been rejected. Lillith.)

e.g., You're way too hyper about this; you need to take a chillaxative.

submitted by Bicycle Bill - (www)

chillaxing - Best exemplified by teenage behavior during late summer days, “chillaxing” is the merge of “chilling” and “relaxing.” It conjures up a uniquely laid-back condition. I am merely the submitter of this word which was part of a dialogue on Minnesota Public Radio.

e.g., Equipped with sunblock, sunshades, beach towels, and sodas, the friends gathered at the lake for an afternoon of artful chillaxing.

submitted by Nick Koch

chilli boots - Any large, high-heeled boot, preferably leather with pointy tips. Reminiscent of 80s prancing heavy metal stars.

e.g., Did you see that Dio video on Metal Mania? He was wearing the biggest Chilli Boots I'd ever seen.

submitted by Matt - (www)

chillibuck - (Chilly-Buck, n.) ten thousand dollars, euros, yen, vel cetera (whatever the current medium of exchange may be). [From Gk Xilioi 'ten thousand.']

e.g., A car cost about $650 in the 30s; nowadays, it's more like three or four chillibucks.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

chilling, chillin' - Doing not much. Just hanging around.

e.g., Q: What did you do yesterday after school? A: Nothing much, just chilling.

submitted by Jack Sipkins - (www)

chillish - To be cold, or of a cool, chilling climate.

e.g., This morning was particularly chillish.

submitted by Jenne - (www)

chillow - To flip your pillow to the other side, which is cooler in temperature.

e.g., My head got hot last night when I was sleeping so I had to chillow.

submitted by Kaylee

chillt - The state of being chilled out or relaxed completely. An almost Zen state.

e.g., I spent this weekend all the way chillt. Also this allows for the shortest meaningfull dialogue in English: "Sup?" "Chillt."

submitted by Joshua Tuberville - (www)

chilluns - Correct Southern urbonics for "children"

e.g., Git them chilluns in tha house. It's suppatime an' we're a gonna have chitlins.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

chilly milfords - Cold, chilly, etc.

e.g., I'm feeling very chilly milfords today because it's chilly milfords outside.

submitted by Joy

chillywack - Extremly uneasy or uncomfortable being around someone or something.

e.g., Looking at that naked statue made me feel chillywacked.

submitted by joyce

chimbly - Chimney.

e.g., My farplace needs a new chimbly.

submitted by jim barcay

chimbo - A cheerleader bimbo.

e.g., Don't worry, she's just a chimbo.

submitted by Victoria S

chimchimichanga - A hot spice.

e.g., I ate a chimchimichanga.

submitted by Kevin 7th English

chimeleon - A fabulous beast composed of several parts all capable of independently changing their appearance.

e.g., Dr. Maynard was startled out of his sleeping bag by a creature appearing to be part lizard, part tobacco pouch, and part ointment jar (a medicinal salve for his "little problem") that had nested in his pack overnight. Doc thought it might be a chimeleon.

submitted by Sean Williams - (www)

chimmy-chong - A burrito. My friend Brandon had an argument with his mom about the difference between a burrito and a chimmy-chong aka chimichanga. | Chimichanga: "a crisp, often deep-fried tortilla containing a spicy filling of pork, chicken, etc., usually served as an appetizer with sour cream, green chili sauce, melted cheese, etc."

e.g., Eat that chimmy-chong, Brandon.

submitted by Kory - (www)

chimneyfish - One who drinks a lot and smokes a lot, often at the same time.

e.g., My dorm is inhabited by a bunch of chimneyfish--it smells disgusting.

submitted by aquila

chimp - Someone who follows instructions blindly but never considers the reason. Trained to do something without understanding the reason why (as a trained animal).

e.g., These reports are a disaster. Didn't anyone understnad why we were doing them? These people are chimps.

submitted by Garry (Batman)

chimpanzerebral - What one becomes when performing too many tasks at once or having too much brain activity to complete a thought

e.g., Damona is all over the place at work; she is the most chimpanzerebral person I know.

submitted by Damon

chimpette - A fictional anthropomorphized sentient female chimpanzee character from _Planet of the Apes_.

e.g., Dr. Zira is a very intelligent chimpette, but she’s not as cute as Ari, from _Tim Burton’s _Planet of the Apes_.

submitted by ThyPentacle - (www)

chin music - In baseball, brushing back the batter with an inside pitch. Also used as a fist-fighting term.

e.g., The Big Unit played some chin music for Bagwell on that pitch.

submitted by david deaton

chin up - Short for keep your chin up. An American phrase meaning "Remain cheerful in a difficult situation." | From our Submit page:

e.g., "Keep your chin up. Don't take your troubles to bed with you - hang them on a chair with your trousers or drop them in a glass of water with your teeth." - [they were easily amused in Pennsylvania in 1900]. | From our Submit page: "If your invented word doesn't immediately catch on, keep your chin up. Remember, 'to deliberately invent a new word, without some foregoing suggestion or basis, and get it adopted, is one of the rarest events in the world, even in America, where men are continually attempting it.' That's just as true now as it was when it appeared in A Dictionary of Slang, Jargon & Cant in 1889." No capitals on the Submit page, because Marty and I have retained Paul's shiftless style in the presentation of the site.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

chin-dribbler - Similar to the "thigh-slapper" or "milk-snorter," a "chin-dribbler" is a joke or situation so funny that it makes you laugh so hard that you accidentally drool a bit.

e.g., Oh, you've gotta come and see what Kane can do with his eyelids. He turns them inside out. It's so funny it's a real chin-dribbler.

submitted by Christopher Moriarty

chinage - To rub or pat another person under the chin.

e.g., Ric's mother got upset when he gave her chinage.

submitted by dan bridges

chinaman's chance - Slim to no chance at all. Originally "Chinaman's chance in hell." Slang reflective of a time when Chinese workers in the American West could get only the most dangerous and difficult work, the term is often considered insulting and racist. |

Little to no chance at all -- roughly the same as the down-under "You've got Buckley's chance" or "You've got Buckley's." ("What are my chances of . . . going out with you?" "Buckley's.") The phrase seems to have come into common use in the mid- to late-nineteenth century when many Chinese laborers came to the United States to build railroads, dangerous work. The immigrants were paid very low wages and were treated poorly in other ways. Caucasian-dominated legislatures -- including the Congress of the United States -- passed laws preventing the immigrants from ascending the socio-economic ladder. God forbid that they be allowed to become citizens. There appear to have been efforts to deny citizenship to their American-born children as well, but I haven't pursued that tack yet.

From Wikipedia: "The Chinese Exclusion Act was a United States federal law signed by Chester A. Arthur on May 6, 1882, following revisions made in 1880 to the Burlingame Treaty of 1868. Those revisions allowed the U.S. to suspend Chinese immigration, a ban that was intended to last 10 years. This law was repealed by the Magnuson Act on December 17, 1943."

The linked web page tells about a misguided attempt by a would-be Thomas Bowdler, Huan Hsu, to "ban" the term Chinaman's chance Among other words and phrases Hsu wants banned are chink in the armor, faggot, gobbledygook, niggardly, and spic-and-span. He claims what he is interested in doing is "not shrinking the language — it's evolving it." No, Mr Hsu, what you want to do is shrink the language. Language evolves on its own; efforts such as yours are hardly necessary for its evolution. I see what you are trying to do (as you foolishly and unnecessarily call attention to outdated words and phrases) as working against the evolutionary change you say you want. What you should do instead is grow some, Huan.

Having fewer words to use to express ourselves rather than more goes against what pseudodictionariers want to do. Most of us try to be sensitive about how we use our ever-expanding vocabularies, but we won't go overboard about being politically correct.

e.g., "Whatever he says, Mike Huckabee has only a Chinaman's chance of getting the Republican nomination for President." "'Chinaman's chance'? That's just the sort of thing I'd expect a cracker like Huckabee to say." "'Cracker'? That's just the sort of. . . ." |

As far as I'm concerned, Huan Hsu doesn't have a Chinaman's chance in his efforts to diminish the English language -- while he says what he's trying to do is not what he's trying to do. The man is better-suited to be a politician than a writer.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

chine - To chat online.

e.g., Let's chine tonight at 7:00.

submitted by Jim

chinematography - Steadicam type of cinematography that looks as if the camera was held under one's chin during shooting, either adding to the ambiance of the film as a whole, or making it appear wholly amateurish in nature.

e.g., Blair Witch Project used good chinematography. | I gotta say, those home videos were somewhat lacking. Too much chinematography in them to suit me.

submitted by Paul

chinese cheese - This was a comical mistake my father made when asking me where to put the tea. He was inbetwixt asking me where I wanted the cheese and Chinese tea and it came out "Chinese Cheese."

e.g., Where do you want me to put the Chinese Cheese? Give me some Chinese Cheese.

submitted by Datura

chinese eyes - No, not slanted eyes. Droopy eyes such as one might have after having smoked a pipe in an opium den. Sleepy-looking eyes.

e.g., Although ReGeana feared her guests might know what she had been doing out back once they say her Chinese eyes, that wasn't enough to keep her from indulging in a poke and toke.

submitted by HD Fowler

ching - The sound a disk makes when hitting the chains in disk golf.

e.g., That was a sweet ching.

submitted by Port

ching - Money, shortened version of Ka-ching, the sound of an older cash register.

e.g., "Why are you out here begging?" "Here's the thing, I need some ching."

submitted by rico

chingalow - Low on money.

e.g., I've been kind of chingalow since I got this new job. Better than it was when I was unemployed, though.

submitted by hilow

chingaso - a little thing that you can't remember the name of right now. Taken from Spanish

e.g., Hand me that little Chingaso over there.

submitted by Gyminee

chinger - To look at someone in a less than pleasant manner, then continue to talk about that person in a nasty fashion.

e.g., Chris has been chingering me all day.

submitted by Black Mage

chinglish - A combo of Chinese and English.

e.g., She was speaking Chinglish, so I was able to catch only about half of what she said. Every other word.

submitted by Eve

chinstache - A small patch of long hair on one's chin, but not a goatee or beard.

e.g., It looks like all of DEFROST have chinstaches; they should shave better.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers

chip - Fine, OK, all right.

e.g., Bert: Can I borrow your car, Ernie? ERnie: That's chip with me.

submitted by Nadia - (www)

chip-head - One who is obsessed with computers.

e.g., He's such a chip-head he could draw you a diagram of the internal cicuit of the Pentium 4 microprocessor.

submitted by Stephen Mize

chip-shop - Half-hearted or inadequate.

e.g., Your CV is completely chip-shop.

submitted by mike stringer - (www)

chipmonks - Religious electronics workers.

e.g., The chipmonks aways closed down the assembly line on the Sabbath, which drove Intel management crazy.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

chipped sheep - This is very much like chipped beef, only it's mutton or lamb. It has its own unique flavor and qualities, appealing to the most discriminating palate, economical when it's cheap chipped sheep, but so far available only on the Moon, where they'll eat just about anything. See you on Luna at the Lunatix Diner. Bring lots of credits and be sure to explore our craters. Our seas may be dry but our teas are quite wet!

e.g., On our recent trip to Luna's famous Sea Side Spa we had the good fortune to try their local dish, chipped sheep a la lune. We arranged to have cheap chipped sheep shipped to our home in Terra's Eighth Quadrant by express rocket before we left Luna.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

chippermonky - Hi, I'm Dr. Evil. Due to the lack of 3's we are now changing 3 to chippermonky, so wherever you used to say 3, You will now say "chippermonky" instead.

e.g., 1, 2, chippermonky, 4, 5. I have chippermonky new ideas.

submitted by Chippermonky

chippie - A malicious teenybopper. The chippie lifestyle is exemplified in Seventeen and in television shows directed at the 13 to 18 age bracket. These girls are loud, especially enthusiastic, but insecure. They are generally not very interesting to talk to as their passions range only from boys to shopping.

e.g., In the girl's restroom, the chippies were fixing their makeup and gossiping about the new boy they all thought was gorgeous. Ugh.

submitted by Meredith - (www)

chipple - A very small chip.

e.g., Bob. The chippy filled this bag with chipples.

submitted by Guttius

chippy - Chiefly British expression used to describe the upper classes, particularly their accents.

e.g., He's got a Saville Row suit, a Hermes tie, and a chippy accent. My bet is he's very rich.

submitted by Stephen Mize

chirophany - The signalling of disdain by the showing of finger signals -- one digit in the US, two in the UK.

e.g., Motorists are among the most skilled practitioners of chirophany and, indeed, possess a complex vocabulary based entirely upon this form of communication.

submitted by April 23rd

chiropract - A back formation (get it?) from chiropractor. To manipulate, as by a chiropractor. | To massage.

e.g., Maybe you need to be chiropracted to relieve the pain in your back. | Chiropract my neck, sweetheart.

submitted by HD Fowler

chirp - The sound tyres make when a fast gearchange is made in a manual car or an automatic car equipped with a shift kit. Chirpy, chirping.

e.g., John was hammering the Falcon GT up the road, chirping the tyres on every single gearchange.

submitted by George

chirpacious - Overly cheerful.

e.g., She was so chirpacious it got on my nerves.

submitted by David Richardson

chirpoof - The sound made by a small exploding bird.

e.g., As she sang to it, Cheryl was astonished to see the small robin look back at her and disappear with a chirpoof.

submitted by Misako Kairo - (www)

chirt - Flirting while chatting online.

e.g., Honey, are you chirting again? Get out of that chatroom and pay attention to me.

submitted by Steve Jasper

chisausa? - Expression used by UK kebab vendors, usually of Turkish nationality. Compression of "Chili sauce, salad?"

e.g., "Large doner please, my good man." "Chisausa?"

submitted by Adam Leslie

chitlins - Southern urbonics for "children."

e.g., Git thim chitlins in tha house. It's suppatime.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

chitlins - Food prepared from intestines, usually hog intestines ("chitterlings," in full).

e.g., Contrary to what another submitter said, "chitlins" is NOT Southern urbonics for "children" as in his example: "Git thim chitlins in tha house. It's suppatime." Much as I hate to dispute a submitter, that word is "chilluns," as submitted with "skonan" by Jim Barclay. One shouldn't mess with REAL words in the PD. {ED. The policy of the pd is to allow submitters to mess with real words if they so choose. The editors do so themselves. In some cases, we'll allow submitters to mess with each other.}

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

chive - Something stuck between your teeth

e.g., Do you have a toothpick? I think I have a chive.

submitted by Mrs. Jack Black

chive - (Pronounced "KIVE," to rhyme with 'five'; n.) A repository of knowledge, especially one organized alphabetically, as in "R-chive," "Q-chive," "S-chive," "L-chive," etc. It's also useful for topically arranged repository, such as an "icthyo-chive" (about fish) or a "pharmakeia-chive" (or maybe just "pharma-chive," about drugs) or a "chive-chive" (about chives, scallions, onions, and similar herbs).

[Derived from the word "Archive," based on the "ar" being taken to mean "r." A friend and I were talking on the phone, and I mentioned a file being on my "f-drive." But he thought I'd said "s-chive." Once we worked out what he thought he'd heard me say, we came up with the "a-chive, b-chive, c-chive" idea fairly quickly. This entry is the result. (Cf. "nager" herein)] {Duplicate.}

e.g., "I am a student of chiropterans."
"Well, we have a huge chive on bats---that is, chiropterans."
"Is it in the C-chive?"
"No: we keep with our info on reclusive billionaire crime fighters ... in the Bat-chive."
"That is easily the worst pun I have ever heard."
"Yeah, sorry. Still, the info on bats really is over here in the B-chive."

The Pseudo-Dictionary is a neologism-chive.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

chive free - Response to "chive scan" wherein your date's teeth are indeed free of remaining food particles. Abbreviated as "CF."

e.g., "Do I have anything in my teeth?" "Nope. Chive free."

submitted by Laura

chive scan - The practice of examining your date's teeth after a meal to make sure there are no lingering food particles. Can be abbreviated “CS.”

e.g., Can you run a chive scan, make sure I’m clear?

submitted by relay

chivers - It is that feeling that you get, when you get that sudden shiver up your spine combining with the sensation of the chill that lasts longer than a shiver and shorter than being chilled. This is the combination of two words created by the dyslexic mind.

e.g., Ooo (ajusting posture), I just got chivers again.

submitted by LP

chivilrist - Someone who is very chivalrous.

e.g., He was always polite to the ladies like a good chivilrist.

submitted by Josh

chiweenie - A dog that is a cross between a chihuahua and a dachsund.

e.g., Rachel found a chiweenie at the dog shelter.

submitted by K

chizmate - What it sounds like when australians say, "Cheers, mate."

e.g., "I'll pick that up for you." "Chizmate."

submitted by adam sontag - (www)

chizzle-pig - A woodlouse, also known as a cheeselog by some people.

e.g., There's a chizzle-pig on the carpet . Quick, tread on it.

submitted by Alison

chizzy - "Awesome, super, happening." Not original.

e.g., We have several, but we certainly don''t have a surfeit of chizzy submittals.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

chlomostlestangerine - Klom-os-tl-stan-ger-een. The way your nose feels when it's stuffy and really really dry inside. You can do nothing about it. Can also be used to describe a feeling of helplessness or stagnation.

e.g., I can't do anything about that problem ... I feel so chlomostlestangerine. You gotta help me.

submitted by Princess Suzy - (www)

chlorine hair - Hair which turns green due to constant exposure to chlorinated water.

e.g., Tandy is really cute, except in the summer when she gets a case of chlorine hair.

submitted by Paul

chloroimbecile - An oxymoron containing two perfect antonyms.

e.g., Amateur professional wrestling is my favorite spectator sport.

submitted by Will Mengarini - (www)

chlorophilia - 1. An abnormal attraction to plants. Esp. cucumbers, carrots, bana,as etc. 2. Vegetarian, vegan.

e.g., Pardon me, waiter. Is there a vegetarian main that comes with the banquet? My friend suffers from chlorophilia which restricts her from eating meat.

submitted by matt clarke

chlorophobia - An abnormal fear of plants, in particular edible plants such as green vegetables.

e.g., Sorry, I can't eat that. I'll just have steak and chips. I suffer from a rare condition known as chlorophobia.

submitted by matt

cho cho - Synonym for chocolate, but much more fun to say.

e.g., It may be bad for your health, but I love cho cho sundaes.

submitted by Mike Jump

cho's - Nachos.

e.g., Bro's, you want to get some cho's with some extra peno's?

submitted by elliot

choade - Can mean anything as long as it's derogatory or disgusting.

e.g., Your boyfriend's an unrepentant choade. OR I drank too much, I'm gonna choade.

submitted by Trent - (www)

choastie - A toasted cheese sandwich, contraction of "cheese" and "toastie."

e.g., I'm so hungry that I'll have to have a choastie with my soup for lunch.

submitted by Claire

chobeez - 1. The feeling of uncontrollable excitement you get upon meeting someone whose presence in your life or circle of friends proves to be very exciting or revolutionary. Usually characterized by loud nonsense sounds, squealing, and rapid movement of head, arms, or hands.

e.g., With our shared interest in digital music, Pearl and I connected right away. It gave me the chobeez just thinking about how she would be able to help me further my own flagging career.

submitted by Elyse The Conqueror

chobo - Adjective (cho-boh)- Korean in origin. To be very bad at something. A newbie. Someone who is not elite.

e.g., That chobo driver can't stay in his lane.

submitted by Jeff

chochy - Cheesy, greasy guy.

e.g., Chris may well set a new world record for being chochy.

submitted by Nikki

chocky moo - Chocolate milk, taken from an interview with Hugh Grant on _The Actor's Studio_.

e.g., For Christmas, I leave Santa some cookies and a glass of chocky moo.

submitted by Kelley

chocky shorts - Chock full of nuts is a heavenly men's brief. Throw out the fig leaf, home for the big beef, it's chocky shorts.

e.g., Even though they're currently popular, if boxers don't do the trick, chocky shorts will hold everything in place.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

chocolacuted - The result of having consumed excessive amounts of chocolate: chocolate overload. Often characterized by an intense need for water or salty foods.

e.g., The "death by chocolate" sundae was great while I was eating it, but now I feel like I've been chocolacuted.

submitted by Jordana

chocolate - Full of coffee and milk.

e.g., A visit to Starbucks leaves you chocolate.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

chocolate panzer - Any one of a later-model German-made large, boxy sedan (usually a Mercedes), painted chocolate or any other cenfectionary color--butterscotch, creme, etc.

e.g., Check out that Benz. That's one serious chocolate panzer.

submitted by mark

chocolate teapot - Something that is useless for what it is designed.

e.g., I know it looks good, but it doesn't work at all. It's about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

submitted by chuey

chocolate, the - The bomb, awesome, sweet, phat.

e.g., Fitty Cent's new disk is the chocolate. Best he's done in years. I can't wait to download most of it.

submitted by Chrissy Gorman

chocopeanutbutteraholic - A person obsessed with the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, particularly as found in many Reese's® products.

e.g., A long-time chocopeanutbutteraholic, Troy finally succumbed to his lover's demand that he seek professional treatment.

submitted by Ross Pitman

chocospurfulation - Flatulating sound the squeezable chocolate sauce container makes when it's almost empty. Can be used with a variety of condiments: mustospurfulation, ketchospurfulation, etc.

e.g., Sally looked insulted and glared at Mark from across the room while Mike was making sundaes. He said, "Hey, that's not me, it's chocospurfulation."

submitted by Mark-man

chod - Bad, unsatisfactory, worrisome, nasty.

e.g., "Last night I got so drunk my tongue went black and fell off." "That was a bit chod, wasn't it? How did you get it reattached to say that?"

submitted by Mel Harrison

chode - A short, stout person. | A collective noun (as in gaggle of geese) for a group of political extremists whether Left or Right. | Term of venery for a group of liberals, progressives, or other leftists or social justicists. See UrbanDictionary for less savory definitions.

Collective Nouns From: Sahil K. Rapper
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 10:22 PM
Subject: Collective Noun Page - Suggestion  

Among my least favorite "words" is chode. It has been given almost 500 definitions at UrbanDictionary. [You'll find more than 15,000 hits googling the site for it.] I've bothered to look at only the first three or four and the last -- the latter in an effort to find out how many definitions had been submitted. None of the definitions I saw was suitable for a family-oriented site.  

Among my least favorite people are liberals, not just people to the left of center, but people so far left as to be . . . irritating to me. Also among my least favorite people are the religious right or evangelicals who seem to have little to do other than find e-mails to forward. I got one the other day that was so ridiculous I did something I had never done before -- I sent a response to hundreds of people in the e-mail tree to tell them to quit sending idiotic e-mails. I even bought software to search my hard drive to generate the mailing list I used -- I'll probably never use that list again.  

Anyway, here's how to use the collective noun chode: a chode of liberals. On the other hand, if you're a liberal: a chode of conservatives. Here's the deal -- you can pick the group that chode is used to refer to. My preference is that it be used for the extreme Left, but it can also be used for the extreme Right -- either way, for someone who has no tolerance at all for someone in the other part of the political spectrum.  

My objective is to give chode something other than an x-rated definition.  



e.g., Amy's in love with a chode. | I had planned to vote early, but when I got to the library a huge chode of liberals was already there. Oh, well, it won't matter, anyway. McCain is going to win Idaho by anywhere from 25 to 40%. The best I can say for McCain is that he'll get my vote as the lesser of two weevils if I can't cast my write-in vote for Bozo the Clown. (Yeah, I know Bozo's dead. Long live Bozo.) | The current failing economy should make the climate control chodes very happy. The more factories that get shut down and taken out of operation, the less energy consumed. With lower energy consumption comes lower greenhouse gas emissions. | I wonder when the chodes calling for electric- and hybrid-powered cars will come to the realization that the power to recharge batteries doesn't come from the wall or the energy tree -- it comes from burning fossil fuels in power plants. The plants that don't use fossil fuels use either hydroelectric energy or nuclear energy. Don't the chodes care how many snail darters have to be sacrificed to keep them from eating their shoes for Thanksgiving dinner? | Nothing else perturbs me quite like the hypocritical all-knowing and all-powerful gods chodes Al Gore and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. They travel by private jet and have carbon footprint dozens of times the size of us mere mortals. Carbon credits, my ass. Assholes.

submitted by Amy | HD Fowler ~ Sahil K. Rapper - (www)

choffee - Coffee and a chat.

e.g., Do you want to meet up for choffee after work?

submitted by Peter Couch

chog - Esp. of traffic: sluggish, densely-packed, slow-moving. Also, "choggy."

e.g., We were going to take the new road but it was choggy with beach traffic.

submitted by hippo

chogret - A close friend.

e.g., Hey, chogret, let's go to the mall tonight.

submitted by Stephanie & Maggie

chogy - Always used in the phrase, "cut a chogy." Means to rapidly leave and head for another location.

e.g., Buddy, we'd best cut a chogy for home, while the gettin' is good.

submitted by Steve McDonald

choice - Awesome

e.g., "Choooiiice"

submitted by big b

choir junkie - Equivalent of band geek for choir class.

e.g., I can't believe what a choir junkie Tina is. She is in the choir room all the time.

submitted by Cassie

choke and puke - Used to refer to diners and small restaraunts.

e.g., Lets stop at a choke and puke for some dinner on the way.

submitted by Camw

choke n' puke - Canadians' nickname for McDonald's.

e.g., "Where do you want to eat tonight?" "Let's go to Choke N' Puke."

submitted by Ginberry

choke the kitty - Scaring someone away from your overbearingness, particularly in a romantic relationship.

e.g., J: I want you to tell me you love me. M: Uh... don't you think you're choking the kitty there?

submitted by Julie

choke yourself - To display your distaste for another's disposition, usually used when you're glad you're not in her shoes.

e.g., A. My boss said I have to work this weekend. B. Just choke yourself.

submitted by Ian - (www)

choke zone - Opposite of comfort zone. Esp. sports, an uncomfortable area of the field to shoot or throw from, a situation where you feel likely to fail.

e.g., I made the birdie from 15 feet inside the choke zone.

submitted by Brian McNeal

chokel - Preferred method of execution when dealing with yokels.

e.g., Step out of your tractor and prepare to be chokeled.

submitted by Isolation Tank

choker - Not something you'd wear around your neck, but a cable or chain that is looped around a log in the forest. A choker-setter, who is usually young and nimble, wraps the choker around a log that has been felled and hooks it to a cable. An engine winds up the cable and drags the log to a loading area. It's a dangerous job and requires constant alertness.

e.g., The choker-setter hooked-up the cable and sprinted for safety, before signaling to have the log hauled to the loading area.

submitted by Steve McDonald

chokle - To inhale a liquid while chuckling at something funny.

e.g., I was trying to drink my soda, but she said something too funny and I chokled.

submitted by Joseph Swartz

chokolatenfreude - The joy that comes from eating chocolate

e.g., One bite of that Godiva chocolate bar gave me considerable chokolatenfreude.

submitted by Lee

cholesteroll - A delicious, buttery, cheesy biscuit.

e.g., Pass the cholesterolls please.

submitted by Betsy Andrews - (www)

chombie - A customer of a retail store that is usually unable to find the commodities he wishes to purchase.

e.g., A clerk conversing with co-worker: "Yesterday, I had to help this chombie find the limes."

submitted by James

chomley - A contraction of "chamomile tea."

e.g., Would you like a cup of chomley?

submitted by SofaMan

chomo - Prison slang for child molester.

e.g., The separated area on the map is the prison’s chomo ward. I suppose they do that because the chomos might be attacked if they weren’t isolated from the general population. Do you have any idea how often allegations of child molesting are falsely brought in divorce cases these days? Some of the prisoners deserve protection.

submitted by chloe

chomolongma - (int.) 1. "Yes!" "All right!" "Mazel Tov!" "We did it!" and the like. 2. First place, the winner, the leader, the superlative (like the biggest city, the deepest place in the ocean, etc.). 3. The commander or boss in any given undertaking or organization. (The word is the local name for Mt. Everest: "Chomolongma" or "Zhumulangma Feng" (the translation is more or less "the Goddess Mother of the World"); see also "Qogir Feng" (which is the name of the second highest mountain in the world).)

e.g., "They just announced the bid results ... We got the project!" "Yes! Chomolongma! Good job, everyone. Now, let's get to work."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

chomp at the bit - To be eager or nervous. Champ at the bit has morphed into chomp at the bit, exspecially in the United States.

e.g., Chomping at the bit, Chester said, "Get the lion out of the cage and I'll give it a try."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

chompers - Exclaimed just before biting into something, with the intent of eating 40-60 percent of it with the initial bite. Especially pertinent to sandwiches or burgers.

e.g., Ah, this is a boss-looking burger, chappy. Well, chompers! (chomp)

submitted by zombie shoemaker

chomps - any type of food

e.g., "I'm hungry. I'm gonna get me some chomps."

submitted by Michelle - (www)

chonda - A distance away.

e.g., I need to go to the store over chonda.

submitted by Josh PRiddy

chongbonger - Fictional character, part samurai, part sumo. Secret weapon is the super joint.

e.g., Chongbonger was devastated when he learned that Lord Zurg, the evil emperor of the galaxy, was his father. He also found that because Zurg enjoyed the odd puff, his super joint was powerless against him.

submitted by Wombo

chongy - Slang for "chewing gum."

e.g., All right, mate, got any chongy?

submitted by Martyn

chonky - Bulbous, or chunky. The word was invented when a New Zealander attempted to say "chunky," and what she said was "chonky."

e.g., Stacey: Have you seen Jaws? Tracey: No, why? Stacey: There is this one part when all these chonky bits of humans were floating in the water.

submitted by Sammmy

choo-choo - Awesome character in the cartoon Top Cat.

e.g., Choo-Choo is part of an entertaining cartoon from Hanna-Barbera.

submitted by lunar shadows

choo-choo shelia - Person who is along for the free ride.

e.g., He’d never have married her if he’d known she was just a choo-choo shelia and always looking for a better ride.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

chooch - A person who does something stupid by making a lame comment or a physical action without thinking first.

e.g., Alyson sure looked like a chooch when she blew that bubble and the gum flew out of her mouth onto her in-laws plate.

submitted by alyson ulsh

choofy - Worthless, trivial, unimportant; noun form is "Choofacabra." (Credited to James Ruggieri and Sandice Alaska.)

e.g., The whole system is completely choofy; it's a complete waste of time. | Chris is a Choofacabra -- he never does any work.

submitted by Scott Adams - (www)

chook - Australian slang for chicken.

e.g., We're having chook for dinner.

submitted by shadowcat

chook - This is a word used by some people of the West Indies. It is often used to describe being pricked by an object such as a pin or a nail.

e.g., Please don't chook me. | The boy chooked me. | I got chooked by the protruding nail.

submitted by hyaciinth

chooka - Someone who doesn't just exaggerate, she over-exaggerates.

e.g., Chris is still a chooka -- he told me he and his buddies knocked out 18 guys. John said, "Chris didn't knock out anyone. The rest of us did. Chris was a spectator, just egging us on."

submitted by Jess

chookies - Chocolate chip cookies.

e.g., I don't like chookies; I prefer oatmeal raisin.

submitted by Chris

choom - 1. Often said in preparation to do something 2. An expression of happiness after receiving an alcoholic beverage. 3. In Scotland, choom can also be used to initiate lovemaking.

e.g., 1. Och, right time to do some work... choom! 2. A lovely pint of whiskey! Choom! 3. Come a little closer and choom me up.

submitted by Scotch Eggs

choom choom - Life personified, according to Mr. Paris of Hinsdale Central.

e.g., Choom choom, Mr. Paris.

submitted by al - (www)

chooooow - Ciao, goodbye. From Eddie Izzard's "Dress to Kill" sketch. Must be said Chooooow. A way in whcih Eddie Izzard Fans often say goodbye.

e.g., "Later, man." "Later." "Chooooow."

submitted by Marcus

chop - An absolute jerk. A person who thinks she is cool and has lots of friends. The truth is, nobody likes her.

e.g., Pam is a chop. Why does she hang out with us when we tell her to go away?

submitted by Bier Fuhrer

chop chop - Pseudo or pidjin Chinese? For hurry, up, quick, fast, speed it u p.

e.g., Chop chop, mama-san, baby is loudly clying and needing milk of human kindness from best breast, please.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

chop chop suey, suey - Quickly prepared finely chopped Chinese vegetables, meat, bean sprouts, house-fried rice, all in a heap, moist, tasty, delicious. Moist roast pork, pig, ham, salt pork, all varieties.

e.g., Mama san dish out food for baby san, he say chop chop suey, suey, he is very hungry and cannot wait.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

choppicer - A member of the law enforcement community. They typically are just one notch better than a meter-maid and can usually be found with a well-waxed moustache and a small man complex.

e.g., Ahhh, crap. Here comes Farley, choppicer extraordinaire. Probably trying to win another award from the Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

submitted by Barnacles - (www)

choprasettic - Beyond good, it's new-age good.

e.g., After his evening meditation, Marty was feeling choprasettic.

submitted by Herb Jones

chopstixers - Euphemism for damn, darn, etc.

e.g., Chopstixers! I screwed it up again.

submitted by Teja - (www)

chopsueycide - Means of ending it all, putting poison in your own food.

e.g., As he was very fond of Chinese food, he decided to check out via .

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

chordgasm - A result of intenxe musical stimulation: goosebumps, raised hairs, and shivers.

e.g., The next to last chord resulted in a chordgasm.

submitted by Keith Eckhardt

chore - Chat room whore.

e.g., "I'm typing naked," said the chore. | "I'd have sex with you, but I hate to do chores."

submitted by nitag - (www)

chore tle - The tuneless little contented under-the-breath sounds one makes while engaged in small tasks of great pleasure.

e.g., As she goes through the input queue, fulfilling her obligations as The Editrix Extraordinaire for, hear Lillith frequently giving out little chore tles. You'd think she was making yummy sounds eating Valentine's Day chocolates unless you looked in on her.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

choregasm - Working extra hard to give your partner an orgasm because you feel guilty if you don't.

e.g., It took me almost half an hour but my girlfriend finally had a choregasm.

submitted by Ben

chorm - half cat and dog

e.g., i bred chorm

submitted by josh

chosty - Overly large, burly, tough.

e.g., That's one chosty steak and kidney pie.

submitted by Tripp

chot - Chilly and hot. For people who love to spice up their food with chili for consumption -- it can be extremely hot to the taste. "It's hot" is not quite the right expression, as hot is also for food or drink that is too steaming, boiling, hot to put in the mouth. At a temperature that's too high for touch and not in any way related to taste. Thus, chot should be the right expression, as it is directly related to the sensation of the hot chili taste to the taste buds and not to the temperature-related sensation.

e.g., There was too much chili with the spaghetti I had in Naples. It was really chot. I had to gush down glass after glass of water.

submitted by Alex Hum

chotels - Tight shorts or pants that are like a cheap hotel--no ballroom.

e.g., Did you see the chotels on Chris? Give it some air!

submitted by sin

choth - Cowboy Hat Over The Heart. Any fake or cheesy emotion elicited wit. oversold feeling or lacking merit.

e.g., The huckster's speech had little substance and was way too CHOTH.

submitted by John Carlock

chotomous - Being an only child.

e.g., Twins are dichotomous.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

chould - Word to use when you can't decide if something should be done or could be done. Shkood.

e.g., We chould clean this up, but it might take three hours.

submitted by Mitch

chout - A shortened version of "Watch out."

e.g., Walking across the room with a hot cup of coffee, Sally nearly trips over the dog, "Chout you silly dog."

submitted by Sharron

chove - A limb which has the same length as girth.

e.g., His chove was like an elephant’s foot.

submitted by Sean Cumming

chowmein-liner - An extreme Chinese food addict.

e.g., "Hortense! You're not ordering Chinese take-out again! Please! You need professional help! What a chowmein-liner you are!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

chre - A Diet Coke fifteen months old or more.

e.g., Chre is dangerous, almost poisonous.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

chreaster - Same as CME Christian, but easier to say. This is a person who only darkens the church doorway on Christmas and Easter.

e.g., The pastor sighed heavily at the sight of the church pews full of Chreasters.

submitted by Claudia

chrikannadanza - A holiday that occurs near the end of the calandar year.

e.g., Christians, Jews, Arabs, and Blacks can all buy gifts for Chrikannadanza.

submitted by phluphie - (www)

chrissify - To become an example or be made an example of. From my own personal observation that the name Chris seems to show up in a lot of the examples. Not that unlike "crucified."

e.g., I was terribly embarrassed when Mr. Graham chrissified me as part of his lecture on avoiding bad behavior.

submitted by Paul

christ-on-a-crutch - An exclamation -- basic disbelief, summoning the image of the Son of God limping towards salvation.

e.g., "Damn, we're out of corn nuts." "Christ-on-a-crutch, how'd that happen?"

submitted by megan m wentworth

christeaster - A particular religious denomination that only has church Christmas and Easter.

e.g., Mark's annual attendance at midnight mass was in keeping with his Christeaster faith.

submitted by nitag - (www)

christian crank - Coffee. The drug of choice in conservative Christian circles; the only drug accepted in some Christian circles.

e.g., All hell broke loose after service Sunday when an undetermined quantity of Christian crank was consumed by parishioners in the church basement. Five were arrested and charged with possession for the purpose of proselytizing; several were taken to the hospital and treated for the jitters.

submitted by jonah

christmas on a stick - Very sweet or cool.

e.g., I'm hoping to get a GameStation 2. That'd really be Christmas on a stick.

submitted by trunks

christmas parkers - Individuals who, during the height of the holiday season, will slowly (and for a prolonged period) drive up and down crowded parking lot aisles, vying to find a space as close to a shopping center as possible. Alternative usage: a driver who follows a shopper as she walks to her car hoping the parking space vacated is close to the doors of a shopping center.

e.g., The parking lot was full of shoppers trundling off carts of presents, as well as Christmas parkers attracted to them like sharks to blood.

submitted by Paul Hoffman

christohannukahmas - When a child has one parent who celebrates Christmas and one who celebrates Hannukah. It is a mix between the two holidays, so the everybody is a winner. (ED. What about Kwanza? Or Kwanzaa?)

e.g., A. Kids, which holiday would you like to celebrate this year? B. Christohannukahmas.

submitted by Phil - (www)

chromaddict - A pathological addiction to all things shiny, silver, and metallic.

e.g., Make sure you wear sunglasses when you go into Jill's house during the day or you'll go blind. She's a chromaddict.

submitted by Saint714

chrome dome - The pate of a baldheaded man.

e.g., Without his toupee, Laars is really a chrome dome. But, you know, I kinda like him better that way.

submitted by Paul

chromium johnson rod - A fictional car part. Presumably what a crafty mechanic might try to sell someone unknowledgable about cars.

e.g., "What your problem is, is that you have a slipping differential going on with your chromium johnson rod, I'm going to need to keep the car here over night so I can order the parts.

submitted by Eric Edwards

chromosytzariocys - Sudden bursts of anger.

e.g., Larry's chromosytzariocys prevents him from joining the best friends club at school.

submitted by Menisha

chronecro - From the greek roots "chrono" and "necro,"an adjective meaning "time-wasting (-killing).

e.g., For most of us, our TVs were the most chronecro devices in our homes until we bought a computer.

submitted by gerre

chronic - Something that won't go away. Usually said before a word of what is being continuously done.

e.g., All day I've had this chronic yawn. I can't stop it.

submitted by Amber

chronic lyricosis - The inability of some people to get the words of a song right even though they have heard them a million times. This inability extends not just to one song but becomes a consistent, annoying occurence.

e.g., Do I have chronic lyricosis or is Madonna speaking Spanish in her song "La Isla Bonita" when she says "Tropical re-ilandries"? (tropical the island breeze.)

submitted by Helen

chronitor - One who watches a clock (as at work or school) in the hope that it will hasten the day.

e.g., From her desolate cubicle, Astrid stared out the window and sighed. If only the vital work of a Friday afternoon chronitor paid better.

submitted by adam thorsell

chronmania - Obsession with counting every second of every day.

e.g., The old man (about 67 years old) became chronmaniac as he came closer and closer to death.

submitted by Megan

chronocentric - A concept that is exclusive to its historical context.

e.g., One must avoid being chronocentric when considering Henry James's view of sexuality.

submitted by Dan Sellers

chronocide - Killing time while waiting for something else to happen, especially in a work situation where you can't be productive because of some external bottleneck.

e.g., I can't get started on my next project until Bob sends me his files, so I'm committing chronocide with Minesweeper for a while.

submitted by Jerry Kindall - (www)

chronocide - chronocide, n. (Gr. khronos, time + Lat. cidum, from caedere, to slay; cf. genocide, homicide, parricide) -- the murder of time, the violent interruption of historical succession and continuity.

e.g., Any revolution is a form of chronocide: the past and present are sacrificed to the future. Any counterrevolution is also a chronocide: the present and the future are sacrificed to the past. | Communism is a chronocide: it destroys the tradition in its leap to the ungrounded future.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

chronocognist - The ability to know what time it is without the use of a clock or any other time-telling device.

e.g., I asked John what time it was and without looking at anything, he said it was two o'clock and he was right. He's a right chronocognist.

submitted by Nate

chronocracy - chronocracy, n. (Greek khronos, time + Greek kratia, power or rule) – rule by the laws of time and by the force of temporality; a form of government based on the recognition of time constraints on any form of power and the necessity for periodic change of leaders and transfer of powers on all levels. Under chronocracy, the social life is determined by the regular replacement of political, scientific, economic, and cultural trends, methods, fashions, and personnel in measured periods of time. Presidents, computers, car models, artistic trends, dress cuts, school textbooks, etc. have to change periodically to maintain their authoritative status as "new."

e.g., America is a chronocracy rather than a democracy, with a rigid system of enforced change on all levels, from political leaders to dress fashions and technological designs.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

chronologically gifted - A mock-PC way of describing someone who is middle-aged or older. Considered complimentary because of "gifted."

e.g., A: Fifty years old today. I feel so old. B: You're not old, you're chronologically gifted.

submitted by Shaduan - (www)

chronomania - chronomania, n. (Greek khronos, time + Greek mania, obsession, madness; cf. megalomania, balletomania) -- obsession with time and speed; inclination to utilize every moment and to submit one's life to a total time control.

e.g., America suffers from chronomania. Faster, faster, faster! Why not stop and look in tranquility at where we stand and into which future we have been rushing headlong. | Chronomania may become dangerous for your mental health. Try to find a different focus of life, apart from schedules and deadlines.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

chronomaniac - chronomaniac, n. (Greek khronos, time + Greek mania, obsession, madness; cf. nymphomaniac) -- a person obsessed with time and speed; one who attempts to live faster and to control time up to the smallest units.

e.g., He is a chronomaniac. He looks at his watch every minute.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

chronopath - chronopath, n. (Gr. khronos, time + Gr. patheia, suffering) -– a person who suffers from chronopathy, a disorder of time sensibility. chronopathic, adj. -- characterized by chronopathy

e.g., Why are you always late? Are you a chronopath? | He has no ill intentions or disrespect when he misses one appointment after another. He is severely chronopathic since his childhood.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

chronopathy - chronopathy, n. (Gr. khronos, time + Gr. patheia, suffering) – a temporality disorder, a deficiency of time sense and inability to manage time, to comply with schedules, etc.

e.g., Chronopathy is the unindentified cause of many social disorders and career failures. | Chronopathy can be compared to blindness or dyslexia. As a severe impairment of the time orientation ability, it should be treated as a psychological condition rather than a moral deficiency.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

chronophage - Something, or more often someone, that unproductively burns up your time.

e.g., Ed. "Uh-oh, here comes Eva. She never stops talking and I've got stuff to do." Ted: "You're right. She's a chronophage."

submitted by ron

chronosome - chronosome, n. (Greek khronos, time + Greek soma, body; cf. chromosome) -– a unit of historical heredity, in contrast with a chromosome as a unit of biological heredity; a mental code of a historical period that is transmitted to next generations through styles, traditions and unconscious influences ("cultural air").

e.g., The chronosomes of the early 20th c. avant-garde have reached the generation of the 1960s and shaped its political views and artistic styles. | Nabokov's novel Invitation to a Beheading bears many of Kafka's chronosomes, even if the author claims to have never read Kafka.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

chronotative - A quantifiable value representative of a point or period of time.

e.g., Your mother gave up on getting a chronotative response when she dropped the issue of how late I can stay over.

submitted by Ross Pitman

chronotaxidor - One who time travels, especially for temporal adventures.

e.g., Doctor Who is a chronotaxidor.

submitted by Keaweʻehu

chrons - Short for "chronics."A state when you you feel bad, tired, sick, annoyed, braindead.

e.g., He was late for work because he had the chrons.

submitted by James Grean

chub - Individual rolls of fat on the belly that become visible when slouching. A noun form of chubby.

e.g., I think I gained some weight. I can see three chubs when I sit down.

submitted by DYSKE - (www)

chub the nub - To really be bad at something.

e.g., "John sure can't play hockey." "Yeah, he really chubs the nub."

submitted by Mark

chub-rub - This is generally only experienced by the overweight and slightly-overweight people. "Chub-rub" is a heat rash in the inner-thigh region caused by the friction and sweat produced by walking or running in the heat. Hurts like a bitch, but that's what you get for having tree-trunks for legs.

e.g., I can't go out to Sweetwaters with my friends tonight because I have a severe case of chub-rub and I can't walk.

submitted by Johnny Kitsilano - (www)

chubbalump - Fat people in a Mazda RX-7.

e.g., Ruth and Sophie are the chubbalump that weighed down my ride Thursday night.

submitted by Joe

chubber - A young child that is slightly overweight, and can make you laugh just by looking at her.

e.g., Jolene was just a little chubber when she was growing up. Now look at her. She's a grown chubber.

submitted by Dan O'Brien

chubbers - The squishy fat bits of excess skin that are soft and nice to squeeze. Usually found on the arms or on the lower back.

e.g., Chloe: Vicki, will you let me bite your chubbers? Vicki: All right, but please be gentle with me.

submitted by Vic

chubbilicious - Someone who is delicious and chubby.

e.g., Jack Black is a chubbilicious sexy beast.

submitted by Rachael

chubbing - Excitedly shoveling food into your mouth due to a combination of hunger and the food's being tasty.

e.g., As Charlotte's eyes light up, she grabs her fork and begins to rapidly eat her pesto pasta. Georgina exclaims, "Wow, she's chubbing!"

submitted by georgina seal

chubble - The dance you do in the changing room when trying to get dressed and you’re still slightly wet.

e.g., I twisted my ankle whilst chubbling in the changing room recently but was spotted by Michael Flatley and now have a small part in Riverdance.

submitted by Frankie - (www)

chublett - A fat person.

e.g., In dire need of physical activity, otherwise known as exercise, Lara Lea has become quite a chublett.

submitted by Lara Lea Williams

chuborka - A romantic, personal magnetism peculiar to portly males.

e.g., Stacey couldn't put a finger on it -- he wasn't her usual type -- but she was irresistibly drawn to Greg's chuborka.

submitted by Jack Sevarg

chuck - To throw something.

e.g., Just chuck the remote control over here, willya?

submitted by Ashe

chuck - Bad, piece of crap.

e.g., Phil's car is a chuck.

submitted by Chrissy Gorman

chuck norris - A real badass.

e.g., Chris thinks he Chuck Norris.

submitted by meshell

chucking a skitz - Not working as it should. Having a tantrum.

e.g., Customer: My computer isn't working. Technician: It's just chucking a skitz.

submitted by Emma

chucklelicious - Very enjoyable.

e.g., The chips were chucklelicious.

submitted by Paul

chucklevision - For laugh out loud funny.

e.g., Jeff: ... And finally the cat jumped out of the bag. Steve: Chucklevision.

submitted by Vicki

chucklish - Funny or humorous.

e.g., You accidentally dyed your hair pink? I find that kind of chucklish.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

chuckoutedly - In the nature of being 86ed, thrown out, or chucked out of some place. Violence is implied.

e.g., Chris was chuckoutedly thrown out of the club for the third weekend in a row. They need to put up a not-wanted poster at the door and keep him from coming in in the first place.

submitted by ceana

chucky - Very small and usually cute.

e.g., The chucky kitten could fit in my palm.

submitted by Riki Gifford-Ferguson

chucky larms - Lucky Charms mixed up, may get a laugh out of someone who hasn't quite awakened.

e.g., Pass the Chucky Larms, please.

submitted by Joey

chud - Miscellaneous unnecessary or unwanted objects. Chaff. | Slang for "chewing gum." | Tony threw a stone at the chud detonating its contents up Jeff's legs.

  • {ED. Aha. Confirms that folks from the UK are more civilized and have more class than US colonials.}

    e.g., We went to every booth hoping to get some shirts or toys, but all we got was chud. | All right, mate, got any chud? | A fat cow patty, with crusting and soft explosive interior.

    submitted by majick | Martyn | Ricardo Zanre - (www)

    chuddy - Being round but not fat. | A Yorkshire (England) word for a piece of chewing gum. |

    e.g., Alec is definitely chuddy, not an ounce of fat on him, but he weighs a lot for his height and age. | Got any chuddy? My mouth feels horrid.

    submitted by Ellen | Abi

    chuff - to smoke, inhale, puff

    e.g., "What, are you gonna chuff on that all night?"

    submitted by timon

    chuffed - Overly excited.

    e.g., Adam is really chuffed about meeting the Foo Fighters.

    submitted by jhulz - (www)

    chuffy - The way I look after consistently failing to shave. Often used metaphorically for things that are dirty, worn, or rough around the edges.

    e.g., I had to buy a new jacket because my old one was getting all chuffy.

    submitted by James Paige - (www)

    chugger - Charity mugger.

    © Michael Quinion -- 29 May 2004 Newsletter In current British slang, a chugger is a person who stops you on the street to persuade you to make a regular donation to a charity by direct debit. This method is attractive because the law currently only requires those collecting money in cash to seek a licence. Their numbers have grown so high that the government has announced this week that it is to regulate their activities in a new charities law. The term is a blend of "charity" and "mugger"; it seems to have begun to appear in the press only about a year ago but has now become common.

    e.g., Sorry I'm late. I walked and only gave myself fifteen minutes to get here. The streets were virtually teeming with chuggers and I was stopped almost every block.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    chugget - Used to order chicken nuggets whilst in a hurry.

    e.g., I'll take 6 chuggets to go.

    submitted by matty

    chugly - Chunky and ugly.

    e.g., Anthony likes steatopygous women, but his current flame is just plain chugly.

    submitted by Dan - (www)

    chukkabek - To say something wrong, realize that it's wrong, not say anything, and hope that no one else noticed.

    e.g., Red: The sun goes around the earth. . . . (Thinks, "Oh, no, that's not right.") Ned: Did you just chukkabek?

    submitted by Bek Bennett - (www)

    chukumpy - Small dog that has a high-pitched voice; a.k.a. a chihuahua.

    e.g., My aunt Ginny has three Chukumpies named Buddy, Joey, and Buster.

    submitted by Katie

    chullet - A child's mullet.

    e.g., Mommy, my chullet is tangled.

    submitted by Stephanie & Maggie

    chum - very chuwy gum

    e.g., i love chum

    submitted by josh

    chumchick - A female friend.

    e.g., Natasha is not my girlfriend, she is solely my chumchick.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    chummer - A sarcastic form of address, much like chum or pal or sport. A way of being familiar with someone you don't know or of being sarcastic or threatening with someone you do know.

    e.g., Wouldn't do that if I were you, chummer.

    submitted by Kosta

    chummery - An accomodation provided by an organization where employees who are bachelors reside.

    e.g., Let's go to the chummery to have our dinner.

    submitted by Lexicon

    chummies - The little specks of unidentifiable things floating in your drink.

    e.g., I was going to take a sip from Colin's drink, but it was full of disgusting chummies.

    submitted by nichole

    chump - 1. A loser. 2. Really dumb. 3. Easily duped.

    e.g., Alex is the biggest chump I've ever known, falling for Chris.

    submitted by nelson rosales

    chumpus - A person makes a complete fool of themselves without knowing it. Pronounced: "chum-puss."

    e.g., Look how ugly Chris's car is. He's a champion chumpus.

    submitted by KC

    chumpy - Slightly overweight.

    e.g., You're not fat, Momma. You're just chumpy like me.

    submitted by Justin

    chun - Used to describe something that is particularly unfair, unjust or cheap.

    e.g., That Street Fighter match was so chun--all you did was trip me.

    submitted by Jimmo - (www)

    chun - A spoken question mark, like hunh? what? eh? hm? do you think so? what do you want? isn't it? etc

    e.g., Do be or nod do be, Izzat de quest, chun? Jolly good day today, chun? Chun? What can we do for you today?

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    chunda - Someone who has very low IQ.

    e.g., Josh Priddy is a chunda.

    submitted by Josh Priddy

    chunder - Vomiting.

    e.g., You come home after an all night kegger and seven shots of Pepermint Schnaps -- and you just feel like chundering.

    submitted by Mel Flores

    chunga - Ouch.

    e.g., "Chunga," I said when I stubbed my toe.

    submitted by Trey 7th English

    chungstache - A chungstache is a moustache created when you rest your index finger above your lip for long periods of time without realizing it. (It was made famous by T. Chung of Allston, MA.)

    e.g., She had a chungstache going for ten minutes during the conference call.

    submitted by aguynamededdy - (www)

    chunk - A cute, fat guy. CHubby hUNK. | Fat person, usually seen eating or walking very slowly, sometimes blocking the stairs.

    e.g., Whoo, there sure are a lot of chunks here. | I'll catch up with you if I can get around this chunk.

    submitted by Marlene | Alaena

    chunk - (v.) (1) to destroy or ruin something; (2) to throw off or mess up (a) an itinerary or (b) a program (computer or otherwise); (3) to delete, overwrite, or erase.

    e.g., I was looking for that streaming-video Buster Keaton site last night, but--can you believe it?--They'd chunked the General! | We missed the plane in Rabat, and after that, well, it chunked the whole trip. | We'd better get out of here: that's a tanker truck full of insecticide that's on fire over there ... it'll chunk the whole neighborhood.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    chunk - Text messaging terminology: 153 characters.

    e.g., 'The maximum length text message you can send is 918 characters. If you send more than 160 characters, your message will be broken down into chunks of 153 characters....'

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    chunklove - Unconditional love. Taken from the 80s hit, The Goonies, when Sloth the isolated 8ft "it" declares his love for Chunk, the fat friend everyone made fun of.

    e.g., Wow, that's some real chunklove right there.

    submitted by yimay - (www)

    chunnel - To speak on behalf of a spirit from another country; to channel a dead foreign citizen.

    e.g., Tonight I'm going to my aunt's house. She wants to chunnel Che Guevera and she needs a translator.

    submitted by Augusta

    chunter - To wander around, seemingly aimlessly, but usually with some sort of purpose -- although someone chuntering is easily distracted.

    e.g., Tom: Have you seen Harry? Dick: Yeah, he's chuntering around somewhere.

    submitted by evie

    chup - Short for ketchup

    e.g., I'd like some chup with my fries.

    submitted by Janelle

    chupe - Used to classify a person as a loser, boob, wannabe, or poser.

    e.g., Did you see how Chris was riding? A total chupe, he is.

    submitted by David - (www)

    chupe - The small skin indentation above the lip and below the nose.

    e.g., Her very favorite characteristic is her chupe; it is clearly visible and not too shallow.

    submitted by jade

    chuppa - Another word for puppie.

    e.g., Come here chuppa.

    submitted by tony sitner - (www)

    chuppalope - Cantaloupe we have to cut up for our cat, Chuppa Chuppa, to eat. He loves it.

    e.g., Chuppa Chuppa is begging for some chuppalope.

    submitted by Zolos

    church - The decisive moment, the moment when there is no doubt how the game will end.

    e.g., When the Cowboys scored with ten minutes left, it was church.

    submitted by Jeff

    church key - Another name for a beer-can opener. No longer of much use due to snap-top cans.

    e.g., The only thing I do with a church key nowadays, is open cans of tomato sauce.

    submitted by Steve McDonald

    church serving - A large serving of food, usually in an aluminum tray and usually served at church functions.

    e.g., Phil made himself sick after eating half a church serving of potato salad.

    submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

    churchified - Southern urbonics for the range of emotions and actions brought about by going to (especially a Baptist) church. The list includes but, is not limited to, hoity toityness, smellin' yoself, buying new hats, excessive fanning of oneself, holier-than-thou-artedness, excessive admiration for suave and clever orators, gossip regarding others attending the service, and willingness to be fed any line of crap and believe it enough for the sake of being too lazy to investigate the truth of things.

    e.g., I get tickled every time the churchified Mrs. Jeffries condescends to me all the way down to the end of her nose with such a well-founded sense of being righteous overmuch.

    submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

    churchillian drift - There is a name for attributing quotes to Churchill, coined by Nigel Rees, called Churchillian Drift.

    e.g., Nigel Rees

    submitted by Nigel Rees

    churchkey - A bottle opener.

    e.g., Throw me the churchkey.

    submitted by Ron A. Zajac

    chust - This is what you call the accumulation of cheese on your upper lip from eating too many Cheetos.

    e.g., I need a napkin to wipe the chust from my upper lip.

    submitted by Laurie Frazier

    chut - A slang term for chewing gum, used in Newcastle and Gateshead.

    e.g., Got any chut to spare? I'm jonesin' for a chew.

    submitted by Joe

    chuzzlewort - A person who, while drinking, spills something on his white shirt but doesn't notice until the stain has dried and the shirt is beyond saving.

    e.g., Danny's a chuzzlewort. He doesn't have any clean T-shirts left because they all have coffee stains on them.

    submitted by Dr. Mordax

    chwag - A bastardisation of "chin-wag." From Jersey, C.I.

    e.g., Fancy a chawg, Rudy?

    submitted by Edward Southall - (www)

    chwi - The Welsh form of, and pronounced the same as, cooee: a cheery greeting.

    e.g., I started my postcard: Chwi! from Abergynolwyn.

    submitted by Colin Taffel

    chy - Hawaiian Pidgin English for "try." Can be used anywhere in place of the word "try."

    e.g., Leanne: Becky, Mr. Olizarski's on line one about the Grayson account. Becky: Tell him chy wait while I access the file, yeah?

    submitted by Paul

    chyorny monakh - (Rhymes with she-OR-he go-LOCK; also pronounced "CHORneemonak"; n.) A quasi-supernatural character (actually the result of a hallucination, a delusion, or an impersonation (or whatever)) introduced into an otherwise realistic story as an expository mechanism or plot element necessary to the theme of the story. [From Anton Chekhov's short story, "Chyorny Monakh" (in the original Russian "Чёрный монах," which means "Black Monk"), in which the main character, Andrey Kovrin, hallucinates a black-robed monk who leads him to believe himself chosen by God for his genius.]

    e.g., In some ways, Rappaccini's daughter (from Nathanael Hawthorne's story of the same name), is a Chyorny Monakh, as the science explaining her is fairly impossible and her role is an almost archetypal one, much like the birthmark in his other story, "the Birthmark." | The imaginary people in "A Beautiful Mind"---hallucinated by John Forbes Nash, Jr.---are all Chyorny Monakhs (properly, in Russian, it would pluralize as "Monakhi") (even though Nash actually heard voices; he didn't see hallucinations). I suppose you could call Chyorny Monakhs "Benedictines," since the Order of St. Benedict uses a black habit, like that of Chekhov's monk. But, then again, Chekhov's monk would have to be of an order extant in the Russian Orthodox Church: The analavos worn by the monks of the Great Schema (the highest order). So maybe we should call them "schemas" or, more properly "schemata" (σχήματα, the actual Greek plural).

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    chyper - A person who chats and types. Chat + typer=chyper.

    e.g., Mary spent most of the morning chyping with Dave.

    submitted by Stephen Fancey

    chyron - From Oxford Dictionaries: noun US trademark: an electronically generated caption superimposed on a television or cinema screen. Origin: 1970s: from Chyron Corporation, its manufacturer. | Wiktionary definition found at Wordnik: n. Graphics or words at the bottom of a TV screen usually unrelated to the current viewing content.

    e.g., From the ultra-rightwing and clearly prejudiced against the President NewsHound: "The chyron asked 'Who's Your Daddy?' Chris Rock: 'The President Is Our Boss and Dad.'"

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    ci - Confidential informant.

    e.g., Apparently the prosecution has a CI they haven't disclosed to the defense.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    ciaos - Chaos, misspelled or mistyped.

    e.g., "This isn't a democracy, it's a private site. Banning should not be determined by the masses. That would result in ciaos. It also wouldn't put us off the hook because in reality it would still be our call."

    submitted by Miss Speller for tw19kilo

    cicada - An Islamic-terror subgroup, consisting of terminally-ill terrorists.

    e.g., When you have a particularly difficult terrorist mission, forget Al-Qaeda. They're nothing compared to the fearsome members of Cicada.

    submitted by Joe Kreiter - (www)

    cidiot - A rich person from a city who is very ignorant and rude.

    e.g., I knew the guy was a cidiot when he cut me off on my bike with his Mercedes.

    submitted by Bryan Gales

    ciglagmite - The black ashen crust that sticks to the bottom of your ashtray when you dump it out.

    e.g., Keri put the ashtrays in the dishwasher in order to wash out the remaining ciglagmites.

    submitted by Keri Nixon

    cilvilison - Your average Joe: a normal, living person.

    e.g., All those civilisons down there in the city? They don't have a clue, do they?

    submitted by Jamie

    cinder - To disintegrate or burn up into ashes. Often used in conjunction with "up."

    e.g., I shot him with a charged-up Plasma Beam shot, and he cindered.

    submitted by BigAssFries

    cinderblock - The business card kind of information at the bottom of an e-mail.

    e.g., E-mails frequently include a cinderblock with detailed contact information.

    submitted by susanna

    cinderella feminist - Cosmetic feminist. Feminism used as an accessory, when it's convenient or useful and put aside when it's not.

    e.g., At midnight (or any other time it suits her), a Cinderella Feminist can suddenly play submissive as a tool to manipulate the men in her life.

    submitted by Refuel Mizrahi - (www)

    cinemate - Well-versed or knowledgable about movies, a movie fanatic.

    e.g., He came off as this really cinemate guy... until he told me his favorite movie was Men In Black II.

    submitted by josh rocket martinez - (www)

    cinemuck - The sticky substance found on the floor of a movie theater.

    e.g., The cinemuck in the Union Square Theater is so bad my shoe came off twice on my way to the bathroom.

    submitted by Nick

    cineped - Physical contact with the foot of the person seated behind you in the theater.

    e.g., I'd have slept through that boring movie, but a bad case of cineped woke me when the tall man behind me sandwiched my head between his smelly feet.

    submitted by Fran Day