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cheeriomagnetization - The tendency of the last four or five cheerios in the bowl to stick together for survival.

e.g., Bobby's last few Apple-Cinnamon Breakfast Squares floated in his bowl on their own, each square independent and solitary of the other, unlike the cheeriomagnetization exhibited when he usually finished a bowl of his favorite low-sugar cereal-- all the o's hugging each other as if they just got tossed off the Titanic.

submitted by j - (www)

cheerk - Highly dangerous cross-bred animal with the head of a shark and the body of a cheetah. (Collective is "couch.")

e.g., Look out! There's a couch of cheerks coming this way.

submitted by Rameses Niblick 111

cheerleader - One word: Athletes. Girls (and guys) who lead cheers for popular American sports such as football and basketball. Tumbling, jumping, stunting, yelling -- all are involved.

e.g., It's gonna suck if I don't make cheerleader this football season.

submitted by Kelly - (www)

cheerleading conservative - Someone who supports any conservative (or pseudo-conservative) and all his doings, even if some of them are liberal.

e.g., Pat Robertson is a cheerleading conservative. Even though President Bush is not even conservative, he'll support him no matter what.

submitted by Erik

cheers - "Thanks," used and loved by Geordie's everywhere.

e.g., Cheers, mate.

submitted by Poet

cheers-a-thon - A marathon of watching Cheers episodes. Especially if what is watched is poor quality VHS copies of every episode that ever aired, and if done by an elderly person. {ED. We know what you mean -- anyone over 30.}

e.g., "Last night Uncle Tony didn't get any sleep." "What was he doing, another cheers-a-thon?"

submitted by beanie

cheese - moola baby

e.g., i hate spendin cheese on women

submitted by gum

cheese - To be happy and not worry.

e.g., Don't cry. Life is short, so just be cheese.

submitted by Linh Ta - (www)

cheese - The additional fluffy words and details inserted into a writing piece to make it less boring or staid.

e.g., I only got an 80 on the essay because my teacher wanted more cheese in it. The information was all there.

submitted by Aurora

cheese and rice - "Jesus Christ."

e.g., Cheese and rice! Would you look at that?

submitted by Chris Kozlowski

cheese cutters - Really tight stubby shorts.

e.g., All Aussie footballers wear cheese cutters.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

cheese fish - A computer that doesn't work at all. How do you think your computer would work if your hard drive was made of cheese, and fish were swimming in it?

e.g., Oh, this stupid computer. I was on YouTube, and now my computer is being a total cheese fish. (User reaches into the machine, and pulls out a hard drive made entirely of American cheese. The cheese-drive is filled with water and smelt -- minnows are swimming in it). In the name of Michiga. It really is a cheese fish computer. That's when ┬źname brand for computer here┬╗ is at your service.

submitted by Star651 - (www)

cheese it - Co leave quickly, usually because of fast apporaching danger. This phrase is most often yelled to alert other people to leave immediately, but can also mean "get out of here" in a more relaxed sense.

e.g., "Cheese it, the Feds!" and "Ready to go? Let's cheese it, then."

submitted by Stone Griffin

cheese mcgillicuddy - Person, place, or thing that is representative of a whole class or type. -"the epitome of."

e.g., Your boyfriend has a mullet and drives a Camaro. He is definitely Cheese McGillicuddy.

submitted by Julie Andersen - (www)

cheese monster - A person who loves cheese, sometimes to the point where he or she will eat nothing but cheese.

e.g., She just got through eating two grilled cheese sandwiches along with some macaroni and cheese. Does Madame Cheese Monster ever get tired of all that cheese?!

submitted by Sue B.

cheese music - "trendy, pop music, the radio stations like to play these same songs about 100 times a day"

e.g., "like boy bands and ditzy 16 year old girls, e.i. Back Street Boys and Brittney Spears "

submitted by April

cheese n' crackers got all muddy - A mild expletive based on mangling "Jesus Christ God Almighty."

e.g., Cheese n' crackers got all muddy, I dropped the collection plate.

submitted by nitag - (www)

cheese wagon - A large, yellow, American school bus.

e.g., Until I can afford a Camaro I have to take the cheese wagon to school.

submitted by Stephen Mize

cheese-a-delic - Something that is far beyond cheesy. (I would like to give credit to Ms. Schantz, my English teacher for coming up with this marvel to the English language . . . so I think I will. Thank you, Ms. Schantz.)

e.g., The TV show The Prisoner has incredibly cheese-a-delic special effects.

submitted by Anthony

cheese-o-matic - To be corny or of low quality; also, a melodramatic display.

e.g., Look at that Tammy Fae Baker look-alike with the blond wig. Cheese-o-matic!

submitted by Phelan

cheesebone - To put together something quickly, just to get it done -- it may or may not work.

e.g., I'll cheesebone that report together and hope it will be good enough for the meeting.

submitted by Peter Bonzani Jr.

cheesecaking - Sitting and staring into space and not doing anything, like a hunk of cheesecake.

e.g., He's been cheesecaking for half an hour. Someone should send him out to get groceries or something.

submitted by Claire

cheesed - To be extremely angry with someone or something, extreme aggression.

e.g., Chris hit your car? I'd be cheesed.

submitted by jomaque

cheesed - Extremely happy.

e.g., Every time I see Julie, I'm cheesed.

submitted by Stu Pot

cheesed - Broken or otherwise non-functional

e.g., It looks like Dave's computer is cheesed again.

submitted by joe

cheesefactory - Used in this phrase or something similar: "Yeah, and I own a cheesefactory." It is the sarcastic reply to anything anyone says.

e.g., "You always lose your job." "I got a new one." "Yeah, and I won a cheesefactory."

submitted by JegStar

cheesehead - Canadian. (ED. Could possibly be used more often for people from Wisconsin or the Netherlands.)

e.g., As written on the wall of supermarket bathroom in Bellingham, WA, "If you are a cheesehead, please don't leave anything here."

submitted by rico - (www)

cheesemail - "Whenever someone of the non-management staff does something beneficial for the organization, they are thanked/congratulated by the middle management team," writes Marion Germaine, who thinks she might have created this neologism. "This is cc'ed to all of the staff and upper management. We on the staff must reread the same congratulatory message over and over as each middle-manager demands that you take notice that they have noticed the non-management staff. And they're also letting upper management know that they have noticed. . . ." The Globe and Mail.

e.g., I keep getting cheesemail about the statistics that Chas gathered for the company annual report.

submitted by [Marion Germaine]

cheeser - A cheesy person, a poser, someone who adopts trends or beliefs that are trendy, dated, or just plain lame.

e.g., With his mullet cut and starter jacket, Chris thinks he's so cool. Just a cheeser, if you ask me.

submitted by seth

cheesery - Place where they make cheese.

e.g., I went on a cheesery tour on my holiday.

submitted by Justin and Christian

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