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bazzed - Excited and kinda worked up.

e.g., I'm getting bazzed about the party next March.

submitted by Sarah

bazzert - Baby talk for "dessert."

e.g., What's for bazzert?

submitted by Ron A. Zajac

bbc poison mill - The BBC's out-dated insistence that all new comedy writers go through the route of writing for any number of their lame topical comedy shows--thus poisoning them, and ensuring that when they finally get their own show, it will be filled with lame topical gags in place of genuine comic invention.

e.g., I'll bet you anything Lee & Herring went through the BBC poison mill.

submitted by Adam Leslie

bbommp - This is the sound a forehead makes as it strikes the wall.

e.g., Whats so funny? You just hit the wall with your forehead; bbommp!

submitted by bbg

bbq - Used for any lame excuse.

e.g., What's your BBQ this time?

submitted by juse - (www)

bbuioys - When a salesperson walks with you everywhere in the store so she can sell something small like batteries.

e.g., Chris was bbuioys me and I only got batteries.

submitted by Jill

bcg's - BCG's are hideous military issue glasses. They are so bad that no chick would ever come near you with a pair on, hence the term "birth control glasses." More commonly referred to as BCG's.

e.g., Those are some serious BCG's. You arent really going to wear those -- are you?

submitted by andrew

bdong - Worse than bad and wrong, a combination of the two.

e.g., Killing is bdong.

submitted by Sebastian

be u timus - absolulety beautiful great job!

e.g., Holy cow! That girl is be U timus!

submitted by james neuhaus - (www)

be'ff - Contraction of "be" and "off" = to be off, to leave, to exit.

e.g., It's gettin' close to dinner time. Better be'ff.

submitted by Clayton Oliver

be'ins - Pronounced "beans." To ask someone that's just about to sit down, but hasn't quite, to do something for you.

e.g., Sue be'insed Rob when she said "Seeing as you're up, will you take my plate to the kitchen?" just before he sat down.

submitted by Syl Lindsay

beach-o-tainment - Any activity pursued at the beach for purposes of amusement or entertainment, such as beach volleyball, bodysurfing, building sandcastles, playing Frisbee, etc.

e.g., We had a great time at the beach today, but the best beach-o-tainment was when this guy rode by in the sand on his unicycle. Gnarly.

submitted by Paul

beachin' it - Seeking refuge or release by going to the beach; also synonymously used to decsribe that one is doing (or planning on doing)absolutely nothing: relaxing, zoning, etc.

e.g., Sorry, Louise. I wish I could come, but after the week I've had, I'm beachin' it that day. Have fun.

submitted by ramsey

beachy head game - A (mythical) game similar to "I demand" in which a person is blindfolded and taken to a point midway between the car park and the cliff edge at Beachy Head. The person is then spun round and round before having to find his or her way back to the car.

e.g., "I'm bored with playing I demand" said Dave "Let's play the Beachy Head game instead." "Certainly not" said Colin. "I've left my parachute and water wings at home."

submitted by David Widdicombe

beacon - A person who stands out from the crowd for some reason, normally humorous. May be used for physical appearance, or as a result of a comic or foolish act.

e.g., When are white guys going to learn? A shaved head on them is nothing but a beacon--unless they're Yul Brynner.

submitted by Jeff - (www)

beaker - Job title for someone who works in a "chicken factory." The beaker's job is to clip the beaks of baby chicks. | A vessel in which to store a severed nose.

e.g., You thought there wasn't any job worse in a chicken factory than plucker, huh? Well, there is -- my job: beaker. | After nasal reattachment, the beaker had to be sterilized.

submitted by Becker | S. Berliner, III - (www)

beaking - What a chicken does when it makes that clucking sound. Alternative spelling: beeking.

e.g., "Can you please explain why that chicken is beaking?" "Because it wants to get to the other side?"

submitted by Sodapop - (www)

beaky - Good. Early-90s UK slang, confined to about two people.

e.g., The gig last night was beaky

submitted by Adam Leslie

beam me up...jesus - Take me into heaven with you when I "go" sooner or later Lord. Your technology must be at least as good as that of man and undoubtedly significantly better I would think.

e.g., To beam me up or not to beam me up, Jesus, is that the question? We have been reasonably good most of our lives except for a little mayhem and pillaging and lusty overzealousness. We worship the grounds the gods have walked on and grovel for understanding and mercy. Heaven for everyone on Earth, save for the really nasty whose souls shall be snuffed out forever. Beam us all up Ultimate True God and Zeus and Jupiter, Woden and Christus, Yahweh and Allah, Buddha and Ahura Mazda, and all the rest. In this magnificent Universe are many Suns and planets, adequate room for every creature living or dead.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

beamage - The path that the laser of anything takes.

e.g., Move that piece of paper from infront of the TV, it's in my beamage.

submitted by James Holler

beamancoke - Jim Beam and coke.

e.g., Can you get me a beamancoke from the bar.

submitted by Bier Fuhrer

beanard - A person who sucks her fart bubbles in the bathtub. As near as I can tell, this is local slang from north central Arkansas, from the mid-1950s. Couldn't find a single instance of the word with this meaning on the Internet. Companion word: scrounge. Thought it might turn up in the racial slur database, but it didn't. Beniard did show up.

  • {ED. For whatever reason, Google now turns up the companion pd entry for scrounge, but not this one for beanard. The difference could possibly be the way in which headwords are handled by Google. Finally occurred to me that a pd entry for scrounge has been around for eons. All I did was add another definition and example.}

    e.g., Little brother, why don't you and your beanard buddy Jim take a hike? Lynn Carol and I have things we want to talk about and we don't want you eavesdropping.

    submitted by beelzebub - (www)

    beanic - A picnic held on a beach.

    e.g., OK children, you are ready for our beanic this afternoon?

    submitted by Katie Collins

    beanist - A person who likes to discuss unusual or intellectual ideas or pursuits. As in"using his bean."

    e.g., Tom was once again a beanist at the dinner party.

    submitted by Greg Ellsworth

    beans - Whatever.

    e.g., "What movie should we go see tonight?" "Beans"

    submitted by Jes

    beanup - A really awesome person.

    e.g., My friend is a beanup. | Hey all you beanups, what's up?

    submitted by Spencer - (www)

    bear - A roommate who goes out of your room only to go to class or use the bathroom. A very anti-social person.

    e.g., James' roommate Steve is a bear. He just stays in the room all the time, never participating in anything.

    submitted by Mr. Spam

    beard of evil - Often mistakenly called a goatee, this beard is more properly a Van Dyke, grown around the mouth and chin only, usually black or dark brown. It is grown for the sole purpose of making the wearer more cool or more menacing.

    e.g., Even if David Spade grew a beard of evil, he probably would still look twelve.

    submitted by Deacon

    beardbecue - The facial adornment often seen after a hurried or enthusiastic eating of barbecued foods, characterized by barbecue sauce around the mouth and cheek areas.

    e.g., Grant gave a wide smile, exhibiting his post-ribs beardbecue with boyish pride.

    submitted by Igor Stravinsky

    beardification - The process through which one comes into possession of a beard.

    e.g., David Spade would look less like a twelve-year old (but not by much) if he would undergo beardification.

    submitted by Robert Seeman

    bearea - An area of bears; the area of a bear.

    e.g., The forest has a large bearea.

    submitted by Squackle! - (www)

    bearilla - An animal that is half bear and half gorilla.

    e.g., The bearilla was making a clippity clop sound as it walked through the jungle.

    submitted by Rob K

    bearskin - A style of poses in photographic portraiture. The nude or semi-nude model lays face down on a lambskin or other fur rug with head propped up by hands or posing device (like the babyposer). Used mostly in infant Photography

    e.g., Please keep 2:00 open. Mrs. Smith is bringing in her infant for a bearskin.

    submitted by sam

    beast - An exclamation to show your appreciation of something.

    e.g., Aw, beast!

    submitted by gill - (www)

    beastamoth - A corruption of behemoth. A person who is very large or has a bad temper.

    e.g., She was yelling like a beastamoth.

    submitted by Bob

    beastfriend - A beastfriend is a really heinous looking girl who hangs out with a really goodlooking girl. Usually, no article is used. "Look at Beastfriend," not "Look at the Beastfriend."

    e.g., I was going over to talk to Pamela, but beastfriend was there and ruined it.

    submitted by Josh - (www)

    beastify - To make appear ugly or beastly. 2. To severely damage.

    e.g., He would beastify himself with excessive weight-training and steroids. She was beastified by years of plastic surgery. His affliction caused the gradual beastification of his body.

    submitted by Lee Kin Yip Tsang

    beastitize - To cover with a thick, sticky, preferably red material. From the game Homeworld: Cataclysm. It refers to an alien virus that aggregates into a red blob and coats anything it touches.

    e.g., Katie knocked over a whole shelf of strawberry jam jars and beastitized herself. It took three days to get the red stain out of her hair.

    submitted by Firestorm

    beastly - Extremely difficult or hard.

    e.g., Friday's algebra test was beastly.

    submitted by Missy Peterson

    beastmaster - A male who dates unattractive females.

    e.g., Don't say anything about the beastmaster's girlfriend's mole.

    submitted by tom - (www)

    beasts - "At the United States Military Academy, at West Point, new cadets are so called. More appropriate and suggestive terms — though not so forcible — are used at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst — 'Snooker,' 'Johnny'; 'bejants' {bijaunet) is applied to freshmen at Aberdeen University." You can find out a few things about "beast barracks" at this link:

    e.g., The beasts grow to expect a certain amount of taunting by upperclassmen. | Some beasts may not make it through the first day before resigning -- you have to be willing to put up with a little inconvenience to make it.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    beasts of burdens - Those things that interfere with your daily lives and cause you stress and anxiety. Your fears and doubts and the things you regret and don't know how to let go of. The things which take control of or have a direct impact on your lives.

    e.g., The beast of burdens have me swimming in circles. I don't know what beast of burden has me thinking this way? He sure has a beast of burden on his back!

    submitted by Julie Twyman

    beasty - A slang term for "huge" or "massive."

    e.g., Wow, Chirs's hair is beasty.

    submitted by Kaylee - (www)

    beat - Boring, uninteresting.

    e.g., Ed: Wanna go to the glue museum? Ted: No way, that place is beat.

    submitted by ditnis

    beat an egg moment - A moment when it has become obvious that the instructions you have received are incomplete, because whoever gave you the instructions assumed that you knew something when you didn't.

    e.g., The manual says you can just extract a new copy of the dll from the cab file, but it doesn't say anything about how to do an extraction. What kind of beat the egg crap is that?

    submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

    beat it - Get out of here, leave me alone, take a hike, no way, etc.

    e.g., Q: Hey Dad, can you lend me some cash? A: Beat it, son.

    submitted by Dusan

    beat with the marriage stick - To force a man into marital bliss through martial action.

    e.g., After six years of living together, Jill finally beat Jack with the marriage stick by locking him in the bathroom until he proposed.

    submitted by undeadx2

    beatboxing - Vocal percussion, creating beats and rhythms using the human mouth.

    e.g., Buddy Rich would probably be good at beatboxing--but he's dead.

    submitted by Tecnik - (www)

    beatdown - An ass-kicking.

    e.g., Keep talking smack and you'll find yourself on the wrong end of a beatdown.

    submitted by dens

    beated - Past tense of beat. (ED. The submitter's claim: "Everyone uses it." I've never heard anyone use it, but it's the sort of mistake a child learning English might well make, as it fits the pattern of regular verbs.)

    e.g., Press marveled at her beauty as she walked through the door. It was the first time he had seen her in decades. As she picked up her name badge for the reunion gathering, his heart beated faster than he would have thought possible. She didn't need the badge -- she was instantly recognizable, having barely changed in the almost 50 years since her graduation from high school. She created a buzz as she entered the room -- a few former classmates whispered as they speculated that she had had plastic surgery. Their speculation was in vain: No plastic surgeon's scalpel has ever touched her face. She simply has great genes, as evidenced by the handsome gentleman at her side -- her almost 93-year-old father.

    submitted by :L

    beatititus - The affliction of feeling it neccessary to beat on any peice of electronic equipment when it is not operating correctly.

    e.g., Bob suffers from Beatititus: he thinks that hitting the sides of the TV will make the signal come in better.

    submitted by Dale Rogers

    beatles-hippie - Person who dismisses everything when compared to the Beatles. Often wears glasses and semi-long hair. A music dictator. A bore.

    e.g., Dear diary: Today I saw the office beatles-hippie download some Kool & the Gang. I am still in shock.

    submitted by A Bergman - (www)

    beats the balls off me backwards - I have no clue.

    e.g., "Where did he get the money for that bike?" "Beats the balls off me backwards."

    submitted by Joel Prz

    beau - Bobbleheaded or extremely large head.

    e.g., Look at Chris over there. He looks very beau to me.

    submitted by Mike

    beau coup - The result whan a gigolo scores big and marries rich.

    e.g., John Kerry scored a beau coup when he married Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira Heinz Kerry, the Mozambique firecracker.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    beaufont - A good-looking font. Suggested by a misspelling of "bouffant."

    e.g., Maybe they'll update the site and add some beaufonts.

    submitted by Miss Speller

    beaugi - To be snotty, to think you're better than everyone else -- conceited, stuck up.

    e.g., Surely you've noticed how beaugi Chris is.

    submitted by rebecka - (www)

    beaukoodles - A great many; lots; more than a little.

    e.g., "How much money does she have?" "Beaukoodles."

    submitted by Jim

    beaurocracy - Government by "rich, fashionable young men."

    e.g., He missed his opportunity by not running for President years earlier when his claim to being one of the beaurocracy would have been more plausible.

    submitted by Miss Speller

    beautamous - Beautiful. Used often by a 5 year-old who has since grown and is driving now. How time flies.

    e.g., Your art project is beautamous.

    submitted by Richard Gelvin

    beautifulistic - Beautiful and fantastic.

    e.g., You look beautifulistic in that dress.

    submitted by Michelle

    beautifuller - More beautiful. Prettier.

    e.g., That girl is beautifuller than the one beside her. | "Few treats on earth recall childhood simplicity as delightfully as ice cream. I have a theory that just about anybody looks 100 percent beautifuller when presented with a scoop." | To me at least was never evening yet/But seemed far beautifuller than its day. ~Robert Browning

    submitted by Alicia - (www)

    beautifutility - The hopeless inability to improve one's appearance or aesthetics.

    e.g., Gertrude finally realized that beauty pageants just weren't her calling; it had been an exercise in beautifulity.

    submitted by Amy Brandt

    beautimous - Beauty beyond compare

    e.g., The sunset was the most beautimous thing I have ever seen.

    submitted by Beckers

    beautimous - A combining of beautiful and gorgeous.

    e.g., She's not just pretty, she's beautimous.

    submitted by Mary

    beautimus - Beautiful.

    e.g., Oh, yes, that's beautimus.

    submitted by John -SilverTab- Bailey

    beautimus - A combination of beautiful and humorous.

    e.g., It's not easy finding examples of the proper use of this word, since it means something that's both beautiful and humorous at the same time. The best example I can think of is Dean Martin's version of the song, "Tiny Bubbles". It's a beautiful song and his version is very funny.

    submitted by Dennis

    beautiugliful - Beautiful on the outside and ugly on the inside.

    e.g., Pretty is as pretty does but there is nothing worse than beautiugliful people.

    submitted by Mario Bassett

    beautox - A condition of illness that a girl or woman suffers from after bad, especially prolonged, exposure to her boyfriend.

    e.g., Though usually cheerful and outgoing, Mary just couldn't bring herself to go to the movies again this week with Bob, as she was suffering a pretty severe case of beautox.

    submitted by Dave Violette - (www)

    beavage - When a woman wears a low cut blouse and you can see her breasts, it's called cleavage. When someone similarly exposes her butt cheeks or butt crack, it's called beavage.

    e.g., Check out her beavage. Definitely needs some toning before she wears those shorts again.

    submitted by Brittney

    beaver - "British. to work very hard or industriously at something." Heard in the Mystery Theatre series Foyle's War. | To work hard at. One of several animal names that have been turned into verbs -- weasel out of, squirrel away, buffalo, ferret, shark, etc.

    e.g., "There are people beavering away in offices all over the country." | Where's Joey? I have no idea right now, but the last I saw of him he was beavering away in his basement on one of his UFO projects. | $2500 car: "Credit the team led by Ratan Tata for sticking doggedly to their task and beavering away for almost a decade to come up with what promises to be the most cost effective people's car in the history of the automobile."

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    beaver fever - The name by which most people know the intestinal disorder called Girardasis by scientists. Caused by a microscopic, amoeba-like parasite in water.

    e.g., Don't drink that creek water! You'll get Beaver Fever and never finish the hike.

    submitted by Steve McDonald

    beaver-dam - To try to keep a woman from having sex.

    e.g., "Are you trying to beaver-dam me?"

    submitted by HD Fowler

    beavis - To put something together rather shoddily and quickly, but with it still being very functional

    e.g., I'll beavis the ignition coil with a coat hanger so we can drive home.

    submitted by Peter Bonzani Jr.

    bebahama - Bitch behind my back.

    e.g., Chris is a bebahama.

    submitted by kaz

    beberate - To repeatedly insult with verbal comments or physical gestures. To flog repeatedly and violently.

    e.g., Don't force me to beberate you.

    submitted by Amanda - (www)

    becasue - Because. HD makes this ytpo so often he asked me to cover for him. HRH HD's loyal servant thus covers. HD's far from the only one who slips up. Several entries with this spelling made their way into the pd.

    e.g., "Miss Speller, tell me again why you added 'becasue' to the pd." "Becasue HD would have abandonded his promise never to fire me if I hadn't. In case you don't know it, the old coot can be a terrible S.O.B." "Oh, I know it well enough. Well enough not to want to ever incur his wrath again."

    submitted by Miss Speller

    becausee - Because, see.

    e.g., "Why did I do it? Becausee, it was Saturday night and seemed like a good idea." "Yeah, I know what you mean. A lot of things seem like good ideas on Saturday nights."

    submitted by HD Fowler

    beckel, to - "What’s the one thing you never want old men talking about? Anything remotely related to the naughty bits. Well, you can thank Fox News’ Bob Beckel for just… I don’t even know how to explain it other than just a classic Beckel. (Sidenote: I don’t know if this is a thing at Fox already, but 'Beckel' really should be a term people use at the network when describing cringeworthy/hilariously wince-inducing moments.) "The Five talked about the weird new Joe Boxer Christmas ad from Kmart, and Brian Kilmeade admitted to being a boxer man. Eric Bolling tried to move on, but Kimberly Guilfoyle and Dana Perino teased Beckel about his undergarment of choice. "Beckel’s answer? 'Nothing.' "Needless to say, this drove everyone on-set into madness, and Guilfoyle VERY SLOWLY MOVED AWAY from her commando-going compatriot."

    e.g., He's gotten so bad about beckeling, Julie won't even go anywhere with him, not anymore.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    becky-chaser - Not sure, but it seems to refer to a black man who seeks out white women, as opposed to seeking out black women or women in general. Might refer to a philanderer. No idea of the origin -- yet,… All right, Becky is seen as a common name for a white woman; thus, in black slang, "Becky" refers to a white woman. | Becky is also used as a term for fellatio, based on the presumption that a white woman is more likely to perform the act than a black woman.  
    A year-end 2012 controversy involving ESPN's Rob Parker having referred to Robert Griffin III as a cornball brother because he has a white fiancee suggests the cornball brother may be a synonym for Becky-chaser.… No, apparently the term is used to refer to a "brother" who doesn't act black enough -- or doesn't fit some black stereotype.

    e.g., "So you hate all black men because of what some Becky-chasers in Toronto did? I wonder how black people who have suffered through beatings, water hoses and lynchings managed to go through life without all the bitterness you have expressed over a bunch of failed relationships."

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    beclam - 1. To shut up. 2. To become a clam.

    e.g., 1. When the teacher asked Alison to be quiet, she obliged, and beclammed. 2. The wizard waved his wand, and exclaimed, "I will beclam thee and stew thee in my metal pot ."

    submitted by Alica Tylon

    becuase - Because.

    e.g., Becuase I said so.

    The Becuase Effect (sic): Common Misspellings on the Internet: "Becuase," he points out, sounds like it ought to be a treatment for hay fever. If it was, it would be a very popular one, since it appears no fewer than 4,950,000 times in the FWSE's listing.

    Barrow leaves us with a challenge. Is becuase the most common typo in the English language? Or can readers find a more popular one? …

    Seamus Dunne // Oct 19, 2007 at 9:44 am

    O lny srmat poelpe can raed tihs.

    I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rgh it pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!
    1: "Reclassify the Bible as indecent becuase of the sex and violence in it.

    2: "Love can be described as an onion becuase it has layers, it's strong, etc. … [H]how could you describe bafflement?"

    3: "Did 650,000 Iraqis Die Becuase of the War?"

    4: "wow my homework is not easy becuase i have been sick for three weeks and need help with my am exercise becuase I can't really do it and all of my friends will not tell me how to do it. so if you can help i will be very happy!"

    5: "Can you die becuase of constipation?"

    6: "Becuase, Because, Becuase, Because. Am I the only one that constantly changes my a and u in the word because? It is driving me nuts. I guess my index finger is just that much faster then my pinky."

    7: "Husband started taking becuase of his temper. … Hi My name is Candice and my husband has started … becuse of his temper. He was out of control."

    8: "becuase you're mine i walk the line."

    9: "Anna Kournikova bikini slip becuase its summertime"

    submitted by HD Fowler

    bed buddy - Somone who you are not dating -- you just use each other to relieve sexual needs. A sex partner and that's all they are to you.

    e.g., The man I'm seeing now says he has a bed buddy ... that disturbs me.

    submitted by Rainbow Woman

    bed gravity - The force of attraction between a bed and that of the person on it. Bed Gravity is 3.2 times that of Earth norm (1.0), and can have a variance of +-.53.

    e.g., He attempted to sustain a vertical position after sleeping through the night; however, the physics of bed gravity did not permit it.

    submitted by Andy Alt - (www)

    bed itation - The act of lying in a bed, in a state of non-sleep, contemplating one, or a plethora, of scenarios, covering what was, what is, and what could be.

    e.g., Honey, I need a few hours of bed itation to determine who will be playing in the Super Bowl, so I'm not getting up to clean the basement this morning. OK? Honey? Honey?

    submitted by charlie lesko

    bedatachips - /buh day duh chips/ Organic computer chips, for use in biological electronics: life and non-life working together.

    e.g., We've just received a fresh shipment of Martian bedatachips, so now we can proceed with additional testing and development.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    bedazzion - A mineral found on Mars or other world, said to cure all earthly ills, including pain, pimples, worry, flat feet, psychoses, and death.

    e.g., Through the faithful use of bedazzion many of my family members are now well in excess of 100 years old, in excellent health and functioning perfectly on all cylinders.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    bedbeard - When your beard is all mushed up from sleeping on it.

    e.g., Sure looks goofy with that bedbeard.

    submitted by taylorpup

    bedbum - A person who lives under a bed.

    e.g., Joe is a bedbum because he is living under my bed.

    submitted by steve harsha

    bedbun - Bed hopper, aka bed bunny.

    e.g., She was such a bedbun that she just had to eventually land in a rich man’s bed.

    submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

    bedcrumbs - Pieces of crackers and so forth that end up in your bed when you let people eat food in your room.

    e.g., I couldn't get to sleep for two hours last night because I kept on getting scratched by bedcrumbs.

    submitted by ditnis

    beddybies - Used to replace the word "bed" when talking about going to bed.

    e.g., "I'm off to beddybies." OR "Goodnight now. Off you go to beddybies."

    submitted by margot biggs

    bedeckled - Sparklingly ornamented

    e.g., Everyone at the soiree was bedeckled in finery.

    submitted by pudders - (www)

    bedge - The edge of the bed.

    e.g., My wife always migrates to the bedge when we are sleeping.

    submitted by george kelly

    bedhead - The way your hair looks after sleeping on it, with the mushy parts and the other parts sticking up.

    e.g., I have a bad case of bedhead.

    submitted by taylorpup

    bedlamphile - 1. One who loves or has a strong affinity or preference for insane asylums or general chaos. 2. Loving or having a strong affinity or preference for insane asylums or general chaos. ETYMOLOGY: Middle English Bedlem, Hospital of Saint Mary of Bethlehem, an institution in London for the mentally ill. New Latin -philus, from Greek -philos, beloved, dear, from philos, beloved, loving.

    e.g., Her love of the asylum made her somewhat of a bedlamphile.

    submitted by Megan - (www)

    bedmail - (v.) 1. to blackmail someone by threatening to publish, expose, or otherwise reveal their sexual indiscretions; (n.) 2. The act of bedmailing someone; 3. The instrument of such bedmailing (e.g., note, letter, recording, video, skywriting, whatever); (adj.) 4. Of or pertaining to bedmail. [Analogy from "blackmail."]

    e.g., In the Jeremy Brett/BBC Sherlock Holmes version of "The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton" (called in the show "the Master Blackmailer"), the focus is almost entirely on bedmail. | How much bedmail does James Bond carelessly leave behind him in his mad race to ensure that half of the next generation look like him?

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    bednaw - Better not, should not do something

    e.g., Bednaw make me come over there.

    submitted by Thomas - (www)

    bedpression - (bed-PRESH-un; n.) The imprint of a body in a mattress or disturbed linens or whatever, showing that someone has slept or at least rested there.

    e.g., Nobody was here last night: there's no bedpression here or on the couch.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    bedrunk - An adjective to refer to how you feel when you go to bed a little bit tipsy or drunk and you feel the bed is moving.

    e.g., Yesterday, when I arrived from the party, I was so bedrunk I puked all over my floor.

    submitted by Teresa

    bedsit -

    Definitions of bedsit on the Web
    • a one-roomed unit of accommodation usually consisting of combined bedroom and sitting-room with cooking facilities.
    • A room providing a combined living and sleeping area with access to shared bathroom/shower and WC facilities.;jsessionid=946EDA11A25FE78484B7A57091ED769C
    • bedsitting room: a furnished sitting room with sleeping accommodations (and some plumbing)
    • A bedsit, also known as a bed-sitting room, is a form of rented accommodation common in Great Britain consisting of a single room with a shared bathroom and lavatory; they are part of a legal category of dwellings referred to as Houses in multiple occupation.…
    • A form of rented accomodation consisting of a single room for use as both sitting room and bedroom; there may also be a small kitchen area and washing and toilet facilities, but these may be shared


    Turkeys! The 100 Worst Movies of 2008 | The Oxford Murders Imagine The Da Vinci Code remade by a philosophy student, set mostly in Oxford bedsits and starring Elijah Wood in the Tom Hanks role, and featuring the world’s most unerotic sex scene -- then you have an idea of the eccentricities that define The Oxford Murders. Wood is an American philosophy student who interrupts a bracing lecture from John Hurt with the exhortation: "I believe in the number Pi!"

    Soon after this show-stopper, both Hurt and Wood are entangled in a spate of extremely tame serial killings that implicate the theories of Wittgenstein, Heisenberg and the very possibility of truth itself. Naturally, a local dimwit detective (Jim Carter) is baffled, and it’s up to Wood to save the day. Utterly stupid but strangely endearing.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    bedtool - A person who's known for sleeping around.

    e.g., Chris certainly earned her reputation as a bedtool.

    submitted by miko

    bee - To throw frisbee.

    e.g., "Ya wanna bee?" "Sure, let's bee!"

    submitted by Matt

    beealzabup - Mean, nasty, evil. (Cf. Beelzebub.)

    e.g., Why didn't you help that old lady across the street? You're beealzabup.

    submitted by aldwin oliveros

    beeblely - A word used to describe razor stubble.

    e.g., If my wife doesn't shave her legs everyday they become beebley.

    submitted by Scott Howard

    beech - When you call someone a bitch but don't mean it.

    e.g., Beech, why you take my soda?

    submitted by Veronica

    beechcomber - Treehugger who grooms beeches.

    e.g., He combed beeches; he was a true son of a beech.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    beechwood-aged-breath - Breath that reeks of the King of Beers.

    e.g., Unfortunately, I kissed her. She was sportin' some beechwood-aged-breath.

    submitted by Lesah

    beef - to have anger with someone or something

    e.g., Patrick has beef with Michael."

    submitted by Rachel

    beefcake school - Gym for pumping iron (weightlifting).

    e.g., Look at the muscles on Albert. I bet he goes to beefcake school.

    submitted by Mark

    beefy - Anything thats cool, tasty, fun, etc.

    e.g., I'm so thirsty, this water is beefy.

    submitted by Dan

    beefy lung - Any preserved meat with a questionable ingredient list: potted meat, bologna, slim jims.

    e.g., Hey, Kyle … you got any cheesy poofs or beefy lungs?

    submitted by steve zihlavsky

    beek - Angry, "case of the redass." The beek. Believed to be originated by AF instructor pilots.

    e.g., Gerry's got the beek because he has to show up for a 5:30 takeoff on Saturday. | Paul is beeked bad about his girlfriend's cheating on him. | Mike's got a raging case of the beek after his student tried to kill him during spin training today. | Chris made a pass at my wife while I was standing right there, so I had to get beeked at him. | Chris got the beek when I told him to find somebody else to work this weekend.

    submitted by Dave Kay

    beelzebubba - An alternative name for Satan in the southern United States. | Or, as Urbandictionary says, "A satanic hillbilly, hellbilly."

    e.g., "Jolene, you be sure to change into some clean drawers 'fore you go out tonight." "Oh, Momma, you know I be doin' that without bein' tole -- it bein' a first date 'n all." "Well, maybe so. But the Lord only knows what kinda ideas Beelzebubba's gonna put in a young girl's head these days." "Momma, I'm not a girl no more. I am sixteen, going on seventeen." "Jolene! I think I have an idea for a song." "Momma, that song's done been wrote." | "Who's your date with tonight, girl." "Beelzebubba." "Oh, lord. You call that boy and tell him I don't want to hear him honking his horn when he comes to get you." "We don't talk on the phone any more, Momma. We text each other." "Whatever, long as he doesn't make a racket when he gets here. . . . Tell him to come to the door. Your daddy wants to have a talk with him." "About what?" "I don't know. Ask your daddy. You know how he gets sometimes."

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    beelzebug - (n): Satan in the form of a mosquito that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

    e.g., It was either a mosquitoe or a beelzebug. Not a single bite was above my ankle. Probably a beelzebug, though, because I couldn't get rid of it with anything.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    beemer - A BMW vehicle.

    e.g., Nice beemer.

    submitted by george Kelly

    beenifisicus - A flying fruitcake.

    e.g., I'm scared of beenifisicuses.

    submitted by Squackle! - (www)

    beenzed - Having gone through or worked in the dot com explosion, and subsequently dumped out of it.

    e.g., Jean, Peter, and Jorge worked for a dot-gone. They got beenzed.

    submitted by Peter Pagano

    beep-beep machine - ATM.

    e.g., Mary waited patiently in the car while her mother went to get money from the beep-beep machine.

    submitted by April

    beepilepsy - The spastic jerking that happens when someone's pager has been set on "vibrate." (Cf. "bleepilepsy" for fun and "epiliptic fits" for information.)

    e.g., Suddenly two people in the room appeared to suddenly clutch at themselves in a spasm of beepilepsy and then ran to the nearest telephone.

    submitted by vicki

    beer fairy - Malevolent dwarf that takes all your money, all your fags, and then clubs you repeatedly. | A person who comes around and tops off everyone's drink with beer. A person who frees other people of the chores of walking (or other forms of transportation which require effort) to the beer source and of beerless crowd navigation.

    e.g., "How are you feeling this morning?" 
    "The beer fairy paid a visit. I feel like death." 
    "Jolly good. Fancy a greasy spoon at Ramon's?" |  
    In the middle of our conversation, the beer fairy appeared and filled our glasses with beer.

    submitted by Bent Udder | mike feron - (www)

    beer foam issues - Political issue of little real substance when there are issues much more important that need to be dealt with.

    e.g., Beltway politicians waste their time on beer foam issues when there are truly significant national problems that need their attention. | Interstate 70 is now almost eight years past the lifetime projected when it was constructed. Congress is doing little to nothing to see that it gets the maintenance it needs, instead expending its efforts on such beer foam issues as letting men use women's restrooms.

    submitted by [Scott]

    beer garden - A bar, or any other place that serves alcohol. Used in Western PA.

    e.g., I'll meet you at the new beer garden on 1st Street and we can have a cold one. I was the designated driver when we left the beer garden last night, because I was the only one drinking soda.

    submitted by Chris W

    beer goggles - Alcohol-induced vision impairment. Usually blamed for picking up ugly chicks (or guys if you're a chick).

    With my beer goggles on I'd try anyone, even Whoopi Goldberg.

    submitted by Charlie - (www)

    beer googles - Alcohol-induced internet searches.

    e.g., Why was I searching for images of Whoopi Goldberg in a bikini? I dunno -- it must have been a beer google. | If my wife finds out I was searching for Sheila, the best I can hope for is that she thinks it was a beer google.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    beer jacket - The condition of feeling warmer due to drinking.

    e.g., It's cold out, but the walk back should be okay since I'll have my beer jacket on.

    submitted by Mr. Rain

    beer leg - A tripod leg accidentally placed so as to impede the use of the surveyor's tape. Commonly calls for the offender to buy the beer for the rest fo the survey crew.

    e.g., With the advent of electronic distance measuring equipment, the beer leg is becoming a thing of the past.

    submitted by Ty Evans

    beer mason - A block mason who only works for beer.

    e.g., I got Dale, the beer mason, putting in my patio. He drank all his money away, so he'll work good for me until payday.

    submitted by Ty Evans

    beer nurse - The guy at each party who holds the same bottle of beer all night and doesn't even finish it.

    e.g., John swears he's trashed, but he's only been at the keg once. What a beernurse.

    submitted by reese danger epstein

    beer o'clock - Quitting time on Friday.

    e.g., Look at the time, it's beer o'clock.

    submitted by Mark

    beer scooter - How you must have got back from the pub last night, because there's no way you can remember anything between kicking out time and waking up this morning, haven fallen asleep, fully clothed, in your chips. Also descriptive of the walk of a very drunk person.

    e.g., "You were a bit plastered last night. It took us ages to get a cab. How'd you get back?" "I took the beer scooter." "That might explain why you've still got a bit of kebab meat stuck to your eyebrow."

    submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

    beer voucher - Currency notes that are used for the sole purpose of purchasing beer. There are various types: GBV or Green Beer Voucher (£5), BBV Brown Beer Voucher (£10), etc.

    e.g., "Fancy a pint after work?" asked Steve. "Sure," said Dave. "But I'll have to go to the cashpoint first as I'm right out of beer vouchers"

    submitted by Dave Widdicombe

    beer whiz - Urination brought on by consumption of beer, especially if the consumption is excessive.

    e.g., As a was to get out of school one day, J and T and I went to the University of Arkansas to "check out the campus." Jug Wheeler's drive-in made it easy for minors to get beer in those long-ago days and T had more than he could handle. By the time we got to the campus, he needed to take a piss so bad, he took a beer whiz against the side of the Fine Arts Building mid-afternoon. Luckily for him, no one took much notice. These days he could be arrested for a sex crime and have it permanently on his record.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    beer-thirty - The time after any hard work or physical exertion.

    e.g., "Woo! Now that we rebuilt that engine, it's beer-thirty."

    submitted by Albert - (www)

    beeranda - An outdoor deck used primarily for consuming adult beverages.

    e.g., It's a beautiful day to grab a six-pack and listen to some tunes on the beeranda.

    submitted by Matt

    beerd - Beer, created by my 5-year-old--perhaps because I drip the suds down my face when I'm drinking?

    e.g., Is that beerd, Daddy?

    submitted by Tim Barnes - (www)

    beereft - Without beer.

    e.g., I need to get to a bar because I'm beereft.

    submitted by mike

    beereived - When you have finished your beer.

    e.g., I'm beereived. Please get me another.

    submitted by mike dixon

    beereries - A brewery; a pub or a bar.

    e.g., Can you point me to a local beerery?

    submitted by David Sammons

    beerful - What the receiver gets on the other end of a drunk dialing episode.

    e.g., Do you remember giving me a beerful at 3am this morning?

    submitted by Angie Glover

    beergoggles - The state of intoxication that makes all women look attractive.

    e.g., She's normally about a 2, but with beergoggles on she's a 10.

    submitted by TB

    beermonkey - The beermonkey is the mysterious creature who is to blame for the rough state you find yourself in after a heavy night out.

    e.g., That blasted beermonkey; he's taken all my money and given me a tremendous headache.

    submitted by ash

    beerp - The resonating noise made when one has consumed an abundance of carbonated ale.

    e.g., Immediately after throwing back his 6th can of Fosters, Bluey emitted a beerp that rattled the pub windows.

    submitted by Dogil

    beertelescope - As in beergoggles, but for particularly short women.

    e.g., Jeez, I needed my beertelescope for that one.

    submitted by mike dixon

    beet beat - A technique for flushing wild beets out of bushes.

    e.g., The beet beat bitches were badly beat after beating about the bush all day looking for better beets, so they were beaten by the beet beat beaters.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    beeter - A farmer who grows beets.

    e.g., John had been a beeter all his life. Frankly, he didn't know how to do anything else.

    submitted by Joel Buxton - (www)

    beeth - Plural of booth; multiple semi-enclosed spaces.

    e.g., There were twelve telephone beeth in a row by the street.

    submitted by John Hook

    beetle - It means "leave in a hurry" to get out of a boring or undesirable situation, much like a beetle (insect). I used to hear the Canadian and Minnesotan hockey players in college use it all the time.

    e.g., After ten minutes at a really boring party, Pat turned to his friend Mike and said, "This sucks. Let's beetle."

    submitted by aaron

    beetle - Any demanding high school position combining recordkeeper, adjudicator, cheif opinion-giver, and homework collector.

    e.g., The beetle had almost nodded off in history class, but was urgently needed when Bob told the teacher to go to hell.

    submitted by Bob

    beetling - "Informal, to move quickly; scurry."

    e.g., "The potential influence of emerging markets is underlined by the sight of Ms Lagarde beetling round the developing world asking for votes."

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    beevered - To call attention to someone who is stupid. Not just ignorant and uneducated, which can happen to anyone, but abysmally stupid. Unable to follow even the clearest directions -- specifically, unable to follow the guidelines for submitting entries.

    e.g., Either pay attention to the submittal guidelines or suffer the consequences. You have been beevered, TD.

    submitted by tom_d_beevers

    beezer - A person who gives ostentatious kisses in public with an eye to being seen at it.

    e.g., She always makes kiss kiss in the club, whether she knows the person at all. A complete beezer.

    submitted by GDC

    beezoid - An annoying person; one who is being a pest.

    e.g., Chris was behaving like a complete beezoid at the ticket counter.

    submitted by Jacob S.

    befargulated - Confused or bewildered, in a state of dismay.

    e.g., This math problem has me befargulated.

    submitted by Noble

    befer - To precede, or to come in front of another.

    e.g., Betty, get them hounds in befer the ternada gits here.

    submitted by skywiser

    befinger - To chop off a finger or fingers as punishment for stealing -- a practice in some muslim countries?

    e.g., I think I'd rather be befingered than beheaded, but either way it would be painful. Befingered is a harsh punishment, but you're also marked visually for contempt and derision on the part of the people.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    before picture - (n.) Self-deprecating label meaning "I look absolutely awful"; usually used in reference to a photograph that makes you look fat, goofy, sleepy, stiff, pasty, ornery, stupid, zombie-like, or otherwise embarrassingly unpresentable, but also used to describe yourself, or others, prior to remedial adjustments, rearrangements, and ablutions.

    e.g., "Look at these pictures from the office Christmas party last year!" "Oh, oh, that's horrible: I look like a halibut." "Don't worry; it's just a before picture." || "Mr. Mayor! Can you comment on the shooting at city hall?" "Yeah, but I just got back from a cabin in Vancouver. I'm a before picture here: I haven't had a chance to change or shower or even read any reports. Give me half an hour and we can meet in the office for a real press conference." "But I came down here to get your take on it before any other news agency." "Tell you what: gimme an hour so I can eat something too, and you can have an exclusive."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    beforeplay - The playful, sappy exchange between Baby Boomer couples in erectile dysfunction ads that so artfully suggest a game of backgammon which -- when supplemented by a magic blue pill -- can lead to much, much more.

    e.g., The lengthy disclaimers on all such ads fail to cover the potential dangers of "beforeplay," which could include aching knees from running on soft sand, serious eye injuries from pillow fights, pulled cheek muscles from non-stop giggling and smiling, hypothermia from cold outdoor baths, and, of course, loss of your Man Card for engaging in such behavior.

    submitted by peter

    beforthday - The day that took place two days before yesterday.

    e.g., You've been asleep since beforthday.

    submitted by Charles Crabtree

    befuckle - To place in a highly confused state of agitation or a highly agitated state of confusion.

    e.g., The complex instructions newly minted engineer Harry wrote totally befuckled his co-workers.

    submitted by John Snowden, III - (www)

    befugaling, befugaled - Befuddled.

    e.g., Her behavior is thoroughly befugaling.

    submitted by boritz

    befundable - Definitely worthy of being given funds.

    e.g., The corporation turned befundable last quarter when their credit scores increased.

    submitted by Scott Thomas

    befungled - Having a large infestation of fungus.

    e.g., Tthat tree's all befungled, don't climb it.

    submitted by Yashka

    befuzzled - The state of being befuddled and puzzled simultaneously.

    e.g., "Are you following this?" "No, I'm a bit befuzzled."

    submitted by blahblogger - (www)

    begator - A female alligator. Used as a description of someone or as a curse.

    e.g., That begator is very large. OR Begator! Begator this!

    submitted by Dan

    beget - To create, generate.

    e.g., Requirements beget specifications. Specifications beget design. . . .

    submitted by athresh

    beggar's errand - A thankless task, a distasteful job for which there was no alternative or opportunity to evade.

    e.g., It is generally believed that Kissinger was sent on a beggar's errand to President Thieu of South Vietnam with the Peace With Honor mission that masked US troop withdrawals.

    submitted by Joel Parker

    beggs - A word for bacon and egg sandwiches.

    e.g., Do you fancy beggs this morning?

    submitted by Kelly Hayman

    begrizzled - What he is when a man is sick and in the hospital and cannot shave: begrizzled.

    e.g., The begrizzled one is still sick.

    submitted by yvonne harris - (www)

    begs the question - Traditionally, this meant that the speaker was assuming that which was to be proved; it now is used to mean "raises the question," or "the following question is begging to be asked."

    e.g., The fact that Jack recently has been spending so much time with Jill begs the question: Is he in love with her?

    submitted by Lynn Madison

    beh - Used when mad, apathetic, in an awkward situation, or want to be modest.

    e.g., "He copied your answers when you looked the other way?" "Beh." "What's up?" "Beh." "I think I have six toes." ""Beh. Don't worry about it." "You got an A on that test!" "Beh."

    submitted by noelle

    beh - A filler word like "ummm." Curiously, today is the blogger's 35th birthday. The example is an exact replication of what was blogged some 17 years ago, with the exception of the quotation marks. Trying to read something written like that gives me a headache. {Duplicate.} {ED. Note: Have lost the ability to write paragraphs separated by a blank line. Didn't need to for this example -- the writer ran everything together just the way it appears here.}

    e.g., "Monday, July 02, 2001Song: A Place For My Head (Linkin Park) Heh a Linkin Park day today!!! My friends think it's weird I like them cause I don't look like the kind of person that would be listening to them....but oh well!! I listen to all kinds of music..well sorta...I listen to music if I like the way it sounds...hell I even listen to rap if it sounds good, like Missy Elliot's new single...beh I can't remember the name of the song. Hmmm anyways...I got my comic up!! yay!!!...I think I'm getting some what none in the world of the online artist....but that's ok I'm on the level I enjoy being somewhat unknown..beh I got used to it in high school...I speak of it as if it was soo long ago it was only a month ago I graduated lol. Oh yeah the other day some one thought I was a foreigner beh...I left out words when I was was an accident I was too hyper.....they thought I was japanese just because I don't have an american accent when I speak japanese....they asked 'are you hakujin??' ,me 'no I'm american'" ,them' no no hakujin!! kokujin to nihonjin no mix!!' ,me 'chigau!!!! americanjin!!! kokujin to turkishjin!!' ,them' ..............Nihongo umai jan!! nihonjin mitai dana' , me *shin~~~~* thinks 'shiteru zo!! mou shijiranai!!' 'domo'.....beh it was soo weird lol heh sometimes I wish that would happen more often so I could pratice japanese more..but ther arent' many japanese people in the city I live in..... "

    submitted by Lillith - (www)

    behemoaf - A thick-bodied klutz. Inspired by the previously untranslatable Portuguese word jamanta.

    e.g., Looks can be deceiving; that behemeoaf is a friend to all and intelligent in his own special way.

    submitted by Jazzbel - (www)

    behemouth - Of or related to a big mouth.


    • Please shut your behemouth. |

    • "The owners of the behemouth NYT Company, the Sulzberger family, has never been huge fans of the New Testament." |

    • "I am the 'Monster' — 'Beelzebub' — the chubby behemouth. I love to hunt. Prowling the streets looking for fair game — tasty meat. The wemon of Queens are prettyist of all. I must be the water they drink. I live for the hunt …."|
    • "Its outstanding appearance results from the beige top and low, sleek jet black body, both offset by the rich red wire wheels, kettle drum headlights and German silver radiator. The high torque power plant Propels this behemouth of another era."|

    • "There will be more complication as the engineer goes to plants to control and evaluate efficiencies of these behemouth glass melting furnaces. These are known as the Siemens regenerative type of furnace designed to economize the very …."|

    • "In short, the monopoly theory is based on a very unlikely scenario of what cable might — just might — become in the distant future, namely a communications behemouth dwarfing all competitors."|

    • "But money can't buy experience and knowledge yet undeveloped. Obstacles keep cropping up in all phases of the program. Building and operating these behemouth presses bring …."
    • "There were many meetings on the old South porch of the Cuploe Hunting Mans ion. . .before the plan matured. Out of it grew the Western Union, behemouth of the industry. "|

    • "This in turn makes of the victims just so many duckpins who happen to be standing in the path of 'the chubby behemouth' as he rolls his way toward eventual captivity."

    submitted by Miss Speller

    behighness - A level of achievement worthy of recognition and acclaim, honor and special attention, at the very least.

    e.g., When a subject of ye king showeth himself at long last to exhibit veritable behighness in some noteworthy field of endeavor, then he, ye subject at hand, benefitteth handsomely and usually is his name broadcasteth throughout ye land, a joy to family, village, and friends.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    behind - The state of existence as a deer.

    e.g., Being behind means always having to CYA.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    behinfday - The day preceeding yesterday.

    e.g., Dweezil: I got back from vacation behinfday. Moon Unit: Cool.

    submitted by Travis Allen

    behoove - "[T]o be necessary or proper for, as for moral or ethical considerations; be incumbent on: It behooves the court to weigh evidence impartially. | [T]o be worthwhile to, as for personal profit or advantage: It would behoove you to be nicer to those who could help you." | One of those words we learned when we were young that isn't used nearly enough these days. Can you think of a way to use /behoove/ in a sentence that, if taken to heart, could make the world a better place? I can. Easily.

    e.g., Never paid much attention to it before, but I've noticed that most actors and actresses overact. It would behoove them to remember that their job is to act, not to overact.

    submitted by Erle W Machiavellean - (www)

    behoovious - To be proper or incumbent. A "good idea."

    e.g., How behoovious of you to stop at the crosswalk.

    submitted by Catherine

    being alec - Saying mundane things in as intellectual a way as possible.

    e.g., "You know, you could have circumvented that traffic light had you only the foresight to turn left three blocks prior." "Thanks for being Alec."

    submitted by Russell Heller

    bejesus - According to Random House, it's "used as a mild oath expressing dismay, anger, or the like." However, I don't think it's so mild.

    e.g., You scared the bejesus out of me!

    submitted by Julie Andersen - (www)

    bejiggery - For an exclamation of complete surprise, bafflement, and disbelief.

    e.g., What the bejiggery is THAT?

    submitted by talulah

    beknighted - Having hono(u)rs bestowed on an unenlightened person.

    e.g., The benighted jerk pulled strings to be knighted, thus becoming beknighted.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    belchum - An offensive body odor.

    e.g., "Have you noticed how bad Chris's belchum is?" "Yes, it's on a par with Tyler's."

    submitted by Tyler

    beleafed - As an adjective, of a tree bereft of its leaves. As a verb, to strip of leaves.

    e.g., 1. (adj.) The grey trey is beleafed. 2. (verb) A young child with a love of leaves has beleafed my oak tree.

    submitted by Anna Kapnoullas

    beleaguer - Second-class, second-rate, not quite good enough.

    e.g., Guiseppe wasn't good enough for the pros, so they sent him down to be a beleaguer.

    submitted by Saint714

    belearnum - Teach, instruct, enlighten, demonstrate, show how,"learn."

    e.g., First thing we must do for newest island recruits is belearnum how to tell hayfoot from strawfoot, left foot from right, to make possible typical marching activities.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    belee dat - Southern slang for "believe that," often preceded by "cuh" or "cuhdyoo."

    e.g., Djoo c duh sizeation of steve's ninnies? Cuhdyoo belee dat?

    submitted by steve zihlavsky

    belgrade - A rating system by which bells are ranked.

    e.g., On a scale of 1-10, our doorbell was given a belgrade of 4. Time to replace the doorbell.

    submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

    beliefism - The belief in beliefs.

    e.g., Even if you dont believe in beliefs, being an abeliefist means you still believe in beliefism.

    submitted by Guru DragonFire

    belignant - Not diagnosed as benign or malignant.

    e.g., It is belignant at the moment.

    submitted by Lynn

    belignorant - Term describing those who lack knowledge of a particular subject, and yet express opinions on it in a loud and intimidating manner. Bellignorant.

    e.g., The belignorant multitudes demanded the resignation of whatever officials may have been involved in the incident, either before or after it took place.

    submitted by Bryn Kanar - (www)

    beliritgate - The means to eventually reach the aspirations for medicine as a career, regardless of circumstances, problems, or initial rejection.

    e.g., The best doctors are those with a strong belitirgate.

    submitted by David Rant

    bellyigerence - A combative and defensive attitude of the Overweight.

    e.g., The Five Stages of Fatness  
    1. Denial and Isolation -- " These pants must have shrunk; I don't eat that much. But I'm not going to the neighbor's pool party." 
    2. Anger -- "What's wrong with me! I'm a logical, intelligent person. How could I let this happen?"  
    3. Bargaining -- "Just suppose that I were to snack only on carrots and celery, eat one meal on weekdays, and. . . ." 
    4. Depression -- "Dear Lord, diet and exercise? I just can't do it. I'll be fat and ugly forever!"  
    5. Bellyigerance -- "Yes, I know I look like I have another arse strapped to my stomach. Just don't look at me or say anything!"

    submitted by charlie lesko

    bellagio - plz find it

    e.g., i dont know what it means

    submitted by layah

    bellet - An art form combining the moves of ballet and the belly dance. Capitalization recommended as a proper name.

    e.g., Let's go to the Bellet tonight.

    submitted by Wade Hodges - (www)

    belligerant - An ant with any these characteristics: pugnacious, truculent, combative, quarrelsome, antagonistic, contentious.

    e.g., We might want to put a belligerant in charge after war is declared . . . but not before.

    submitted by Miss Speller

    belligerated - Belligerently wasted. Related: blitzkrieged, schnockered, sauced, tanked, sloshed, full, thwacked, faded, tossed, gone, recockulated, tattered, faded, smashed, hurt, wrecked, hammered, sloshed, fubared, wrecked, racked, bombed, tipsy, schmeved, liquored, buckled, wrexed, opused, bluecoww'ed, tommy knocked, trashed.

    e.g., I got belligerated last night and woke up with a hangover and a black eye.

    submitted by Pat Wiltsey - (www)

    belligerati - Writers and other members of the intelligentsia who advocate war or imperialism. Posted on May 31, 2002, by Paul McFedries, the Word Spy.

    e.g., "How the war fevers raged in those days after Sept. 11. The nation's syndicated belligerati were beside themselves." Michael Powell  

    Columnist Michael Kelly flayed the unconscionable pacifists as pro-terrorist and evil. Charles Krauthammer argued for bombing an enemy city, anywhere.
    Michael Powell, "An Eminence With No Shades of Gray," The Washington Post, May 5, 2002

    submitted by [Paul McFedries] - (www)

    bellignorant - Associated with belligerence. Used to describe those who loudly, obnoxiously, and obtrusively argue their points while displaying their ignorance.

    e.g., Chris has always specialized in bellignorance.

    submitted by Stephen Honeycutt

    bellijournalism - The form of aggressive, bullying journalism (yelling, namecalling, badgering, impatience, rudeness, frequent interruptions, biased) practiced by some on such news network as CNN ("Hardball") and CNBC ("America Now").

    e.g., The TV host's interview with the Vice President was nothing more than senseless bellijournalism.

    submitted by gary blaney - (www)

    bellion - (n.) 1. mild intransigence or obstinacy, rather than full-blown REbellion; also, 2. A tentative agreement or alliance where a fight was expected. (From "rebellion" minus the "re-").

    e.g., "So, what, you painted all that graffiti in watercolors?! That's not very rebellious, is it?" "No, just sorta bellious, I guess ... I'm just not into permanent defacement." | "Why aren't they attacking each other?" "See, milord, they have met in embassy in the middle of the field." "Oh, damme, they've taken to bellion, haven't they? A perfectly good war turned into a picnic!" "Milord?" "Yes? What is it Perkins?" "You are an imbecile, milord."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    bellish - 1. Uniquely paranormal; removed from the ordinary 2. Related to the nationally syndicated radio show Coast to Coast AM

    e.g., Jane: "My mother was snatched up by aliens last night" John: "Wow, that's bellish."

    submitted by martin

    bellsworth - The unit of measurement used to describe the severity of a punch up.

    e.g., I'll knock a bellsworth out of you. (minor slap) I'll knock 10 bellsworths out of you. (serious kick off)

    submitted by Chris Duddle

    belly flop - Whilst more usually known as a flat dive into a swimming pool (belly first) it has been coined to describe someone who wears a top, far too small for them her, which thereby takes on the appearance of a belly top, and their her belly fat flops out. The result being a "belly flop."

    e.g., Two weeks after giving birth she attempted to wear some of her old skinny t-shirts and feel normal again. Unfortunately, her enlarged girth created a whole new wardrobe of belly flops instead.

    submitted by Livia

    belly sandwich - Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich.

    e.g., Would you like a belly sandwich for lunch?

    submitted by Jennifer Bliss

    belly-bobo - Stomach-ache.

    e.g., Ah, I've had this belly-bobo since this morning.

    submitted by Sera

    bellyful of wine, a - (n.) The internal fortification you need to do something you don't think you'll be able to work up the courage to do. [From a line in Beatles' song "Her Majesty" from_Abbey Road_: "I wanna tell her that I love her a lot, but I gotta get a belly full of wine."]

    e.g., "Okay, you ready for your first concert?" "I have never been more frightened in my life." "Well, I've got nanaimo bars for you backstage after the break---your favorite bellyful of wine." "Nanaimo bars? Really? With milk and everything? The vanilla frosting? And walnuts?" "Yup---so, you going?" "Bring it." "Yeah! Get out there and blow out the amps!"

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    bellypoke - To provoke one's hunger using psychological tactics.

    e.g., The dramatic way he's chewing that cheeseburger is bellypoking me.

    submitted by Dot - (www)

    bellyvision - A state of higher consciousness obtained by meditating on the navel, the Fourth Eye.

    e.g., With a certain amount of electronic enhancement bellyvision will work wonders, even in the hills of Bollywood.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    belonely - All by oneself, without assistance, single, sole, with only one ingredient.

    e.g., Belonely have I raised the consciousness of the lowly common crowd indigenous to this area. | Me mither hath packed me today nought but a belonely sandwich. Fortunately, it is a generous blob of tasty deviled ostrich.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    below job - A job working below ground. Coalmining, excavating, mushroom farming -- examples of below jobs.

    e.g., Norton worked for the city in the sewers, a not very fulfilling below job. Few are.

    submitted by P I E - (www)

    belowzeria - Where you are when the temperature is below zero ... Fahrenheit.

    e.g., Put your coat on. We're living in Belowzeria now.

    submitted by Captain Leeks

    beltanic - (bel-TAN-ick; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to May 1st (the Gaelic festival of Beltaine, also spelled "Beltane"); anciently, the beginning of summer and the date the farmers took their cattle out to summer pasture); 2. of or pertaining to early summer or, more generally, all of summer. [From "Beltane" + adjectival "-ic."]

    e.g., Mayday festivals are the paradigmatic beltanic celebrations.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    beltrasm - A techno music orgasm.

    e.g., I had a Beltrasm last Saturday night.

    submitted by flimjam

    beltway bandit - Any of the hundreds of defense contractors that dot the capital beltway around Washington in search of lucrative government contracts.

    e.g., The beltway bandits primarily hire retired military officers and milk them for their contacts inside the military.

    submitted by Stephen Mize

    beltway-insider - Washington DC expression, a person with access to political influence. Refers to the Capital Beltway circling DC.

    e.g., He's been a beltway-insider for so long he has vast influence in both parties.

    submitted by Stephen Mize

    bemeh - Whatever, I don't know.

    e.g., Ed: So what are we gonna do today? Ted: Bemeh.

    submitted by nelson rosales

    bemmy - Slang term for lavatory seat, from Bemis, a major manufacturer of same.

    e.g., Many women are irritated by men leaving the bemmy up.

    submitted by rayg - (www)

    bemuse - To rid someone of inspiration. From "be-" as in "behead" and "muse" -- "the source of artist's inspiration."

    e.g., A telemarketing call bemused him, and he could not finish the chapter of his novel he was struggling with that day.

    submitted by Leonid

    ben - 1. To wait in line, unsure of whether getting into a new line will speed things up, or if you are better off doing something else. 2. Switching from line to line without actually moving any faster.

    (Those aware of Murphy's Laws and various corollaries know that the other line moves faster. Until you switch, that is. Then the line you were in moves faster. I think you can find these laws in a Paul Dickson book, now in a reprinted edition selling very cheap, The Official Rules and Explanations.)

    e.g., 1. I've been benning around in this bank for 15 minutes now. I could have been on my way by now. 2. Rush needs his coffee so bad that he spends the first two hours benning over at 7-11.

    submitted by Thomas Gary

    ben the hoose - Scots slang, the next room.

    e.g., Are you coming ben the hoose?

    submitted by Adam Leslie

    benben - (n.) 1. The top stone of a pyramid (also called a pyramidion, and pyramid-shaped itself); 2. a pyramid or pyramid shape; 3. the (pointy) top of an obelisk; 4. tThe first pyramid (facetiously) 5. the first building in a particular project; 5. the first stone in a building, a cornerstone or foundation. [From the Ancinet Egyptian name for the mound of earth that first arose from the primordial ocean, and which pyramids were supposed to represent.]

    e.g., The professor was a famous Egyptologist. He loved ancient Egypt so much that he was buried under a benben. | I see they've laid in the new skyrise's benben; when do they begin the superstructure?

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    benben - benben - (n.) 1. The top stone of a pyramid (also called a pyramidion, and pyramid-shaped itself); 2. a pyramid or pyramid shape; 3. the (pointy) top of an obelisk; 4. The first pyramid. (Facetiously) 5. the first building in a particular project; 5. the first stone in a building, a cornerstone or foundation. [From the Ancient Egyptian name for the mound of earth that first arose from the primordial ocean, and which pyramids were supposed to represent.] {Duplicate.}

    e.g., e.g., The professor was a famous Egyptologist. He loved ancient Egypt so much that he was buried under a benben. | I see they've laid in the new skyrise's benben; when do they begin the superstructure?

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    bench - To be on the bench in someone's love life is analagous to being on the bench in sports -- you seldom if ever get to be in the big game.

    e.g., "The love specialists suggested that people who believe they are being benched should instigate a meet up and if the person fails to turn up, it is a sign they are not worth your time."

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    bendaners - The bent corners on books.

    e.g., The bendaners are really bad on that book.

    submitted by Brianna 7th English

    bendaners - The bent coners on books.

    e.g., The bendaners are really bad on that book.

    submitted by Brianna

    bendin' - Exhibiting excellent or aggressive driving skills. It is usually stated in an arrogant manner or as a response to a backseat driver comment. Sometimes stated sarcastically by riders.

    e.g., Whatcha mean I missed a stop sign. I didn't try to hit it, Charlie

    submitted by Matt McClellan - (www)

    benecide - A killing for the greater good.

    e.g., When Batman kills the Joker it will be benecide.

    submitted by Kaylee

    benedictator - A benevolent dictator. When my kids were growing up, I told them and my wife that when issues of importance came up we would all vote on them -- but that my vote would outweigh everyone else's put together. I suggested they think of me as "Benevolent Daddy Dictator." | A criminal boss in the movie Boondocks Saints used the term benedictator to refer to himself.

    e.g., Pope Benedict XVI has been referred to as a benedictator. | Look around. Do you see any benedictators running countries? No, you don't. You see dictators who run over hoi polloi every chance they get.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    benefecalaries - One's shitty relatives.

    e.g., Bernie: "My grand kids?" "No honor, humility, or respect for the old family traditions." "I ain't got 'heirs.'" "They got 'airs.'" -- "I got 'benefecalaries!'"

    submitted by charlie lesko - (www)

    beneful - Majorative of "bene" or "good" in Italian combined with suffix "ful" from English, which means "full of" or "having."

    e.g., She was feeling beneful after being out all day and finally eating dinner.

    submitted by Dominic Tassone

    benile - Angered, infuriated, horrified.

    e.g., When I saw how Chris treated his wife, I was beniled with disgust.

    submitted by Farhana Chowdhury

    benivious - Having a strong sex drive or insatiable libido.

    e.g., My Spanish teacher was benivious, always trying to seduce her students.

    submitted by Dane Woodring

    benjamins - One hundred dollar bills.

    e.g., Give me some benjamins.

    submitted by Linh Ta - (www)

    bennies - Weekend or summer vacation invaders from the north to the South Jersey shore area, the equivalent of the Mason-Dixon Line being the Alfred E. Driscoll Bridge separating Woodbridge from the Raritan Toll Booths on the Garden State Parkway. They are characterized by their often garish behavior and attire. see also: "weekend warriors"

    e.g., Praise the Lord, there go the bennies!

    submitted by George Kelly

    bennies - Residents of Brooklyn, Elizabeth, Newark, and New York. From the first letters.

    e.g., The bennies head south in droves every Friday night.

    submitted by george kelly

    bennyways - But and anyways.

    e.g., I'm the coolest guy you'll ever meet. Bennyways, enough about me.

    submitted by James Keovongsak

    bensylvania - Any place that someone named Ben lives.

    e.g., Although he lived in New Orleans, it was really always his private Bensylvania.

    submitted by Hal Colombo

    bent - Angry, bothered, and generally ticked off at something trivial. When upset, it can be combined with the word "mighty" to become the variant "mighty bent." Connect it with "bent out of shape." (ED. Crooked, as used in crime fiction.)

    e.g., I'm mighty bent. Some guy just hit my car door with his. Can you believe that?

    submitted by Nancy Jobes

    bent - Crooked.

    e.g., Anyone who knows him knows Chris is bent.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    bent - Damaged by collision, in motorcyclist lingo. Severely damaged is "way bent."

    e.g., Bobby hit a tree and his bike is bent.

    submitted by Doug Tricarico - (www)

    bent dick - Peyronie's Disease.

    e.g., According to the press during the Monica Lewinsky days, President Clinton had bent dick.

    submitted by Ian - (www)

    bent over - When something completely fails, crashes, or doesn't work as intended. Almost always computer-related. Especially with Win98.

    e.g., After a crash: "I tried to run Photoshop and Excel at the same time, and the whole thing just bent over."

    submitted by Kyle Kenny

    bentated - Bent to the point of destruction or unusability.

    e.g., We can't use that pair of scissors because Dave bentated them and now they won't cut.

    submitted by Jeff Bramel

    bento plate - A takeaway item, usually for lunch, consisting of either Korean or Japanese food. Sort of the Asian equivalent of the Blue Plate Special, or Meat n' Three.

    e.g., Since the takeaway was nearby, I decided to order Bento Plates for everyone attending the power lunch.

    submitted by Paul

    bentonville gorilla - The retail big-box store known as Wal-Mart, headquarted in Bentonville, Arkansas -- typically known as the 800-pound-gorilla of retail for its large stores, discount prices, and ability to put smaller stores out of business.

    e.g., I've gotta go to the Bentonville gorilla to get some groceries and a bath mat. Have you seen my keys?

    submitted by Jerdog - (www)

    benzito - Mercedes Benz.

    e.g., Where's my benzito?

    submitted by Jesse - (www)

    beppis - First meal of the day.

    e.g., Any eggs left, hon? I wanna fry up a couple fer beppis.

    submitted by Elisson - (www)

    bepta-ezga - A (humorous) Martian greeting to visitors (mostly from Earth), literally, "Behold our canals."

    e.g., Bepta-ezga, welcome to our world. Sail away with us to one of the interior cities.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    berk bastardly - Having its origin in the evil cartoon sub-genius Dirk Dastardly, it has now come to represent every lecherous man at a bar who but for want would be twirling a waxed mustache while staring down your blouse and offering you a cocktail and had he one he would give said mustache an extra tug when saying "cock (tug) tail (tug tug)." Incidentally, if he has a wing man, which he often does, the wing man is known as Putley -- who doesn't say a lot but between cigarettes lets out an asthmatic laugh.

    e.g., Quick, barkeep, fill me up. Berk Bastardly and Putley are headed this way.

    submitted by nitag - (www)

    berko - Crazy, off the planet, completely ballistic.

    e.g., Marcia went berko when she found that Jan had taken her hairclips.

    submitted by liejoli

    berl - A cheap plastic spork, with an even number of points.

    e.g., Schools always give berls for the students to eat with.

    submitted by Squackle! - (www)

    bernoulleaf - A leaf that clings to the pavement with a downward force in proportion to the velocity of the leaf blower.

    e.g., After a half-hour of blowing, all that remained on the driveway was one stubborn bernoulleaf.

    submitted by Todd Norton - (www)

    bernoulli - An interjection declaring that some given situation, process, or thing "sucks" or "blows" or some such (from the mathematician Daniel Bernoulli's work on pressure differentials, making possible airfoils, flight, and vacuum cleaners).

    e.g., "...And you'll have to fill out these forms before the doctor can see you." "Bernoulli! I could bleed to death filling in blanks!"

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    bernt - To sit up abruptly and stare intently.

    e.g., "He bernted like a prarie dog."

    submitted by tweedlebop

    berocken bebombman - Someone who "rocks," is very popular and successful at first but ultimately "bombs," fizzles out ,and dwindles significantly with the passage of time -- perhaps a long moment of fame in the headlights of the moving fingers of fate (sic?).

    e.g., Some people continue to be berocken even long after their demise, while others be bebombman from square one to kingdom come. It can be sad and unfortunate if they happen to succeed in becoming berocken bebombman, sometimes the victims of fickle fatheads and others.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    berr - To gurgle like a cat.

    e.g., My cat Mitzi is berring uncontrollably when I pay her any attention.

    submitted by Izhar Izhaki

    berry packing - Packing in WAY more people than the recommended seating capacity for a vehicle, to the degree that at least one person is on someone else's lap.

    e.g., But there are eight of us, we'd all have to berry pack into your little Civic.

    submitted by kiki - (www)

    bertrand-russell - A name associated with all sorts of made-up quotations and information. Used by philosophy students in hopes of enhancing their standing.

    e.g., "Which was why monkeys are made of jam," said Bertrand-Russell.

    submitted by Nick Smith

    bescadi - Buh-scad-ee. Scads and scads of pasta, spaghetti, etc., piled high, more than you can eat maybe.

    e.g., I do love tons of bescadi, but I may be unusual in that I don't want it al dente. I like it well done, tender, inhalable.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    bescruff - When you have a bad day and you feel like you should be home in bed.

    e.g., I'm very bescruffed today

    submitted by martina

    besfren - A term to describe your closest pal.

    e.g., I don't know what I'd do without my besfren Rene.

    submitted by Rene

    bespangled - To be "decked out," "blingin," or covered in sparkly things. Mostly used when talking about rich people and their attire.

    e.g., Did you see the earrings Mike bought Sharon Kay? I think she didn't want to be so bespangled on her 16th birthday. Either he has no taste or his shopping opportunities were very limited.

    submitted by Chels

    bessn't - Contraction of "best not."

    e.g., Joseph, you bessn't be getting syrup on your clean pants.

    submitted by Joseph Wain - (www)

    bestest - Generally used when one is panic-stricken, especially in conversation with one's wife -- when "best" fails to express the desperate need to emphasize the acme of perfection.

    e.g., Of course, dear, the dinner was the bestest you've ever made. (Notice the panic and irony.)

    submitted by Lu Shaohua - (www)

    bet dat - "Yes" or "Yes, I agree."

    e.g., Q: Can you come to my house? A: Bet dat.

    submitted by ddrummond

    beta axe sumbudy - A statement used to let someone know she needs to back off.

    e.g., You beta axe sumbudy before you mess wit' me.

    submitted by Jeramy

    betamax - To throw awaw when somethig has become obsolete.

    e.g., Although Jim's hairpiece looked good in the 70s, we all agreed it should now be betamaxed.

    submitted by Lou

    betheme - Taking a perfectly fine place (usually a public place such as a bar) and redesigning it with a theme some marketing department currently claims is fashionable.

    e.g., The Sun used to be a really good bar until it was bethemed and wound up as Biddy O'Mulligans.

    submitted by Toby - (www)

    bethirst - (tr.v.) 1. to cause (someone) to be or become thirsty; 2. to cause dehydration. (adj., passive participle) 3. thirsty (with a 'to be' construction).

    e.g., "Basic training calisthenics bethirst recruits fairly rapidly." | "My horse is bethirst: water her immediately!"

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    bethrall - Same as enthrall and inthrall: to spellbind, enchant, transport, enrapture.

    e.g., Jim has been bethralled by her since he was four years old. Now closing in on 70, he said to her recently, "I've been in love with you since I was four years old." Beth replied, "I know." No more, no less.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    betrudgingly - Performing any task very slowly in order to annoy the person requesting the work.

    e.g., Roy liked to tick off his wife by betrudgingly cleaning the garage over an entire weekend. (Not that smart a move on Roy's part, eh?)

    submitted by Roy Egdall

    better dead than red - An expression used to express opposition to communism or to left-wing politics. Used extensively in the United States in the early years of the Cold War.

    e.g., The farther left Obama goes with his political agenda the more likely we are to see a return to popularity of the phrase "better dead than red."

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    better pink than extinct - The response of the middle-of-the-road to the cold-war slogan "better dead than red" (the Right) or "better red than dead" (the Left). (I can't recall who made this up, but I think I saw it in a logic textbook a decade or two back.)

    e.g., "It was nearly a riot! The hippies were all shouting 'Better Red than Dead,' and all the establishment guys were shouting 'Better Dead than Red.'" "Wow. What did you do?" "I was caught in the middle. What could I do? I gave a half-hearted 'Better pink than extinct' and got out of there."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    betterer - Better than better.

    e.g., That is a much betterer way of saying it.

    submitted by Melanie

    bettern - Better than.

    e.g., "This show is probably bettern most in the genre, but that’s not saying a lot."

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    bettn't - Quick form of "you had better."

    e.g., A: But I can't do it now. B: Well you better do it soon, bettn't you?

    submitted by melisaloo

    betty - A hot looking female. From Betty Page, the 50s pinup model.

    e.g., I met a couple of Betties today at the beach.

    submitted by Christopher - (www)

    between iraq and a scarred place - The unknown location of the next war: what next, where next? War never ceases.

    e.g., After the present war, our troops may end up between Iraq and a scarred place.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    bevelution - The history or evolution of human beverages, from water and milk to fancy (alcoholic, etc.) drinks and compound drinks.

    e.g., The study of bevelution can result in one's trying (and possibly enjoying) beverages not usually drunk by people when they're thirsty.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    beveraging - To partake in a beverage; to drink something.

    e.g., What will you be beveraging this evening?

    submitted by Amy Hagen

    beverond - The ring that is left by a cup of coffee or tea on a table.

    e.g., On lifting the mug of cocoa Jonas found a large beverond on his prized antique coffee table.

    submitted by nick cheek

    bevy - Beverage.

    e.g., It was a tasty bevy, that mix of soda and pineapple juice.

    submitted by steve

    bewdy - Aussie term meaning something great, fantastic.

    e.g., Gee, that fish is a bewdy.

    submitted by Hugh

    beyond earth - Outside the limited confining human-infested Box called Earth. Beyond Earth is Everything and Everywhere, a huge Universe filled with stars and galaxies and planets and other features. Earth is a microdot in the vastness of the Universe, and humans are mini-microdots scattered all over the surface of the planet. Go beyond Earth to get a fresh new view of That Which Is.

    e.g., Next lifetime we plan to go beyond Earth, at last, to avoid the crunch and suffocating closeness of home planet, and become freed-up new beings on the planet S-4 (Mars). And at some later date we might consider further expanding, beyond Mars.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    bezirkle - To baffle someone by being overtly bizarre.

    e.g., "You look bezirkled. " "Tom just told me he felt like a helicopter full of eels. "

    submitted by Chris Sharp

    bezoar - "A calculus or concretion found in the stomach or intestines of certain animals, esp. ruminants, formerly reputed to be an effective remedy for poison."

    e.g., While we usually don't think of a human's stomach as being filled with bezoar, it does happen.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    bfe - A place out in the middle of nowhere. Acronym for "Bum-Fucking-Egypt" or "Butt-Fucking Egypt."

    e.g., Mandy: Why does the party have to be held at her house? She lives out in BFE. Andy: Well, I think it's being held there because she has room for it -- plus, she's paying for it. And . . . well, no one else would have let us come because of your bad attitude.

    submitted by Shelby

    bff - Best Friends Forever. Usually used in jest to condone rude behavior by appealing to long-standing friendship.

    e.g., David, sorry for pouring sugar in your gas tank. It was an accident. BFF.

    submitted by Dano Walker

    bfo, bfu - Bald, fat, and old. Bald, fat, and ugly.

    e.g., One of the newer PseudoDictionary editors is BFO. How could he possibly understand us kids or know what we like? (ED. He doesn't, but that's life. Besides, one of the whippersnappers sets the site policy. All any of the editors do is enforce it.)

    submitted by HD Fowler

    bfs - Book Five Syndrome. The predicament of slowly and painfully losing one's sanity due to lack of new canon of any series on any medium one might be a fan of. From the mass analysis, reanalysis, rereanalysis and rerereanalysis Harry Potter fans put their existing canon through in the later stages of the gap between the release of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire and the release of Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.

    e.g., If I don't get to see Matrix: Reloaded soon, I might start developing BFS. | BFS got you down? June 21st is coming.

    submitted by AceMyth

    bharain - The practice of leaving a public house in Scotland to have a cigarette outside, due to the smoking ban.

    e.g., I'm desperate for a fag. I'm off to Bahrain.

    submitted by Andy Watson

    bhoudtah - Specifically applies to the very slow and elaborate rituals of the elderly, esp. when they cause delay for those who need to get somewhere fast. Also can be used as a noun regarding nick-nacks and similar useless paraphernalia, akin to Tchochki

    e.g., That bhoudtah old lady driver's caddy almost ran me off the road.

    submitted by larryli

    bhs - Boar's Head Shit. An especially ripe form of self-important drivel. May also refer to the prevailing demeanor of students at Beaconville High School.

    e.g., Not two sentences into his speech for student body president, most of the audience knew that Bill was full of BHS.

    submitted by steven jones

    bi - short for bad influence. Can be used as a noun or a verb.

    e.g., Get away from you BI! I need to study for my finals. Quit BI-ing me, I said!

    submitted by Nathan

    bi-clap - Of TV discussion show audience: to vigorously (even wrathfully) clap two opposite viewpoints one after the other, without apparently realizing the contradiction.

    e.g., A tremendous bi-clap issued from the benches. They clearly wanted blood, and didn't mind whose.

    submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

    bi-dextral - The ability to use both the right and left hands, with equal skill, to perform everyday tasks.

    e.g., Jeff could write equally well using either his right or left hand; he is bi-dextral.

    submitted by Michael Myett

    bi-illogical - An organism or a characteristic of an organism that makes no apparent sense.

    e.g., Ostriches can't even fly. If you ask me, their wings are downright bi-illogical.

    submitted by velma

    bi-polak - I am lucky guy, well-heeled Polak gentleman, can live where I please, in winter I am south-polak, in summer I am north-polak, we follow the Sun, or maybe it's the Sun what follows us.

    e.g., But us bi-polaks often go well beyond the borders to sizzling hot climes for extensive Fun and even more Fun, winter is far behind and forgotten. Reverse the seasons and we are in Arctic waters, rub nose with friendly natives, blubber for lunch, sled race to North Pole, bare?

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

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