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bibliobibuli - One of those words that almost makes you smile as it rolls off your tongue. Coined by H.L. Mencken 1957. "There are people who read too much: bibliobibuli. I know some who are constantly drunk on books, as other men are drunk on whiskey or religion. They wander through this most diverting and stimulating of worlds in a haze, seeing nothing and hearing nothing." You're unlikely to find it except in word collections or words about unusual words. See omnibibulous.  
Word of the Day 10/05/2012: "bibliobibuli n. those who read too much, and hence tend to be unaware of or oblivious to the real world  
"It is dazzlingly obvious that this word exists for people that don't exist. How on earth can it be possible to read too much? After consultation with my good friends, Dolores Haze, Elizabeth Bennet, Frodo Baggins, and Mr Darcy, I can also confirm that it is impossible to be oblivious to the real world."

e.g., If it's true that one can read too much, count me among the bibliobibuli. | "If you are a bibliobibuli, especially about Harry Potter, you've come to the right place."

submitted by HD Fowler

bibliodrape - A person who leaves opened books face down in various places around her home or office.

e.g., Had he not been such a confirmed bibliodrape, Edgar might have found Trish's goodbye note a few weeks earlier, and tried to win her back from that oh so tidy Randolph.

submitted by LeftyRoK - (www)

biblioklept - A compulsive book thief or hoarder. (ED. Real word, too: "a person who steals books."}

e.g., E.L. Doctorow's new novel covers the Collyer brothers, famous hoarder biblioklepts who had thousands of stolen books stacked in their house.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

biblioscribbler - A writer, a writer of books, an author.

e.g., We're very, very unlikely to ever publish a book of word creations taken from the PseudoDictionary. That's mostly because everyone involved lacks the fortitude and patience to be a biblioscribbler.

submitted by HD Fowler

bibliotch - To show anger and hate toward an idea, person, or item.

e.g., I bibliotch that stupid notebook. None of the information in it did me any good on the test.

submitted by Dillon Linson - (www)

biccup - A mixture between a burp and a hiccup.

e.g., What the hell was that noise you just made? Did you just biccup?

submitted by Lisa O

bickerontation - A confrontation characterized by bickering.

e.g., Once again, the debate between the union leaders and corporate managers deteriorated into a heated bickerontation.

submitted by MHedges

bicne - The small spots of ink that accumulate on one's fingers during prolonged use of ballpoint pens.

e.g., After that essay test, my fingers had Bicne all over them.

submitted by Richard

bicolar - When the soda machine dispenses two drinks, yet you've only paid for one.

e.g., The vending machine is bicolar when you get Sprite.

submitted by Brian

bicomfy - Comfortable with both sexes. Someone who is primarily heterosexual but may engage in some homosexual acts. Not a synonym for bisexual.

e.g., She can be bicomfy with the right girl, but always favors men.

submitted by Coozey

bicubilous - Working in two cubicles at the same job; sometimes a second cubicle is an honor or a mark of status.

e.g., My bicubilous son works on the first and second floors.

submitted by Susan E. Powell

bicurious - Said of someone who claims to be homosexual and does have definite interest in the subject, but has not made any effort to have a homosexual relationship.

e.g., She says she thinks she's a lesbian, but I know she's dated a lot of men. She's probably just bicurious.

submitted by LisaH - (www)

bicycle boy - A man no woman needs. Follows from "A women needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."

e.g., Am I dating Todd? No way, Todd's a bicycle boy.

submitted by geoffrey

bicycling - Mistaken.

e.g., Am I right, or am I bicycling?

submitted by curry

bicyclops - (n.) 1. A creature you've mistaken for a cyclops that possesses, in fact, two eyes (or more, I guess); 2. Any scary person, creature, or mythic construct that has two eyes; 3. Police officers on bicycles (although, strictly speaking, that would be "bicycops"). [from the Beatles' Yellow Submarine movie.] (cf. Cyclopedia. )

e.g., In the Yellow Submarine, as our psychedelic heroes traverse the Sea of Monsters, Ringo suddently cries out, "Look, it's a cyclops!" to which Paul responds, "Don't be silly; it's got two eyes." Ringo: "Must be a bicyclops, then."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

bicycops - [Pronounced to rhyme with HI-sick-pops; n.) 1. Police officers on bicycles (a brilliant solution to the maze of inner-city, beach, park, and dense-venue construction in which life happens these days); oddly, 2. Mall cops (I have no idea why it applies to mall cops, but it does ... even though they don't (usually) have bicycles). Note: One officer on a bike is a bicycop (even though, technically (since the word comes from the Greek "cyclops") the singular should also be "bicycops." (see "Bicyclops" herein)

e.g., "Run, it's the cops!"
"Don't be stupid, man: the cops can't get back here without walkin'."
"It's bicycops, dude … Run!"

submitted by Scott m. ellsworth - (www)

biddely bop - Goodbye.

e.g., A: I'll talk to you later. B: All right. Biddely bop.

submitted by Kass

biddhism - The spiritual side of online auctions.

e.g., I am a master at biddhism. I have saved thousands on eBay.

submitted by lthrbls - (www)

biddy - A girl who works at a fast food restauraunt. (Originally girls who worked at Burger King.) Existing usage.

e.g., You shoulda seen the biddy workin' cash last night at Mickey Ds.

submitted by Garret Thomson - (www)

biddy - Someone who is unsure of any of her actions. Existing usage.

e.g., Christopher behaved like a biddy when he was learning to ride his scooter.

submitted by Peter Tuttle - (www)

biden's syndrome - An affliction which results in a speaker's running off at the mouth so much that people think she's a know-nothing or an insensitive idiot. Named after Senator Joe Biden, notorious for shooting off his mouth and getting himself in political hot water. Biden is also known for taking up so much time with his lead-ins in senatorial hearings that he runs out of his allotted time without being able to ask witnesses any questions.

e.g., Obama knew he had Biden's Syndrome when he picked him as his running mate. Everyone knew it. Hell, they named the problem after him -- of course he has Biden's Syndrome.

submitted by HD Fowler

bidenhead - Former New York Mayor Rudy Guilani said of Vice President Joe Biden's appearance during the President's speech before Congress September 8, 2011, to launch his 2012 re-election campaign, "I think Biden must have a sore neck by now. He was shaking his head so much it looked like he was on a string. It would be hard to sit there and shake your head all the time." Think bobblehead doll, described this way at Wikipedia: "A bobblehead doll, also known as a bobbing head doll, nodder, or wobbler, is a type of collectible toy. Its head is often oversized compared to its body. Instead of a solid connection, its head is connected to the body by a spring or hook[1] in such a way that a light tap will cause the head to bobble, hence the name."

e.g., Compared to a bobblehead, a bidenhead is a pinhead.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bidgeon - Bitchin' -- for younger users.

e.g., Chuck's new video game is bidgeon.

submitted by Ingro

bidniz - The early stages of a business negotiation where several individuals make bids for the same product.

e.g., This company's shares rose dramatically on Wall Street after the attention their new product got on the day of bidniz.

submitted by diana Elmegaard (Bandit Productions)

bie - A word native to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in Canada used to describe someone in shock, or as a greeting

e.g., ... Oh my god, bie what are you doing with that cat! ... Hey bie, how's it going ?

submitted by Shaun Cuddihy - (www)

bieber - An internal constriction caused an infernal construction.

e.g., Schlackel noticed that ever since he saw that young feller singing on the TV, his bieber has been acting up.

submitted by redbendad - (www)

bien pensant - (adjective) 1. Right-thinking; conservative; conformist. 2. Self-righteous. (noun) 1. A right-thinking person. 2. A self-righteous person. | "Right-minded: one who holds orthodox views." Recorded to save a comment I liked -- by tox66 on "Abortion article author receives death threats" in The Daily Telegraph. Codswallop: (British) rubbish, nonsense.

e.g., "But the problem is that one man's superstition is another man's religion, and vice versa. Many Protestants today still see Catholicism as being rife with superstition, ... while atheists and agnostics would see bien-pensant Protestants as worshiping an equally absurd form of the supernatural." David Gibson; Is One Man's Faith Another's Superstition?; The Wall Street Journal (New York); Mar 27, 2009. | "We North London bien pensant types do our best, we really do." Peter York; How to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is; The Independent (London, UK); Sep 17, 2006. | "I'm sure the bien-pensants in the British left will now want to reflect soberly on the folly of pushing people too far." | "You give yourself away by assigning personhood to a newspaper the way lefties do to organs they don't like (ironically, more personhood than they grant newborns); you're merely here to shriek platitudes and bien pensant codswallop." | "But the problem is that one man's superstition is another man's religion, and vice versa. Many Protestants today still see Catholicism as being rife with superstition, ... while atheists and agnostics would see bien-pensant Protestants as worshiping an equally absurd form of the supernatural." David Gibson, "Is One Man's Faith Another's Superstition?": The Wall Street Journal (New York), Mar 27, 2009. | "We North London bien pensant types do our best, we really do." Peter York; How to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is; The Independent (London, UK); Sep 17, 2006. | "I'm sure the bien-pensants in the British left will now want to reflect soberly on the folly of pushing people too far."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

biff - To screw something up.

e.g., You biffed that one, Ollie.

submitted by Brittney

biff - To be smacked with something, and it looks quite painful to onlookers. Could have come from comic books.

e.g., He was accidentally biffed in the head with a baseball. Ouch!

submitted by Em Bean

biff - To fall down heavily, esp. on something cushiony.

e.g., I was so wiped out after work, I just came home and biffed.

submitted by Name Withheld

biffa - A lady who is obese.

e.g., You pulled a right biffa last night, mate. Oh well, at least you got one. Better than I did.

submitted by Mark Adams - (www)

biffie - A crash. When you are suddenly and unexpectedly ejected from any mechanical device you're riding.

e.g., "Did you see Jeff launch over the handle bars?" " Yes, that was quite the biffie."

submitted by Kyle Lund - (www)

biffin' out - Freaking out, stressed out, losing the plot.

e.g., Did you see him? He was biffin' out big time.

submitted by Bailey

big ally mcdeal - "Big deal," from the TV show Mission Hill.

e.g., I went rioting today but it was no big ally mcdeal.

submitted by slacker - (www)

big ash - Whenever we experience a very large volcanic eruption, or a powerful meteor strike from space, the amount of ash spewed forth is ashtounding.

e.g., Even skeptics were duly impressed by the big ash from Mt. Saint Helens. as were the humanoids way back when, when the dinosours were done in by the big ash from the meteor strike. (Wish I coulda seen that. (-: )

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

big ass - Used when referring to anything over-sized or unusual. Can be used when referring to parts of the human anatomy, but rarely mentioned when talking about an actual ass.

e.g., Those are big ass boots. | "I have a big-ass headache." To match your big ass?" | "Do you remember when Shots Bar & Grill was in operation and called their biggest hamburger a Big-Ass™ Burger?" Wonder why they didn't go ahead and register the trademark -- I mean the circle R (®) thingie?" "Probably because they found they didn't get that much more protection from the registration."

submitted by Discordia - (www)

big bang hole - Astronomical hole comprised of big bangs; astronomical hole of universes. 2016-06-20 -->

e.g., The astronomer did believe in the big bang hole.

submitted by Jason Hurlburt - (www)

big bang ~ year 1 - It is not logical that a world calendar should begin with the (approximate) year of birth of some particular religious figure. And, this "BC" and "AD" (or "CE") stuff is likewise nonsense. Year one should perhaps begin with the moment of the Big Bang, and keep counting. Our current year (2008) would therefore be very large, so some sort of abbreviation would be preferable, no doubt. (ED. How about "2008" as an abbreviation? By the way, exactly how many years ago was the Big Bang? Exactly meaning, in this case, within 10 or 20 years.)

e.g., With the Big Bang signifying Year 1, would our year 2008 be something like 5,740,819,365 UC (Universal Calendar), more or less or more?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

big bombad - Refers to someone of great status or importance, and occasionally to someone who is physically impressive. From the Gungan dialect of Naboo.

e.g., He thinks he's some big bombad supervisor, but all he does is yell.

submitted by Shaduan

big box - A very large, discount shopping company, such as Wal-Mart, usually housed in a building that resembles a very large box.

e.g., If another big box is opened up in Macon, our family-owned bicycle store will be history.

submitted by natalie

big brain - Used when someone says something obvious or something ingenious, depending on if you like them or not. Big head.

e.g., Oh, look at the big brain on Chris.

submitted by kat - (www)

big dick - A brand of sugar-wafer candy that came in a large roll about 10 inches long. The wafers were thin and hard and about the size and shape of a silver dollar. This is no joke -- it really existed and had the name "Big Dick" in large letters on the wrapper. It's been many years since I saw it for sale.

e.g., I asked her if she wanted a big dick and she was about to sock me on the kisser, before I showed her the candy roll and she laughed.

submitted by Steve McDonald

big donald's - How little kids say McDonald's.

e.g., Mommy, can we go to Big Donald's for dinner?

submitted by Noelle

big greasy - The girl who is always trying to get with your boyfriend.

e.g., Someone needs to enlighten Big Greasy. She won't leave my man alone. She keeps it up, I'll punch her ticket.

submitted by Lindsay McCurry

big head, the - An exaggerated sense of self-importance. 

The Phrase Finder Posted by David FG on September 12, 2004 at 21:09:36:

In Reply to: Re: He gets a "big head" posted by ESC on September 12, 2004 at 14:59:36:

: : He gets a "big head"
: : =a big "attitude" or gets arrogant?
: : thank you like always.

: Yes, an exaggerated sense of importance. Puffed up. A classmate of mine back in West Virginia, Bubby, used the term back in 1968 as in: "Just because you got an A, don't get the big head."

Yes. "Big head" and "big headed" are certainly in very common usage here in the UK, meaning exactly what you say.

A related phrase is "widen that door," meaning that the person referred to has too big a head to get through the doorway.


e.g., Don't be getting the big head just because your submittal was accepted by the PseudoDictionary. It's not that big a deal. Seriously.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

big love - Many uses. A signing off. A feeling of great admiration.

e.g., See you later mate, big love. "Ive got big love for him/her"

submitted by trilby - (www)

big ol' - A "red-neck" term used to describe something very large.

e.g., ""Hey Bubba, that's one big ol' cab you got there in that there truck of yers!""

submitted by Allison

big pill - A figure of speech referring to euthanasia, for example, when a pet is old and starting to suffer.

e.g., Sadly, our dog Max is now 15 years old and too weak to even go for a walk. He often whimpers in pain. It may soon be time for the big pill.

submitted by natalie

big swinging dick - BSD. From "The End of the BSDA Wall Street icon falls," by Daniel Gross. "The term entered the lingua franca via Michael Lewis' Liar's Poker. (Relevant quote: 'If he could make millions of dollars come out of those phones, he became that most revered of all species: a Big Swinging Dick.') BSDs are the perennial winners of the game of conspicuous earnings (giant bonuses), conspicuous consumption (giant co-ops and summer homes), and conspicuous philanthropy (giant plaques on public edifices). In recent years, with the explosion of wealth triggered by the credit and housing boom, a large number of BSDs were minted by the Holy Trinity: hedge funds, private equity, and investment banking."

e.g., "In New York, happiest among the financial alpha males is the big swinging dick. … But now the credit crunch and a new market and regulatory climate are turning BSDs into NSBSDs (not such big swinging dicks). …  
"Among investment banks, Goldman Sachs was the ultimate big swinging dick, the firm that could do no wrong, that was more profitable than anybody else, that was just better. But this week, Goldman, needing cash, turned to Warren Buffett, the biggest of the BSDs. He agreed to help but extracted pretty onerous terms: 10 percent annual interest rate plus an equity kicker. In other words, Goldman is paying a double-digit interest rate and giving up a piece of the house in exchange for a measly few billion dollars. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, lord of the BSDs, is now a subprime borrower."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

big time, bigtime - A modifier or stand-alone connoting "very" in relation to involvement, success, failure, desire, etc. Definitely, most assuredly.

e.g., A. Did you get the stuff? B. Bigtime.

submitted by Andrew Turner - (www)

big ups - Kudos or congratulations, laudatory thanks.

e.g., Big ups to my peeps who helped me put together this record.

submitted by Sawyer - (www)

big'n'nasty - One of McDonald's sandwiches, aka the Big'n'Tasty.

e.g., Counter person: Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order please? Potential customer: Yeah, gimme two large fries, a big'n'nasty, and a coke . . . to go. With the geezer discount, if you give one.

submitted by Bob Boarker

big-gig - Large software company, like Microsoft. Also used when referring to a bigshot.

e.g., Bill Gates is a big-gig. Microsoft is a big-gig.

submitted by Lukas Friga

biggenize - To make something bigger. Biggenise.

e.g., This shelf is too small - you'll need to biggenize it if you want to fit those books on it.

submitted by Lachlan

biggerize - To enlarge.

e.g., Can you biggerize that image?

submitted by allen tjr er

biggette - someone not so smart or quick to understand.

e.g., Why dont you stop acting like a biggette.

submitted by Remy Reyes

biggie - Blanket

e.g., I can't find biggie-- oh, it's on the clothes line.

submitted by mary stone

biggify - To make bigger, such as fonts, gifs, etc.

e.g., Will you please biggify the home page?

submitted by greg foster

biggit - A person who is arrogant and or stuck up. A snob.

e.g., That biggit landlord of mine keeps jacking up the rent.

submitted by Josh Mills LaMonde - (www)

biggle - A combination of the concept of Business Intelligence and Google, referring to the idea that different people use different words for the same concept, and an index of related concepts can be built for search engines, to describe non-obvious relationship awareness. Extra funny because it is a word made up by a business analyst -- a word that happens to already have a rude slang meaning ( "Gartner has a concept it calls 'Biggle' -- the intersection of BI and Google. The idea is that the data warehousing software will be so sophisticated that it understands when different people use different words to describe the same concepts or products. It creates an index of related information -- a la Google -- and dishes relevant results out in response to queries." -- from

e.g., I can hardly wait until biggle becomes generally available. Gonna help me immensely.

submitted by joel garry - (www)

bigify - To make something bigger, or appear so.

e.g., Press the button on the remote and bigify the image.

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

bigity-bam - Used to describe something good that happens very quickly and out of the blue. From the Mall Rats.

e.g., I put a dollar into the slot machine, and bigity-bam. I won $100.

submitted by Jim M

biglittle risefall - Like the motion of the waves on the great ocean.

e.g., I can sometimes sit for hours watching the biglittle risefall of the sea below me.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bigmongous - Big. So big that it's bigger than it should be, even.

e.g., A bigmongous tumor? No, no, that's just my head.

submitted by Dan Kim

bigpimpin - Looking or dressing like a pimp--overly flashy clothing, jewerly, etc.

e.g., Didya see Larry in his new purple BMW? Bigpimpin. Herb's yellow leather pants with the green trim are bigpimpin.

submitted by totaleclipse1000

bigworder - A person who incoherently uses big words just to impress people.

e.g., When Chris was a reporter for the school paper, he came off as just another bigworder.

submitted by max - (www)

bihydrolergical - The fear of drinking after a person other than yourself.

e.g., Q: Can I have a sip of your coke? A: No, I am bihydrolergical.

submitted by Wilbur Smith - (www)

bijux poetry - Poetry based on a single subject. The poetry is required to be 2 words. The words combined, in relation to the subject, have two opposite meanings.

e.g., Subject: Motorcycle Riding BiJux Poetry * weather acute * slick tires * yellow jackets * wind breezy

submitted by Mike (Sven) Anderson

bike seat - A beef schnitzel of excessive proportions.

e.g., Are you having a beer with your bike seat?

submitted by Bren

bikenopdick(s) - Those bicyclers who travel in packs most of whom share similar fancy spandex outfits with obscure European biking team references. Usually they are in the way and intolerant of slower bikers, autos, and people just strolling down a public pathway. The most common phrase heard to identify a bikenopdick is "On your left!"

e.g., Gosh, one of the bikenopdicks almost got hit by a car because they were in the middle of the road.

submitted by ben goodwin

bikey mcwinter - Anyone who rides their bike in the winter.

e.g., Hey look at that Bikey McWinter over there trying to ride on the snow.

submitted by Nathan Powell

bikini lie - (n.) An assurance that something will happen "soon" or "in a minute," despite the fact that the utterer either (a) knows it will take much longer or will naver happen at all, or (b) has no idea whether the promised event will or even can occur. (From the US Government's assurances to the people of Bikini Atoll that they'd be able to return to their island home once the H-Bomb testing was finished. . . . they're still not able to live on their radioactive island, however, and it's been about 40 years.)

e.g., "Look: it says to e-mail complaints and they'll be addressed as soon as possible." "Don't fall for it; it's the Bikini Lie." | "She keeps telling me she'll go out with me but then she asks me to reschedule. This is about the fifth time." "Wake up, man, she's handing you the Bikini Lie."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bilateral suicide - A and B are in love. A thinks B died and A commits suicide. B realizes that A is dead so B commits suicide.

e.g., Cleopatra and Mark Antony committed bilateral suicide and caused the fall of the Egyptian empire.

submitted by Brent Fisher

bile boiling - Something that makes you angry beyond any sense and reason is bile boiling.

e.g., Politically correct programs from the 1980ss done by committe are bile boiling.

submitted by Fenix

bilf - 1. The word around which the entire solar system revolves -- according to me, Sven. 2. A universal word (works for any language), created specifically for the lazy or ignorant. 3. The word written vertically in blue librarian's tape upon Sven's wall. Also bilfage, bilfent, biltant, bilfental, bilfold, or with any other suffix you desire.

e.g., 1. Tu queres acer mi Bilf? 2. Ahhhhhh! Bilf! That hurt! 3. I accidentally bilfed when I was boarding the other day.

submitted by Ben "Sven" Gentile

bill - Any male.

e.g., Bill, come here.

submitted by Jay D

bill - An amount of money, approximately one hundred dollars. Can be used in any denomination from 1 to 10, cannot be used to describe amounts in excess of $1000.

e.g., How much was my new TV? Four bills.

submitted by Tristan

billax - Make or become less tense or anxious around bill time.

e.g., She felt completely billaxed as she opened the letterbox.

submitted by Becky Bergman - (www)

billbob - Any fellow who's name you either don't know or don't remember.

e.g., Hey Billbob, double shot of bourbon neat, please.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

billbuckner - A verb, meaning to screw up something that should have been routine, with disastrous results. Refers to Bill Buckner, the (infamous) Red Sox first baseman who missed a routine grounder hit by Mookie Wilson of the New York Mets during game 6 of the 1986 World Series, allowing the winning run to cross the plate. The Red Sox went on to lose Game 7 and thus the World Series.

e.g., Dave flunked out of college because he showed up drunk for his finals and billbucknered the exams.

submitted by Jo Ginsberg

billcheapman - A frugal person who is intent on minimizing his bills. Someone who is known for his cheap and thrifty ways, and who takes great steps to reduce his bills to ensure he doesn't run out of money.

e.g., Jeffs turning into a real billcheapman the way he never goes on vacations.

submitted by Chris Williams

billy-bob - To be used when you can't think of what something is called.

e.g., Can you hand me that billy-bob, Billy Bob?

submitted by Tess

billy-no-mates - Someone who has no friends. On the bill = alone.

e.g., Ended up sitting in on Friday night -- felt like a right Billy-No-Mates.

submitted by oneiros - (www)

billyjean - (verb) To be caught dancing or lip syncing badly to Michael Jackson recordings (and looking at yourself in a mirror) while wearing only your underwear. Billyjeaning; Billyjeaned. (noun) A person who badly dances/lipsyncs to Michael Jackson

e.g., I saw my brother Billyjeaning in bathroom just now. | My brother wants to be Michael, but all he ends up as is a Billyjean.

submitted by Matt C Burnett

bilogy - (n., pronounced BILL-uh-jee) the two movies or books or what-have-you that make up the (obligatory) trilogy of a successful franchise, but which seem to form their own two-part story without any real reference to the first movie or book or whatever. || A misspelling of biology. | Bilogical: most often seen in politics: inconsistent, illogical. No paradigm shift here -- just changing from one position to another -- and back -- to curry favor with today's audience and tomorrow's voters. Taking both sides of an issue, depending on your audience or depending on polls.

e.g., Pirates of the Caribbean, for instance, is comprised of TWO stories, not three: The Curse of the Black Pearl and a two part story about Davy Jones and the land of the dead and Calypso and everything . . . it really had nothing at all to do with the first story except for the actors. || As any student of bilogy knows, only the bilogical survive. | Bilogical politician is redundant. | Strom Thurmond was the archetype of the bilogical politician.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth || Miss Speller

bilow - A cheap person, a spendthrift (this is a saying used in the new york new jersey area, stemming from the concept of buy low, sell high)

e.g., This bilow thinks he'll take it with him when he dies

submitted by Kooros Khavarian

bim - A female bum.

e.g., I met this bim the other night. I was all "Hello, try some perfume or something."

submitted by A Bergman

bimbicide - The killing of blonde, slutty or intellectually challenged minor characters in teen slasher films.

e.g., It wasn't that good. But I really enjoyed all the bimbicide.

submitted by Markball

bimble - To amble along unawares.

e.g., Judge Crater went out for a bimble. He's the man who never returned.

submitted by karl

bimble - To hang around in a boat park with your mates pretending to fix your boat. Essential props for bimbling include a pop-rivet gun, some gaffa tape and a few tins of beer.

e.g., Person 1: "Have you seen Olly?" Person 2: "He's down the boat-park having a bimble with Robert and the other guys."

submitted by Purple Martin

bimbob | bimboy - Male equivalent of bimbo; i.e., a very good-looking, charming, or otherwise attractive young man -- not valued for his intellectual prowess. "An attractive but unintelligent young man (especially one who has an affair with a public figure); a sexy male airhead." | Overly flirtatious male.

e.g., Heads turned as she entered the room with an entourage of stunning bimbobs. | She must realize he's just a bimboy . . . his IQ is about as high as the wattage of a refrigerator bulb.

submitted by Caroline | Ted Roberts

bimbolosity - Degree to which a person's behavior is likely to earn group disapprobation.

e.g., What a stunning display of bimbolosity.

submitted by beanie33

bimbonic - To contain or exude the qualities of a bimbo.

e.g., The women in this club are all bimbonic.

submitted by TimEspin - (www)

bimboozle - To be completely taken by someone's stunning appearance, failing to notice a serious flaw.

e.g., I had spent two months with Chris before I realized that she was dumb as a post and was just using me for my cash. I was bimboozled.

submitted by gecko

bimp - Combination of shameless promotion (pimping) by bumping a thread on a forum. Bump + pimp --> bimp.

e.g., I'm going to post something even if it's shallow to bimp the thread I started.

submitted by for Jerry Cates - (www)

bin - Been.

e.g., "Osama bin Laden has bin dead for years now. If he wasn’t, he would be releasing enough videos to rival the TV time of Barry Soetoro."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

binary paradigm - An instance where there are only two possibilities, often said in response to someone talking around the question.

e.g., It's a binary paradigm; we hire her or we don't.

submitted by Doug

binary vision - A person whose eyes appear to be looking in two different directions.

e.g., Because of Joe's binary vision, I couldn't tell if he was talking to me or my friend.

submitted by Ally

bine - Slang for cigarette. This is a very local word, never heard it in use outside of my town of Omagh, Northern Ireland.

e.g., Any bines?

submitted by Dom

binebate - What TV news people imagine a "debate" is. A binebate is a binary debate, a technique for exploring reality based on the assumption that for any issue there exist only two (opposing) opinions.

e.g., Did I see the debate on Newsnight? Nah, what's the point. They only know how to binebate.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

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