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chibbery - Hyper and excitable. Usually because of chocolate.

e.g., After eating all of that chocolate ice cream, Melissa was very chibbery.

submitted by Ocean Black

chibi - Technically called "Super-Deformed." In anime, the tiny characters with enormous eyes whose heads are a third of their body size. Used to show extreme cuteness in a scene.

e.g., She can't get over her friend's adorable chibi backpack keychain... too cute.

submitted by Firestorm

chibinese - Any use of Asian dialect and or language to enhance the inherent "cuteness" of any given sentence.

e.g., "Wai! You no baka, oniichan. Ano?" "Quit the Chibinese, would you?"

submitted by Varlin Wufnos

chibolar - Cooler than awesome, cooler than the whole universe & everything in it.

e.g., Did you go to the panic at the disco concert? It was so chibolar. | My friend gave me a million dollars -- he's so chibolar!

submitted by Shakira

chic in tongues - This isn't just any old everyday glossalalia. It's very high class and refined, quality, exceptional. Try it you'll like it. Speak your mind, or, speak somebody else's mind. Only, be sure to get a well-certified interpreter. Tongue in cheek isn't very productive, it's chic in tongues that we want to produce.

e.g., Ordinary tongues may look something like this: Dobnyug shisneb eltaas buuziil faadzlog.. Mesha henem iizuue aadliuuk pednes liif. Chic in tongues does look rather similar: Kuudzmud aazliilu fedaberi gelged fotnul welowiik pidzbiili tugduul imtek gaiuwutspud. He, she, or it who translates this apparent gibberish should be experienced and qualified. (Those who do glossalalia are actually quite sincere about the practice).

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

chica - Polite term for hot friend. Also, mama-chica.

e.g., What's up chica? Hey mama chica what's the shakes?

submitted by su_cram - (www)

chicago-style - To do something without wearing pants. (Commando-style from Friends is to go without wearing underwear.)

e.g., It was hot out, so I finished my homework Chicago-style.

submitted by Misteroo

chich - A gal of the world, intelligent, hip, and ubercool. Note: Does NOT refer to chick or bitch, but may be a subconscious synthesis of the two.

e.g., To be said only to a close friend: "What's up, my chich?"

submitted by Svetlana Bjeorn

chichimichi - To do or say things of no importance. Things or actions of no importance

e.g., 1. What did I do today? Oh, nothing. I just chichimichied all day. 2. Stop chichimiching and finish your homework. 3. All I want to do is sit at the coffee shop and chichimichi all day long. 4. I've got chichimichi laying all over my desk. 5. What is this thing here? Ah, nothing. Just some chichimichi. 6. I had to listen to her chichimichi for an hour on the phone. 7. Her apartment looks like a dollar store with all the chichimichi laying about.

submitted by MC

chick-fil-a moment - A Chick-fil-A Moment occurs when a high muckety-muck in a company makes a statement about her principles, a statement that is contrary to liberal dogma: abortion on demand for females of any age, give illegal aliens the same government benefits as citizens, hand out free contraceptives to children as easame-sex marriage, sex before marriage, killing all men over sixty, regardless of their health, My response to the controversy will be to frequent a nearby Chick-fil-A more often. It's not as close as other fast-food locations, but it's not that far away. Besides, Chick-fil-A makes just about the best milkshake around. I learned that in 2009 when I was in Bryant, Arkansas, and asked where I could get the best milkshake in town. The waitress told me Sonic, but a customer said no, Chick-fil-A makes the best milkshake. He was right -- especially the peach-flavored milkshake that was being featured at the time. "Chick-fil-A Vice President of Public Relations Donald Perry died" July 27, 2012, "amid the furor sparked by his boss' biblical opposition to same-sex marriage." (Learned after writing the examples.)

e.g., A Chick-fil-A Moment is usually followed by liberal fascists wringing their hands and vowing never to darken the doorstep of a Chick-fil-A again -- not that many such protesters have ever been in a Chick-fil-A previously. | To counter the effects of a recent Chick-fil-A Moment, I'm going to recommend to the company that it print coupons for free meals and distribute them to people who have announced boycotts of the company. The coupons should show clearly that they can be redeemed only on Sundays. In addition, they should also have a relatively short-term expiration date, just in case the company gets sold to someone who keeps the stores open on Sundays.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

chick-pecked - (adj. < passive participle) 1. dominated or controlled by one's little sister or daughter (coined by my 23-year-old son about his 8-year-old sister); 2. harassed or at the mercy of a group of little children (of either gender, or both -- as 'chick' is a genderless word, unless you're stuck in the 60s).

e.g., "Mary? Mary? What are you doing in the attic?" "I'm hiding from the party." "I guessed you'd finally snap: you invited 54 kids, and the oldest is only six." "I just couldn't take it anymore." "Feeling chick-pecked, huh?" "With fries."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

chicka - A girl or woman that is especially beautiful and trendy.

e.g., That girl is a fine chicka.

submitted by Victoria S

chickapotamus - An obese woman.

e.g., Chris used to be an attractive lady, however a growing appetite for twinkies had turned her into a chickapotamus.

submitted by Heidi Groth

chicken - Term of endearnment for co-worker, often used in its plural form in relation to team.

e.g., Chickens, time for the meeting.

submitted by a!e - (www)

chicken - Used to describe someone who runs around doing things, but doesn't understand why (running around like a chicken with its head cut off). Emphasis in a sentence dictates the intensity (like "fuggetabout it").

e.g., He's such a chicken!

submitted by Garry (Batman)

chicken escamilla - Stolen chicken. Specifically, chicken stolen in Cameron County, Texas, over a nine-year period.

e.g., "Gilberto Escamilla said, 'It started small and got bigger and out of control. ... The total value of the fajitas, which were stolen during a nine-year period, was $1,251,578. That figure does not include the brisket, pork chops, sausage, and various types of chicken Escamilla also admitted to stealing, court testimony revealed.'"

submitted by HD - (www)

chicken exit - (n.) 1. A small gate or doorway right by the ticket booth or entrance to an amusement-park ride that allows someone in line to escape from actually having to get on; 2. An opportunity, arising from any source, allowing someone to avoid signing, committing to, or closing on, any transaction, contract, or other agreement; 3. The "let-them-speak-now-or-forever-hold-their-peace" sort of language that usually precedes any major (and some minor) undertaking; 4. A highway sign that says something like "Last Chance for Gas" or "Next Restaurant 150 Miles" or some such, encouraging the driver to get off at the next exit. [A carnival term introduced to me by Craig Fischer, a family friend---it's apparently in common use among carnival and amusement-park staff. I, however, had never heard it before.]

e.g., I often had to use the chicken exit with my little ones (years ago when they were little) when they got to the front of the line but changed their minds at the last minute or didn't want to undergo the ride. | "Okay, let's see: Contract looks good ... is there a chicken exit?" "Yeah, bottom of page four." "Oh, I see it: there at the end: 'You have three days to cancel this contract' ... why three days?" "Federal law." "Ah." | "'Next food, gas, restroom EIGHTY MILES'?! Better take the exit."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

chicken feeder - A poor tipper.

e.g., The only people I waited on in the restaurant were chicken feeders.

submitted by Bob Riedel

chicken hawk - 1. often chick·en·hawk (chĭk'ən-hôk') Informal. A person who favors military force or action to carry out a foreign policy but has never served in the military. 2. Vulgar Slang. A man who seeks out boys or young men as his sexual partners.

e.g., 1. You are for the Iraq War, but you have never served in the military. You're just another chickenhawk. 2. No, you can't go to the skating rink by yourself. The guy who runs it is a chickenhawk.

submitted by HD Fowler

chicken huntin' - To harass and degrade a racist. To seek out and destroy anything racist. (Could chicken huntin' itself be racist?)

e.g., Who wants to go chicken huntin' with me?

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

chicken milk - Milk from chickens. (Don't know how they get it.)

e.g., Whatcha got there son? Chicken milk?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

chicken noodle soup - Any feel good, self-help, inspirational collection of poems and other works that have no concept of reality, such as the Chicken Soup for the ______ series. Fill in the blank with anything you are feeling sad about or need help understanding.

e.g., I'm sick and tired of this chicken noodle soup. When will people learn that the stories are just lies from communists trying to manipulate you so you'll work harder.

submitted by Todd Hickethier

chicken o'clock in the morning - Really late or really early, "ungodly" hour of the day, waking up with the chickens. See "oh dark thirty."

e.g., Ed's nuts! He wants to go fishing at chicken o'clock in the morning.

submitted by syrenemyst

chicken of pah - Thinking of you.

e.g., Chicken of pah, my friend.

submitted by kristin kahler

chicken soup - A solution to something, works without any real understanding of why. (Chicken soup helps you get better from colds, but no one knows why.)

e.g., "My Mac is messed up. It won't work." "Try re-building your desktop, it's chicken soup."

submitted by Miggs - (www)

chicken statuttori - An underaged person, jailbait.

e.g., She's only fifteen. You don't want to get anywhere close to chicken statuttori.

submitted by Ari G.

chicken to ride - Don't need no ticket, don't need no gas, get on my chicken, get off the grass.

e.g., I've got a chicken to ride, a very big chicken -- well, maybe it's actually an ostrich.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

chicken**** - Chickenshit, chickenblank, chickenbleep. Take your pick. So far no authoritative news source has reported anything other than chicken**** in the current brouhaha regarding what was recently said about the Israeli Head of State, Benjamin Netanyahu. Nor has the name of the "oa official" been revealed. One sure wonders. Inquiring minds want to know -- but only conservative or Republican minds. Democrats and liberals could care less. Time to circle the wagons.

e.g., "In October 2014 an anonymous obama administration official reportedly called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a chicken****." | Whatever else he may be, Netanyahu is no chickenshit.

submitted by HD Fowler

chicken-killers - Goth music fans, from their apparent habit of sacrificing chickens to the devil at midnight

e.g., Stacey's become a chicken-killer.

submitted by Stuart

chicken.n.a trashbag - An over-sized man who looks pathetic.

e.g., That man was a chicken.n.a trashbag.

submitted by betty - (www)

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