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cheeses crust - Surface of the moon, when humorously referred to as being made of cheese.

e.g., Cheeses crust -- it's so very hot in the sun and so very cold in the shadows.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

cheeseshop - A store that promises in its adverts to sell you anything with immediate delivery, but which when you actually try to make a purchase there, is unaccountably out of stock of everything you want.

e.g., was a real cheeseshop--no wonder it went bust.

submitted by smalljim

cheesewich - A cheese sandwich. More specifically, a grilled cheese sandwich.

e.g., Mm mm, I sure could go for a cheesewich about now, I tell you whut.

submitted by Derek McCulloch

cheeseycake - Cheesecake featuring male models.

e.g., Little did I know that I'd turn up so much cheeseycake when I turned Google Images loose to download pinups.

submitted by Lillith - (www)

cheesidue - The thin layer of residue left on the blade of a knife after cutting a slice from a block of cheese.

e.g., It's a good idea to clean the cheesidue off the knife before putting it back in the drawer.

submitted by Gary Burk

cheesy - Cheep, tacky, or tasteless.

e.g., Did you see that cheesy movie on TV last night? | The car mechanic charged you a clean up fee, too? That's so cheesy.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

cheesy feet - When you have been wearing sneakers all day with no socks and you take your sneakers off, your feet smell like parmesan cheese.

e.g., I just walked the dogs and I can't take off my shoes because I will have cheesy feet.

submitted by Kate

cheetle - The stuff that's left on your fingers after eating Cheetos.

e.g., Got a napkin? I need to get this cheetle off my fingers.

submitted by Ghideon

cheezer - One who regularly uses a glitch or bug in a video game to compete at a high level.

e.g., Chris specialises in being a cheezer; he always uses game defects to win.

submitted by dan

cheezlewellerkit - To give someone a packet of cheese snacks, usually Cheezles, in a "Get Well" hamper.

e.g., Mary decided that cheezlewellerkiting Tom was not the best idea, as he was allergic to cheese.

submitted by Sam - (www)

cheirocracy - (rhymes with pay- or pie-ROCK-mass-ee; n.) 1. Government by the worst people (as an antonym of "aristocracy"); 2. Rule by the crime lords and bosses and such; 3. The intimidation the evil or the criminal use to overcome the indignation of ordinary citizens; 4. Government by scum. [From the Greek Χειρο "worse" + κρατος "might, power, rule."] One who believes in cheirocracy is a "cheirocrat" ... and an idiot.

e.g., Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, and Maoist China were significantly cheirocratic. | President Clinton's perjury, and the Gephardt walkout during his impeachment proceedings, contemptuously complaining that those in favor of impeachment wanted a "saint" in office---these event were disturbingly cheirocratic.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

cheizka - A plunger made out of pure iron (classy).

e.g., Cheizkas are novelty items.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

chelsea tractor - An SUV driven, unnecessarily, around city streets and never seeing off road.

e.g., The school gates are always choked up with school run mums in Chelsea tractors

submitted by kandipoppy

chem-cam - A traditional silver-halide camera. Chemical camera.

e.g., Would you like to buy a chem-cam or a binary cam (a digital camera).

submitted by Peter

chemognosis - " . . . the meditative and/or magickal use of drugs." Not original, as indicated by the quotation marks. Used by those into the occult -- or is it The Occult?

e.g., "We need to explore every area of possibility, and that includes chemognosis."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

chemotherapissed - Suggested by therapissed, to be chemotherapissed is to be in a drunken, stupor-like state caused by the chemicals used in chemotherapy. Combining form using the British slang "pissed" for drunk. Chemotherapissant.

e.g., She's unsteady on her feet not because she's "on drugs" or drunk, but because she's on chemotherapy -- she's chemotherapissed. At one point she said to me, "Steroids make you stupid." When I mentioned that to her later, she had decided she didn't like the sound of it and wanted to rephrase it as "Steroids make you loopy."

submitted by HD Fowler

chemp - The crap you find between your fingernails and toenails -- the stuff you clean out with a paper clip.

e.g., Stop smelling your chemp and clean it out. We're going to church.

submitted by rohn - (www)

chenies - 1. A pretty Buckinghamshire village. 2. The tickles at the back of the nose which warn of an imminent sneeze.

e.g., I hope I'm not getting a cold. I have been suffering from severe chenies all day.

submitted by Colin Taffel

chenou - To wave at something then crash into it

e.g., I chenoued three things today.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

chent - A complete dimwit.

e.g., Chris is a chent.

submitted by skoomer

chenzel - The dynamic original cast combination from the Broadway musical "Wicked" -- Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel playing the lead roles of Galinda and Elphaba, respectively.

e.g., The show was amazing, but the actresses were nothing compared to Chenzel.

submitted by Missy Bornhofer

cherce - "Choice" and "cherry" are combined in one word. The superlative form, "cherst", adds "best" to the mix.

e.g., Man, that little Deuce Coupe in "The Hollywood Knights" was cherce.

submitted by Steve McDonald

chercher la vache - From _Monty Python and the Holy Grail_; uttered by Python fans when someone unwanted or unliked is descending on them. In the film, the unwanted people were repelled by hurling cows at them.

e.g., Oh, no, here comes Rosie; chercher la vache!

submitted by Stephen Mize

cherniss - One who is incapable of fitting in. Someone who acts like an idiot trying to impress people. A dumbass. Clueless when it comes to computers.

e.g., Hey, cherniss, how 'bout you try and shut up.

submitted by Luis - (www)

chernobyl - Ungodly bright colors that hurt the eyes; most clothing sold at rave stores.

e.g., Chris's outfit is freakin' Chernobyl. Is he going hunting in that... or what? In shorts?

submitted by Jeremiah

chernobyled - To be affected by worst nuclear accident in history.

e.g., The brave men who are building a new sacrophagus for the destroyed nuclear power plant can expect to be chernobyled in only a few minutes.

submitted by val - (www)

cherokee con - An attempt to traffic in a victimized identity, a la Elizabeth Warren -- a pink, "multimillionaire blond liberal, one-percenter [who] fabricated a Cherokee identity for over a decade."

e.g., Although I have more Indian blood in me by far, I never attempted the Chickasaw con.

submitted by [Victor Davis Hanson] - (www)

cherry - Original slang to mean a virgin, but now more commonly used to describe something in pristine condition.

e.g., My Dad's 1970 Oldsmobile 442 is cherry.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

cherry - The glowing red lit part of a cigarette.

e.g., Does anyone have a light? I've dropped my cherry.

submitted by Amy C Godliman

cherryize - To "put a cherry on top." Used figuratively to mean "to top everything off"; can be used both in a positive or negative sense.

e.g., To cherryize my day, after having been given the run around by everyone, I was twenty minutes late to the meetings and bombed my demonstration.

submitted by Kristie

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