we’re compiling a different sort of dictionary here. words you find on this site (usually) won’t be found in webster’s or roget’s or oxford’s. the words on this site are words that regular (we use the term loosely) people such as you use every day. so here’s your chance to be part of a dictionary by submitting your own words.

paul — creator, design guy

paul is an award-winning vancouver designer who creates websites, applications, and visual identities. as of this writing, he has served over 80 diverse clients — all of whom serve as references for his work. the majority of his jobs come from repeat clients and word-of-mouth referrals. paul has provided design services to leading national companies including yahoo, mtv, mercedes benz, bmw, bad religion, epitaph records, sony, telus, molson, stila cosmetics, vancouver board of trade, futureshop, and numerous small- to medium-sized companies around the world.

company site: twothirty.com
blog: 2pt3.com

hd fowler — principal editor & owner

hd moved home to hillsdale when he retired from his las vegas orthodontics practice. he’s not the best tennis player in town these days, but he still plays a mean game of cribbage. you can find him at "the bank" weekday mornings. he’s the one with the cigar, bow tie, and bowler hat. dresses the same way to work in his yard. he loves playing with words. hd’s interest in playing competitive contract bridge has resurfaced as has a new interest in swing dancing. if things work out, he’ll soon start playing bridge again — and go to places where he can watch others dance and enjoy themselves.

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marty d’mello — site angel & owner

marty is retired and resides in the northeastern part of the united states. he owned successful ford-lincoln-mercury and bmw automobile dealerships. in his early to late twenties, marty toured the world as a master mechanic with bmw’s premier racing teams. he loves the english language and playing with words almost as much as he loves fast cars. marty is far too wily to have anything to do with fast women. so is hd.

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