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bibliotch - To show anger and hate toward an idea, person, or item.

e.g., I bibliotch that stupid notebook. None of the information in it did me any good on the test.

submitted by Dillon Linson - (www)

biccup - A mixture between a burp and a hiccup.

e.g., What the hell was that noise you just made? Did you just biccup?

submitted by Lisa O

bickerontation - A confrontation characterized by bickering.

e.g., Once again, the debate between the union leaders and corporate managers deteriorated into a heated bickerontation.

submitted by MHedges

bicne - The small spots of ink that accumulate on one's fingers during prolonged use of ballpoint pens.

e.g., After that essay test, my fingers had Bicne all over them.

submitted by Richard

bicolar - When the soda machine dispenses two drinks, yet you've only paid for one.

e.g., The vending machine is bicolar when you get Sprite.

submitted by Brian

bicomfy - Comfortable with both sexes. Someone who is primarily heterosexual but may engage in some homosexual acts. Not a synonym for bisexual.

e.g., She can be bicomfy with the right girl, but always favors men.

submitted by Coozey

bicubilous - Working in two cubicles at the same job; sometimes a second cubicle is an honor or a mark of status.

e.g., My bicubilous son works on the first and second floors.

submitted by Susan E. Powell

bicurious - Said of someone who claims to be homosexual and does have definite interest in the subject, but has not made any effort to have a homosexual relationship.

e.g., She says she thinks she's a lesbian, but I know she's dated a lot of men. She's probably just bicurious.

submitted by LisaH - (www)

bicycle boy - A man no woman needs. Follows from "A women needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."

e.g., Am I dating Todd? No way, Todd's a bicycle boy.

submitted by geoffrey

bicycling - Mistaken.

e.g., Am I right, or am I bicycling?

submitted by curry

bicyclops - (n.) 1. A creature you've mistaken for a cyclops that possesses, in fact, two eyes (or more, I guess); 2. Any scary person, creature, or mythic construct that has two eyes; 3. Police officers on bicycles (although, strictly speaking, that would be "bicycops"). [from the Beatles' Yellow Submarine movie.] (cf. Cyclopedia. )

e.g., In the Yellow Submarine, as our psychedelic heroes traverse the Sea of Monsters, Ringo suddently cries out, "Look, it's a cyclops!" to which Paul responds, "Don't be silly; it's got two eyes." Ringo: "Must be a bicyclops, then."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

bicycops - [Pronounced to rhyme with HI-sick-pops; n.) 1. Police officers on bicycles (a brilliant solution to the maze of inner-city, beach, park, and dense-venue construction in which life happens these days); oddly, 2. Mall cops (I have no idea why it applies to mall cops, but it does ... even though they don't (usually) have bicycles). Note: One officer on a bike is a bicycop (even though, technically (since the word comes from the Greek "cyclops") the singular should also be "bicycops." (see "Bicyclops" herein)

e.g., "Run, it's the cops!"
"Don't be stupid, man: the cops can't get back here without walkin'."
"It's bicycops, dude … Run!"

submitted by Scott m. ellsworth - (www)

biddely bop - Goodbye.

e.g., A: I'll talk to you later. B: All right. Biddely bop.

submitted by Kass

biddhism - The spiritual side of online auctions.

e.g., I am a master at biddhism. I have saved thousands on eBay.

submitted by lthrbls - (www)

biddy - A girl who works at a fast food restauraunt. (Originally girls who worked at Burger King.) Existing usage.

e.g., You shoulda seen the biddy workin' cash last night at Mickey Ds.

submitted by Garret Thomson - (www)

biddy - Someone who is unsure of any of her actions. Existing usage.

e.g., Christopher behaved like a biddy when he was learning to ride his scooter.

submitted by Peter Tuttle - (www)

biden's syndrome - An affliction which results in a speaker's running off at the mouth so much that people think she's a know-nothing or an insensitive idiot. Named after Senator Joe Biden, notorious for shooting off his mouth and getting himself in political hot water. Biden is also known for taking up so much time with his lead-ins in senatorial hearings that he runs out of his allotted time without being able to ask witnesses any questions.

e.g., Obama knew he had Biden's Syndrome when he picked him as his running mate. Everyone knew it. Hell, they named the problem after him -- of course he has Biden's Syndrome.

submitted by HD Fowler

bidenhead - Former New York Mayor Rudy Guilani said of Vice President Joe Biden's appearance during the President's speech before Congress September 8, 2011, to launch his 2012 re-election campaign, "I think Biden must have a sore neck by now. He was shaking his head so much it looked like he was on a string. It would be hard to sit there and shake your head all the time." Think bobblehead doll, described this way at Wikipedia: "A bobblehead doll, also known as a bobbing head doll, nodder, or wobbler, is a type of collectible toy. Its head is often oversized compared to its body. Instead of a solid connection, its head is connected to the body by a spring or hook[1] in such a way that a light tap will cause the head to bobble, hence the name."

e.g., Compared to a bobblehead, a bidenhead is a pinhead.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bidgeon - Bitchin' -- for younger users.

e.g., Chuck's new video game is bidgeon.

submitted by Ingro

bidniz - The early stages of a business negotiation where several individuals make bids for the same product.

e.g., This company's shares rose dramatically on Wall Street after the attention their new product got on the day of bidniz.

submitted by diana Elmegaard (Bandit Productions)

bie - A word native to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in Canada used to describe someone in shock, or as a greeting

e.g., ... Oh my god, bie what are you doing with that cat! ... Hey bie, how's it going ?

submitted by Shaun Cuddihy - (www)

bieber - An internal constriction caused an infernal construction.

e.g., Schlackel noticed that ever since he saw that young feller singing on the TV, his bieber has been acting up.

submitted by redbendad - (www)

bien pensant - (adjective) 1. Right-thinking; conservative; conformist. 2. Self-righteous. (noun) 1. A right-thinking person. 2. A self-righteous person. | "Right-minded: one who holds orthodox views." Recorded to save a comment I liked -- by tox66 on "Abortion article author receives death threats" in The Daily Telegraph. Codswallop: (British) rubbish, nonsense.

e.g., "But the problem is that one man's superstition is another man's religion, and vice versa. Many Protestants today still see Catholicism as being rife with superstition, ... while atheists and agnostics would see bien-pensant Protestants as worshiping an equally absurd form of the supernatural." David Gibson; Is One Man's Faith Another's Superstition?; The Wall Street Journal (New York); Mar 27, 2009. | "We North London bien pensant types do our best, we really do." Peter York; How to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is; The Independent (London, UK); Sep 17, 2006. | "I'm sure the bien-pensants in the British left will now want to reflect soberly on the folly of pushing people too far." | "You give yourself away by assigning personhood to a newspaper the way lefties do to organs they don't like (ironically, more personhood than they grant newborns); you're merely here to shriek platitudes and bien pensant codswallop." | "But the problem is that one man's superstition is another man's religion, and vice versa. Many Protestants today still see Catholicism as being rife with superstition, ... while atheists and agnostics would see bien-pensant Protestants as worshiping an equally absurd form of the supernatural." David Gibson, "Is One Man's Faith Another's Superstition?": The Wall Street Journal (New York), Mar 27, 2009. | "We North London bien pensant types do our best, we really do." Peter York; How to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is; The Independent (London, UK); Sep 17, 2006. | "I'm sure the bien-pensants in the British left will now want to reflect soberly on the folly of pushing people too far."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

biff - To screw something up.

e.g., You biffed that one, Ollie.

submitted by Brittney

biff - To be smacked with something, and it looks quite painful to onlookers. Could have come from comic books.

e.g., He was accidentally biffed in the head with a baseball. Ouch!

submitted by Em Bean

biff - To fall down heavily, esp. on something cushiony.

e.g., I was so wiped out after work, I just came home and biffed.

submitted by Name Withheld

biffa - A lady who is obese.

e.g., You pulled a right biffa last night, mate. Oh well, at least you got one. Better than I did.

submitted by Mark Adams - (www)

biffie - A crash. When you are suddenly and unexpectedly ejected from any mechanical device you're riding.

e.g., "Did you see Jeff launch over the handle bars?" " Yes, that was quite the biffie."

submitted by Kyle Lund - (www)

biffin' out - Freaking out, stressed out, losing the plot.

e.g., Did you see him? He was biffin' out big time.

submitted by Bailey

big ally mcdeal - "Big deal," from the TV show Mission Hill.

e.g., I went rioting today but it was no big ally mcdeal.

submitted by slacker - (www)

big ash - Whenever we experience a very large volcanic eruption, or a powerful meteor strike from space, the amount of ash spewed forth is ashtounding.

e.g., Even skeptics were duly impressed by the big ash from Mt. Saint Helens. as were the humanoids way back when, when the dinosours were done in by the big ash from the meteor strike. (Wish I coulda seen that. (-: )

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

big ass - Used when referring to anything over-sized or unusual. Can be used when referring to parts of the human anatomy, but rarely mentioned when talking about an actual ass.

e.g., Those are big ass boots. | "I have a big-ass headache." To match your big ass?" | "Do you remember when Shots Bar & Grill was in operation and called their biggest hamburger a Big-Ass™ Burger?" Wonder why they didn't go ahead and register the trademark -- I mean the circle R (®) thingie?" "Probably because they found they didn't get that much more protection from the registration."

submitted by Discordia - (www)

big bang ~ year 1 - It is not logical that a world calendar should begin with the (approximate) year of birth of some particular religious figure. And, this "BC" and "AD" (or "CE") stuff is likewise nonsense. Year one should perhaps begin with the moment of the Big Bang, and keep counting. Our current year (2008) would therefore be very large, so some sort of abbreviation would be preferable, no doubt. (ED. How about "2008" as an abbreviation? By the way, exactly how many years ago was the Big Bang? Exactly meaning, in this case, within 10 or 20 years.)

e.g., With the Big Bang signifying Year 1, would our year 2008 be something like 5,740,819,365 UC (Universal Calendar), more or less or more?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

big bombad - Refers to someone of great status or importance, and occasionally to someone who is physically impressive. From the Gungan dialect of Naboo.

e.g., He thinks he's some big bombad supervisor, but all he does is yell.

submitted by Shaduan

big box - A very large, discount shopping company, such as Wal-Mart, usually housed in a building that resembles a very large box.

e.g., If another big box is opened up in Macon, our family-owned bicycle store will be history.

submitted by natalie

big brain - Used when someone says something obvious or something ingenious, depending on if you like them or not. Big head.

e.g., Oh, look at the big brain on Chris.

submitted by kat - (www)

big dick - A brand of sugar-wafer candy that came in a large roll about 10 inches long. The wafers were thin and hard and about the size and shape of a silver dollar. This is no joke -- it really existed and had the name "Big Dick" in large letters on the wrapper. It's been many years since I saw it for sale.

e.g., I asked her if she wanted a big dick and she was about to sock me on the kisser, before I showed her the candy roll and she laughed.

submitted by Steve McDonald

big donald's - How little kids say McDonald's.

e.g., Mommy, can we go to Big Donald's for dinner?

submitted by Noelle

big greasy - The girl who is always trying to get with your boyfriend.

e.g., Someone needs to enlighten Big Greasy. She won't leave my man alone. She keeps it up, I'll punch her ticket.

submitted by Lindsay McCurry

big head, the - An exaggerated sense of self-importance. 

The Phrase Finder Posted by David FG on September 12, 2004 at 21:09:36:

In Reply to: Re: He gets a "big head" posted by ESC on September 12, 2004 at 14:59:36:

: : He gets a "big head"
: : =a big "attitude" or gets arrogant?
: : thank you like always.

: Yes, an exaggerated sense of importance. Puffed up. A classmate of mine back in West Virginia, Bubby, used the term back in 1968 as in: "Just because you got an A, don't get the big head."

Yes. "Big head" and "big headed" are certainly in very common usage here in the UK, meaning exactly what you say.

A related phrase is "widen that door," meaning that the person referred to has too big a head to get through the doorway.


e.g., Don't be getting the big head just because your submittal was accepted by the PseudoDictionary. It's not that big a deal. Seriously.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

big love - Many uses. A signing off. A feeling of great admiration.

e.g., See you later mate, big love. "Ive got big love for him/her"

submitted by trilby - (www)

big ol' - A "red-neck" term used to describe something very large.

e.g., ""Hey Bubba, that's one big ol' cab you got there in that there truck of yers!""

submitted by Allison

big pill - A figure of speech referring to euthanasia, for example, when a pet is old and starting to suffer.

e.g., Sadly, our dog Max is now 15 years old and too weak to even go for a walk. He often whimpers in pain. It may soon be time for the big pill.

submitted by natalie

big swinging dick - BSD. From "The End of the BSDA Wall Street icon falls," by Daniel Gross. "The term entered the lingua franca via Michael Lewis' Liar's Poker. (Relevant quote: 'If he could make millions of dollars come out of those phones, he became that most revered of all species: a Big Swinging Dick.') BSDs are the perennial winners of the game of conspicuous earnings (giant bonuses), conspicuous consumption (giant co-ops and summer homes), and conspicuous philanthropy (giant plaques on public edifices). In recent years, with the explosion of wealth triggered by the credit and housing boom, a large number of BSDs were minted by the Holy Trinity: hedge funds, private equity, and investment banking."

e.g., "In New York, happiest among the financial alpha males is the big swinging dick. . . . But now the credit crunch and a new market and regulatory climate are turning BSDs into NSBSDs (not such big swinging dicks). . . .  
Among investment banks, Goldman Sachs was the ultimate big swinging dick, the firm that could do no wrong, that was more profitable than anybody else, that was just better. But this week, Goldman, needing cash, turned to Warren Buffett, the biggest of the BSDs. He agreed to help but extracted pretty onerous terms: 10 percent annual interest rate plus an equity kicker. In other words, Goldman is paying a double-digit interest rate and giving up a piece of the house in exchange for a measly few billion dollars. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, lord of the BSDs, is now a subprime borrower."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

big time, bigtime - A modifier or stand-alone connoting "very" in relation to involvement, success, failure, desire, etc. Definitely, most assuredly.

e.g., A. Did you get the stuff? B. Bigtime.

submitted by Andrew Turner - (www)

big ups - Kudos or congratulations, laudatory thanks.

e.g., Big ups to my peeps who helped me put together this record.

submitted by Sawyer - (www)

big'n'nasty - One of McDonald's sandwiches, aka the Big'n'Tasty.

e.g., Counter person: Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order please? Potential customer: Yeah, gimme two large fries, a big'n'nasty, and a coke . . . to go. With the geezer discount, if you give one.

submitted by Bob Boarker

big-gig - Large software company, like Microsoft. Also used when referring to a bigshot.

e.g., Bill Gates is a big-gig. Microsoft is a big-gig.

submitted by Lukas Friga

biggenize - To make something bigger. Biggenise.

e.g., This shelf is too small - you'll need to biggenize it if you want to fit those books on it.

submitted by Lachlan

biggerize - To enlarge.

e.g., Can you biggerize that image?

submitted by allen tjr er

biggette - someone not so smart or quick to understand.

e.g., Why dont you stop acting like a biggette.

submitted by Remy Reyes

biggie - Blanket

e.g., I can't find biggie-- oh, it's on the clothes line.

submitted by mary stone

biggify - To make bigger, such as fonts, gifs, etc.

e.g., Will you please biggify the home page?

submitted by greg foster

biggit - A person who is arrogant and or stuck up. A snob.

e.g., That biggit landlord of mine keeps jacking up the rent.

submitted by Josh Mills LaMonde - (www)

biggle - A combination of the concept of Business Intelligence and Google, referring to the idea that different people use different words for the same concept, and an index of related concepts can be built for search engines, to describe non-obvious relationship awareness. Extra funny because it is a word made up by a business analyst -- a word that happens to already have a rude slang meaning ( "Gartner has a concept it calls 'Biggle' -- the intersection of BI and Google. The idea is that the data warehousing software will be so sophisticated that it understands when different people use different words to describe the same concepts or products. It creates an index of related information -- a la Google -- and dishes relevant results out in response to queries." -- from

e.g., I can hardly wait until biggle becomes generally available. Gonna help me immensely.

submitted by joel garry - (www)

bigify - To make something bigger, or appear so.

e.g., Press the button on the remote and bigify the image.

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

bigity-bam - Used to describe something good that happens very quickly and out of the blue. From the Mall Rats.

e.g., I put a dollar into the slot machine, and bigity-bam. I won $100.

submitted by Jim M

biglittle risefall - Like the motion of the waves on the great ocean.

e.g., I can sometimes sit for hours watching the biglittle risefall of the sea below me.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bigmongous - Big. So big that it's bigger than it should be, even.

e.g., A bigmongous tumor? No, no, that's just my head.

submitted by Dan Kim

bigpimpin - Looking or dressing like a pimp--overly flashy clothing, jewerly, etc.

e.g., Didya see Larry in his new purple BMW? Bigpimpin. Herb's yellow leather pants with the green trim are bigpimpin.

submitted by totaleclipse1000

bigworder - A person who incoherently uses big words just to impress people.

e.g., When Chris was a reporter for the school paper, he came off as just another bigworder.

submitted by max - (www)

bihydrolergical - The fear of drinking after a person other than yourself.

e.g., Q: Can I have a sip of your coke? A: No, I am bihydrolergical.

submitted by Wilbur Smith - (www)

bijux poetry - Poetry based on a single subject. The poetry is required to be 2 words. The words combined, in relation to the subject, have two opposite meanings.

e.g., Subject: Motorcycle Riding BiJux Poetry * weather acute * slick tires * yellow jackets * wind breezy

submitted by Mike (Sven) Anderson

bike seat - A beef schnitzel of excessive proportions.

e.g., Are you having a beer with your bike seat?

submitted by Bren

bikenopdick(s) - Those bicyclers who travel in packs most of whom share similar fancy spandex outfits with obscure European biking team references. Usually they are in the way and intolerant of slower bikers, autos, and people just strolling down a public pathway. The most common phrase heard to identify a bikenopdick is "On your left!"

e.g., Gosh, one of the bikenopdicks almost got hit by a car because they were in the middle of the road.

submitted by ben goodwin

bikey mcwinter - Anyone who rides their bike in the winter.

e.g., Hey look at that Bikey McWinter over there trying to ride on the snow.

submitted by Nathan Powell

bikini lie - (n.) An assurance that something will happen "soon" or "in a minute," despite the fact that the utterer either (a) knows it will take much longer or will naver happen at all, or (b) has no idea whether the promised event will or even can occur. (From the US Government's assurances to the people of Bikini Atoll that they'd be able to return to their island home once the H-Bomb testing was finished. . . . they're still not able to live on their radioactive island, however, and it's been about 40 years.)

e.g., "Look: it says to e-mail complaints and they'll be addressed as soon as possible." "Don't fall for it; it's the Bikini Lie." | "She keeps telling me she'll go out with me but then she asks me to reschedule. This is about the fifth time." "Wake up, man, she's handing you the Bikini Lie."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bilateral suicide - A and B are in love. A thinks B died and A commits suicide. B realizes that A is dead so B commits suicide.

e.g., Cleopatra and Mark Antony committed bilateral suicide and caused the fall of the Egyptian empire.

submitted by Brent Fisher

bile boiling - Something that makes you angry beyond any sense and reason is bile boiling.

e.g., Politically correct programs from the 1980ss done by committe are bile boiling.

submitted by Fenix

bilf - 1. The word around which the entire solar system revolves -- according to me, Sven. 2. A universal word (works for any language), created specifically for the lazy or ignorant. 3. The word written vertically in blue librarian's tape upon Sven's wall. Also bilfage, bilfent, biltant, bilfental, bilfold, or with any other suffix you desire.

e.g., 1. Tu queres acer mi Bilf? 2. Ahhhhhh! Bilf! That hurt! 3. I accidentally bilfed when I was boarding the other day.

submitted by Ben "Sven" Gentile

bill - Any male.

e.g., Bill, come here.

submitted by Jay D

bill - An amount of money, approximately one hundred dollars. Can be used in any denomination from 1 to 10, cannot be used to describe amounts in excess of $1000.

e.g., How much was my new TV? Four bills.

submitted by Tristan

billax - Make or become less tense or anxious around bill time.

e.g., She felt completely billaxed as she opened the letterbox.

submitted by Becky Bergman - (www)

billbob - Any fellow who's name you either don't know or don't remember.

e.g., Hey Billbob, double shot of bourbon neat, please.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

billbuckner - A verb, meaning to screw up something that should have been routine, with disastrous results. Refers to Bill Buckner, the (infamous) Red Sox first baseman who missed a routine grounder hit by Mookie Wilson of the New York Mets during game 6 of the 1986 World Series, allowing the winning run to cross the plate. The Red Sox went on to lose Game 7 and thus the World Series.

e.g., Dave flunked out of college because he showed up drunk for his finals and billbucknered the exams.

submitted by Jo Ginsberg

billcheapman - A frugal person who is intent on minimizing his bills. Someone who is known for his cheap and thrifty ways, and who takes great steps to reduce his bills to ensure he doesn't run out of money.

e.g., Jeffs turning into a real billcheapman the way he never goes on vacations.

submitted by Chris Williams

billy-bob - To be used when you can't think of what something is called.

e.g., Can you hand me that billy-bob, Billy Bob?

submitted by Tess

billy-no-mates - Someone who has no friends. On the bill = alone.

e.g., Ended up sitting in on Friday night -- felt like a right Billy-No-Mates.

submitted by oneiros - (www)

billyjean - (verb) To be caught dancing or lip syncing badly to Michael Jackson recordings (and looking at yourself in a mirror) while wearing only your underwear. Billyjeaning; Billyjeaned. (noun) A person who badly dances/lipsyncs to Michael Jackson

e.g., I saw my brother Billyjeaning in bathroom just now. | My brother wants to be Michael, but all he ends up as is a Billyjean.

submitted by Matt C Burnett

bilogy - (n., pronounced BILL-uh-jee) the two movies or books or what-have-you that make up the (obligatory) trilogy of a successful franchise, but which seem to form their own two-part story without any real reference to the first movie or book or whatever. || A misspelling of biology. | Bilogical: most often seen in politics: inconsistent, illogical. No paradigm shift here -- just changing from one position to another -- and back -- to curry favor with today's audience and tomorrow's voters. Taking both sides of an issue, depending on your audience or depending on polls.

e.g., Pirates of the Caribbean, for instance, is comprised of TWO stories, not three: The Curse of the Black Pearl and a two part story about Davy Jones and the land of the dead and Calypso and everything . . . it really had nothing at all to do with the first story except for the actors. || As any student of bilogy knows, only the bilogical survive. | Bilogical politician is redundant. | Strom Thurmond was the archetype of the bilogical politician.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth || Miss Speller

bilow - A cheap person, a spendthrift (this is a saying used in the new york new jersey area, stemming from the concept of buy low, sell high)

e.g., This bilow thinks he'll take it with him when he dies

submitted by Kooros Khavarian

bim - A female bum.

e.g., I met this bim the other night. I was all "Hello, try some perfume or something."

submitted by A Bergman

bimbicide - The killing of blonde, slutty or intellectually challenged minor characters in teen slasher films.

e.g., It wasn't that good. But I really enjoyed all the bimbicide.

submitted by Markball

bimble - To amble along unawares.

e.g., Judge Crater went out for a bimble. He's the man who never returned.

submitted by karl

bimble - To hang around in a boat park with your mates pretending to fix your boat. Essential props for bimbling include a pop-rivet gun, some gaffa tape and a few tins of beer.

e.g., Person 1: "Have you seen Olly?" Person 2: "He's down the boat-park having a bimble with Robert and the other guys."

submitted by Purple Martin

bimbob | bimboy - Male equivalent of bimbo; i.e., a very good-looking, charming, or otherwise attractive young man -- not valued for his intellectual prowess. "An attractive but unintelligent young man (especially one who has an affair with a public figure); a sexy male airhead." | Overly flirtatious male.

e.g., Heads turned as she entered the room with an entourage of stunning bimbobs. | She must realize he's just a bimboy . . . his IQ is about as high as the wattage of a refrigerator bulb.

submitted by Caroline | Ted Roberts

bimbolosity - Degree to which a person's behavior is likely to earn group disapprobation.

e.g., What a stunning display of bimbolosity.

submitted by beanie33

bimbonic - To contain or exude the qualities of a bimbo.

e.g., The women in this club are all bimbonic.

submitted by TimEspin - (www)

bimboozle - To be completely taken by someone's stunning appearance, failing to notice a serious flaw.

e.g., I had spent two months with Chris before I realized that she was dumb as a post and was just using me for my cash. I was bimboozled.

submitted by gecko

bimp - Combination of shameless promotion (pimping) by bumping a thread on a forum. Bump + pimp --> bimp.

e.g., I'm going to post something even if it's shallow to bimp the thread I started.

submitted by for Jerry Cates - (www)

bin - Been.

e.g., "Osama bin Laden has bin dead for years now. If he wasn’t, he would be releasing enough videos to rival the TV time of Barry Soetoro."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

binary paradigm - An instance where there are only two possibilities, often said in response to someone talking around the question.

e.g., It's a binary paradigm; we hire her or we don't.

submitted by Doug

binary vision - A person whose eyes appear to be looking in two different directions.

e.g., Because of Joe's binary vision, I couldn't tell if he was talking to me or my friend.

submitted by Ally

bine - Slang for cigarette. This is a very local word, never heard it in use outside of my town of Omagh, Northern Ireland.

e.g., Any bines?

submitted by Dom

binebate - What TV news people imagine a "debate" is. A binebate is a binary debate, a technique for exploring reality based on the assumption that for any issue there exist only two (opposing) opinions.

e.g., Did I see the debate on Newsnight? Nah, what's the point. They only know how to binebate.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

bing - To strike an imaginary bell whilst simultaneously replicating the noise of a bell at the end of a meal in order to attract the attention of a waiter and thus obtain the bill.

e.g., "BING!" "The william, my good man!"

submitted by Colin Taffel

bing bing - Use bing bing when you would usually use bling bling, but bing bing is better because it is a much more effective conversation starter.

e.g., That suave guy was completely bing bing (or bingin'), I wish I had gotten his number!

submitted by Renee

bingaclohokere - A specific mathematical term used mainly by Mu Alpha Theta club members as an obscure insult in place of idiot.

e.g., Chris, you're a bingaclohokere.

submitted by Lirael Goldenhand

bingbong-a-thon - Neighborhood church bells ringing for 15 minutes or more.

e.g., I don't mind church bells... until they decide to have a bingbong-a-thon. They get annoying when my ears start ringing, too.

submitted by Kimberly - (www)

bingged - Hiding, try to be not seen.

e.g., When I was playing manhunt with my friends, I was bingged in a tree.

submitted by kevin ocallaghan

bingo arm - flabby skin under the bicep/tricep area.

e.g., did you see the bingo arm on that old lady when she won last night??

submitted by lthbrls - (www)

bingobango - As good as done. "No problem."

e.g., Boss: I need that report tomorrow. You: Bingobango.

submitted by theSman

bingoops - What has happened when people say bingo and later realize they were wrong.

e.g., My friend did a bingoops yesterday at my sleepover.

submitted by Farah

bingowings - Large flaps of skin on the upper arms of old ladies. Especially old ladies who play Bingo and wear sleeveless shirts.

e.g., I need to go to the gym. I swear, I've done so little exercise and so much eating lately, I'm developing bingowings.

submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

bingtotem - The good luck charms that many bingo players line up on their tables while they play the game.

e.g., Having no bingtotem of my own, I made one out of tin foil and still I did not win at bingo.

submitted by Diane Harris

bink - All-purpose word: sound effect, a verb, a swear word, something dirty, a space filler, pretty much anything except an adverb.

e.g., Bink! OR I bink you! OR Oops, I touched your bink.

submitted by Alli - (www)

bink - Equivalent of the word "billy" as in silly billy.

e.g., You're a silly bink.

submitted by David Munro

binky - How a domesticated rabbit expresses joy: a high vertical jump in the air, often with a twist at the apex of the jump.

e.g., Our rabbit was so happy with her new feed she would binky all afternoon.

submitted by Stephen Mize

bintwit - Having the mental abilities of a less than satisfactory female partner. Commonly the female partner is assumed to be blonde, but not attractive enough to be a bimbo. Used among groups of males to humiliate a specific member, where this member of the group's partner is considered to be unacceptable.

e.g., You're a bintwit. | That was a bintwitted thing to do, Chris. Typical.

submitted by Dave - (www)

binx - A combination of bitch and minx -- a woman who sets strong boundaries and is also bold and flirty.

e.g., Mandy can only be described as a binx of a woman -- firm but also fun to be around.

submitted by Michelle

binya - A individual doing activities that are unlawful and wrong in the context of a party

e.g., Christopher, quit being such a binya.

submitted by Peter Tuttle

bio-fam - Short form for "Biological Family." Used when you're talking about more than one family. Meaning if you're adopted and you're not talking about your adoptive parents you're talking about your bio-fam

e.g., Roseanne: Which family are you taking about? James:Geez. I'm talking about my bio-fam. Get with the program.

submitted by Roseanne H.

biochrome - Living color. bio = life, bio = life chrome =

e.g., This program is brought to you in biochrome.

submitted by John Lipp

bioerectrick - Referring to the magical way that one prepares for insertion into biological deep space.

e.g., It's a bioerectrick marvel -- such plumbing, such engineering, a true pleasure to contemplate.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bioesque - Lifelike.

e.g., The robot is so advanced it is almost bioesque.

submitted by Takisia

biographee - The subject of a biographee.

e.g., Yes, I'm the subject of the biography -- the biographee. I also wrote the book, so I'm the biographer as well. It's what you call an autobiography. I wrote it prehumously, see.

submitted by HD Fowler

biolog - A diary or personal journal, where one can record regular reports about one's activities, happenings, thoughts, and feelings of particular importance or significance.

e.g., As the name might suggest, your biolog should not be full of trite and silly nonsense, but worthy and perhaps valuable descriptions and observations, befitting the civilized intelligent human, recording for posterity significant gems of desirable data.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

biomassehydratize - To use hydroelectric power to magnetize and hydrate trees to conserve more water.

e.g., When I grew those trees in five seconds, I must have biomassehydratized them.

submitted by Aidan Jones

bionovel - A piece of writing written about people who the author personally knew and believed to be worthy enough to be recorded in a story. The author may not know the whole of their history and may speculate when needed to make connections. It is based on real people, but it's not all "truth." This is forW. Somerset Maugham, author of _The Razor's Edge_, who didn't know exactly what to call his book.

e.g., The butler in this bionovel sounds like Uncle Bob.

submitted by Alice

biophantasmology - The study of spiritual or metaphysical life.

e.g., Joe decided to do a study on the mechanical elves from the DMT realm for his biophantasmology class.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

bioverse - All life within the universe, to include known and potential life in the universe. Expansion of the bbiosphere concept. Related to astrobiology.

e.g., The Earth has life, and Titan may have potential life in the bioverse.

submitted by Jonathan Riddle - (www)

bip - 80s slang for cool.

e.g., AJ is so bip.

submitted by Darrel Herbert

bip - 1. To hit, slam, etc. 2. To "pack" in basketball.

e.g., 1. Shut up before I bip you. 2. He was standing right over him and went, "Bip."

submitted by Tarheel

bipo - The squishy stuff inside an elephant's ear: elephant earwax.

e.g., Hey, Shaniqua, did you hear how all the cool kids are saying you're as worthless as bipo?

submitted by Shaniqua

bipolarcoaster - The harrowing ups and downs that unstable people go through.

e.g., We spent the afternoon on Amanda's bipolarcoaster, but I finally had enough.

submitted by Tim Pace - (www)

bird - A high-energy short-lived temper tantram.

e.g., Your father's gonna have a bird when he sees what you've done.

submitted by robert

bird - Someone who is cheap. From the cheeping sounds that birds make.

e.g., Don't be a bird. You're cheap cheap cheap.

submitted by Anh Le

bird colonel - A full colonel in the Army, Air Force, or Marines. An O-6 in rank, as differentiated from a Lieutenant Colonel who is O-5. Sometimes persons of these ranks are referred to as Chicken Colonels or Light Colonels, respectively (or not so respectfully). The "bird" in the title comes from the brass emblem of rank, depicting an eagle. In the U.S. Navy, an O-6 officer is a Captain, which can be confusing, as in the other services, a Captain has an O-3 rank.

e.g., The were so many Bird Colonels at the base, that my arm grew tired from saluting.

submitted by Steve McDonald

bird food - What health nuts and vegetarians eat to gain protein: nuts, oats, soy and seeds, etc.

e.g., Angela: Instead of a beef hamburger, try a garden-burger. It's got nuts and oats and is healthier for you. Brent: I don't like bird food.

submitted by Marie

bird-acide - A clean window.

e.g., The bird-acide already killed three bluejays and one robin today.

submitted by jermaine

birdage - Collective noun used by understimulated male teenagers at boarding schools to describe a member of the opposite sex.

e.g., Check out the birdage in the Escalade.

submitted by dr johnson

birdie bacon - What results when the worms that crawl out on the sidewalk during a rainstorm get stuck there and are fried by the sun.

e.g., Shirley hates walking to school after a storm because she hates stepping on birdie bacon.

submitted by Wilma

birdie nest - When you go fishing and your line jumbles up in a big ball.

e.g., I got a birdie nest over here! Unc Sam, I need more line!

submitted by G-Dogg

birdie-num-nums - Tasty treats of any nature.

e.g., Want to go get some birdie-num-nums? I am starving!

submitted by sarah

birfday - Birthday. Birfdate.

e.g., Andy, if you eat too much of that icing, your birfday's going to turn into a barfday.

submitted by Miss Speller

birkenschlock - El cheapo shoes of the imitation-Birkenstock variety.

e.g., That sure is a nice pair of Birkenschlocks you got yourself there, buddy. Don't tell me--Kmart, right?

submitted by Kimber ley

birminghampster - Anyone who lives or works in a city named Birmingham.

e.g., It was particularly hard to get used to being a Birminghampster.

submitted by Evman

birth control glasses - Large, bulky, ugly eyeglass frames. Used to describe standard issue basic training glasses in the US Army. Birth-control glasses.

e.g., He ain't never gonna get any, not as long as he wears those birth control glasses.

submitted by Andrew

birthanzaa - When one celebrates her birthday for one week, beginning six days prior to the actual day of her birth. Gifts each day, and multiple parties are also expected during this event.

e.g., My 14-year-old daughter is celebrating her birthanzaa.

submitted by Jennifer Evans - (www)

birthaversary - Used when one spouse's birthday falls on the couple's anniversary.

e.g., "Happy Birthaversary to you." (We have a lot in our family...same tune as "Happy Birthday.")

submitted by Joyce Smith

biscaine - To play too much or to talk nonsense to someone.

e.g., You need to give me my money while you biscainein.

submitted by Mac-E

biscuit - One who is cute.

e.g., Wow, did you see that guy sitting across from us? He was a real biscuit.

submitted by carla - (www)

biscuit - A type of hat, typified by the Kangol 504 design; applies to any hat of this shape. Used in Southeastern Michigan.

e.g., I used to wear a Yankees cap, but now I wear a biscuit.

submitted by Allan Hazlett

biscuit-mouth - The unpleasant condition caused by eating too many biscuits (especially ginger nuts) in one sitting.

e.g., Quick, I need tea to treat this biscuit-mouth.

submitted by Gary C

bishie - Beautiful boy. Bishy. Generally used by otaku, fan-girls or fan-boys for a beautiful male with boyish or effeminate traits. From the Japanese word "Bishounen."

e.g., Ooh, look at that bishie walking in -- no, the other door.

submitted by Ryan Johnson - (www)

bishop's collar - Term originally used to indicate the exact half-inch of foam at top of a newly poured Guinness. Could also be used to indicate dismay at the large amount of foam at the top of a newly poured American beer.

e.g., What a rip-off. Look at the size of that bishop's collar the bartender gave you -- that's at least 30% less beer -- we should go kick his ass.

submitted by Salty

bishtacular - Awesome, cool, the best.

e.g., Today sure was bishtacular. I scored major with this hot guy.

submitted by Nick

bisker - The whisk attachment of a stand-up mixer; a contraction of "whisk" and "beater."

e.g., This is a light dough we're making; better use the bisker.

submitted by Kieran Conley

bisocial - Able to hang out with both men and women.

e.g., Carla invited him to her baby shower; he must be bisocial.

submitted by Lord Argent - (www)

bisquick - Deal.

e.g., What is your bisquick?

submitted by Nina

bistango - A vile substance usually of solid or highly viscous form.

e.g., What's in that martini glass? It looks like a rotten lump of bistango. Yuck.

submitted by Nathan Aschbacher

bistatual - Having houses in two states. Also "ambistatual."

e.g., Jim has a house in both Washington and California, so he's bistatual.

submitted by Firestorm

bisted - Combination of bit and busted

e.g., We got bisted by the cops last night.

submitted by Jupiter

bit - Bitch In Training. Preteen or teenage female with way too much attitude.

e.g., My kid sister has become a BIT since she turned thirteen.

submitted by Greg

bitch - Demeaning term. To be someone's bitch is to be taken advantage of.

e.g., Don't let him treat you like that. You're not his bitch. You're my bitch. | I'm not your bitch.

submitted by honora

bitch boy - Someone who is acting inappropriately in a social setting. Also for someone generally disliked.

e.g., That bitch boy over there with the busted nose -- Chris -- was trying to roll up on my girl. Guess how he got the busted nose.

submitted by Benny

bitch fuel - Common vernacular describing the assortment of alco-pops and vodka-and-something-based bottled drinks. Cheap and high in alcohol.

e.g., She's getting through the bitch fuel at light speed. | More bitch fuel, darlin'?

submitted by Luc - (www)

bitch whisperer - Someone with talents and skills similar to dog and horse whisperers, but applied to, and used to correct undesirable behavioral traits found on high maintenance or pain-in-the-ass women. Ex-wives and girlfriends, female bosses, cranky lap-dancers, comprise just a sampling of the vast list of the bitch whisperer’s subjects. Bitchwhisperer, bitch whisper.

e.g., Son, it’ll take the efforts of a first-rate bitch whisperer to keep your ex-wife and her attorney from skinning you alive. | "Bob, whatever you do, make sure you get Charlie Fingers as your attorney for your divorce. He's the best bitch whisperer around." "Janice has already hired him." "Oh, sorry about that. You are going to pay."

submitted by Albert D. Pereira

bitch-sized - Puny, small, minuscule. Bitch-size.

e.g., After wrecking his Z28, Jerry felt foolish driving a Toyota with its bitch-sized four cylinders.

submitted by dust

bitchcakes - Describing an mad angry state, often involving rapid violent action or futile pacing or anger.

e.g., The teacher catches me swiping candy from her jar just as she comes back into the room and next thing you know she's gone bitchcakes.

submitted by matthew salernonononono

bitched-out - 1. Unable to perform certain actions expected of oneself. 2. To yell and curse at someone, demean, demoralize.

e.g., 1. Chris bitched-out. After a couple of brews he was unable to attend to the nudies at the nudie bar. 2. John bitched-out his co-worker about his poor work performance and overall lack of effort.

submitted by Shaolin

bitchelugger - Someone who mooches in a whiny and mean way.

e.g., He was using his high-pitched voice just for a cookie. That punk Chris is a bitchelugger.

submitted by KandiKane - (www)

bitchin' - Freaking awesome.

e.g., "What do you think of that car?" "That car is bitchin'."

submitted by Kelsey Garczynski

bitchology - Bitching taken to such a high level it could be considered a science.

e.g., What's the matter with Chris? I didn't know he had a degree in bitchology.

submitted by Jazzbo

bitchslap - From the stereotype of a pimp's demeaning and abusive treatment of his prostitutes, whom he refers to as his "bitches." Those who use the term typically see themselves as being superior and as being in a situation that calls for them to mete out harsh, abrupt, and abusive treatment for what they perceive as stupid or disrespectful behavior -- or simply when they think such treatment is needed to remind someone of her inferior status. Bitch slap, bitch-slap.

bitch-slap: • verb [with obj.] US informal deliver a stinging blow to (someone), typically in order to humiliate [her]: I would have bitch-slapped him for talking that way.
- ORIGIN 1990s: originally black English, referring to a woman hitting or haranguing her male partner.

e.g., You talk back to me one more time, and I'll bitchslap you. | To say I was astonished when Chris bitchslapped me at a bar one night is an understatement. In case you were wondering why he's the prototypical bad example, that's why.

submitted by Markball

bitchuation - A real bitch of a situation.

e.g., When the top of my convertible opened up in the middle of the car wash, it was a total bitchuation.

submitted by Pam Budnick

bite the bucket - To make a kamikaze run in Texas Hold'em. Attributed to my roommate Troy.

e.g., I had a seven and a two off-suit, but I decided to bite the bucket and ended up with a full house.

submitted by captainminus

biter - Someone who steals a saying or move from someone else.

e.g., You're a biter--I made up that dance move.

submitted by Phive

bitspit - Bunch of words generated by electronic text device. Usually used in digital correspondence. (First seen years ago on, Jargon Watch.)

e.g., He wrote me this huge e-mail. I have never seen such bitspit.

submitted by Ivar Zantinge - (www)

bitter barn - Where we are when we are in a bitter mood.

e.g., I need to get out of the bitter barn and have some fun.

submitted by Kimberly

bittle - A short amount of time. | A small amount of something -- i.e., little + bit.

e.g., I'll be back in a bittle -- I'm just going to the shops. | Dibs on the bittle of orange juice left in the bottle.

submitted by Zsuszo

bizarnage - A group of several bizarre things all occurring at once, when events take on a fantastical air.

e.g., Did you see Vanilla Sky? Bizarnage.

submitted by Nick Jones

bizarro - Odd or unusual. NB: Usually said in a dumb cheerleader voice.

e.g., Did you see the bizarro way Alice was acting today.

submitted by orange

bizatch - Stupid and irresponsible.

e.g., She's a bizatch.

submitted by Harley Carter

bizkid - Parallel of whizkid. Used for bright businessmen who use novel ways to publicise their products.

e.g., Bizkids are creative business brains. They hog any space they get to advertise their products. Recently, a band of these bizkids used Indian postcards to do this. Now these bizkids have resorted to postcard marketing in India. Can it be any parallel of zip code marketing of the USA? Used by Vivek Sharma in Hindustan Times, Lucknow.

submitted by vivek sharma

bizly - To be embarrassed for another person.

e.g., I saw a girl walking through the mall with her dress tucked into her pantyhose. I felt bizly.

submitted by The Feline Punk - (www)

biznatch - A guy who is a source of annoyance. Also can be used in a playful manner between male friends.

e.g., You know, Jim is being such a biznatch. OR Hey! what's happening, biznatch?

submitted by macp

biznerd - Someone who finds business REALLY fascinating in the same way nerds do computers and other techy stuff.

e.g., See that Keith A? What a biznerd he's become since he did his MBA.

submitted by Alan Morrison

biznical - Business and technical. It happened accidentally when trying to elucidate the business (biz) and technical (nical) requirements being addressed in a proposal. I accidentally combined the two words into "biznical." Funnily enough the audience understood and appreciated my thrifty use of language--it demonstrated a respect for their precious time.

e.g., The following analogies fully address the biznical requirements identified through the consulting effort, and appear in order of importance in the scope of works under Section 1.

submitted by Sue

biznitch - For use either when "bitch" is inappropriate or when one wants to feign an urban vernacular. | Business.

e.g., That homework you gave us for the weekend was a real biznitch, Professor Hall. | Mind your own biznitch, biznitch.

submitted by Evan - (www)

bizounce - To leave.

e.g., I gotta bizounce now. C ya.

submitted by Waldo

bizurdity - General expression of weirdness in person or thing. A person not incapable of growing huge batwings and screeching like a servant of doom. Or someone just a little different.

e.g., That new guy in accounts is bizurdity.

submitted by Kora B

bizzo - Anyone interested in anything enough to pursue learning about, discussing with others, and pondering at length that thing.

e.g., I'm a bizzo of many interests.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

bizzomb - Da bomb.

e.g., That shirt is bizzomb.

submitted by Toni

bizzyhoo - A person who most of your friends would consider a joke.

e.g., That bizzyhoo is about as sharp as a bowling ball.

submitted by JeffBrown

bjarnism - A translated phrase that makes little sense in English.

e.g., When I went to Japan, I saw so many bjarnisms.

submitted by FPM2K - (www)

bjoobiez - Boobies, breasts. Bjoobies, b00bies, bj00bies, bj00biez.


dave in lisbon: ah, that fergie.

i was surprised the duchess of york was flashing a whale tail.

the visible tanga line isn't something you see very often any more. [not] round these parts anyway.

now, nudity . . . can't escape it. and who'd want to. every advert selling shower gel or cosmetic surgery clinics or whatever will have a pair of bjoobiez. at whatever time of the day.

can't see the harm myself

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

blabbage - Idle gossip, sometimes harmful, always revealing information about another which should be kept private.

e.g., So, as usual, Chris had to go flappin' blabbage about Steve's unfortunate experience causing quite a bit of embarrassment on his part.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

blabbertisement - An annoying announcement with excessive chatter, usually on the radio, intended to entice the audience to buy a product or service.

e.g., When that blabbertisement about the new hardware store begins, I tune to another station.

submitted by Nonesuch

blabler - Someone who talks a lot.

e.g., "Mom, I need to use the phone and Lance won't get off." "I know, he's a blabler."

submitted by Nicky Ubben - (www)

blabuloma - Other people's screaming and ill-behaved children in public places.

e.g., It's usually a nice restaurant, but tonight, blabuloma ruined our dinner.

submitted by Dawna Hunter

blabyrinth - An automated phone answering system requiring the caller to press a seemingly endless series of numbers in order to contact the desired person or department.

e.g., "Please press one for information on your checking account. Press two for your savings account. Press three for your credit card balance. . . ." Helen gritted her teeth as she made her way yet again through the blabyrinth in search of a real live person.

submitted by Passing4human - (www)

blacadian bar - The curved bar on a hockey goal that connects the crossbar to the post.

e.g., The was a snipe off of the Blacadian Bar.

submitted by Kurt

blaccent - The faux-Southern accent that people acquire when imitating rap music or black culture. Usually includes a lot of "yeahs" and poor annunciation of consonants and dipthongs. Characteristic of pop music stars and Dylan Little. (ED. Not necessarily the faux-Southern accent Hillary Clinton feigns when she speaks to black people.)

e.g., "What? You wanna say suh'in? Yeah, that's wha' I thaw'." "I can't understand you. Drop the blaccent."

submitted by BigAssFries

blacceptable - Food that is partially burnt but still edible.

e.g., Well, that burger looks burned, but I think it's blacceptable.

submitted by Bwana Yak

blaccuum - A person or thing with the inexplicable ability to suck the blackness out of any situation.

e.g., Dylan Little (who can be found at is a complete and utter blaccuum in speech and mannerisms.

submitted by BigAssFries

black & white - (Also "b/w"; adj.) 1. Antique, old; 2. Of or pertaining to the long ago. (n.) 3. The "olden days"; 4. (facetiously) The frame story: that is, the introductory part of a movie, before the exciting stuff begins. [From_The Wizard of Oz_---the black-and-white part---and children's perception of movies or television in black and white as paleolithically ancient, unbearably unrealistic, and insufferably dull.]

e.g., "So, Billy, what did you learn at the dinosaur museum?" "That dinosaurs are really, really, black and white." | "Hey, Grampa?: did they have games back in the black-and-white?" "Not screen games, no. We had card games, though---black and red card games. And board games." "With little plastic icons and dices and everything?" "Yep." "How long ago was the black and white?" "Only about 50 years ago---and it wasn't black and white: I sometimes think it was quite a bit more colorful than now." | "The movie's pretty good, but the black and white takes forever."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

black catter - Royal Navy Slang for the bloke who always one-ups any claim or story. E.g., if you have a black cat, his cat is blacker than yours.

e.g., I showed Nigel my new cellphone with camera, and he said he'd had one since 1995 that took full length 3D movies. Nige has always been a black catter

submitted by Robin Browne - (www)

black country singer - A feeling that you're out of place.

e.g., Burt, I'm starting to feel like a Black Country Singer. Let's get outta here.

submitted by Penny Couch

black magic - Body putty consisting of a cream hardener and putty-like mixture. Used in Ohio for vehicle body repair.

e.g., I'm going to use black magic on that rusted section of fender.

submitted by odyssus77

black man's pinch - "A bubble of blackened blood trapped under the skin, as is caused when one traps a web of skin in a mousetrap, hits it with a hammer, or similar. White kids in the 1970s said it." New to this geezer.

e.g., Mom: "Ouch! I've given myself a black man's pinch from the edge of that drop-leaf dining table." 
Ralphie: "That phrase is outdated and pejorative to black people African-Americans. Please don't use it again."  
Mom: "You're right. I'm sorry. What should I say instead?"  
Ralphie: "Subcutaneous haematoma would be both the medically and politically correct term for such a contusion."  
Mom: "Thank you for making me a better human being, Ralphie. By the way, what would be the medically and politically correct term for such a contusion as would be caused by a hefty clip round the ear?"  
Raplhie: "You appear to be condoning an act of physical abuse toward a minor. I'm calling Social Services." 
Mom: "Impudent brat."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

black man's rage - Abbreviated BMR. ?Not a derogatory term; ascribed simply to a person of color in an angered or irritated state.

e.g., That big guy over there has a serious case of BMR. I'm afraid he's going to hurt somebody.

submitted by Juice Maloose

black panters - People of color who are out of breath from physical activity: exercising, dancing, partying, partying, or working hard.

e.g., Do you have any idea why conservatives get all het up about blank panters partying.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

black peter - (n.) Asteroid 2003-SD220. so called because carbon and carbon compounds comprise much of its substance, and it will pass by the Earth at the waving distance of seven million miles on Christmas Eve.  
"Black Peter," of course, is the soot-begrimed chimney sweep who accompanies Santa Claus, and whose job it is (according to Dutch folklore) to fill the stockings of naughty children with coal. Asteroid 2003-SD220, I thought, fits the niche nicely: it's a lump of, well, not coal really, but close enough for folkloric purposes, that will whip past us on Christmas Eve. It doesn't get any closer than that (semantically speaking) for such a label.  
.... Maybe 2003-SD220 is a lump of coal for humanity, because we're all being naughty: callous, brutal, and heartless to one another: unrelentingly merciless and spiteful.  
[Oh, and there seems to be a movement to delete Black Peter from the Sinterklaas mythos in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. Somehow, over the years, Peter has become, not a sooty chimney-sweep, but a "blackamoor" (i.e., African), enslaved by St. Nicholas and made to do all the punishing so as not to trouble the saint with the task. I've never much liked the lump-of-coal threat as a tool for frightening little ones, and I've never understood folklore's anti-African bias that seems to give all the nasty jobs and bad press to Black guys (especially when the original Black Peter was a white guy), so I have no problem with undoing any racial connotations of Black Peter. ... but of course, that's neither here nor there with my new label for 2003-SD220.]

e.g., With a slight shift in trajectory, Black Peter could really mess up Christmas 2015. Think of it: an extinction-level lump of coal right in our nasty stockings.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

black-eye friday - The day after Thanksgiving, thought by many to be the biggest shopping day of the year and official start of the Christmas shopping season. Some shoppers literally come to blows trying to get their hands on the wildly reduced come-on bargains that they may have waited outside all night to get. (ED. The designation "Black Friday" seems to come from someone's observation that many stores are "in the red" prior to the deluge of shoppers the day after Thanksgiving. Businesses turn the corner and get "in the black" that manic shopping day.)

e.g., On black-eye Friday, my brother waited outside his favorite store from 5 a.m. to be the first in line to buy one of the five discounted laptops advertised in the paper. Miraculously, he didn't have to punch anyone out to get it.

submitted by natalie - (www)

black-letter text - Used by writer Ellis Washington in a discourse opposing the notion of a "living Constitution." His use of "black-letter text" reflects his belief that the Founders "never intended for their original words to change meaning." That's why they made the Constitution amendable.

e.g., Used by writer Ellis Washington in a discourse opposing the notion of a "living Constitution." His use of "black-letter text" reflects his belief that the Founders "never intended for their original words to change meaning." That's why they made the Constitution amendable.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

blackberryitis - Inflammatory condition of the fingers when using a blackberrry. The patient develops a inability in using his fingers for normal day tasks.

e.g., Mrs. Jones, you have blackberryitis of the fingers. You will have to stop e-mailing with your blackberry or you will become permanently disabled.

submitted by Dr. Gary Rothfeld - (www)

blackclash - The mismatch in color of two shades of black.

e.g., Aw, man! I can't wear these black socks with these black pants. They blackclash.

submitted by Greg Williamson

blacklist - From the Oxford English Dictionary: "A list of the names of people, groups, etc, who have incurred suspicion, censure, or displeasure, and are typically therefore subject to a ban or other punishment." The word has been banned as racist by Scotland Yard.

e.g., I have every intention of continuing to use the word blacklist -- so I guess that means I'll be on Eric Holder's blacklist.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

blackmale - Alternative spelling of "blackmail" -- suitable for use when a city is being ravaged by riots involving mostly black males.

e.g., "Baltimore has been 'blackmaled."

submitted by Miss Speller

blackstage pass - A state achieved by a select few non-black people wherein they are permitted to "act black," though "black behavior" is in the eye of the beholder.

e.g., Carol keeps slinging those urban colloquialisms with happy abandon. Why, I believe she's finally earned the blackstage pass from her classmates.

submitted by Dot - (www)

bladdabushnik - One who regularly can not make it to the restroom in time to deposit their fluid waste so must make do with a bush or other discrete concealing place or thing.

e.g., On a moment's notice from time to time we must urgently find a place for our good friend Pishnik to relieve his bladder or otherwise suffer the wet and embarrassing consequences of his being a regular bladdabushnik.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bladder queue - 1. A line of sporting balls awaiting pressurization before an event -- especially a football or basketball game. 2. A line of fishing floats denoting a drift net. 3. British slang term for a line of persons waiting for the bathroom.

e.g., 1. Well, John, I see that we've got our full complement of 30 pigskins in the bladder queue. I hope the rain will hold off and we won't need all of them. 2. We watched the bladder queue to make sure the net was where we wanted it. 3. I'm gonna hit the loo, mate, how's the bladder queue?

submitted by Loki - (www)

bladdles - The oars of boats or ships.

e.g., In ancient times the long bladdles of big ships were manned by many rowers below deck.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

blade - N. Backstabber, backstab. Adj. Two-faced. Currently used in Canadian Army.

e.g., I can't believe he did that with your girl. What a blade. He really bladed you.

submitted by parkus

bladness - A horrible and unforgiving condition where a person simultaneously suffers a reduction in follicle count and shrivelling of the bladder. Although each condition on its own is rather debilitating -- the combined symptoms can result in other issues such as fatal unsocial behavior, forgetting important work-related facts, and a breakdown of one's understanding of the usage of the English language. Some notable researchers have also discovered that the condition is not always randomly inflicted but can be incurred through misuse of various high potency medicines. Yes, it is bad, but treatable through TLC. Onset anywhere from age 13 to 95.

e.g., Boof has a severe case of bladness. We all hope he's going to pull through.

submitted by Snoop

bladow - An exclamation used to emphasize a statement made by another.

e.g., Steve: Wow, Merideth looks good in those shorts. Josh: Bladow!

submitted by Adam Pearson

blag - Take, get, buy, etc.

e.g., Go to the grocery store and blag me some Oreos.

submitted by ditnis

blag, blagger - Blag has many meanings. To blag generally is to fabricate, to bluff, to confuse, or to impress someone with not so blatant lies. It can also be meant as something more akin to robbery. Usually meant in a more joking way than out and out deceit.

e.g., John can blagg well enough to get into the VIP lounge at Homeland. I'm so good at blagging I got a test drive in a Ferrari F355 when I was on the dole. Denise got blagged badly, she gave all her money to that fella.

submitted by ShaolinTiger - (www)

blago'd - To be blago'd is to be appointed to a vacant elective position by a politician in hot water -- after Rod Blagojevich, Governor of Illinois, expected to be indicted soon on corruption charges. Once you've been blago'd, your chances of ever again holding political office can be expected to be minimal -- although the only thing you may have done wrong is show poor judgment by accepting such an appointment. If you think the House of Representatives can constitutionally refuse to seat Roland Burris, you may want to familiarize yourself with Powell v. McCormack, 395 U.S. 486 (1969). I'm not willing to venture a guess. In another sense of this new pseudo-word, it could be said that a plethora of Democrats from President-elect Barack Obama on down have also been blago'd.

e.g., Roland Burris must have decided he had absolutely no chance of ever again holding a political office unless he acquiesced to being blago'd. There's no way the Democrat Party bigwigs in Illinois will ever back him again.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

blah blah blah fishcakes - Equivalent to "yadda yadda yadda." Sars (Sarah D. Bunting of "Television Without Pity") got this expression from her best friend, who got it from her sister.

e.g., He apologized for being late for dinner, saying he had to work overtime, go home, let out his dog, water his garden, blah blah blah fishcakes.

submitted by Hirayuki: Sars's friend's sister

blahbye - The noise that comes after the teacher has left the classroom.

e.g., After Mrs. Robin left, my friends and I starting to blahbye.

submitted by Farah

blahriffic - Intrinsically mundane or mediocre, but nevertheless presented as if it is exciting or superior.

e.g., Don's birthday party was simply blahriffic.

submitted by Asian Bastard - (www)

blahzee-blahzee - Used when relating to another person non-essential talk or events that took place at some other time. Most likely derived as a mispronunciation of "blase," but with the spirit of that word kept intact.

e.g., So, I say to him, like, how was your date and what did you do? And he says to me, "Well, you know, we went to bar, had some drinks, blahzee-blahzee, talked about, you know, music, movies, blahzee-blahzee, and she says, like, blahzee-blahzee, and it was a great evening." So I say, "Glad to hear it."

submitted by murrman1 - (www)

blairio - Compliment or insult depending on tone of voice.

e.g., Oh, blairio!

submitted by Vickster - (www)

blam - A verb used to describe sudden, loud, dramatic entry into a party scene, perhaps uninvited, by someone intoxicated.

e.g., We blammed into The Ripcord at 2:30 that morning, hootin' and hollerin'.

submitted by Bryant - (www)

blam sammy - An exeptionally good sandwich or a woman who is particularly attractive to you.

e.g., Sheila was a definitely a blam sammy in her younger days.

submitted by Willy Willin

blame bob englingbeth - A phrase from a little know fable where everyone blames Bob Englingberth..

e.g., We'll just have to blame Bob Englingberth.

submitted by optimum

blamers - Those who will blame anyone or anything other than themselves for responsibility for their lives and the events in it. They will blame their parents, spouses, boyfriends or girlfriends, friends, bosses, etc., instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. The worst form of this is the persuasive blamer, which is someone who is very convincing in blaming others, and often gets people into trouble for things they aren't responsible for. This type of person often plays the role of victim to elicit sympathy from others.

e.g., She's such a blamer she actually blamed him for her lying to him and cheating on him.

submitted by George Edward Purdy

blamestorming - Like "brainstorming", only with malice. Deciding who is going to be assigned the responsibility for a particular disaster, usually without fair basis.

e.g., After the nuclear power plant blew up, the team naturally did some urgent blamestorming and before the day was over, were able to report to the CEO that it was Frank's mistake that caused the meltdown. (Frank was on vacation at the time.)

submitted by Steve

blamethrower - Someone who refuses to accept personal responsibility for anything.

e.g., Did you hear about the blamethrower who sued a burger chain because he was fat?

submitted by Devin Mack

blandiose - A person, place, idea, or thing that exhibits extraordinarily mundane qualities.

e.g., His blandiose plan for the city included free pens for the homeless.

submitted by Andrea Hackett

blandiose - Making a grand display of not caring.

e.g., She was so blandiose about his suicide threat that she yawned and told him to just do it.

submitted by Kevin Fuchs

blandit - A bland bandit.

e.g., Someone who robs a bank in a boring fashion.

submitted by Maggie McFarland

blandsome - Good looking, but you would lose him in a crowd.

e.g., While generally attractive, being a trendvestite, he was utterly blandsome.

submitted by Gayle Hurmuses

blandstand - Perform ostentatiously in order to impress the audience with one's sense of political correctness and sensitivity;

e.g., Some of the discussion was quite entertaining, but it got shouted down by all the fun-sucking blandstanding.

submitted by Tim Stich

blandwich - Bland sandwich, lacking flavor and texture, and which you eat at your desk ... on an uninspiring Tuesday.

e.g., Red: What's for lunch? Ned: I've got a blandwich again. It's Tuesday, isn't it?

submitted by leps

blane - A mixed between boring and plane.

e.g., This game is blane.

submitted by Annie onimous

blang - An inferior grade of bling-bling. Also blang-blang.

e.g., I didn't have much money so I bought some blang from the pawn shop.

submitted by Nicholas Green

blankeneer - A person who owns a lot of blankets.

e.g., I saw a blankeneer.

submitted by Collin 7th English - (www)

blanket show - Going to bed, bedtime.

e.g., I'm tired, I'm going to watch the Blanket show

submitted by Allain Edwards - (www)

blankium - (n.) the hypothetical element of which pain is made, making it impossible to think about anything else or to compare it to earlier pain. (according to Emily Dickinson's poem: "pain has an element of blank / It cannot recollect / When it began / or if there were / A day when it was not. / It has no future but itself / Its infinite realms contain / Its past, enlightened to perceive / New periods of pain.")

e.g., "aaah! This is unbearable." "Don't worry, when it's over, you won't even remember it clearly---blankium, remember?" "You are not helping."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

blankley - A blanket.

e.g., I want my blankley.

submitted by Bama

blarfy - That state of feeling that is worse than just nauseated but not quite throwing up. Bleugh + barfy = blarfy.

e.g., I feel really blarfy today.

submitted by Kris - (www)

blarg - Used to express anger, irritation, contempt, or disappointment.

e.g., Blarg! This stupid computer is s...l...o...w.

submitted by lauryn - (www)

blargh - Just "argh" with "bl" in front of it.

e.g., Blargh. I can't believe I know the lyrics to this NSYNC song.

submitted by pinder - (www)

blarglefragle - Alternately spelled blarglefraggle, it's generally a nonce word, but it can also mean a flubbed situation or goofed up performance. It can also be used as a replacement for vulgarities.

e.g., That meeting was a total blarglefragle; I was so messed up. | Oh . . . Blarglefraggle! I can't believe you fed the puppy my expensive steak!

submitted by Celine Stanaway

blargo! - Word used to fill an uneasy void in a conversation. A quick escape route from a conversation.

e.g., Ben: Isn't she good looking? I'd like to date her. Ted: That's my mum. Ben: Er ... um ... BLARGO!

submitted by Chi Chi Rodriguez

blarmee - Darn or dangit.

e.g., Blarmee, I forgot my keys.

submitted by Carrie

blarp - An action committed following a burp in order to avoid getting slapped in the head.

e.g., Upon hearing the loudest belch of the night, David gave Gary five seconds to blarp before lunging for him.

submitted by David Garvin

blarticle - Noun. From "Blog" and "Article"... an insightful blog entry or blog article.

e.g., After checking out the speaker's blog, I found that he had posted a number of interesting and informative blarticles on a wide variety of topics.

submitted by Dave Violette - (www)

blasian - Of Asian and black descent.

e.g., Tiger Woods is the top blasian golfer in the world.

submitted by Beej - (www)

blaspafalibility - The ability to fail terribly or be beaten by an opponent.

e.g., James was not invincible against the ninja. He had blaspafalibility.

submitted by Fitch - (www)

blasphemery - Like blasphemy, only much much worse.

e.g., That's not only sacrilegious, it's blasphemery.

submitted by matt

blasphology - 1. Short statement, quote, or phrase that twists around an established idea. 2. Reverse logic, illogical for the sake of humor.

e.g., Blasphology 1025 -- It may be fun to read blasphologies, but the information learned won't help advance your evil schemes to achieve world conquest.

submitted by Andy Alkaline - (www)

blass femmy - The act of sleazy garment manufacturers "dissing" Bill Blass and other gods of High Couture by making cheap, "knock off" copies of designer ladies clothing.

e.g., Fashion Passion: Did you hear that Gordon, the ex-bible salesman turned clothing manufacturer, is using old church robes and vestments to make replicas of Donna Karan's sexy two part pants suits? Irate Bald Pate: Disgusting! It's pure blass femmy!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

blasted - To get in serious trouble.

e.g., I'm gonna be late for work again this week; I'm gonna get blasted!

submitted by gena - (www)

blastissimo - It means playing too loudly on an instrument.

e.g., Let's not play blastissimo, boys and girls.

submitted by Holly

blastov - A Russian rocket launch.

e.g., The successful blastov called for vodka all around.

submitted by Nancy Israel

blastpheme - Explosive epistemological expletive.

e.g., "Jesushf-gCHRIST!" "Don't blastpheme, Steve."

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

blat - Damn. Used to express dissatisfaction. Not to be confused with the Russian term.

e.g., Whadda ya mean you scratched my car? Blat!

submitted by Itay C.

blather - An organ in the throat that holds words drained of meaning and excretes them through the verbal passage.

e.g., Stanley's admonishment, "Hold your blather" brought Cedric's gibberish to a halt in mid-stream.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

blatherati - What are sometimes called journalists and pundits.

e.g., "You, Mr. Luce, and the rest of the Washington batherati must be so pleased."

submitted by blatherati

blathermaster - (n.) 1. Any one of those gifted with the enviable ability to mix nonsense words into their regular speech such that it sounds almost as though the listeners are ignorant rather than the speaker being unintelligible; 2. Any professional with whose jargon the listener (or reader, I suppose) is unfamiliar; 3. The writer(s) of contracts, statutes, medical reference books, and most instruction manuals.

e.g., "Can you read the glyphs, Professor?" "Let me see ... pawer khom pany, 'light of' Tut Hotep Patra "Pharaoh's (um) wife (uh) sedjemenef 'comes forth in glory' daranti ha chachacha shanaz 'golden age of com ... (uh) the common man' um ... this next part's a bit odd ... aryu Bast beran tu aas 'conqueror of your outposts' ... something ... tri set ujes: mo, khururi jo, shemep, rarri 'the gods of laughter' ... the rest, I'm afraid is illegible." "You can't read Egyptian to save your soul, can you?" "Nope. Not a clue." "Hey, points for your blathermastery, though." ||

Here are the words of a true blathermaster: "Leads meat cardinal fifteen no interest them didn't poster demand he change corey home non here Frank, return with to over the world didn't actually you directorate and that stupid wild billall. Of ninety chain obliged dishes dissent season Italy dissent Jerry dot dead space your midterm election crass credential pig-o-vitz solutions, brought up by helmets by down the ex-girlfriends and ruddy congress mainline really holly plunge-keeping distance above argue the with."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

blathersplat - (n) Nonsense. (v) To blather on speaking nonsense.

e.g., "Have not have watched _Face the Nation_ in over ten years. It's pure unadulterated self-serving liberal blathersplat. It became less and less interesting or newsworthy. Schieffer is still alive? Talk about over the hill." | "Gorski blathersplats on: 'He goes on to complain about how skeptics have 'completely hijacked' Burzynski’s Wikipedia page and how he really really wanted to 'call them out, but for 'legal reasons' and 'running time' [did not]. ... He just absolutely does not understand the meaning of cherry-picking.”

submitted by [PasoFinoCA]

blatty - Someone with a low centre of gravity, i.e., shaped like a human egg.

e.g., The older I get, the blattier I get.

submitted by Rory

blatulent - For the sounds made by French horns, instruments which are never in tune, and speak with uncontrollable intensity and volume. Inspired by the blatty initial sound made as horn players play a note and try to correct the hideous resulting sound while it is sustained.

e.g., Blatulent horns ruined the concert again.

submitted by Will

blatzted - To get drunk on cheap beer, especially Blatz brand.

e.g., We went fishing up near Sheboygan and just got blatzted in the boat.

submitted by BrianMcNeal

blawg - A weblog written by one or more persons in the legal field.

e.g., If you're getting bored at law school, start writing a blawg.

submitted by Denise Howell - (www)

blaze - To leave in a hurry.

e.g., I gotta blaze. C ya.

submitted by Michelle

blazed - High on drugs, stoned.

e.g., Eye test  
aLrighty, so at this moment i am blazed out of my mind.
i am sitting at my house finally feeling the happiest i have felt in a very very long time.
this is probably at the moment the highest moment in my life.
see i have had a lot of weed which i guess after two months of being high like twice a day i guess i was feeling like i wanted to be really high.
but my friend erica, who happened to have an eigth of shrooms that she didnt want anymore so she said i could have them;.
so not only have i smoked like 7 or 8 bowls of insane weed i have also eaten an eigth of shrooms.
i ma very high nad off my rocker so i am sorry in advance for all of my misspeelings and complete ramling episodes.
see all of a sudden my life has been like three times better.
i have sent in my applications to the two schools i wanted and am almost garunteed entry.
sorry i walked away from my comp and almost got lost.
but i found my way back.
i think i need to go smoke more weed since its really early and im need to get more blazed.
so i am going to try and talk in this more to everyone reading this though they are far and in between.
if isaid that right im not sure. so later for now.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bleacher seat - The flat, numb feeling you get when you sit on bleachers or something with contours too long.

e.g., Finally, the assembly is over. I was crammed tight near people I didn't like and I had bleacher seat halfway into the show.

submitted by Ian Faynik

bleaconing - I have a dictionary, too, but the definitions are spelled out in poetry after the word is defined -- sort of a way to spell out and describe the word in ryhme. "Bleaconing" is a word I was told came from this site ... meaning people whose vocabularies are bleak and in need of augmentation and are beaconing for help. The book is entitled The Bleaconing. It is filled with words from various sources which I've described in ryhme.

e.g., His vocabulary was wanting for a great deal of character, expression. and devoid of personality. There was a bleaconing to it.

submitted by Judy Ruggles - (www)

bleargh, blearghn - A further permutation of "blah" and "blargh," but pronounced as blE'ar (gluttal hiss), the "gh" serving as a modifier on the "ear" and as a sort of hiss sound, sort of like the "ch" in the properly pronounced "Bach." To enunciate this sound, try to imitate a cat hissing but without making the traditional "sss" sound. Generally speaking, "bleargh" serves as a two-syllable "arg(h)."

e.g., "Bleargh," he exclaimed, upon learning that the people around him weren't geeks, and thus didn't understand his joke about rm -rf recursing upwards.

submitted by apeiron

blearghy - Of a condition often caused by drinking during a celebratory evening. One awakens with a somewhat throbbing head, eyes watering, a slight lump in the throat, a mildly sour stomach, and, sometimes, a non-gravity caused heaviness, with trembling in the outer extremities. The word also relates to symptoms from an onset of a flu-like illness, or, less severely, a malaise due to a period of personal fatigue or depression. Think having the blahs.

e.g., From Alphabets Blog: "Have not been able to view Alphabets for weeks now. Not because the internet connection isn't working or anything like that -- it's just that I have been feeling blearghy and in need for a change. Was almost tempted to delete everything and start anew but then thought better of it ... after all, those early alphabet days were really fun."

submitted by Machiavellean & Lesko - (www)

bleating heart - An intensely visceral yearning or hankering for. The expression is a portmanteau of "bleeding heart" (of bleeding heart dove) and bleating (pleading sound of an ewe). Works especially well in conjunction with "I love ewe." "Bleating" may also be used on its own in verbal form.

e.g., Don't toy with my bleating heart. I will bleat for her all my life. Variant abstract nominal form: I'm bleat.

submitted by needfortweed

bleckh - How you feel when there is nothing really wrong with you that a doctor would be able to identify-- but still an awful, yucky feeling in the pit of your stomach.

e.g., I don't think I really need to go to the hospital or anything. I just feel bleckh.

submitted by Jesica

bled ucation - Knowledge gained the very, very hard way.

e.g., Book learning can enter in and go out of your mind real quickly. But a bled ucation endured in real life will stay with you forever.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

bleeble - "when someone who really should not hear you swear, does. Such as your grandparents, boss or a teacher"

e.g., Ed was severly punished for his bleeble.

submitted by ryan

bleeding - 1980s USAF slang. Being so tired on a night shift, you feel like you are bleeding to death.

e.g., Last night I drank fourteen cups of coffee and was still bleeding.

submitted by mark

bleeding edge - Newer than new; far ahead of the "cutting edge."

e.g., This guy is always on the bleeding edge of technology.

submitted by Wayne

bleepilepsy - From Douglas Coupland's MicroSerfs: the twitching reaction of a group of people disturbed by the sound of a pager or mobile phone going off. Usually results in frenzied hunting through handbags, pockets, rucksacks, etc. (Cf. "beepilepsy" for fun and "epiliptic fits" for information.) Especially frenzied when a phone goes off in a theatre.

e.g., The meeting collapsed into chaos as Fred's mobile went off. Everyone went into bleepilepsy until they realized they had better taste than to use the Nokia standard ringtone.

submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

bleeve - The onomatopoeia of a metal ball (or bell) hitting a metal wall and falling onto a metal floor.

e.g., I once had a dream that I had a house in Florida, and I was walking through the living room. I pulled my bell out of my pocket and threw it. I heard it "ting" against the wall, bounce off, and "bleeve" as it went falling to the floor.

submitted by Star651

bleg - When you gain wheight or you just don't have a butt. From hip to toe you have a bleg. Thanks for the word Carry. :)

e.g., These pants will never fit right because of my bleg.

submitted by Erica Dollinger

blegh - 1. Unsatisfactory, mediocre 2. Used for indifference, or unwillingness

e.g., 1. "How was the gig?" Bob asked. "Blegh" 2. "Why don't we go to the mall?" John asked. "Blegh," I responded.

submitted by Ray

bleme - A meme for a blog.  
Through understanding of the terms meme and blog, the term bleme becomes a simple natural progression.  
A meme is defined as "any unit of cultural information which one mind transmits ... to another mind. Such examples can include thoughts, concepts, ideas, theories, opinions, beliefs, practices, habits, songs, dances, and moods." (Wikipedia, 2006)  
A blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a journal or newsletter frequently updated and intended for general public circulation. Blogs tend to represent the personality of the author.  
Tags: bleme, meme, viral, ideas, weblog, website, journal, newsletter, fusion, Iinternet, blog, thoughts, concepts, theories, opinions, beliefs, practices, habits, songs, dances, moods, personality, transmission, creativity  
A bleme has come to represent the fusion of the two -- i.e., a meme transmitted via the internet, websites, or blogs in some sort of viral fashion.  

e.g., If my nemesis had any information content present in his brain, he might be able to communicate it via bleme. However, he will receive no assistance from the pd in such a venture.

submitted by Ryan Frederick

blend - To change lanes without using your turn signals to alert other drivers on the road.

e.g., I was nearly in an accident this afternoon when some guy blended into the lane right in front of me.

submitted by Kristina - (www)

blendation - Blending.

e.g., Chameleons have great blendation.

submitted by Mitchell

blendsetting - Descriptive of those whose primary mission in life is to mingle in a crowd, melt into the woodwork, or blend into a cake comfortably but can't quite accomplish this feat since they're not transparent or tasty enough to fool anyone.

e.g., Mundiggler von Aderkrass, a retired thumbtack and grommet sales rep from Ma-Ma-M-O Beach, Alberta, realized that he had made a terrible mistake in signing up for a Thursday afternoon course (at the University of Something or Other), entitled "The Deep Dark Secrets of Ancient Egypt's Goddess of Turquoiseâ" and if truth be told, he really didn't give a tinker's damn about the windswept plateaus in the Sinai Desert, a Proto-Sinaitic language that has so far defied translation, or a tawdry lot of twelfth dynasty dudes wandering about in the sand looking for clues as to what to prepare for dinner after a hard day of digging in the turquoise mines of Serabit el-Khadimâ -- all of which meant that he should have trusted his gut instinct and enrolled in, "Blendsetting for Beginners" -- the easy way to pick fluff off Velcro and other synthetic fibres.

submitted by Quipping Queen - (www)

blerns - Not wholly ineffective, but a phony or stupid method of doing something.

e.g., Using a butterknife to cut down that tree is the blerns way--us an axe.

submitted by Peter Bonzani Jr.

blerp - Sound effect.

e.g., I think this coffee maker is broken; it just went "blerp" at me.

submitted by tyler kellen - (www)

blessential - Necessary to religious rituals.

e.g., She preferred to be married in the judge’s chambers without all the blessential rigamarole.

submitted by Nonesuch

blessuv - The armored vehicle the Pope rides in.

e.g., The pontifical caravan rounded the bend and the Pope could be seen waving to the crowd from behind the bulletproof glass of his BlessUV.

submitted by Rick Cloud

bletcherous - Odious; awful. Alternate: blecherous.

e.g., Hold your nose before looking at this code; it's bletcherous.

submitted by Gilbert

blevins - A total fool. Or an embezzler or an incompetent who screws up every job she does or a forger who steals $500k from her aunt.

e.g., Don't blevins me, you thieving, lying poltroon.

submitted by Barnegat Blummis

blew a wheel - Fell or slipped.

e.g., Did you see him? He almost blew a wheel.

submitted by Pam Blair

bley - N. 1. plastic bricks in a shade of grey approximating the shade of grey appearing for years in Lego sets, but with enough additional blue tones to made pieces produced in the new color stand out in contrast to the standard light grey bricks. A source of great consternation to builders of Lego buildings. 2. The color of said bricks

e.g., I was trying to rebuild my castle using new Lego bricks, but the bley stood out like a sore thumb.

submitted by Mark Near

bliar - Beautiful liar.

e.g., People will believe a bliar over a man; bliars have found they can do about anything they want.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

blibula - A blibula is a place on a dog where if you scratch him, it will make him scratch himself.

e.g., I marvel at the way no dog can resist scratching itself when someone scratches its blibula.

submitted by Dave M.

blicker - Over the edge, beyond expectations, more than great, exiting to the extreme.

e.g., Jan's speech was off the blicker.

submitted by susan - (www)

blickety - Gross or Messed-up. Usually used to describe someone's appearance.

e.g., She looked to blickety to go out in public, so she decided to stay in.

submitted by Kristen

bliggety - Blah, mundane, boring.

e.g., She is very bliggety This website is very bliggety This job is VERY bliggety

submitted by Mike Barnes

blimp - Grossly oversized person, but actually a type of airship. "Blimp" is actually WWI parlance for a non-rigid airship, unlike a Zeppelin, which had frames. Type B, Limp (really!).

e.g., That blimp is a real gasbag.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

blimple - A zit the size of the Goodyear Blimp.


Sean says that he's wearing that ascot tonight to add real class to the party. But all of us guys guess that he has it on to hide the mother of all blimples.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

blind pig - A reference to an illegal drinking establishment, let's have it take on the extended meaning of any contrivance used to evade the law. The term speakeasy is also used for illegal drinking establishments, but is associated with a "higher class" establishment. Blind pigs were dives.

e.g., Whatever you may think, the pseudodictionary is in no way used as a blind pig to get around paying taxes. Should we ever formalize its existence as anything other than a pastime for its owners, what we do will be completely legal. We don't need any grief from revenooers.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

blind spot squat - When drivers on a multi-lane road stay in your blind spot, they are doing the blind spot squat. When you speed up, they speed up. When you slow down, so do they.

e.g., When I tried to change lanes on the freeway, I almost hit a blind spot squatter. I never saw him before I heard the horn. He must have been sitting there for miles.

submitted by Mallard

blind wheels - The shoes you wear when going out to get wasted. They will somehow get you home when you're blind drunk.

e.g., Q. You were wasted last night. How did you get home? A. On my blind wheels, mate, on my blind wheels. | Andy: The taxi's here, mate. Randy: OK, let me just fetch my blind wheels.

submitted by Invisible Gaz

blindman's holiday - Inexplicably eerie UK rural slang for twilight.

e.g., Get them sheep in, lad. Blindman's Holiday'll soon be'pon us.

submitted by Adam Leslie

blindthrust - Absent-mindedly placing an object down or handing it to someone who isn't aware of your intent.

e.g., While preoccupied in conversation at a party, the woman blindthrusted her empty glass to a server who was no longer standing near her.

submitted by Maggie Dawson - (www)

bline - (v.) To deprive somebody of sight. [From a child's attempted etymology of blind---I guess he figured "blined" was a participle of "bline."]

e.g., In King Lear, the Duke of Cornwall blined the old Duke of Gloucester.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bling - Money. From the sound of a cash register opening.

e.g., Q: You gonna buy those shoes today? A: Can't, got no bling.

submitted by Byron

bling bling - Super fly ultra dumb fresh. | Gangsta jewelry. | "The newest" or "the latest." |Similar to "kaching-kaching," it is used for something or someone that has, or is worth, a lot of money, or simply is just used as a substitute for the word "money." Especially effective when used for items which are shiny and exude their value visually -- such as jewelry, or anything coated in shiny stones or metals: 24-karat gold gangster teeth or chrome wheels. Believed by some to come from the comma-comma found in $1,000,000.

e.g., Just went to and it was bling bling. | I'm all thugged up. Check out my bling bling. | Your watch is bling-bling. I wish I had one like it. | a. Women these days prefer guys with a little bling-bling in their pockets. b. You guys mind if I stop by the ATM for some bling-bling? c Man, that gangster had some serious bling-bling around his neck.

submitted by enue | EZ | Zak | dixie - (www)

blinger - More bling than bling.

e.g., My new is going to be much blinger than anything else I have.

submitted by Brett Looney - (www)

blingin' - To be excelling at the highest level. Popularized by Los Angeles Lakers center Shaquille O'Neal. The "bling" root refers to the glint of light reflecting off his NBA championship ring.

e.g., Shaq's really blingin' in the lane tonight.

submitted by J.J.J. Schmidt

blinglish - A material possession, usually jewelry or a car which was staid, reserved, or austere in appearance prior to modification. | Started with a capital letter: Blinglish -- the language used to describe flash jewelry.

e.g., Chris's Bentley was great until he added the spinner hubcaps and neon lights. Now it's blinglish. A pimp wouldn't be seen driving it. | Sorry, I have no idea what you're saying. You might as well be speaking Martian. I simply don't understand Blinglish at all.

submitted by wax aka thumbwax

blingo - A person commonly wearing an excess of jewelry, or bling-bling.

e.g., That blingo is wearing so many silver chains that her weight is affecting her posture.

submitted by Ryan

blingo - A game of car-spotting. Each player gets a card with five rows and columns of random oft-blinged-out car-makes. The players then head to a trendy strip, watch cars go by, and mark their card whenever one matches their card. First to mark off a full row or column yells "Blingo", and ducks for cover.

e.g., Jez and Mikey D were hangin' out front of Burger King, when Jez recommended they have a game of Blingo to determine who buys the next cheeseburger and Diet Coke.

submitted by ashsimmonds

blink - To do something so effortlessly that it seems to be magic or miraculous. (Barbara Eden, I Dream of Jeannie.)

e.g., Tony: Where'd that ice cream come from? Jeannie: I blinked it.

submitted by andrew sears

blinker cluelessness - Forgetting to turn off your turn signal after making a turn, thus annoying drivers behind you for several miles -- because of the chain reaction and having to slow down so they don't rear-end the car ahead. Can be a result of bumping the turn signal while reaching for something on the dashboard.

e.g., Dad, you've got blinker cluelessness ... again.

submitted by Kimberly

blinker fluid - The apparent fluid that is missing when certain people take to the wheel..

e.g., Yeah, nice turn signal, buddy! Ya outta blinkah fluid?

submitted by Jennifer

blinket - The sheet of lint that is peeled off the lint trap of a drier.

e.g., Look how thick the blinket was from washing those new towels.

submitted by Kent P

blinkey - A frightening person; often a child molester.

e.g., I think Mr. Blinkey might be looking in the window.

submitted by mark s

blinkies - Little blinking lights on a piece of technical equipment to make it look cooler. Seen in Star Trek The Next Generation scripts for the prop guys (Picard walks in, and picks up a piece of ___.)

e.g., There are so many blinkies on my new in-dash Pioneer CD player, it looks like a Christmas tree.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

blinky - Of questionable freshness or ediblity.

e.g., Suzie: "Let's make some lattes?" Bobby: "I dunno, the milk's a bit blinky. Sniff-test it first."

submitted by Christiane

blinner - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner All eaten at once.

e.g., Would you care to join me for blinner tomorrow around 2:45?

submitted by Esther

blip - (n.) A short scene or scenes, during or after a movie’s closing credits, as a reward for or bribe to induce your staying to view all the credits. (Also known as an encazzo, q.v.)

e.g., “So, is there a blip? or do we just leave?”

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

blippin' - Awesome or cool.

e.g., The party was blippin'. I wish I had been invited. My folks wouldn't let me out to crash it.

submitted by Amber

blision - Blurred vision.

e.g., When Chaz got up a little too fast, he stumbled and claimed he had blision.

submitted by Felix Morvin

bliss tro - A restaurant or eatery with divine cuisine and ambience.

e.g., We have a difficult week ahead, with many new projects and old deadlines. But Saturday night will be our reward. We have dinner reservations out of town at our favorite bliss tro!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

blisses - "only in combination with flugs (see flugs) blisses is blowing kisses, for when in hurry or far away"

e.g., flugs and blisses all the way to you!

submitted by jema - (www)

blivet - Ten pounds of crap in a 5-pound bag. Australian military slang. Useless, unnecessary, annoying. A distasteful job.

e.g., That jerk of a boss just dumped another blivet on me.

submitted by Cujo - (www)

blivet - A person on a golf course who is discourteous.

e.g., The blivet playing behind us kept driving his ball into our group.

submitted by t murray - (www)

blivit - A piece that doesn't seem to belong, a chunk of something unknown on almost anything. (,

e.g., As we were trimming the chicken, we removed the blivits.

submitted by mr moose - (www)

blivit - 1. Someone who is just as tall lying down (back to belly) as she is standing up (head to toe). 2. Someone whose size makes it faster to go over her than around her.

e.g., "Did you see that blivit walking through the mall?" "Yeah, he couldn't fit through the door at Belk's."

submitted by Dana

blix - To equivocate such as Hans Blix; to waver; to avoid providing an answer, decision or direction through lengthy speech and useless or irrelevant facts.

e.g., Instead of providing us with a course of action, he chose to blix the group, leading to further indecision. I was blixed.

submitted by Chris McCollum

blixblan - The result of an awkward situation becoming more awkward.

e.g., When I found my girlfriend sleeping with my ex it was awkward; however, when I saw my father with both of them it was off-the-charts: blixblan.

submitted by Giles - (www)

blizard - A large lizard.

e.g., Even though he breathed fire, Godzilla was a blizard.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

blizerious - Ooutrageous snowstorm conditions.

e.g., It's really blizerious out there.

submitted by Paul F.

blizonk - Shock or alarm.

e.g., You ate the whole pizza? Blizonk.

submitted by kevin enas

blizz - A cold treat: Blizzard, Smoothie, ice cream, popsicle, etc. The feeling one gets when indulging: bliss.

e.g., I'm beat. Let's go have a blizz.

submitted by sheila

blizz - Good, to accomplish.

e.g., Last night was blizz -- music was ace. | "How was Spain?" "Blizz mate, blizz."

submitted by Paul

blizzarding - To snow heavily.

e.g., It's blizzarding so much I can't even see the other side of the street.

submitted by Heather

blizzie - Another word for blizzard.

e.g., Sure enough, it's a blizzie out there. No way will we have school tomorrow.

submitted by Amber

blizznark - Cigarette.

e.g., Let's go outside and have a blizznark.

submitted by andrew rowe - (www)

bloatation device - It's like a floatation device, but it's your bloated belly.

e.g., Too much white bread turned my belly into a bloatation device.

submitted by naomi wanliss

bloatware - The description comes from the buzzwords section of the Online Dictionary of Playground Slang (linked). The 360 kilobyte floppy disk mentioned may sound like a small amount of memory, but it would have been more than enough to house programs controlling a dozen or more petrochemical plants in my day. Microsoft came along at least 30 years after the early days of computing; the floppy disk came into really common use less than 30 years ago.

"In the early days of computing, every byte a computer used had to be earned. Companies like Microsoft were able to produce entire operating systems on a single 360 KB floppy disk. Then came Windows. Then came Visual Basic. Then came bloatware which is a software programme with more bells and whistles, buttons and bows in the terms of capabilities than you can shake a stick at.

The downside is that even with faster chips, bigger Hard Disks, and larger allocations of RAM, these monster programs run no faster than their predecessors."

e.g., If it weren't for bloatware, we'd still be in the dark ages of application programming.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bloblotomy - (pron. bluh-Blod-a-mee) Somewhat more thorough than a mere lobotomy . . . but not to worry, with modern science and medicine we can grow you a brand new brain . . . and even improve your personality.

e.g., Instead of spending all that time and money on psychiatric intervention, I think we'll go with bloblotomies for all the children. I hear that they're running a special, "buy one get one free," in PsiCozia City this spring.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

blobstacle - The huge person invariably sitting in the aisle seat of your row at the theater, stadium, arena, etc., who blocks passage to and from all other seats in the row.

e.g., I wanted to go to the concession stand for popcorn, but it wasn't worth the effort to navigate the blobstacle.

submitted by Lou Cowen

block - Bloc: "a group of persons, businesses, etc., united for a particular purpose." Hosting a site such as this, there's no point in wasting my time putting people down for not understanding the differences in meaning of words that sound alike. Better I waste my time making them mean the same.  
The way English works, I'm betting that it won't be too long before the spelling block for bloc becomes more common for meaning "a group of persons, businesses, etc., united for a particular purpose." I'm sure I see block for that much more often than I see bloc.

e.g., "Winning the support of a sizable block of white voters while holding onto a black base is a difficult political balancing act." If a "Caucasian" wrote the converse, would she be called a racist? I'm guessing she would. You can't get away with being a racist these days if you're "white." . . . Later in the day, from some movie, "I'm not white. I can't be racist." | The term was invented by liberals to put all Spanish-speaking peoples into one voting block. | That’s because the left and media (same thing) don’t want them to think of themselves as Americans. They fit into neat little democrat voting blocks the more separated they are from the mainstream. They are easier to control and coddle this way. | Democrats prefer to lump them together as Hispanic or Latino in the hopes of keeping them in a voting block. | "If yesterday's CBS News account of Chief Justice John Roberts switching his vote and ultimately siding with the Supreme Court's liberal voting block in order to uphold the law is correct, then the next question is why, exactly, Roberts switched his vote."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

blockamore - A person who only looks good from a block or more -- cf. "butterface."

e.g., Chuck wanted to score at the party, but it was full of blockamores.

submitted by Deacon

blockbusting - "Blockbusting was a business practice of U.S. real estate agents and building developers meant to encourage white property owners to sell their houses at a loss, by implying that racial minorities were moving into their previously racially segregated neighborhood, thus depressing real estate property values. Blockbusting became possible after the legislative and judicial dismantling of legally protected racially segregated real estate practices after World War II, but by the 1980s it largely disappeared as a business practice after changes in law and the real estate market."

e.g., "With blockbusting, real estate companies legally profited from the arbitrage (the difference between the discounted price paid to frightened white sellers and the artificially high price paid by black buyers), and from the commissions resulting from increased real estate sales, and from their higher than market financing of said house sales to black Americans."

submitted by HD

blockheads - Fans of the writer Lawrence Block. From someone's reference to the author.

e.g., I have to admit that I'm a blockhead. Prolific and terrific.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

blodgidonka - A silly, ignorant or irresponsibly behaved person.

e.g., Why did you do that, you ... you ... you blodgidonka!

submitted by Matthew James - (www)

bloetry - Poetry written for the sole purpose of a school assignment; shallow, meaningless, and two-dimensional poetry.

e.g., "Lauryn, lemme read your poem for Creative Writing." "Don't bother -- it's bloetry."

submitted by lauryn

bloflomess - The horrible mess of wet broken up trees and buildings left by a hurricane after all the blowing and flooding is over.

e.g., The bloflomess from Ivan left us out of touch for a while.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler - (www)

blog - A journal that's kept on the internet, most likely for public viewing. Can also be called a "web journal." From the term "weblog" or "blogger." It originated from the popular application called "Blogger" that allows people to easily and freely update their blogs without having to hard-code the sites.

e.g., I haven't updated my blog today; my thousands of reif $senderaddress else aders will be upset.

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

blog tree - For a blog posted to or read by people on (in, part of) an e-mail tree. As is the case with an e-mail tree, most of the people in a blog tree don't know each other. But they know someone who knows someone who knows someone. . . . That may be all they have in common.  
Sometimes, a blog tree is characterized by an underlying theme, a common interest that most of the people in the blog tree have. Most, but not all. Rather than forward e-mails, they post anonymously to and read blogs they all know about.

e.g., Did you see where that doofus twerp who wakes up in the middle of the night all stuffed up and unable to sleep has started two blog trees? Self-indulgent bitch is a pain in the ass -- but no one's holding a gun to my head and forcing me to listen to what she has to say. Do you have the secret words for t.w.earp.«secret-word» that let you post to and No wonder she uses this e-mail address rather than a permanent one. All set to check out at a moment's notice -- and leave no forwarding address. Do you suppose she'll really send me the «secret-word»s if I visit her blogs and click on the mailto gizmo in the footer? And then let me post? I think I'll give it a try. What do I have to lose -- my parking privileges? |  
Hard-core bacn addicts and e-mail forwarders manage to get themselves put on notification lists (either RSS feeds or something similar) so they can get their e-mail fixes. The ones next to the root of a blog tree get notified directly with robotic e-mails from blogs. They're like the first tier of a chain letter or Ponzi scheme: They get theirs before anyone else does. That's the beauty of multi-level marketing companies like Amway. Did you know that one of its founders owns the Orlando Magic? Wonder if he pals around with the big boys? Nah, he's probably too old for that. Damned rich, though. |  
Hey, I could start an internet rumor about how the Amway dude treats his players like his personal slaves. I could use a blog tree or an e-mail tree to spread it. That'd be fun, wouldn't it. Or I could just go to Wikipedia and screw with the entry there. Ain't the intertubes great? |  
Reading some blogs can be like taking a trip on a bus, plane, or train and listening to some old geezerette sitting next to you baring her soul and telling you her life story. Let her have her fun. You don't have to listen politely. You don't have to visit her blog -- or the blog tree sites she tells you about in her e-mails. Come to think of it, why don't you just discard or file away her e-mails without opening them? Then, when she dies and you're feeling guilty, you can go back for a looksee. . . . See. You were right to ignore them in the first place. If it's not lies, rumors, and "uplifting" tripe in forwarded e-mails, it's original lies, rumors, and tripe in blogs. Geez, why don't these old farts stick to bingo? Or games on the internet? Boe-ring.

submitted by [Vinnie B.] - (www)

blogache - The feeling a blogger gets when she's blogged too much and needs a rest, but still feels the urge to update her weblog.

e.g., I've spent so much time blogging over the past few weeks that I've now got blogache, but I still feel like I need to update my site.

submitted by Martin Conaghan - (www)

blogary - Contraction: "weblog" + "diary." Some weblog (blog) owners assume they have to choose between a personal "diary"and the more general "blog." Most people want to do both, hence "blogary."

e.g., In my blogary I can make personal notes and log websites, too.

submitted by Ivar Zantinge - (www)

blogcation - Combination of blog + vacation.

e.g., Since I'm doing an on-the-road piece for my newspaper column anyway, I've decided to take the family and turn it into a paid blogcation.

submitted by Anne Mathewson - (www)

blogcrime - A blog entry or posting that is offensive due to a lack of taste, self-respect, common sense or intelligence.

e.g., Albert posted more pictures of his ex-wife passed out on the couch. That's a blogcrime.

submitted by Dangerpest - (www)

blogeolet - (1) A small wind instrument with an unexpectedly beefy sound used to announce the presence of a new blog. (2) Any offline material used to draw attention to an undervisited blog. Business cards, stickers, pens, bribes, etc.

e.g., I have no subscribers, despite tooting my blogeolet. I had a whole batch of blogeolets printed but I haven't the nerve to stick 'em anywhere.

submitted by Other Paul - (www)

blogflogging - Shamelessly promoting one's own personal website or blog.

e.g., Talk about blogflogging. Did you see that Bill's added his personal URL to the company's front page?

submitted by chris lawson - (www)

blogfodder - Any discovery or idea that makes for good content in a weblog entry.

e.g., The Onion makes for good blogfodder.

submitted by jim mckenna - (www)

blogger - A lumberjack who can't make it to the A-list.

e.g., The poor Blogger dropped a tree on the judge's pickup during his Master Lumberjack exam and was put back on the B-list. (The judge was, of course, an Alogger.)

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

bloggerati - The glitterati of the blogging world. See also "a-list."

e.g., I can't believe Kottke left a comment on one of my blog posts -- he's the bloggerati king. | Her favorites list is just studded with bloggerati; it's so painfully wannabe.

submitted by amanda - (www)

bloggerific - From the "blog," indicating a great, fantastic or terrific blog.

e.g., Click on the link and see if you don't agree with me that the content is bloggerific.

submitted by Ray Lewis - (www)

blogginaucinihilipilification - The estimation of a blog as valueless, without interest or merit, a waste of bandwidth.

e.g., Blogging on the domain may be an ironic retaliation to an accusation by a blogginaucinihilipilificationist. Were it to deliver sufficiently interesting content, it might be considered an act of counterblogginaucinihilipilificationism.

submitted by Other Paul

blogher - Female blogger. Example from the linked site. (Now dead.)

e.g., "Here are some bloghers I had the privilege to spend some time with and get to know a bit."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bloghog day - The apparent illusion of having already linked to an item, or written about it into your weblog, when in fact you are actually writing about it for the first time.

e.g., I'm having a Bloghog Day. I just posted an entry on my weblog and 've been weblogging for so long, I can't remember if I've already written something similar or not.

submitted by Martin Conaghan - (www)

blogistocracy - The high-brow community of bloggers who are considered to be at the top of the blogging hierarchy, almost entirely on the basis of historical precedent, obsessive linking, and downright relentless posting of faddish items.

e.g., The blogistocracy are always banging on about Flickr, MovableType and other techy fads. I'm always reading about Flickr tags and iPods on Jason Kottke's blog.

submitted by Martin Conaghan - (www)

blognet - A network of closely interrelated weblogs, sharing common goals, interests, or affiliations.

e.g., Welcome to the marketing department? Make sure Harry gets you our team's blogroll, blog makeover, and the team syndication feeds. You'll be part of our blognet by tomorrow.

submitted by Phil Wolff - (www)

blogogler - People who read blogs but refuse to start one themselves. Those fringe readers who lurk, post comments that clearly indicate that they have something to say, but refuse to come into the light.

e.g., I've told her so many times that she should just start her own blog and stop being such a blogogler.

submitted by amanda - (www)

blogogna - A blog full of bologna, a lame blog. Used by Gabriel Loh weiyang.

e.g., Only a blogophile would waste time on that blogogna.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

blogophile - A person who is obsessed with reading blogs.

e.g., Timmy's opinions are being formed by his daily consumption of blog. He needs our help; he's becoming a blogophile.

submitted by reesman - (www)

blogopic - A motion picture that has its origins in a particularly fascinating blog, often by way of a blogobook.

e.g., After mastering the cuisine of Julia Childs, Julie Powell wrote a book based on the detailed blog she wrote while making every recipe in Julia's book. Blogopic next?

submitted by natalie

blogorrhea - Pronunciation: blog-uh-RI-uh & lä-
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin
: compulsion to publish online with a typically excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness.

e.g., He was struck by another fit of blogorrhea and stayed online typing away for 52 hours straight.

submitted by Fred

blogress - Progress on one's blog.

e.g., No matter how much time I spend at my keyboard, I feel like I'm making no blogress.

submitted by [Gabriel Loh weiyang] - (www)

blogrupt - Depleted; destitute: devoid of new blog ideas.

e.g., I ran out of ideas to post today; I was blogrupt.

submitted by Fred - (www)

blogsecution - Getting fired from your job or pink-slipped on the grounds that you wrote a blog (web log diary) that exposes a weakness or trait in the company or organisation that you work for. Blogsecuted.

e.g., Jim was blogsecuted after he exposed internally irregular activities about the company in his daily blog.

submitted by Clinton Jones - (www)

blogsnatch - Snatching and posting content from another blog to your own -- with a credit and link back to the blogger from whom it was taken, of course.

e.g., Joke posted was blogsnatched from minddiversion dot com.

submitted by Anne Mathewson - (www)

blogspiracy - (We)blog + (con)spiracy. Used for persuasion on the Internet, primarily in blogs. The purpose of a blogspiracy is to spread a non-truth, partial-truth, or urban legend to make people aware of a current event. Often used for political persuasion. The blogspiracy topic can then spread via the Internet, and like a sound bite taken out of context, convince someone uneducated in politics or current events that a particular position is valid. Many blobspiracists take news items from years past and "reissue" them as recent.

e.g., 1. Linking the draft to 6/6/06: Prior to June 6, 2006, many blogs made reference to a Congressional debate on reinstating the draft happening that day, linking that event to the Biblical mark of the beast. The event never happened. No stories were reported by the AP, CNN, etc., and it wasn't listed in Congress's daily logs. The goal of the blogspiracy: to raise awareness of the ongoing war in Iraq. 2. Per an anonymous source President Bush was autographing US flags while in Austria in June 2006. This is not illegal (there is no law against "desecration" of a flag, just a code of guidelines), but bloggists use this to point out that the GOP is currently leading a campaign to make illegal the burning of the flag, and therefore this is hypocrisy. The blogs that use this show a picture of the President signing a flag from an AP story in 2003. Again, no reporting by the AP, CNN, etc. The goal of the blogspiracy: to raise awareness of the GOP's amendment to ban flag burning and claim the party is hypocritical on this issue.

submitted by John Sebben - (www)

blogstipation - A painful and sometimes disabling condition whereby the excitement of setting up one's blog is replaced with the inability to find anything remotely interesting to blog about.

e.g., Were it not for a severe case of blogstipation, Richard may have been the greatest online author never known.

submitted by Issa Breibish - (www)

blogstorm - When a blogger doesn't update a blog for a significant period of time, then overcompensates with an insane flurry of posts in a few hours.

e.g., Sean's blogstorming again.

submitted by Sean

blogtrail - The progression of links followed from one blog to to the next.

e.g., Followed a new blogtrail yesterday. It was great. I started at "J-Walk" and found a link to "Coudal Partners" who in turn mentioned "Things Magazine." Wonderful blogs all.

submitted by Anne Mathewson - (www)

blogtroversial - A contraction of "blog" and "controversial." Essentially, a post or other action taken by a blogger that causes a commotion amongst bloggers.

e.g., Joe's post is very blogtroversial--everyone's talking about it.

submitted by Pete - (www)

bloguistically - For a particularly fluent style of writing found in stream-of-consciousness blog entries.

e.g., "I don't have time for your verbal ramblings at this juncture. Yours is simply a point of view to be expanded and supported blogistically," said the Jennavator.

submitted by paige_archer

blogvy - Envy of someone else's superior blog.

e.g., There I was thinking I had the trend of the "fifty quid bloke" comprehensively covered, but then someone showed me Lloyd's blog, and I was struck by a sudden, overwhelmingly painful case of blogvy.

submitted by alan - (www)

blogzombie - Someone who's sole thrill in life is reading other people's weblogs, journals, and diaries.

e.g., Kay was a lot more fun before she turned into a blogzombie.

submitted by Dylon Whyte

bloin - Section of the digestive system between the duodenum and the small intestine.

e.g., Splarkey ate so many cheesey-poofs that his bloin became inflamed.

submitted by fishboy - (www)

blole - The effect seen on the web when a link to report a broken link is broken.

e.g., I tried to report a broken link on your site but ended up in a blole.

submitted by Ray Cassick - (www)

blomage - The method by which holes are made in cheese--using a narrow tube to blow air into cheese, thereby creating holes

e.g., While the Swiss cheese was still soft, Eric used his blomage tool to add some decorative holes.

submitted by gary blaney - (www)

blomit - Blog vomit. The act and product of posting to a weblog whatever thoughts come to mind.

e.g., I'd hoped that Kyle's online journal would be insightful and intelligent, but it was really just blomit. | I don't really have any point to make in today's post, so instead I'll just blomit for a while.

submitted by Mike Garvey - (www)

blonde-day - A day when an otherwise intelligent person is tricked or does something foolish.

e.g., I fell for her scheme because I was having a blonde-day due to overwork and distractions.

submitted by Danny Middleton

blonde-lectual - What a slow blonde would say to someone calling her stupid.

e.g., Shut up, Kiri, I'm a blond-lectual. In case you dont know, that means I'm clever. So there.

submitted by charley

blonde-moment - The blank facial expression associated with having a blonde moment.

e.g., When I asked him what today's date is, he just gave me a blond-moment.

submitted by pat - (www)

blonde-out - Used when a person says or does something which gives the impression that she has the same intelligence level as a blonde cheerleader. "Blond-out" for males.

e.g., Amber had a blonde-out yesterday when she used white-out on our monitor on a spelling mistake she made in Word.

submitted by whippyX

blondefinger - The unfortunate tendency of the less-than-diligent typist to put her finger(s) on the wrong key(s).

e.g., No thanks, Gramma, I'll just fook it up. Ooops! Blondefinger. I mean, I'll just look it up.

submitted by angelinfreefall - (www)

blondefolded - State of mind in which one fails to see the obvious.

e.g., Connie was so blondefolded that she had only enough time to put her name on the test.

submitted by Amanda Beckwith

blondefounded - To be speechless due to lack of intelligence.

e.g., I was so overcome by the wit and thougtful structure of that speech I was blondefounded.

submitted by matt clarke

blondelle - An adjective describing a fine specimen of the female of the species, of particular flaxen or golden variety. Note that this characteristic is most often doled out to females not of natural blonde hair, as the bleached hair has a tendency to catch the eye and enchant the soul.

e.g., B: Wow, she was fine. A: She was a fabulous blondelle.

submitted by j. charles hay - (www)

blonding - To act incredibly stupid, as in every single blonde joke you've ever heard.

e.g., "Do you think she's an idiot?" Naah, she's just blonding."

submitted by Rainbow Woman

blood libel - Wikipedia, accurate enough this time: "Blood libel (also blood accusation) is a false accusation or claim that religious minorities, usually , murder children to use their blood in certain aspects of their religious rituals and holidays."  
The fact that the term has long been used to malign Jews simply shouldn't be a legitimate reason for not using it when someone is falsely accused of having been involved in a bloodletting. The false accusation nature of the term should be the key to its use, not the party against whom the accusation is made.


"'Blood libel' has particular, painful meaning to Jewish people": January 13, 2011 | By Rick Rojas, Los Angeles Times In saying her critics manufactured "a blood libel," Sarah Palin deployed a phrase linked to the false accusations made for centuries against Jews, often to malign them as child killers who coveted the blood of Christian children.  
Blood libel has been a central fable of anti-Semitism in which Jews have been accused of using the blood of gentile children for medicinal purposes or to mix in with matzo, the unleavened bread traditionally eaten at Passover. The spreading of the blood libel dates to the Middle Ages — and perhaps further — and those allegations have led to massacres of Jewish communities for just as long.  
The term blood libel carries particular power in the Jewish community, though it has taken on other shades of meaning. Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said Wednesday that "while the term blood libel has become part of the English parlance to refer to someone being falsely accused, we wish that Palin had used another phrase, instead of one so fraught with pain in Jewish history."  
One of the first recorded tragedies attributed to blood libel occurred in the 12th century, when a boy named William in Norwich, England, was found dead with stab wounds. Local Jews were accused of killing the child in a ritual fashion and, according to several histories on religion, most of the Jewish population there was subsequently wiped out.  
Such charges continued for centuries, with Jews often assigned blame in the unsolved killings of children. Many of the dead children were considered martyrs; several were elevated to sainthood by the Roman Catholic or Orthodox churches.  
Allegations of blood libel spread during the Holocaust and persist today.
| Elsewhere: "Pundits say that the reason this phrase has provoked so much anger is because Palin is using the specific and intense sense of "blood libel" to refer to verbal criticisms, implying an equivalence between both circumstances. The famous linguist Deborah Tannen speculated today that Palin and her advisors are unaware of blood libel's historical meaning, and that the whole episode is a case of semantic bleaching, a phenomenon where a word or term with a specialized meaning takes on a more generalized set of associations with time. In this scenario, the term may simply be thought to mean 'a false accusation regarding responsibility for harm to others.'"  
ED. Regardless of whether Abraham Foxman or anyone else liked it, Sarah Palin's use of the term blood libel in January 2011 was apt, if not perfect. To be accused of being involved in the spilling of blood when you aren't is, indeed, a blood libel according to some dictionaries -- including this faux dictionary you're checking right now.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

blood sack - A human. The term is used by vampires.

e.g., "Esmeralda bared her fangs when the video store clerk told her all the copies of Love at First Bite were checked out. How dare a blood sack tell her what she could watch."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bloodnut - A person with excessive red- or ginger-coloured hair.

e.g., Q: Do you think her hair colour's natural. A. Sure, she's a bloodnut.

submitted by matt

bloodsport - Something that is very dangerous, taken from the movie with the same name.

e.g., You better not flip that 8 stair, it's too bloodsport.

submitted by Herb

bloody sunset - A sunset that occurs shortly after rain and the sky has cleared just enough to see a sunset. The sky is all one colour and the earth is bathed in a glow--especially red or orange.

e.g., Shortly after the storm cleared up, a bloody sunset could be seen all over the city.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

blooger - A simple or mundane blog writer. A phonetic mix of "booger" and "blogger."

e.g., The Jennavator states, "Sadly, so much material posted in public blogs is submitted by the global village's idiot blooger."

submitted by paige_archer

bloogie - What comes out of your nose when you sneeze while searching Google.

e.g., I was searching Google for fun games when I sneezed and blew a bloogie onto the keyboard.

submitted by Carl

bloogle - Posting on newsgroups for weblogging.

e.g., That thread is a bloogle. Someone should tell the writer about web logs.

submitted by Joel Garry - (www)

bloogle - A blog on

e.g., I was reading the bloogle and the writer said they were hiring.

submitted by dplass

bloomable - Possible.

e.g., That idea could be bloomable.

submitted by Lis

bloompy - The word to use when you can't be bothered working out what mood you're in.

e.g., How am I today? Umm, I think I'm feeling a bit bloompy.

submitted by Rosie

bloompy - Someone who is a late bloomer.

e.g., That bloompy is so far behind he thinks he's a trend setter with his bell bottom pants and patent leather shoes.

submitted by chindonation

bloop - To cease functioning normally or "go up." Possibly of Caribbean extraction.

e.g., My computer just blooped. I think it has a virus.

submitted by Douglas Balog

blorf - A person who's idea of exercise is taking the beer bottles back to the store in exchange for fresh brew. Generally overweight and shapeless. He/she can be winded tying up a pair of shoes.

e.g., We invited Jeff to go mountain biking with us but he's too much of a blorf to get off the couch.

submitted by Dave Burakoff

blorfidaguck - Any unpleasant semi-solid, especially if smells bad.

e.g., Holding the infant, Uncle George found blorfidaguck in his lap.

submitted by Brian Weeks

blork - Someone that is goofy, typically used as an insult

e.g., J is a complete blork.

submitted by John W. Flynt

blorky - Being ill or something causing a feeling of being ill.

e.g., That wheatgerm oatmeal has made me feel a little blorky.

submitted by withoutwax - (www)

blorodenefing - Clutter.

e.g., Jack's room was filled with blorodenefing.

submitted by Sir Adam Jungers III

blosinct - Antonym for "succinct." Marked by bloated, vague expression with many wasted words.

e.g., AB sure doesn't say much. His writing is blosinct.

submitted by Asian Bastard - (www)

blote - Short for blog-note, it is related to a mini-blog, but has a defined purpose. The mini-blog could be any smaller blog contained within a larger one--perhaps even a guest blogger. The blote, on the other hand, is a small blog within a larger one that presents content the blogger would like to post without displacing the more important content in his main blog.

e.g., My Weblog is mostly about investing, so I post entries about my cat to my blote.

submitted by Chris - (www)

blouchie - The annoying, slightly painful bruise you receive on the inside of your arm afer receiving a blood test.

e.g., Check out my blouchie. The nurse really shoved that needle in hard. Guess I shouda waited until after the test to pinch her butt, huh?

submitted by amanda

blough - Like plow or plough a field. An expression used in reference to something exciting or unexpected.

e.g., I was walking along, and blough, up walks this beautiful woman. | I was going for a 360, and blough, right on my head.

submitted by Michael Keehn

blount - To have already put up money.

e.g., "Leggett. you need to put up your money for this pizza." "No way. I already blount. It's Josh who needs to ante up."

submitted by Leggett

blousefarten - Volunteering, helping, or teaching little children.

e.g., Since I refused to take swimming lessons, my father told me I had to do something productive, like blousefarten.

submitted by Emily Elizabeth

bloviator - Puffing with hot air but saying nothing.

e.g., Obama's speeches about change and "saving the world" make him a bloviator.

submitted by Jeff - (www)

blow chunks - To throw up. | Blowing chunks: throwing up, puking, up-chucking. (ED. Possibly, as the second example suggests, "deserves to be horsewhipped." Maybe just "sucks.")

e.g., Chris did it again. Drank too much and blew chunks all over the floor last night. | "8 The fact that this soldier did not just kick the crap out of this little douche is more proof to me that all of the MSM blows chunks for every slander they have thrown at our [m]ilitary for decades now. They can all kiss it high and deep. This particular one can eat my toe fungus."

submitted by tim dunk | Rachel

blow out - Being so tired (due to stress, fatique, a broken heart, etc.) that one cannot even be grammatically correct. Therefore, instead of being "blown out," one is simply "blow out." Makes more sense in a way, seeing as how stating it most of the time indicates that one is still in that state.

e.g., I am so blow out, it's crazy.

submitted by chris - (www)

blow your buffer - Used amongst the computer guys. To lose your train of thought, or when someone is talking so much she won't let you get a word in, and then you lose your train of thought.

e.g., Great, she threw me off and then I blew my buffer.

submitted by DJ Epifany - (www)

blow your chips - To go insane, often used when a person is about to do something crazy or stupid.

e.g., You're going to go skydiving while your leg is broken? Have you blown your chips?

submitted by Aurora

blow-baggin - to not tell the truth on a certain matter, lying to one under extreme circumstances

e.g., A. I won the lottery the other day, Dustin. D.No way. You're blow-baggin'.

submitted by Nathan French

blowback - The unintented fallout due to the often ugly business of espionage work.

e.g., The decision to hold many top-level Al-Queda officials in Egypt and Jordan is a clear effort of the part of the CIA to minimize blowback. By holding them in a foreign nation the prisoners are not protected by American civil liberties and interrogation can be much more creative. Modern interrogation techniques bear little resemblance to the knuckle-busting nonsense portrayed in Hollywood action movies but, nevertheless, would violate many rights normally extended to Americans.

submitted by Stephen Mize

blower - Australian and British slang for a telephone.

e.g., I tried calling to wish him a happy birthday last night, but I couldn't get through for over an hour. His teenage son was on the blower. | I haven't spoken to him in ages, so I'd best get on the blower to him.

submitted by condominimum | Tova - (www)

blowfish - A descriptive pejorative term for one who displays unjustifiably high self-esteem by assuming an exaggerated, large, or erect posture.

e.g., Did you see how he puffed out his chest when you told him the truth? What a blowfish.

submitted by Reed

blowin' the corncob - Talking about when one was young, about "the good ol' days."

e.g., Grandpa's blowin' the corncob again.

submitted by reese danger epstein

bloxes - The little circles covering X symbols at the end of each cell in a table in MS Word. The singular is blox.

e.g., I recognize that this is a table from the bloxes, so shut up.

submitted by killer

blu-why - The annoying habit of Hollywood to release any movie title (no matter how bad it did with the critics or audiences) on a higher-definition DVD format.

e.g., No offense, Chuck and Larry, but I don't think you're worth buying in Blu-why.

submitted by onjaysun

bluckie - Sick, ill. All the way to the bone. You're sore all over and haven't slept for days.

e.g., I would go out with you guys tonight, but I haven't slept in days and I feel downright bluckie.

submitted by Jeremiah

bludgeoneer - An in-your-face antagonist lacking subtelty.

e.g., A bludgeoneer doesn't care about results--he only cares about insults.

submitted by Joel Parker

bludgeonist - One who beats someone with extremely heavy blows.

e.g., He hits like a bludgeonist.

submitted by bob

bludger - Aussie slang for someone who is lazy and not doing work.

e.g., Get back to work, you bludgers.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

blue - Heterosexual. From the fact that the original meaning of "gay" is opposite one of the uses of "blue": heterosexual~homosexual, blue~gay.

e.g., Some blue people support gay rights, but keep quiet about it because they're afraid of rebuke.

submitted by dr_dan

blue and black - Of mixt parentage, part African Martian and part native Martian. A significant subset of the developing Martian populace.

e.g., Our blue and black community continues to contribute heavily to the general welfare of the planet, notably in the entertainment industry.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

blue beans - German slang for bullets.

e.g., Praise the Lord and pass the blue beans.

submitted by [Oliver Tapanade] - (www)

blue falcon - Someone who is willing to harm her buddies for profit or personal advancement. Almost exclusively military slang.

e.g., I can't believe he would blue falcon you like that, telling the commander about your drinking just so he could get the slot.

submitted by Selena

blue funk - US: to be depressed; UK: to be fearful.

e.g., Seeing her again put me in a blue funk.

submitted by HD Fowler

blue hairs - Old people, especially women.

e.g., Sorry I was late, but the left lane was filled with nothing but blue hairs going 40. | How do you get 100 blue hairs to swear at the same time? Yell "BINGO!"

submitted by Carlos Coutinho - (www)

blue jeans - Police officers.

e.g., I was caught by the blue jeans.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

blue laws -

Oklahoma Historical Society's Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture: Blue Laws

Regulations that prohibit individuals from engaging in certain private and public activities on Sunday and that impose legal sanction on violators are referred to as "blue laws," "Sunday legislation," "Sunday closing laws," or "Sunday statutes." Restricted behavior covers a broad spectrum. Through the years city ordinances and state statutes have prohibited sporting events and entertainment as well as the sale of certain items, such as alcohol, tobacco, and motor vehicles. Boxing, wrestling, horse racing, hunting, bingo, billiards, movie theaters, bowling, card playing, cockfighting, dancing, gaming, polo, and raffles have been among the banned recreational pursuits. Some states have prohibited serving civil processes (subpoenas, warrants, and so forth) on Sunday.

Derived from Sabbatarian laws existing in Europe, the first blue law in the present United States was enacted in the colony of Virginia in 1610. Two origins exist for the phrase "blue law." Some contend that it is a reference to the paper's color upon which Puritan colonial laws were printed or wrapped, while others believe it designates those who observed the laws as "true blue." In the nineteenth century the United States was predominately rural, and clerics utilized their power to influence legislators on what should constitute proper observance of Sunday. By 1931, of the forty-eight states, only California resisted the enactment of blue laws.

State legislatures have enacted general Sunday closing laws, although most states permit municipalities to regulate Sunday activities. In present Oklahoma the First Territorial Legislature included such laws in the 1890 statutes. These codes were carried forward into the Oklahoma Constitution at 1907 statehood. In 1911 Oklahoma City's blue laws included the closing of pool halls and movie theaters. In August 1923 an orchestra at Medicine Park was charged with "Sabbath breaking" for performing servile labor. The town of Bethany had restrictions prohibiting cigarette, tobacco, gasoline, and candy sales in 1926. Jazz, intercollegiate athletics, and the wearing of superfluous jewelry were also condemned, and Sunday newspapers were rarely read by Bethany citizens. In 1931 Tulsa officials enforced Sunday closing laws by prosecuting owners of grocery stores, movie theaters, gas stations, and drug stores.

Since the 1950s many states have gradually repealed general Sunday closing laws, and efforts for a national Sunday observance law have failed. However, the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of such state legislation. In 1961 the court ruled decisively in McGowan v. Maryland, stating that blue laws were legal if they did not interfere with freedom of religion and did not establish a state religion. In the 1960s and 1970s Oklahoma citizens' groups such as the Save Our Sundays Committee and the Oklahoma Retail Merchants Association launched petitions for a state "uniform day of rest and recreation" law. The proposed amendment would require retail outlets to close one day per week, either Saturday or Sunday, would ban the sale of merchandise other than specifically defined "necessities," and would provide for stronger penalties for violators. The petitions were unsuccessful.

In 1985 twenty-two states, where religious fundamentalism remained strong, maintained general restrictions on Sunday behavior. Generally, the blue laws restricted commercial activity, alcohol sales, and automobile sales. These states made exceptions for works of "necessity" and "charity" and for individuals who worship on a day other than Sunday. Exceptions were also made for retail outlets that promoted Sunday as a day of relaxation, recreation, or religious observances. Legislators regulated such by imposing specific prohibitions on identified activities, writing a separate statute for each. A common restriction was alcohol sales. Some states prevented liquor stores from opening on Sundays, while other states banned the sale of hard liquor but allowed the sale of beer and wine. In 1985 Oklahoma statutes restricted boxing, wrestling, bingo, and liquor and motor vehicle sales on Sunday.

The enforcement of Sunday closing laws, either through the state court system or apprehension and prosecution of violators by state or local police, depends upon popular attitudes and debate, which constitute a mixture of religious convictions, commercial interests, and civil rights concepts. There have been three principal challenges to blue law legality: substantive, procedural, and preemptive. Substantive challenges constitute claims that blue laws violate freedom of religion and illegally restrain trade. Most litigation has involved procedural issues, in which plaintiffs argue violations of "equal protection and due process provisions, discriminatory enforcement, and impermissible delegation of legal rule-making authority" to local jurisdictions. The preemptive argument states that blue laws conflict with federal legislation.

Sunday, once called the Lord's Day, is now known as a day "in protection of the workingman." Oklahoma's statutes state that "acts deemed useless and serious interruptions of the repose and religious liberty of the community," such as trades, manufacturing, mechanical employment, horse racing, and gaming are forbidden. Public selling of commodities other than necessary foods and drinks, medicine, ice, and surgical and burial equipment, and other necessities can legally be prohibited on Sunday. In Oklahoma a fine not to exceed twenty-five dollars may be imposed on individuals for each offense.


BIBLIOGRAPHY: David N. Laband and Deborah Hendry Heinbuch, Blue Laws: The History, Economics, and Politics of Sunday-Closing Laws (Lexington, Mass.: D. C. Heath and Co., 1987). Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City), 12 December 1931, 3 August 1961, 24 March 1963, and 23 July 1970. Oklahoma Statutes Annotated, Crimes and Punishments, 2004 Supplement, secs. 907 911.

Tally D. Fugate

© Oklahoma Historical Society


  • The only blue laws I've ever noticed were those in Missouri in the 1960s and 1970s. The only stores I remember being open on Sundays were drug stores -- and some of the items were covered so they couldn't be purchased. |

  • David J. Hanson, Ph.D.: "Contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence to support the assertion that the blue laws were originally printed on blue paper. Instead, the word blue was commonly used in the eighteenth century as a disparaging reference to rigid moral codes and those who observed them (e.g., 'bluenoses').  
    "Other early blue laws prohibited work, travel, recreation, and activities such as cooking, shaving, cutting hair, wearing either lace or precious metals, sweeping, making beds, kissing, and engaging in sexual intercourse. The Puritans believed that a child was born on the same day of the week on which it was conceived. Therefore, the parents of children born on a Sunday were punished for violating the blue law nine months earlier." |

  • The New York Times: "PLYMOUTH, Mass. — Here in the birthplace of Thanksgiving, where the Pilgrims first gave thanks in 1621 for their harvest and their survival, some residents are giving thanks this year for something else: the Colonial-era blue laws that prevent retailers from opening their doors on the fourth Thursday of November." |

  • End CT Blue Laws:: "It’s time to put Connecticut’s consumers first by ending the state’s antiquated blue laws regulated the sale of alcohol. . . . [O]ur neighborhood grocery and package stores deserve the right to compete on an even playing field with stores in neighboring states that have already repealed their outdated blue laws." |

  • CBS New York | November 13, 2012 9:34 PM: "HACKENSACK, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Bergen County, N.J. this week will reinstate its Blue Laws that ban retail shopping on Sundays, according to a published report." |

  • Blue Law Challengers Respond to 'Ridiculous' Comment | January 28, 2012 : "In a Letter to the Editor, Mitchell T. Horn responds to Paramus Mayor Richard LaBarbiera's recent comment that Modernize Bergen County's Blue Law repeal argument is 'ridiculous.' Readers can weigh-in by taking our poll." |

submitted by HD Fowler

blue mud - Full of crap. I'm not exactly sure. I found this site because I was looking for the origin of the phrase. I've always understood it to be a "polite" way of saying that another person is "full of 'crap.'" I've also heard it as "full of blue mud" or "your ass is full of blue mud." Again, I'm not sure but I think it comes from the southeastern U.S. (ED. Now that your "word" is here, it means "full of crap." Your entry means whatever you want it to mean, no more no less. Check the entry at humptydumptyism for Humpty Dumpty's quote regarding meanings of words.)

e.g., You can't believe a word Chris says. He's full of blue mud.

submitted by Chris Brown

blue peter - From the children's television program of the same name. A popular segment included the making of toys from household waste--bottles, egg boxes, and sticky back plastic . The phrase now relates to bodged work and improvisation to manufacture your way out of a problem.

e.g., I couldn't buy a Cold Air Feed for my car, so I had to go a bit Blue Peter.

submitted by Matt Goldsmythe - (www)

blue q-tip - The older woman who colors her hair to cover the gray.

e.g., The blue q-tip's head was just barely visble above the steering wheel.

submitted by Cecilia Marsh

blue room - A room where contractors are not allowed, only employees (blue-badges).

e.g., Did you have any of that chili in the break room? No, that's a blue room.

submitted by mila eighteen

blue screen - To perform something by rote, or without enthusiasm. Derived from TV or movie technology in which actors stand in front of a blue screen to perform their scene, and the fackground is added later. (ED. Are green screens out-of-date?)

e.g., The prime minister really "blue screened" his speech last night, didn't he?

submitted by Paul

blue screen day - A day when everything goes wrong and it all needs to be started again. From the use of blue error and installation screens on Microsoft operating systems. Usually occurs during moments of extreme work pressure.

e.g., No, I haven't got the system documentation. I'm having a blue screen day--everything needs to be reinstalled.

submitted by Alien Burrito

blue screen saver - The sky. Used by workers in hi-rise offices where they are occupied in thankless IT jobs.

e.g., I was concentrating on debugging the code so much that I hadn't noticed the blue screen saver had gone dark.

submitted by Alien Burrito

blue sky folly - The error of deduction whereby a person automatically opens windows on sunny days, regardless of actual air temperature.

e.g., I soon realized why I was shivering. Georgina had succumbed to blue sky folly and opened all the windows.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

blue-blood - Expression used by Americans to refer to Englishmen. Dates back to at least the middle ages when the aristocracy rarely, if ever, went out of doors. The result was a transparent, alabaster complexion which made the veins beneath the skin appear prominent and blue.

e.g., Most Americans think the actor Christopher Plummer is a blue-blood when, in fact, he's a Canadian.

submitted by Stephen Mize

blue-dog - A conservative Democrat who tends to vote with the Republican party. Also known as blue-dog Democrats.

e.g., The blue-dogs are such foreign policy conservatives they can always be counted on to vote with the Republicans on defence issues.

submitted by Stephen Mize

blue-eyed sex - Blue-eyed sex is a euphemism for necrophilia or the habit of people who have sex with corpses.

e.g., Blue-eyed sex was invariably reserved for the wealthier citizens of Athens.

submitted by Winston Truhorn

blue-hair - Used to describe annoying old people. Like those who haggle for ten minutes at the checkout counter because the price rang up five cents more than what the item was advertised for, or those out for a Sunday drive who cruise at 20 mph below the speed limit.

e.g., That's it. I'm going around this blue-hair. (Craaaaaash!)

submitted by Nemmers - (www)

blue-tiful - Blue and beautiful.

e.g., Ashley has the most blue-tiful eyes.

submitted by Natalie

bluebill - Common name for the Lesser and Greater Scaup Ducks. Often called "little bluebills" or "big bluebills," respectively.

e.g., A large raft of big and little bluebills was diving for food on the river.

submitted by Steve McDonald

bluejacking - Using a bluetooth-enabled device to broadcast spam messages to other bluetooth-enabled devices within range.

e.g., Some nitwit is bluejacking this area.

submitted by bristolz - (www)

bluenish - for a description of a wound, could be a black and blue mark.

e.g., The cut on the boy's hand looked bluenish.

submitted by Joe Sigrelli

bluescreen - When your computer crashes. Named after the old color of the screen when the computer crashed or had a fatal error.

e.g., Rats, my computer just went bluescreen on me ... for the third time this afternoon. Yeah, I'm running Windows. How'd you know?

submitted by Rainbow Woman

blueser - One who is profoundly unhappy about life or is always singing a sad song to the world.

e.g., The team was full of sullen bluesers, skulking off the field after losing a close game that was supposed to be just for fun.

submitted by eric kasarjian

bluestocking - An educated, intellectual woman. A woman with strong scholarly or literary interests.

e.g., I can't imagine it any more, but I once thought I might be interested in marrying a bluestocking. What was I thinking?

submitted by HD Fowler

bluey - A shearer's singlet.

e.g., All country guys wear blueys.

submitted by Nicole - (www)

bluey - Australian: A densly woven,heavy, half-length coat usually dark blue and black made from coarse wool.

e.g., Jeez, it's cold mate. If I didn't have me bluey I'd be knackered.

submitted by mick

bluey - Australian: A red-haired male.

e.g., Bluey, chuck us another stubbie will ya.

submitted by mick

bluey - Australian: A Blue Heeler dog. Australian cattle dog which has a dark blue-black, thick, short-haired coat often with white speckles. Medium-sized dog with stocky build. Bred for working with cattle.

e.g., If it wasn't for me blueys, these cows would be all over the place.

submitted by mick

bluger - A person who does nothing productive, useful, or unselfish.

e.g., The bluger sat on the porch all day drinking beer.

submitted by CyberSnoop - (www)

blumber - Something gross, nasty--not pleasant looking.

e.g., The boy's Two-month-old sandwich looked blumber.

submitted by Ariel - (www)

blumbling - A combination of blurbs and mumbling, an incomprehensible muttering.

e.g., My roommate won't let me have a moment of peace. He keeps blumbling as he has run out of coherent words to say.

submitted by Thomas Finney

blump - Spoken only, said instead of some complex but unimportant bit of text.

e.g., If you were reading this aloud to someone: "and the phone number to call is 555-5555" or were reading: "found at our homepage" you would instead read: "and the phone number to call is blump" or read: "found at our homepage blump."

submitted by Joseph Knight

blumpy - Comically fat -- such as a really big stuffed animal with big eyeballs.

e.g., I just happen to think all elephants look blumpy myself.

submitted by Ken

blun - A tribe of knomes that dispise church bells.

e.g., The Blun stole a goat for milk

submitted by Blaze 7th

blundered - To be so exhausted you lie on the floor, spread-eagled.

e.g., She was so tired, she fell flat on the floor, blundered.

submitted by Daniela

blunderful - A seemingly bad or careless mistake that actually has a serious, good outcome.

e.g., It was blunderful the way he had met Tobey: he tripped over her feet at the midnite showing of Rosemary's Baby.

submitted by Karen Erickson

blunderwear - Underwear that has "marks."

e.g., After seeing that roller coaster, I got blunderwear.

submitted by Jesse

blung - Past tense of bling when bling is used (correctly) as a verb.

e.g., You should have seen how hard that watch blung.

submitted by Corey Bonneville

blunkaberous - Full of hard obstacles, dangerous.

e.g., When he ran into the blunkaberous classroom, he slammed into several desks before crashing to a halt.

submitted by Kagi Kato

blunkett - To blunder due to rushing.

e.g., Chris really blunketted that one, eh?

submitted by J Ella Smith

blur like sotong - Used to denote someone who doesn't understand a thing that's going on. Sotong is the Malay word for squid. Often used in Singapore.

e.g., Aiiyah, this is the third time I've told him this and he still doesn't understand. Blur like Sotong.

submitted by Becky Farrah

blurbiage - the verbiage in a blurb, of course.

e.g., The only changes to worry about are on the cover (remove Liz's blurb) and the copy on the first page (I rewrote it to include her blurbiage).

submitted by stephen starbuck

blurbicle - In a magazine, they often have stories that are not quite long enough to be called articles, but too long to be called blurbs. Thus, the blurbicle.

e.g., There was a blurbicle in _People_ this month raving about our show.

submitted by Rolyn Barthelman - (www)

blurble - the sound a large sweaty person makes when she sits on plastic.

e.g., Did you hear blurble when Lyle sat on the plastic couch?

submitted by Lyle Harper

blurday - A non-specific day of the week. Used when time and events get going too fast to keep them straight in your mind, such as when under enormous pressure at work or at home.

e.g., I saw a movie last Tuesday -- or was it Wednesday? Oh, it was some blurday last week.

submitted by Anna Hanson - (www)

blurebleup - The noise or image created by rewinding.

e.g., The blurebleup sounded like there was enough corruption in the VCR to break it open.

submitted by Luke

blurgh - A one word sentence that connotes a general feeling of discontent.

e.g., Blurgh.

submitted by Djoran Keil

blurker - Blog lurkers. Those who follow blogs but do not contribute to them.

e.g., How can I blurk Tom's blogging since he removed his "blogs I read" links?

submitted by Joel Garry - (www)

blurnout - Blog Burnout.

e.g., But am I sick or do I suffer from some kind of addiction? Am I on the verge of "blurnout"? (ooh, another one!) I can't say that I have suffered any blogger burnout yet. Yessh, I don't make enough entries to feel a twinge of carpal tunnel let alone blurnout, but I worry that I am an "at risk" case. Is it only a matter of time? -- July 15, 2004 posting on

submitted by joel garry - (www)

blurp - any pasta and cheese dish made from scratch that makes a plopping sound when it hits the dish

e.g., I made blurp for dinner tonight

submitted by Lee

blurple - "Color that is a mixture of many colors, but is not black. Unknown, unnamed color."

e.g., "After coloring and recoloring her hair, it was now blurple."

submitted by Keena

blurple - That shade of blue-purple that inspires arguments over which it is. DEEP blurple moves people to violence.

e.g., I just got a new car, a beautiful deep blurple.

submitted by BigAssFries

blursday - A time in your mind when you do not know the date.

e.g., Someone help me out. I'm having a Blursday. What is today?

submitted by Ian Faynik

blurtate - Blurtate: To blurt a reactive response without thinking. Blurtation: The "body" of the "blurt."

e.g., His conversation was punctuated with various ignorant blurtations. He was therefore accused of being blurtatious. The a-blurtatious thinkers would have nothing to do with him.

submitted by nameless

blurtation - A confession of a personal nature, usually given without thinking of the possible repercussions.

e.g., The blurtation about my sex life proved to be embarrassing.

submitted by Leigh Ann

blustermont - Windy weather conditions. Pronounced with a long u as in blue. The word is a play on French pronunciation and word structure.

e.g., C'est une jour blustermont, aujourdhui.

submitted by Jennie

blustrious - Used when describing excessively windy weather conditions, with frequent gusts capable of destroying any umberella in its path.

e.g., Phew! it's blustrious out there today.

submitted by Martin Clift

bly, blyh - Oh, well; whatever; who cares.

e.g., Randy: You're overspending today. Mandy: Bly.

submitted by Olof

blyth - Outrageously cool, above and beyond the normal variations of cool . . . such as ultracool, supercool, and mega cool.

e.g., The most blyth thing I've done in my life was tandem base jump naked off Angel Falls. (ED. Anyone who says she jumped naked off Angel Falls deserves to have her name made into a word -- even if it's a lie.)

submitted by blyth

bmw - Burly Mountain Woman | (n.) 1. The (fictional) collegiate degree everyone seems to desire these days; (and, of course,) 2. the automobiles built and sold by_Bayerische_Motoren_Werke,_AG_"Bavarian Motor Works, LLC." (From the ritzy car and German company.)

e.g., Look at that chick. She's a BMW. | "Wow, you are so driven. How on earth are you doing 24 credit hours?! ... And when do you sleep?" "Weekends." "Are you crazy?" "No, I'm ambitious! And I am going to win! I'm gonna have the very best of everything!" "So, you aren't really looking for a BBA or a BCom; you want a BMW." "Yep. The degree is a means to an end." "Well, at least you're an honest Machiavellian." "Thanks."

submitted by Carl Snyder | Scott M. Ellsworth

bmw-ish - (Pronounced bee-em-DUB-boo-wish or, more formally, bee-em-DUB-bull-ish; adj.) Of or pertaining to 1. persons who are (or believe themselves to be) on the high road to wealth and power (e.g., professionals, industrialists, entrepreneurs); 2. the trappings of wealth (including the ubiquitous BMW), especially if the speaker believes such trappings (high-end tech, expensive clothes, air of relaxed affluence, name dropping) to be a facade (that is, envious imitation); 3. envy of the wealthy; 4. something only the rich or powerful would have. [Coined by my Wife when she saw a really classy car in a traffic jam yesterday (20120715).]

e.g., "You have a pachinko parlor in your basement?, with a pool and a theater! How cool is that? You are so BMW-ish!" | In_Lord_of_War, Nicholas Cage's character pretends to be wealthy to woo the woman he loves: it's so stinking BMW-ish.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bnc - Someone who wears bad-scented cologne.

e.g., Wow, did you get a whiff? Chris is definitely BNC.

submitted by Stephanie & Maggie

bo - Very; of a high degree. Probably from "bodacious." Common to the Philadelphia area.

e.g., The Rolling Stones concert was bo cool.

submitted by Kelly O'Donnell

bo jea - Synonym of "Boo ya." Used in times of extreme joy or excitement. Also making fun of "ballers" and "slobbers."

e.g., "Bo Jea!"

submitted by Gabe

boap - Cosmetics packed for a long vacation or trip.

e.g., Are we gonna need an individual suitcase for boap? (Of course you are. Oh, it was a rhetorical question.)

submitted by Evman

board chat - To talk to another person on a message board, carrying on a real-time conversation in a thread and eventually dominating the thread and causing it to digress. Board chatter.

e.g., She board chatted all afternoon and almost doubled her post count, but the admins got mad at her for ruining three threads.

submitted by Firestorm

board chatter - One who uses message boards or forums as if they were chat rooms.

e.g., I'm not going to be a board chatter. Too much board chatter when that goes on.

submitted by HD Fowler

boardies - Slang for "board shorts" which are often worn by surfers.

e.g., I'm going down to the beach today in my wetshirt and boardies to have a surf with my mates.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

boardpeck - To type, usually to type on a computer keyboard.

e.g., Last night, I was boardpecking until dawn.

submitted by Twinge

boarf - Related to a state of boredom that occurs when one lives in a cowtown, in the middle of nowhere, east nothing, and have nothing to do -- ever ... at all. Boarfoam.

e.g., After watching Nelly the brown cow chew her cud for the last three hours, Bobby Jo became aware she was boarf. | After three straight weeks of counting flies on his great aunt's back, Jimmy felt the boarfom setting in.

submitted by Sarah - (www)

boat - A large automobile, especially an older luxury model.

e.g., I couldn't imagine having to parallel park a boat like that...but my Suburban's a piece of cake.

submitted by katey

boat-lot - A place to park boats, a dock.

e.g., The whole family drove down to the boat-lot to pick up their new boat.

submitted by Krin

boatless - An idea which, in opposition to a previous thought, is actually a good idea. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

e.g., I'm sorry for all the dumb ideas, but this time I've got an idea that's boatless.

submitted by captainminus

boatness - Sailing, rowing, rigging ships -- anything to do with boats.

e.g., After her sailing trip to the Bahamas, all she could talk about was boatness.

submitted by Aurora

boatshoes - South Chicago-speak for "both of you."

e.g., Boatshoes get outta my house.

submitted by Andrea Harkleroad

boatswain - Pronounced "bosun." Originally the person responsible for discipline on a ship. Now the position of one who works with line or rope, still a very common position in the navies of most countries. Sailors were considered to be the originators of many knots still in use today. A boatswain's assistant is known as a boatswain's mate.

e.g., A keen boatswain will be able to show you how to tie a sheet bend, a Spanish bowline, a carrick bend, and many other kinds of knots if you ask him.

submitted by Bill Baldy

bob - A term of endearment for two very close heterosexual men. The Bob relationship must be monogamous, i.e., there must be only one Bob in your life. Both men must call each other Bob often, especially in short phone conversations. | Back Of Book. A friendly name for the back section of a textbook where the answers live. | The name of the best guy we all should know. You can always depend on him, when the going is rough. Bob's the one you can call to help you fill out your taxes or if you need to hide a body. If you don't know Bob, you're out of luck.

e.g., "Bob." "Bob." "Location, Bob?" "On the way, there in five." "Later." "Soon, Bob." | I have no idea what the heck this calculus stuff means. I better check with BOB. | I thought I was in a fix that I couldn't escape. But then it occurred to me, why don't I call Bob?

submitted by Tom Topham | Kimber ley | Steve McDonald - (www)

bob saget - A term used after being put in a tense, harmful, or downright uncomfortable situation.

e.g., When Shane saw that his Pontiac was full of dog food and corn stalks, he exclaimed "Bob Saget!"

submitted by Shane Anderson

bob's your uncle, and - Added to the end of sentences a bit like "and that's it!" | "And you're done" -- "and you're done, easy as pie." | Have heard as "Robert's your father's brother."

e.g., You just pop the bread into the toaster, wait for it to pop up, take it out and put jam on it, and Bob's your uncle!

submitted by rain - (www)

bobaline - A trampoline.

e.g., We set up the bobaline so that we could jump on it from the roof of the house.

submitted by ditnis

bobaloo - The bar or party equivalent of "calling shotgun" for your seat.

e.g., Get out of my chair, doofus. I called "bobaloo" before I went to the bathroom.

submitted by Pineapple - (www)

bobaphat - Great, wonderful, "phat," "uber-phat" or just plain "bomb-diggity" -- but only when said by the whitest of white boys in a geek-humor context.

e.g., Did you see the biddies on the new "Sims Hot Date" game, gee? That game looks bobaphat, homes.

submitted by Jessica Piazza

bobbins - A Mancunian (Manchester, UK) word for describing something unfit for the purpose, shoddily made, or irritaing in its desgin. Can also be used to describe people as not having in any common-sense, in an affectionate way. Mancunians currently also refer to things as "The Bobs," a variant on bobbins.

e.g., The pencil sharpener broke the second time I used it. It really is bobbins. OR She has fallen over because her shoelaces are untied. She's a bit bobbins.

submitted by Flo

bobbit - Meaning literally "cut and run," the word derives from the infamous Loraina Bobbit, who severed her husband's penis and threw it out of her moving car's window.

e.g., Gotta bobbit -- I'm already 10 minutes late.

submitted by Monica - (www)

bobbitt - A hot dog. Named after what it resembles -- what Lorraine Bobbitt threw out the window.

e.g., Gimme a bobbitt with ketchup and 'kraut.

submitted by Paul Thayer

bobblehead - A newborn baby.

e.g., Colin and Mary just had their third bobblehead in five years.

submitted by Steve Zigner

bobby - Bye, bye.

e.g., B. See ya, Dave! A. Bobby!

submitted by Anastasia

bobcat - A middle-aged woman who attends university pubs in search of a young male to hit on. See cougar.

e.g., That bobcat just bought me a drink and asked me to dance.

submitted by Huxley

bobcat - A true Bob Dylan fan. Everybody knows this.

e.g., All the BobCats gather round on and share boots or thoughts or trivia or opinions but with a love you cannot find in any other reverent crowd.

submitted by Devorah

bobfoc - BOBFOC can be translated as follows : Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch (UK Crime series). Many variations on this theme.

e.g., Christina is most assuredly BOBFOC.

submitted by Simon - (www)

bobo - A term used to address a person, generally condescendingly or hinting that the other person is somehow inferior to or a lackey to yourself.

e.g., James to Billy-Bob Jethro, "C'mon Bobo, let's get to work."

submitted by Jacob S.

bobo - First coined by social commentator David Brooks in his book Bobos in Paradise. Conflation of "Bohemian Bourgeois." Used to describe an individual who's personal habits combine the crass materialism of the 1980s with the blind idealism of the 1960s.

e.g., Amazing, she's got "Save the Whales" and "NPR Radio" bumper stickers on the back of her Lexus SUV; a definite Bobo.

submitted by Stephen Mize

bobos - Shoes of an uncool nature.

e.g., How you gonna run any race wearin them bobos?

submitted by Joel Prz

bobulant - One who tends to bob around a lot.

e.g., My, Jill is quite bobulant today.

submitted by Toby and Lyndsey

bobulate - VeTo act in a manner that exudes an acceptance of ever-changing social environments, usually accompanied by a slight wobbling of the head. Initially noticed in Bob McKay, and now assigned to the action of anyone acting in that manner.

e.g., Rachel bobulated into the room. | Rachel bobulated her intention to go outside to smoke.

submitted by jamie patterson

bock - Halfway between a box and a knock -- a bock.

e.g., Adam bocked Luke to annoy him.

submitted by ilikecake - (www)

bodada ed - Cooking school or course or classes, in Canada, eh . Cf. potato head -- ed is education.

e.g., Of course bodada ed is more than just bodadas (baked, mashed, boiled, fries, etc,), it's also steaks and fancy dishes and desserts and much more.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bodge - To cobble something together from bits and pieces, often scrap. From TV series Junkyard Wars.

e.g., I hit the speed bump and broke the axle on my Honda, so I bodged a new one from some two-by-fours, some duct tape, a tractor pin, and my dad's golf clubs. Dad was not happy.

submitted by mark

bodgey, bodgy - Done incorrectly, cheaply, etc.

e.g., He did a bodgey job of fixing the car

submitted by Cat Bryant

bodgieman - Someone who can "fix" anything, given the right amount of inappropriate materiél and sufficient amounts of boundless enthusiasm. Balanced only by stunning incompetence.

e.g., Alice: Looks like the asbetos nozzle on my favourite flamethrower has broken off. Bob: Never mind, I'll call on bodgieman. Chuck! Over here. Chuck: Hmm. I'll cellotape it back together. No problem. All: Bodgieman can fix anything with cellotape.

submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

bodging - Shoving a square peg in a round hole with brute force and ignorance.

e.g., Bill was bodging when he spun his wheels around for an hour trying to get his car out of the mud.

submitted by Ty Webb

bodmate - A significant lover, one with whom you share body, and perhaps also mind and soul. You "sleep with" her and possibly spend additional time with her as well. Generally a happy arrangement.

e.g., I've had but few actual bodmates in me entire life through no fault of n'any one, and if'n I had it to do all over agin it probably would not be otherwise. There are numerous others willing and able to perpetrate the euman race, while single mindedness is a blessing in and of itself..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bodmin - One minute of work by one person.

e.g., I reckon this job will take about 10 bodmins.

submitted by Martin Ward

body band-aid - A scab.

e.g., "Coco has a scab on his hip bone. I'm not exactly sure how it happened, I think a rug burn at school. But he noticed the scab while getting dressed this morning and said, 'Oh look. Good. A body band-aid.'"

submitted by Coco - (www)

body chalking - Markings on a PDA user's body or clothing indicating the data transfer methods she supports for personal data transfer. Cf. warchalking.

e.g., He was body-chalked as a Palm user, so I asked him if he'd beam me his business card.

submitted by krelnik - (www)

body check - No, not what they do in hockey, but what my kids used to do when we lived "up north" and I went out in the cold and shoveled the driveway before going to work.

e.g., Mom to kids, "One of you needs to go out and do a body check. He's been out there for about a half-hour now -- and it's terribly cold. He usually comes in every ten or fifteen minutes to warm up." "I think you're wrong, Mom. He comes in mostly to rest. His stamina's shot to hell."

submitted by HD Fowler

body nazi - A self-obsessed workout king or queen.

e.g., Where's the neck on that body nazi?

submitted by mark

bodycoding - Related to intuitive coding, and to artistic coding, too.

e.g., Penguins eat pies before computing decimals of pi. After that, they bodycode marvelous software.

submitted by bodycode - (www)

bodysire - A fusion of two words: " body" and " desire." Bodysire describes a state of mind or a behavior where one has total self-love for his or her own body. The word bodysire is closely related to the word "vanity," but used much more in conjunction with self-care. Thus it does not carry any of the negative attributes associated with vanity. Bodysire is also a lifestyle that certain people strive to attain.

e.g., The level of bodysire she has is amazing. Bodysire prevents me from eating too much or smoking. Athletes and mdels live in a state of total bodysire.

submitted by Athanasios Ignatiou

bodytop - Slang for head--(top of the body)

e.g., Put THAT in your bodytop and think about it.

submitted by Kelly T. Gillette

boe-ring - Boring, drawn out to indicated just how boring it is. Bore-ing. Worse than having a tooth pulled.

e.g., I think the real reason Gore lost in 2000 was because he was so boe-ring. Of course he wants to save the trees -- he's Woodman personified.

submitted by HD Fowler

bofem - Both of them.

e.g., "Would you like steak or chicken?" ... "Is there anyway I can get bofem?"

submitted by Sarah

boff - A dismissive one word response uttered under one’s breath, usually accompannied by a hand gesture. Similar to a sense of “meh.”

e.g., A simple “boff” was the driver’s only response to the old man’s running to catch the already late bus.

submitted by Jeff Baker

boffinating - Difficult.

e.g., I didn’t get very good instruction in arithmetic when I was in first grade, so anything that has to do with math is boffinating for me. . . . OK, you’re right. I played too many video games and listened to hip hop instead of applying myself. So?

submitted by niki

boffinoclastic rage - The fury of an expert.

e.g., I only suggested that the effects of Verner’s Law could be studied in Gothic verbs, but he flew into a boffinoclastic rage — apparently the sound of change is obscured by analogical levelling.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

boffle - A boffle is a space or gap with one curved edge. It can be used in any application, such as in a wall or floor, or as a three-dimensional space. Nota Bene: A boffle can be differentiated from an archway because an archway usually has an angular corner between its straight edges and the curved edge. A boffle’s edges flow straight into the curved edge.

e.g., What a good idea to put a boffle here in your wall. It creates light, and space. | If you go through the boffle and turn right, you’ll find the station on your left-hand side.

submitted by Alex R

bofh - Bastard Operator From Hell. (Bitch Operator From Hell as well?) Basically, a BOFH is computer support person with no desire to actually help or support users. All she wants is smply to make her own existence as easy as possible. This term is an older Internet favorite, from the long-running series of humor articles credited to and copyrighted by Simon Travaglia. The first known BOFH post appears in the Google Usenet Archive, June 1992. For current articles, see The Register.

e.g., User: I need some more free space in my home directory. BOFH: (deletes existing files) Allrighty. Just freed up some room for you. User: OK, thanks. Goodbye. … Where are my old files?

submitted by Geo - (www)

bofus - Both of us.

e.g., When I asked him how much soda he would like, he akwardly replied, “Enough for the bofus.”

submitted by pianoman jo

bogan - Person of questionable upbringing.

e.g., Chris is a bogan. Imagine wearing acid-washed jeans and moccasins to this resaurant.

submitted by Lukas

boganobile - A Holden Commodore car that is often driven by mullet-headed Aussie bogans. These are particularly of the 1978-1985 era Commodores such as the VB, VC, VK models.

e.g., Check out that bloke's boganobile. It's a VC 8-cylinder beast, ideal car for the mullet-headed bogan.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

bogart - To hog something. | To do something very smoothly, without drawing attention to yourself.

ED. When taking a drag off a shared marijuana cigarette (pipe, joint, bong, blunt) -- to bring the cigarette in contact with the mucous membranes or otherwise to "wet" it. (What was called nigger lipping in less politically correct times is now (apparently) referred to as fish lipping.) If bogart had only the meaning of hoard, then the following would not make sense.  

Origin Where did the slang term "bogart" come from? It's from a scene at the beginning of The Roaring Twenties. Bogie and Jimmy Cagney are soldiers in a foxhole together. Cagney offers Bogie his cigarette to share and Bogie . . . well, he bogarts it.

e.g., I didn't bogart my girlfriend so that later on I could pass her around like everyone else. | I'm going to walk into the office playing it bogart. | No, you cannot have a drag off my smoke. I know you'd just bogart it and I wouldn't want it back.

submitted by alpahbit | Josh Priddy - (www)

bogart, playing it - Playing it bogart, to play it bogart. To suss out information similar to what Humphrey Bogart used to do in the classic noir films. Casually asking questions in a conversational tone, to find out the whole story -- without appearing obviously to want to know the answers to what you are asking.

e.g., Sam decided to play it bogart with Ilsa to find out the truth about last Sunday.

submitted by Arrakis

bogay - Not cool at all.

e.g., I lost the bet? That's bogay

submitted by MRunnels

boge - A shortened version of "bogus," synonymous with "weird," "strange," or "unfair."

e.g., "My ex keeps trying to make lunch plans with me." "That's definitely boge. Probably wants to borrow money."

submitted by Jon Derengowski

bogger - When you go to say that something bothers you or bugs you and it all smushes into one word

e.g., I hate bad drivers. They really bogger me.

submitted by Leslie

boggified - To become completely confused and lost -- as if stuck in a swamp or bog.

e.g., I can't even begin to work on my report. I'm too boggified.

submitted by jazzbo

boggin - disgusting, smells like fish.

e.g., this fish tastes boggin.

submitted by ali

bogginhood - A stocking cap.

e.g., It's cold outside so you better grab a bogginhood.

submitted by kydavis_md

bogo - Buy One, Get One free. Aka half-price

e.g., Cases of Mt. Dew are bogo at the store this week.

submitted by Crossbow

bogosity - Degree of bogusness in any given statement or situation

e.g., Counselor, your statements contain a very high degree of bogosity. | God. this party is high on the bogosity level.

submitted by jeff smallwood - (www)

bogotify - The Macmillan Dictionary: "to change or affect something so that it becomes useless or incorrect.  
"The verb bogotify originates in computer programming. A computer program that has been changed so many times that it has become completely disorganised, and is therefore useless, has become bogotified. There's an everyday analogy with a nut and bolt: if you tighten a nut too hard, you'll strip the threads on the bolt, so the bolt has become bogotified and is no longer usable."

e.g., Whew! I was worried there for a while. I thought I might bogotify the pseudodictionary and screw up the index when I combined words into single entries and removed words that had been added by mistake. Fortunately for me, I ran across The Macmillan Dictionary Word of the Week feature and found a simple way to replace the words deleted.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bogsat - Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around a Table. Acronym first heard from MIT professor Edward Tufte as a description of the way things usually get done in a large corporation.

e.g., So you wanna change the vacation policy, huh? Hope you're ready for some serious BOGSAT.

submitted by Heraldmonkey

bogue - N. A cigarette. V. To smoke a cigarette.

e.g., N. Can I get a bogue from you, Marty? V. Time to bogue, Marty.

submitted by Jeffrey Schuhmacher

boguscide - A person who goes out of his way to expose the absurdities or inanities of his colleagues' utterances, manifest belief systems, or philosophico-political stances.

e.g., Let's get away from this boguscide so we can spout off about some intellectualized postmodern notions.

submitted by David Evans

bogwash - Hogwash. Other slang definitions for "bogwash" are far less polite than this one, coarse even. Given that "bog" is UK slang for a toilet, hearing your utterances called bogwash would be more insulting than if they were called hogwash. "Convincing evidence that all the talk about the high hospitality of the West is not "hog wash" was the large number of highway hospitality booths that greeted Denverbound Rotarians."

e.g., bogwash

submitted by HD Fowler

boh - Similar to 'D'oh!' (and pronounced similarly). Signifying regret or dissapointment.

e.g., Boh, I can't afford to go come to see you this weekend.

submitted by hannah

bohemianally - The prefix "bohemian" signifies a free-spirited individual, complete with a non-conformist attitude, yet the suffix "ally" allows it to become an adjective rather than a noun; describing a situation in which there is an "ally" or friendly person/place/thing. It can also be used to substitute closing lines, concluding letters in a creative way.

e.g., Dear John, ... Bohemianally, Holly

submitted by Holly

bohemoth - A particularly large guy who spends nights hanging around the lights at street corners.

e.g., Al, don't be a bohemoth tonight -- let's go check out the courts at the Youth Center.

submitted by Machiavellean & … Lesko

bohica! - US military acronym for "Bend Over Here It Comes Again!" Best used when expecting to deal a familiar unpleasantness.

e.g., Bohica! Look's like there are going to be some more layoffs.

submitted by erik - (www)

bohunk - Picture a guy not too bright, very good looking otherwise. Could be more good looking if he didn't roll his shirt sleeves up so high and wear his pants so tight.

e.g., If you come across this type, you've just met a "bohunk."

submitted by Devorah

boi - a word to describe a cool guy

e.g., "Yo that kid there is a strong boi!"

submitted by erf

boice - 1. To artificially inflate one's territorial sales figures. 2. A general term describing a lackadaisical attitude towards one's work assignments. (ED. Yes, I realize this is likely to be an eponymous construction. Allowed because I've had to deal with boicers myself. However, the fellow I worked with who had a similar name was not a boicer.)

e.g., I have not finished boicing my sales figures this week. I've been boicing this presentation for the last two weeks.

submitted by Rob

boing boing - Anything that is spiral and bouncies.

e.g., I broke the boing boing.

submitted by Fox

boingy - Of the unchewable part of chicken or meat. | Or any food with a rubbery texture: oysters, jello, custard, tapioca pudding, eggs, etc.

e.g., I'm not eating the rest of this sandwich because there's too much boing in it.

submitted by Amy Vanderpool

boink - A sound that has been identified as the exact sound scientific progress makes.

e.g., As Calvin pressed the button to his transmoglifier, he discovered that scientific progress goes boink.

submitted by Jared - (www)

boioioing - Onomatopoeia, the sound of a spring. Number of "oi"s may vary.

e.g., Ivy's prototype sword goes boioioioing.

submitted by Gargomon251

boisterousity - The nature or act or being boisterous. A term of measurement for the level of boisterousness.

e.g., The man's boisterousity increased with the volume of his libations.

submitted by Clifford Ball

boit - 1. To belch or burp. 2. A staccato sign-off.

e.g., As the waitress slipped the check under my hand, Nedwina went boit. He: "So, how 'bout 6?" She: "6 is good." He: "Wear something nice." She: "Okay." He: "Boit." She: "Boit."

submitted by James Coffin

bojanglin' - People who are being annoying, rude, or loud. Can be a verb or adjective.

e.g., I hate riding the subway during rush hour because everyone is so bojanglin'.

submitted by Dawn

boka - OK.

e.g., Well, after I beat him up, he bought me a beer. After that it was all boka.

submitted by I3rokenAngeIL

bokaiii - Cool. Can be like "hello" or really anything you want it to mean. You say it like this: BOO-K-EYE because it's a quality word and if you're going to say it ... say it correctly with the deep voice and a weird face.

e.g., Oh, Kristin, that is so ... bokaiii.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

boke - To vomit forcefully.

e.g., After drinking a quart of whiskey and a six-pack of beer, the partier boked all over the hotel room floor.

submitted by John Beattie

boke - To expel beverage from one's nose in response to something shocking or funny. Also known as snarfing.

e.g., I just boked my dew.

submitted by rhyakat

boke - Someone from Florida. Named after Boca Raton.

e.g., I'm goin' down to Florida where dem bokes are, gonna listen to some Neil Rogers.

submitted by Star651

boke - The past tense of bike.

e.g., I boke to work this morning.

submitted by Peter

bokn - BOK-en. An exclamation or sound emitted when somebody is struck with any random object. This includes hands, pink salmon, and garbage trucks.

e.g., Bo hit Hank on the head, and everybody head the very audible Bokn.

submitted by dave2 - (www)

bokra - (rhymes with "LOCK-rah"; n.) a novel or unorthodox approach to a problem which is, nevertheless, effective---so effective, sometimes, as to shift perspectives or shake up the accepted paradigm. [This comes from a very old story about the Persian polymath and physician Avicenna (born Abū Alī al-Husayn ibn Abd Allāh ibn Sīnā, 980-1037---it was the "ibn Sina" that gave rise to the name by which he came to be known as "Avicenna" to generations of scholars all over Europe). He was approached one day about a greatly troubled young nobleman suffering from a serious psychosis. He apparently believed himself to be a cow and would Moo loudly and cry "Moo! Moo! I am a cow; slay me! so that an excellent broth may be made from my flesh!" The young man's father had gone to every physician he could find, and he called upon Avicenna (the greatest mind of the era) in desperation. The brilliant but unorthodox Avicenna, instead of tying the young man down or dosing him with potions, he came into the sickroom dressed as a butcher, with a large meat cleaver, and called out "where is this cow? I have come to slay it, so that an excellent broth may be made from its flesh!" The young man mooed loudly so that Avicenna could find him, but when Avicenna came to him, he felt his ribs and said, "This cow is sickly and thin. A fine broth cannot be made from the flesh of this sickly cow. Let it be fed and exercised, so that a fine broth may be made of its flesh." Thereupon, the young man began to eat, sleep, and exercise, so that he could be a healthy and tasty cow. Soon, however, his regimen restored his health, both physical and mental, and he was completely restored. In Arabic, "where is this cow?" is "men al baqra" (at least, so I'm told by an Arabic manual---I could very well be mistaken). So bokra "cow" is my word for brilliant but unconventional solutions to serious problems.]

e.g., The Pringles Potato Chip can was a bokra of a packaging solution.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bold-faced lying - Big-time lying. Lying that justifies being printed in bold.

e.g., Before the Democrat Party decides on its Presidential candidate for 2004, we can expect them to really go after President Bush and each other. Get ready for some bold-faced lying. | Sounds like a bold-faced lie to me.

submitted by Miss Speller

boldatize - To make something bold.

e.g., That statement needs emphasis. Can you boldatize it?

submitted by Filip

bollicky - Plain, bare, unadorned.

e.g., Johnny will only eat bollicky spaghetti -- not a drop of sauce on it. (My deceased mother-in-law made up this useful word years ago.)

submitted by Mary Ann Medlar

bolliday - (BALL-ee-day; n.) Time taken from everyday tasks to kick back and watch Bollywood movies and/or music videos.

e.g., "So, any word? What's been happening?" "Nothing. They've checked in, but found nada so far. So I took a Bolliday and watched 'Swadesh.'" "Any good?" "Yeah, 'Swadesh' is really good. Here, you can borrow my copy." "Thanks. What are you watching now?" "'Devdas,' then 'Jodhaa-Akbar.'"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bollixed from the git go - A situation messed up from the start.

e.g., I knew when my car wouldn't start in the morning that my day was bollixed from the git go.

submitted by Paul

bollocktics - A state of paranoia in reigning government administrations against the party out of power, the media, Congress, government agencies, and other critical entities. It results in covert hormonal and irrational activities that are overreactive and often illegal.

e.g., This administration is spending too much energy secretly nipping at and harrowing the C.I.A. Let's use the sizzors of the law to cut off its bollocktics, make it more docile, and restore its focus to the full-time business of running our country.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

bolly-babe - Attractive female of Indian background or origin. Resembling a Bollywood star.

e.g., My last two girlfriends have both been bolly-babes.

submitted by Zippy Broodstock

bolo - Big, bulky, thick.

e.g., Did you see the size of that bouncer? Bolo.

submitted by Aldwin Oliveros

bologneat - An adjective to describe any place which has been cleaned by means of hiding dirt under rugs or beds, or stuffing things into closets.

e.g., "I cleaned my room, Mom." "I can see your closet; it's just bologneat."

submitted by hugh

bolshevik - (rhymes with BOWL-the-pick; n.) 1. The "majority" faction of the early Communist Party in Russia, as opposed to the Menshevik "minority" faction (although, as to membership and activity, both factions vied for numerical dominance and often traded the majority and minority labels (the terms "hard-line" and "tolerant" are probably more philosophically accurate)); 2. A euphemism for "bullshit" as a label for "nonsense" or "meaningless discourse." [From Russian bol'shinstvo "majority"]

e.g., "The professor didn't show up, so we all just sat there shooting the bolshevik for an hour and a half."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

bolshevik - (rhymes with BOWL-the-pick; n.) 1. The "majority" faction of the early Communist Party in Russia, as opposed to the Menshevik "minority" faction (although, as to membership and activity, both factions vied for numerical dominance and often traded the majority and minority labels (the terms "hard-line" and "tolerant" are probably more philosophically accurate)); 2. A euphemism for "bullshit" as a label for "nonsense" or "meaningless discourse." [From Russian bol'shinstvo "majority"]

e.g., "The professor didn't show up, so we all just sat there shooting the bolshevik for an hour and a half."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

bolt-hole - A secret stash of money a woman (?) keeps so she can run away from her husband if she decides to.

e.g., "Some think hiding money from your spouse is as serious a breach of trust as sexual infidelity. Others, like the lady with the tea caddy, believe having a financial bolt-hole is the secret to a happy marriage."

submitted by [bolt-hole] - (www)

bolt-the-door - An object or place that is particularly shabby or rundown. "Ghetto." Etymology: From the movie _Finding Forrester_" in which the characer played by Sean Connery utters the line, "Bolt the door if you're coming in.")

e.g., I don't think we should take John's car. That thing is really bolt-the-door; it'll probably break down after 10 miles.

submitted by slam-p

boltalic - To be in bold and italic.

e.g., Don't write in boltalic, please.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

boltium - Used to describe a substance or act that is electrifying. From "lightning bolt" + "-ium," the suffix used frequently when naming new elements.

e.g., "The sex we had last night was like boltium," boasted Ernie.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

boltongeist - An object of blame whenever an item inexplicably disappears. Named after the ghost of Michael Bolton's mullet-cut.

e.g., My Britney Spears doll has disappeared. The boltongeist strikes again.

submitted by Cat Stanley

bomb - The best that ever was. The greatest.

e.g., This new restaurant is the bomb.

submitted by Stephanie

bomb - Prolific graffiti.

e.g., I'm getting smoked by that other writer. He's been bombing every train this week.

submitted by .:DASH:. - (www)

bomb diggity - Wverwhelmingly stupendous, extremely cool.

e.g., Walter, your mullet is bomb diggity.

submitted by Blake - Something or someone is extra-cool.

e.g., Your new skateboard is the

submitted by Drew and Josh

bombarius - Ridiculous, unbelievable.

e.g., My word was accepted. Bombarius.

submitted by Zac

bombastificatory - The quality of possessing or embodying a superlative degree of bombast, or excessive, florid, overworked speech.

e.g., The politician, a former philosophy professor, plumbed the nether regions of his bombastificatory paradigm.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

bombbloggity - Of an online blog that is an exceptional read.

e.g., Have you read his recent blog entry? It's simply bombbloggity.

submitted by LeAnna - (www)

bombdiggity - Completely cool.

e.g., The new roller coaster is a bombdiggity ride.

submitted by Warden - (www)

bombilogophile - A lover of buzzwords. Like the boss in Dilbert cartoons and the bosses in many real corporations who believe that using trendy words makes up for their lack of anything new or interesting to say. From the latin "bombus" (buzzing), "logos" (word), and "philios" (love).

e.g., When Richard suggested that we leverage new paradigms to enable synergy, I realized he was a true bombilogophile.

submitted by Andrew MacCormack

bombine - When the blades are moving on the combine.

e.g., Don't stick your hand into the could get hurt.

submitted by Brooke 7th Enlish

bombinous - Adjectival form of "the bomb." Cool.

e.g., A, your new t-shirt is bombinous.

submitted by apathy

bombout - Equivalent to a computer freeze-up or crash.

e.g., That bombout trashed all my changes since I last saved!

submitted by RobA

bombsville - From the Dictionary of the Rat Pack: any kind of failure in life; see ville.


“His Blackberry ring-a-ding dings. He rolls his blue eyes. It’s another panicked call from Kevin McCarthy. Boehner is beginning to wonder if the kid just doesn’t have it, if he’s bombsville. McCarthy styled himself as one of the ‘young guns,’ along with Eric Cantor, who misfired, and Paul Ryan, who can’t pull the trigger. Now Boehner’s worried that McCarthy might be a pop gun.

“‘Kevin, did you make another mess I gotta clean up?’ the Speaker growls. ‘Stop blubbering. That’s my department. Obviously, you really stepped in it with that Benghazi crack on “Hannity.” You told Sean that I get a B-minus as speaker? I give you a D for Dumbo.’”

submitted by [Maureen Doiwd] - (www)

bomo - Major letdown, a disappointment, something that bad.

e.g., My test score was a bomo. Bomo that your girlfriend dissed your homie.

submitted by Katie Anderson

bompalon - Yet another word for idiot.

e.g., Sammi was behaving like a right bompalon today.

submitted by Sammi

bon deviant - Opposite of bon vivant. A person of unrefined tastes and unsociable behavior, especially in the arena of fine foods and drink.

e.g., The banquet was an exquisite medley of the most delicious and gourmand delicacies, but Chester, a classic bon deviant left in his rusty truck with his moonshine to find some canned meat to fry with gravy for dinner.

submitted by Susanne Malm

bona fide - Of unquestionable status

e.g., "He is bona fide." (As used in _Oh. Brother, Where Art Thou?"

submitted by rudd

bonacourt - (Rhymes with "OWN a fort"; n.) The locus of an act central to a conspiracy theory. [From Greek Bounos "knoll" + Xortou "of green grass" = "grassy knoll."]

e.g., Area 51 is the bonacourt of almost all alien-incursion theories.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bonaduced - To be permanently exiled from show business after a successful career as a child star

e.g., Todd Bridges, Gary Coleman, and Anissa Jones were all bonaduced. Soleil Moon Frye hasn't been bonaduced yet, but wait a few years.

submitted by Deacon

bonafido - A real dog.

e.g., Most of my blind dates were bonafidos, but I eventually got lucky. I think it may have been the previous time when Jim and I double-dated two high school seniors visiting a friend who lived in Holcombe Hall. Mine was the only date I ever had whose name I can't remember. I just refer to her as The Linebacker.

submitted by HD Fowler

bonap - "Bon appetit."

e.g., At lunch: "Bonap"

submitted by Boki

bonce - The head. British slang from the 1880s or so. Earlier, a large marble in children's game was called a "bonce." From Michael Quinion.

e.g., According to a Flanders and Swan song a rhinoceros has a "bodger on the bonce."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bonch - Gross or dirty or not good.

e.g., Naw, Mom, you don't want to see Adam Sandler movies. Most are just bonch. _Anger Management_ Yeah, you might like that. Jack Nicholson makes up for Sandler.

submitted by Matt Rose

bondage - The watching of a Bond film.

e.g., Let's go for some Bondage.

submitted by Paul

bondex - A combination of Spandex and boxers.

e.g., Was Weiner wearing Bondex underwear? Looks almost as skeezy as Speedos on a geezer.

submitted by «Mark Lee» - (www)

bondish - Use when something is high tech or cool looking.

e.g., That new video camera is really bondish.

submitted by Eric Heinrichs

bondjamesbond - A sarcastic self deprecation when one is trying to be cool but has utterly and publicly failed.

e.g., When attempting to open a door for an adored one and the handle comes away in one's hand, the only comment can be, "The name's Bondjamesbond."

submitted by Dr Alan March Maddams

bondo - Auspicious, wonderful, an expression of approval and enthusiasm.

e.g., Frank: Did you see those fireworks last night? Harry: Oh, yeah. Bondo!

submitted by andrew baade

bone again - Put on the armor of Gog? Reincarnate? Reenter the world of the physical and real to access the solid and the flesh wherein may dwell an element of ecstasy and joy therewith?

e.g., Ye muss be bone again To re-enter the Godden Of Hedon. Oh, brother, are you bone again? Sin now with immunity. Enjoy that which was previously forbad [sic]. Heaven on earth is possible and is henceforth commanded.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bone orchard - A cemetery.

e.g., I want a humongous headstone to mark my plot at the bone orchard.

submitted by Todd M. Bass

bone taco - A punch in the face. Can also be used as an interjection to mean "bogus," "lame," "he deserves a punch in the face," etc.

e.g., He's gonna get a bone taco if he doesn't shut up about my rash. I told him it's not contagious. Well, not very.

submitted by Shady Wasabi - (www)

bone-all-shatter - Especially attractive--in a way that makes merely attractive people look plain.

e.g., I have seen some hot chicas before, but this girl was bone-all-shatter.

submitted by Ronald E. Reed

boned - Completly screwed, a hopeless situation. Made popular by the TV show "Futurama."

e.g., How big is he? - 300lbs. - I'm boned.

submitted by Alex R

bonehead - Hard-headed individual who acts in a manner to lead a casual observer to believe there is solid bone under the hair and no brains.

e.g., Licking that cold pipe was a real boneheaded move.

submitted by Andy Malleck

boneless - Coolest, the best.

e.g., You gotta see The Count of Monte Cristo. When the count makes his first public appearance, he has what may be the ultimate boneless entrance ever seen in a movie. (ED. Agreed.)

submitted by acidspork

bones - Dollars.

e.g., Hold up -- I'm outta bones. I gotta stop at the bank.

submitted by Shady Wasabi

bonethread - A boneheaded thread on a message board. | A message board thread started by a bonehead.

e.g., I got the idea for the title of my most recent thread from another bonehead's bonethread. (Yes, I know what your inference might be from my use of "another.")

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

boneye - A rare condition which occurs when one is poked in the eye by a skull while crawling around under an old house.

e.g., Larry got a serious boneye while looking under that 19th century farmhouse.

submitted by Scooter

bong - "really good or nice, "

e.g., your friend is really bong

submitted by marian

bonggasious - Extravagant, extraordinary.

e.g., Mike hosted a bonggasious birthday party Saturday night.

submitted by mikaela

bongoleering - As a verb: to do something completely insane just for the hell of it (e.g., streaking or skydiving). As an adjective: something utterly fantastic or thrilling.

e.g., I'm in the mood for bongoleering. Watch this. | Did you go to that BonJovi concert in the Millenium Stadium? It was bongoleering.

submitted by Dave Quarrell - (www)

boni - Bone-eye. Plural form of "bonus." An exclamation of pleasure over an unexpected windfall or turn of good luck.

e.g., They sent us extra cheese bread and a fruitcake. Boni.

submitted by sdulmage

bonify - Back-formation from Latin "bona fide," in good faith. 1. To validate or authenticate. 2. To provide evidence as to the validity of. 3. To pass or make enforceable (as with a parliamentary motion, legal contract or legislative bill).

e.g., An antiques expert was called in to bonify the provenance of the Victorian chair.

submitted by Tony Le

bonivict - A person who has a good or benevolent and uplifting air after having lost; a good-sport; a good loser.

e.g., I was nervous to tell my friend that I got the part he wanted in the play, but he was such a bonivict, I had no need to worry in the first place.

submitted by Thomas Litchev - (www)

bonji - A person of Middle-Eastern descent.

e.g., 1. I spoke to a Bonji at the AOL call center today. I couldn't understand him. 2. Some Bonji cut me off on the parkway today.

submitted by Jennifer Cubakovic

bonk - A web page not displaying properly.

e.g., I gave it to the techie and now it's all gone bonk.

submitted by Marvin Smith - (www)

bonk - 1. To physically deteriorate in a sporting event to the point where you might need to quit. 2. ED: "Muscle fatigue (the "bonk" in cycling, "hitting the wall" in running) generally occurs when the body's internal carbohydrate stores are depleted and there is a shift towards fat metabolism as the prime energy source for the exercising muscle (with maximum energy output limited to approximately 50% VO2 max.)."

e.g., 1. Halfway through the triathlon I bonked. 2. "Vande Velde writes in his rider's diary at VeloNews that he has trouble staying fed and hydrated in the heat, and only realizes he's nearing the bonk when he starts getting goosebumps.

submitted by Byron

bonkbuster - Added to the OED's online version in 2002: "a type of popular novel characterised by frequent sexual encounters between the characters." Sue Limb says she came up with the word in 1988 "after a publisher asked for a 'big thick book with lots of bonking in it.'" It wasn't a huge step, she says, to go from blockbuster to bonkbuster.

e.g., So, what books have you read lately, Chris? Anything besides the latest bonkbuster?  

Kerry Katona and friends in the Return of the Bonkbuster “Oh God, oh God, you’re too sexy! I’m not sure I can make it to the bedroom,” panted Harry Levin, his tongue licking Molly’s neck like a hungry wolf. They had only just burst in through the front door and already Harry’s hand had plunged down Molly’s halter-neck to grab at her. . . .”  

Gripping stuff, but not entirely appropriate for a family newspaper. Apologies then to fans of vintage Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper who are gagging for a time when books were filled with insatiable über-millionaires on the prowl for premier-league sex and glamorous heroines with a real thirst for power. But their prayers are about to be answered. After decades of neglect, the bonkbuster is back. It’s bye-bye Bridget Jones and the misery of single life in a bedsit, and hello the champagne lifestyle of Russian oligarchs, supermodels and WAGs, set against the international backdrop of five-star hotels, yachts and private jets. . . .

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bonkers - A colloquial name for the area between Brooklyn and Yonkers in metropolitan New York. Also used pejoratively, as the natives are commonly perceived to be quirkily erratic in actions and mentally challenged.

e.g., Randy: So you're leaving our welcoming, clean, beautiful little town with the green, gorgeous mountain vistas to go to the crowded, dirty, cold, unfeeling, hyper-expensive, triple-taxed area of metropolitan New York. Are you going "bonkers?" Mandy: No, just to Staten Island.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

bonkersteebobcat - Seriously abnormal behavior. Sometimes spelt "Bonkers T. Bobcat."

e.g., Jack: Chris was sure in a bonkersteebobcat mood. Mac: He always is. Stay out of his way. Keep him away from your family.

submitted by a.hamill

bonkify - To bollux up something; make an error.

e.g., Jack tried to cut his own hair and bonkified it.

submitted by Lisie

bonking - A term widely used by people with juvenile diabetes (yours truly included) to describe a hypoglycemic reaction to an insulin overdose.

e.g., I was bonking so severely I couldn't even remember what day it was.

submitted by Stephen Mize

bonkyize - 1. To offer random stream of consciousness posting to a flame war. 2. To be surreal. 3. To offer pop culture reference to comments when no comment is forthcoming. 4. My feet smell.

e.g., I was getting my point across before you came in and bonkyized it with your Pee Wee Herman reference.

submitted by Dead Robot - (www)

bonnasses - Young and beautiful real-life girls (in general above the age of consent), photographed in sexy (not necessarily nude) or compromising positions.

e.g., The campus at Berkeley was brimming full with lovely bonnasses. . . . No, not really. Just kidding.

submitted by Hibernian

bonnejeur - Greeting used by peasant farmers in the southwest of England -- who have very little vocabularly and less money than sense.

e.g., Bonnejeur, Martin, how be ye diddling?

submitted by lukerplap

bonnet - Attractive women.

e.g., There was a lot of random bonnet at the party.

submitted by Leisha

bonnyclabber - Milk which has turned sour.

e.g., Who left this bonnyclabber in the frigde?

submitted by pinkgirly

bonoboism - A doctrine advocating that society should be based on the social behavior of the bonobo (pygmy chimpanzee, pan paniscus). Characterized by egalitarianism, matriarchy, relative vegetarianism, pacifism, and eating lots of fresh fruit.

e.g., The bonoboism movement will be the new social trend of the 21st Century, despite opposition from conservatives.

submitted by Gregory Zaleski

bonular - Referring to your bones

e.g., My backache is more bonular than muscular.

submitted by Jody

bonus - Means that something is exceptional or things go your way.

e.g., Bonus. I just found a quarter. OR This car runs bonus.

submitted by chippy

bonza beauty mate - Usually said as one word. It's another famous okkerism (Australian slang) meaning, "Great, mate!" Also simply means "Thank you for your kind advice and I shall follow through with your proposal."

e.g., "Boof, the esky's full o' long necks (beer). You'll have ta put them in the tub (bath)." And the reply comes, "You bonzabeautymate!"

submitted by Ants Pants - (www)

boo - To look at something or to contact someone.

e.g., Give me a boo after work and we'll decide where we're going tonight. OR Take a boo at this magazine article.

submitted by Wanda

boo - Girlfriend or female aquaintance.

e.g., Where's your boo? You're always with her.

submitted by Jason and Tanner

boob tube - A term to describe a television set, which turns viewers into boobs.

e.g., He sat for seven hours in front of the boob tube.

submitted by Jonathan

boobefunct - Screwed up so badly that only a complete boob could have done it.

e.g., We took the computer to another shop but they pronounced it boobefunct and returned it untouched.

submitted by Pittsburgh Vince

boobietube - A baby's eyewitness term for point of origin of mother's milk--nipple.

e.g., The boob tube feeds the mind, whilst the boobietube feeds the face..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

boobtooblivion - Seriously vegetating in front of the TV.

e.g., How long has he been like that? Dunno, he must be in boobtooblivion.

submitted by Dylon Whyte

boobydooby - Completely awe-inspiring.

e.g., (Jack finds beanstalk.) Boobydooby.

submitted by Adrian

booch - 1. When taking a bath with someone else, sliding past to the other side of the tub. One who commits this act is "booching" and is called a "boocher." 2. If a sibling is snuggling with a parent, squeezing in between the sibling and the parent.

e.g., No booching, Billy.

submitted by John Upchurch

boocoodle - A lot, many, perhaps from the French, boocoo (or, perhaps from the French "beaucoup," too) Southern use.

e.g., I found a boocoodle of web dictionaries, but none listed this word.

submitted by Keith Seagle - (www)

boodge - Old station wagons, particularly Falcons, that burn almost as much oil as petrol, and smell like a worn clutch.

e.g., Oh, phew, that car in front is the biggest boodge.

submitted by nick

booed up - To indicate that you are with your girlfriend.

e.g., Ben: Wanna go to the game tonight? Dan: Nope, I'm all booed up.

submitted by Stampede22

boof - A tiny, almost imperceptible burp. A bigger burp may be referred to as a "boof galoof."

e.g., Oops! Excuse me, I boofed.

submitted by mcalmore

boof - Stupid, moronic.

e.g., Some of my co-workers are a bunch of boofs that can't do anything right.

submitted by ditnis

boof - Reference to a puff of hair in the back of the head--short for a bouffant hairstyle or partial bouffant hairstyle.

e.g., The woman I saw on the street had a boof on her head.

submitted by Jennifer

boof - To hide an object in a hard to find place. For example, a secret pocket in a jacket.

e.g., He's got five hundred bucks boofed up in his jacket. | I got my cash in the boof.

submitted by rick

boof boof - Rexdale slang, such as "bling, bling" or "bap, bap." A mentally deficient dog's "woof woof."

e.g., Your dog is boofing up a storm. What's wrong with it?

submitted by mrtac

boof nut - Substitute for "loser."

e.g., You're such a boof nut.

submitted by Julie

boofa - A loveseat. From the movie _The Family Dog_. After the family discovers that the thieves have made off with all their stuff the little girl exclaims "Da boofa, day stow da boofa," referring to the stolen sofa or loveseat.

e.g., I'll meet you at the boofa for a little lovin'!

submitted by Brian Wagner

boofaloo - A person, place, or thing which causes undue discomfort or annoyance.

e.g., I have a really bad toothache. Those boofaloos at the dentist office probed my cavity too long.

submitted by K.L. Watson

boofhead - Australian term used to decribe someone who does or says something stupid, insensitive, or inappropriate. This person is usually intellectually slower than most.

e.g., Due to his many faux pas in public, Chris was regarded as a boofhead by everyone in town.

submitted by Butterfly

boofin' - Describing a terrible smell.

e.g., Her breath was boofin'.

submitted by Samantha

boofus - Name applied to people who act or do something stupid. (Like "doofus.")

e.g., You're a boofus. How could you spend 500 bucks at a strip bar?

submitted by Lucy - (www)

boog - Street dweller, usually homeless but looking to snatch personal belongings from you.

e.g., Chris came out of the club drunk and a boog stole his cell phone.

submitted by A. Martins

boog - Affectionate name for someone always on the go or who has to be in the middle of anything going on. (Shortened form of "little booger" or "little bugger"?)

e.g., Mother talking about her mischievous son, "Have you seen my little Boog?"

submitted by Asia M. Church

boogaji - This is an extra letter of the alphabet, used when you don't know the actual spelling for something.

e.g., "How do you spell 'elephant'?" "E, L, E, boogaji. . . ."

submitted by The Weirdo

booger - Nasal mucus.

e.g., The real reason I didn't get the job was a booger hangin outta' my nose during the interview.

submitted by Garret Thomson - (www)

booger - An Australian one hundred dollar note.

e.g., You can put away those boogers, mate. It's not for sale.

submitted by Chester Cardigan

booger, boogerhead - A sarcastic yet loving term of endearment for a child. Used when a child has done something naughty but funny.

e.g., Guess what your little boogerhead did today? He cut the fur off the cat's tail!

submitted by Marta

booger-ent - (Also "bogey-ent"; n.) 1. A particular (and peculiar) method (or "art") of removing a booger from the nose: Apparently, one simply places the fingertip upon a still-gelatinous bogey until it adheres to the finger rather than the inner nostril, and is thus easily removed, simply coming free without having to be scraped along the nose tissue [yeah, I know]; 2. Someone who practices this ... odd nose-picking methodology. [A reference to an event in "Flotsam and Jetsam," Chapter 9 of _The Two Towers_ (Book II of _The Lord of the Rings_). Therein, Treebeard, the old ent, fixes his hands to the walls of Isengard, and, like the work of roots over many years, crumbles the wall and pulls it down. Orthanc is not a booger; but the comparison seemed to make sense at the time.]

e.g., So, this one guy was stopped at the light for, like, two minute. The light must've been busted, and everyone else was shouting and honking. But this guy just sat there staring at the light with his finger up his nose. Now, everybody uses intersections for nose-picking, I know, but this guy was bogey-ent zen or something.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

boogerboo - Pseudosnot, fake plastic nasal material, intended to gross unsuspecting people out.

e.g., Some people (especially younger people) seem to like to leave globs of boogerboo about to disgust other people

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

boogerhead - An extremely annoying and often pompous and deceptive fellow. (In my experience, always used mildly or jokingly.)

e.g., If you saw the way Chris treats Alex, you'd agree that he's a certified boogerhead.

submitted by Cj Critt

boogiechuck - To really move it; to do something quite rapidly. From "boogie," in the sense of "to move it, quickly."

e.g., If we're going to get there on time, we'd better boogiechuck. | If I'm going to meet the deadline, I've got to boogiechuck on the research.

submitted by lilu - (www)

boogity - Used at the green flag start of a NASCAR race signaling for the cars to accelerate to speed and the race has officially started.

e.g., Used by the commentator, Daryl Waltrip, at the green flag start, “Boogity, boogity, boogity.”

submitted by BSN LION - (www)

boogle - adjective meaning go or to go

e.g., 'lets boogle!' as in 'lets go'

submitted by evan - (www)

boogle - Meaningless small talk, often utilized when attempting to get to know a member of the opposite sex.

e.g., Did you see Tom? He was boogling with that one girl for quite some time. Let's go ahead and boogle until I have to leave.

submitted by Taylor

boogly - 1. Expletive. Used when one has come to the harsh realization, that things have not gone as planned. 2. Something that it is covered in any bodily fluid(s).

e.g., 1. Ah, boogly! 2. Don't touch it, it's boogly.

submitted by The Boogly Rooster

boogwoolie - Spoken nonsense.

e.g., Chris only talks boogwoolie. Just don't speak to him and he'll shut up eventually.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

booha-ish - Being in the state of Booha.

e.g., Such as, "Fred is being very Booha-ish today" instead of, "Fred is being very cool today."

submitted by Zach Engle

boohog - Terrifyingly, historically ugly woman; likely a heavy one as well.

e.g., Well, she might have a good personality, but she's a boohog. She can't ski either.

submitted by Perrin Davis

booj - To leave in a hurry.

e.g., This party blows. Let's booj.

submitted by bandar

booje-whack - A word generally meaning something negative.

e.g., The cops impounded your car? Oh, booje-whack.

submitted by Dot - (www)

book - To leave. (Likely in reference to the Hawaii Five-O catch-phrase, "Book 'em, Dano.")

e.g., Got class in ten -- gotta book.

submitted by iAn - (www)

book antiqua moment - The sense of horror and incredulity you get every time you try to mentally "find" a word on a page, then remember that there is no search function on books made of paper. By extension, the same sense when trying to find an object or recall something.

e.g., I'm having a book antiqua moment. I'm not sure; I just don't know. Curse. How long till Google lets me search my own thoughts and feelings?

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

book lag - Disruption to a person's sleeping patterns caused by being unable to put down a good book.

e.g., When I finished the book it was 3 am. The next day I had really bad book lag.

submitted by Nicholas Daley

bookalachi - Party, excitement, astounded, surprise.

e.g., Let's bookalachi!

submitted by Thomas Camp

bookkeep - (v.) 1. to keep the books, i.e., do the accounting for a company, office, firm, household, or whatever; 2. to emphasize picayune details enough to annoy the speaker. [Back-formation from "bookkeeper."] (n.) a bookkeeper.

e.g., So, you can, what, can you take shorthand? type? bookkeep? recept? What?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bookmarkable - If a site is worth bookmarking, it's bookmarkable.

e.g., A quick scan indicates that your site is bookmarkable. {ED. You may want to reconsider that.}

submitted by Richard - (www)

booky - Extremely nerdy and annoying. One who is extremely nerdy and annoying.

e.g., Some believe that Bill Gates is a creative genius, but I consider him to be a booky.

submitted by matt

bool - More confusing than Boolean Logic.

e.g., Math class was bool today.

submitted by Josh Priddy

boolie - A unusual look on someone's face, usually an innocent one. Sometimes the look is a permanent one. She looks a boolie means that her expression is a little strange.

e.g., She looks a boolie.

submitted by mary stone

boom - A term for dessert after you've had a big meal. You have no room left, but you've gotta go boom.

e.g., That open-face turkey sandwich was all I need, but I definitely saved room for boom.

submitted by Mark

boom in the foom - (Also "foom boom"; n.) 1. The sudden expansion of a universe in the quantum foam (into which universes expand); 2. metaphorically, any event sufficiently momentous to disrupt the normal flow of the universe. [Rhyming reduplication created to replace "Big Bang."]

e.g., The Boom in the Foom took place not quite 14 billion years ago ... which, the more we learn, doesn't really seem nearly long enough. | 9-11 was a major foom boom.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

boom-shaka-laka - Joyous celebrational phrase.

e.g., I just scored two points. Boom-shaka-laka.

submitted by jli - (www)

boomalick - An irritating and annoying person.

e.g., An older brother winds his little sister up by saying that she is in trouble with her parents. She says "No, I'm NOT . . . you BOOMALICK!"

submitted by Fay Walsh

boomba - Bubbles in tiles.

e.g., The floor was full of boomba.

submitted by Kevin 7th English

boomer - United States Navy. A submarine capable of launching nuclear missles.

e.g., The size of America's fleet of boomers has not significantly changed since the fall of the Soviet Union.

submitted by Stephen Mize

boomerang project - A project where the results come back to haunt you and will endanger your future career no matter how much time has elapsed.

e.g., Bert: It's been two years since the integration project. Why can't it just leave me alone? Ernie: Looks like you got one of those boomerang projects

submitted by Professor

boomerangers - Gen-X aged persons who return home to live with their parents after being unable to make their way in life. A super-slacker.

e.g., He got his degree and worked full-time for awhile but just decided life was easier as a boomeranger and now lives with his folks.

submitted by Stephen Mize

boomitsdabomb - For occasions when something has been completed successfully.

e.g., Boomitsdabomb, I'm finally done with this.

submitted by Carlo Mormina - (www)

boomshanker - An expression of appreciation or approval

e.g., "Boomshanker!" said Doug after witnessing the DJ's superb scratching skills.

submitted by Michael Lowry

boomstick - Term often used to describe a shotgun in first-person shooter video games.

e.g., The soldier finished off the zombie with two slugs from his boomstick.

submitted by Archveult

boon - A good thing, a blessing. Also a real word, of course.

e.g., Sometimes I find the availability of the word brainflatus to be a boon. | Taken and used the right way -- with either a grain of salt or a spoonful of sugar -- the pseudodictionary can be a boon. Otherwise, it can be a curse. I wonder which is more likely.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

boon - A good thing, a blessing. Also a real word, of course.

e.g., Sometimes I find the availability of the word brainflatus to be a boon. | Taken and used the right way -- with either a grain of salt or a spoonful of sugar -- the pseudodictionary can be a boon. Otherwise, it can be a curse. I wonder which is more likely.  

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

boonab - A completely useless object.

e.g., "What's that table mounted on springs for?" "Oh, it's just my boonab . . . I might use it for displaying jelly."

submitted by Neil - (www)

boonanimal - Unattractive animal.

e.g., That's an ugly boonanimal hangin' outta yer sleeve.

submitted by Kelly

boondoggin' - Off roadin'.

e.g., Let's take the Bronco boondoggin'.

submitted by Tyler

boondoggle - A time-wasting task that looks like work (usually while at work). E-mailing is an extremely common form of boondoggling.

e.g., I am not boondoggling, I am doing legitimate research for my project.

submitted by Catherine McCredie

booner - Australian regional (Canberra) term for Bogans/Westies. Tight black jeans, mullet hair, Bon Jovi fan.

e.g., For my first six months in Melbourne I was calling Bogans Booners.

submitted by Baggyjeans

boonie chicken - n. A theoretical creature found in parts of North America which are considered to be extremely rural. Boonie Chickens are thought to have originated as free-range chickens during late 1800s. Boonie chickens, unlike domesticated or even wild chickens, had to develop a mean streak in order to survive in the rugged untamed wilderness. Colonial creatures, they hunt in packs and, unlike conventional chickens, have sophisticated fighting methods and an uncanny knowledge of human technology (born from close ties to humanity in their origin). They are known to come in Greater and Lesser varieties.

e.g., Help, help, I'm being attacked by a boonie chicken.

submitted by Chirstyn - (www)

boonies - The boondocks, the rural areas.

e.g., Here come those hicks from the boonies.

submitted by Jim Pipkin

boonies - Formula 1 slang. Anywhere off the track but still part of the circuit: where drivers end up when they leave the track.

e.g., And that's Pedro De La Rosa in the boonies.

submitted by Adam Leslie

boonkie or boonky - The backside or rump area.

e.g., Get off your boonky and help me in the kitchen, please.

submitted by Trish

boont - Cool, awesome, great

e.g., That music they were playing was boont.

submitted by ned lidbury

boop - When a cat kisses you by nudging your nose with its own.

e.g., My cat Leroy just booped me three times.

submitted by cat o'mine

boop - Northern urbonics for poot. A polite or less vulgar fart.

e.g., I couldn't hold it anymore Momma, I had to boop. Sorry.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

boopsie - Sweet, cute, or loveable.

e.g., My little puppy is a boopsie.

submitted by Tammy

boosah - To say something is excellent or to show that you did something good yourself. Origin: Carnarvon, WA, as far as I'm aware.

e.g., 1. Wow, that ... um ... roast potato was boosah. 2. Boosah. (When you've just whipped someone in Mortal Kombat 4, usually in combination with a hand gesture of your choice.)

submitted by Stbz

booshang - Yes, that is good.

e.g., Teacher: Corbin, you got a 100 on you test. Corbin: Booshang!

submitted by Corbin Tate

booster bag - Underworld slang from 1931: "[A] booster bag is a specially designed bag that is meant to conceal stolen merchandise as it is taken out of a store."

e.g., You don't want to be caught with your booster bag filled with ill-gotten loot.

submitted by [Grant Barrett] - (www)

boot - To go fast--not carelessly, but purposefully--either on foot or in a vehicle; to hurry, to shove.

e.g., The drugstore was only open until 9:00 and it was 8:45--I'd have to boot it on my bicycle to get there before it closed.

submitted by peter

boot - A physically unattractive woman.

e.g., John's new girlfriend is a boot. If he drops her, think she'll go out with me?

submitted by Charlie

boot-'n'-toot - An adverse gastric event, as during a bout of stomach flu, in which the afflicted is simultaneously vomiting and passing gas.

e.g., I'll never eat there again. The sushi tasted fresh, but it was boot-'n'-toot all night for your long-suffering narrator.

submitted by adam thorsell

boot-leged - Kicked.

e.g., Ouch! You just boot-leged me in the shin.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

booter - one of those little traincar thingies that take you between airport terminals, best exemplified by the system at Newark International Airport.

e.g., Getting to Newark is easy -- you just take the Amtrak to the booter, and go right to your terminal. About ten people fit in each booter.

submitted by JIM

booth bait - Very attractive girls placed in corporate exhibit booths as hostesses in high tech conventions and exhibitions, hired for the occasion to lure nerds into the booth.

e.g., The Tech Con this year is replete with booth bait up and down the main exhibit aisle.

submitted by Joel Parker

bootie - messed up

e.g., Man that's bottie?

submitted by amber

bootjam - when your pants get hung up on the back of your boot or shoe

e.g., When you wear your hiking boots with those straight leg blue jeans you always have boot jam.

submitted by Karen Stern

bootleg - Not right or not true.

e.g., You can depend on just about anything Chris says being bootleg.

submitted by Dustin D.

bootlegged - Cheap, undesirable, broken, wrong, or a situation as unjust or unfair.

e.g., This cheap binder which broke so inconveniently and spread my papers all across the parking lot is a bootlegged piece of trash.

submitted by Eric S. - (www)

bootrific - Being ultra-fly on the streets.

e.g., I knew this bootrific gal who was an art major at the university.

submitted by Cris Edwards

boots - Formula 1 slang for the wheels and tyres of a racing car.

e.g., And that's Olivier Panis in to change his boots.

submitted by Adam Leslie

boots and wheels - McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, because they're shaped either like little boots or little wheels.

e.g., I'm gonna go get me some boots and wheels . . . want any?

submitted by Crowe

bootswiggles - A small, dancing waffle with a very high-pitched voice.

e.g., Hi, I'm Bootswiggles, the dancing waffle.

submitted by Gnome - (www)

bootsy - Used to describe something or someone that sucks. Can also be used as "Boots." Origin: Fresno, CA

e.g., My job's bootsy. | She was pretty boots.

submitted by JK

bootwalk - The fine art of walking around a highly populated area searching for attractive women, and then complimenting them in the following form: "Nice boots." Whether or not they are actually wearing boots is completely irrelevant.

e.g., Bert and Jeff are off on a bootwalk again.

submitted by MacClearich

booty - Not attractive, ugly.

e.g., Don't feel bad that she dumped you. She's booty, anyway.

submitted by stained_oj - (www)

booty blocker - An item of clothing (usually a long sleeve shirt or a sweater) that covers one's bottom, when you are feeling insecure about its size.

e.g., These jeans are tight in the bottom. May I borrow a sweater to use as a booty blocker?

submitted by laura smyth

bootylicious - Used to describe how very fine someone looks. Also can be used to note the extremely favorable flavor of a food item.

e.g., Did you see that girl over there by the pool?She was bootylicious. | That lobster tail was the best ever, quite bootylicious.

submitted by blm - (www)

boourns - Means that something is bad or unenjoyable.

e.g., "Boourns to that stuff"

submitted by Lyndsey - (www)

booya gran'ma - Said when you have defeated an enemy or opponent.

e.g., "I won that tennis match! Booya Gran'ma!"

submitted by Angel

booyah - "to be used after you have done something better than someone else, won a bet, or beat someone at a game."

e.g., "After you proved your friend wrong,"Oh yeah! Booyah!""

submitted by Renee

booze monster - 1. Somebody who loves to get severely drunk. 2. The dormant inner demon in us all, which when awakened causes us to drink until we pass out.

e.g., 1. Did you see that Booze Monster at the party last night? 2. I better slow down. If I have one more beer, I'm going to wake up the Booze Monster.

submitted by Matt

boozeheimer's - When a bartender doesn't know how to make the drink you requested.

e.g., The girl at Maguire's has serious boozeheimer's. I asked for a martini and she gave me a maragarita.

submitted by reese danger epstein

boozery - A place where one finds alcohol.

e.g., Does anybody fancy some wine? I'm off to the boozery.

submitted by may

boozy - A state of inebriation.

e.g., Why so boozy you?

submitted by Michelle

bopaworts - If you're not going frontaworts, you're going bopaworts. Backwards.

e.g., Look, Mom, that train is moving bopaworts.

submitted by chrisbarefootdolly

bopbar - Popsicles, icepops .

e.g., I need to get some bopbars at the store.

submitted by Beth Parish

bopeep - 1. To emasculate, to humiliate, to teach one a lesson -- publicly. 2. To change without permission a message board member's avatar, whether the member will care for the result or not. The unabridged version follows.

From a September, 2003, dispute between a Forum Administrator (StoneyJ) and board member (Tony). StoneyJ (a former USAF Major) threw down the gauntlet forcefully in a private e-mail when he threatened Tony (a former Marine, either noncom or enlisted) not to reveal the e-mail publicly: "Now back off, or I'll burn your account, ban your IP and change your avatar to little bo peep." Needless to say, the gyrene took up the challenge, and posted the e-mail. The Admin did what he said he'd do -- what choice did he have? This is what happens when you leave no room for negotiation -- especially when a man's reputation as a standup guy is at stake. This is the equivalent of the double-dog-dare (or whatever's higher up in the escalation chain) of childhood.

May 6, 2004 update: Belatedly obtained permission to use TBone's screen name. Thanks, TBone.

3. To change without permission a forum member's avatar, whether the member will care for the result or not. [From a September, 2003, dispute between the admin and the forum member on another site. The admin (a former USAF Major) threw down the gauntlet forcefully in a private e-mail when he threatened the forum member (a former Marine, either noncom or enlisted) not to reveal the e-mail publicly: "Now back off, or I'll burn your account, ban your IP and change your avatar to little bo peep." Needless to say, the gyrene took up the gauntlet, and posted the e-mail. The admin did what he said he'd do -- what choice did he have? This is what happens when you leave no room for negotiation -- especially when a man's reputation as a standup guy is at stake. This is the equivalent of the double-dog-dare (or whatever's higher up in the escalation chain) of childhood.]

4. Update. Part 2 of this entry appeared when the word was added. It was later "made invisible," but has now been restored after the forum member requested that his forum screenname be removed. That has now been done. Neither the forum member nor the admin was involved with the entry, but they were acknowledged by screenname by the submitter in the "submitted by" field. The forum member was banned from the other forum at the time of the submittal and could not be contacted to see if the submittal was OK with him. Turns out it was not. (The reference to his being a standup guy was not visible recently; however, he may not have wanted it up, anyway.) Both submitters' previous screennames have also been replaced with pseudonyms. [And now, with the "invisibled" being made visible again, so will the screennames.]

5. Note: Although the forum member's screenname, at his request, has been removed from this entry, the incident reported happened exactly as reported. It happened online in a forum, online for one reason and one reason only: The forum member posted the private e-mail(s) and made the dispute public -- in a brand new thread he started. That was checked before the word and associated story were accepted from the original submitter. He (she?) was a visitor to that site who saw the exchanges, thought it was funny, and saw an opportunity to create a couple of words. The link to that thread no longer works.

However, there's another brand new thread at the site, also started by the forum member. One wonders why he persists in drawing attention to his predicament. Would anyone he exchanges postings with be aware of this site except for him?

e.g., 1. "StoneyJ, don't threaten the man that way. If you do, he'll put it on every forum he can find. I'd bet my wings on it. Gyrenes don't back down." . . . "Tony, if you post the Admin's e-mail, he's gonna bopeep you. He said he would and he'll do it. Wait and see. . . . Aaah, Tony. I told ya' so. Now what? Tony? Tony, are you there? Rats. Tony's gone."

2. Hey, Marines, did you see where StoneyJ bopeeped Tony? That was unprofessional. A zoomie's got no business doing that to a jarhead. If something needs to be done to keep one of our guys in line, we can do it ourselves. No, I don't see what Tony did that was so bad.

3. Don't threaten me, Dave. I'll do worse than bopeep you if you do.

4. The lesson to be learned: It's the internet, people. It's public. Do not use your real name or your real e-mail address online . . . anywhere. If you think your screenname uniquely identifies you or is sacrosanct, you are mistaken. Anyone, anywhere, any time can use the same screenname and make herself appear to be you. Your only recourse will be to start using a new screenname for yourself. That's what you will probably want to do if your screenname starts showing up at unsavory sites. If you threaten me, that is likely to happen. The screenname may also be associated with an ugly picture. Being bopeeped will look like child's play in comparison.

5. To emphasize point 3 in this example, that is not my picture in my forum profile. But it works pretty well for the schoolmarmish look I wanted. I could put up any picture I want to there.

6. After leaving this entry up like this for a while, parts 4, 5, and 6 of the description and the example will once again be made invisible. . . . Otherwise, Paul or Garret may bopeep me.

7. And now that Paul and Garret are out of the picture, all of the content is being made visible -- for anyone who happens across it. Tempests in teapots are too much fun for them to be lost to posterity.

submitted by HD Fowler

boppa - A person who hangs around you because of your status or worth, trying to get something out of it. Can be either male or female.

e.g., Those who make up a celebrity's entourage are often boppas just trying to get in on the limelight.

submitted by Za'ryah Johnson

boppazeener - Instead of "thingamajig."

e.g., I'm looking for the boppazeener that charges up my cell phone.

submitted by Jeni

boppin - As in R&R music. The dance created by Gene Vincent: "Do the bop" "Be-Bop-A Lula." The word "bop" referred to a dance in the 1950s.

e.g., Let's go out and do some boppin tonight. All the cats will be there. We'll bop until the sun comes up and sleep 'til noon.

submitted by Bill (Boppin) Duvall

bops - To take a short journey

e.g., I'll bops down to your house for a beer.

submitted by Joe

borality - The ethical conduct between bores

e.g., When Max recounted two consecutive fishing trips I think I spoke for all when I reminded him of the borality of the situation.

submitted by Miguel Esteves Cardoso - (www)

borange - The color between brown and orange. It rhymes with orange.

e.g., She was wearing a borange shirt as she walked into the concert.

submitted by Eric Mortinson - (www)

borax - Congratulations. The "o" must be emphasized and dragged out.

e.g., You scored with that hot chick from math class? Booo-rax.

submitted by Aldous

borborygmiphobia - Fear that your stomach will start rumbling in public places. | Fear of ( "the rumbling sound produced by the movement of gas through the intestines of animals or humans. The word borborygmus is an onomatopoeia for this rumbling." Borborygmaphobia, borborygmyphobia.  
Maybe one of these days I'll get around to completing The Canonical List Of Phobias. As it is, it comes nowhere near living up to the name I gave it.

e.g., My borborygmiphobia peaks when I'm on an airplane. It's worse than it used to be. When they still served meals on airline flights the borborygmi wasn't quite as frequent or as loud. | My borborygmiphobia is at its worst when I'm in church -- especially when I'm attending a funeral.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bore hunting - Indicates being bored with current task and, as no interesting work is available, I must seek another boring task just to break the monotony.

e.g., I've been sweeping for hours. I'm going bore hunting -- maybe they need someone to wipe down the walls.

submitted by Clayton