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chickenhawkette - A female chickenhawk, a chickenhawk being someone who is pro-war but has never served in the military.

e.g., You are for the Iraq War, but you have never served in the military. You're just another chickenhawk ... OK, chickenhawkette.

submitted by HD Fowler

chickenhead - A woman who seeks men for their money. See Project Pat's song "Chickenhead" for a detailed description. A "goldigger."

e.g., Ever since my pockets became fat, all these chickenheads come swoopin' in trying to claim my cheddar.

submitted by chewbaccalypse

chickening - The actions of someone who is a chicken (see chicken) or is acting like one without actually being a chicken. Usually just wasting company time.

e.g., He's just chickening around today.

submitted by Garry (Batman)

chickenitis - The sudden desire to eat chicken albeit KFC, slow-roasted, brodies, or chicken wings.

e.g., He always eats chicken; he must of contracted chickenitis.

submitted by Connor swain

chickenmonkey - A joke or idea conceived while drunk or otherwise impaired that at the time is perceived to be the funniest joke in the world or otherwise a thing of genius, but the details of which are not remembered once sober. From a stand-up routine wherein the only evidence left of such a joke is a cocktail napkin with the word "chickenmonkey" written upon it.

e.g., While I was on sick leave, the cold medicine gave me a ton of chickenmonkeys, but now my notes make no sense.

submitted by Shaduan

chickenpotpie - Silly, crazy, over the top.

e.g., The movie was chickenpotpie.

submitted by Bob Smith

chickenscracth - Illegible hand-writing that looks like a chicken with ink-soaked feet ran across the paper.

e.g., Mariy: What chickenscracth! Did you write "path" or "bath"? George: Which one makes more sense? I can't help I write like that.

submitted by Ian Faynik

chickie - Expression to raise an alarm; synonym for "cheese it," q.v.

e.g., "Chickie, da cops."

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

chickindeenis - Any part of one's body.

e.g., Git your hands off my chickindeenis.

submitted by Ed

chicklepandwich - A cheese and pickle sandwich.

e.g., For lunch today I had a chicklepandwich.

submitted by Denis

chicklet, biblet - An annoying, bubbly, teenage girl.

e.g., We've gotta jet -- there's a pack of chicklets heading our way.

submitted by DJ Baker

chickwich - A girl, or a friendly way to call one of your chick friends.

e.g., Hey, chickwich, what's up?

submitted by Tara

chickypoo - A pretty girl in unconventional attire.

e.g., She may look weird, but she's a real chickypoo.

submitted by Steeve Beaupré

chicoism - To be the one least remembered or lauded in a famous trio. The least distict member of a trio. (Wonder if this has anything to do with Chico Marx? There were four Marx Brothers, though.)

e.g., Poor Maurice Gibb suffers from Chicoism.

submitted by Adam Leslie

chiconfrais - The utmost.

e.g., That cherry red, '66 Mustang is simply chiconfrais.

submitted by Andy Buck

chictionary - A man's black book of ladies' numbers.

e.g., Look at Pete. Getting a new skank for his chictionary.

submitted by lily - (www)

chicxulub - (chick-shoo-lube'; n.) 1. The turning point between eras; 2. anything that marks such a point; 3. evidence of something earthshaking---either amazing or horrific, or both; 4. Something huge that essentially destroys a prior regime, paving the way for something else. (often shortened to "chicxu," expl.) 5. used as a curse, calling down destruction upon the thing cursed, or, as a oath, recognizing a complete disaster or defeat. [From the Chicxulub crater in the Gulf of Mexico, which (many theories hold) destroyed the dinosaurs, ended the Cretaceous Period and initiated the Tertiary.]

e.g., Star Wars (1977) was a definite chicxulub between the rather blase movies of the early 70s and the much more ambitious pieces of the 80s and 90s. | Mass graves generally mark some fairly serious chicxulubs in the history of the land in which they lie. | "And the final score, Waffles 54, Twinkies 3." "Wow. Chicxu." "Tell me about it."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

chid - Tiny rubber pieces originating during the use of an eraser. Can be used to describe small fragments that separate from any whole item during use.

e.g., The student's desk is chock full of chids after the flurry of exam-week erasing. | The tire chids and skids are all that remain after Ricardo's wicked night of street racing.

submitted by shannon fehr

chiddoopioog - Dance of joy on the northern polar snows of Mars. Dod nub a cheelek masmar pemden iloheh ayungza.

e.g., We are dancing chiddoopioog on all occasions: birth, marriage, death, holiday, visitors from Earth (-:

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

chidern - Children, as by a person with poor spelling or speaking.

e.g., The chidern playd in the prak.

submitted by Gargomon251

chief - A generic but slick nickname to call anyone.

e.g., "Would you like fries with that?" "Yes, thanks chief."

submitted by jon

chief circle - The big cheese, or the very head of an organisation.

e.g., He's arrogant and struts around the place like he's chief circle, for crying out loud!

submitted by DrewT

chief crook - Any uncouth or unethical leader (or even a President) perhaps on the order of a Dick, Nixon.

e.g., Hell to the chief crook and bowel washer, r. i. p.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

chiefy - Informal name for a flight sergeant in the cadet forces. Source: drunk Italian aircrew.

e.g., Hey, Chiefy.

submitted by Cheeks

chiger - To lie.

e.g., Don't chiger me, you mess.

submitted by izettia

chih chih chih - The sound made when something is done is slow motion. From the sound effect on The Six-million Dollar Man, not to be confused with the sound from Friday the 13th and sequels.

e.g., I saw him running at me in slow motion, all chih chih chih chih.

submitted by Ed Williams

chihuahua off - To have a verbal hissy fit where your voice becomes staccato whilst delivering a tirade so as to appear similar to a small yapping dog.

e.g., After Harold rear-ended her car and suggested she should look where she's going Helen began to froth at the mouth and chihuahua off at him.

submitted by cj jenkins

chikan-san - A ladies' man; a player.

e.g., Matt's a chikan-san.

submitted by Jyuuhatchi

chiknee - A smashing girl or a woman. Used in India.

e.g., What a chicknee. Wish I were 007 or someone equally cool.

submitted by Aneel - (www)

chilax - The next step after relaxing and chilling out; to make less tense, rigid, or firm; to release oneself from inhibition, worry, tension. Chillax.

e.g., She is really out of control, she needs to go chilax.

submitted by Jared Szymanoski

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