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broady - A burnt-out surfer, with outrageous clothing, such as Jeff Spicoli.

e.g., My friend here surfs all day and smokes himself blind. He's a classic broady.

submitted by name removed by request

broccoli - A girl who has teased her hair up with so much hairspray that she looks like a stalk of broccoli; e.g., Melanie Griffith in "Working Girl."

e.g., He had dated only two girls before college--one a genius , the other a broccoli.

submitted by Trevor

broccolodontist - Broccoli-orthodontist, a person who perpetually has an unidentified green object lodged in her teeth.

e.g., Jane is a broccolodontist; it always looks as if she brushed her teeth with a salad.

submitted by Smedile

brochette - 1. A small French brochure. 2. A brochure about a sports car manufactured by Chevrolet. 3. A brochure printed on stock that's so sharp it can be used to cut a path through the jungle.

e.g., 1. I wanted to visit Paris, so I asked my travel agent for a "brochette." 2. I was considering buying a Corvette. The only information I could find was in a brochette; 3. While on vacation in South America, I found myself lost in the dense underbrush of the Amazon rain forest. Luckily, I still had my brochette, and was able to hack my way back to civilization.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

brochure - Of a male sibling who is confident. | When you know you can count on your brother.

e.g., I'm so jealous of my brother Sam. He's so brochure of himself. | I am so brochure of my brother Kris. I know I can count on him, no matter what happens.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

brochureware - The incredibly useful advertising material that accompanies digital media, often found on interactive audio CDs, Iomega ZipDisks, and certain not-quite-so-freeware programs.

e.g., I installed BearShare and it also put on a ton of brochureware that won't stop bothering me.

submitted by Neil Goldberg

brockway - Something that plays or has cool music.

e.g., Like this CD is sooooo brockway, Becky.

submitted by Herb

brocrastinating - Leaving your best buddy waiting for a ride, because you really don't feel like getting dressed and driving over to get him.

e.g., Yeah, he's pissed at me because I brocrastinated for two hours with him out in the rain.

submitted by Grue

brody - Police officer. From Roy Scheider as the police officer in Jaws. | From Adam Brody, who plays the adorkable Seth Cohen on Fox's The O.C. On the show he is geeky and funny but sweet, a great combination.

e.g., Slow down, there's a brody over there. | Have you met the new boy -- Josh? Brody all the way.

submitted by g0x | JULZ

broface - What one calls a good friend. A knee-jerk reaction to people who call you "bro" when they really are not your friend; an acquaintance would never call you "broface."

e.g., Hey broface, want do go for coffee tomorrow?

submitted by nate - (www)

brog - Condensation on the inside of automobile windows caused by heavy breathing.

e.g., Brenda wiped at the brog, expecting to see a romantic moon, but it was the flashlight of the corpulent Officer Muldoon.

submitted by Joel Garry - (www)

broheem - I have heard this word on at least two cable series, Californication and Weeds. It seems to be a sarcastic twist on "bro" or "my brutha," but it might also have a foreign language derivation, possibly Arabic? How is it that at least two Hollywood writing teams are using a term not found in any internet slang database? It could also be spelled "brohaim" or "brohim." Hard to say.  
ED. It's not hard to say anymore. "Broheem" it is. According to the Double-Tongued Dictionary, it seems to have been around in various forms since the early 1990s, meaning ~"brother; friend, buddy." Google is your friend.

e.g., Hey, put that gun down before you hurt somebody, broheem.

submitted by ken

brokay - The affirmative response by male friends when presented with a predominantly feminine situation.

e.g., Tom: I have to go to a fashion show on Saturday. Jack: Uh, dude . . . that's lame. Tom: But it's for charity. Jack: Oh, well, that's brokay.

submitted by michael

broke - The perfection of ugliness.

e.g., Ed: Oh, Lord, Anna Nicole Smith is busted. She was a playmate? Ted: Maybe before we were born, but she's broke now.

submitted by Zak

brokeback mountain brigade - Maybe it's a reference to homosexual activists in a military grouping. I dunno. I saw it on the web page hyperlinked to in the example.


Don Feder at Howard Dean asks rhetorically, "Are we going to live in a theocracy where the highest powers tell us what to do?" No, we'll live in a Dean-ocracy where radical feminists, global-warming whack-jobs, and the Brokeback Mountain Brigade tell us what to do.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

brokefest blend - A name for any overpriced coffee sold at a designer coffee shop.

e.g., "A Brooklyn cafe is charging $12 for a cup of Ethiopian coffee. The drink doesn't have a name, so The Week asked its readers to do the honors.  
Mocha Dinero :
Brokefest Blend 
Goldbean Sachs 
Caf au Laitaway"

submitted by HD Fowler

broken - 1. Gaming theory term to refer to any rule, operator, or card that unbalances the game, or "breaks" the game. 2. Anything that is too incredible to be true.

e.g., 1. A rule allowing a player to simultaneously play two Xs in tic-tac-toe would be broken. 2. These courtside tickets for the Lakers are completely broken.

submitted by Mattie - (www)

broken arrow - An officially documented nuclear weapon accident. It's also a bad movie.

e.g., In 1990 alone three broken arrows were recorded.

submitted by

brokit - Broke or broken.

e.g., Okay, kids. Who brokit the window? I brokit my leg. I have a brokit head.

submitted by Kristi

brokizzle - A variation of "bro."

e.g., Hey, broskizzle, c'mere.

submitted by Asia

brolian - A man or woman over 40 who is oxen in appearance.

e.g., Chris is entirely too brolian for an attractive woman such as you, Alex.

submitted by sorjeri tane

brolic - To be muscular. built.

e.g., "Look at her arms, she's brolic."

submitted by denise

brolic - Awesome or superior. Usually in reference to a piece of jewelry that's out of the ordinary.

e.g., That's a brolic medallion you're wearing, Mr. T.

submitted by Keara

bromance - Brotherly love between two men. Does not suggest homosexuality.

e.g., The bromance is over, Chris. You screwed up big time when you bitchslapped me. Where did that come from?

submitted by Sarah

bromance - The bonding between male protagonists that occurs after interpersonal conflict in a buddy movie.

e.g., Harold and Kumar achieved bromance when they realized they liked each other after their adventure going to White Castle.

submitted by Joel Parker

bromides in long strides - Horrific conversational experience, wherein one must sit through dull people saying duller things.

e.g., Toby: How was study hall today? Monsieur Pairault: Vexation after vexation! I couldn't cut through that thick forest of cliches with a machete. Seriously, it was all bromides in long strides.

submitted by Jonathan Charles Wright

bronco - Cool or kickin'.

e.g., I love Luke's corduroy suit. It's so bronco.

submitted by samantha

bronco-billions - Having so many of one thing that you are unable to count them all.

e.g., Gretchen went to Hallmark and purchased cards for her bronco-billion grandchildren.

submitted by Dougie

bronson - A tough-guy synonym for a beer, from Charles Bronson.

e.g., Bartender, gimme a bronson.

submitted by Deacon

brontolite - (n.) a meteor (the object itself) or meteorite (doing away with the pointless and artificial difference between the two). [from the Greek brontos 'thunder' + lithos 'stone.'] Also (Germanic) Mjolnirstan.

e.g., Asteroid and comet fragments cause enormous explosions; that's why we call them brontoliths.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

brontosaurus - (n.) 1. The apatosaurus (it's an accepted synonym, and the one I learned back in 1967); 2. Any apatosaurus; 3. Any sauropod ("long neck," as the kids these days label them); 4. Any pointless argument about synonyms.

e.g., "Oh, look: a brontosaurus." "Don't you know anything? It's an apatosaurus---brontosaurus is a mistake." "You need to read Steven J. Goulding---it's a brontosaurus." | Andy: "My little boy loves reading about brontosaurs." Mandy: "You mean sauropods." Randy: "No, he means apatosaurs." Andy: "No, I mean brontosaurs: diplodocuses, argentinosaurs, etc." Mandy: "Oh, all right: tomato tomahto." Randy: "It's an apatosaur!---there's no such thing as---" Mandy: "Give it a rest, man: you understand him; I understand him: what on Earth difference can it possibly make?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

brontothesaurus - Book of older and sometimes obsolete synonyms and antonyms; a retrothesaurus.

e.g., When reading very old books or documents it might be useful to consult a brontothesaurus.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bronze - A cop. From the movie Mad Max.

e.g., Bronze, I'll be bailed out in 20 minutes.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

brook - A real word, one which has both noun and verb forms. The verb is used much less frequently than the noun. Transitive verb: to stand for | tolerate.


At the linked site, commenter Han brooks no disagreement from anyone who thinks that his near absolute insistence that everyone in the world would be better off on a strict vegan diet than any other goes a tad too far.

To Han, I say, "Stay out of my diet. The choice is mine, not yours. The chances of my adjusting to your preferred diet and coming to like it are slim to none. I'd much rather live three years longer enjoying myself than six years longer being miserable.

"Speaking of being miserable, thank God you're not a regular part of my life. My bet is that you are miserable and you make everyone around you miserable. Unfortunately, you seem destined to live to be a very ripe old age, sticking around for far to many years making tons of folks wish you had kicked the bucket years earlier."

submitted by [brook] - (www)

brooke - Naked, especially naked in an unusual setting or at the wrong time.

e.g., So I walked out of my room, completely brooke, and my math teacher was standing there.

submitted by pepp2000

brooklyn doorbell - To stand in front of an apartment building yelling an occupant's name until she comes to the window.

e.g., The bell in Jimmy's lobby is broken, so we'll have to use the Brooklyn doorbell: "JIIIMMMMMMAAAAYYYYY!"

submitted by Ixkorr Oxkarr - (www)

broomed - A verb used to describe the action of using a broom.

e.g., I broomed our floor today.

submitted by molly

broosty - Of a hen or chicken that refuses to leave the henhouse but insists on sitting on the pot egg in the nestbox as if it were ever going to hatch.  
ED. From the following, it appears to me as if the unfamiliar term «pot egg» must be what I'd refer to as a «boiled egg».

boody-egg:- NE a pot egg put in with a hen (or pigeon) to encourage [it] to lay. You could even get tiny ones for canaries. I did not realise the derivation of this until I found 'boody' in Griffiths meaning 'earthen ware.'

e.g., The chicken had gone all broosty and was trying to hatch the pot egg in the nest.

submitted by stella whyte - (www)

brorange - For a crazy or stupid person.

e.g., Chris is brorange.

submitted by Tave Tarth

broster - To miss a gimme.

e.g., He was standing with the ball three feet in front of a wide open net, but he brostered it.

submitted by Roberto Pavan

brotch - Macho, show-off. Someone who thinks he's cool, but really isn't.

e.g., Check out the brotch hitting on Marcy. What a loser!

submitted by aldwin oliveros

broth - (Pronounced "bruth" (the first syllable of "brother)) 1. To be someone's brother; 2. to act as a brother to someone (i.e., care for, guard, lend money to, feed, borrow from, eat too much of your food, sleep on your couch ... you know the drill). [Related terms: sist, muth, and fa.]

e.g., "He's my brother." "How d'ya figure? He's African-American; you are almost full-blooded Chinese. He's almost seven-feet tall; you're only five-three. And the clincher: he raises bansai trees, and you don't even like trees." "Wait, what? ... No, no. He's my 'brother': he broths for me."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

brothe - Past tense of breath. Instead of saying "I had taken a breath" just say "I brothe."

e.g., I just brothe in deeply and then exhaled.

submitted by Mike

brotherworldly - Refers to close friendship between beings from other worlds. Cosmic bonding with amicable interactions.

e.g., We could tell by the brotherworldly "smiles" on their hideous faces that all was going well. We could associate with and trust them completely. The transfer of Djukchus Mezatut could begin immediately.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

brown - Inexperienced and utterly incompetent. Worse than "green."

e.g., She added fuser oil to the toner and then the copier caught on fire. She's as brown as any new hire we've ever had.

submitted by pzzazz

brown - Just plain good.

e.g., I saw Ween last night. They played a pretty brown show.

submitted by Mr. Ragsinhisears - (www)

brown - No longer popula, outdated, unfashionable.

e.g., Bellbottoms are once again brown. But they'll make another fashion comeback about 2025.

submitted by James Bradford

brown money - Descriptive of all useless small change, regardless of whether or not it is actually brown.

e.g., I've got about $100 worth of brown money lying on my dresser. How am I ever going to get rid of it?

submitted by Amara Valde

brown moo - Chocolate milk. Used in _The Sentry_, by Robert Crais.

e.g., I'll be back in a few minutes. I'm going out to get some brown moo. You need anything?

submitted by HD Fowler

brown notes - Farting at various frequencies.

e.g., Boy those beans really made me hit the brown notes.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

brown-mouth - The feeling one gets in one's mouth when one has smoked too many cigarettes in too short a space of time. Brown mouth.

e.g., I was about to roll a cigarette, but I've got brown-mouth.

submitted by silverspider

browncoat - Fans of the Joss Whedon series Firefly. Fans adapted the word, typically used on the show to describe the Independents (affiliation), who often wear brown coats.

e.g., Browncoats often gather to watch the entire season of Firefly in one sitting.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

brownie film - No camera involved in this. Film for your brownie is a local term for toilet paper.

e.g., Agitated voice heard from bathroom: "Help! I'm stranded! We're out of brownie film!"

submitted by Steve McDonald

brr ache up - The burning cold, emotional pain suffered as a result of the end of a relationship.

e.g., Fred: I just heard that you and Sandy had a brr ache up -- she left you for the captain of the football team. Red: Yeah. Some shallow girls obviously prefer good looks, money, and popularity to mental superiority. But it's okay -- I'm all right -- I'll get over it in thirty to forty years.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

bruce willis is a robot - Used when you do not want to give away the end of a movie (can be any movie). Started when the movie Sixth Sense came out.

e.g., I went to see X-men 3 the other day. The ending was crazy. It turns out that Bruce Willis is a robot.

submitted by terevos

bruck - to be broken or not working properly.

e.g., my monitor it completely brucked up. it's currently only outputting shades of red.

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

brudally - Used to emphasize something. Brutally.

e.g., That maths test was brudally easy.

submitted by PovMan

brudderfry - Justice for Everyone: harsh but friendly.

e.g., Ev'ryone is my brudder. But if you've been very very bad, we're gonna fry you regardless. With a smile no less. That's brudderfry.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bruiser - A tough guy. One who has a limited vocabulary and would beat you up for skateboarding or going to college. Likely to have had a mullet in the 80s and nowadays would love Mminem. Names usually are Billy, Jimmy, Johnny, Terry, Mikey, and Paddy.

e.g., Was downtown and got into a fight with a bruiser. Needless to say, I was beat up.

submitted by Millsy Baker - (www)

brummel - To wrestle oin a playful manner

e.g., Dane and Chris were brummeling after an argument over whether the basketball had been in or out.

submitted by Dane Rauschenberg

brunchner - Only meal of the day. Similar to the word brunch describing the meal between breakfast and lunch, brunchner covers the breakfast, lunch and dinner.

e.g., I am too hungry now. I only had a brunchner yesterday.

submitted by karthik

brunettrie - To characterize a person based on her brown hair.

e.g., Due to my brunettrie, I am smarter than any blonde.

submitted by michelle

brunification - To overindulge in detail, thought, and expression-- resulting in a situation that is difficult to grasp and wrap one's head around. Comes from the common social understanding that blondes may not be as quick as brunettes.

e.g., The passage the teacher read from the book was difficult to understand due to its brunification. So a student stood up and asked, "Perhaps if it was a little less brunified it would seem incredibly simple?"

submitted by matt clarke

brunner - Breakfast/lunch/dinner, similar to "brunch" but more encompassing. What daypart-agnostic restaurants such as diners serve. (Un-capitalized, and no relation to the late, science fiction author of Stand on Zanzibar fame.)

e.g., This rotating-shift work is making me so crazy that I don't even know whether it's morning or night. Want to come with me to the diner for brunner?

submitted by Richard Factor - (www)

bruntile - Smelling completely and utterly putrid.

e.g., Joel's aftershave is bruntile.

submitted by Joel

brusband - A person who is your brother and your husband.

e.g., You are like a brusband to me.

submitted by Mike

brutal - A mid-Western term used to describe an ultra-short flat-top haircut usually sported by a cop.

e.g., Check out the brutal on that bronze.

submitted by Mephisto

brutal - Good, excellent. From Red Dwarf.

e.g., "Brutal!" exclaimed Lister, doing the touchdown shuffle. " "I can't believe you just pulled that off," said Rimmer.

submitted by Zippy Broodstock

brutterinking - Combination of "utter" and "brink." The collective energy produced by LSD results in the drawing of focus by certain objects or people. This focus gains its own power, until the entire group is laughing or producing some other outpouring of tension. This is a brutterinking. It is also brutterinking in the verb form. "To brutterink."

e.g., Someone pointed out the tree in the shape of a fractal, until the entire group began to brutterink, eventually breaking up into laughter and looking each other in the eye for emotional affirmation.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

bryce - A term used to describe the quality (or lack thereof) of a 3D rendering or animation. Can also be used as a synonym for “Bad 3D Animation.” The word was created in reference to a 3D-rendering program called “Bryce,” a low-end piece of software generally used by amateurs.

e.g., The Bryce in Spiderman was so bad, my eyes started bleeding during the first scene.

submitted by Miles Garrett

bs - Basal sludge, a waste product from oil wells. Worthless product that someone must be paid to dispose of.

e.g., Your work is nothing but bs.

submitted by Buddy Cox

bsas - An acronym standing for BS Alert System. The special creative art of recognizing and reflecting back to the receiver, a similar pile a smelly or simply untrue crap.

e.g., "My BSAS kicked in when he told me that he'd take care of me and that he loved me more than the moon and the stars, forever and from the moon, beyond, and back," she gagged.

submitted by paige_archer

bther - A bit under the weather. All washed out, drained, phsically exhausted.

e.g., I'm feeling bther today.

submitted by mary stone

bts - (bee-tee-ESS; adj./adv.) acronym, short for "Behind the Scenes."

e.g., The politicos claimed it was "all-party" cooperation; bts, though, it seemed like blue-party blackmail: all the other parties had to toe their line or be "de-elected."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bubba fork - An eating utensil (fork) with several tines bent.

e.g., Before we could begin eating, it took us a minute to fix the bubba forks at the Chinese buffet.

submitted by Albert D. Pereira

bubbababoo - A boy's version of nicknames given to girls such as sweetie, angel, or sweet pea.

e.g., My son is Mommy's little bubbababoo.

submitted by Joleen

bubbaloobiebear - A pet name given to someone who you really love. Used more often in the southern United States.

e.g., Madison is my bubbaloobiebear.

submitted by Rob K

bubbergasted - To be shocked or suprised at the sight of a fat person.

e.g., When I saw Father Christmas coming down my chimney I was too blubbergasted to speak for several seconds.

submitted by Hannah

bubbet - Can be goodbye, hello, the name of a loved companion or friend, any form of nonsense word--most frequently used as a means of farewell.

e.g., Well, Orville, it's been a pleasure chatting with you but i must bubbet for i have a pottery class at 4.

submitted by Jess

bubbilybaby - A chubby and cute baby; a round and adorable person.

e.g., She's such a bubbilybaby with her dimples.

submitted by Ling

bubble - Your personal space, the small area that is around you.

e.g., Your in my bubble, pal.

submitted by jon

bubble - To completely zone out of a group conversation and engage in one-on-one conversation with a date or significant other while the group conversation continues.

e.g., Davin and Elyse bubbled while the group continued debating the existence of true love.

submitted by Davin

bubble wrap - The opposite of "boiler plate" -- the standardized text in legal documents. "Bubble wrap" is language that must be included in documents to address issues of diversity, gender, and political correctness.

e.g., The NEH grant will be done after we work in the bubble wrap.

submitted by Rafi Metz - (www)

bubble-fluffy - An attractive female posterior.

e.g., Randy, did you see the nice bubble-fluffy on that girl in the back?

submitted by Justin Bellefontaine

bubble-humping - When someone takes over an online microphone when not supposed to. This is common in online trivia games.

e.g., Please tell Sharon to stop bubble-humping. Caly is trying to read her movie trivia questions.

submitted by Kelly

bubblegasm - What you have when you blow a bubble (with bubble gum or a wand . . . doesn't matter) and it is really satisfying and really great.

e.g., That bubble I just blew was so good, I almost had a bubblegasm.

submitted by Melissa - (www)

bubblegum - Trendy pop items (songs, clothes, etc.) that are just too happy, shallow, and myopic. Something Old Navy or Gap might sell -- lots of plastic and bright colors. Also used for someone who closely follows these trends -- superficial and narrow-minded.

e.g., I liked the Matchbox20 song, but it was bubblegum. That bright lime green tech vest is so bubblegum, I want to puke.

submitted by sarah

bubblegum tripe - Poorly wirtten music.

e.g., Did you hear Britney's new album? The usual bubblegum tripe.

submitted by Mandi - (www)

bubbleguts - The feeling in the pit of your stomach three hours after eating way too much Taco Bell chili, etc.

e.g., Couldn't make it in to work today. Had a bad case of the bubbleguts.

submitted by kato allen

bubblehead - U.S. Naval Term. Any naval crewman of a submarine. In common use in today’s U.S. Navy, this informal term derives from the common (but usually fanciful) image of air bubbles rising from submerged vessels. It is one of three terms that very generally classifies a sailor into one of the three levels on which the Navy operates and fights: below the sea (bubbleheads), on the sea (skimmers), and above the sea (airdales).

e.g., One retired navy veteran speaking to another, who was in submarines: "So what did you do in the Navy?" In reply, “I was a bubblehead.” (i.e., “I was in submarines.”)

submitted by Dennis Dio Parker

bubblelicious - Something that is so delicious, divine, or delightful that it requires celebrating with a glass of bubbly liquid such as champagne.

e.g., Liz hosted an incredible affair to honor her friend Suz that would rival the world's top caterers and chefs. It was a bubblelicious event.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

bubblelock - When you are locked in problem-solving mode and can't figure your way out, then your brain is in bubblelock.

e.g., Oh, darn, I'm in a bubblelock. I can't figure out the answer to this question.

submitted by cara

bubbler - Water fountain.

e.g., I'm going to get a drink at the bubbler.

submitted by Alex R.

bubbler - Water fountain. This has been submitted and is in the "dictionary", but I would add that, as far as I know, this is another Rhode Island-only term, like "cabinet."

e.g., Get a drink of water at the bubbler.

submitted by Gary Krasner

bubbler - A thin film of snot that inflates in the nose in a similar fashion to bubble gum.

e.g., I dont think Nobby's aware of the green bubbler in his left nostril.

submitted by Nobby

bubblesaurus - Llarge ball of wet soap, usually in a Harry Potter book, or the Lord of the Rings movie.

e.g., The bubblesaurus was as painful as warts.

submitted by matt

bubblesstocity - The state of a carbonated drink that has gone flat.

e.g., I left the soda in the refrigerator until it had reached the state of total bubblesstocity.

submitted by Steven Dean

bubbling - UK slang, crying.

e.g., is James bubbling again? What a big baby.

submitted by Adam Leslie

bubbling (bubbling) - Feeling happy.

e.g., Steve: Hey dawg, what's up? Jay: I'm bubbalin or (bubbling) mate.

submitted by Irfan - (www)

bubblize - To add bubbles to any substance by blowing through a straw.

e.g., My Coke is going flat. I'd better bubblize it.

submitted by Mark Applin - (www)

bubbly - Wife. A term of endearment and counterpart to "hubby."

e.g., I am her hubby and she is my bubbly.

submitted by Brett Cooper - (www)

bubongalong-babook - A term of endearment, with reference to an African Owl. Specifically used between siblings with questionable social lives.

e.g., "What are you doing Saturday night, Sis?" "Gee I don't know. Bubongalong-babook"

submitted by dusty

bubonic - (1) Bad meaning bad. (2) Bad meaning good. So good, in fact, it makes you almost sick. ||  
(Rhymes with "too SONic"; adj.) 1. Extremely virulent (vis-a-vis diseases); 2. Extremely toxic (vis-a-vis) elements, compounds, colloids, etc.; 3. Extremely contagious or likely to spread (e.g., computer viruses, pirated recordings, gossip, and such); 4. Vile, evil, corrupt, vicious, virulent vitriol, which has an awful tendency to spread like smallpox, aids, or ebola and do just as much damage, metaphorically or really. [Obviously, the name derives from the bubonic plague.]

e.g., Georgie: "What movie did you see tonight?" Porgy: "A Low Down Dirty Shame with Keenen Ivory Wayans. That movie was utterly bubonic, and I just realized that I'll never get those two hours of my life back. | Jack: "What movie did you see tonight?" Mac: "Purple Rain, with Prince. That flick is mad bubonic! Especially the outfits, and when he starts singing in the restaurant, and..." ||  
"That new strain of hepatitis is bubonic; best get a shot ... if there is one." | "Wow, computer viruses have become bubonic ... with fries."

submitted by Jessica Piazza || Scott M. Ellsworth

bubulate - To mull something over, to consider, think.

e.g., Sam: "Hey Kris, do you want to go to the park for lunch?" Kris: "I don't know, let me bubulate on it for a while?"

submitted by Jessica

bucephalus - The absolute pinnacle of cool or awesome. OR Alexander the Breat's war horse.

e.g., You just fell off that 40-story building and landed on your feet! That was bucephalus.

submitted by Galen - (www)

buck - 1. A hundred of anything (i.e. degrees, pounds) 2. an hour

e.g., 1. I lost fifteen pounds, and now I'm at a buck-ninety. It feels like a buck-O-five outside. 2.I'll be back in a buck and a half.

submitted by jOE

buck minus - Extremely cold conditions, esp. air temperature. Var: buck negativ.

e.g., Ever been to Yellowknife at Christmas? It's buck minus up there.

submitted by crassy - (www)

buck one-eighty, a - Variant of "a buck three-eighty."

e.g., Wonder if a buck three-eighty is actually the same amount as a buck one-eighty?

submitted by PseudoJudo

buck three eighty, a - The price for anything.

e.g., Q: How much is this, sir? A: That's a buck three eighty.

submitted by TLigs

buck, a - One hundred pounds. Used for the weight of a person, often when speaking of fighters.

e.g., He didn't weigh more than a buck, but he was tough as nails. So it's no surprise that Chris had his thugs hold him down while he kicked him unconscious.

submitted by Adam Burtch

buck-buck - A cat.

e.g., The pet store had a buck-buck sale on Tuesday.

submitted by ditnis

buckaruski - A buck mixed with a rooster.

e.g., There was a buckaruski in my yard.

submitted by Trey 7th English

buckdoe - A reproductive pair; couple; yin yang.

e.g., Buckdoe ducks in swim canal, soon to make eggs and new ducklings in row. Are you still just friends or buckdoe? Buckdoe balence is undoubtedly essential for the universe to exist.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bucket - A lunch box in the coal fields of Southern Illinois. | Slang for the jailhouse or local county lockup. Crossbar Hotel, Graybar Hotel.

e.g., My wife packed my bucket before I went to the mine. |I didn't have enough bail money, so I had to spend the night in the bucket.

submitted by Herb Tauscher

bucket and spade fallacy - The bucket and spade fallacy is used to describe a situation where somebody complains about an object or theory on the grounds that it doesn't do something that it was never designed to do. You can dig sand with both a bucket and a spade although one is best. You can hold water in both a bucket and a spade but one is best. It comes from a problem inherent within naming things. Can also be used to describe a situation where two people argue, whilst (unknown to them) they misinterpret each other's statements so that they're never really having the same argument.

e.g., "She is wicked (meaning good)." "She is not wicked (meaning bad)." "You two are falling victim to the bucket and spade fallacy."

submitted by silverspider

bucket list - A list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket: places you want to go, people you want to meet, old friends you want to see. . . .

e.g., When it became obvious she didn't remember dating me, I took her off my bucket list.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bucket o' lube - Anything extremely enjoyable.

e.g., Thanks for inviting me to that party last night. It was a bucket o' lube.

submitted by Patrick

bucketcrate - Any vehicle that should condemned off the road and to the scrapyard.

e.g., With the dragging muffler, patched side window, and broken headlight, the bucketcrate went onto the freeway.

submitted by tome

buckethead - A person, usually a man who has an unusually larger head then most.

e.g., I can't see the movie for that Chris's buckethead.

submitted by Andrea

bucketize - To logically group action items into a categories, usually during long staff meetings.

e.g., Bucketize these action items for organization.

submitted by Evan

buckie - Nickname for the fortified wine of choice (Buckfast) enjoyed by Jakeys in Glasgow.

e.g., Tyrone wiz pure scoofed oan Buckie the 'night!

submitted by Wish

buckleswash - Verb meaning to come very close to succeeding, but not quite close enough.

e.g., Man, you buckleswashed that bullseye but I guess you weren't close enough. I win.

submitted by Dave

buckley's chance - Aussie slang for "no chance at all." From a shop in Victoria called "Buckley's & Nunn" -- which as a joke yields Buckley's = none. "There are two chances, Buckley’s and none."

e.g., I've got Buckley's chance of getting to work on time in this traffic.

submitted by Aussie Bloke - (www)

bucknakedwickedchilly - Cold enough to freeze your pee before it hits the ground.

e.g., I try to keep the dogs from pooping up my walkway by regularly urinating on it. But it being bucknakedwickedchilly, it's not doing much good right now.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

bucksome - The prominent result of high-priced breast enhancement surgery.

e.g., Son, I noticed you eyeing that bucksome young lady. Be cautious -- she may likely be "high maintenance." It cost several thousand dollars for that especially uplifting engineering feat!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

buckwheat - Used to describe a person who has done something really stupid.

e.g., Look at Chris stuffing peanuts up his nose! What a buckwheat!

submitted by Buckwheat

buckwheaten - As a verb: to talk funnily. As as adjective: something that sticks straight up or spits and lisps.

e.g., I just can't stop buckwheaten this afternoon. His hair is buckwheaten.

submitted by randy

bucky - An extremely charismatic flying grey squirrel, often seen in white tennis shoes and wearing a red cape. Otherwise, known as the "squirrel of overkill."

e.g., When the squirrel revolution comes, Bucky will be leading the pack with his war cry.

submitted by Michael Gardner

bucquidian - (adj.) Of or pertaining to money, especially international exchange rates. (n.) An expert in such matters. (Derived from "buck" + "quid" + "yen.")

e.g., "Hey, man, how many yuan in a shekel?" "How would I know? I'm no bucquidian. . . . Wait, where on Earth are you going?" | "And now, ladies and gentlemen, the highlight of our show: Rodney the Accountant! CPA and master of bucquidian legerdemain!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

budaplum - The smelly residue that is left after secreting bodily fluids at a public restaurant.

e.g., The little boy ran up to his mother and father and whispered in their ears "Someone left way too much budaplum in the bathroom."

submitted by Juan Huizar - (www)

budda - A cross between "brother" and "buddy."

e.g., What's up, budda?

submitted by Mathew Woods - (www)

buddha - an exclamation of frustration, disgust, or disappointment

e.g., Buddha! I left my John Denver CD at the VFW!

submitted by Larry

buddle - An enthusiastic, potentially injurous hug -- a cross between "bundle" and "cuddle." Usually shared between two self-consciously heterosexual friends.

e.g., After George gave me a manly buddle, I had to get my back chiropracted.

submitted by Ben

buddy system - When you pick a person to talk to all of the girls who are with the girl you are hitting on. Keeps the friend(s) occupied while you make your moves.

e.g., Bob was the unfortunate soul who was picked in the buddy system. He had to talk to that girl's dorky friend for two hours.

submitted by Quigs un

buddy x - Place-holder for a person's name, used in story-telling

e.g., "… so then Buddy X says, 'But what will I tell the penguins?'"

submitted by iAn - (www)

budgament - Combining the functions of overseeing both budgets and management.

e.g., A Budgament Officer analyzes both the budget and management of a program. The Office of Budgament replaced the Office of Management and Budgets.

submitted by Kelley

budget - Cheap-looking.

e.g., You didn't miss anything. The office party last night was at some bowling alley. Strictly budget.

submitted by Garret Thomson - (www)

budmilloorsilob - Used to refer to cheap, crappy American rice-and-corn megabrews. From: Budwiser, Miller, Coors, Michelob.

e.g., I plan to kick off the party with a six-pack of Sam Adams, then I'm going to maintain the buzz with budmilloorsilob 'cuz it's cheap, and by that time I can't taste the difference anyway.

submitted by captaineyeball

budoir patrol - The federal agency charged with protecting United States' bedrooms.

e.g., The Budoir Patrol is vastly more effective in doing its job than the US Border Patrol. But that's primarily because it isn't being hamstrung doing its job by Democrat politicians and flunkies inside The Beltway.

submitted by [CJ Clegg]

bueller - Used to get the attention of or to annoy people who are not responding to you. Comes from the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

e.g., "So where do you guys want to eat?" (no response) "The diner, the deli . . . anyone . . . Bueller . . . Bueller?"

submitted by Scott Marchus

buff - To clean, erase, or remove from existence. Usually in reference to graffiti and murals that have been erased. Originated and used by graffiti writers worldwide. First mentioned in association with NY City trains being chemically cleaned (buffed).

e.g., I went around at night writing my tag all over mid-town, but by the weekend, they were mostly buffed.

submitted by Filip

buff - U.S. Air Force acronym for Big Ugly Fat "Fellas." Slang for a B52 bomber.

e.g., The BUFFs may be ugly, but they have proven to be one of the most enduring weapons in the wing.

submitted by Stephen Mize

buff - An article of clothing given to contestants of the reality series Survivor, made of spandex and colored to show tribal affiliation. Being made of spandex it is extremely versatile, as one can wear it as a head-band, a bandanna, a tube top, a wrist band, or a mini-skirt among other functions.

e.g., Lindsey often wore her buff as a tube top.

submitted by CRM114

buffaloizza - A pizza topped with Buffalo Hot Wings. Mmmm!

e.g., I wanted hot wings, whereas Mathilda wanted pizza, so we headed to Klondike's to get a buffaloizza.

submitted by Paul

buffarilla - A woman who is both obese and has unattractive facial features. | ED. I'm glad to see that this has already been entered in the pd. I noticed it in the table of 100 Insult Words this morning, having let it slip by before. I had never checked to see what it means. According to The Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English: "noun an ugly girl. A blend of 'buffalo' and 'gorilla' US, 1968." However did I miss it when it came into existence in the late '60s? I was only slightly past being a teenager then myself. Slightly? Yeah right. HD.

e.g., That club has gone downhill fast. There used to be wall-to-wall babes. Now, you only see hordes of buffarillas.

submitted by Jay Berkland | HD - (www)

buffawool - (Rhymes with HUFF-a-lull; n.) 1. the shaggy "mane" of the American Buffalo (aka Bison); 2. Anything made from that shaggy mane fur; 3. (more loosely) a buffalo (bison) hide which includes the shaggy fur. [From "buffalo" + "wool."]

e.g., There was a particularly docile buffalo at the petting zoo, with a magnificent mane of buffawool. / Jack had a rather itchy sweater made angora and alpaca mixed with buffawool. / One ranch I visited in the American Southwest had dozens of buffawool hides on a barn wall. It was disconcerting to realize that we have managed to bring the American bison back from the brink of extinction to the extent that we think we can go around killing them all again.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

buffersly - Butterfly.

e.g., Look, Mum, there's a buffersly.

submitted by mary stone

buffet complex - The desire to have everything, and active pursuit of that desire. Otherwise known as "never-contentment" and "having your cake and eating it too."

e.g., Jesus, does it really matter that you got nine As instead of ten? You and yourbuffet complex.

submitted by Lisa Cirèlle Hansson - (www)

buffet junketeers - Charters to casinos primarily made up of persons who only want to cash in on the cheap buffets, and any other freebies. They often are not that interested in gambling.

e.g., I wanted to do the awesome buffet at Bellagio, but the line was a mile deep with buffet junketeers, so I went across the street to Paris instead.

submitted by Paul

buffetier - Although this pseudo-word appears as if it might be French, there is no such French word. We're going to give it the meaning "beefeater" -- that "being a reference to the diets of well-off and spoiled servants" -- and claim, furthermore, that it refers to someone who eats from a buffet.

e.g., I've put on so much weight recently, it appears as if I'm a buffetier.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

buffied - To turn regular saying into a "buffyism" (language used on Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

e.g., Harry: Well, that was not of the ordinary Mary: Oh, come on. You just buffied that to make yourself sound cool.

submitted by Emma

buffification, buffication - Getting buff, gaining mass by working out.

e.g., Will believes buffification is the only way to get chicks to sleep with him.

submitted by andrea - (www)

buffin - A buffin is a bagel and a muffin combined.

e.g., I had a delicious buffin for breakfast this morning.

submitted by Angela

buffont-a-riffic - A special look you get with a great poof of the hair.

e.g., I do not want to buffont-a-riffic, thank you.

submitted by Debbie - (www)

buffymode - When you or someone looks like DUH, or when you're not concentrating.

e.g., He asked me something, but I was in total BUFFYMODE.

submitted by DYMSHORY - (www)

buficionado - Die-hard fan of _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_, on a par with Star Trek's Trekkers and Trekkies.

e.g., Jackie's such a Buficionado she'd sleep outside the store to get her season two DVD set.

submitted by Andrew WHeeler - (www)

bug - Defect.

Dave Wilton | There is, however, a very popular etymology (or perhaps it is entomology in this case) that credits Grace Hopper, naval officer and computer pioneer, with coining the term bug for a computer defect when she discovered an insect in a malfunctioning computer. It’s a fun story, and it’s even true, except in that it is not the origin of the term. Hopper (or perhaps one of her colleagues) did discover an insect in a computer, but as we have seen bug meaning defect dates from the nineteenth century. . . . Clearly, the computer workers were making a joke. It was the first actual bug found in a computer.

e.g., I prefer to wait for the dot one releases -- they have fewer bugs.

submitted by HD Fowler

bug an eye - To spy, or deliberately see something, especially when someone is curious.

e.g., There is always someone bugging an eye on my PC monitor here at work.

submitted by Diogo - (www)

bug juice - An alternate name for soy sauce. It looks kind of like the juice a grasshopper spits out if you pick it up.

e.g., Pass the bug juice. This chop suey tastes too flat.

submitted by Steve McDonald

bug patch - A software release that only serves to fix a bug in an earlier release.

e.g., We had to call it release 34-A because it was a bug patch to fix the problem in release 34.

submitted by Joel Parker

bug's ear - The mythical cutest thing in the world.

e.g., She was shy and modest, but was as cute as a bug's ear.

submitted by Steve McDonald

bug-hunting - Insane, crazy, nuts.

e.g., That noise is about to drive me bug-hunting.

submitted by Syl Lindsay

bugdet - The amount of debt you're willing to take on, just to get rid of an insect infestation.

e.g., My wife was SO freaked out when she saw an ant in our kitchen that she immediately whipped out the credit card and ordered me to pay the exterminator ANYTHING to take back our home. EVEN IF IT BREAKS OUR BUGDET.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

bugdust - Administrative or bureaucatic detail with absolutely no value.

e.g., Jim considered his daily work reports nothing but bugdust to keep his managers happy.

submitted by RobA

buggafull - When a person continually bugs you so much that you are overloaded and stressed out.

e.g., My older brother Aaron is always buggafull whe he's around.

submitted by Cara Bacon

buggawuddahuh - Interjective response, used when completely overwhelmed by surprise and confusion.

e.g., TV: Hitler's face shows permissiveness and sexual hunger. Me: Buggawuddahuh.

submitted by Eric

bugger - Someone or something that is insignificant.

e.g., The little bugger would not stop digging up my yard.

submitted by Jay

bugger all - Nothing.

e.g., She knows bugger all.

submitted by Sam Hall

buggerdy - The quality of being glitchy (buggy) or annoying. Can also be buggerdied.

e.g., That buggerdy computer's screwin' up all the time.

submitted by Jacob S.

buggeroff - An annoying person who doesn't go away when asked to.

e.g., I wish that buggeroff would leave me alone

submitted by Bier Fuhrer

buggersmugged - To be completely drunk; off your face.

e.g., Let's go out and get completely buggersmugged

submitted by Thonoir

buggin - Buh-gin. 1. The state of an overworked, underpaid techie. 2. A fast traveling bug.

e.g., 1. I just got off this weak call and I'm buggin. 2. Check that roly poly out, he's mega buggin.

submitted by Tommy

buggin, buggin out - Freaking out.

e.g., The Giants' play in the Super Bowl had me absolutely buggin! Can you believe 'em? OR This is too much stress for me, I'm buggin out.

submitted by Donna - (www)

buggle - 1. To walk at an incredibly fast rate (imagine the legs of an 8-bit video game character) 2. Someone you love very dearly. Also Buggley.

e.g., 1. I buggled across the street to avoid being hit by a bus. 2. She's my Buggle.

submitted by Wilson

buggled - To win a race or event. To be the first to do something. From MTV's first video ever aired in 1981, Video killed "Radio Star," by The Buggles.

e.g., I buggled the 50-yard dash, and I'm hoping our team runs a good relay as well.

submitted by Paul

bugle - The sound a bull elk makes when challenging other bull elk. Our daughter saw a bull elk, but couldn't remember what they're called. She had heard me say they "bugle," so told us she had nearly hit a "bugle" with her car. Word got out among the local Elk hunters who are now starting to refer to bull elk as bugles.

e.g., I think the bugle count may be up as much as 100 per cent from last year.

submitted by Jim Ford

bugle beagle bagels - A special kind of doggie bagel composed of the finest doggie ingredients -- guaranteed to please and improve your beagle's bugling, if it's a beagle that you'd be having. And, these bagels are totally kosher, as you'd expect them to be.

e.g., Bugle beagle bagels are the tastiest, most nutritious, most satisfying, and most kosher doggie bagels or biscuits around. Try them today -- your hound (or poodle, etc.) will howl with delight.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

buglet - A minor bug in a program. Something on the order of a missing comma or a lowercase letter where it should have been uppercase. Buglets are to bugs as applets are to apps.

e.g., It took two seconds to fix the buglet, but it took almost a full day to get connected to the client so that it could be fixed on their live site.

submitted by Lisa Liel

bugly, boogly - Butt ugly.

e.g., Milton's new girlfriend is bugly.

submitted by Sars - (www)

bugspray - Protector of all that is of the Tribes computer game series. When used in a sentence, the B and P are capital letters, and the entire word is in bold, with bright red letters.

e.g., So I was trying to kill Tribes the other day, but I was intercepted and destroyed by BugsPray before I was able to finish.

submitted by BugsPray - (www)

buh - Poor, unfavorable-- usually used for description, but can be used in virtually any form.

e.g., The morning traffic jam was a buh part of life for Chris.

submitted by Karen

buhmwa - The proper way of pronouncing the name of the German car company BMW.

e.g., Dad spends most of his time cleaning the Buhmwa.

submitted by Colleen Thompson

buildering - Similar to "bouldering," buildering is the sport of climbing buildings.

e.g., Would you like to go buildering later today?

submitted by Shea - (www)

building a watch - An act which requires a great deal of precision. Used in engineering and building trades, usually in the negative.

e.g., Pete: Joe, how long is that two-by-four? Joe: Why Pete, that two-by-four is 15 feet, 6 and 37 sixty-fourths inches long. Pete: Easy, Joe, we're not building a watch here.

submitted by Kris Verdeyen

bukah - Expression used when excited.

e.g., Bukah, I can't believe that happened.

submitted by Stephanie & Maggie

bukowski - Someone who is belligerent or drunk.

e.g., Check out the bukowski at the end of the bar.

submitted by bob

buku - Huge, big, alot, much, etc. (Sometimes "beaucoup.")

e.g., She owns buku clothes and has a huge closet to go with them.

submitted by Eva - (www)

bulamutumumo - (Pronounced BOO-lah-MOO-too-MOO-moe, n.) 1. Tarzan's pronunciation of the written word "G-o-d," meaning (literally) male-G, female-o, female-d; 2. Any unlearned, innocent perception of God or of the divine; or, more sublimely, 3. the perception of what we call the "conscience," "charity," or "pity": The human desire to be humane. [From Burroughs' "Jungle Tales of Tarzan," published in 1919.]

e.g., Edgar Rice Burroughs reasoned that Tarzan would call capital letters "he," because they were bigger, and the smaller letters "she" because they were smaller. In the language of the Anthropoids who raised Tarzan (in which "tar" means "white" and "zan" means "skin"), "male" ("he") was "BU" and "female" ("she") was "MU." Tarzan called the letter 'g' "la," the letter 'o' "tu," and the letter 'd' "mo." A capital 'G' is a "male g": Bu+la. A lower-case 'o' is a "female o": mu+tu. And a lower-case 'd' is a "female d": mu+mo. So, G-o-d = Bula+mutu+mumo. In Burroughs' short story "the God of Tarzan," Tarzan goes looking for God so as to challenge him and prove to all the apes that Tarzan is the strongest warrior in the jungle. He talks about his quest to challenge God so much that he annoys an older ape who is trying to eat termites in peace. The old ape, trying to shut Tarzan up, finally tells Tarzan to be quiet, adding something like "I am Bulamutumumo! Now be quiet." He quickly takes it back, however, when Tarzan nearly beats him to death, thinking the old ape actually IS God and trying to prove himself ther stronger. Later, Tarzan attacks a local village of humans, thinking to beat up its chieftain, a venerable old man named Mbonga. But when he is about to beat him, he sees, instead of his enemy, a terrified old man. He relents out of pity---an emotion he has never felt before---and returns to the jungle astonished that there is something that can make him feel sorrow and pity, and stop him from attacking, despite his great prowess as a warrior. Stunned, he realizes that whatever it is that turned him back is someone much stronger than Tarzan, indeed, much stronger than anything Tarzan has ever experienced. He realizes that whatever it is must be Bulamutumumo, and he humbles himself before his new Deity.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

bulbule - Any bulbous abnormal growth.

e.g., Did you see the zit on Chris' nose today? What a bulbule -- it's almost the size of the burl bulbule on that hickory tree out back!

submitted by steve zihlavsky

bulbutous - Very big and round.

e.g., Say, Eunice, take a look at that bulbutous cow.

submitted by Jeff Smallwood - (www)

buleme-erexic - Someone who is really skinny and obviously has an eating disorder but you can't figure out whether it's bulemia or anorexia.

e.g., The new girl in our class is definetely a buleme-orexic. She's as skinny as a stick.

submitted by MoshPitMayhem

bulemic - Someone who regurgitates a juicy piece of gossip or anecdote you've just told her to a third party while passing it off as her own, usually the same evening she heard it.

e.g., Chris is a classic bulemic. I once told him about the time Cindy got so wasted she woke up in a hotel room with Billy Bob Thornton and a chimpanzee called Antonious. Not half an hour later, I heard him telling the same story to Cindy's grandmother.

submitted by Zippy Broodstock

bulemic shopping - Shopping in a manner that resembles a binge and purge. Buying many items for the thrill, and later loathing the purchases and purging the next day by returning them all.

e.g., Even though she was broke, April kept up with her rich friends at the mall by bulemic shopping. Fun for the time being, but not for the next day when she returned everything.

submitted by Jessica M

bulemptious - I once heard this word used as something that is chaotic, crazy, or ridiculous.

e.g., "The new rule is bulemptious and I have no intention of abiding by it." "Nice to be out of school, isn't it?"

submitted by Rebecca

bulheimers - A combination of bulemia and Alzheimers. Symptoms include obesity and loss of short term memory. For someone who eats but forgets to purge.

e.g., I've gained about 60 pounds since I came down with bulheimers.

submitted by Mark Barill

bulk coope - Something that's really bad.

e.g., That song is bulk coope.

submitted by Amy

bullahtoed - Bu-lah-toed. Extremely intoxicated. From variant of "blotto" most likely.

e.g., They kicked Chris out of the bar because he was bullahtoed -- as usual.

submitted by Casey Buttrey

bullcision - A decision made with either no intention of following through on or no attempt to follow through.

e.g., The boss has made a bullcision on our vacation policy so don't worry that anything will change.

submitted by Lois

bulldick - A long spike that is tied to a rope, much like a tent spike, to help secure tall light fixtures on an outdoor film location.

e.g., It was so windy that we needed to use two bulldicks on each light stand so they wouldn't sway.

submitted by hbrtv

bulldink - Total baloney. Simpsons, et al.

e.g., "You two screwballs come marching in straight out of the sewer and give me a bunch of bulldink about creating Itchy and Scratchy and you want how much?"--Roger Meyers, Jr. from "The Simpsons."

submitted by Peter Bonzani Jr.

bullee - The victim of bullying.

e.g., Alan was a timid lad at school, always finding himself the bullee and never the bully.

submitted by jonty Reason - (www)

bullemia - The irrational faith in spiraling stock market prices during the 1990s.

e.g., Whenever the stock price dipped by 10% or more, a clear signal to buy more shares emerged. The bullemia of the seductive bullish market was undeniably highly addictive.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

bullet festival - Gunfight.

e.g., There was a bank robbery in Stockton today, but the police arrived and it turned into a regular bullet festival.

submitted by Deacon

bullet sponge - Cannon fodder, someone who might as well have a target painted on her.

e.g., When Private Rollins was told her rank would be bullet sponge, she declined the "promotion."

submitted by Deacon - (www)

bullet stopper - Infantryman. Example is an excerpt from "A Village." Bullet sponge.

e.g., "I'm appalled that I've become this, yet proud of it, too. I always wanted to be a soldier, to experience the things I'd read of since youth, but never imagined that I would actually be found doing it and certainly not in the Infantry. As a young man growing up with the war, the idea of going to Vietnam was exciting and I couldn't wait to experience it all, but the thought of having to do it in the Infantry, a foot-slogging bullet stopper, was beyond my comprehension. It just didn't seem possible that I could stand it, yet, here I am doing that very thing which I feared most and doing it fairly well. What a surprise."

submitted by [kiteria]

bullet-catcher - U.S. Secret Service jargon for a person assigned to the Executive Protection Unit (as opposed to counterfeit investigation).

e.g., He's been a bullet-catcher for the Commander-in- Chief for the last 8 months.

submitted by Stephen Mize

bullet-time - The now-overused technique in movies where an action sequence is shown in slow-motion with the camera panning around the slowed action Inspired by The Matrix most particularly the scene with the slo-mo bullet firing thing, obviously.

e.g., The scene with the battling giant transforming robots would have looked great in bullet-time.

submitted by Shrinker

bullets - Used as an exclamation after something bad happens.

e.g., Bullets. I left my airplane tickets at home.

submitted by BrainLifter

bullfeathers - It's what you get when you cross a gentleman cow with a ladybird, now isn't that a whole lot of blarney.

e.g., Bullfeathers I say. That Wright brothers contraption will never get off the ground.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bullfighting - A combative, contentious, war of words, marked with hyperbole, lies, and deceit.

e.g., Forget Spain, Portugal and Mexico. If you want REAL rullfighting, take in a debate on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

bullnose - Texan/Czech for "bulldoze." Bullnoze.

e.g., I guess I will have to bullnose the back yard.

submitted by John Booth, Jr.

bullpen - The need for an afternoon coffee, due to tiredness.

e.g., TMass states, "My starting pitcher is petering out, so I'm going to warm up the bullpen." (Warming up = brew a pot.) BLip. "Yup it's 3:15. I need to hit the bullpen, too."

submitted by b - (www)

bullship - It's the boat they use to send the bulls.

e.g., The cows get sent on the cowship, and the bulls are all on the bullship, of course.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bullshui - Political talk that sounds good but is just bull. Word can also be spelled Bull Shui. (ED. I suppose that's supposed to evoke images of the Bolshoi Ballet, eh?)

e.g., All the presidential debates are just so much bullshui.

submitted by Marshall Barney - (www)

bullsh¡tbingo - 1. Presentation or monologue full of meaningless acronyms and buzzwords presented so fast (or by someone not interested in audience interaction) that listeners are left gasping at the sheer idiocy of the speaker and the density of words designed to alienate or puzzle them. 2. Game played at long meetings likely to be larded with buzzwords. Players have bingo sheets full of buzzwords. The winner must shout "bingo" at the top of her lungs.

e.g., Chris's PowerPoint presentation was pure bullsh¡t bingo.

submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

bullslop - Euphemism: garbage, nonsense, worthless, trivial junk.

e.g., I'll believe in this dogma and all the other bullslop that comes with it, as long as I get to go to heaven.

submitted by Kevin Fuchs

bullspeaker - A person who says nothing but crap,

e.g., Don't listen to a word she says. She's abullspeaker.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

bullswool - An exclamation indicating that something is nonsense or will never happen. Comes from Australia.

e.g., That's so much bullswool! I'll never agree to anything like that.

submitted by Steve McDonald

bullymatic immunity - Special legal rights enjoyed by trade unionists to menace and intimidate anyone who tries to cross a picket line.

e.g., The police didn't charge the picket foreman with assault because he had bullymatic immunity.

submitted by Cat-Man

bum - To ask for something from someone, especially cigarettes.

e.g., Can I bum a cigarette?

submitted by Steve

bum cheater - The metal tab attached to unmanned payment boxes in downtown parking lots. Used to shove bills and coins into the slots to deter theft. ("bum"= tramp, American usage.)

e.g., "When are they going to replace the bum cheater on this box?" Jane grumbled as she pushed the coins into the slot with her nail file.

submitted by Passing4human

bum monkey - An extremely annoying person. Butt monkey.

e.g., Stop being such a bum monkey, Chris.

submitted by andy

bum salad - A pile of drunks passed out on the sidewalk

e.g., The mean city streets were toughest in the winter, when you could find a bum salad under every bridge and viaduct.

submitted by Ty Evans

bum-rush - In the first example, «bum-rush» has the meaning of running over someone as people force their way into a building. «The bum's rush» is used to refer to throwing someone out.

New York's Baume's law "which made a fourth conviction automatically punishable by life imprisonment" has nothing to do with «the bum's rush», the phrase having originated in 1910 prior to the passage of Baume's Law. And, even though you get thrown out on your ass, as far as I know, has nothing to do with your bum, even though the main reason some gets the bum's rush is that she is behaving like an asshole.

Someone who's been given the bum's rush in the throwing out sense may well have been «walked spanish»: "lifting him by his coat or shirt collar to a walking position and propelling him toward the door." Then there's Tom Waits's metaphorical "Walking Spanish down the hall."


Stock clerk killed in shopping stampede: "He was bum-rushed by 200 people," said Jimmy Overby, 43, a co-worker. "They took the doors off the hinges. He was trampled and killed in front of me. They took me down too . . . I literally had to fight people off my back."
Straighten up, Chris, or the bartender will eighty-six you and have the bouncer give you the bum's rush. It won't be pleasant -- Paul is known for spanish walking those who misbehave. Why do you think they hire bouncers the size of refrigerators here?
Is this a man's world? by Queenan, Joe / Chief Executive (U.S.): Instruct personnel to give the bum's rush to any male who seems to spend a lot of his time at his desk quietly weeping about the failure of his father to initiate him into the mysteries of manhood.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bumanism - An style of behavior where someone brags about the fact that she lives a great lifestyle without working.

e.g., Tommy has an apartment, a car, and a new cellphone, but hasn't held a job in five years -- strictly living off the kindness of others and public assistance. The purest Bumanism.

submitted by Juana Martin

bumbalola - A disproportionately large posterior on a woman.

e.g., J. Lo got "back" now, but if she ever stops working out she'll have a bumbalola.

submitted by Sean Lacy

bumblestoob - A completely inept dolt. A ridiculous clod.

e.g., I bet on a heavily favored football team but they fielded a group of bumblestoobs and lost by the biggest margin in team history.

submitted by Fred Carraher

bumblethumb - When you superlike on Tinder by accident after spending a day on Bumble.

e.g., Damn, I bumblethumbed. I swiped up and superliked someone when I was just trying to see her pics. I wasn't even interested, not really.

submitted by Patrick Dorn - (www)

bumbly - In rock climbing, technically a "beginner/novice." However, more common usage is "anyone who doesn't climb as well as you."

e.g., He couldn't climb that route because he's a bumbly.

submitted by Andrew Connolly

bumbrella - A super mangled umbrella, usually found in the gutter on a rainy day.

e.g., Check out his bumbrella. It's seen better days.

submitted by leah

bumchum - A good friend. Someone with whom you can discuss any subject matter without fear of judgment. (ED. Are bumchums the same as asshole buddies?)

e.g., Jeff thought Emily was a great person. He could see them becoming bumchums over time.

submitted by Garret Thomson - (www)

bumf - The fliers and leaflets given out in cities, promoting bands and other associated night time activities. And more besides.

e.g., "What the hell's all that?" "Just a pile of bumf I got handed on my way in."

submitted by Thonoir

bumfungal - A word which you makes you superugly and unpopular if uttered to you.

e.g., It would seem that Mark was called a bumfungal. Otherwise, how would you account for his appearance?

submitted by Mark Yacoub

bumfuzzled - Bewildered, confused. Used to refer to something you don't understand and have no explanation for.

e.g., "I talked to a couple of my friends who have flying services, and they're just bumfuzzled," said Jimmy Ervin.

submitted by naomi - (www)

bumhummer - The safety grooves along the highway intended to awaken sleeping drivers who stray too close to the shoulder. Nodstrips.

e.g., I like to drive down the bumhummer.

submitted by GDC

bumkas - A person who's lazy. Your butt.

e.g., Wake up! It's 2pm, you bumkas! OR Get off your lazy bumkas and do these dishes!

submitted by Jonathon Miller - (www)

bummerboosky - An expression of a major downer or bad event as said off-the-cuff.

e.g., Dude, we're totally out of Captain Crunch. Bummerboosky.

submitted by Deedubyah - (www)

bummies - "pjs, pajamas, sleepwear"

e.g., I took a bath and put my bummies on or I wore my bummies all day.

submitted by leah

bummy rumper - Track suit bottoms.

e.g., When you go to the gym you will have to wear your bummy rumpers or shorts. They are also quiet comfortable for wearing indoors.

submitted by Heleen

bump - "The threads begin to move down the board to page 2, page 3, etc. If people post any message to the thread, it moves the thread back up to the top of page one. A 'bump' is a concise way of saying, 'I agree with this thread and think that the subject matter is important enough for people to see.'"  

This "bump" is usually done on boards where someone in charge is known to hang out; mostly done on high volume boards. . . . "

e.g., I'll give your thread a bump.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bump - Used as a noun, derisive, in large sign outside a bar, "No Bumps or Zeeks."

e.g., No bumps or zeeks in this bar.

submitted by Marty Cohen

bumpaknuckle - Someone on the receiving end of a flying fist. They receive more blows than he who deals out the bloody punishment.

e.g., Poor bumpaknuckle, he doesn't have a chance when it comes to fisticuffs or fistfights. No wonder, he's a peace-loving pacifist who wouldn't think of hurting anyone.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bumper kisser - A tail-gater, someone who follows too close to your car.

e.g., Look at that bumper kisser up ahead. He's going to cause an accident.

submitted by Carolyn Loomis

bumper sticker - Girls' lower-back tattoo. It gives you something to look at while you are behind them.

e.g., Christine has a nice enough body, but she has a huge bumper sticker. Now that I think of it -- a huge bumper, too.

submitted by Seth Rosner - (www)

bumperhumper - A guy who is so infatuated with his car, that people joke about him having sex with it, instead of with a woman.

e.g., What a bumperhumper. He spends half his waking hours polishing and fussing with that car.

submitted by Steve McDonald

bumpin - Active, partying, etc.

e.g., Bruce, the clubs are bumpin tonight.

submitted by Mike

bumpin' - Very good looking.

e.g., How can you say she is only a six? She is bumpin'. However, I also respect her for her inner qualities such as her charm and wit.

submitted by Leggett

bumptition - Tremendous bass as opposed to treble.

e.g., My vehicle has good bumptition.

submitted by jason

bumpy ride - riding down wooden steps on a sled made of blankets and stuffed animals

e.g., Okay. Everybody get out of the way. Another bumpy ride is coming down.

submitted by J Emig

bumtriloquy - Breaking wind in such a way that the sound appears to come from another person.

e.g., No, of course that wasn't me. It was the dog -- he's very good at bumtriloquy.

submitted by Kim Rutherford - (www)

bun bun - 1. An affectionate yet non-demeaning reference to the female gender. 2. In a more general reference, anything of or relating to someone or something's cuteness, petiteness, or other endearing trait. Children, animals, cute drawings, a feminine action.

e.g., A lovely young woman passes you and your friend and you say with emphatic yet adoring emphasis. "Bun bun."

submitted by Chris Kleczynski

bunburize - As described in the works of the great Oscar Wilde, to weasel out of [social] obligations on the grounds of visiting a feeble-healthed friend who lives in the countryside.

e.g., While Auntie Em was holding a game of canasta with the gals from the nursing home, I bunburized my way out. Pass me another longneck, son.

submitted by the_other_giuliani

bunch n' crunch - L.A. Traffic reporter slang. The backup of cars on a freeway that lead to a fender bender.

e.g., And on the 405 North, we have a 3-car bunch-n-crunch.

submitted by Bill

bund - A cross between "running" and "bonding," bunding occurs when two or more people go for a run together.

e.g., I want to go bunding with Tony, because he seems like such a fun and speedy guy.

submitted by Renee Willkom

bundledupedness - A medical noun, the condition resulting from being bundled up for months on end.

e.g., In winter Canadian children, be-toqued, thermos-toting, scarves securely knotted at their throats, and lost in their overwhelming parkas, suffer from chronic bundledupedness.

submitted by Lorrie Szekat - (www)

bundlesquat - To dress warmly when you go on out to the outhouse.

e.g., If you don't bundlesquat, you're going to freeze your ass off.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bundy - Derivation of "Bundeburg Rum," which is ill-constructed Australian rhyming slang meaning to run away, or simply leave. Seems to have originated in the outback town of Wagga Wagga.

e.g., I'm gonna bundy. See you later, folks.

submitted by Wefneck

bung - This word is used in the same manner as, throw or chuck. Essentially means to put something somewhere.

e.g., "What do you want me to do with this?" "Just bung it over there."

submitted by Wefneck

bung - The past tense of "bang" as the literary rule would have it.

e.g., It really hurt when I bung my head earlier.

submitted by Danny Hearn

bungalow bar - A very plain and low key social spot.

e.g., Roger held his party at a bungalow bar and left as soon as they came.

submitted by Ling H Huang

bungee boss - A middle manager who is put in charge of a corporate department, changes all departmental procedures, and is transferred out in a couple of months. From Dilbert, circa 1994.

e.g., We still haven't recovered from our last bungee boss.

submitted by BrykMantra - (www)

bungees - (n.) Jumper cables. [A terrible pun, admittedly.]

e.g., "Hey, man, my car's dead. Ya got bungees?"

submitted by scott m. ellsworth - (www)

bunginit on - Allegedly Australian slang that means "putting on an act"

e.g., You may think Chris was bunginit on, just pretending to be an idiot. Well, you don't know Chris. That's the real Chris.

submitted by Chris Willy

bungles - What the Cincinnati Bengals are called after every bad season (pretty often).

e.g., The Bungles lost to the Vikings.

submitted by Chris

bungworm - Term used to describe a life form of the sub-human species -- equates the person with a parasitic helminth of the lower gastrointestinal tract.

e.g., Chris is a real bungworm. He got drunk and forgot to pick up his girlfriend after work -- she works. Chris doesn't. She waited for an hour and had to take a bus home.

submitted by Brian Weeks

bunk - Unfair or rude.

e.g., They stiffed me eight hours of overtime. That's bunk.

submitted by Adam Pearson

bunk - Stupid, gay, dumb.

e.g., Having to do homework is so bunk.

submitted by pyro

bunk - The sound made by your head hitting the upper berth when you sit up in the lower berth of a kid-size bunk bed.

e.g., I felt, more than heard, the bunk of Dave's head hitting the slats beneath me when he forgot where he was and tried to get up.

submitted by Henry Penry

bunk - "Debunk was originally a neologism by author William Woodward in his 1923 book Bunk, whose main character “de-bunked” nonsense or illusions, basically bursting bubbles." To bunk something then is to confirm that it's true. Zero Pinocchios, in short. {Duplicate.}

e.g., I thought she was lying to me. That was bunked later in the day.

submitted by Pinocchiobama

bunked - The action of fumbling with language or motor skills from lack of sleep.

e.g., I couldn't even finish that report that's due today because I'm so bunked

submitted by Boxjam Doodle

bunker jump - (v.) 1. to end up in sand trap after sand trap while golfing (a surprisingly frustrating experience); 2. to go from difficulty to difficulty without respite; 3. to discover that your successful solution to one problem just creates another problem (especially over and over again). (Think "out of the frying pan and into another frying pan.") [From a really bad run of rotten luck on the golf course a while back---bunker to bunker to bunker ... you get the idea.]

e.g., "I figured out the irrigation problem, but then the cost of the water became an issue, but when we cut back on some other programs to fix the budget, we discovered we couldn't cover capital improvements, but then---" "Wow, y'all are just bunker jumpin', ain't ya?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bunkerism - An Archie Bunker malaprop from All in the Family. Enjoy a few.

e.g., She's only twelve, but she sounds like Archie with his bunkerisms. Hell, All in the Family has been off the air for almost 30 years and we never watch reruns. Where'd she learn to talk like that?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bunkie - Someone you share a bunkbed with.

e.g., At camp my bunkie was Pete.

submitted by Abby

bunkie - This was a slang expression in use in the fifties and sixties. It grew from the limited defiuition of bunkmate to include any friend --in todays's lingo, "homie."

e.g., Bunkie, let's go down to the choke and puke and scarf up some lunch.

submitted by Cam

bunkum encryptata - Words with no meaning wrapped in philosophical rhetoric and mumbo jumbo. Generally used by persons attempting to sound educated or intelligent, or to trick or confuse such ones by those unimpressed by such fru fru.

e.g., So I shot Bill a little bunkum encryptata to leave him trying to hide his bewilderment with a straight face and an attempt to change the subject to something that seemed more important than the line of absurdity beyond his comprehension I'd just spake.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

bunkus - Untrue, just a rumor, urban legend.

e.g., That stolen kidney story is bunkus. It never really happened to anyone.

submitted by Laura

bunn g chord - A musical chord in the key of G that stretches eight octaves to the bottom note. First played by Matt Bunn of the Rolling Pebbles in 1965 at a concert in Palo Alto.

e.g., The audience shrieked in delight as the rock band jumped down with a Bunn G chord.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

bunny-boiler - A woman who has been scorned and becomes obsessed. (From the Glenn Close character, Alex Forrest, in Adrian Lyne's 1987 movie _Fatal Attraction_.)

e.g., I had to move away from the area because the bunny-boiler kept phoning with abusive messages.

submitted by Eleanor McHale

bunta - Boontah. Extremely enthusiastic or crazy.

e.g., Matt went bunta when the Cubs won their first playoff series.

submitted by matt mcdonald

bunty - Ineffectual, but in a cute kind of way--sillily obnoxious.

e.g., He was just being bunty when he called me that.

submitted by Jess - (www)

bunzler - A dance that originated in Brooklyn Technical High School. Usually consists of rhythmic hand movements across the forehead and two fingers on the upper lip. (ED. Can't a dance similar to the bunzler can be seen in Saturday Night Fever.)

e.g., Let's go to the club and do the bunzler.

submitted by Karina - (www)

bupkis - Nothing, nada, zilch, zippo.

e.g., I lost all my money in the stock market so now I have bupkis.

submitted by Andrea

buppie - Black Urban Professional.

e.g., Only a buppie would buy a condo in the trendy part of the city.

submitted by Buppie - (www)

buptay - A doubletalk noun used to obfuscate ignorance of whatever, similar to "funigan."

e.g., I got it running by leaving the funigan go in the buptay.

submitted by george kelly

buraco - A burrito and a taco in one edible creation.

e.g., Let's cook up some buracos.

submitted by verne battig

burble - After an idea or ideal is shot down, essentially when somebody's "bubble is burst." The creators are well aware that burble is also a synonymn for "bubbling," "babbling," or "gurgling," but feel that, as so many words have multiple definitions, "burble" is strong enough to uphold a new meaning.

e.g., "After all, when someone becomes disillusioned, as in so many works of literature in the modernism fad, their dreams become burbles." "Go home, think about it, and mourn your burble."

submitted by Sarah Tudor-Doyle

burblebearer - A person who mumbles or slurs words, from the burble bears that have robotic voices that are hard to understand.

e.g., My brother Patrick tends to be a burblebearer, but since I live with him I understand him when he talks.

submitted by Ian Faynik

burbulate - To write, speak, or otherwise create words for which there are no earlier known meaning(s).

e.g., When James began to burbulate, many thought he was speaking in a dead language.

submitted by Stan Williams - (www)

bureauacnophobia - Bureauacnophobia is, as the name suggests, a phobia. Phobias are irrational fears and not diseases--you can't catch a phobia. You are not born with this phobia but it is caused by a bad experience with a bureaucrat or several bureaucrats, which make you frightened of them. A cure for this is not know at this time because it is difficult to work with any bureaucrats and they feel threatened by someone with this kind of phobia. A suggested course of action could follow the treatment of Arachnophobia (sans the touching bit). Written by: B Dodd Sept 3/98

e.g., Many people suffer bureauacnophobia when having to deal with government officials.

submitted by B Dodd

bureaucrap - The red tape and disorganisation you have to go through when dealing with the government, or with the bosses at work.

e.g., I've been trying to apply for welfare benefits, but all I get is buckets of bureaucrap to deal with.

submitted by Zsuszo

bureaucrazy - Driven crazy by bureaucracy. (There's even a book called Bureaucracy to Bureaucrazy.)

e.g., Happens every time I go to city hall. I end up with an attack of bureaucrazy.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

burf - Those icky burps when a tiny little bit of icky tasting puke/bile/spit comes up. See snurf.

e.g., I ate a medium pizza by myself. The burf that followed tasted horrendous.

submitted by lauryn

burford - To misappropriate or misuse.

e.g., You're gonna get busted if you burford another sick day to go fishing.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

burg, the - Hattiesburg, MS.

e.g., Are you hanging out in The Burg this weekend?

submitted by Scott

burgacide - When a hamburger can't take any more torture and hurls itself through the grill into the coals.

e.g., Looks like that hamburger couldn't take the hot grill and just committed burgacide.

submitted by Burgacide

burgalerd - To be robbed. The actual word is burglarized.

e.g., We got home and we saw the window smashed in. Oh, my gosh. We got burgalerd.

submitted by That One guy

burgalerd - To be robbed. The actual word is burglarized.

e.g., We got home and we saw the window smashed in. Oh, my gosh. We got burgalerd.

submitted by That One guy

burgalerd - To be robbed. The actual word is burglarized.

e.g., We got home and we saw the window smashed in. Oh, my gosh. We got burgalerd.

submitted by That One guy

burgalerd - To be robbed. The actual word is burglarized.

e.g., We got home and we saw the window smashed in. Oh, my gosh. We got burgalerd.

submitted by That One guy

burger ad - (n.) Something touted or advertised as great, fantastic, better-than-everyone-else's, but which is, in actuality, mediocre at best. (From the stereotypical fast food ads on tv that always show someone eating a hamburger so big it sticks out from the bun, even though the hamburgers they advertise are usually thinner, smaller, and rather more greasy than the ones shown in the ads.)

e.g., "Okay, we stood in line for two-and-a-half days for this concert, and it stank!" "Yep, we got suckered by a burger ad."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

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