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blumbling - A combination of blurbs and mumbling, an incomprehensible muttering.

e.g., My roommate won't let me have a moment of peace. He keeps blumbling as he has run out of coherent words to say.

submitted by Thomas Finney

blump - Spoken only, said instead of some complex but unimportant bit of text.

e.g., If you were reading this aloud to someone: "and the phone number to call is 555-5555" or were reading: "found at our homepage" you would instead read: "and the phone number to call is blump" or read: "found at our homepage blump."

submitted by Joseph Knight

blumpy - Comically fat -- such as a really big stuffed animal with big eyeballs.

e.g., I just happen to think all elephants look blumpy myself.

submitted by Ken

blun - A tribe of knomes that dispise church bells.

e.g., The Blun stole a goat for milk

submitted by Blaze 7th

blundered - To be so exhausted you lie on the floor, spread-eagled.

e.g., She was so tired, she fell flat on the floor, blundered.

submitted by Daniela

blunderful - A seemingly bad or careless mistake that actually has a serious, good outcome.

e.g., It was blunderful the way he had met Tobey: he tripped over her feet at the midnite showing of Rosemary's Baby.

submitted by Karen Erickson

blunderwear - Underwear that has "marks."

e.g., After seeing that roller coaster, I got blunderwear.

submitted by Jesse

blung - Past tense of bling when bling is used (correctly) as a verb.

e.g., You should have seen how hard that watch blung.

submitted by Corey Bonneville

blunkaberous - Full of hard obstacles, dangerous.

e.g., When he ran into the blunkaberous classroom, he slammed into several desks before crashing to a halt.

submitted by Kagi Kato

blunkett - To blunder due to rushing.

e.g., Chris really blunketted that one, eh?

submitted by J Ella Smith

blur like sotong - Used to denote someone who doesn't understand a thing that's going on. Sotong is the Malay word for squid. Often used in Singapore.

e.g., Aiiyah, this is the third time I've told him this and he still doesn't understand. Blur like Sotong.

submitted by Becky Farrah

blurbiage - the verbiage in a blurb, of course.

e.g., The only changes to worry about are on the cover (remove Liz's blurb) and the copy on the first page (I rewrote it to include her blurbiage).

submitted by stephen starbuck

blurbicle - In a magazine, they often have stories that are not quite long enough to be called articles, but too long to be called blurbs. Thus, the blurbicle.

e.g., There was a blurbicle in _People_ this month raving about our show.

submitted by Rolyn Barthelman - (www)

blurble - the sound a large sweaty person makes when she sits on plastic.

e.g., Did you hear blurble when Lyle sat on the plastic couch?

submitted by Lyle Harper

blurday - A non-specific day of the week. Used when time and events get going too fast to keep them straight in your mind, such as when under enormous pressure at work or at home.

e.g., I saw a movie last Tuesday -- or was it Wednesday? Oh, it was some blurday last week.

submitted by Anna Hanson - (www)

blurebleup - The noise or image created by rewinding.

e.g., The blurebleup sounded like there was enough corruption in the VCR to break it open.

submitted by Luke

blurgh - A one word sentence that connotes a general feeling of discontent.

e.g., Blurgh.

submitted by Djoran Keil

blurker - Blog lurkers. Those who follow blogs but do not contribute to them.

e.g., How can I blurk Tom's blogging since he removed his "blogs I read" links?

submitted by Joel Garry - (www)

blurnout - Blog Burnout.

e.g., But am I sick or do I suffer from some kind of addiction? Am I on the verge of "blurnout"? (ooh, another one!) I can't say that I have suffered any blogger burnout yet. Yessh, I don't make enough entries to feel a twinge of carpal tunnel let alone blurnout, but I worry that I am an "at risk" case. Is it only a matter of time? -- July 15, 2004 posting on

submitted by joel garry - (www)

blurp - any pasta and cheese dish made from scratch that makes a plopping sound when it hits the dish

e.g., I made blurp for dinner tonight

submitted by Lee

blurple - "Color that is a mixture of many colors, but is not black. Unknown, unnamed color."

e.g., "After coloring and recoloring her hair, it was now blurple."

submitted by Keena

blurple - That shade of blue-purple that inspires arguments over which it is. DEEP blurple moves people to violence.

e.g., I just got a new car, a beautiful deep blurple.

submitted by BigAssFries

blursday - A time in your mind when you do not know the date.

e.g., Someone help me out. I'm having a Blursday. What is today?

submitted by Ian Faynik

blurtate - Blurtate: To blurt a reactive response without thinking. Blurtation: The "body" of the "blurt."

e.g., His conversation was punctuated with various ignorant blurtations. He was therefore accused of being blurtatious. The a-blurtatious thinkers would have nothing to do with him.

submitted by nameless

blurtation - A confession of a personal nature, usually given without thinking of the possible repercussions.

e.g., The blurtation about my sex life proved to be embarrassing.

submitted by Leigh Ann

blustermont - Windy weather conditions. Pronounced with a long u as in blue. The word is a play on French pronunciation and word structure.

e.g., C'est une jour blustermont, aujourdhui.

submitted by Jennie

blustrious - Used when describing excessively windy weather conditions, with frequent gusts capable of destroying any umberella in its path.

e.g., Phew! it's blustrious out there today.

submitted by Martin Clift

bly, blyh - Oh, well; whatever; who cares.

e.g., Randy: You're overspending today. Mandy: Bly.

submitted by Olof

blyth - Outrageously cool, above and beyond the normal variations of cool . . . such as ultracool, supercool, and mega cool.

e.g., The most blyth thing I've done in my life was tandem base jump naked off Angel Falls. (ED. Anyone who says she jumped naked off Angel Falls deserves to have her name made into a word -- even if it's a lie.)

submitted by blyth

bmw - Burly Mountain Woman | (n.) 1. The (fictional) collegiate degree everyone seems to desire these days; (and, of course,) 2. the automobiles built and sold by_Bayerische_Motoren_Werke,_AG_"Bavarian Motor Works, LLC." (From the ritzy car and German company.)

e.g., Look at that chick. She's a BMW. | "Wow, you are so driven. How on earth are you doing 24 credit hours?! ... And when do you sleep?" "Weekends." "Are you crazy?" "No, I'm ambitious! And I am going to win! I'm gonna have the very best of everything!" "So, you aren't really looking for a BBA or a BCom; you want a BMW." "Yep. The degree is a means to an end." "Well, at least you're an honest Machiavellian." "Thanks."

submitted by Carl Snyder | Scott M. Ellsworth

bmw-ish - (Pronounced bee-em-DUB-boo-wish or, more formally, bee-em-DUB-bull-ish; adj.) Of or pertaining to 1. persons who are (or believe themselves to be) on the high road to wealth and power (e.g., professionals, industrialists, entrepreneurs); 2. the trappings of wealth (including the ubiquitous BMW), especially if the speaker believes such trappings (high-end tech, expensive clothes, air of relaxed affluence, name dropping) to be a facade (that is, envious imitation); 3. envy of the wealthy; 4. something only the rich or powerful would have. [Coined by my Wife when she saw a really classy car in a traffic jam yesterday (20120715).]

e.g., "You have a pachinko parlor in your basement?, with a pool and a theater! How cool is that? You are so BMW-ish!" | In_Lord_of_War, Nicholas Cage's character pretends to be wealthy to woo the woman he loves: it's so stinking BMW-ish.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bnc - Someone who wears bad-scented cologne.

e.g., Wow, did you get a whiff? Chris is definitely BNC.

submitted by Stephanie & Maggie

bo - Very; of a high degree. Probably from "bodacious." Common to the Philadelphia area.

e.g., The Rolling Stones concert was bo cool.

submitted by Kelly O'Donnell

bo jea - Synonym of "Boo ya." Used in times of extreme joy or excitement. Also making fun of "ballers" and "slobbers."

e.g., "Bo Jea!"

submitted by Gabe

boap - Cosmetics packed for a long vacation or trip.

e.g., Are we gonna need an individual suitcase for boap? (Of course you are. Oh, it was a rhetorical question.)

submitted by Evman

board chat - To talk to another person on a message board, carrying on a real-time conversation in a thread and eventually dominating the thread and causing it to digress. Board chatter.

e.g., She board chatted all afternoon and almost doubled her post count, but the admins got mad at her for ruining three threads.

submitted by Firestorm

board chatter - One who uses message boards or forums as if they were chat rooms.

e.g., I'm not going to be a board chatter. Too much board chatter when that goes on.

submitted by HD Fowler

boardies - Slang for "board shorts" which are often worn by surfers.

e.g., I'm going down to the beach today in my wetshirt and boardies to have a surf with my mates.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

boardpeck - To type, usually to type on a computer keyboard.

e.g., Last night, I was boardpecking until dawn.

submitted by Twinge

boarf - Related to a state of boredom that occurs when one lives in a cowtown, in the middle of nowhere, east nothing, and have nothing to do -- ever ... at all. Boarfoam.

e.g., After watching Nelly the brown cow chew her cud for the last three hours, Bobby Jo became aware she was boarf. | After three straight weeks of counting flies on his great aunt's back, Jimmy felt the boarfom setting in.

submitted by Sarah - (www)

boat - A large automobile, especially an older luxury model.

e.g., I couldn't imagine having to parallel park a boat like that...but my Suburban's a piece of cake.

submitted by katey

boat-lot - A place to park boats, a dock.

e.g., The whole family drove down to the boat-lot to pick up their new boat.

submitted by Krin

boatless - An idea which, in opposition to a previous thought, is actually a good idea. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

e.g., I'm sorry for all the dumb ideas, but this time I've got an idea that's boatless.

submitted by captainminus

boatness - Sailing, rowing, rigging ships -- anything to do with boats.

e.g., After her sailing trip to the Bahamas, all she could talk about was boatness.

submitted by Aurora

boatshoes - South Chicago-speak for "both of you."

e.g., Boatshoes get outta my house.

submitted by Andrea Harkleroad

boatswain - Pronounced "bosun." Originally the person responsible for discipline on a ship. Now the position of one who works with line or rope, still a very common position in the navies of most countries. Sailors were considered to be the originators of many knots still in use today. A boatswain's assistant is known as a boatswain's mate.

e.g., A keen boatswain will be able to show you how to tie a sheet bend, a Spanish bowline, a carrick bend, and many other kinds of knots if you ask him.

submitted by Bill Baldy

bob - A term of endearment for two very close heterosexual men. The Bob relationship must be monogamous, i.e., there must be only one Bob in your life. Both men must call each other Bob often, especially in short phone conversations. | Back Of Book. A friendly name for the back section of a textbook where the answers live. | The name of the best guy we all should know. You can always depend on him, when the going is rough. Bob's the one you can call to help you fill out your taxes or if you need to hide a body. If you don't know Bob, you're out of luck.

e.g., "Bob." "Bob." "Location, Bob?" "On the way, there in five." "Later." "Soon, Bob." | I have no idea what the heck this calculus stuff means. I better check with BOB. | I thought I was in a fix that I couldn't escape. But then it occurred to me, why don't I call Bob?

submitted by Tom Topham | Kimber ley | Steve McDonald - (www)

bob saget - A term used after being put in a tense, harmful, or downright uncomfortable situation.

e.g., When Shane saw that his Pontiac was full of dog food and corn stalks, he exclaimed "Bob Saget!"

submitted by Shane Anderson

bob's your uncle, and - Added to the end of sentences a bit like "and that's it!" | "And you're done" -- "and you're done, easy as pie." | Have heard as "Robert's your father's brother."

e.g., You just pop the bread into the toaster, wait for it to pop up, take it out and put jam on it, and Bob's your uncle!

submitted by rain - (www)

bobaline - A trampoline.

e.g., We set up the bobaline so that we could jump on it from the roof of the house.

submitted by ditnis

bobaloo - The bar or party equivalent of "calling shotgun" for your seat.

e.g., Get out of my chair, doofus. I called "bobaloo" before I went to the bathroom.

submitted by Pineapple - (www)

bobaphat - Great, wonderful, "phat," "uber-phat" or just plain "bomb-diggity" -- but only when said by the whitest of white boys in a geek-humor context.

e.g., Did you see the biddies on the new "Sims Hot Date" game, gee? That game looks bobaphat, homes.

submitted by Jessica Piazza

bobbins - A Mancunian (Manchester, UK) word for describing something unfit for the purpose, shoddily made, or irritaing in its desgin. Can also be used to describe people as not having in any common-sense, in an affectionate way. Mancunians currently also refer to things as "The Bobs," a variant on bobbins.

e.g., The pencil sharpener broke the second time I used it. It really is bobbins. OR She has fallen over because her shoelaces are untied. She's a bit bobbins.

submitted by Flo

bobbit - Meaning literally "cut and run," the word derives from the infamous Loraina Bobbit, who severed her husband's penis and threw it out of her moving car's window.

e.g., Gotta bobbit -- I'm already 10 minutes late.

submitted by Monica - (www)

bobbitt - A hot dog. Named after what it resembles -- what Lorraine Bobbitt threw out the window.

e.g., Gimme a bobbitt with ketchup and 'kraut.

submitted by Paul Thayer

bobblehead - A newborn baby.

e.g., Colin and Mary just had their third bobblehead in five years.

submitted by Steve Zigner

bobby - Bye, bye.

e.g., B. See ya, Dave! A. Bobby!

submitted by Anastasia

bobcat - A middle-aged woman who attends university pubs in search of a young male to hit on. See cougar.

e.g., That bobcat just bought me a drink and asked me to dance.

submitted by Huxley

bobcat - A true Bob Dylan fan. Everybody knows this.

e.g., All the BobCats gather round on and share boots or thoughts or trivia or opinions but with a love you cannot find in any other reverent crowd.

submitted by Devorah

bobfoc - BOBFOC can be translated as follows : Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch (UK Crime series). Many variations on this theme.

e.g., Christina is most assuredly BOBFOC.

submitted by Simon - (www)

bobo - A term used to address a person, generally condescendingly or hinting that the other person is somehow inferior to or a lackey to yourself.

e.g., James to Billy-Bob Jethro, "C'mon Bobo, let's get to work."

submitted by Jacob S.

bobo - First coined by social commentator David Brooks in his book Bobos in Paradise. Conflation of "Bohemian Bourgeois." Used to describe an individual who's personal habits combine the crass materialism of the 1980s with the blind idealism of the 1960s.

e.g., Amazing, she's got "Save the Whales" and "NPR Radio" bumper stickers on the back of her Lexus SUV; a definite Bobo.

submitted by Stephen Mize

bobos - Shoes of an uncool nature.

e.g., How you gonna run any race wearin them bobos?

submitted by Joel Prz

bobulant - One who tends to bob around a lot.

e.g., My, Jill is quite bobulant today.

submitted by Toby and Lyndsey

bobulate - VeTo act in a manner that exudes an acceptance of ever-changing social environments, usually accompanied by a slight wobbling of the head. Initially noticed in Bob McKay, and now assigned to the action of anyone acting in that manner.

e.g., Rachel bobulated into the room. | Rachel bobulated her intention to go outside to smoke.

submitted by jamie patterson

bock - Halfway between a box and a knock -- a bock.

e.g., Adam bocked Luke to annoy him.

submitted by ilikecake - (www)

bodada ed - Cooking school or course or classes, in Canada, eh . Cf. potato head -- ed is education.

e.g., Of course bodada ed is more than just bodadas (baked, mashed, boiled, fries, etc,), it's also steaks and fancy dishes and desserts and much more.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bodge - To cobble something together from bits and pieces, often scrap. From TV series Junkyard Wars.

e.g., I hit the speed bump and broke the axle on my Honda, so I bodged a new one from some two-by-fours, some duct tape, a tractor pin, and my dad's golf clubs. Dad was not happy.

submitted by mark

bodgey, bodgy - Done incorrectly, cheaply, etc.

e.g., He did a bodgey job of fixing the car

submitted by Cat Bryant

bodgieman - Someone who can "fix" anything, given the right amount of inappropriate materiél and sufficient amounts of boundless enthusiasm. Balanced only by stunning incompetence.

e.g., Alice: Looks like the asbetos nozzle on my favourite flamethrower has broken off. Bob: Never mind, I'll call on bodgieman. Chuck! Over here. Chuck: Hmm. I'll cellotape it back together. No problem. All: Bodgieman can fix anything with cellotape.

submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

bodging - Shoving a square peg in a round hole with brute force and ignorance.

e.g., Bill was bodging when he spun his wheels around for an hour trying to get his car out of the mud.

submitted by Ty Webb

bodmate - A significant lover, one with whom you share body, and perhaps also mind and soul. You "sleep with" her and possibly spend additional time with her as well. Generally a happy arrangement.

e.g., I've had but few actual bodmates in me entire life through no fault of n'any one, and if'n I had it to do all over agin it probably would not be otherwise. There are numerous others willing and able to perpetrate the euman race, while single mindedness is a blessing in and of itself..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bodmin - One minute of work by one person.

e.g., I reckon this job will take about 10 bodmins.

submitted by Martin Ward

body band-aid - A scab.

e.g., "Coco has a scab on his hip bone. I'm not exactly sure how it happened, I think a rug burn at school. But he noticed the scab while getting dressed this morning and said, 'Oh look. Good. A body band-aid.'"

submitted by Coco - (www)

body chalking - Markings on a PDA user's body or clothing indicating the data transfer methods she supports for personal data transfer. Cf. warchalking.

e.g., He was body-chalked as a Palm user, so I asked him if he'd beam me his business card.

submitted by krelnik - (www)

body check - No, not what they do in hockey, but what my kids used to do when we lived "up north" and I went out in the cold and shoveled the driveway before going to work.

e.g., Mom to kids, "One of you needs to go out and do a body check. He's been out there for about a half-hour now -- and it's terribly cold. He usually comes in every ten or fifteen minutes to warm up." "I think you're wrong, Mom. He comes in mostly to rest. His stamina's shot to hell."

submitted by HD Fowler

body nazi - A self-obsessed workout king or queen.

e.g., Where's the neck on that body nazi?

submitted by mark

bodycoding - Related to intuitive coding, and to artistic coding, too.

e.g., Penguins eat pies before computing decimals of pi. After that, they bodycode marvelous software.

submitted by bodycode - (www)

bodysire - A fusion of two words: " body" and " desire." Bodysire describes a state of mind or a behavior where one has total self-love for his or her own body. The word bodysire is closely related to the word "vanity," but used much more in conjunction with self-care. Thus it does not carry any of the negative attributes associated with vanity. Bodysire is also a lifestyle that certain people strive to attain.

e.g., The level of bodysire she has is amazing. Bodysire prevents me from eating too much or smoking. Athletes and mdels live in a state of total bodysire.

submitted by Athanasios Ignatiou

bodytop - Slang for head--(top of the body)

e.g., Put THAT in your bodytop and think about it.

submitted by Kelly T. Gillette

boe-ring - Boring, drawn out to indicated just how boring it is. Bore-ing. Worse than having a tooth pulled.

e.g., I think the real reason Gore lost in 2000 was because he was so boe-ring. Of course he wants to save the trees -- he's Woodman personified.

submitted by HD Fowler

bofem - Both of them.

e.g., "Would you like steak or chicken?" ... "Is there anyway I can get bofem?"

submitted by Sarah

boff - A dismissive one word response uttered under one’s breath, usually accompannied by a hand gesture. Similar to a sense of “meh.”

e.g., A simple “boff” was the driver’s only response to the old man’s running to catch the already late bus.

submitted by Jeff Baker

boffinating - Difficult.

e.g., I didn’t get very good instruction in arithmetic when I was in first grade, so anything that has to do with math is boffinating for me. . . . OK, you’re right. I played too many video games and listened to hip hop instead of applying myself. So?

submitted by niki

boffinoclastic rage - The fury of an expert.

e.g., I only suggested that the effects of Verner’s Law could be studied in Gothic verbs, but he flew into a boffinoclastic rage — apparently the sound of change is obscured by analogical levelling.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

boffle - A boffle is a space or gap with one curved edge. It can be used in any application, such as in a wall or floor, or as a three-dimensional space. Nota Bene: A boffle can be differentiated from an archway because an archway usually has an angular corner between its straight edges and the curved edge. A boffle’s edges flow straight into the curved edge.

e.g., What a good idea to put a boffle here in your wall. It creates light, and space. | If you go through the boffle and turn right, you’ll find the station on your left-hand side.

submitted by Alex R

bofh - Bastard Operator From Hell. (Bitch Operator From Hell as well?) Basically, a BOFH is computer support person with no desire to actually help or support users. All she wants is smply to make her own existence as easy as possible. This term is an older Internet favorite, from the long-running series of humor articles credited to and copyrighted by Simon Travaglia. The first known BOFH post appears in the Google Usenet Archive, June 1992. For current articles, see The Register.

e.g., User: I need some more free space in my home directory. BOFH: (deletes existing files) Allrighty. Just freed up some room for you. User: OK, thanks. Goodbye. … Where are my old files?

submitted by Geo - (www)

bofus - Both of us.

e.g., When I asked him how much soda he would like, he akwardly replied, “Enough for the bofus.”

submitted by pianoman jo

bogan - Person of questionable upbringing.

e.g., Chris is a bogan. Imagine wearing acid-washed jeans and moccasins to this resaurant.

submitted by Lukas

boganobile - A Holden Commodore car that is often driven by mullet-headed Aussie bogans. These are particularly of the 1978-1985 era Commodores such as the VB, VC, VK models.

e.g., Check out that bloke's boganobile. It's a VC 8-cylinder beast, ideal car for the mullet-headed bogan.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

bogart - To hog something. | To do something very smoothly, without drawing attention to yourself.

ED. When taking a drag off a shared marijuana cigarette (pipe, joint, bong, blunt) -- to bring the cigarette in contact with the mucous membranes or otherwise to "wet" it. (What was called nigger lipping in less politically correct times is now (apparently) referred to as fish lipping.) If bogart had only the meaning of hoard, then the following would not make sense.  

Origin Where did the slang term "bogart" come from? It's from a scene at the beginning of The Roaring Twenties. Bogie and Jimmy Cagney are soldiers in a foxhole together. Cagney offers Bogie his cigarette to share and Bogie . . . well, he bogarts it.

e.g., I didn't bogart my girlfriend so that later on I could pass her around like everyone else. | I'm going to walk into the office playing it bogart. | No, you cannot have a drag off my smoke. I know you'd just bogart it and I wouldn't want it back.

submitted by alpahbit | Josh Priddy - (www)

bogart, playing it - Playing it bogart, to play it bogart. To suss out information similar to what Humphrey Bogart used to do in the classic noir films. Casually asking questions in a conversational tone, to find out the whole story -- without appearing obviously to want to know the answers to what you are asking.

e.g., Sam decided to play it bogart with Ilsa to find out the truth about last Sunday.

submitted by Arrakis

bogay - Not cool at all.

e.g., I lost the bet? That's bogay

submitted by MRunnels

boge - A shortened version of "bogus," synonymous with "weird," "strange," or "unfair."

e.g., "My ex keeps trying to make lunch plans with me." "That's definitely boge. Probably wants to borrow money."

submitted by Jon Derengowski

bogger - When you go to say that something bothers you or bugs you and it all smushes into one word

e.g., I hate bad drivers. They really bogger me.

submitted by Leslie

boggified - To become completely confused and lost -- as if stuck in a swamp or bog.

e.g., I can't even begin to work on my report. I'm too boggified.

submitted by jazzbo

boggin - disgusting, smells like fish.

e.g., this fish tastes boggin.

submitted by ali

bogginhood - A stocking cap.

e.g., It's cold outside so you better grab a bogginhood.

submitted by kydavis_md

bogo - Buy One, Get One free. Aka half-price

e.g., Cases of Mt. Dew are bogo at the store this week.

submitted by Crossbow

bogosity - Degree of bogusness in any given statement or situation

e.g., Counselor, your statements contain a very high degree of bogosity. | God. this party is high on the bogosity level.

submitted by jeff smallwood - (www)

bogotify - The Macmillan Dictionary: "to change or affect something so that it becomes useless or incorrect.  
"The verb bogotify originates in computer programming. A computer program that has been changed so many times that it has become completely disorganised, and is therefore useless, has become bogotified. There's an everyday analogy with a nut and bolt: if you tighten a nut too hard, you'll strip the threads on the bolt, so the bolt has become bogotified and is no longer usable."

e.g., Whew! I was worried there for a while. I thought I might bogotify the pseudodictionary and screw up the index when I combined words into single entries and removed words that had been added by mistake. Fortunately for me, I ran across The Macmillan Dictionary Word of the Week feature and found a simple way to replace the words deleted.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bogsat - Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around a Table. Acronym first heard from MIT professor Edward Tufte as a description of the way things usually get done in a large corporation.

e.g., So you wanna change the vacation policy, huh? Hope you're ready for some serious BOGSAT.

submitted by Heraldmonkey

bogue - N. A cigarette. V. To smoke a cigarette.

e.g., N. Can I get a bogue from you, Marty? V. Time to bogue, Marty.

submitted by Jeffrey Schuhmacher

boguscide - A person who goes out of his way to expose the absurdities or inanities of his colleagues' utterances, manifest belief systems, or philosophico-political stances.

e.g., Let's get away from this boguscide so we can spout off about some intellectualized postmodern notions.

submitted by David Evans

bogwash - Hogwash. Other slang definitions for "bogwash" are far less polite than this one, coarse even. Given that "bog" is UK slang for a toilet, hearing your utterances called bogwash would be more insulting than if they were called hogwash. "Convincing evidence that all the talk about the high hospitality of the West is not "hog wash" was the large number of highway hospitality booths that greeted Denverbound Rotarians."

e.g., bogwash

submitted by HD Fowler

boh - Similar to 'D'oh!' (and pronounced similarly). Signifying regret or dissapointment.

e.g., Boh, I can't afford to go come to see you this weekend.

submitted by hannah

bohemianally - The prefix "bohemian" signifies a free-spirited individual, complete with a non-conformist attitude, yet the suffix "ally" allows it to become an adjective rather than a noun; describing a situation in which there is an "ally" or friendly person/place/thing. It can also be used to substitute closing lines, concluding letters in a creative way.

e.g., Dear John, ... Bohemianally, Holly

submitted by Holly

bohemoth - A particularly large guy who spends nights hanging around the lights at street corners.

e.g., Al, don't be a bohemoth tonight -- let's go check out the courts at the Youth Center.

submitted by Machiavellean & … Lesko

bohica! - US military acronym for "Bend Over Here It Comes Again!" Best used when expecting to deal a familiar unpleasantness.

e.g., Bohica! Look's like there are going to be some more layoffs.

submitted by erik - (www)

bohunk - Picture a guy not too bright, very good looking otherwise. Could be more good looking if he didn't roll his shirt sleeves up so high and wear his pants so tight.

e.g., If you come across this type, you've just met a "bohunk."

submitted by Devorah

boi - a word to describe a cool guy

e.g., "Yo that kid there is a strong boi!"

submitted by erf

boice - 1. To artificially inflate one's territorial sales figures. 2. A general term describing a lackadaisical attitude towards one's work assignments. (ED. Yes, I realize this is likely to be an eponymous construction. Allowed because I've had to deal with boicers myself. However, the fellow I worked with who had a similar name was not a boicer.)

e.g., I have not finished boicing my sales figures this week. I've been boicing this presentation for the last two weeks.

submitted by Rob

boing boing - Anything that is spiral and bouncies.

e.g., I broke the boing boing.

submitted by Fox

boingy - Of the unchewable part of chicken or meat. | Or any food with a rubbery texture: oysters, jello, custard, tapioca pudding, eggs, etc.

e.g., I'm not eating the rest of this sandwich because there's too much boing in it.

submitted by Amy Vanderpool

boink - A sound that has been identified as the exact sound scientific progress makes.

e.g., As Calvin pressed the button to his transmoglifier, he discovered that scientific progress goes boink.

submitted by Jared - (www)

boioioing - Onomatopoeia, the sound of a spring. Number of "oi"s may vary.

e.g., Ivy's prototype sword goes boioioioing.

submitted by Gargomon251

boisterousity - The nature or act or being boisterous. A term of measurement for the level of boisterousness.

e.g., The man's boisterousity increased with the volume of his libations.

submitted by Clifford Ball

boit - 1. To belch or burp. 2. A staccato sign-off.

e.g., As the waitress slipped the check under my hand, Nedwina went boit. He: "So, how 'bout 6?" She: "6 is good." He: "Wear something nice." She: "Okay." He: "Boit." She: "Boit."

submitted by James Coffin

bojanglin' - People who are being annoying, rude, or loud. Can be a verb or adjective.

e.g., I hate riding the subway during rush hour because everyone is so bojanglin'.

submitted by Dawn

boka - OK.

e.g., Well, after I beat him up, he bought me a beer. After that it was all boka.

submitted by I3rokenAngeIL

bokaiii - Cool. Can be like "hello" or really anything you want it to mean. You say it like this: BOO-K-EYE because it's a quality word and if you're going to say it ... say it correctly with the deep voice and a weird face.

e.g., Oh, Kristin, that is so ... bokaiii.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

boke - To vomit forcefully.

e.g., After drinking a quart of whiskey and a six-pack of beer, the partier boked all over the hotel room floor.

submitted by John Beattie

boke - To expel beverage from one's nose in response to something shocking or funny. Also known as snarfing.

e.g., I just boked my dew.

submitted by rhyakat

boke - Someone from Florida. Named after Boca Raton.

e.g., I'm goin' down to Florida where dem bokes are, gonna listen to some Neil Rogers.

submitted by Star651

boke - The past tense of bike.

e.g., I boke to work this morning.

submitted by Peter

bokn - BOK-en. An exclamation or sound emitted when somebody is struck with any random object. This includes hands, pink salmon, and garbage trucks.

e.g., Bo hit Hank on the head, and everybody head the very audible Bokn.

submitted by dave2 - (www)

bokra - (rhymes with "LOCK-rah"; n.) a novel or unorthodox approach to a problem which is, nevertheless, effective---so effective, sometimes, as to shift perspectives or shake up the accepted paradigm. [This comes from a very old story about the Persian polymath and physician Avicenna (born Abū Alī al-Husayn ibn Abd Allāh ibn Sīnā, 980-1037---it was the "ibn Sina" that gave rise to the name by which he came to be known as "Avicenna" to generations of scholars all over Europe). He was approached one day about a greatly troubled young nobleman suffering from a serious psychosis. He apparently believed himself to be a cow and would Moo loudly and cry "Moo! Moo! I am a cow; slay me! so that an excellent broth may be made from my flesh!" The young man's father had gone to every physician he could find, and he called upon Avicenna (the greatest mind of the era) in desperation. The brilliant but unorthodox Avicenna, instead of tying the young man down or dosing him with potions, he came into the sickroom dressed as a butcher, with a large meat cleaver, and called out "where is this cow? I have come to slay it, so that an excellent broth may be made from its flesh!" The young man mooed loudly so that Avicenna could find him, but when Avicenna came to him, he felt his ribs and said, "This cow is sickly and thin. A fine broth cannot be made from the flesh of this sickly cow. Let it be fed and exercised, so that a fine broth may be made of its flesh." Thereupon, the young man began to eat, sleep, and exercise, so that he could be a healthy and tasty cow. Soon, however, his regimen restored his health, both physical and mental, and he was completely restored. In Arabic, "where is this cow?" is "men al baqra" (at least, so I'm told by an Arabic manual---I could very well be mistaken). So bokra "cow" is my word for brilliant but unconventional solutions to serious problems.]

e.g., The Pringles Potato Chip can was a bokra of a packaging solution.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bold-faced lying - Big-time lying. Lying that justifies being printed in bold.

e.g., Before the Democrat Party decides on its Presidential candidate for 2004, we can expect them to really go after President Bush and each other. Get ready for some bold-faced lying. | Sounds like a bold-faced lie to me.

submitted by Miss Speller

boldatize - To make something bold.

e.g., That statement needs emphasis. Can you boldatize it?

submitted by Filip

bollicky - Plain, bare, unadorned.

e.g., Johnny will only eat bollicky spaghetti -- not a drop of sauce on it. (My deceased mother-in-law made up this useful word years ago.)

submitted by Mary Ann Medlar

bolliday - (BALL-ee-day; n.) Time taken from everyday tasks to kick back and watch Bollywood movies and/or music videos.

e.g., "So, any word? What's been happening?" "Nothing. They've checked in, but found nada so far. So I took a Bolliday and watched 'Swadesh.'" "Any good?" "Yeah, 'Swadesh' is really good. Here, you can borrow my copy." "Thanks. What are you watching now?" "'Devdas,' then 'Jodhaa-Akbar.'"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bollixed from the git go - A situation messed up from the start.

e.g., I knew when my car wouldn't start in the morning that my day was bollixed from the git go.

submitted by Paul

bollocktics - A state of paranoia in reigning government administrations against the party out of power, the media, Congress, government agencies, and other critical entities. It results in covert hormonal and irrational activities that are overreactive and often illegal.

e.g., This administration is spending too much energy secretly nipping at and harrowing the C.I.A. Let's use the sizzors of the law to cut off its bollocktics, make it more docile, and restore its focus to the full-time business of running our country.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

bolly-babe - Attractive female of Indian background or origin. Resembling a Bollywood star.

e.g., My last two girlfriends have both been bolly-babes.

submitted by Zippy Broodstock

bolo - Big, bulky, thick.

e.g., Did you see the size of that bouncer? Bolo.

submitted by Aldwin Oliveros

bologneat - An adjective to describe any place which has been cleaned by means of hiding dirt under rugs or beds, or stuffing things into closets.

e.g., "I cleaned my room, Mom." "I can see your closet; it's just bologneat."

submitted by hugh

bolshevik - (rhymes with BOWL-the-pick; n.) 1. The "majority" faction of the early Communist Party in Russia, as opposed to the Menshevik "minority" faction (although, as to membership and activity, both factions vied for numerical dominance and often traded the majority and minority labels (the terms "hard-line" and "tolerant" are probably more philosophically accurate)); 2. A euphemism for "bullshit" as a label for "nonsense" or "meaningless discourse." [From Russian bol'shinstvo "majority"]

e.g., "The professor didn't show up, so we all just sat there shooting the bolshevik for an hour and a half."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

bolshevik - (rhymes with BOWL-the-pick; n.) 1. The "majority" faction of the early Communist Party in Russia, as opposed to the Menshevik "minority" faction (although, as to membership and activity, both factions vied for numerical dominance and often traded the majority and minority labels (the terms "hard-line" and "tolerant" are probably more philosophically accurate)); 2. A euphemism for "bullshit" as a label for "nonsense" or "meaningless discourse." [From Russian bol'shinstvo "majority"]

e.g., "The professor didn't show up, so we all just sat there shooting the bolshevik for an hour and a half."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

bolt-hole - A secret stash of money a woman (?) keeps so she can run away from her husband if she decides to.

e.g., "Some think hiding money from your spouse is as serious a breach of trust as sexual infidelity. Others, like the lady with the tea caddy, believe having a financial bolt-hole is the secret to a happy marriage."

submitted by [bolt-hole] - (www)

bolt-the-door - An object or place that is particularly shabby or rundown. "Ghetto." Etymology: From the movie _Finding Forrester_" in which the characer played by Sean Connery utters the line, "Bolt the door if you're coming in.")

e.g., I don't think we should take John's car. That thing is really bolt-the-door; it'll probably break down after 10 miles.

submitted by slam-p

boltalic - To be in bold and italic.

e.g., Don't write in boltalic, please.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

boltium - Used to describe a substance or act that is electrifying. From "lightning bolt" + "-ium," the suffix used frequently when naming new elements.

e.g., "The sex we had last night was like boltium," boasted Ernie.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

boltongeist - An object of blame whenever an item inexplicably disappears. Named after the ghost of Michael Bolton's mullet-cut.

e.g., My Britney Spears doll has disappeared. The boltongeist strikes again.

submitted by Cat Stanley

bomb - The best that ever was. The greatest.

e.g., This new restaurant is the bomb.

submitted by Stephanie

bomb - Prolific graffiti.

e.g., I'm getting smoked by that other writer. He's been bombing every train this week.

submitted by .:DASH:. - (www)

bomb diggity - Wverwhelmingly stupendous, extremely cool.

e.g., Walter, your mullet is bomb diggity.

submitted by Blake - Something or someone is extra-cool.

e.g., Your new skateboard is the

submitted by Drew and Josh

bombarius - Ridiculous, unbelievable.

e.g., My word was accepted. Bombarius.

submitted by Zac

bombastificatory - The quality of possessing or embodying a superlative degree of bombast, or excessive, florid, overworked speech.

e.g., The politician, a former philosophy professor, plumbed the nether regions of his bombastificatory paradigm.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

bombbloggity - Of an online blog that is an exceptional read.

e.g., Have you read his recent blog entry? It's simply bombbloggity.

submitted by LeAnna - (www)

bombdiggity - Completely cool.

e.g., The new roller coaster is a bombdiggity ride.

submitted by Warden - (www)

bombilogophile - A lover of buzzwords. Like the boss in Dilbert cartoons and the bosses in many real corporations who believe that using trendy words makes up for their lack of anything new or interesting to say. From the latin "bombus" (buzzing), "logos" (word), and "philios" (love).

e.g., When Richard suggested that we leverage new paradigms to enable synergy, I realized he was a true bombilogophile.

submitted by Andrew MacCormack

bombine - When the blades are moving on the combine.

e.g., Don't stick your hand into the could get hurt.

submitted by Brooke 7th Enlish

bombinous - Adjectival form of "the bomb." Cool.

e.g., A, your new t-shirt is bombinous.

submitted by apathy

bombout - Equivalent to a computer freeze-up or crash.

e.g., That bombout trashed all my changes since I last saved!

submitted by RobA

bombsville - From the Dictionary of the Rat Pack: any kind of failure in life; see ville.


“His Blackberry ring-a-ding dings. He rolls his blue eyes. It’s another panicked call from Kevin McCarthy. Boehner is beginning to wonder if the kid just doesn’t have it, if he’s bombsville. McCarthy styled himself as one of the ‘young guns,’ along with Eric Cantor, who misfired, and Paul Ryan, who can’t pull the trigger. Now Boehner’s worried that McCarthy might be a pop gun.

“‘Kevin, did you make another mess I gotta clean up?’ the Speaker growls. ‘Stop blubbering. That’s my department. Obviously, you really stepped in it with that Benghazi crack on “Hannity.” You told Sean that I get a B-minus as speaker? I give you a D for Dumbo.’”

submitted by [Maureen Doiwd] - (www)

bomo - Major letdown, a disappointment, something that bad.

e.g., My test score was a bomo. Bomo that your girlfriend dissed your homie.

submitted by Katie Anderson

bompalon - Yet another word for idiot.

e.g., Sammi was behaving like a right bompalon today.

submitted by Sammi

bon deviant - Opposite of bon vivant. A person of unrefined tastes and unsociable behavior, especially in the arena of fine foods and drink.

e.g., The banquet was an exquisite medley of the most delicious and gourmand delicacies, but Chester, a classic bon deviant left in his rusty truck with his moonshine to find some canned meat to fry with gravy for dinner.

submitted by Susanne Malm

bona fide - Of unquestionable status

e.g., "He is bona fide." (As used in _Oh. Brother, Where Art Thou?"

submitted by rudd

bona fido - (BOW-na FIE-doh (rhymes with OWN-a-PIE-dough (In actual Latin OWN-a-FEE-dough)); n.) 1. Pseudo-Latin for "good dog." (Actually, "fido" is Latin for "I trust," but it's commonly thought of as a dog's name: educated dog-owners named their watchdogs "fido" as in "faithful" or "trustworthy.") Also, facetiously, 2. a dog bone (as in "bone of dog").

e.g., "This is Gus. He's a mastiff. He's my bona fido." | "Let's give him a hambone as a bona fido."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

bonacourt - (Rhymes with "OWN a fort"; n.) The locus of an act central to a conspiracy theory. [From Greek Bounos "knoll" + Xortou "of green grass" = "grassy knoll."]

e.g., Area 51 is the bonacourt of almost all alien-incursion theories.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bonaduced - To be permanently exiled from show business after a successful career as a child star

e.g., Todd Bridges, Gary Coleman, and Anissa Jones were all bonaduced. Soleil Moon Frye hasn't been bonaduced yet, but wait a few years.

submitted by Deacon

bonafido - A real dog.

e.g., Most of my blind dates were bonafidos, but I eventually got lucky. I think it may have been the previous time when Jim and I double-dated two high school seniors visiting a friend who lived in Holcombe Hall. Mine was the only date I ever had whose name I can't remember. I just refer to her as The Linebacker.

submitted by HD Fowler

bonap - "Bon appetit."

e.g., At lunch: "Bonap"

submitted by Boki

bonce - The head. British slang from the 1880s or so. Earlier, a large marble in children's game was called a "bonce." From Michael Quinion.

e.g., According to a Flanders and Swan song a rhinoceros has a "bodger on the bonce."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bonch - Gross or dirty or not good.

e.g., Naw, Mom, you don't want to see Adam Sandler movies. Most are just bonch. _Anger Management_ Yeah, you might like that. Jack Nicholson makes up for Sandler.

submitted by Matt Rose

bondage - The watching of a Bond film.

e.g., Let's go for some Bondage.

submitted by Paul

bondex - A combination of Spandex and boxers.

e.g., Was Weiner wearing Bondex underwear? Looks almost as skeezy as Speedos on a geezer.

submitted by «Mark Lee» - (www)

bondish - Use when something is high tech or cool looking.

e.g., That new video camera is really bondish.

submitted by Eric Heinrichs

bondjamesbond - A sarcastic self deprecation when one is trying to be cool but has utterly and publicly failed.

e.g., When attempting to open a door for an adored one and the handle comes away in one's hand, the only comment can be, "The name's Bondjamesbond."

submitted by Dr Alan March Maddams

bondo - Auspicious, wonderful, an expression of approval and enthusiasm.

e.g., Frank: Did you see those fireworks last night? Harry: Oh, yeah. Bondo!

submitted by andrew baade

bone again - Put on the armor of Gog? Reincarnate? Reenter the world of the physical and real to access the solid and the flesh wherein may dwell an element of ecstasy and joy therewith?

e.g., Ye muss be bone again To re-enter the Godden Of Hedon. Oh, brother, are you bone again? Sin now with immunity. Enjoy that which was previously forbad [sic]. Heaven on earth is possible and is henceforth commanded.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bone orchard - A cemetery.

e.g., I want a humongous headstone to mark my plot at the bone orchard.

submitted by Todd M. Bass

bone taco - A punch in the face. Can also be used as an interjection to mean "bogus," "lame," "he deserves a punch in the face," etc.

e.g., He's gonna get a bone taco if he doesn't shut up about my rash. I told him it's not contagious. Well, not very.

submitted by Shady Wasabi - (www)

bone-all-shatter - Especially attractive--in a way that makes merely attractive people look plain.

e.g., I have seen some hot chicas before, but this girl was bone-all-shatter.

submitted by Ronald E. Reed

boned - Completly screwed, a hopeless situation. Made popular by the TV show "Futurama."

e.g., How big is he? - 300lbs. - I'm boned.

submitted by Alex R

bonehead - Hard-headed individual who acts in a manner to lead a casual observer to believe there is solid bone under the hair and no brains.

e.g., Licking that cold pipe was a real boneheaded move.

submitted by Andy Malleck

boneless - Coolest, the best.

e.g., You gotta see The Count of Monte Cristo. When the count makes his first public appearance, he has what may be the ultimate boneless entrance ever seen in a movie. (ED. Agreed.)

submitted by acidspork

bones - Dollars.

e.g., Hold up -- I'm outta bones. I gotta stop at the bank.

submitted by Shady Wasabi

bonethread - A boneheaded thread on a message board. | A message board thread started by a bonehead.

e.g., I got the idea for the title of my most recent thread from another bonehead's bonethread. (Yes, I know what your inference might be from my use of "another.")

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

boneye - A rare condition which occurs when one is poked in the eye by a skull while crawling around under an old house.

e.g., Larry got a serious boneye while looking under that 19th century farmhouse.

submitted by Scooter

bong - "really good or nice, "

e.g., your friend is really bong

submitted by marian

bonggasious - Extravagant, extraordinary.

e.g., Mike hosted a bonggasious birthday party Saturday night.

submitted by mikaela

bongoleering - As a verb: to do something completely insane just for the hell of it (e.g., streaking or skydiving). As an adjective: something utterly fantastic or thrilling.

e.g., I'm in the mood for bongoleering. Watch this. | Did you go to that BonJovi concert in the Millenium Stadium? It was bongoleering.

submitted by Dave Quarrell - (www)

boni - Bone-eye. Plural form of "bonus." An exclamation of pleasure over an unexpected windfall or turn of good luck.

e.g., They sent us extra cheese bread and a fruitcake. Boni.

submitted by sdulmage

bonify - Back-formation from Latin "bona fide," in good faith. 1. To validate or authenticate. 2. To provide evidence as to the validity of. 3. To pass or make enforceable (as with a parliamentary motion, legal contract or legislative bill).

e.g., An antiques expert was called in to bonify the provenance of the Victorian chair.

submitted by Tony Le

bonivict - A person who has a good or benevolent and uplifting air after having lost; a good-sport; a good loser.

e.g., I was nervous to tell my friend that I got the part he wanted in the play, but he was such a bonivict, I had no need to worry in the first place.

submitted by Thomas Litchev - (www)

bonji - A person of Middle-Eastern descent.

e.g., 1. I spoke to a Bonji at the AOL call center today. I couldn't understand him. 2. Some Bonji cut me off on the parkway today.

submitted by Jennifer Cubakovic

bonk - A web page not displaying properly.

e.g., I gave it to the techie and now it's all gone bonk.

submitted by Marvin Smith - (www)

bonk - 1. To physically deteriorate in a sporting event to the point where you might need to quit. 2. ED: "Muscle fatigue (the "bonk" in cycling, "hitting the wall" in running) generally occurs when the body's internal carbohydrate stores are depleted and there is a shift towards fat metabolism as the prime energy source for the exercising muscle (with maximum energy output limited to approximately 50% VO2 max.)."

e.g., 1. Halfway through the triathlon I bonked. 2. "Vande Velde writes in his rider's diary at VeloNews that he has trouble staying fed and hydrated in the heat, and only realizes he's nearing the bonk when he starts getting goosebumps.

submitted by Byron

bonkbuster - Added to the OED's online version in 2002: "a type of popular novel characterised by frequent sexual encounters between the characters." Sue Limb says she came up with the word in 1988 "after a publisher asked for a 'big thick book with lots of bonking in it.'" It wasn't a huge step, she says, to go from blockbuster to bonkbuster.

e.g., So, what books have you read lately, Chris? Anything besides the latest bonkbuster?  

Kerry Katona and friends in the Return of the Bonkbuster “Oh God, oh God, you’re too sexy! I’m not sure I can make it to the bedroom,” panted Harry Levin, his tongue licking Molly’s neck like a hungry wolf. They had only just burst in through the front door and already Harry’s hand had plunged down Molly’s halter-neck to grab at her. . . .”  

Gripping stuff, but not entirely appropriate for a family newspaper. Apologies then to fans of vintage Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper who are gagging for a time when books were filled with insatiable über-millionaires on the prowl for premier-league sex and glamorous heroines with a real thirst for power. But their prayers are about to be answered. After decades of neglect, the bonkbuster is back. It’s bye-bye Bridget Jones and the misery of single life in a bedsit, and hello the champagne lifestyle of Russian oligarchs, supermodels and WAGs, set against the international backdrop of five-star hotels, yachts and private jets. . . .

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bonkers - A colloquial name for the area between Brooklyn and Yonkers in metropolitan New York. Also used pejoratively, as the natives are commonly perceived to be quirkily erratic in actions and mentally challenged.

e.g., Randy: So you're leaving our welcoming, clean, beautiful little town with the green, gorgeous mountain vistas to go to the crowded, dirty, cold, unfeeling, hyper-expensive, triple-taxed area of metropolitan New York. Are you going "bonkers?" Mandy: No, just to Staten Island.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

bonkersteebobcat - Seriously abnormal behavior. Sometimes spelt "Bonkers T. Bobcat."

e.g., Jack: Chris was sure in a bonkersteebobcat mood. Mac: He always is. Stay out of his way. Keep him away from your family.

submitted by a.hamill

bonkify - To bollux up something; make an error.

e.g., Jack tried to cut his own hair and bonkified it.

submitted by Lisie

bonking - A term widely used by people with juvenile diabetes (yours truly included) to describe a hypoglycemic reaction to an insulin overdose.

e.g., I was bonking so severely I couldn't even remember what day it was.

submitted by Stephen Mize

bonkyize - 1. To offer random stream of consciousness posting to a flame war. 2. To be surreal. 3. To offer pop culture reference to comments when no comment is forthcoming. 4. My feet smell.

e.g., I was getting my point across before you came in and bonkyized it with your Pee Wee Herman reference.

submitted by Dead Robot - (www)

bonnasses - Young and beautiful real-life girls (in general above the age of consent), photographed in sexy (not necessarily nude) or compromising positions.

e.g., The campus at Berkeley was brimming full with lovely bonnasses. . . . No, not really. Just kidding.

submitted by Hibernian

bonnejeur - Greeting used by peasant farmers in the southwest of England -- who have very little vocabularly and less money than sense.

e.g., Bonnejeur, Martin, how be ye diddling?

submitted by lukerplap

bonnet - Attractive women.

e.g., There was a lot of random bonnet at the party.

submitted by Leisha

bonnyclabber - Milk which has turned sour.

e.g., Who left this bonnyclabber in the frigde?

submitted by pinkgirly

bonoboism - A doctrine advocating that society should be based on the social behavior of the bonobo (pygmy chimpanzee, pan paniscus). Characterized by egalitarianism, matriarchy, relative vegetarianism, pacifism, and eating lots of fresh fruit.

e.g., The bonoboism movement will be the new social trend of the 21st Century, despite opposition from conservatives.

submitted by Gregory Zaleski

bonular - Referring to your bones

e.g., My backache is more bonular than muscular.

submitted by Jody

bonus - Means that something is exceptional or things go your way.

e.g., Bonus. I just found a quarter. OR This car runs bonus.

submitted by chippy

bonza beauty mate - Usually said as one word. It's another famous okkerism (Australian slang) meaning, "Great, mate!" Also simply means "Thank you for your kind advice and I shall follow through with your proposal."

e.g., "Boof, the esky's full o' long necks (beer). You'll have ta put them in the tub (bath)." And the reply comes, "You bonzabeautymate!"

submitted by Ants Pants - (www)

boo - To look at something or to contact someone.

e.g., Give me a boo after work and we'll decide where we're going tonight. OR Take a boo at this magazine article.

submitted by Wanda

boo - Girlfriend or female aquaintance.

e.g., Where's your boo? You're always with her.

submitted by Jason and Tanner

boob tube - A term to describe a television set, which turns viewers into boobs.

e.g., He sat for seven hours in front of the boob tube.

submitted by Jonathan

boobalicious - Possessed of ethereal beauty, especially abundant, sexy breasts; combining "boob" and "delicious." 2016-06-18 -->

e.g., Dad says that my fifteen-year-old sister looks like she'll grow up to be boobalicious, a trait she got from our beautiful, wonderful Mom. (Maybe I will be too someday!)

submitted by natalie74 - (www)

boobefunct - Screwed up so badly that only a complete boob could have done it.

e.g., We took the computer to another shop but they pronounced it boobefunct and returned it untouched.

submitted by Pittsburgh Vince

boobietube - A baby's eyewitness term for point of origin of mother's milk--nipple.

e.g., The boob tube feeds the mind, whilst the boobietube feeds the face..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

boobtooblivion - Seriously vegetating in front of the TV.

e.g., How long has he been like that? Dunno, he must be in boobtooblivion.

submitted by Dylon Whyte

boobydooby - Completely awe-inspiring.

e.g., (Jack finds beanstalk.) Boobydooby.

submitted by Adrian

booch - 1. When taking a bath with someone else, sliding past to the other side of the tub. One who commits this act is "booching" and is called a "boocher." 2. If a sibling is snuggling with a parent, squeezing in between the sibling and the parent.

e.g., No booching, Billy.

submitted by John Upchurch

boocoodle - A lot, many, perhaps from the French, boocoo (or, perhaps from the French "beaucoup," too) Southern use.

e.g., I found a boocoodle of web dictionaries, but none listed this word.

submitted by Keith Seagle - (www)

boodge - Old station wagons, particularly Falcons, that burn almost as much oil as petrol, and smell like a worn clutch.

e.g., Oh, phew, that car in front is the biggest boodge.

submitted by nick

booed up - To indicate that you are with your girlfriend.

e.g., Ben: Wanna go to the game tonight? Dan: Nope, I'm all booed up.

submitted by Stampede22

boof - A tiny, almost imperceptible burp. A bigger burp may be referred to as a "boof galoof."

e.g., Oops! Excuse me, I boofed.

submitted by mcalmore

boof - Stupid, moronic.

e.g., Some of my co-workers are a bunch of boofs that can't do anything right.

submitted by ditnis

boof - Reference to a puff of hair in the back of the head--short for a bouffant hairstyle or partial bouffant hairstyle.

e.g., The woman I saw on the street had a boof on her head.

submitted by Jennifer

boof - To hide an object in a hard to find place. For example, a secret pocket in a jacket.

e.g., He's got five hundred bucks boofed up in his jacket. | I got my cash in the boof.

submitted by rick

boof boof - Rexdale slang, such as "bling, bling" or "bap, bap." A mentally deficient dog's "woof woof."

e.g., Your dog is boofing up a storm. What's wrong with it?

submitted by mrtac

boof nut - Substitute for "loser."

e.g., You're such a boof nut.

submitted by Julie

boofa - A loveseat. From the movie _The Family Dog_. After the family discovers that the thieves have made off with all their stuff the little girl exclaims "Da boofa, day stow da boofa," referring to the stolen sofa or loveseat.

e.g., I'll meet you at the boofa for a little lovin'!

submitted by Brian Wagner

boofaloo - A person, place, or thing which causes undue discomfort or annoyance.

e.g., I have a really bad toothache. Those boofaloos at the dentist office probed my cavity too long.

submitted by K.L. Watson

boofhead - Australian term used to decribe someone who does or says something stupid, insensitive, or inappropriate. This person is usually intellectually slower than most.

e.g., Due to his many faux pas in public, Chris was regarded as a boofhead by everyone in town.

submitted by Butterfly

boofin' - Describing a terrible smell.

e.g., Her breath was boofin'.

submitted by Samantha

boofus - Name applied to people who act or do something stupid. (Like "doofus.")

e.g., You're a boofus. How could you spend 500 bucks at a strip bar?

submitted by Lucy - (www)

boog - Street dweller, usually homeless but looking to snatch personal belongings from you.

e.g., Chris came out of the club drunk and a boog stole his cell phone.

submitted by A. Martins

boog - Affectionate name for someone always on the go or who has to be in the middle of anything going on. (Shortened form of "little booger" or "little bugger"?)

e.g., Mother talking about her mischievous son, "Have you seen my little Boog?"

submitted by Asia M. Church

boogaji - This is an extra letter of the alphabet, used when you don't know the actual spelling for something.

e.g., "How do you spell 'elephant'?" "E, L, E, boogaji. . . ."

submitted by The Weirdo

booger - Nasal mucus.

e.g., The real reason I didn't get the job was a booger hangin outta' my nose during the interview.

submitted by Garret Thomson - (www)

booger - An Australian one hundred dollar note.

e.g., You can put away those boogers, mate. It's not for sale.

submitted by Chester Cardigan

booger, boogerhead - A sarcastic yet loving term of endearment for a child. Used when a child has done something naughty but funny.

e.g., Guess what your little boogerhead did today? He cut the fur off the cat's tail!

submitted by Marta

booger-ent - (Also "bogey-ent"; n.) 1. A particular (and peculiar) method (or "art") of removing a booger from the nose: Apparently, one simply places the fingertip upon a still-gelatinous bogey until it adheres to the finger rather than the inner nostril, and is thus easily removed, simply coming free without having to be scraped along the nose tissue [yeah, I know]; 2. Someone who practices this ... odd nose-picking methodology. [A reference to an event in "Flotsam and Jetsam," Chapter 9 of _The Two Towers_ (Book II of _The Lord of the Rings_). Therein, Treebeard, the old ent, fixes his hands to the walls of Isengard, and, like the work of roots over many years, crumbles the wall and pulls it down. Orthanc is not a booger; but the comparison seemed to make sense at the time.]

e.g., So, this one guy was stopped at the light for, like, two minute. The light must've been busted, and everyone else was shouting and honking. But this guy just sat there staring at the light with his finger up his nose. Now, everybody uses intersections for nose-picking, I know, but this guy was bogey-ent zen or something.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

boogerboo - Pseudosnot, fake plastic nasal material, intended to gross unsuspecting people out.

e.g., Some people (especially younger people) seem to like to leave globs of boogerboo about to disgust other people

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

boogerhead - An extremely annoying and often pompous and deceptive fellow. (In my experience, always used mildly or jokingly.)

e.g., If you saw the way Chris treats Alex, you'd agree that he's a certified boogerhead.

submitted by Cj Critt

boogiechuck - To really move it; to do something quite rapidly. From "boogie," in the sense of "to move it, quickly."

e.g., If we're going to get there on time, we'd better boogiechuck. | If I'm going to meet the deadline, I've got to boogiechuck on the research.

submitted by lilu - (www)

boogity - Used at the green flag start of a NASCAR race signaling for the cars to accelerate to speed and the race has officially started.

e.g., Used by the commentator, Daryl Waltrip, at the green flag start, “Boogity, boogity, boogity.”

submitted by BSN LION - (www)

boogle - adjective meaning go or to go

e.g., 'lets boogle!' as in 'lets go'

submitted by evan - (www)

boogle - Meaningless small talk, often utilized when attempting to get to know a member of the opposite sex.

e.g., Did you see Tom? He was boogling with that one girl for quite some time. Let's go ahead and boogle until I have to leave.

submitted by Taylor

boogly - 1. Expletive. Used when one has come to the harsh realization, that things have not gone as planned. 2. Something that it is covered in any bodily fluid(s).

e.g., 1. Ah, boogly! 2. Don't touch it, it's boogly.

submitted by The Boogly Rooster

boogwoolie - Spoken nonsense.

e.g., Chris only talks boogwoolie. Just don't speak to him and he'll shut up eventually.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

booha-ish - Being in the state of Booha.

e.g., Such as, "Fred is being very Booha-ish today" instead of, "Fred is being very cool today."

submitted by Zach Engle

boohog - Terrifyingly, historically ugly woman; likely a heavy one as well.

e.g., Well, she might have a good personality, but she's a boohog. She can't ski either.

submitted by Perrin Davis

booj - To leave in a hurry.

e.g., This party blows. Let's booj.

submitted by bandar

booje-whack - A word generally meaning something negative.

e.g., The cops impounded your car? Oh, booje-whack.

submitted by Dot - (www)

book - To leave. (Likely in reference to the Hawaii Five-O catch-phrase, "Book 'em, Dano.")

e.g., Got class in ten -- gotta book.

submitted by iAn - (www)

book antiqua moment - The sense of horror and incredulity you get every time you try to mentally "find" a word on a page, then remember that there is no search function on books made of paper. By extension, the same sense when trying to find an object or recall something.

e.g., I'm having a book antiqua moment. I'm not sure; I just don't know. Curse. How long till Google lets me search my own thoughts and feelings?

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

book lag - Disruption to a person's sleeping patterns caused by being unable to put down a good book.

e.g., When I finished the book it was 3 am. The next day I had really bad book lag.

submitted by Nicholas Daley

bookalachi - Party, excitement, astounded, surprise.

e.g., Let's bookalachi!

submitted by Thomas Camp

bookkeep - (v.) 1. to keep the books, i.e., do the accounting for a company, office, firm, household, or whatever; 2. to emphasize picayune details enough to annoy the speaker. [Back-formation from "bookkeeper."] (n.) a bookkeeper.

e.g., So, you can, what, can you take shorthand? type? bookkeep? recept? What?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bookmarkable - If a site is worth bookmarking, it's bookmarkable.

e.g., A quick scan indicates that your site is bookmarkable.

  • {ED. You may want to reconsider that.}

    submitted by Richard - (www)

    booky - Extremely nerdy and annoying. One who is extremely nerdy and annoying.

    e.g., Some believe that Bill Gates is a creative genius, but I consider him to be a booky.

    submitted by matt

    bool - More confusing than Boolean Logic.

    e.g., Math class was bool today.

    submitted by Josh Priddy

    boolie - A unusual look on someone's face, usually an innocent one. Sometimes the look is a permanent one. She looks a boolie means that her expression is a little strange.

    e.g., She looks a boolie.

    submitted by mary stone

    boom - A term for dessert after you've had a big meal. You have no room left, but you've gotta go boom.

    e.g., That open-face turkey sandwich was all I need, but I definitely saved room for boom.

    submitted by Mark

    boom in the foom - (Also "foom boom"; n.) 1. The sudden expansion of a universe in the quantum foam (into which universes expand); 2. metaphorically, any event sufficiently momentous to disrupt the normal flow of the universe. [Rhyming reduplication created to replace "Big Bang."]

    e.g., The Boom in the Foom took place not quite 14 billion years ago ... which, the more we learn, doesn't really seem nearly long enough. | 9-11 was a major foom boom.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    boom-shaka-laka - Joyous celebrational phrase.

    e.g., I just scored two points. Boom-shaka-laka.

    submitted by jli - (www)

    boomalick - An irritating and annoying person.

    e.g., An older brother winds his little sister up by saying that she is in trouble with her parents. She says "No, I'm NOT . . . you BOOMALICK!"

    submitted by Fay Walsh

    boomba - Bubbles in tiles.

    e.g., The floor was full of boomba.

    submitted by Kevin 7th English

    boomer - United States Navy. A submarine capable of launching nuclear missles.

    e.g., The size of America's fleet of boomers has not significantly changed since the fall of the Soviet Union.

    submitted by Stephen Mize

    boomerang project - A project where the results come back to haunt you and will endanger your future career no matter how much time has elapsed.

    e.g., Bert: It's been two years since the integration project. Why can't it just leave me alone? Ernie: Looks like you got one of those boomerang projects

    submitted by Professor

    boomerangers - Gen-X aged persons who return home to live with their parents after being unable to make their way in life. A super-slacker.

    e.g., He got his degree and worked full-time for awhile but just decided life was easier as a boomeranger and now lives with his folks.

    submitted by Stephen Mize

    boomitsdabomb - For occasions when something has been completed successfully.

    e.g., Boomitsdabomb, I'm finally done with this.

    submitted by Carlo Mormina - (www)

    boomshanker - An expression of appreciation or approval

    e.g., "Boomshanker!" said Doug after witnessing the DJ's superb scratching skills.

    submitted by Michael Lowry

    boomstick - Term often used to describe a shotgun in first-person shooter video games.

    e.g., The soldier finished off the zombie with two slugs from his boomstick.

    submitted by Archveult

    boon - A good thing, a blessing. Also a real word, of course.

    e.g., Sometimes I find the availability of the word brainflatus to be a boon. | Taken and used the right way -- with either a grain of salt or a spoonful of sugar -- the pseudodictionary can be a boon. Otherwise, it can be a curse. I wonder which is more likely.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    boon - A good thing, a blessing. Also a real word, of course.

    e.g., Sometimes I find the availability of the word brainflatus to be a boon. | Taken and used the right way -- with either a grain of salt or a spoonful of sugar -- the pseudodictionary can be a boon. Otherwise, it can be a curse. I wonder which is more likely.  

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    boonab - A completely useless object.

    e.g., "What's that table mounted on springs for?" "Oh, it's just my boonab . . . I might use it for displaying jelly."

    submitted by Neil - (www)

    boonanimal - Unattractive animal.

    e.g., That's an ugly boonanimal hangin' outta yer sleeve.

    submitted by Kelly

    boondoggin' - Off roadin'.

    e.g., Let's take the Bronco boondoggin'.

    submitted by Tyler

    boondoggle - A time-wasting task that looks like work (usually while at work). E-mailing is an extremely common form of boondoggling.

    e.g., I am not boondoggling, I am doing legitimate research for my project.

    submitted by Catherine McCredie

    booner - Australian regional (Canberra) term for Bogans/Westies. Tight black jeans, mullet hair, Bon Jovi fan.

    e.g., For my first six months in Melbourne I was calling Bogans Booners.

    submitted by Baggyjeans

    boonie chicken - n. A theoretical creature found in parts of North America which are considered to be extremely rural. Boonie Chickens are thought to have originated as free-range chickens during late 1800s. Boonie chickens, unlike domesticated or even wild chickens, had to develop a mean streak in order to survive in the rugged untamed wilderness. Colonial creatures, they hunt in packs and, unlike conventional chickens, have sophisticated fighting methods and an uncanny knowledge of human technology (born from close ties to humanity in their origin). They are known to come in Greater and Lesser varieties.

    e.g., Help, help, I'm being attacked by a boonie chicken.

    submitted by Chirstyn - (www)

    boonies - The boondocks, the rural areas.

    e.g., Here come those hicks from the boonies.

    submitted by Jim Pipkin

    boonies - Formula 1 slang. Anywhere off the track but still part of the circuit: where drivers end up when they leave the track.

    e.g., And that's Pedro De La Rosa in the boonies.

    submitted by Adam Leslie

    boonkie or boonky - The backside or rump area.

    e.g., Get off your boonky and help me in the kitchen, please.

    submitted by Trish

    boont - Cool, awesome, great

    e.g., That music they were playing was boont.

    submitted by ned lidbury

    boop - When a cat kisses you by nudging your nose with its own.

    e.g., My cat Leroy just booped me three times.

    submitted by cat o'mine

    boop - Northern urbonics for poot. A polite or less vulgar fart.

    e.g., I couldn't hold it anymore Momma, I had to boop. Sorry.

    submitted by steve zihlavsky

    boopsie - Sweet, cute, or loveable.

    e.g., My little puppy is a boopsie.

    submitted by Tammy

    boosah - To say something is excellent or to show that you did something good yourself. Origin: Carnarvon, WA, as far as I'm aware.

    e.g., 1. Wow, that ... um ... roast potato was boosah. 2. Boosah. (When you've just whipped someone in Mortal Kombat 4, usually in combination with a hand gesture of your choice.)

    submitted by Stbz

    booshang - Yes, that is good.

    e.g., Teacher: Corbin, you got a 100 on you test. Corbin: Booshang!

    submitted by Corbin Tate

    booster bag - Underworld slang from 1931: "[A] booster bag is a specially designed bag that is meant to conceal stolen merchandise as it is taken out of a store."

    e.g., You don't want to be caught with your booster bag filled with ill-gotten loot.

    submitted by [Grant Barrett] - (www)

    boot - To go fast--not carelessly, but purposefully--either on foot or in a vehicle; to hurry, to shove.

    e.g., The drugstore was only open until 9:00 and it was 8:45--I'd have to boot it on my bicycle to get there before it closed.

    submitted by peter

    boot - A physically unattractive woman.

    e.g., John's new girlfriend is a boot. If he drops her, think she'll go out with me?

    submitted by Charlie

    boot-'n'-toot - An adverse gastric event, as during a bout of stomach flu, in which the afflicted is simultaneously vomiting and passing gas.

    e.g., I'll never eat there again. The sushi tasted fresh, but it was boot-'n'-toot all night for your long-suffering narrator.

    submitted by adam thorsell

    boot-leged - Kicked.

    e.g., Ouch! You just boot-leged me in the shin.

    submitted by Nicky Ubben

    booter - one of those little traincar thingies that take you between airport terminals, best exemplified by the system at Newark International Airport.

    e.g., Getting to Newark is easy -- you just take the Amtrak to the booter, and go right to your terminal. About ten people fit in each booter.

    submitted by JIM

    booth bait - Very attractive girls placed in corporate exhibit booths as hostesses in high tech conventions and exhibitions, hired for the occasion to lure nerds into the booth.

    e.g., The Tech Con this year is replete with booth bait up and down the main exhibit aisle.

    submitted by Joel Parker

    bootie - messed up

    e.g., Man that's bottie?

    submitted by amber

    bootjam - when your pants get hung up on the back of your boot or shoe

    e.g., When you wear your hiking boots with those straight leg blue jeans you always have boot jam.

    submitted by Karen Stern

    bootleg - Not right or not true.

    e.g., You can depend on just about anything Chris says being bootleg.

    submitted by Dustin D.

    bootlegged - Cheap, undesirable, broken, wrong, or a situation as unjust or unfair.

    e.g., This cheap binder which broke so inconveniently and spread my papers all across the parking lot is a bootlegged piece of trash.

    submitted by Eric S. - (www)

    bootrific - Being ultra-fly on the streets.

    e.g., I knew this bootrific gal who was an art major at the university.

    submitted by Cris Edwards

    boots - Formula 1 slang for the wheels and tyres of a racing car.

    e.g., And that's Olivier Panis in to change his boots.

    submitted by Adam Leslie

    boots and wheels - McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, because they're shaped either like little boots or little wheels.

    e.g., I'm gonna go get me some boots and wheels . . . want any?

    submitted by Crowe

    bootswiggles - A small, dancing waffle with a very high-pitched voice.

    e.g., Hi, I'm Bootswiggles, the dancing waffle.

    submitted by Gnome - (www)

    bootsy - Used to describe something or someone that sucks. Can also be used as "Boots." Origin: Fresno, CA

    e.g., My job's bootsy. | She was pretty boots.

    submitted by JK

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